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tv   News  ABC  September 30, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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grenade? how a baltimore county home is robbed of world war ii grenades. that robbery is a worry but this is a heist $60 million worth of artwork gone. good morning. that story and a lot more just ahead. in the meantime, thanks for joining us. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. let's find out about the weather with meteorologist justin berk. >> good morning. our wake-up window at the bottom of the screen showing a couple more cool days here. we didn't slip back into the 40s, we can thank the cloud cover for that, but that cloud cover will make it feel much cooler as we head through the morning itself. 56 in baltimore. 59 easton. we have a gusty wind averaging up to 10 miles per hour. showers back to our north and west and could be a sprinkle near the pennsylvania line but that is not our main story today. it's really about the clouds and breeze. temperature not moving much as we head into the afternoon. mostly cloudy to partly sunny and a high of only 67. 5:30 on the clock.
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let's check the roads with kim brown. >> thank you. traffic is running along smoothly on the beltway. no problems or incidents to let you know about at this hour. a quick reminder for drivers in maryland. tomorrow that texting while driving ban goes into effect starting october 1st. just keep it in mind as you make your way out and about tomorrow. working a crash in the area, that's going to be in street, maryland, in harford county. that is route 136 at scarboro road. be aware of that. at the jfx here at -- this is northern parkway, traffic looking pretty good with no problems. back to you. 5:31. when you get in your car you check your mirrors, make sure the seat is where you left it, bucking bucking -- buckle up the brakes? linda so has the details. >> reporter: it's the largest recall toyota has ever had to make. at effects more than 3.5 million vehicles. the massive recall was prompted by a 911 call a california man made that killed him, his wife
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and a highway patrol officer. >> 911 emergency. what are you reporting? >> our accelerator is stuck! we're in trouble. there's no brakes! >> ok, and you don't have the ability to, like, turn the vehicle off? >> no, approaching the intersection! we're approaching the intersection. hold on! >> reporter: it's a chilling 911 call. the problem stems from driver-side floor mats that can move around and jam the brakes. the recall affects some popular car models, toyota camry, avalon, prius, takoma tundra and three lexus models. observers should get -- owners should get rid of the floor mats immediately and not replace them. >> it's an unknown hazard waiting to strike. and when it happens the average driver doesn't have the reactions of a fighter pilot and can't bring the car under control. >> reporter: back in 2005 toyota recalled more than 900,000 vehicles to fix a steering issue. in the studio. linda so, abc2 news. 5:32. the last time baltimore was at war was 1812 when the british
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tried to strike fort mchenry. so today baltimore county police wanted to show who is running around with a couple these and why. these are the world war ii pineapple grenades, they were taken in a recent burglary. several guns were also taken from a home as well. police are not saying much about this, only about the break-in itself only saying that the home in monkton was robbed but their biggest concern now, grenades. >> we don't know whether or not they are live so they pose a great potential danger and could cause serious injury or death. >> if you know anything about the grenades taken in this burglary you are urged to call worcester -- baltimore county police now at 410-207-2020. there's been a major setback for an off-duty baltimore city police officer shot in a robbery attempt outside his home. doctors at shock trauma have downgraded his condition to critical. detective aaron harris has been at sinai since evident shot
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last week -- he was shot last week but has had five surgeries. two 16-year-olds were charged in the shooting. a judge denied bail to both on monday. a $6,000 reward is being offered to anyone that can help police make more arrests in the beating of a 16-year-old honor student in chicago. four teens have already been charged in the death of daran albert. cell phone video shows the teens kicking and hitting him with wooden boards as he walked to school. police and the community are now joining together to prevent more violence and increase patrols and watch as students go to and from school. and, also today at 5:34. let's look at the things that are happening on this last day of september, september 30th. lawyers for mayor sheila dixon will be in a courtroom today on the hearing on motions to dismiss the corruption case. and maryland green registry members will be recognized for their registry and self-certification programs to promote and recognize greening
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efforts by different companies. two high-brow art dealers in california are seeing red. thieves stole more than $60 million in fine art work from their plush l.a. home. you don't need to be a connoisseur to know why this heist is valued between $60 million and $80 million. we've got some pieces here from rembrandt and also van gogh and jackson pollack. they all vanished on friday afternoon. the collection is valued now between $60 million and $80 million, almost 3/4 of it, get this, uninsured. >> why? >> the dealer says getting insurance for the art alone costs $30 million. >> i guess that's why but that story will make you sick. that's horrible. >> if i see it hanging on berk's wall. >> you know who to call. fame is hard to come by. >> but a baltimore county woman had 30 minutes for the country to see on "jeopardy." the category she relied on inen effort to win. plus kathy ireland and her
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partner in "dancing with the stars." how did the judges and viewers react? first our weather with justin. >> 5:35. we take to you the bus stop and focusing on joppatowne. we'll be there live, broadcast at 9:00 a.m. mid-50s, cloudy skies. we'll talk about the rest of the day and upcoming weekend in a bit. 5:35. here's mark jones. >> the commute start is excellent on the marc train, on time service on the camden, penn, brunswick. light rail and metro subway looking good. on the buses, 17 convert e diverted at corporate and international. heavy volume on the 7, 19 bus lines. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones.
