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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  September 28, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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while till let only had one drug possession charge wilson had wracked up two drug charges and a robbery charge at the age of 13. tillet's family was at the bail review but he too was denied. >> no. >> while the tillet family obviously had nothing to say on camera off camera they say they thank god the officer survived and that the only reason they were seeking bail was to protect their 16-year-old. the family tells us since it's been publicized that police say tillet turned in wilson there have been threats on the internet calling the 16-year- old a snitch and they are concerned as long as he is in jail. but, in maryland, the city state's attorneys office says suspects charged with attempted murder are automatically denied bail. >> based on the information that all, both the prosecutors and pretrial had todd today and the information put on the public record. the judge decided to hold these
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vowels without bail. >> reporter: meanwhile according to blows over the weekend his condition got much worse and he was at one point put on life support t16 year veteran has since improved and his condition stabilized. in baltimore, brian cube letter, abc 2 news. and the next time both teen suspects will be in court is october the 8th for their preliminary hearing. a man and two teenagers have pleaded not guilty in what authorities are calling a hate crime. attorneys for kelvin lockner, 16-year-old emmanuel miller and zachary watson entered the pleas today. police say the three beat james rivet in an unprovoked attack last month as he was fishing in a waterfront park in baltimore. the three are set to face trial in december. a white eventually sift for maryland accused of killing a guard is at a med ral prison in north carolina. 89-year-old james von brun will be evaluated for competency to stand trial. he is accused of shooting and
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kolzig steven t johns back in june. von brun was previously held at the dc jail. 20 years in prison. that is the sentence for a park on the man who crashed a stolen truck into the side of a home in moncton last year killing the mother of three as she slept in her bed. aubrey miller had more than two dozen charges on his record before the crime spree that night that ended in the death of mary sullivan. >> mary was the heart of our family and so losing her is -- could be the most difficult thing any of us have hood to deal with. but we feel like justice has been served if he just would get his life together and come out in 20 years as a new person, that's all we can pray for. sullivan's teenaged daughters awoke from their sleep in another part of the house to learn that their mother had been killed. funeral arrangements are set for a mount eerie family kyle calder in an apparent murder-suicide on friday.
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the funeral home says the dalton family will be buried saturday. charles dalton shot his sleeping wife jennifer and their two children and then killed himself. authorities say financial problems may have been part of the motive. the family will receive friends friday at the funeral home in mount eerie. and a marine from maryland has been killed in combat. the family of lance corporal jordan crobot was killed over the weekend in afghanistan. he was on his second tour of duty. a car crash killed a baltimore county keep aiminger, it happened at the ramp for westbound 695. the mother of 17-year-old questions low good of cockeysville had reported him missing. the vehicle was noticed deep in the wooded area in the median. the car hit a tree and that low taliban ace parentally was not wearing his seatbelt. >> you want to play close attention to how fast you're going at construction sites and school zones in baltimore city.
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the first of 51 speed cameras in the city went up today near walter and glen more avenues in northeast baltimore. today mayor sheila dixon was joined by students to announce the new automated speed monitoring program. >> it's a force multiplier for the baltimore city police department and they can stand silent watch and be vigilant and hopefully they don't issue a single ticket. >> we're going to be looking at other alternative ways to deal with speeding, round abouts, taking out streets and changing them to bump-outs. >> notification signs will be put up so drivers know they are approaching a speed check zone. the new speed camera law starts october 1st. for the first month drivers who exceed the speed limit by at least 12 miles per hour will get a warning this the mail. after that, though, you're subject to a $40 citation. and now to another danger on the roads. texting behind the wheel. maryland's new ban on texting while driving goes into effect
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on hearse thursday. it prohibits sending texts but not reading texts while you're driving. if you are caught sending a text message you will be find $500. while crews are industrial repairing that 72" water main break in dundalk, today, they removed sections of the damaged pipe from along the highway. they'll also inspect several thousand square feet of the pipe looking for cracks. the water main break flooded dozens of homes and cars. and you might want to take it easy on the roadways out there tonight. there's been some rain in the area this afternoon. it's been pretty heavy at times so the roads could be vic. you're looking at a live picture of our m dot camera at 95 and 43 in the white marsh area. wyatt every hard is here with the first forecast. >> absolutely we have had some wet roads at times this afternoon t most recent rains have been fall across anne arundel county, they have now moved off to the east so it's the eastern shore getting the bulk of the precipitation. this is a cool front pushing
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through and the leading edge spawning some pretty, you know, fairly heavy showers. these were fast moves, and as we zoom in up toward kent county, maryland on the eastern shore pretty decent looking storm right here, give it a little interallegation with our x vision here. you know, fairly heavy rain, a little bit of embedded thunder with this for our viewers up on the northern part of the eastern short but all in all this is not a real big-time thunderstorm activity here again. just some moderate rain showers here over in the direction of the eastern shore. but, again, most of baltimore sitting clear right now. tonight down to 50 degrees, early showers, have all pushed east except for the counties on the eastern shores still being impacted. we'll look for 50 overnight. as we go in the next few days the big difference is behind that line of showers,en hind that front. temperatures cooling off sharply. we'll talk about that more in just a few. a scare today at the parkway crossing shopping center in parksville.
