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tv   News  ABC  October 8, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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it's thursday morning. thank you so much for joining us here on "good morning maryland." i'm megan pringle. >> how old is he? >> 19. >> he's going to be in - >> play girl. >> really? >> yes. >> did he already take the pictures? >> i mean, that was a tease. stand by. >> wow. here's meteorologist justin berk. >> it's 5:30. let's take you back in time to yesterday. what an interesting day. we had that front push through and after the early morning rain got out of here, check this out, from 7:00 in the morning in downtown baltimore.
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watch us clear out. then the winds really pick up. we'll see clouds occasionally flirt by on the north side. it actually did turn overcast. of course the hereford zone, carroll county and southern pennsylvania in the afternoon. just partly cloudy downtown. we actually ended up with a generally clear night down to 48 degrees at bwi marshall. 49 in york. not that much of a difference. 54 on the eastern shore in easton. the sun will give way to a partly cloudy sky in the afternoon with our two-degree guaranteed high of 71. let's check the roads with kim. thank you. southbound on the harrisburg expressway is checking in with no problems as we look here, this is a view just north of 695. you see traffic moving along nicely there. no problems to let you know about on the jfx either. around the beltway, checking in pretty clean as well but we have an issue on southbound 95 approaching whitemarsh boulevard. we have an overturned vehicle that is blocking the left lane. traffic does get by pretty smoothly to the right so just keep it in mind as you make your way south this morning. two wind warnings at the bay and key bridges. that affects high-sided vehicles. if you have a tractor-trailer or truck just be advised about
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that. downtown at mlk and fayette street. traffic quiet making your way towards 395 this morning. back to you. new at 5:30 -- a powerful typhoon slammed into japan causing widespread damage as well as flooding. this storm hit the country's mainland early this morning. with strong winds and heavy rain. which has flooded roads, homes, toppled trees as well as power lines. heavily damaged some buildings as well. emergency officials say that more than 11,000 people were evacuated at shelters. and, there has been no reports of injury or damage in the wake of these three strong earthquakes that hit the south pacific and small tsunami. still the alerts caused thousands of residents to flee to higher ground in at least two pacific islands. the warnings came just after a week of massive tsunami damage that hit another region killing almost 200 people. a sharp cable guy saw something in a home he didn't
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like. he calls police, police arrest a man in essex on child abuse charges. now it's up to you to take good lard look at what has been happening in your neighborhood. abc2 news sherrie johnson with the information you need to keep your family safe. >> reporter: william davis is behind bars accused of child sex abuse, now baltimore county police want to know if there are more victims out there. davis was arrested on tuesday after a tv repairman found child pornography on his laptop computer. davis is charged with sexually abusing a child and possession of child pornography. he told police he molested a little girl for several years. he knew no her from rosedale evangelical community church. >> we found out mr. davis served different functions in this church, sunday school teacher, youth minister and several other things. >> i mean, he was a nice guy. would have never known he was that type of person. >> police are asking people to come forward and call
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410-853-3650, the crimes against children unit. live in the studio, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. a 5:33. governor martin o'malley will likely go down as the governor that brought slots to maryland the slots commission voted to approve an extra 1,000 slots in a site in cecil county. pennsylvania-based penn national gaming submitted an extra $6 million in licenses fees halftime week so it could -- last week so it could boost the number of the machines at the perryville site. the final vote to approve the license should take place in two weeks. just last month the commission granted the first license to ocean downs horse racing, a track near ocean city. and governor o'malley's re-election campaign has a heavy hitter. in its corner. former president bill clinton. he appeared at an o'malley fundraiser last night. the governor's campaign manager says that it was held at a home in new york city. clinton also backed o'malley in
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his first bid for governor. here's a look at what is happening today on this october 8th -- baltimore city council president stephanie rawlings-blake along with hyatt regency baltimore staff will read for the record. when they hand-deliver books to donate to the city's federal hill prep school. the wind is in your sails. the 40th annual sailboat show kicks off today in beautiful annapolis. 5:35. he's the father of former vice presidential candidate sarah palin. grandson. now he's going to take his clothes off for "playgirl" magazine. 19-year-old levi johnston signed a formal agreement with the on-line magazine and johnston is the father of bristol palin's son and reportedly has been working out six nights a week with the body builder to get in shape. the pictures are expected to be out by the end of the year. there have been no comments about the pictorial from the palins. >> gross. no -- i'll comment.