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wednesdays are glorious. >> they are >> middle of the week. halfway there. >> 5:39. last night did you look at the moon? that was a planet under the moon? >> yes, sir. >> what planet? >> jupiter, my friend. >> it was a beautiful shot. >> it's pretty cool. it took you 50 years to finally look up and observe the sky at night. i'm going to leave a note for
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norm lewis. he's going to be so proud of you. yesterday, our time lapse, we had a day that started off in baltimore sunny. the clouds downtown took a few extra hours to roll in. i know it got cloudy before noon in the county but it took until the afternoon downtown. they got overcast from time to time. chilly breeze, temperatures stuck in the 60s. 1eu7bs then we clouded back up. north harford middle school, you're down to 52 with the clouds. 53 bel air elementary school and havre de grace 55. cloudy skies. the breeze will be with us, skies will be mostly cloudy to partly sunny with an afternoon temperature of 67 as our two-degree guarantee. here's kim with a check of the roads. for all the friends headed to the dc metro area, as we look at southbound 95 as you make your way past route 32 in howard county, traffic is moving at a good pace, no incidents on the southbound lanes of the bw parkway and route 29 is checking in clean as well. but there are a couple of
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incidents, one in harford county, a crash at route 136 and scarboro road. and a disabled tractor-trailer with a couple of flat tires down on the northbound lanes of the jfx approaching the ruxton road area. shouldn't have too much of an impact on the commute so far. as we look downtown at pratt and president street the city is pretty quiet so far at this hour. let's check with sherrie johnson. >> reporter: baltimore city hall will soon have a pink color to it. i'm sherrie johnson. i'll have that story coming up.
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"good morning maryland" time 5:43. from your family to city hall, we're going to go pink today. >> in an effort to raise awareness in the fight against breast cancer. abc2 news sherrie johnson is live as the city lights up the days ahead. >> good morning. that's right. city hall goes pink today. this is all a part of october's breast cancer awareness month, that kicks off 11:30 this morning. baltimore mayor sheila dixon along with susan g. komen will light the city hall dome pink. komen maryland recently conducted a 10-month study to evaluate the state of breast
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cancer in most of maryland. the report shows women and families in komen maryland service area showed high death rates from breast cancer. that is why maryland komen officials say frequent checkups are the key. >> what we hope is that people will get a little bit tuned in to breast cancer awareness and will think about what they've done in terms of their own health and have they had their mammogram this year and had their clinical breast exam. >> reporter: according to komen, maryland has the fifth highest cancer rate in the country. african-american women in maryland do not have an incidence of breast cancer as white women but have a higher death rate when compared to white women. that means once diagnosed a african-american woman has a higher chance of dying from breast cancer than a white woman. more than 800 million women in maryland will be dying from breast cancer this year. it's sunday, october 18th. for more information go to
5:46 am, click on "think pink" in the top righthand corner. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. a look at the other top stories we're working on. look at this wreck. one is in handcuffs after this accident on caroline and monument last night. our pete "on the street" o'neal captured in video when the driver of that red van, in the middle of the screen t-boned a car sitting there at the intersection. then plowed into the security booth at hopkins. the car's driver and security guard were taken upstairs to hopkins. they are going to be ok. just shaken up. the driver of the van was carted off in handcuffs. the signs of devastation are everywhere in the pacific islands of samoa and american samoa where there was -- at least 80 people are dead this morning after a tsunami. a powerful earthquake in the south pacific hurled massive tsunami waves at the island shores flattening villages and
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sweeping cars and people away. the white house has declared a major disaster in american samoa. a former supermodel struck her last pose on "dancing with the stars." during last night's elimination round kathy ireland and her partner tony, the third couple to be voted off. kathy said she learned quite a bit. ashley hamilton and macy gray were kicked off last week. the next category is local celebrities. she loves dc united soccer and being a stay at home mom and crochet. >> who is jessica hawks? as delia goncalves reports this baltimore county woman had 30 minutes of national fame as a contestant on "jeopardy." >> reporter: a ecolling major at umbc she says she always has loved "jeopardy" and though she didn't win tonight she's proud of her performance. >> this is "jeopardy."
