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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 10, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. on this thursday, december 10th, breaking news. the president accepts the nobel peace prize. addressing his troop increase in afghanistan. and what about the surprise of the world when the nobel went to a president so new? homegrown terrorism. five americans arrested in pakistan, suspected of traveling there to join the jihad. arctic blast. bitter cold, snow blanketing america. one town, entirely submerged. so, what do you do? a 3,000-person snowball fight. and as this chapter of "good morning america" comes to a close, robin, chris, sam and i take you around the globe and
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some of our favorite adventures. and good morning, again, to all of you, on this thursday. i'm diane sawyer, with robin roberts. >> just one more alarm clock in the sawyer era here at "good morning america." we'll talk about that throughout the morning. we have breaking news we want to tell you about. the winter storm that's pounding the country, bone-chilling temperatures. and overseas, in oslo this morning, the president, accepting the nobel peace prize, as a wartime leader. that's where we begin this morning with senior washington correspondent, jake tapper, also in oslo. jake? >> reporter: good morning, diane. only a quarter of the american people think that president obama deserves the peace prize he's about to accept, according to polls. the president will acknowledge that skepticism, as he accepts this prize. as well as the apparent
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disconnect and the fact he just escalated the war in afghanistan. and yet, is about to accept a prize for peace. in oslo, norway, in a joint appearance with prime minister stoltenberg, president obama was asked about the prize being mature. >> receiving news of the prize was great surprise to me. i have no doubt that there are others who may be more deserving. >> reporter: the president said he is pursuing policy goals, regardless of whether or not they will garner him an award. nuclear nonproliferation, climate change, stabilizing afghanistan and mobilizing on effort to combat terrorism, consistent with our values and ideals. >> if i'm successful in those tasks, then hopefully some of the criticism will subside. but that's not really my concern. and if i'm not successful, then all the praise and the awards in
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the world won't disguise that fact. >> reporter: how much the president deserves this award is an open question, according to u.s. polls and the norwegians we spoke to. >> i think he will deserve it. but not at the present. he hasn't shown enough to deserve it. >> reporter: one reason for some doubt here in europe, the 30,000 new u.s. troops the president just ordered be deployed to afghanistan. as the cover oaf this norwegian tabloid asks, war or peace president? >> sending new troops to afghanistan, i think it's not -- i don't think he deserves it yet. >> reporter: the white house says the president will address this issue in his speech, that necessary wars, such as that in afghanistan, make it all the more necessary to embrace opportunities for peace. earlier, at the nobel institute, the president signed a book that has the signatures of previous peace prize winners. names like mandela, mother
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teresa, martin luther king and desmond tutu. and president obama in accepting the award, will talk about the wars that the u.s. is facing. saying that the nonviolence preached by men like king and gandhi, cannot always be possible. but it must be the north star that guides us. diane? >> jake, one quick question. there's also a monetary prize that goes along with the medal itself. about $1.5 million. do we know where it will be donated? >> reporter: president obama says he will give the money to charity. but so far, no word yet on what lucky charity that will be. there was some talk maybe of something going to microfinancing, which was an issue that his mother worked on, helping individuals at the grassroots level in countries that are suffering and developing. >> she wrote a number of papers on that when she was getting her ph.d. thank you, jake. okay. millions waking up to frigid temperatures, and pifls snow
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this morning. winter is technically 11 days away. sam champion has been following the massive storm that has pummeled much of the country. he's back outside with the latest. >> it took five days for this storm to move through almost every state in the nation. some will call this their worst storm in 15 years. there are 14 states this morning with temperatures below zero. let's just show you chicago right now, which is barely above it at about 2 degrees this morning. that's just a sign of the cold air to come. there is much more with this storm in the form of cold air. some will say, this is just as bad as the snow itself. blinding snow. howling wind. freezing temperatures. this gigantic storm stretched across 46 of our 50 states, dumping more than a foot of snow in 12 states. a four-day race across the country. leaving blizzard conditions, snowdrifts, and freezing cold temperatures all in its wake. >> this storm certainly brought winter to a good part of the northern and western portions of
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the united states. >> reporter: almost 20 inches fell in wisconsin. 16 in iowa. 10 1/2 in nebraska. the most december snow in that state in 50 years. this morning, residents digging out there are faced with 60-mile-per-hour winds and sub zero windchills, even behind the storm. at least 16 deaths are blamed on this storm. most coming from traffic accidents. in kansas, visibility was down to 50 yards. in iowa, interstate 80, shut down. truckers stranded. >> well, we don't want to pay for a tow truck because they're real expensive. but we might have to. >> reporter: from coast to coast, hundreds of thousands of homes lost power. in the south, rain, wind, even a possible tornado in south carolina. >> before we can get in, it was flipping over. >> reporter: and in the northeast, snow turned to rain, resulting in flooding in some areas. but some made the best of it. at the university of wisconsin at madison, classes were canceled for the first time in 50 years. so, 3,000 students took part in
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a giant snowball fight. and there are some areas that are still getting snow this morning. we'll show you a band of lake-effect snow on the "gma" storm site radar, that's drifted just a bit south of buffalo, where our david kerley is. david, you have 40-mile-per-hour winds. and likely, you'll get more snow today. >> reporter: absolutely, sam. about an hour ago, i don't know if you would have been able to see me. the winds blew all night here. 50-mile-per-hour to 60-mile-per-hour winds. they got about three inches of snow. and those winds will continue throughout the day. it will be a miserable day in buffalo. and to the south of us, the heavy snow starts in a couple of hours. they may get a foot of snow. the wallop of the storm coming across the country, finally hitting here in western new york state. sam? >> and, david, some states picked up 20 inches of real snow, not lake-effect snow. barbara pinto is in a state that did. good morning, barbara.
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how are folks bearing that kind of snow? >> reporter: the misery is far from over. now, we're plunged into dangerous, bitter cold. how cold you ask? this is a cup of water. vaporized in a matter of seconds. it's minus 16 with the windchill. and the problem is, all of the snow that's fallen has blown and drifted into the streets, frozen into glare ice this morning. it's a skating rink here. in this type of cold, all that road salt does nothing. sam? >> that real cold air will be a problem. thank you, barbara. thank you, david. and, robin, there's one place in the country that's warm. miami has a record-high temperature today. we'll talk about that. >> good for them. thanks, sam. aren't they special. chris cuomo has the rest of the morning news, including new concerns about homegrown frichl. >> good morning, everyone. five americans have been detained in pakistan this morning. they're being questioned about alleged ties to a terrorist group.
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the young muslim men live in washington, d.c. but they disappeared last month. the question is, what have they been doing since then? senior foreign correspondent, jim sciutto is on top of the story. >> reporter: the five americans were arrested by pakistani police, in a remote town near the pakistani/indian boarder. >> they have u.s. passports. two of them were pakistani or americans. and they were here for jihad. >> reporter: among them, ramy zamzam, a student at howard university. and his friend, lahar khan. >> i think he had a 4.0 gpa. >> reporter: u.s. officials notified pakistan, concerned the men had been radicalized. at least one left behind a farewell video, suggesting jihad. and including images of american casual phipps u.s. intelligence officials are increasingly concerned about homegrown teorists. americans recruited by radical groups at home or abroad. in oslo, today, to pick up his nobel peace prize, president obama commented on the arrests. >> some of the twisted ideologies are available over the internet.