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they call him the ultimate fitness king, not levi johnston but this guy. >> he's decided to spend his 95th birthday one particular way. we'll explain it, coming up. plus, he's a dog but he's a big enough to ride like a horse. the record this canine may be able to break. first the forecast with justin. >> 5:36. good morning to everybody we saw yesterday in harford county. pay attention here. the longest name you will find in elementary school. the george d.lisby hillsdale elementary school in aberdeen. needless to say we're looking at improved conditions. compete forecast coming up. right now mark jones has the commute. >> the commute start is good now if your ride is on the marc train. no delays or problems on the camden, penn, or brunswick lines. over on light rail though you will find a delay running about 15 to 20 minutes late in the northbound direction. the number 15 bus diverted at
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saratoga and greene. look for a heavy volume of passengers on the 13, 7 and 22 buses. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. w
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once again i want to take you to the george d.lisby elementary school in hillsdale. themplets temperature there near 50 degrees. sunshine, breezy. say good morning to the principal patty. teacher mrs. crowe of the fourth grade. and a shoutout to the lunch ladies, nachos grande. >> ooh. >> that's what i thought. want to go back? >> muy bueno. >> it's 48 degrees now in baltimore. 54 easton. we have a little bit of a breeze expected and skies will go from sunny to partly cloudy this afternoon. with our two-degree guarantee back up to 71. we'll have warmer temperatures tomorrow but it will come with the threat of rain. we'll talk about what kind of rain we expect in a bit. 5:40. here's kim brown with a look at traffic. >> thank you. as we look at the top side of the beltway at harford road traffic is moving nicely, no problems to let you know about on either loop of 695 so far this morning. both the baltimore harbor nnand fort mchenry tunnel
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are checking in incident-free. southbound 95 approaching whitemarsh boulevard the left lane continues to be taken away because of an overturned vehicle. i'm getting word that may actually block the left two lanes so use caution and stay to the right there. we still have wind warnings posted at the bay bridge and key bridge. so if you're driving high-sided vehicles definitely use caution. word of a car versus a deer crash that is westbound route 32 at broken land parkway in columbia. jfx checking in with no problems at north avenue. back to you. this is where i have to raise my eyebrow. ready? >> go ahead. >> some call his writings dark and mysterious. >> some of edgar allan poe's may look and act like the poet himself. the fans that gathered overnight to remember baltimore's writer.
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olay professional pro-x. this is a guarantee you're guaranteed to love. 5:44. when it comes to running for office you want to grab peoples' attention. >> this campaign for student government certainly did but some are wondering if it was done in bad taste. abc2 news linda so is live at johns hopkins to explain. >> when you're running for class president it's all about getting your name out there but the way one hopkins student tried to do that is stirring up
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controversy on campus. he made posters referencing the incident last month where a hopkins student killed an intruder using a samurai sword. the poster says "nine out of 10 hopkins samurai are voting wyatt larkin for president." larkin is a freshman here. he won the election by just 15 votes this past weekend. he says he focused on meeting as many of his fellow students as possible and not on the poster and that's what helped him clinch the victory but he's offering an apology this morning. >> you don't think about that, you think of the message you want to send. i think you shouldn't be joking around about stuff like that if you want to be class president. >> a spokesman for the university declined to comment but the sga president president said he didn't think it was appropriate but larkin had the right to display it. linda so, abc2 news. several counties including
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baltimore county will now soon start up the h1n1 clinics but if you're not in the high-risk category you're going to have to wait. health officials say it's not as simple as first come/first serve. >> it's simply a process of rollout for the h1n1, the initial start is going to be a little bumpy, we're getting small amount of h1n1 mist right now. there will be a small amount of h1n1 shots after that, and then in the following weeks that's going to continue to roll out and the triple is going to roll out to be a larger stream. indeed the folks that will be at the front of the line are the ones at highest risk of hospitalization. >> we're on line 24/7 to find out if there are any h1n1 clinics coming to your neighborhood. you can go to our web site now at don't forget, send us an e-mail with your questions or concerns because we have invited an h1n1 expert to join us in the studio tonight to answer those questions live on the air. whatever your question is about the swine flu just send an
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e-mail to news -- sorry, we'll get the questions answered tonight at 11:00. we want to remind you, abc's robin roberts and dr. richard besser are going to be in the cdc on "good morning america." in the meantime we invite you to stay with us on the air and on-line on with the latest on the h1n1 vaccine. ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, your friend and personal physical instructor jack lalanne. remember, anything in life is possible if you make it happen. >> there he is. the ultimate fitness king. jack lalanne -- take a guess how old he is. take a guess. 95 can you believe that? the exercise giewr rue celebrated by doing 95 jumping jacks. he says it was a fitting way for him to celebrate his 9 1/2
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decades on the face of the earth. way to go, jack. >> if you're looking for entertainment information we'll tell but the baltimore county baby boomer senior expo. the theme of this year's event is get the red carpet treatment so you can learn more about volunteer opportunities and job placement. plus the expo also features great live entertainment. the expo continues today from 9:00 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon. the historic home of maryland's first african-american congressman didn't sell at a recent auction. the late perrin mitchell bought the house in west baltimore in the late 1980s, lived there for more than 20 years. he died in 2007. so bidding started at $150,000 for the six-bedroom, 19-century home. the seller rejected the final bid. >> let me have your attention back. i have a bid of $295,000. that is extremely cheap for this property. and it is not a price that is
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acceptable to the seller. that is not - >> the auctioneer says there were four interested parties and that he hopes for a negotiated sale of the property in the next several weeks. we'll let you know what happens. a proper farewell to one of baltimore's most mysterious sons. 160 years later. edgar allan poe died 1849, only seven people showed up to his funeral back then but fans lined up all day yesterday and well after midnight to give him a more fitting farewell. abc2 news photo journalist pete "on the street" o'neal has more. >> i think it's especially poe stories but also poems. touched this special side of literature, something people think is the dark side but actually i think it's very important side where fantasy
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takes its true deep meaning. >> my mother started my fascination with poe. she gave me poe when i was about 6, she gave me my first complete tales. we started reading it. then, as i got into college i knew that i wanted to start teaching and i wanted to focus on something so i could become an expert and i picked poe because he's always been in my life and i just love him. >> i've been reading poe since i was about 13, my stepfather first read the raven to me when i was about 13. ever since then i've been intrigued. >> respite, respite and repent from my memories of lenore. forget the lost lenore. both the raven, nevermore.
