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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  October 1, 2009 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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grader. she died of swine flu. i told you the orioles would lose 100. just because you wear a yearchg hat don't think you know it all. blow by blows in the bronx. hold on, let me see. pow! >> that is poor sportsmanship. good morning. thank you for joining us. october 1st already. >> i'm jamie costello. here's justin berk now with our october weather. >> you said they were the evil empire, now they are fighting their young in the bronx. 6:00. good morning. fifth graders at joppatowne elementary school, we had a fantastic time yesterday at mrs. kelly evans class. this is a group -- by the way, you see the security guards and monitors? honestly, just a really good honest bunch of kids. we had a great time yesterday off the broadcast as well. i want to thank everybody, especially principal chris
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cook. we'll see if we can get more pictures this morning. joppatowne elementary school, all our new friends out there. we're looking at storm center weathernet where we have 43 degrees at north harford middle in pylesville. bel air elementary school 46. we've got trinity lutheran school in joppa, 48 degrees. by the water, havre de grace, 50s. we have a seven-degree spread in harford county alone. most of us in the 40s to low 50s by the city and bay. we'll get up to 67 this afternoon for a two-degree guarantee with a lot more sunshine. 6:00. 6:01 right now. always bringing you sunshine out there. here's kim brown. thank you. no accidents and no delays. that makes your thursday commute off to a fantastic start. as we look at 50 and 97 you see traffic starting to build a little in both directions as you make your way on 50 westbound headed to the capitol beltway. no problems there. same on northbound 97 headed to 695, that earlier construction project at new cut road has been picked up. traffic is moving along nicely but we have a watermain break in baltimore city, west 29th
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between sisson and huntington. it's a watermain break so avoid that area if possible. two teens are getting hugs, pats on the back for what they did an hour into this new day. abc2 news linda so is here with the fire rescue story. >> when the teens heard the cry for help they didn't think twice. they both ran into a burning building to save a woman trapped inside. pete "on the street" o'neal captured exclusive video of the firefighters racing to the scene to help save the woman. it happened just before 1:00 this morning on sheldon avenue in northeast baltimore. the two teens were sitting on the stoop, smelled a strong odor of smoke. then had he -- then they raced up the stepdaughters and tried to help. >> -- they raced up the stairs and tried to help. >> she was too hot. we couldn't pick her up. we had to put the fire out first to get her down the steps. >> the teens became instant neighborhood heroes. several girls came up and gave
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hawks a hug for what he and his friend nick did to help save the woman. nick suffered smoke inhalation and had to be taken to the hospital. one firefighter suffered minor injuries. investigators are still working on the cause of the fire. the woman suffered some pretty bad burns and medics had to take her to the burn center. in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. another abc2 news exclusive -- a man and woman are in the hospital this morning recovering from a stabbing. the man tried to attack the woman and she fought back. stabbing him in the neck. this happened near lafayette street and federal street around midnight. the two were taken to the hospital. they are both expected to be ok. a few blocks away another stabbing occurred during a fight between a boyfriend and girlfriend in the 2100 block of barclay road. police are still investigating what happened there. and now to the corruption in city hall. lawyers for mayor sheila dixon want her to go through two separate trials. the mayor faces charges, accused of stealing gift cards from needy families.
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she'll go to trial on those charges in november. but her attorneys want to delay the other trial where she faces perjury charges. in that indictment mayor dixon is accused of lying about gifts from her former boyfriend, a real estate developer, ronald lipscomb. her attorneys are now trying to have those charges thrown out. soon-to-be 6:04. family and friends are still trying to cope with the loss of a 14-year-old northeast baltimore girl. destinee parker. an eighth grader at montebello academy, died from the h1n1 virus. she's the send young person in baltimore to die after coming down with the swine flu. she is the ninth person in the state. family members are left with heavy hearts for their loss and for the other families that had to go through the same pain. >> they say this is about the ninth person. another couple lost their daughter. she was 14. >> the young lady from montebello did pass away. our prayers with her family. during these really trying times. >> destinee parker's death
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comes a week before the state's expecting the first shipment. vaccine. that vaccine will change some guidelines when it comes to inoculating school children. students in harford county were supposed to get their flu vaccine next week but instead students will get the h1n1 shot because they are most at risk. the seasonal flu vaccine will still be given after everyone receives their h1n1 vaccine. health officials say that will still give your children the influenza protection they need. since the seasonal flu begins around november and peaks in february. in texas a 14-year-old girl died after being denied tamiflu. her family says it started as a fever. a trip to the doctor's office confirmed that the girl had the flu, possibly even the swine flu. >> i was scare for them to put her to sleep. i was afraid she would never wake up. and she didn't.