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and can affect our young people. >> reporter: pakistani police say the men were arrested during the raid of a house of a local leader of a banned pakistani militant group. that group has carried out terror attacks in the past, including hijackings. and has suspected ties to al qaeda. but, chris, it's not known so far for carrying out attacks overseas. >> good to know. jim, thanks for reporting on this. appreciate it. despite plans to begin withdrawing in the summer of 2011, defense secretary robert gates assured afghan soldiers in kabul this morning, that a large number of u.s. forces will stay behind for some period beyond that date. afghan officials said they were relieved to hear that. the foreclosure crisis appears to be easing, at least for now. foreclosure filings were down 8% last month. that's the fourth-straight monthly decline. but 1 in every 417 homes still receive some type of warning. and experts predict high unemployment will lead to another wave of foreclosures. and now, final, small note.
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i am leaving my position as news anchor tomorrow. i have been blessed to be at "gma." i thank all of you. now, i have been asked to anchor "20/20," with my friend, the great elizabeth vargas. and also, to cover breaking news and get answers for all the shows on the network. i mean, it is a dream job for a journalist like me. but it was a very difficult decision because i'm leaving a special place and crew and all of you. [ applause ] you are part of my family. the good news is, i like to give you the good news, you never really leave family. you're not going to see this mug every day. but you'll see it often, especially when it matters. thank you to all of you out there. appreciate it. and coming up this morning, we have a little something for you. >> we do. >> a little look at the cuomo highs. and we mean highs. >> oh, no. >> yeah. but stay with us this morning because there's a lot to look back at chris and celebrate. and sam has the weather.
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>> dear diary, now, i have to stay up late. i have to stay up and watch the nighttime shows that everybody's going to do. great. >> exactly. >> you two don't need alarm clocks. give me yours. let's get to the boards. one or two things you need to know about. quickly, we'll look at the cold air. i want to talk about the arctic blast. these numbers are well below where they should be this time of year. there's going to be a real issue with some of the temperatures and the way you're going to deal with them. fargo at 8 below. sioux falls at 6 below. chicago, barely at 2 degrees this morning. this cold air stays in place, probably into next week. if you're looking for the warm spot, it's going to be tough for all of us to squeeze into the tip of south florida. key west at 84.
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more weather, of course, in the next half hour. diane and chris, don't be disturbed. that big, orange, bright ball in the morning when you wake up now, is the sunshine.
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it will be there for you now when you awaken. >> you mean, it comes up in the morning? >> yes. it's actually up now. >> i thought it was the studio lights. the anniversary, today, of the day that rocked the financial world. wrecked thousands of lives. a year ago today, bernard madoff confessed to the biggest fraud in american history. now, there are calls in congress to give help to madoff's victims. and abc's chief investigative correspondent, brian ross, who has spent one year with one great book on the subject is here. brian? >> reporter: good morning, diane. the only people behind bars one year later are bernie madoff and his right-hand man, frank dipascali. for his thousands of victims, it's been a year in which few have received any money back. and none has received what could be called justice. and the anger comes out in many different ways. ♪ i could have told you he'd hurt you ♪
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>> reporter: singer cynthia crane lost her life savings to the scram. and now, madoff is part of her act. >> is there anyone out there who doesn't know who bernie madoff is? the guy who put the "p," in ponzi. the "b," in bull market. and the scum in scumdoug millionaire. >> reporter: others on capitol hill, demanded better treatment from the government. >> this year has been a nightmare. >> reporter: more than half of the investors have had their claims for losses denied because they took out more money than they put in over the years. >> this is blood money. these people are entitled to keep what they took out. >> reporter: and many others are waiting for payment from the agency that insures the accounts. its president said, a longer wait is in store. >> a reasonable time frame would be, in light of all the hardships would be? >> a year. >> they don't have this time. for them, this is their only
7:16 am
resources. people are in nursing homes. >> reporter: it was one year ago today, in this new york office building, that madoff brought his sons into his office and confessed that he was a crook. >> that was the last time i saw them. >> reporter: madoff's secretary, elny squillari, was there that day. she is upset that one year later, prosecutors have yet to move against others she believes were involved in the scam. >> i'm very angry. i'm not a thortauthority on wha fbi should be doing. but i'm baffled there haven't been more arrests. >> reporter: madoff's son, mark, seen in a commercial for his fishing rod business, and andy, have denied knowledge of their father's crimes. and have not spoken one word since that day to their father or their mother, ruth. >> ruth enabled bernie to be the way he was. they were that close. it was them first. and then, the boys. when bernie got arrested, ruth didn't go to her sons. ruth decided to stay with
7:17 am
bernie. for me, that's like a double-whammy. they lost both parents. >> reporter: there may be good news this morning for the victims of the madoff scam. total losses of money actually put in is estimated around $20 billion. and so far, the government has recovered only $1.4 billion, along with the bankruptcy trustee. but lawyers familiar with a number of lawsuits pend big the bankruptcy trustee, say that within a year, that figure could jump to almost $10 billion recovered. meaning, pardon me, that madoff's investors may get back half of what they put in. a significant jump. and some good news for those investors. >> that's right. finally, after this long, hard year. thank you, brian. if you want to read an excerpt, from brian's book, "the madoff chronicles," go to robin? >> okay, diane. now, we talk about the changes coming to your children's breakfast cereals. general mills has announced it will reduce the sugar in some
7:18 am
cereals that now have 10 and 11 grams of sugar per serving. kellogg's and post cereal have taken similar steps recently. but is it enough to help the one-third of children who are overweight? joining us now, dr. richard besser, or senior health and medical editor. >> i want to applaud it. it is a step in the right direction. i wouldn't overstate it. the reason they're doing it is that parents have been demanding it. they want healthier choices for their children. and reducing the amount of sugar in the cereal is a step in the right direction. it's not all parents should look for in cereal. whole grains. when you're looking at a box of cereal, look for whole grains. look for fiber, in addition to looking at how much sugar is in there. >> you say it's a step in the right direction. what more can cerealmakers do? >> there's a lot they can do. there's a recent study from yale that say preschoolchildren, in a given year, will watch more than 600 cereal ads. if you look for the ads they're watching, they're for the sweetened cereals.
7:19 am
the least healthy of the cereals. it's unbelievable. these manufacturers also make cereals that are quite healthy, that have whole grains. that have fiber. that have vitamin-fortified. if they put the same marketing effort into those, they would increase demand. and the children would want those in the shopping cart with their parents in the store. >> what are the healthy options you're talking about? >> the big ones -- "consumer reports" did a study. cheerios. kix. life. honey nut cheerios. when you think of cereal as a parent. i think of it as a vehicle to give low-fat milk, which gives the vitamin d and calcium, and fruit. it's a great way to offer fruit to your children in the morning. it's not just about the cereal. >> and you were talking with diane about vitamins. it's all well-balanced. what you do. >> that's right. and the other thing is, when you're talking about obesity, it's not just sugar. it's calories.
7:20 am
as you're looking at the changes in the amount of sugar, you're probably not going to see a change in calories. but seeing a switch from free sugars that give you the quick rush and then a drop, to whole grains, which will give you a better balance through the morning. children who have breakfast do better in school in the morning. they perform better on tests. so, getting children to eat a cereal they like will be very important. >> rich, thanks so much. we'll be back later to talk vitamins with us. >> that's right. >> appreciate that. and coming up in the next half hour. now, tiger's text messages have resurfaced. we'll look at that. and we'll look back at our great adventures. >> we'll look back ap and the new adventures we'll be going to. what is this?
