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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  September 27, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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the uso is a bond the mount airy community comes together tonight to remember a family of four. all of them killed in an apparent murder suicide. good evening, i'm christian schaefer. cheryl conner takes us to a candlelight vigil that brought out friends, neighbors and even members of the volunteer fire department tonight. >> reporter: it's clear this tragedy may be the most difficult on the neighbor's young people. lights shined where the news of an apparent murder suicide has
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left this mount airy community in shock. >> we know he's in a better place now. where there's no suffering. >> reporter: friends are struggling with their loss. they can't possibly answer why 38-year-old charles daulton killed his wife jennifer, their two kids, and the dog before taking his life. police said he shot the family while sleeping. a friend made the discovery. >> very kind, and very loving. very friendly, he was always talkative. >> looking forward to moving up, and being a senior and fight fire for real. >> reporter: with parents by their sides, friends spoke with incredible courage. >> he was a good person. he didn't deserve this. he was a very nice person. >> reporter: this was a church
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going family. but some believe there were financial issues that led charles daulton to kill. >> i see he's got his house up for sale, with the economy, it's been really stressful on a lot of people. >> reporter: police say no suicide note was left behind, which leaves more questions. the pastor is asking friends and the community to lean on faith. >> this was a choice that was made, but we love these people. we love this family. we love each other. >> reporter: grief counselors will be inside charles and emeline's schools. >> the pastor tells us funeral arrangements have not been completed yet. a fire in white marsh leaves won woman dead. it happened before dawn on deviation road. neighbors tried to save the woman, but could not get past the intense smoke and flames.
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>> my neighbor ran in to save her and this guy in the end house did, they couldn't save her. >> the victim's name will not be released until family can be identified. baltimore police also say a 74 ideal man from perry hall has been murdered. an autopsy shows his death was a homicide, but they're not going to release any other details because of the investigation. theyly say he appears -- they will say he appears to have been targeted. the ex-wife of d.c. sniper, john allen muhammad is publishing a book on him. she says they're on journals she began writes when her ex- husband took her children from her. she continued writing during the attacks. the book is called scared
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silent, comes out next month. 18-year-old, john sacket from annapolis. witnesses said he was in the ocean when lightning struck the water friday afternoon. he was pronounced dead at a hospital not far from the beach. we're seeing nice clear conditions across maryland right now. i tell you, it has been a mixed bag all weekend. two showers this morning, clearing off very nicely on this late sunday night. you see a crystal clear sky now. look at some of these rainfall totals. baltimore picking up just under half an inch of rain. same situation towards annapolis. tonight, 55 degrees. mostly clear and cold. dry overnight. as we go into the day tomorrow for your workweek, things begin to change again. i'll tell you what i'm talking
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about in a couple more minutes. a gas leak forced a shopping center to be evacuated. the pen mar shopping center. they called 911. emergency responders found high levels of gas and got everyone out of the stores today. several stores were damaged in an explosion back in may. no explosions today. the utility companies are looking into possible causes for both gas leaks. at least a half dozen people are hurt after a crash in florida involving 15 vehicles. it happened on interstate 75 near tampa. police said a bus got involved in the pileup, shutting down traffic for hours. police say none of the injuries appear to be life-threatening. one of the world's best known movie directors is under arrest tonight. roman polanski was taken into
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custody in switzerland on a warrant first issued in 1978. he faces charges in the u.s. of having sex with a 13-year-old girl. >> reporter: tonight, roman polanski is behind bars. he was arrested saturday at zurich airport in switzerland on charges that date back more than three decades. in 1977, polanski was accused of raping a 13-year-old girl. during a photo shoot. the girl claimed he gave her alcohol and drugs and despite her protests, sexually assaulted her. he found fame with rosemary's baby and chinatown. he pled guilty to one of six charges and spend just 42 days
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in prison. polanski fled to france. all of this time, his career flourishing. he was on his way to the zurich film festival to achieve a lifetime achievement award. >> he's a brilliant guy and he made a little mistake 32 years ago. what a shame for switzerland, the girl has forgiven him. >> reporter: even the victim says she wants the charges against polanski dropped. he paid her a settlement, she believes he is sorry. tonight, polanski is fighting extradition. fighting to stay in europe, out of reach of u.s. justice. also tonight, still no word on what started a fire that killed seven horses at an equestrian center on the eastern shore. it took 75 firefighters to put
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out a fire. damages are estimated to be about $1 million. one firefighter suffered minor injuries. he was treated and released from a hospital. maryland's ban on texting and driving goes into affect this week. it prohibits writing or sending texts, but not reading them while driving. the assistant state attorney says police officers are going to have a lot of discretion with the new law. the new law fines drivers $500, if they're caught writing or sending text messages behind the wheel. next sunday, the ravens will be in new england to take on tom brady and the patriots. the game already out of reach. good news for people who own joe flacco and derrick mason in their fantasy leagues. that was the ravens final touchdown of the afternoon.
