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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  October 7, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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fallston a gust of 40. 44 up in the northeast area. some of the areas right now that are having winds still coming down a little, still gusty, you can see some of the numbers continue to change as we look at them pause this is data. only available on abc2, exclusive to our station. here's your forecast for the next couple hours -- look for partly cloudy skies, continued on the windy side but the winds gradually diminishing as we go through the evening. temperatures hold in the mid to low 60s. some places even in the upper 50s. complete forecast coming up. are you worried about the h1n1 virus? well, if you're not in one of the high-risk groups you're going to have to wait a while. while most people are encouraged to get the h1n1 vaccine the supply just isn't there. yet. abc2 news roosevelt leftwich explains.
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>> reporter: thousands of seniors get their seasonal flu shot here at the senior expo each year but don't look for the h1n1 shot or mist. they make the message very clear from the get-go. for one thing seniors are in a low-risk group and for another, many folks are still hesitant about getting the new vaccine. >> i don't think i'm going to have this. i don't usually get the flu. i'm just going to take it at that. >> we'll check with the doctor and see what he thinks. you hear so much pros and cons about it lately, you really are confused. >> reporter: the vaccine is right now rolling off the line but still not enough to inoculate everyone, yet. >> the folks that are at the front of the line are the people that are at highest risk of hospitalization. which makes a lot of sense. >> reporter: if you're looking for a seasonal flu shot you can go just about jay place in the city and get one. any doctor's office, drug store are supermarket but if you're looking for a h1n1 shot you'll have to wait. we checked with several different physicians in other places that hold flu clinics
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for h1n1 inoculations they don't even have the supplies yet. patients first, minute clinic and most private physicians won't receive vials of the vaccine for another week or so at the earliest and with limited supply. >> we're looking in october and november to try to serve the high-risk groups first and then as that stream of vaccine grows we'll be making it available to the entire population. just the way we do every year. >> reporter: baltimore city plans to hold its first h1n1 vaccine clinic next week at polywestern high for high risk groups. but until the doses get into the pipeline supply of course for right now remains limited. in baltimore, roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >> if you would like to find out where you can get the shots when they become available you can go to to the links. there you will be able to find some help. county health departments throughout maryland are facing tough choices on how to share
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their fair share of the state's initial shipments of the vaccine. health leaders in harford county will devote the county's entire supply to st. margaret's elementary school and middle schools in bel air where more than three out of 10 students fell ill last week. >> we have been alerted there was an increase in the number of influenza-like illnesses they were seeing in that school. so the way to help to mitigate the transmission of h1n1 in that school - >> the initial supply of vaccine is in the form of the flumist safe for children ages 2 to 18 but not approved for pregnant women and some other high-risk groups. children at st. margaret's will begin to receive the vaccine on friday. questions about the live vaccine are still being asked across the country and are a number of other questions but abc2 news works for you. we're inviting you to send us an e-mail with your questions or any concerns you might have. we have invited an expert to join us in the studio on thursday night to answer your
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questions live. whatever it is you would like to know about the swine flu just send an e-mail to join us thursday night because the doctor is in. and tomorrow morning abc's robin roberts and >$>kdr. richa besser will be live in the cdc on "good morning america." remember to stay with us on the air and on-line on for the latest on the h1n1 and vaccine. now in other news tonight -- baltimore county police need your help finding a missing man. geron black disappeared from his home on taylor avenue in the hillen dale area around 4:00 this afternoon. police say he's mildly retarded and can't get around on his own. they are hoping to find him before dark. if you have seen him you're asked to call baltimore county police, i'll give you the number twice, it's not on the screen, 410-307-2020. 410-307-2020. an essex man is arrested on child porn and
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sexual abuse charges after getting busted by a cable repairman. 55-year-old william davis was picked up yesterday after police were told he had child porn on his computer. a repair man who came to davis's home on the 500 block of chalcot square spotted the material on the suspect's computer and alerted police. davis also admitted to molesting a little girl he knew from church for eight years. starting when the girl was just 5 years old. >> i think he couldn't come back to this neighborhood. we have pissed off people. we don't even know him. you don't play with our kids, you don't mess with our kids. >> police believe there may be other victims because davis was an active volunteer in his community and rosedale community evangelical church. they are asking potential victims to call the crimes against children unit, 410-853-3650.
