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tv   News  ABC  September 25, 2009 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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he was an inspiration behind two books a, this morning we say good-bye to big russ. born to run, glory days, philadelphia, the boss is coming to baltimore. lots of you are wanting to see him pla . we'll check in with linda. she's down there live. in the meantime thank you forjoining us this morning. 6:30. temperatures ranging 60-65. the rain has been general carroll county to baltimore county and south of harford county. you have had moderate rain in white marsh through middle river. let's pull this wider and show you downtown baltimore just missed it. while they are getting moderate to heavy rain in westminster they are dealing with a band of
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precipitation sliding south. i-70 you'll hang on with that. it stays wet. we are watching a back edge pushing in through garrett county across the pa line. we'll deal with the rain for a couple of hours and pushing towards the eastern shore. there is our temperatures in the low to mid 60s. we are aiming for breaks in the overcast. back to a cooler 72. now to kim brown for a check of the roads. >> we are starting off fine on route 50 and 57. traffic building but no problems. route 50 towards capital beltway. if you are northbound 97 towards baltimore beltway it is a smooth ride towards 695. no problems in the tunnels. harrisburg expressway checking in clean jfx traffic is building. no delays or problems at this time. we are going to go to
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developing story that we have been following this morning. a baltimore county city police officer wanted to get home and relack after a long day of work. except he ended up in the hospital this morning after being shot during an attempted robbery. we are staying on top of this story. we are joined with more on the officer's condition. >> reporter: we just got off the phone with sinai hospital. the police officer is in intensive care this morning after he was shot during an attempted robbery. doctors arement optimistic he will report. the officer was about to go into his home when two men armed with guns tried to rob him. a gun battle broke out between the officer and men. during the shooting the officer was hit multiple times and take on the sinai hospital. >> never had nothing like this before since i have been here. i have been here seven years.
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never had nothing like this. park heights but not here. >> reporter: authorities are talking to two people of interest in the case. a man who came to this baltimore fire stion for help only to find it empty is dead this morning. fire department says the members of engine company 52 left the station minutes before to take off for an equipment maintenance check. spokesperson says it is standard procedure for all four members of the fire company to travel together. they get called out from the station several times a day. >> i'm not aware of rules that democrat states dictate that somebody must be there at all times. >> veteran firefighter who did
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not want to be identified tell tell us somebody should have been there. rescue crews from two other stations responded but the man died after being take on the sinai hospital. kick backs, shakedown, secret wiretaps. sounds like a plot out of the wire. this is real life. it involved a veteran baltimore police officer. detective mark lunsford is accused of stealing from drug dealer's homes. the fbi arrested the detective after the informant secretly recorded conversations. lunsford, who worked as a task force officer with the drug enforcement administration allegedly lied to the dia in order to get the money. >> it is always a bad and until the bunch. i think what's important is our commitment to holding people accountable. >> my hope that people will recognize that the majority of law enforcement officers they deal with on a daily basis are honer inable money and women.
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>> it is alleged lunsford may have used city money to carry out the plot. he is on house arrest and will be back in court october 14th. a traffic heads up for you this morning. you have probably heard kim brown mention this or maybe she is twittering about it. streets in mount vernon are blocked off for the baltimore book festival. this happens every year. the event kicks off today at noon. it is free and fun. "good morning america" work place contributor tory johnson will be there sharing advice from her new book. there will be poetry reading, cook book demonstrations. activities for kids, food and live entertainment. it is the baltimore book fair in mount vernon. we are told among featured authors this year, chris gardener who is the focus of the movie pursuit of happiness and apollo astronaut and
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maureen mccormick from the brady bunch will be making a performance. a garage sale with a special meaning to tell you about this morning. how a couple plans to use it to expand their family. it is not exactly pirates of the caribbean but it is a buried treasure that makes one man in everything yetier this wealthier this morning. if you're an nfl fan, now's the time to get fios
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because with nfl redzone and fios widgets, you can catch touchdowns and big plays sunday afternoons, live. nfl redzone? yup. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v (announcer) catch nfl redzone on fios tv. ohh... how many friends does a person need, sharon ? 'cause i'm thinking 90,000 is 90,000 too many. i can't imagine having too many friends, lewis. oh i can. i open the door to my apartment and 90,000 friends jump out from behind a futon screaming "surprise, happy birthday !" i would be in seventh heaven. i'd be in emergency cardiac surgery. you know a real friend would be giving me mouth-to-mouth resuscitation right now.