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they just kept telling me it would get better but it didn't. i wish now that i might have listened to my instincts a little bit better. >> doctors sent the teen home without medicine since the cdc advises not to give it to normally healthy people. put down those cell phones today. it is against the law to text while you're behind the wheel of a car. let's go to anne arundel county. officials showed us why they are so serious about this. community members were invited to try a free live simulation on what can happen if you you text behind the wheel. no surprise here. there were a number of crashes. >> the airbags came out and we had to -- and i started freaking out. i thought the car was going to explode. >> i'm not taking that chance ever again. it's not worth it. my life was almost on the line over a dumb text message that could have waited. >> i take my phone out and put it in the glove compartment so
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i don't really care about it. or turn it off. >> texting while driving ban is now in effect. went into effect in midnight. it's still ok, though, to read text messages or talk on your phone. if caught texting you can be fined up to $500. we want your two cents. do you think police will be able to enforce this new law? go to and tell us what you think. you better slow down, though. dozens of speed cameras are up and running around the city. if you're speeding you'll get caught. that law also went into effect today. for the first month drivers who exceed the speed limit by at least 12 miles per hour you'll get a warning in the mail. after that you could get a $40 ticket. if you have a teenaged driver they will have to wait a few more months before heading out on the open road. the waiting period increased by three months to get both the provisional and full license. also teen drivers with repeat moving violations will face tougher penalties from now on. first lady michelle obama has wasted no time getting to
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work for her hometown. she's in copenhagenen having a one-on-one vip meetings and dineing with dignitaries and stars. she's of course pitching chicago for the 2016 olympics. on friday she and her husband, the president, will both be part of chicago's final presentation to the olympic committee members. lunch and a movie didn't work out yesterday. the orioles went out and lost their 13th straight game last night. let's go to tampa where if the orioles lose tonight they will have an 0-10 road trip. that is a franchise worst. they need to go out and win three out of the next four to avoid a 100-loss season. only the 198 -- the 1954 and 1988 clubs did worse. the video of the day -- check this out. this man was just trying to take a picture of these two kids when they started fighting. at yankee stadium! >> he's down. >> so the one boy clobbered the other on the head.
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the friend wasn't taking it so he's going to hit him right back. they went back and forth. this is the first fight at the new yankee stadium by the way. bang! he does that again! come on, kid, get back up. let it roll. let's go. he's going to get up. bam right there. >> that's beautiful. just keep doing it. boom, he goes down again. >> those yankee fans. the brilliant lights gave a glow to the city that never sleeps. >> why this display is making so many people upset. my dad beat him up. >> here we go again. his dad is a hero but this time might never go back to the zoo. and if you have an extra $6 million we have a deal for you. you could be the owner of this spectacular home. we're going to give you a little preview of it. >> let me see.
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we'll take you outside. we got the bus stop forecast for joppatowne elementary school. mid-40s, chilly, but we'll have more sun as the day goes through. by the way, this is august 25th, the last time i dry-cleaned my pants. let's check the roads with kim brown. >> thank you. the good news is, not much happening on the roads so far. route 50 and 97 we have building volume but no problems or delays. i'll have a complete report up next. soft! soft! hard! hard!
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lifestyles of the rich and famous. >> a home fit for a king and it's on sale. craig is going to take us inside. >> reporter: because of the economy there have been many real estate auctions but none like this one. in burr ridge on county line road the villa todd is heading to the auction block. it's a 30,000 square foot mansion surrounded by a 15,000 square foot enclosed terrace.