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a baltimore man has been arrested in the deadly shooting of an owings mills man back in august. 30-year-old gerald sears is charged with first degree murder in the death of 51-year-old scott greenberg. greenberg's ex-wife found him dead in his home on august 22nd. sears is also facing armed robbery and weapons charges. baltimore city police have identified a woman struck and killed by a truck yesterday. 53-year-old cheryl tenner was crossing the 2500 block of harford road near east 25th street around 4:00 yesterday afternoon when she was hit by the truck. fenner died at the scene. the truck driver stopped, remained at the scene. still no word yet exactly how the accident happened. former baltimore raven tony fein has died in washington state. an agent for the linebacker said he died yesterday morning in port orchard but has no details about the death. the 27-year-old undrafted
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rookie free agent was let go by the ravens in the final cut in september. linebacker ray lewis was among those reacting to the news today. >> humble young man. to me. always searching for some type of direction and things like that. it's really sad, my heart definitely goes out to his family and friends and things because it's such a tragic death for someone to be that young and go through the things he's been through. >> you may recall tony fein was arrested in august charged with miss -- misdemeanor assault on a police officer. tony fein, an iraqi war veteran, insisted he was innocent. he was a native of washington state and was waiting for another shot at playing football. it may have looked like an emergency but it was a drill to keep us safe on the rails. it's actually a three-day exercise, officers riding trains between baltimore and washington. a number of them patrolled train stations at rush hour and brought out a k-9 unit. several agencies teamed up for
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the operation including the tsa, federal air marshals and mta. >> we are looking for anything suspicious. we also have behavioral detection officers out. people who are usually at the airports, at the screening stations opening peoples' behavior. we have them out today in plain clothes just watching people. >> arrivals and departures were not affected. maryland's slots commission has voted to approve allowing 1,000 more slot machines at a site in cecil county. penn national gaming submitted an extra $6 million in licensing fees last week to boost the number of machines at the pril site from -- perryville site from 500 to 1,500. the university of maryland could be the first in the country with a policy on student screenings of pornographic films. it's in response to a movie recently shown at the university of maryland college park. the movie was never shown. a discussion on the proposed
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movie policy is planned for next week in college park. tonight high profile support for governor martin o'malley's 2010 re-election campaign. former president bill clinton will appear at an o'malley fundraiser tonight. the governor's campaign manager says it's being held at a home in new york city. clinton backed o'malley in his first bid for governor appearing in a 30-second tv commercial. some local girl scouts are being recognized by baltimore's mayor for their efforts to make the city greener and cleaner. the green girl scouts of westside elementary school planted 15 trees last month. as part of the city's greenspring beaut fic -- greening buena vistaification initiative. >> if you're still in to baltimore you can go back and look at the trees as adults and say i planted this tree and look at this tree now. and the impact and differences made in the community. on behalf - >> reporter: the mayor gave the girl scouts a magnet with tips to be environmentally friendly. if you're looking for
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entertainment and information you should head to the baltimore county baby boomer senior expo. the theme of this year's event, get the red carpet treatment. you can learn about volunteer opportunities and job placement. plus, the expo features great live entertainment. it continues tomorrow from 9:00 to 4:00 p.m. the historic home of maryland's first african-american congressman did not sell at today's auction. the late perrin mitchell bought the house in west baltimore in the late 1980s, lived there for more than 20 years died in 2007. bidding started at $6,000. much of it has been refurbished but the seller rejected the final bid. >> let me have your attention back. have i a bid of $295,000. that is extremely cheap for this property. and it is not a price that is acceptable to the seller. that is not - >> reporter: the auctioneer
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says there were four interested parties and he hopes for a negotiated sale of the property in the next several weeks. a proper funeral 160 years late. >> better late than never. find out why folks are lining up to view the body of edgar allan poe. and we're not sure if it's the great pumpkin but it's pretty big. >> trust me, that's the great pumpkin. yesterday, i gave you a two-degree guarantee for today of -- 69 degrees. what was the high today officially at bwi marshall? 71. so we did hit that two-degree guarantee. we've now hit it two days in a row. we have a winner tonight from severna park. congratulations. you scored an abc2 umbrella. we'll be right back with our forecast.
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sounds a little funny saying this but funeral services for edgar allan poe begin today. 160 years after the first. the writer died on this date in 1849 but fans say they are finally giving him the farewell he deserved. delia goncalves is live outside poe's south baltimore home with more on his mysterious death. >> reporter: it has been very busy here in south baltimore. you can see right behind me that small little house people have been streaming in all day. they've been waiting outside because the house is so tiny. they are here to pay their respects to the late author edgar allan poe. died here in baltimore at age 40, only seven people showed up to his funeral.