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it's delicious. delicious. i know. but it can't have... can't have about half a day's worth of fiber? i assure you it does. i was expecting... expecting sawdust and cardboard? i know. i can only taste... only taste the crunchy clusters, honey, and brown sugar. no madam, i don't have esp. ok. i'll take a box, but you probably already knew that. (announcer) fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes.
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because with nfl redzone and fios widgets, you can catch touchdowns and big plays sunday afternoons, live. nfl redzone? yup. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v (announcer) catch nfl redzone on fios tv. for many people becoming a parent is as easy as the birds and the bees. for others it is not that simple. a couple many michigan is hoping to expand their family. they are holding a garage sale to raise money necessary to bring a baby into their home. the couple has been married four years but a medical procedure made kelly unable to bare children. >> we have a lot of love ogive. we want to do that to become parents. >> it is god's plan. there is plenty of children out there that need a home. >> the couple needs to raise
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$30,000 in the next 18 months to be able to adopt a baby. they are hoping the community can help them out. frank holland looks at the pair hoping he can do what he can to make it happen. a couple in indonesia got more than expected when they delivered a 19-point baby. he is thought to be the country's heaviest newborn. curious crowds gathered at the hospital to see the big baby. the result of the extreme weight was result from receiving excessive glucose from the mother during pregnancy. if you are curious we had a producer check and confirmed the baby was born c-section. from the streets of philadelphia to the streets of charm city -- >> reporter: coffee will only last so long if you have been out here for a week waiting for
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springstein tickets to go on sale. we have had heavy rain in towsend and by the mariner arena they have been dry. look at the rain coming at you from the west. it is about to hit them. we'll see if linda is wet next time we talk to her. we'll be back after this.
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he was just trying to go home. this morning he is in the hospital. we are staying on top of a story of an off-duty officer shot. she's on the nation's highest court. this morning she's recovering in the hospital. the details just ahead. >> ing relive glory days. today tickets go on sale to see the boss in baltimore. we sent linda out there live talking to people who have been waiting if line since monday to buy tickets. happy friday. thank you for joining us.
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jamie will join us live in a bit. he is in carroll county. we'll check in with him. in the meantime we'll sent it over to justin. they have had heavy rain in carroll county this morning. the band of rain has been sliding baltimore county through towsend clipping the north side of the city sliding towards king county. watching the rain that's skip most of downtown rolling in. it is wet in harford county. winds shifting to the northeast. we have a push of cool air coming out of the great lakes. next storm system back there will come out of the northern plains and re-enter geez. clouds come back in tomorrow. tomorrow evening late afternoon look at moderate rain rolling in. timeline at midnight through sunday morning could have heavy rains here in the order of one to two inches as the system slides off and gives us some
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drying weather by sunday afternoon. here these way it stacks up today. after the morning rain back to 72. that's cooler than last couple of days. 52 overnight. quick peak over the weekend. rain returns tomorrow through sunday evening. >> we have heavy volume around the beltway. no incidents to speak about despite the slick roads as we peak at the northeast corner of the beltway. slow on the westside of the outer loop between 795. no problems at the tunnels. if you are headed to d.c. southbound 95, 295 and route 29 are checking in incident-free. as we peak at the jfx at the northern parkway we have vehicles building southbound. back to you.
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his job is to stop criminals but his attempt to stop this robbery put him in the hospital. we are joined live with the shooting after an offduty police officer. >> reporter: a baltimore county police officer is in the intensive care unit after an attempted robbery. doctors say his condition is improving.they are optimistic he'll recover. this happened around 6:00 last night in northeast baltimore. the off-duty officer was leaving work and about to walk into his home when two men jumped out and tried to rob him. >> gunfire was exchanged. we don't know if it is a service weapon. we are supposed to carry service weapons within city limits. >> it is a good neighborhood.