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the bomb squad blew up a suspicious suitcase. apparently someone placed a cowl to authorities saying there was a shopping card with a piece of luggage inside it across from the home depot parking lot. the bomb squad arrived on the scene and detonated the suitcase. no bomb was found. police in anne arundel county say a pasadena man has been charged with second degree assault. his alleged weapon was a syringe. thomas skipper tried to steal several items from the walmart on george cause boulevard and receive region. when a security officer tried to detain skipper he nearly stabbed the officer in the pace with a hypodermic needle and then took off. police later found him at home. a university of maryland basketball player has been charged with assault. authorities say jordan williams, a freshman forward, is one of five teens arrested for an alleged assault on august the 8th in his connecticut hometown. williams was released on a promise to appear in court on
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october 5th. a cell phone tower made to look like a tree. verizon wireless thinks it's a good compromise for rural landscapes but not everyone around here is happy about it t company hopes to build the 80 hat foot tower in the sparks glencoe area but the valley planning council is fighting the proposal because the land is designated a national historic area and scenic route. they say the mono pine design that you see there will stick out like a sore thumb amongst the other trees. >> blend in completely, seem leslie and no bottle brushes sticking out behind the tree line. >> by the tame you take it and stick that in with the rest of the trees it is hard to pick it out from the rest of the trees. >> it does look like a bottle brush. i have to admit. a meeting is october 14th, we'll let you know what happens. standing room only at a event to promote awareness.
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baltimore city has an alarming rate and in some zip codes within the seventh congressional district the aids rate is higher than some african countries. sub sahara, so we have to remind people of what's going on, that it's a real problem. and -- >> people living with hive or aids shared share stories today. nearly half of all people living with i've aids in united states are an american. >> you know the governor is used to rolling up his sleeves but the business at hand today was actually just his arm. making a point about flew protection. you know, we're not sure if the ravens are really as great -- that's lie gentleman cummings, he is great -- but we're not sure the ravens are as good as they looked yesterday. but it's a good beth the browns really are that bad. >> yeah. you have to have a kick if you're a ravens fan.
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on the weather front we have had some not really fall- like weather today. >> it's coming. >> on the way. no stopping it. going to feel like football mid- week mary beth. >> that's okay. >> 77 degrees today. four days in a row. eh, i'm setting up norm well aren't i. our weather winner from today. darlene becker from ty mown yum. congratulations to you. you'll be getting an abc 2 storm center umbrella. enjoy that. we'll tell you if you need the umbrella any time soon coming up soon. >> closed captioning of abc 2 news is brought to you by luna. >> it's time to love your floors.
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you're watching baltimore's station that works for you. now, abc 2 news at 6:00. >> what's going around?
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well swine flu is officially here. abc 2 news health reporter kelly swoope shows us how one school is handling h1n1. >> reporter: state officials say when it comes to severity it is similar to the seasonal flu. but they are taking it head-on and not taking any chances. >> what i need you to do is to make sure you wash your hands throughout the day often. >> reporter: nurse terry shan hotels is reinforcing the basics at trinity lutheran school at harford. this year the efforts have stepped up. >> we have had one confirmed case of the h1n1 flu. >> reporter: that's the news shan hotels delivered this week. since my daughter attends the school i got the message on the cell phone. >> i made everyone aware, i didn't want anyone to be anxious or upset that we do have the one case. >> reporter: the good news is the student is on the mend and the school is continuing to follow cdc recommendations.
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>> why don't we go to the back and let's just practice washing our hands once. >> preventative care. so we're really pushing for that. and that's mainly, it's just washing hands, covering when you kickoff or sneeze, not to touch your face, you know, your eyes, your noise, your mouth, and to stay home when you're sick. >> reporter: by making sure they are taking care of themselves nurse shan hotels says they are really protecting everyone around them. >> we need to do our part by washing our hands and taking this extra precaution. don't panic. >> thank you. very good. >> reporter: the good news that will come from this is a heightened knowledge of our hygiene. the case declared the first cas last week. covering your hand are things you should do all year round. i'm kelly swoope with abc 2 news. state health officials are hoping to find out from the federal government this week when them get their first doses of the swine flu vaccine. 8 marylanders have died so far of swine flu including a child
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who had other medical problems. of course is seasonal flu also a big issue that kills about 36,000 people each year in this country. to help guard against it the state employees and even the governor rolled up their sleeves in glen bernie to get vac nationalled. it's specially important to protect against seasonal flues because they could be busy dealing with the swine flu. >> they are working through the most vulnerable populations first so that we can protect as many of our it sense as we can and limit the death that inevitably will come every year from flu season. >> he says this was the first time he has received a flu shot. we're told he was very brave. state health officials say seasonal flu has already been detect in the state a few weeks earlier than usual. if you are a veteran and want the shot, they are holding several drive-through clinics
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from 9:00 until noon at the glen bernie outpatient clinic and saturday, october 17th, from 9:00 until one at the baltimore va medical center parking garage. for more information you can log onto our web site and click on "links." and a little reminder that the first seasonal community flew clinic has been canceled. it was scheduled to take place tomorrow at ripken stadium but there's been a delay in the shipments of the vaccine. we're told the alternate day of october 2nd is also canceled. stay tuned in case they reschedule. >> now, the forecast certified baltimore's most accurate by weather rate. and maryland's most radar. >> talk about the flu and we're getting some seasonal weather, right. yeah, you always think of that in the fall season, get ready for flu season and cooler temperatures too. >> yeah. >> we haven't had, like the last two days, a little more maybe like summary. that's all going away. you like the change of the seasons.
