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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  September 24, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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stealing cash, electronics, clothes and jewelry during drug arrests. >> as a law enforcement officer you hate to see it. it represents a violation of the principles you expected of law enforcement officers to abide by number one. number two it leads to a loss of public confidence. our hope is that the public will have confidence in law enforcement and whenever you see a situation like this it undermines public confidence. >> reporter: we can tell you there's also a claim that lunsford used some baltimore city money, perhaps grant money, that the city may have received in order to carry out this corrupt scheme of his. the officer was with the baltimore city police department for 20 years. tonight he's suspended without pay. much more from police and more from the u.s. attorney later tonight at 11:00. for now, live outside of baltimore city police headquarters, delia goncalves, abc2 news. >> thank you. we are following yet
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another developing story tonight. baltimore city fire officials now investigating the death of a man who was trying to get medical attention at a local fire station. abc2 news christian schaffer joins us live from engine 52 at woodbrook and liberty heights avenue. >> reporter: it's not clear what was wrong with the man or what he died from. we do know he came here tuesday morning looking for help with -- but engine 52 and its crew weren't here. they were out having maintenance done on their oxygen mafntion. the city's fire houses are not emergency rooms. crews leave, they have fire calls, rescue calls, training and maintenance all the time but a lot of people who live in the neighborhood near mondawmin mall and baltimore zoo have come to see engine 52 as an asset they rely on. one veteran firefighter, i spoke to by phone says the department needs to change the way the equipment is maintained. in this case he feels another person could have simply come by the station, picked up the oxygen masks, and would have
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allowed the crew to stay here. when they do leave all four members go together as a unit in case they are called to a fire during that time. >> i'm not aware of any rules that we have that dictates that someone must be in the station at all times. when a suppression company is manned it has to be staffed with about four individuals which is an effective firefighting force. >> reporter: what happened in this case, when no one was here at the station, another crew was called, they came, responded, took him 20 the sigh knee -- took him to sinai where he died. the one we spoke with said he's concerned with furloughs and layoffs in the future we might run into more situations like this. yet it's too early to speculate on the impact of the proposed cuts. christian schaffer, abc2 news. city liquor board may soon adopt a set of rules that could shut down or regulate clubs like the sweet ultra lounge in the basements of the belvedere
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hotel. brian kuebler reports on how it could affect some byob clubs and how some residents are eager for a change. >> reporter: late this afternoon the board took up this proposal to set up strict rules for so-called bottle clubs, in an effort to regulate byob clubs and the crowds they can attract. mount vernon residents like john hopes it passes. >> they can get in there, conduct criminal activity, what have you, underaged drinking and then cause problems for the people that live in the neighborhood. >> reporter: he blames the lounge crowds like this one caught on home video for thing a vailted -- aggravated assault he suffered this month. crowds, he believes are beginning to target the gay couldn't community and patrons coming out of area bars. just more trouble for the lounge and its customers. earlier this week the city council president stephanie rawlings-blake sent this letter to the police commissioner you - urging him to look into the
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club, one police already admit has been on their radar for some time. >> we appreciate the council's notification on that. i guess our word to the city council is we're watching and monitoring. >> reporter: whether it's police or the new byob club rules residents like john hope the troubling crowds outside the bar area come to an end. >> none of the other clubs in the mount vernon area have police officers, just regular employees and there are no incidents outside of those clubs but there are here. >> reporter: a location a growing amount of residents, groups and politicians are looking to close down. brian kuebler, abc2 news. good news now. two college students from catonsville are being called heroes tonight. they sprang into action to help an accident victim. it happened just after 2:00 this morning near wilkens avenue and rolling road in catonsville. terrence robinson and matt richards spotted a car overturned on the side of the road with someone trapped inside. apparently the driver was
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trying to avoid a vehicle that swerved into his lane when he lost control and crashed. >> we proceeded to run to the car to see if they were ok. we banked on the windows, no one responded. i called 911 and stayed on the phone with them. >> we ended up breaking the front window open and he started responding to us. >> ironically both young men are aspiring police officers. and this is not the first time terrance and matt stepped in to lend a hand. they also received a certificate of valor from the baltimore county police department for stopping a man from stealing a car. an mta official says the control system for baltimore's subway system will be checked. this after federal officials warn a problem with a similar system may have caused this deadly crash on washington's metro back in june. nine people died in that accident and dozens were injured. an mta official says mta's control system operates in a similar fashion but was