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on all your christmas gifts at jcpenney. get $10 off instantly when you spend $50. save more with doorbusters, starting early at 6am saturday. like men's and women's coats for just $49.99. go to to see gifts for everyone on your list. jcpenney good morning. 7:24. we attracted flurries earlyier this morning. mostly cloudy to occasionally partly sunny sky we should expect to continue throughout the day. the cold air beginning to ooze
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in. it gets locked up in the mountains, much like the snow. cold air begins to ooze in. occasional flurry could fly on the north side. garrett county is opening up ski wisps out there. we may have trouble getting back there. 38 uh, really uh, matched by the 20s back to the west. check out the wind chills here. feels like 30 downtown and 13 in allatoona and pittsburgh. cold air will rush in here. we'll call it a windy day. back to 41 downtown. we may not. strong winds may hold our temperatures steady and fall this afternoon and occasional flurry on the north side. winds gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour. 24 the thermometer reading overnight. we expect to have a more sunny day tomorrow. temperature will be stuck into the mid-30s. for a check of the roads, here's kim. >> it's windy out there this morning. we have wind warnings in effect at the key bridge. at the beltway, traffic is slow
7:26 am
on the outer loop on the west side at liberty road. baltimore national pike, a pair of crashes in baltimore, southbound lanes of 95. southbound 95 at katon avenue that blocks the left lane at this time. eastern avenue, still on the scene, but off to the shoulder, not impacting you too much this morning. good news in middle river, earls road has been closed. eastbound lanes are reopened due to flooding and high water in that area. no problems on the jfx across the 31st street bridge. z? ♪ ♪
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(announcer) pillsbury bakes up bigger than the leading store brand. by any measure, you'll love them. look for bigger biscuits, cinnamon rolls and crescents from pillsbury. it is now 7:27. a spokesmen for the baltimore city fire department says the closure of a fire station near the scene of a deadly fire in west baltimore didn't contribute to a delay of the response to that fire. an elderly man died in a fire on presstman street. his daughter was severely injured. truck 18 which operates out of
7:28 am
the station in north avenue was one of the stations closed yesterday because of the department's rotating closure policy. which it's using now to try to save money. instead of going to the 3100 block of presstman street where it was, they were sent to 2100 block of presbury street more than ten blocks away. >> the address wasn't discernable by the dispatcher. the call was dispatched to a nearby uh, location. >> now the head of the city's firefighters union disagrees telling abc2 it didn't have an impact but it did. a man charged with attacking a mother and daughter could now be charged with two murders. the mother was critically injured in the beating last week. yesterday she died. the daughter died last week. police say william jones attacked them after an argument with his girlfriend who lived in
7:29 am
an upstairs apartment. investigators say jones began drinking heavily after the argument and argued with the daughter and beat her with a hammer. he turned on the mother when she screamed at him to stop. a baltimore city police officer is recovering after his cruiser crashed into another car around 1:30 this morning. it happened at east patapsco and fair haven in south baltimore. the officer and two other people were taken to harbor hospital with minor injuries. we'll have another update in about 30 minutes. keep watching good morning america at 7:30 in new york.
7:30 am
the scene across much of this country this morning. deadly winter storm dumps more than a foot of snow for the midwest to new england. and it's not over yet. sam will have an update for us in just a moment. just keeps coming and coming and coming. >> it sure does. shivering around the country. good morning, america, once again. diane sawyer and robin roberts. and our other top story, president obama in oslo, accepting the nobel peace prize this morning. only the third sitting president to receive the prestigious award. the first sitting president to go there to pick it up. we'll have more ahead. and also this morning, is it okay to play some of our home movies for you?
7:31 am
we'll take you to some of the places you've been. some of the adventures we've shared. the great grape contest. one of our shining moments. anyway, stay with us. we can't wait to look back. >> we are looking forward to that. hopefully, you're looking forward so it, as well. >> we're going to do it anyway. >> really. and later, michelle obama talks one-on-one with barbara walters. an interview you have not heard, with barbara's most fascinating person of 2009. first, we did say there is more trouble for the golf great this morning, tiger woods. deeply personal text messages have surfaced. and andrea canning is here. >> reporter: good morning, diane. more and more people are catching their partners in the act through text messages and e-mails. but it's not just cheating. technology designed to help people communicate in new ways, is also getting people fired and ruining their reputations. they're the private text messages being ready millions. >> "extra" exclusive. the woman whose naughty
7:32 am
voicemails brought down tiger. >> reporter: tiger woods allegedly sent hundreds of racy texts to his reported mistresses. saying things like, send me something very naughty. and it guts me to think i've fallen for the wrong one. but tyinger is not the first to have his reputation tainted over texts. mayor kwaulmy kirkpatrick, with three children, led to an obstruction of justice investigation and a public apology to his wife. even cell phone companies city-wide is vash heating husband is caught cheatin' on his mistress. >> who the hell is gloria? >> i have no idea. >> this was your plan? i do your dirty work so you could run off with some other woman. there's no other woman. >> texting is the lipstick on the collar. they don't think they're leaving
7:33 am
a trail of cyber bread crumbs behind them, that the spouse might see. they'll logon. they'll take pictures. they'll text. thinking that somehow because it's on the cell phone that nobody will see it. >> reporter: it's that thinking that get people in trouble. on everything from facebook, to twitter to e-mail. in 2005, heather armstrong posted a blog about her former software company. and though her bosses were never named, after they read her unflattering descriptions, she was fired. >> what i was doing was benign. i never mentioned trade secrets. i never went to my company. i was shocked when this happened because i couldn't think this could be a reason. >> reporter: a delta flight attendant posted these pictures on her flag. she, too, was let go for an internet posting her employer didn't like. and this woman on sick leave is fighting to have her benefits reinstated, after her employers' insurance company cut them off. she claims it's over her having fun on facebook. it's technology that come back
7:34 am
to haunt anyone anytime. >> you do it when you're bored. you do it when you have nothing else to do. you do it because you thought about something. there's nothing between the, gee, should i? and doing it, other than the click of a key. we need to recognize that if you're doing it in the digital world, there's a digital footprint. >> reporter: text messages are being used as ammunition in divorce cases, landing in courtrooms around the country. >> text messages can make or break a divorce case. it's there in black and white, what has transpired. and there's no going back from that. >> reporter: ways to know something may be up with your partner, they won't let you look at their phone. they're possessive of it. even maybe sleeping with it. if you don't want someone to read your texts, set a pass word. but the best advice, don't write or post anything you might regret later. >> as much as you say it, people can't believe it. >> reporter: easier said than
7:35 am
done. >> if you want to learn more about privacy, think more about it in the digital age, go to submit questions to expert perry aftab. you saw her in the piece there. we're going to start with lake-effect snow. today, buffalo picked up a band of lake-effect snow. dropped about two or three inches of snow. it moved to the south. but it could ride back up to the north. and the winds will be strong enough to blow all of that snow around. here's what's left of the storm, the big storm, that took about five days to sweep across the country. this thing still has some snow with it. it's mostly around the great lakes. and basically, if you look up toward the upper peninsula of michigan, the u.p. of michigan, swing down around all of the states that are near the great lakes. and go out northern new york state. you'll get light snow in those areas. and where the snow band stays,
7:36 am
it may be more than a light snow. it could stay there all day in one band. here's the cold air that diane was talking about. denver at 3 degrees. garden city, at minus 4. and this cold air, kind of settles in. and lasts well into next week. places like buffalo will b and all that weather was brought to you by kurig. diane and robin? we're going to look at oslo. about 100 people in the audience. president obama is walking up. it's the point he will get his nobel peace prize. he's being introduced. and he's heading to the podium,
7:37 am
to give his speech accepting the award. we'll give you a full report, coming up. >> much more on that.