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it's made of jerusalem limestone, italian marble and building materials from south america, algeria and spain. >> everything in this house is imported from somewhere around the world. many of the doors are from various palaces, from spain and morocco and egypt. >> reporter: michael burland will be auctioning off the villa taj on november 4th. first, let's look at the place that was built by a burden -- burr ridge doctor moving his practice to florida. he built it but never moved in. it's finished except for the furnishings. >> to furnish it probably over a million dollars it's so big. >> reporter: a gourmet kitchen could serve hundreds, two living rooms with entertainment centers, eight bedroom sweets with giant italian marble showers. hot tubs and all the other stuff. >> this is the master bathroom which is part of the 2,500
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square foot imperial master bedroom suite. >> reporter: another highlight, the 20-car garage. yes, a garage for 20 cars. so when you buy this place you'll have plenty of room for all your yard junk, bicycles, golf clubs, fill it up and then park outside in the driveway. it's a place that can make your head spin and what a deal this could be for you. >> it was listed for $25 million. was recently, about a month and a half ago prior to my engagement. now we're taking it to auction november 4th and we're going to start at $over $6 million. >> the guy is going to lose money. he is. >> reporter: it could be yours with just over $6 million but they don't take credit cards. >> needs a lot of work though. >> when the garage is nicer than your house -- bring back that smiley faced green pepper. that made me feel bad. >> $6.2 million. wow. let's go to the weather with justin berk.
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6:15. we're looking at temperature this morning, with a mark now of 51 in ocean city. just to give you a hint of the spread we have in maryland, 45 easton, 47 baltimore. then you get back up on the hilltops where they had clouds preventing them from cooling down in hagerstown at 51. dropping off dramatically, in garrett county, oakland 36 degrees. we have a mix of clouds on the north side. the clouds themselves may be with us for a few hours this morning but we do expect dry air to dominate as that wind pushes across the mountains. actually wrapping around that area of low pressure that is sliding its way up the st. lawrence valley on in through quebec and eastern canada. that is going to lose the grip of the moisture flow across the great lakes. and as we take this chilly air, move it eastbound we have one last day of the real chill. we'll push in warmer air with the next weather system. a solid line of rain from the twin cities all the way down through the quad cities from minnesota through iowa, even back towards missouri. that system will try to push our way. you can see a chunk of 30s, even down to freezing in green
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bay this morning. back to 56 in st. louis. even warmer across the central and southern plains. we'll actually get warm air pushing back into the picture. first things first, we'll have the sunshine this, gentleman. then the clouds -- this afternoon. then the clouds push in, with rain in the mountains. we may have showers in the afternoon. only 30% chance of that. but better chance of rain showers developing, even thunderstorms as the warm air moves in on saturday. here's the setup for today though, our two-degree guarantee 67 degrees. we will be seeing some clearing skies but it will remain cool. tonight, however, we'll drop back into the lower 50s which is an improvement from where we are now. tomorrow we're looking for at least an increase in clouds in the afternoon with a chance of a shower, 72. and we'll hang on to the warm temperatures into the weekend, follow the our wake-up window at the bottom of the screen. or you know what? you can check it out now at go to the weather page. at the bottom of the screen you'll see some of the same weather graphics we use on tv. 6:17. let's check the roads with kim
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brown. >> we don't have any problems or issues or accidents to let you know about. on the beltway you see here, northeast corner at harford road around towards the top side, traffic is moving very nicely at this hour. no problems on the harrisburg expressway and the tunnels are checking in incident-free as well. we have a road closure in baltimore city. because of a watermain break at west 29th street between sisson and huntington. just avoid that area if possible. looking for a business you know you can trust? let your better business bureau do the work for you. log on to for more information. back to you. it's great to go to new york city and see the empire state building lit up for an occasion, right? take a look at this. it's lit up for the communist colors of china to celebrate the 60th anniversary of communist rule in china. guess what? people are upset. the group human rights watch wrote a note to the management expressing disappointment with the decision. the owners of the empire state building released a statement
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reading the empire state building celebrates many cultures and causes in the world community with iconic lightings. for most of us a trip to the hospital just a car ride away but for one sailor the coast guard needed to be called. the sailor was stationed off the oregon coast in a submarine. and needed medical attention. this is the coast guard video of a basket being lowered to pull him up and then flying into the hospital. the navy is not allowed to release what afflicted the sailor but does say he's in good condition. a trip to the zoo a 2-year-old will never forget. ethan billy, his dad is his hero. he saved him from a 50-pound european lynx. who attacked the little boy when he was looking into the exhibit. >> he walked into the cage. that's when the cat attacked. put both paws and grabbed him by the back of the head.