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there has never been any problems. >> a police spokesperson says officers are talking to two people of interes . officers will hold a news conference later today with updays on this case. this morning the baltimore county police department is mourning a loss of one of their own. 32 yield officer jason simons died after a traffic accident yesterday afternoon in the 53500 block of black rock road. simons is a seven year veteran. he was off-duty driving into work. officer simons was headingest in a chevy s-10 pickup when he lost control on a wet road. simon's worked in the town send precinct. a 13-year-old baltimore girl is in intensive care this morning because of h1n1. destiny parker is in 8th grade. >> northeast baltimore. she got sick in school on monday and her parents took her
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to the hospital. baltimore sun says the girl was getting stronger yesterday. the school system statement said that the building will be thoroughly cleaned according to the health department's procedure. city schools have a planned day off today. timothy joseph russert father of tim russert died last night. the younger russert wrote books about his relationship and his father of best selling book, big russ and me. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg is recovering this morning after being take on the the hospital yesterday. the 76-year-old fell faint after receiving treatment for an iron deficiency. she has slightly low blood pressure but is in stable
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health this morning. she was kept overnight for observation. last february doctors removed a small malignant growth from her pancreas. they are not dancing in the dark but they are waiting in the dark. tickets go on sale for the boss. in a few hours the hard-core fans who have been waiting, some, since monday will hopefully get the tickets they have been waiting so long for. linda is joining us live this morning. how are you doing? >> reporter: i'm good. these fans cannot wait for 10:00 to come around. they have been through a lot. like you said, been here cincinnati monday. some need their sleep. you kind of pass the time with puzzles. of course, what would it be without coffee and donuts? those look good, huh?
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we have some die-hard fans down here. come down with me. hello. so when did you get here. >> i got here, what day is it? thursday real early. >> reporter: wow! you are the true springstein fan. this goes back to a long time ago. >> when he first came out. when he first came out oh baby. i looked bruce them back in the 70s. now i love him! because he's been around. i might not agree with comments he makes but it is all in the music. and he has the music. >> reporter: as a child you were telling me you skipped school to do what? >> i would skip school to go and look for bruce springstein's house in new
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jersey. no, i never did find it. but i have a picture of it today. can you believe that? >> reporter: i believe it. tell me about your first concert when you first saw him in person. >> when he came out with the rising cd in 2001 my husband and i decided to go to the concert. it was a last-minute decision. i ended up getting nose bleed section seats. my husband and i watched from top and i lived in the binoculars and cried the whole concert because i couldn't believe he was in front of me. i had welps on my eyes from the binoculars. in 2006 i went to new jersey to see him for his seeker session
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cd. i got five feet away from him. there was a halo of guards. he was fabulous. he came out on stage with a 20-piece orchestra and he played three and a half hours that day nonstop. no opening act. >> reporter:>> reporter: that's great. all the places you went to see him now he's coming to you. 10:00 this morning they go on sale. hopefully all the fans waiting in line will get a ticket. back to you. >> thank you. jamie is on the go this morning. i thought for sure jamie would be waiting in line for bruce springstein tickets. he is live in frederick county. how are you jamie? >> reporter: good morning. that's the black raven followed by the white raven then chased
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it with a terapin. we are live at the wine sellers. this start in brooklyn,new york in a basement. they found this acreage here in frederick county. in 1974 they became the oldest vineyard in the state of maryland. we'll tour this beautiful site out here. last weekend they had the big wine festival in carroll county. they broke the all-time attendance record. it is because of vineyards like here. that's the reason why. we'll show you the family, the allens and introduce you to the mayor. we'll talk to the dignitaries. we have a limo coming up right now. we'll talk about it. we are getting ready for good morning maryland at 9:00. on the go here in morning in wine cellar. what a story.
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this next story something out of treasure island. amateur treasure hunter struck it rich when he stumbled across gold and silver. he found it combing a field with a medal detector in england. turns out he struck it rich. not bad. maryland's most powerful doppler radar. moderate rain from frederick along i-70. we had heavy rain westminster through baltimore city. rain this morning will get to 72 in the afternoon. more rain returns tomorrow afternoon. only 65. back in the mid 70s sunday and monday. we have volume building around the beltway. no real problems to let you know about on 695. i'm getting rid of a crash northbound on the harrisburg expressway. that crash blocks left lane at this time. as we look at the beltway traffic is heavy from hartford to providence road this morning. we will see you at 9:00. thank you for joining us. have a great friday.
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