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shipping! (announcer) store to home. there's more ways to shop your way at sears. life. well spent. so, what's new? you know, life is filled with twists and turns. new chapters come for everyone. and this morning, a dear member of our family is going to embark on a brand-new, exciting chapter. and can't let you do it before we look back at your journey here at "gma." i got to tell you. chris cuomo's passion for covering the news is unparalleled. >> good morning, everyone. a lot of banks are still on shaky ground. breaking news about the wildfire raging out of control. you can see these flames. they're up to 1,000 degrees coming at us now. >> our chris cuomo is live on the scene. >> no matter how often we hear about these shootings,
7:41 am
everything changes when it hits home. word just came down from the chinese government that the death toll has gone to nearly 20,000. this is the vehicle that was directly in front of us. as you can see, the ied blew right through the soft skin. if iran were to strike israel, there would be massive retaliation. >> we would be able to totally obliterate them. >> you keep saying, this is the president's problem. this is the republicans' problem. why don't the democrats share any responsibility? >> we simply don't. >> each one of those bags weighs between 3,000 and 5,000 pounds. >> the big question here is why? this is not what a structure is supposed to look like. we see the new ads come out. with the cane and older man. >> what i said was john mccain was out of touch. >> virginia tech, the worst shooting rampage in u.s. history. >> people want information. but more than that, diane, they want understanding. these are the mountains that divide afghanistan and pakistan. this is where osama bin laden is rumored to be hiding out.
7:42 am
if you knew where osama bin laden was, would you go in and get him and turn him over to the united states? >> let's not talk about -- >> it's a big question. good morning, america. welcome to the burj dubai. it really feels like the air is rare here. this is the largest protected marine area in the world. it's cold. i am here at the one and only. the grand canyon. >> next, "gma" gets answers. >> when you're dealing with the vulnerable and tax dollars, should you have companies with money for corporate jets and a name on a giant baseball stadium? what do you say to the insurance company? >> how dare you do this to me? >> new policy holders will get a power chair if they need it. >> thank you for helping all the kids that have -- >> thank you, chris. >> thank you. >> no. >> do you ever think, why me? why did this happen to me?
7:43 am
>> yes. sometimes i think why me? but then again, i think why not me? >> matty lost his fight at the age of 13. >> they said he was feeling love. they said he was peaceful. and for those of you who didn't know this special, little boy, that is a perfect way to describe him. >> can he catch? >> i've been waiting my whole life for this. >> i see chris at the gym. he is the real deal. he is built. >> why? that was from one of my own. how does it work on a news man? yes or no? >> i don't know. would you like to try it? oh, gosh. >> who looks cooler than i do right now? nobody. i'm exactly the size of this room. i don't like the bungee jumping. >> yeah. >> it's like 167,000 degrees. you are the best. >> thank you.
7:44 am
>> happy you're here. what's stronger? love or hate? >> love. >> love. >> what did you think when you first met chris cuomo? >> he looks very handsome. >> he said, i tried to do the muscle, too? >> which way are we going? is it that way? or is it that way? is this for me? can i eat it? >> no. >> want to go to the park? which way to the park? let's go. you love them so much. so, you protect them. if you're as big a fan of brad fit, as i am. brad fit. who is that? >> he's a big fan of chris cuomo. >> the wedding is off for now. the scariest part for me, one year older than my daughter. you see? you see what i'm saying? it's -- it comes and it goes. but you don't know when. i'm an emmy award winning journalist, by the way. i'm the resident food expert. i put a lot of thought into this
7:45 am
recipe. >> this crisp of apple and raspberry. i really like that combination. >> no way. >> that's yours, cuomo? >> that's my man, sam champion. >> go! chris cuomo has taken the tractor race. ♪ ride into the danger zone ♪ >> i've never felt closer to you. >> you like my car? my shiny, red car? >> no gravity. >> space travel isn't just for astronauts anymore. >> oh, am i tired. >> you travel -- how many times did you circle the globe for this broadcast? untold.
7:46 am
>> as many as you can count. there's no opportunity like being on this show. it is great. and i'm very happy that i'm still going to be able to be a part of it. >> tell them what you're going to be doing. >> it's a dream job. i'm going to be the anchor of "20/20," with the one and only elizabeth vargas. and i'm going to be the chief legal reporter for the entire network. all the stuff i love to do for you, i'm going to still do it. and i'm going to do it for all the other shows, too. i'm really a lucky guy. but missing this, there's no substitute. there really isn't. even for you, sam. >> you don't think you're going to get away from us, do you? >> you know what? that's what i love about it. so much of this job winds up being like family. and i couldn't do it without you guys. you know? and the idea of not having you in my life was unacceptable. so, to get something like this, this is just the best. and when i say us, i mean this. but everybody you don't get to see. they are the best people i've
7:47 am
ever worked with here. even eddie. >> great love. >> i love you all very much. i'm still here. i know you care. i care, too. and this is great. >> we'll take more looks back at some of our traveling adventures. all together.
7:48 am
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7:51 am
as we said earlier, the president of the united states, barack obama, is in oslo, norway, this morning to receive the nobel peace prize. he has just delivered his acceptance speech. and here's a bit of what the president had to say. >> we don't have it yet. >> we're waiting for the speech here. >> i am the commander in chief of the military. of the nation in the midst of two wars. one of these wars is winding down. the other is a conflict that america did not seek. one in which we are joined by 42 other countries, including norway. in an effort to defend ourselves
7:52 am
and all nations from further attacks. still, we are at war. i'm responsible for the deployment of thousands of young americans to bat until a distant land. and some will kill. and some will be killed. and some will kill. and some will be killed. >> we'll be right back. about freshening the a and thent now febreze is changing how you think about scent and light with the new flameless luminary. with scented shades you can change, it's even more beautiful than a candle... fills the room with scent ! more quickly than a candle... and lasts for more than a hundred hours. looks like the candle ! just met its match. the new febreze .flameless luminary. now available with new limited edition holiday shades. ♪ [ female announcer ] arthritis targets your body where it's weak. where it's vulnerable. ♪ tylenol arthritis works with your body
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7:56 am
cold air trying to blow through. clouds as well. around the bay, temperature of 42 degrees in chestertown. 39 in annapolis. 34 in manchester. we can show you how temperatures have dropped to 36 degrees and feels like 28. even though the sun is out in owings mills. strong winds and yes we're going to have ourselves that wind. help to blow more clouds into the area through the day. the sun has developed.