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>> i love fall. >> yeah. >> i mean i could have done with a little more summer until we got to fall. >> yeah. >> but i'm cool with fall. it's the winter weather we're having. >> i hear you a little pumpkin pie maybe. let's take a look outside and a little sunshine across the inner harbor. you know what, it's in the weak of some pretty good showers. they were quick moves out of here now. 67 at bwi, here is it on maryland's most powerful radar, not seeing a lot out there, again that was a quick-moving line, already moved through the area, you have to head over to really far eastern kent county, maryland, to find much rain, moving on into the kent county delaware which is of course in the middle of all three counties in delaware. cecil county looks like you're dry as well. high temperature-wise we were up in the upper 70s, our official hot temperature. a couple degrees above average actually, closer to 80 over in dover east. the pea tucks um river above
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80. over to 82, we're not going to see any more 80s for take long time, temperatures begin to cool off here, going to start to feel a lot more like that autumn season we have been waiting for here over the next i would say three days or so to the middle of the week. 67 the current temperature, bwi, in the wake of those showers. 69 up in york, pa as well. we're checking in at 71 over in northwestern virginia. behind that line of showers and thundershowers that went through nothing but clear weather in behind this and this, if you really look closely, that's our cool front. so kind of cool that it's that well defined. you can see the cool front literally pushing through baltimore as we speak and west winds tonight will not only clear out the sky a little bit but also drop the temperatures. we're down close to 50 overnight. a few spots could be in the upper 40s at daybreak tomorrow and that's going to be the trend, all-weak lows, big pinwheeling low pressure area
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right under the clock there in michigan, spiralling around that is several areas of cooler air. they are going to punch through martinez as we go toward the middle of the week. i don't think we're seal much more rain or into the next couple days. going to be a partly cloudy scenario, high, thin clouds. we could see a splash or two of a shower at times, maybe late in the day tuesday. but i think for the most part a mixture of clouds and sun and overnight you'll see partly cloudy skies, there will be some cool nights that's for sure. tonight down to 50 degrees or so, early showers have almost all moved out so really this is a, only a situation for like kent county over on the eastern shore. everyone will be seeing these windy and clearing conditions overnight however, 30-day tomorrow. going to call it a mix of clouds and sunshine, partly sunshiny skies. a little more optimistic, parliament sunny. 69 or so for the high temperatures. just below 70 degrees. windy and cooler. seven-day forecast cooler will be the theme here for the next several days. we're gonna only see
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temperatures topping out around 67 or so, wednesday and thursday. overnight lows down as cool as the mid-40s, some of the outer suburbs could flirt with 40 degrees overnight as we go from tuesday to wednesday. again, we probably need a little bit of hatee especially tonight over the next couple days. thanks wyatt. ravens fans are still enjoying yesterday's dominating performance against cleveland. but the team is thinking about their next challenge in new england. they beat the browns into sub mitigates. it was never close as they ran away with a 34-3 victory. a great win at home. now the team is getting read ready for a showdown on the road in new england. >> there is no more competitive group to go against than those guys and they are earned edgy and they are battlers and so are we. so it's going to be a great matchup. >> sunday's kickoff is at 1:00, the patriots are 2-1 so far this season. >> let's take another look outside at the inner harbor. another look at sunshine, wyatt
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is back with his final look at the forecast. let's take a look at our exclusive weather net from ellicott city. 67 degrees. they had some gusty winds there today. back with more in a moment.
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>> finally a big rally on wall
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street. the dow closed up 124, the s & p up 18. we're working to help you in these tough economic times. on our web site today what five things can put more money in your pocket at a garage sale. plus chances are it's in your pantry right now. put it to work all over your house to save money. and millions are faked by aidan theft each year. five ways to help prevent becoming a victim. log onto abc and click on the financial survival guide. want to give you one last update on a rather powerful line of showers that moved through baltimore this afternoon, now over on the eastern shore. now as we zoom in, all this wet weather basically crossing out of maryland into northern delaware. quick move in line. next seven days expecting cooler temperatures in the wake of that cool front that trigger all those showers so the highs only into the 60ss the next few days. watch overnight lows into 40s, cooler this morning.
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>> that's all for us on abc 2 news at 6:00, mary beth marsden, thank you for joining us, we'll be back at 11:00. until then have a great evening. thanks for choosing abc 2 news at 6:00. for more news watch abc 2 news at 11:00 or go now to abc 2 news works for you. indc you
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