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designed and manufactured by another company and previous checks found no problems. baltimore county police need your help tonight locating a missing 14-year-old girl. authorities say monica muth was last seen september 21st. getting into an older model red toyota camry at the royal farms store on seminary avenue with a man possibly named jay. anyone with information in this case is asked to call baltimore county police at 410-307-2020. better communication for police and firefighters is coming to baltimore county. today at windsor mill state and local officials celebrated the progress on the digital upgrade of the county's emergency communications network. >> one of the tragic lessons we learned from the attacks of september 11 in new york city was that firefighters and police couldn't talk to each other, couldn't communicate with each other. we need to learn from that mistake and make the investments today that allow firefighters and police officers throughout maryland to
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be able to coordinate with each other. >> this is going to enable baltimore county to talk to other irs dictions. in -- jurisdictions. in fact, to any jurisdiction or agency in the nation that is on the p25 digital channel. >> we're told the new digital transmission system includes upgrades to police, fire, mobile data systems and department of public works radio network. it was a warning many of us take seriously. don't drink and drive but of course thousands of marylanders who ignore that are still able to get back on the road despite earvet after arrest. tonight at 11:00 we'll look at that. investigators digging deeper into one man's record to find out why he's able to get back behind the wheel even after five drunk driving arrests. our look at the system uncovered some startling statistics about the number of marylanders driving right now with more than five drunk driving convictions. groups like madd say light sentences and suspended
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licenses aren't enough to stop many repeat offenders. >> not enough is being done to deter that behavior and that puts every single one of us who drives on the roadways in maryland at risk. >> at 11:00, we'll let you know the one thing that gets many repeated offenders off the hook and the solution madd is proposing to protect you. unseasonably warm day across maryland but change in the air. you can kind of feel it. you probably thought, oh, here we go again with the humidity. that is pretty much already gone and temperatures now headed down into the 70s. already 79 at bwi marshall. easton 79. dover 79. much more sharp cooloff tonight. we'll drop down into the 60s under a partly cloudy sky, no precipitation on maryland's most powerful doppler radar now. 65 tonight, variably cloudy skies, breezy and cooler which daybreak tomorrow. cooler, kind of the theme into this first weekend of fall. more on that and how chilly it
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gets, in a couple of minutes. people are already lining up to get vaccinated against the flu. tonight employees at greater baltimore medical center receive shots in a tent set up in the parking lot outside gbmc's emergency department. hospital officials wanting to make sure they protect patients by vaccinating those who treat them. >> as health care workers we have to make sure that we protect our patients and that they come to us when they are sick and ill. we need to make sure we are vaccinated to we can give testimony the highest -- them the highest quality of care. >> we don't believe we've seen seasonal flu yet. we have flu cases more likely to be the h1n1 but we can't say that for sure. >> hospital officials are passing along what should be familiar reminderings by now. they want you to get vaccinated, wash your hands thoroughly and stay home and away from others if you are sick. a traffic heads up tonight. some streets in mound verne are already -- mount vernon are
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already blocked off for the baltimore book festival. it kicks off tomorrow at noon, free to everybody. "good morning america" workplace contributor tory johnson will share career advice from her new book "fired to hired." there will also be poetry readings, cookbook demonstrations, stuff for kids, live entertainment and yours truly will be there interviewing buzz aldrin. apollo 11 astronaut buzz and maureen mccormack, best known as marcia brady. for a complete look at the schedule go to, click on "links." maryland watermen feeling crabby. they say a restriction that goes into effect tomorrow is unfair. we'll tell you why. and the push to protect where those crabs come from. why the entire country could be watching. what happens with the clean-up of the chesapeake bay? on the bay tomorrow we'll
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have a small craft advisory. something to keep in mind there. steady north breeze going to cool us down. for today another warm one. up to 84 degrees. that were our two-degree guarantee. it's exactly what we hit. so irene bowns of marriottsville. getting the abc2 news umbrella. the forecast coming up. it will be cooler. the new mcdonald's bacon and cheese angus third pounder.