7:57 am
i expect the cold air bleeds through. will likely redevelop in baltimore north and west. maybe a flurry while snow showers linger into the mountains. for today, partly to mostly sunny at times. back to 41. flurry north and west. falling temperatures back to 24 overnight. here's kim brown with traffic. >> we do have heavy volume on the southbound lanes of 95. baltimore national pike, tapping on the breaks at green spring avenue. couple crashes in baltimore on the northbound lanes 895. a crash is there on the exit ramp. also northbound 95 at key highway. good news in middle river, only the westbound lanes of eastern avenue at earls road remain closed due to high water. the eastbound lanes have been reopened this morning. as we look at the jfx got slow in a hurry across the bridge, bo
7:58 am
necessary problems, this is all just volume delays at this point. we'll be right back with more of good morning america next. rgro - oh, it's on. - it's on. it's on. it's on. it's so on. it is totally on. jimmy, it's on. it's on. oh, yeah, it's on.
7:59 am
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8:00 am
"good morning america" continues with our fascinating first lady. michelle obama tops barbara walters' list of the year's most fascinating people. we have the moments you did not see on barbara's special last night. plus, a sneak peek at the first family's christmas traditions. also, vitamin 101. the must-have supplements to keep every member of your family healthy and fit, including your children. and gayle king is here with the "o" magazine gift list. great ideas for the holidays, all for $30 and less. ♪ glistening once again with candy canes ♪ ♪ and silver lanes aglow >> sam's doing a little soft
8:01 am
shoe over there. >> it's good music. >> i don't know what he's doing. >> jazz hands. >> it doesn't make sense. >> jazz hands. jazz hands. good morning. can you tell we love each other. on this thursday, december 10th. and any day. we don't have to say the date and why we love each other. >> we've been looking back at chris cuomo. years on "good morning america." as he moves on to co-anchor "20/20." ♪ kumbaya, my lord kumbaya ♪ >> we're going to get out some of the home movies. and you were with us, as we look at our travels. that's making us smile all over again. once more, we go to chris for the news. >> good morning, everyone. president barack obama has accepted the nobel peace prize.
8:02 am
at a ceremony in oslo, he addressed criticisms that his prize could be premature. he knows that compared to other peace prize winners, his accomplishments are slight. but he says those may dissipate if he makes progress on his long-term goals. a nuclear-free world and tackling climate change. defense secretary robert gates is meeting with leaders in iraq today, after wrapping up a three-day trip to afghanistan. gates is being briefed on security, just days after 127 people lost their lives in a string of car bombings. this morning, a group linked to al qaeda claimed responsibility for those attacks. now, to this winter weather that's just attacking the country. dangerously cold conditions are settling over parts of the country, in the wake of a huge storm that hit much of the midwest and new england. at least 16 deaths are blamed on the storm. most of those came in car accidents. winds up to 50 miles per hour, creating snowdrifts as high as 15 feet in illinois and wisconsin. but let us move east and check
8:03 am
in with david kerley. he is in buffalo, following the developments. david, good morning. how are things? >> reporter: good morning, chris. i'll tell you what. that storm moving across the country in the past five days, hit buffalo with a wallop overnight. a couple hours ago, you probably couldn't have seen me because the wind was throwing this lake-effect snow everywhere. it was difficult to see 50 feet or so. 50-mile-per-hour winds in buffalo, as three inches of snow fell. buffalo's used to getting snow. but folks have been told, if you don't have to come out, don't come out. the high wind gusts, which have left off a little today, this morning, are expected to continue throughout the day. but the major part of the storm and this snow has moved south. they're expecting up to a foot of snow. this storm, over the next couple of days, giving its last fury, here to new york. >> thanks for toughing it out for us. >> reporter: thank you, buddy. it is so cold, that sam
8:04 am
champion is wearing a sweater in the studio. he's going to give us more details. let me finish up with the news. lawmakers in south carolina, have decided not to impeach mark sanford. they say his secret trip to meet his mistress in argentina, doesn't meet the threshold for impeachment. there is proof that when times get tough, the tough get going to the movies. hollywood is on track to shatter a box office record this year. americans have shelled out nearly $9.7 billion at the movies so far in 2009. and that doesn't account for the slew of blockbusters hitting the big screen at christmas. a lot of money there. a little mystery solved here. there appears to be an explanation for the light over norway. the giant pinwheel appeared before dawn. conjuring up talk of alien
8:05 am
invaders. but mayneighboring russia, said they were testing a missile that misfired. time for the weather. and mr. sam champion. >> good morning, chris. >> i like this. >> i was outside. let's just be fair. i thought with all the -- >> why would you change? you change so rarely. >> a tennis match. >> i wouldn't have -- i know. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning. it is a big morning in the country because of the weather. let's start with pictures of chicagoland. 2 or 3 degrees this morning. windchills of 19 or 20 below. the cold air stays for a while. milwaukee is our next picture. "gma" cameras are everywhere. milwaukee with a heavy hit with this storm. now, most of the moisture with this storm is leaving the country. but there are some places that get snow. to the maps we go. one or two places, highlighted in pink.
8:06 am
diane called it magenta yesterday. i guess the darker colors are. quick look at the west coast. temperatures here are much colder than normal. on some cases, 10, to 20, 30 degrees colder than normal. it must be the emotions. i misquoted diane sawyer. i just did. you said lavender yesterday. >> i did say lavender.
8:07 am
i think there's a little mauve on the east coast. how pretentious can i make the weather map? that's my challenge this morning. anyway, the confident style she's brought to the white house and her much-admired fashion sense. but also her sense of purpose and her intelligence. first lady michelle obama captured the fascination of the country. and barbara walters named her the most fascinating person of the year, in her special last night. we wanted to show you more from that interview. moments you didn't get a chance to see. take a look. >> i understand there's many nights when you and the president and the girls sit down for dinner. you do something called the rose and the thorn. >> yes. >> the best and the worst. >> yes. >> look back over this past year. what is the rose? and what's the thorn? >> the rose has been the response of people. not just this nation. but around the globe.
8:08 am
seeing the warmth and the excitement. those have all been roses. thorns, you know, not so many thorns. i mean, you know, as barack says, he has the thorny job. >> yeah. >> if there are any thorns, it's just the constant concern that i'm doing enough and that i'm doing my best. and that i'm making the country proud. and hopefully, people are happy with the job that i've done so far. >> there was an interview with you and your husband, in which you frankly talked about the fact that at some point in your marriage, the fact he wanted politics bothered you. >> uh-huh. >> he was away a lot. you were bringing up the kids by yourself. when did you say, it's okay? >> i always had this dilemma because i always thought, well, if i wanted somebody as my state senator or as my u.s. senator, as my president, i would want barack obama. and the only reason he wouldn't do it is if i said no. and i just -- >> would he have stopped if you
8:09 am
said no? >> he would have. and i think it's that truth, the fact that he would not have pursued any of this, had i really put my foot down, that it made it really hard to be the person that would stand in the way of someone else's dreams. and the possibility of his leadership. and i definitely didn't want to be in that position. and i think i made the right call. >> it's a little late if you didn't. i mean, here we are. can we talk about your arms? >> my arms? >> your arms. >> well, certainly. >> yes. there has been so much written -- >> why would you want to talk about my arms? >> well, nobody has said a thing -- do you feel pressured to have great arms? do you have to get up every day and do the exercises? i'm so glad you wore a sleeveless dress. >> of course. i have to say my personal routine hasn't changed much in the past 11 years. i really started right after i
8:10 am
had malia, our oldest. and some of that, in all honesty, it was a little revenge because i'm married to a man who has worked out all of his life. and regardless of how busy he is, he finds the time to workout. and there was a point i got a little resentful of that. so, if there's anything that i can attribute these arms to, it's probably just determination. >> do you have any guilty pleasures? >> it's usually food-based. and, you know, really bad tv. you know, my really lazy days are, i sit with bo, who climbs on my lap. he thinks he's a lap dog. and he'll cozy up with me. and i'm flipping through mindless shows. shows about food and design and all that good stuff.