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>> reporter: we all play at home, one local mom actually made it to the big show. >> a stay at home mom from baltimore, maryland, jessica. >> reporter: a local trivia buff, she tried out in may. by august 5th she was taping tonight's episode. she, her husband, mom and 6 1/2-month-old meg made the trip to california. it went fast but she took time to prepare. >> i definitely studied. i had flash cards of presidential trivia, shakespeare quotes i was trying to memorize. some history, some geography like world lakes, world capitals. you're thinking what if i win? i hope i come in first, or second. and i just kept telling myself please don't make a fool of yourself. >> reporter: and she didn't. though hawks did not win the game she was the only contestant who answered final jeopardy correctly. friends and family members who watched the show tonight are proud. >> i'm just very impressed she got on the show, she did well
5:49 am
on the show, maintained her composier the entire time. it was great. >> i didn't do as well as i would have liked to have done but a lot of that i think was because of the buzzing system. >> reporter: she didn't walk away empty handed. hawks also tells us she's now caught the game show bug so chances are we might be seeing her sometime soon. in dundalk, delia goncalves, abc2 news. >> great. good for you, jessica. this guy will always be a champion on the football field. last night our hero o.j. briggans celebrated his 40th birthday, as you turned out to help raise awareness of the devastating disease he's battling. in honor of o.j. briggance. there he is. the event was called two rings for o.j. in tribute to the champions he helped bring to
5:50 am
baltimore playing with the ravens. his wife was overwhelmed. >> we're so humbled by the love that everyone has given to us and all that everyone has done. i mean, i can't say enough. >> it's an opportunity for his teammates, for people close to him, just to show our love to him and his family. that's why i'm here. >> that is great. his friends made it happen but it's o.j. who called working to find a cure for als and telling his story his finest hour. 5:50 on the clock. 56 degrees on the thermometer. mid-50s takes us all across the mid-atlantic. not much variation in temperature but a variation in terms of conditions. while we had the clouds that built in over the last couple of hours, showers in york, pennsylvania, heading up, looks
5:51 am
like over towards allentown, even back to the west looking at showers including garrett county. as far as we're concerned it's about the gusty winds and the wind will prevail. showers linger back into the mountains but we stay mostly cloudy to partly sunny today. tonight and tomorrow we get some clearing and that allows us to cool down into the lower 40s. there's a frost advisory this morning in the mountains. i wouldn't be surprised if we carry that closer, maybe parts of northern carroll, baltimore county, near the pennsylvania line, could get some patchy frost tomorrow morning but as we go through the day tomorrow we'll see more sunshine, just a few clouds thrown into the mix. the next band of clouds comes in friday but that will actually signify a warming trend. today mostly cloudy to partly sunny this afternoon. only 67 degrees. if baltimore, we'll take you up to carroll and northern baltimore county. mid-60s under mostly cloudy skies, temperatures about the same as where we were yesterday. in fact almost a repeat of yesterday. eastern shore trying to get to about 70 in easton. for tonight, again, as we try to clear out, 44 around the beltway, could find upper 30s far north and west and for
5:52 am
tomorrow a recovery, not much, at least we'll get more sunshine but still in the upper 60s. kim? so far so good on the roads. 95 southbound, no problems to let you know about as we head to the capitol beltway. bw parkway is checking in clean as well, so is route 29 down to montgomery county. no issues around the baltimore beltway so far. both loops are checking in without incident and the tunnels are clean as well. we have a crash in harford county that remains on the scene at route 136 in scarboro road. a disabled tractor-trailer in the northbound lanes of the jfx approaching ruxton road. again, that is not really having too much impact so far. mrlg and fayette -- mlk and fayette streets, traffic still very quiet in baltimore city. back to you. feast your eyes on this big old rock. it's the size of a chicken egg. it's a diamond. this diamond wiggled its way into the top 20 highest quality gems in the world. coming up, all new at 6:00
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on "good morning maryland" -- some say disney world is where dreams come true but it's not cheap. no way. this is the way disney is going to be offering one million guests one free day at the park.
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we've got 5:55. what does a diamond have in common with a chicken egg? >> not a lot unless you're looking at this. it's compared to the actual size of a chicken egg it may be among the world's top 20 high-quality gems. 500 carats. the stone discovered at a mine in south africa which produced another large stone, 600 carats. it's part of the crown jewels. we just had a birthday so if anybody wants to get jamie something. >> i guess. all right. >> the size of a chicken egg. it would be uncomfortable to wear on your finger. let's go to justin berk. it's going to be comfortable out there? >> yes. a little bit of a breeze but if you like the cool temperatures almost a repeat of yesterday, perhaps not as windy.
5:57 am
cloudy this morning, partly sunny in afternoon, 67. low to mid-40s overnight. tomorrow 67, we'll see more sun. back to 70, clouds roll back friday. then looking at showers coming in as we stay in the low 70s. into the weekend. more to come. we're only halfway through this morning show so stick around. more of "good morning maryland" after this. [heavy rock music plays]
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first the earth shook. then the waves. the pacific islands are showing signs of devastation after a tsunami. we're going 120 mission gorge. we're in trouble. there's no brakes! >> it's a scary thing to hear but has it ever happened to you? your floor mat sides over your acceleration and you can't handle the car. this morning, it's a problem. she made dundalk proud, did she not? how jennifer did last night on


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