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the ravens go on to win, 34-3. they're now 3-0. much more on the ravens win, and a loss for a certain team that wears black and gold, coming up on sports extra. the complete forecast coming up in a few minutes and something you may not believe when you see it. plus, that sinking feeling down south. more problems after several weeks of rain, and it's been exactly one year since the crash of trooper two here in maryland. but there are still painful questions. abc2 investigator continues the investigation tonight. ( laughing ) hey chuckles,
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in a little more than a half hour from now, that will mark the exact time one year ago, when trooper 2 crashed in prince george's county near andrews air force base.
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bringing scrutiny to the medivac service. there are still painful questions for the families of the victims, questions they are determined to answer. brian continues his series after the crash with one family's crew side in -- crusade in the wake of their loss. >> reporter: ashley younger was relentlessly optimistic. the look in her eyes, only warning in the world that she was about to leave her mark. >> reporter: the freshberg freshman's optimism was only dimmed by her mother's. >> she was on her way. honor roll. she worked a part time job. she was a volunteer at the hospital in alexandria. she was on her way. >> reporter: ashley's life took a deadly detour. one of five aboard trooper 2, while her friend survived,
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ashley and her aspirations of being an accountant, died in a twisted pile of metal and jet fuel. two miles short of andrew's air force base. she will never forget the last words she spoke to her daughter. >> i told her i loved her, and that i would be waiting on her at the house. >> reporter: she waited, and waited. the confusion about where the chopper was that night, eventually led to anger, and ultimately a paralyzing grief. stephanie overheard a nurse saying hours later, there were no other survivers. >> awful. >> reporter: life without her daughter is no life at all. >> i wake up wondering what were the last things that she was listening to, or the last things she said. there's a lot of things going through my mind every day.
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every day. >> every day. >> every day. >> reporter: ashley was stephanie's friend, her inspiration. an inspiration now rooted in figuring out what went wrong that night. >> we are looking into a range of issues to find out exactly what went wrong. apparently lots of things went wrong. >> reporter: caroll luther is the family's attorney, specializing in aviation lawsuits, luther's firm is investigating the accident. decisions made that night, maintenance issues in the command. >> where where they coming? >> andrews is saying they have a two mile -- this is, this is for [ bleep ]. >> reporter: confusion in the two hour search for the wreckage. despite the radar that experts said should have pinpointed the
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downed chopper immediately. >> we definitely want to, and we will see that changes are made so this type of accident never happens again. >> reporter: luther has put the state of maryland on notice, that a lawsuit may be coming. >> they took a young lady was that going to do great things for this world. for a community. they took a lot. they took a lot. i just want to know everything that happened to my daughter. what decisions were made that caused my daughter not to be with me. >> reporter: a trying process for a grieving mother, but one stephanie believes she owes ashley's legacy, honoring her daughter's life, by using what she believes, was her wrongful death to get answers. in washington, abc2 news investigators. >> the younger family isn't the only one that might file suit over last year's crash. the family of the emt, tanya mallard, and the lone surviver
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have also filed claims, that a lawsuit might be coming. maryland state police declined to comment on the story because of the pending litigation. but they say they have made several changes. for more go to click on the investigators tab. now the forecast certified baltimore's most accurate by weather rate. and maryland's maryland's most powerful radar. >> fall is here. we're getting some fall like temperatures, but it looks pretty nice for the week. >> it really does. if you walk out this evening, a little chill in the air, but that is going to become a lot more pronounced from tuesday to thursday. >> football weather. >> feeling like football, and we're doing well. >> you went with the purple shirt today. >> it worked out today. let's see what we're seeing outside. not a lot going on on this sunday night. a quiet night in the city. temperature wise, we're at 60