8:11 am
and it's just quiet. and i'm not thinking about anything, for that second. not about the kids. not about my husband. not about my schedule. now, if i get an hour of that during the course of a week, it feels like heaven. >> and that interview, questions only as barbara can ask them. you can see all of the fascinating people on our website, by the way, you're going to hear more from the first lady and the president, in an oprah winfrey special. oprah said it was her goal to have americans experience the first family's christmas in the white house. she speaks about the season and so much more. here's a sneak peek. >> is there a greater pressure to give a good gift when you're the president? or can you get away with a lesser gift if you're the president? >> sorry, busy.
8:12 am
i'm busy. what are you going to get me? >> i'm giving some good gifts. you get some nice stuff. here's the general rule. i give nicer stuff than i get. >> really? >> no way. i gave you good gifts last year. >> oh, come on. please. you know, it's like mother's day and father's day. >> yes. >> you know -- >> we're talking about christmas. >> that principle applies generally. >> so, you're a good gift giver? >> where did you get this little -- >> this was a gift. >> was this anniversary? >> anniversary. nice. >> oh, dear. weren't we all going to send the president socks? don't we have to rethink that? anyway, it looks delightful. and you can see more of oprah's intervie interview, behind closed doors with the first couple, on "christmas at the white house." coming up next, we look back at some of the hilarious moments
8:13 am
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with the chantix and with the support system, it worked. it worked for me. (announcer) talk to your doctor to find out if prescription chantix is right for you. wish you could be with us during the commercial break. sam got a really good line.
8:17 am
a chapter of "gma," as you know, is ending this week, with chris and diane moving on to new adventures here at abc. we thought we'd look back at our adventures here at "good morning america," following a long tradition of this program to get out and to meet you. and we were all looking back. we said, boy. the train trip. how much we enjoyed meeting all of you on the train trip. we were in pittsburgh. and it was the zany umbrella circus. we were a human chair. we thought this is not going to work. and at one point, they take out the chairs. and the mustaches was a nice touch. that was a real bonding experience. >> it was. i love particularly that chris cuomo had to depend on my ab muscles to survive. >> it really worked.
8:18 am
>> i like my girl, robin roberts, who was bracing herself with the legs just in case. waylaid back. just in case. >> that was a lot of fun. >> of course, it was fun. we were meeting you out. and a lot of great experiences we had. one thing we did a grape sto stomping thing. it was at the welch's grape farm. >> historymaking competition. the boys go first. it's kind of like dancing in a barrel. >> just call me ethel. >> up next, fast-footed robin and her less fast-footed sidekick. >> be the grape. be the grape. >> at the end of the day, guess who won. surprise, surprise. chris cuomo, the italian, doing his people proud. >> seven generations of italian heritage.
8:19 am
i rolled with it. it is interesting now. it was the ark family winery. that was a good joke about ethel. lucille ball grew up town the street. 30 miles from silver creek, new york. their grapes go to welch's grape juice. >> and we went in the zero gravity plane. the one where you feel like there's no gravity because of all of the parabolas. >> this is the future. space travel, for you. i didn't go up as high because i'm too heavy. >> some angles more flattering than others. and we talked about the train trip. you know? the best thing really was to see all of your faces out there, waving at us. getting a chance to stop, embrace all of you along the way.
8:20 am
the signs that you created for us? by the way, we didn't sleep for four nights, running. and neither did the team of people. the fabulous sound, electronic, the stage crew, everybody out there. and our much younger team, who helps us get on the air every morning, who would finish the night like this. >> here they are. >> yes. >> allison. tiana. mark. tracy's in there, too. they still had the energy to do karaoke and keep dancing on into the morning. >> quite a different disposition they have here in the mornings in the control room. >> it's true. but what it took. what it took to get on the air from that train ride. >> live from a moving train. >> we thank all of you for those moments. >> took a year to plan. >> we saw earlier, in the piece, you had to sleep in a compartment. >> it was too small. >> your head was sort of out the door as your feet were stretching toward the window.
8:21 am
>> no. every night he would bang on the wall next to me. >> sam was in the other bunk. he didn't like that, either. >> and i walked into what i thought was my closet. it was the shower. >> and you got soaking wet. >> got myself completely drenched. oh, well. we had a great time. >> we did. we certainly did. that was the best part, meeting everyone. >> sure was. >> that was great. the train would pull into a station. we get out and just meet folks. >> thank you for being in our lives. we'll be back. when you're trying to lose weight,
8:22 am
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8:25 am
8:25. looking at veterans elementary in ellicot city. looks like the sun popping out there. a strong wind extending the flag. 34 on the thermometer. currently feels like 29. winds settled down to 5 miles an hour. gusts today over 20 miles per hour. with colder temperatures it will feel worse than yesterday afternoon. more clouds here. satellite being tricked by the cold air. although we have a sunny to partly sunny sky, we expect clouds to build back in. snow showers back into the mountains. there could be a flurry passing to the north side. check the temperatures out. we've dropped to 37 in baltimore. check out the wind chill of 5.
8:26 am
around 30 degrees downtown. it's going to be a bit of a struggle today back to 41. chance of flurries north and west. we'll fall back tonight into the low to mid-20s. here's kim brown with traffic. >> thanks, justin. we still have wind warnings posted at the key bridge and as we look at the top side of the outer loop, traffic is running here slowly between harford road and the 83. we have slow traffic on the west side between liberty road and baltimore national pike. no crashes, fortunately, at this time. earlier crash exit to northbound 895 has been cleared away. as we look at the jfx, expect slow and steady traffic between north parkway and the fayette street exit. we'll be right back with your morning news update next.
8:27 am
>> good morning, it's december 10th. thanks for joining us. here's a look at local he'll we're following for you this morning. the baltimore city fire department says the closure of a fire station near the scene of a deadly house fire in west baltimore didn't contribute to a delay in response to that fire. an elderly man died in a fire on preston street. his daughter was severely injured. truck 18 which operates out of the station on north avenue was one of the station's closed yesterday because of the department's rotating closure policy. they're using it to save money. instead of going to the 3100 block of presstman street where the fire was, they actually went to the 2100 block of presbury street. more than 10 blocks away. >> the address wasn't discernible by the dispatcher. um... the call was dispatched to a nearby location. >> the head of the city's fire
8:28 am
union disagrees telling abc2 they are trying to say it didn't have an impact but it did. if truck 18 was in service it would have made a big difference. a man charged with attacking a mother and daughter may be charged with two murders. the daughter died a week ago and the mother just died. william jones attacked them after he had an argument with his girlfriend who lived in an upstairs apartment. he started drinking heavily and beat the daughter with a hammer and turned on the mother when she screamed at him to stop. good morning maryland coming up at 9:00. with the holidays, let's do some holiday cheer. the nutcracker. there are so many presentations, but we'll tell you about one coming up. featuring more than 80 kids. some will perform for us in
8:29 am
studio here. >> we'll tell you all about the special ties and autographs that come with it as well as really neat packages. plus: the professional bull riders association coming into baltimore. get ready for that. grab your belt buckle, we'll talk to one of the professional bull riders in our studio. we'll see you at 9:00. right now we'll send it back to new york. have a wonderful day.