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that's why fans are paying tribute to him starting today with a viewing in his home complete with a poe-inspired mannequin in a casket. just days before his death poe, who lived in many different cities had gone missing for five whole days. wound up back here in baltimore and was last seen drunk and delirious in a bar. he apparently had been robbed and was wearing someone else's dirty torn clothes that inspired many fans to come up with their own theories of what happened including a practice known as cooping. >> roughans or thugs would gather up people off the street and they would take them to these places called coops and would coop them up and either drug them or get them plied with liquor and then use them -- take them to various polling places and use them as what they call repeaters which they would go in this drunken delirious state, take unwitting people and have them vote over and over again for their candidate. >> reporter: interesting one but of course that is just one
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theory. still, the mystery and romance surrounding poe's life and his death has captivated folks for so many years, so much though that we're told more than a thousand people are expected to come here to baltimore to attend his funeral on sunday. people from as far as canada and vietnam we're told. as far as the viewing today, it will be at his house in south baltimore. also will be open for another couple of days, the viewing is 1 -- tonight followed by a vigil. delia goncalves, abc2 news. now with halloween around the corner many are searching for the perfect pumpkin. not this one, though. this one weighs 1,401 pounds. it's on display at valley view farms in cockeysville. >> this is the biggest one we've ever had by almost 200 pounds. i think the one a couple of
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years ago was 1,200 pounds. this is a scale-buster. >> if you would like to see this huge pumpkin there's still time. it will be on display until next month. i wonder how many loaves of pumpkin bread that translates into. boy. >> it's a great place totic to -- to take pictures with it. it was a day that felt like the season is really changing out there. we had the sunshine, we had a little bit of light shower activity this morning. temperatures on the mild side. cooling off right now but at least the high winds we had during the day today, starting to pull back a tiny bit. flag on federal hill still getting a workout. temperature at bwi marshall gone down a couple of degrees, 62 degrees. 43% humidity. wind from the west at 12, pressure 29.86.
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tides tomorrow at fort mchenry there. breezy but not as windy as today. sun coming up at 7:09. will set at 6:38. we've hit our two-degree guarantee two days in a row now. our temperatures around the region now 58 york. 62 downtown. 69 pax river. eastern shore 64. in easton and dover and ocean city 64. our satellite early this morning, the frontal system was poised to the west of us. we had a few light scattered showers and then came blowing through the region. that's what it left behind, blowing. i mean it's been very windy out there. a few light clouds up to the north but as we go through the overnight period they will be disappearing. area of high pressure in the ohio valley will dominate our weather for the next couple of days. nothing showing up on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. will stay that way, the way things look now until saturday. temperaturewise now in monkton 56. 58 kingsville. glenwood 55. emmitsburg 56. havre de grace 60.
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63 chestertown. 61, getting ready for the big boat show in annapolis. as far as the overnight forecast -- a few clouds you now will dissipate overnight. nice clear sky. during the day tomorrow, lots of sunshine, then clouds roll into the weather picture. on friday, the majority of the rainfall stays to the north and west but will gradually make its way into our region during the day saturday. forecast for the overnight period -- mostly clear, winds gradually calming down. 53 for the overnight low. tomorrow, high of 71. seasonable temperature. next seven days -- quite a bit of sunshine tomorrow. then friday a few clouds make their way into the weather picture. on saturday those clouds are going to thicken up a little and we're going to see scattered showers during the day on saturday. on sunday partly cloudy skies, more rainfall likely monday. tuesday, wednesday, partly cloudy, much cooler, 63 and 62 degrees. you can always go to our web site, to check out our interactive doppler radar. right now there's nothing
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showing up around the maryland area, however, when you click on the weather tab this loads up, you can take the screen and kind of drag it. we're going to drag up to portions of new york. light shower activity just to the east and west of schenectady. also to the north of us, to the north of saratoga springs, seeing scattered showers, but again it's available 24/7, 365 on our web site, see you tonight at 11:00. coming up, a tough loss to the patriots. the ravens hit the practice field today. this weekend they will battle the bengals for the top spot in the afc north but chad has another fight on his mind. he has challenged ravens linebacker terrell suggs to a boxing match. we have suggs amused reaction. >> y'all go back and y'all tell mr. 85 that half his people called my people, and we'll arrange it. you go back and tell him,
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whenever you want to get down there you can do it. >> he said he will embarrass you. >> i look forward to it. haven't been embarrassed in a long time. tell him suggs is looking forward to it. >> we're looking forward to playing the bengals. whether we won or lost the last game, doesn't matter. you try to take the emotions, put them aside and learn the lessons, there are plenty of them in this game. we have to be a better team than last week to have a chance to beat this team. >> sunday's game is at m & t bank stadium. kickoff is 1:00. we'll be right back.
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winds gradually diminishing tonight but during the day tomorrow, lots of sunshine, high of 71 degrees. few clouds in the weather picture friday, high of 74. saturday, a mix of clouds and scattered showers, high of 68 degrees. then the cooler air comes in, will be staying around through probably the first part of next week. see you tonight at 11:00. that's all for us at abc2 news at 6:00. i'm marybeth marsden. thank you for joining us. back tonight at 11:00. remember the news continues 24/7 on have a great night.
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