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right now. a light west wind about 5 miles per hour at the moment. a little loop from late this afternoon. the rain showers were mostly gone by about 3:00. this is 3:15 from parkville. you see we get some nice clearing here, right about sunset. you see the clouds blow off to the east. nice clear sky left in its wake as the sunset. high temperatures today, around the mid-70s. this is real typical for this part of late september. 75 about the average high. temperature for this time of year. we pushed closer to 80 at ocean city. right now, we cooled off pretty significantly out there. on our way to the mid-50s, i think overnight. some of the outer suburbs could get down to the lower 50s. probably 55 in the city. i want to show you the satellite and radar view. you see that cloud cover. wet weather activity pushing off to the east, offshore. you can really see that at the
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wider perspective here. a really weak cool front pushing offshore. what we're watching right now is cooler air beginning to build in off to the west. we will continue to see a front marching across the midwest through the overnight hours into the day tomorrow. that's going to move into maryland, and begin to really drop the temperatures as we get into monday evening, and especially tuesday on into wednesday. you see that on the seven-day forecast. the forecast in detail, we might see a a couple more showers around here tomorrow. afternoon cloud cover builds in. if you look at this narrow strip here. up through some precipitation. this is our leading edge of much cooler air. maybe a spritz or two of rain monday afternoon, clear it out monday night. partly cloudy skies into tuesday. but cooler west to northwest winds will make a difference. the winds up quite a bit
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tomorrow. could see peak winds tomorrow at 20 miles per hour plus. a mostly cool one tonight. changes tomorrow, the increasing winds actually out of the west, not the east. a little typo there. 15 to 25. a small craft advisory on the bay tomorrow all day tomorrow because of the persistent wind out of the west. not a great day to be on a small boat. i think we'll see more cloud cover in the afternoon. more wind in the afternoon, then a chance for a few showers between like 2:00 and 5. after that, we should be dry and cooler. watch the trend here as we take a look at the seven-day forecast. 70 or so on tuesday. most of tuesday into the 60s. wednesday and thursday, significantly cooler. mid-60s. actualer cooler than average, we warm it up a little bit into next weekend, but probably
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bringing in a few more rain showers. one next thing next week, it will be a little cool, but keep the sunglasses handy as well. it's been more than a week since a broken water main break flooded much of dundalk. today, experts were on hand at the water's edge community center to provide insurance information and possibly help with cleaning up. >> what i have found here today is that many of the clients that we're serving didn't really know. we do this every day. 365 day as year, we're here for the public. >> the insurance money will not replace hot water heater, air conditioner, washer, drier, freezer. i'm just trying to get a little help with replacing those things. >> last weekend, the red cross
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served 4,000 meals and opened two shelters. the ravens looked unstoppable. they're already thinking about new england next sunday. all the game action in sports sunday. up next for us, a walk on the wild side a man decides to take a sunday trip off a suspension bridge. indc you
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a check on national news takes us to toledo, ohio. a man climbed all the way to the top of the bridge, as rescue crews stood by. the man even slipped a couple of times, but eventually managed to walk back down. he's been held for observation. after weeks of rain, more trouble in waterlogged georgia. a sinkhole opened up at a busy intersection this weekend. the driver of this car drove
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right into it. police put cones around. plus said someone moved the cones. here's what happened. the driver suffered minor injuries. police have done a better job of blocking off the entire intersection. beating breast cancer by jumping out of airlines. it's an event caused jump for a cause. the women set a new formation sky driving world record, and raised more than $900,000 doing it. some of the skydivers are cancer survivers themselves. another check on the forecast for your workweek, coming up. i've had asthma forever.
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charm city hit the books for the fourth annual. the books were for sale, activities for kids, music, and food, and of course featured book reading. this year clued ralph nader and
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buzz aldrich. i think we're going to see possibly a shower or two in the afternoon, most of the day it's going to be dry. 77degrees for your high temperature, your seven-day forecast, getting cooler but drier and sunnier through the week too. if you like the sun, you get some of that. if you like it cool, you get some of that. everybody wins. sports extra, with stan the fan charles from pressbox live starts right now. ♪ [ music ] good evening, and welcome to sports extra, the cleveland plane dealer called it carnage by the chesapeake. we have a slightly different point of view here in baltimore. we'll simply call it the slaughter at m


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