8:30 am
[ cheers and applause ] wow. welcome around the christmas tree. thank you miley. our gorgeous holiday windows. come to times square and look at them. and the holiday spirit is everywhere today. welcome, everybody. diane sawyer, robin roberts, chris cuomo and sam champion. and coming up, dr. besser's going to be here. we've been trying to tackle the confusion about vitamins. no matter how many times i hear it, i have to be walked through it again. and he's giving you dr. besser's vitamin 101. and gayle king is here. why? a sneak peek at "o" magazine's
8:31 am
gift picks. great things that everyone will love. and prices that won't break the bank. and inhale. emeril lagasse is here. crispy pan-roasted chicken. basin-braised green beans. and kicked-up snicker doodles. >> one more opportunity for chris to pull out every cooking term to act like he knows what's going on. just one more opportunity. >> key fault to the end. let's say hello to our lovely guests. ann ortiz, and raffle macchio is here. they're going to toss coats in to the bin for the coat drive. you guys are in new york for the show taping? >> what's up with that? >> we moved to new york last season. it's been amazing. i think it's added a whole other dimension to the show. the show's supposed to be here. this is great.
8:32 am
>> i feel like it should be here, too. fashion capital. you and i hosted the parade in philly together. >> we did. >> everything good? >> i'm doing good. how are you? >> i'm okay. got a nice coat? from the west coast to the east coast? >> the west coast is kind of cold right now. we're laughing at them. they're getting a taste of what we have here. >> ralph, finally. welcome aboard. what's going on with the coats here? >> this actually is an old coat of my son's. this is one of mine. just seems like the easiest task in the world to find something to give to the less fortunate. you know? >> that's a wonderful thing for you to say. we'll give the total. 86,371 coats. before we're done with this. take ralph's advice. go through the closet. it's easy to find something you're not wearing this season. get rid of it. bring it to us. we'll take it. any burlington coat out there,
8:33 am
you can donate them. any burlington coat factory shop. look for the sign. and you can donate them in. and if you need to know anything else about the coat drive, check on it's friday at 9:00 eastern. >> we are moving to wednesdays at 10:00. right now, in january. >> starting january 6th. >> now, still friday at 9:00. >> friday at 9:00. >> and after the new year, change your plans. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on before you walk out the door here. a big day on "good morning america." a big week for us. we'll show you that the colder air is not only dropping through the middle of the country. but going all the way to the northeast. everybody is getting cold air except where? you're right. south florida. record-high temperatures from miami into key west. if we can squeeze down there, i'll meet you there in about three hours.
8:34 am
all that weather was brought to you by las vegas. go ahead and toss them in. we'll fill the bin. very nice. thank you for coming in. it's one of the best shows on television, certainly. diane? >> sam, thanks. the topic is vitamins. and our guide through it all is our own senior health and medical editor, dr. richard besser. yesterday, you said there were three must-do vitamins. prenatal, the folic acid. >> very important if you're considering having children. >> and calcium and vitamin d. >> get your vitamin d level
8:35 am
checked. if you live in northern areas, it's very unlikely you're getting enough vitamin d. >> we see the ads everywhere. half of all americans take a multivitamin. adults need them? >> as i was saying yesterday, if you have a balanced diet, you're getting your fruits, your vegetables, your meats, you probably don't need a multivitamin. but a lot of people don't fit into that category. i don't take a multivitamin. but there many i recommend them. if i am recommending a multivitamin, i try to focus on a product that's a straight multivitamin. it has all of the ingredients they need. i get more worried about products that are just vitamin b or vitamin e, in large doses. over time, those products, when they've been studied, have not lived up to their promise. the claims that they will prevent cancer or heart disease. improve your immune system. as they've been studied in controlled trials, most of those claims have fallen by the
8:36 am
wayside. >> and some vitamins in too high doses are dangerous to you. i want to say what the council on responsible nutrition has said, the vitamin industry wants to remind everybody. that there are a wide range of studies, they say, scientific research, that demonstrate the benefits of dietary supplemental products. we have their statement. but you're saying, check with your doctor. talk about nutrition. >> talk about your specific situation. and i think the safest way to go, if you're going to take a supplement, if you're not eating well, is with a straight multivitamin. >> and kids. >> yes. >> we have a sound byte here. i want to roll it right here. a question being asked allot. >> for kids that aren't big vegetable eaters, what are vitamins that would be good to supplement their diet? >> i'm a pediatrician. and it's a question i get from parents all the time. children are growing. they're developing. and their taste buds are developing, as well.
8:37 am
and many children are going through a phase where they're only eating things of one color. my son was in the beige phase. it was macaroni. potatoes. it was milk. but nothing green. and during that period, i put him on a multivitamin. there's a number of ways to go. when children are really little, giving them a pill isn't going to work. there's liquid vitamins. >> that's okay with you? >> these are good. use them as directed. and talk to your doctor. as they get older and they can chew, a chewable vitamin is a great way to go. and kids will often like to pick one that has a character or something that they like. that will help avoid the fights. >> i know you always say, it's better to get it from nutritional food. but if there's a vacuum, if there's a lack. >> during the picky eating periods. >> here's something that was a surprise for people around here. it's a new mom breast-feeding. >> i just had a baby two months ago. i'm nursing. i want to know if i should be giving vitamins on top of the nursing.
8:38 am
>> that is a great question. she does need to be on vitamins. and the vitamin, breast milk is the perfect food. it's missing one ingredient. it doesn't contain enough vitamin d. women who are breast-feeding need to give their child vitamin d drops. they won't develop rickets. in addition, because the mother is feeding not just herself, but a baby, most doctors recommend that she continues on prenatal vitamins while nursing. >> even as long as a year, after you get off breast-feeding, until you get to formula. >> when the baby switches to formula, there's enough vitamin d there, they don't need supplements. if they breast-feed and go to milk, they may need supplementation. >> go to the website. dr. besser puts everything there in a clear way that you don't have to be confused when you go to the drugstore.
8:39 am
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and now, "gma's" holiday handbook helps you get awesome presents under the tree, without shelling out a lot of cash. the one, the only, gayle king, editor at large of "o" magazine. here's the best part.
8:42 am
wait a minute. the best part, all under $30. >> yes. >> all under $30. >> we're mindful, robin, mindful of the time. let's start with the coats. >> two coats in one. >> it's reversible. and the best part, $15. $15 for two coats. you have a shiny side and a matte side. we're going to donate to the "gma" coat drive. it's like four coats. >> you know when you have your cell phone and your blackberry. and it's cold. >> they have echo design gloves. they have tips on them. they're good for picking up dog poop. >> okay. >> i see robin in the neighborhood. >> you do. >> it's hard to write and do stuff. but the main thing, you can touch your keys and it works fine. 30 dollars, echo design.