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i'll try to recover after that. 5:50 this morning. 48 degrees in baltimore. we've got clear skies, we've got relatively light winds compared to yesterday but still a little breezy and we're going to have the fast transition here. clouds already encroaching across ohio and west virginia, and at the mid and upper levels those move quickly so they can get here by the afternoon. in fact this system already throwing rain across the midwest states, will be throwing an increase in wind for us as well from the southwest of that, a wind direction that will pump up our direction. as we check the forecast model, for megan, the adonis model on the screen now, watch the increasing clouds this afternoon, tonight and tomorrow morning. could get some rain. when we plan this out, morning showers will actually lift to our north. then we'll expect a partly cloudy to stly sky but shift
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in the wind could give us a chance are a shower or thunderstorm friday evening. then showers saturday morning, should get out in a hurry. we're going back to aberdeen. should reach 72. skies turn from mostly sunny to partly cloudy but then as we head in through tonight we'll stay mostly cloudy with temperatures about 55, could be rain towards daybreak. the morning showers, a break midday and then afternoon thunderstorm possible, 79 degrees. then temperature actually drop to 70, morning showers, clearing out saturday. more showers, 60s on sunday. we have a little bit of moderate volume on the outer loop on the top side, it's going to be on the east side of 695 at harford road as you make your way around towards providence road. traffic moving at a pretty good pace. good news if you're traveling southbound 95 at whitemarsh boulevard, that earlier overturned vehicle has been cleared out of the left lane and traffic moving about pretty freely. still wind warnings though posted at the key and bay bridges. if you drive high-sided vehicles definitely use caution there. a crash on the scene in
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columbia, westbound 32 at broken land parkway. word of another crash at westminster pike at glen falls road, that has traffic slowed quite a bit at the baltimore and carroll county line. jfx at northern parkway, traffic looks fine. back to you. the edgar allan poe story, -- is that a pony or a dog? a family trying to get this into the record books. and new at 6:00 -- maybe, just maybe robert de niro's character in "meet the parents" inspired one family to get their cat to be just like mr. jinx. that is disturbing. we'll be right back. ( sighs ) ( music throughout ) hey bets, can i borrow a quarter? sure, still not dry? i'm trying to shrink them. i lost weight and now some clothes are too big. how did you do it? simple stuff. eating right and i switched to whole grain.
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let's say your kids are probably family with the cartoon "clifford the big red dog." he ain't got nothing on boomer. >> the family in north dakota hopes they can get a measure on him big enough to get him into the guinness book of world records. boomer stands three feet tall at the shoulder and then measures seven feet long from the -- like his nose to his tail. his owner, karen webber says it
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will take at least a month before she hears back from the guinness book for the results. >> way to go. >> that isa big dog. we're going to have a little look at the weather and then start the 6:00. >> sounds good to me. justin? >> 5:56. we are looking at temperatures that are going to be going up for the next couple of days and then sliding down over the weekend. 71 today, we start with sun, going partly cloudy in the afternoon. it could be showers by tomorro morning. and then a break midday, 79. to a thunderstorm tomorrow evening. then showers could linger saturday morning but the afternoon should be clearing. 70. back to 65 with more rain rolling in on sunday. stick around if you're just rolling out of bed because we'll be right back with the second hour of "good morning maryland." i thought it was crazy feeding in the fall.
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you are asked to think back and remember and ask your kids if anything happened recently, because we have a child sex abuse case th


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