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starting tomorrow, maryland crabbers will no longer be able to harvest female crabs. that is causing something of a
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controversy. abc2 photo journalist don harrison caught up with crabbers who say virginia watermen aren't playing by the same rules. [no audio] bay clean-up could be a model for other waterways. apparently there was a problem with the tape. we'll get back to it. high-ranking epa official scott fulton says the development of a bay clean-up strategy is worth watching. got some weather for us? >> we want to see the crabs make a good comeback. we'll have a choppy day on the bay tomorrow. north winds probably kicking up one to two foot a chop. water temperature still 73 degrees. >> it's september. >> the water stays warm for
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another month or so. beautiful shot on the tower cam. nice panoramic view. and really a nice sort of summerlike night even though we're well into the first days of fall now. temperatures dropping off into the upper 70s now. 79 currently at bwi marshall. humidity 62% but noticeably less muggy out right now. thanks to a cool front that trucked through the area about midday today. low temperatures this morning, down around 69 degrees. but you know what? that is going to be more like the highs we see over the next couple of days. so quite the change, quite the difference here. as we go into the weekend. so, again, it was a muggy, steamy start, felt a lot more like summer last night, even this morning. as you left work this afternoon you may have noticed a change. even though we topped out in the mid-80s across the area the humidity was lower, even as early as about 2:00 this afternoon. and north winds are going to continue to drop these numbers as we go into the weekends. quick check over on the eastern
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shore. emergency management, 78 degrees, feels like 81 now. humidity dropping, no rain across the eastern shore. take a look at this, satellite and radar picture, really nothing out there. had a large thunderstorm cluster late last night. moved across the northern suburbs of baltimore. and then headed on up into cecil county. right now just looking at fair weather clouds. so it's partly cloudy out there, some sunshine breaking through. sunset about 7:00 p.m. tonight. looking at the broader perspective here though, this particular system spinning up pretty well. you can kind of see over the last 12 hours, watch as the scattered showers begin to sort of spin up here. rainmaker that i think is going to move very slowly and perhaps bring us some rain as we >> into the weekend but tomorrow, generally a dry day, just a mix of clouds and sunshine. noticeably cooler. mid-70s, 75 or so tomorrow. that will be about it. again it will be much less humid. forecast model in detail -- clouds tonight. slight chance for a hit or miss shower through the overnight
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hours. you can kind of see that. one or two little hit or miss showers overnights. not much though. due -- through the day tomorrow. nice clearing. dry air works in. a steady north wind will keep dropping the humidity, dropping the temperatures friday night into saturday. you'll notice a big change as even cooler air moves inut of the north and then watching that wet weathermaker off to the west developing and moving steadily east, likely we'll see rain in the late saturday night and at least the early part of sunday so watch for that. best part of the weekend will probably be friday and friday evening. on the bay forecast, again, small craft advisory through the day tomorrow. high tide 11:56. low tide 5:48 p.m. looking at the steady northeast wind tomorrow so that will mean the chance for some tough conditions for the really small boats especially on the wide open waters there. 65 degrees, variably cloudy, breezy, cooler tonight. you'll notice tomorrow morning it won't be as muggy. in fact tonight you can probably just open up the windows. terry is saying he didn't have
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on air conditioning but if you did, i think tonight you can shut it down. probably tomorrow you won't need it. 57, sun and clouds -- 75, sun and clouds but breezy. no humidity. next chance for significant rain i think comes late saturday. look how cool it is to start the weekend, will feel like football around here, 67 degrees. sunday 78. a good chance of rain on the second half of the week. next week looking pretty nice, sunshine and temperatures around 70 degrees most of the days next week. as we were telling you, some maryland watermen are not happy with new restrictions on female crabs set to take effect tomorrow. don harrison caught up with crabbers to find out why they are not happy with their colleagues in virginia. >> a florida day. i believe the crabs already made a run here.
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>> my grandmother left this for me and left it in better shape than it's in now. it's my responsibility to take care of what he left me. you can't just keep taking and taking and expect the resources to provide a living all these years. it just doesn't work that way. >> 2008 we really improved our cooperation with virginia and both states had agreed to 34% redisux in harvest -- reduction in harvest. we approached that reduction differently. for blue crabs in particular these crabs that are saved up in maryland do swim down to virginia and spawn down there. so any savings you have in maryland, if it's harvested in virginia it's not really realized in the population. >> it's a nice hard crab. we're not allowed to keep a sponge crab, it's the female with the egg cluster on her. and in virginia they are still
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allowed to keep her. >> we need to preserve this for the economy, for our culture, for our watermen. >> that was photo journalist don harrison. this weekend will be busy if you're a horse racing fan. one of the big events, the 24th annual maryland million. the day of races has been renamed the jim mccaa maryland million in honor of the sportscaster who created the event. over a million dollars of prize money will be handed out. the first race starts at 12:15 saturday. don't forget the legacy chase this weekend the event in its ninth year up the shawan down the hunt valley features multiple steeple chase races, a major social event for many. it benefits gbmc health care. gates open at 10:00 saturday morning. we'll take a look now from our camera at the inner harbor.
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wyatt will have the forecast coming up.
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stocks continued their two-day slide. the dow closed down 41 points, nasdaq off 23. s & p dropped 10. we are working to
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help you in these tough economic times. on our web site today, a look at the best and worst credit cards, plus millions are affected by identity theft each year. five ways to keep from becoming a victim and chances are it's in your pantry now. put it to work all over the house and count the savings. just log on to, click on our "financial survival guide." the next couple days, you'll notice a marked change in the weather. first off, it's already less humid tonight so you can probably just open the windows the pleasant evening on tap but as we go into friday, saturday and sunday you you see the changes in store here. tomorrow 75. saturday only in the upper 60s. a good chance of rain late saturday into the day on sunday. so if you want to get out for the weekend i think friday and early saturday your best time. >> i think i'll take you up on that. that will do it for abc2 news at 6:00. i'm terry owens. thank you for joining us. back at 11:00 have. a great evening, everybody.
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