8:43 am
>> you can be a hand model. i'll be taking these for the dog poop. >> good for the dog. >> i walk in heels. if i want to go out. >> all the parties and galas and balls you attend. at the beginning of the evening, we start with high heels. by the end, we're walking like cripples. it's hard to look cute when your feet hurt. now, we have footsie rolls. these are $22. if you go online, it's cheaper. the code is oprah. they give you a bag you can put your shoes in. a bag for you to put your high heels in. >> and they roll up just like this. >> just like this. >> she saw -- wait a minute. >> i know they're an appreciative audience. >> you get these. you're too excited. >> santa robin. >> we love variety. this item is a little pricey. $26 for an ornament. but if you have a friend, a newlywed, it's beautiful.
8:44 am
and it's a good hostess gift. instead of a bottle of wine. >> and it's pretty. >> it's gorgeous. >> cookies, everything is self-contained. i found this hard to believe that all you have to add is the eggs and the butter. >> makes it easy. >> ornament, is thomas glen. sister gourmet, the cookies. if you get it online, code name oprah. all you do is add the eggs and butter. they have powdered milk in there. >> isn't it great for a teacher's gift. $10, right? >> you're right. it's the thought that matters. it is a very good gift. oprah, as you know, is a very voracious reader. >> i heard. >> she loves a good book. and she loves children, too. so, for $10, you get a book and a stuffed animal from kohl's. >> you get the stuffed animal and a book. >> if you give a pig a party,
8:45 am
you get a pig. >> and dream big. >> that's a shameless plug for "the oprah magazine." we do this every year. it's our annual, the best of "o," magazine. it's a good gift. i feel funny about saying it. >> $29.95. >> someone that loves the magazine. >> how is oprah doing? >> oprah is good. >> she's in a good place still. >> in a really good place. >> these are wonderful ideas, as always, from the "o," ma magazine. >> you can win all of these, if you go online. we have a contest going on. you can win the entire "o" list. but you have to register to win. register to win. >> all right. thank you my friend. >> that's not bad. >> i love that necklace, too. where are my gloves? there are my gloves. you can find information own all these -- >> pick up our dog poop. >> you can get all of these great ideas on our website,
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and kid's sleepwear just $7.99 go to to see gifts for everyone on your list. style, quality and price matter. jcpenney emeril lagasse is here to answer a question i've always had. what is a snickerdoodle? don't tell me yet. that's why we're here today. great for the holidays. authentic, crispy, pan-fried, cooked chicken. >> we take the chicken and split it in half. it's half the time to do it in the pan. and then, this is very, very simple. before we go ahead. you know, lately, the last month or so, on, the number one requested recipe from us is chicken. so, here it is. we're going to give you a new chicken dish. >> we love the bird.
8:49 am
>> very simple. let me show you how simple. >> how simple is it? >> get a fryer chicken. put it in half. the butcher will do that for you. you want to wash it under cold water. pat it dry. >> the patting it dry is very important. you're going to put it into hot oil. >> that's right. >> the water will shoot off and hit you. >> that's exactly right. olive oil on the skin first. and then, what we're going to use is use some sea salt. >> very nice. >> or you could use kosher salt. and then, we season that real good. a little white pepper. you can use black pepper. >> you want to be heavier on this, because when it hits the heat, it will sere it in. >> half the time. we go skin side down, inside the skillet. it's okay. >> think like chicken. >> you'll think of me. the new "20/20." if you need a cook on that show, let me know, would you?
8:50 am
>> your first choice. >> we're going to season this side. what you want to do, about four or five minutes on that side. we're going to turn it over. four or five minutes. finish it in the oven. >> drop the heat? >> yep. 20, 25 minutes. internal temperature, 155 to 160. keep it nice and moist. what do i want to serve with that? i have these smothered green beans. >> there it is. >> i rendered down some bacon. >> rendered down. >> or you can use panciatta. once it's crispy, i added garlic. add your green beans. chicken broth. low sodium. cover it. four or five minutes. >> couple of style points that are important. go to go to the site, slash recipes. and get the points. >> that's right. we have the green beans. all of the juices in here. sam, you want the recipe for this, don't you? >> i'm sorry. i have my mouth full. >> they can't talk over there.
8:51 am
>> you see that? >> here's the deal. i don't understand how the ends of the green beans are on there. but they're not tough. >> they're tender, right? >> yeah. >> because we covered them. >> covered them. the steam. >> oh, look at this. >> show off. >> culinary miracle happening here. >> you have to learn now. >> we're going to take a little soft butter with garlic and thyme. that butter, when the chicken comes out of the oven. >> you make an herbed butter. >> exactly. >> you have a short cut for taking the thyme off the stem? >> yeah. please. rub the butter. you take the stem like this. >> take the stem. >> watch this. and strip it right off. just like that. >> very nice. >> you like that? >> yes. very delicate hands. >> we have chicken. and we have smothered green beans. >> very nice. >> your plate is already gone.
8:52 am
i don't know what happened. >> very good. >> all right. snickerdoodles. >> get it to the audience. >> i got these. >> really? >> it's too heavy for you. >> so, the snickerdoodles. make this -- what makes them kick, though, is inside of the dough, we add a little cayenne pepper. you have the hotness and the sweetness. where are you going, sam? >> i have the plate. i'm going -- >> i'm just kidding. >> cayenne? >> cayenne. it's unbelievable. and let me tell you something, folks. these are three, unbelievable recipes. you can get them on and chicken. >> the chicken. >> so popular. you would think, you know, it would have been like the apple brine turkey. the snickerdoodle. you like that? >> so good. >> did you have one, chris? >> i didn't. i went to grab one. >> have one of these.
8:53 am
the kicked-up part is cayenne. that's what we were talking about. you have the sugar of the cookie. >> on >> what happened? >> they're all gone. and i'm full. ( piano music playing )
8:54 am
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i'm getting a hug. >> tomorrow on "good morning america," farewells and new beginnings. >> group hug. >> the last broadcast for the member of our family, diane. the end of an era. and we hope that you will join us. we're going to laugh. >> yes. >> yes. we're going to cry. sorry, we will. but we want you, as you always have, to be a part of it. we'll see you tomorrow.
8:57 am
good morning. 8:56. taking a look at time lapse right now. we've had a fair amount of clear sky. just a few clouds bubbling up out there. as we go through the day, i suspect we'll deal with more in the way of cloud cover. cold air continues to filter through. most of our temperatures right now are down into the 30s. wind chills into the 20s. strong winds whipping up as we reinforce this arctic air. coldest blast of the season. further north and west, more snow showers. that's about it, otherwise we'll call it a windy day. 41 the best we'll do with study or falling temperatures through the afternoon. we drop down to about 24 degrees overnight. tomorrow we'll stay in the mid-30s under sunshine. here's kim with a check of the roads. >> most of the heavy volume on the northeast corner of the beltway has pretty much cleared out. you'll see pockets of slowing between harford road and 83.
8:58 am
on the west side, looking good at liberty road. volume between white marsh boulevard and the 895 split. no crashes to let you know about. as we look at the jfx, still will see slow traffic between northern parkway and the fayette street exits this morning. still no problems to let you know about at the tunnels either, in that earlier crash on the exit to northbound 895 has since been cleared away. looking good around the area roads. we'll be right back with good morning maryland starts at 9:00.
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