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>> the little boy had to have 15 stitches and staples put in his head. the zoo says the young cat just wanted to play. but he says he has no interest in seeing her again. since the incident the lynx cage is now being covered up and boarded up in fence and the animal has been put in confinement for 10 years. for this catch they needed something bigger than a fishing pole. >> plus a man heard a child scream. his instinct saved this little boy's life. the story coming up. now to new york and get the latest in business news. here's jeremy hubbard. topping your "moneyscope report." wall street hopes for more gains today. the summer's third quarter saw the dow rise 13%, the strongest showing. but investors confidence still muted in advance of tomorrow's ememployment report. we'll learn if consumers gave the economy a badly needed
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boost by spending more in august. economists expect the numbers to surge partly because of the "cash for clunkers" program. another general motors brand is about to disappear. gm says its saturn division will be eliminated after a deal collapsed to spin it off. saturn was created to compete with japanese imports but never made a profit. 13,000 saturn employees are affected. bank of america is searching for a new ceo. ken lewis says he's leaving voluntarily after a year of controversy over bonuses and the merger with merrill lynch. new york's attorney general says an investigation into lewis's role in the merrill lynch bill will go on despite his resignation. comcast appears to be in talks to buy all or part of nbc universal. the cable giant looking for a new source of news and entertainment content and nbc's owners, g.e. and vivendi could get a lift from the deal. nbc value has dropped $20 billion in the last year. and 9 the recession has hit
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even the super rich. according to noshes the 400 richers americans lost a combined $300 billion in net worth in the past year. the usual suspects still on top but to make the list you only needed to make $950 million compared to $1.3 billion last year. coming up on "good morning america" -- the latest on america's bid to bring the 2016 olympics to chicago. including a live report from cope hagen where the first lady is at work. that's your "moneyscope report." i'm jeremy hubbard.
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good morning. 6:24. during our commercial break mr. jamie costello was singing
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his rendition of the boss "waiting on a sunny day," complete with air guitar. >> go ahead. >> from around the corner you couldn't tell the difference. >> yes you could. >> no, you couldn't. >> you could. >> you could not. >> he kept going. he kept going. you know what? we have a sunny day. partly cloudy this morning but this afternoon we'll get more sun. 67 degrees. still cool. you're waiting for the warm weather. 72 tomorrow with an afternoon shower possible. but a better chance of showers, though we'll get to 77 on saturday. 6:25. let's check the roads with kim. what is kim singing about? >> i never know what to say to you when you talk to me like that. >> off camera i'm going to say it. >> no brown clouds to report on the harrisburg expressway to let you know about. as we make our way southbound headed to the beltway. traffic moving along smoothly no problems on the jfx either. we have a watermain break in baltimore city. that is going to be west 29th street between sisson and huntington. that is closed for a watermain
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break. back to you. >> thank you. this story is like the story of david and goliath. see that 7-year-old boy from texas? with the help of his dad he caught an 800-pound alligator. the boy was hunting with his dad, stumbled upon this monstrosity. the boy says that he picked up the gun and shot him. >> i was not afraid. >> it turned out to be one of the largest alligators i've ever seen. >> is that a texas store story or what? a 7-year-old shooting an 800-pound alligator. when they brought it home, mom was upset but glad her baby was ok. he says he plans to catch a bigger gator the next time he hunts. >> ok. it's starting to look a lot like christmas around here and get what? peeping -- people are already shopping. >> and wal-mart is offering huge discounts. and we have two local teens
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this morning who deserve to be on top of that good list. i'm linda so. how they helped save a woman from a burning building.
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