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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 11, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america, on this friday, december 11th. and this morning, breaking news about those five americans arrested in pakistan. police now saying they were recruited online, through facebook and youtube, to join the jihad against america. important medical news for women. can the drugs that make bones stronger also prevent breast cancer? a silver lining in the shaky economy. a new report shows americans have more money. but are they willing to spend it? reporting here from jerusalem. denver, colorado. good morning, america. i'm diane sawyer on the south lawn of the white house.
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♪ there are places i remember >> and our special tribute, as diane prepares for a brand-new adventure. so, please join us as we share a few laughs, shed a few tears and celebrate our colleague. and our beloved friend, diane. and for one more time, good morning, america. i'm diane sawyer, here with robin roberts, chris cuomo, sam champion. and i'm going to try to take the advice of that immortal philosopher, dr. seuss, who says, don't cry because it happened. smile, because it happened. and this morning, i am beaming at all of you. my heart is smiling. and the privilege of sharing my mornings with all of you has been more in an i can say. >> we will be smiling. we will be laughing. but put on water-proof mascara at home just in case.
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we will share tears of joy and happiness in appreciation to the queen of morning television. and now, going on to the evening. it's going to be a morning to remember. and thank you, diane. thank you for your leadership, your guidance, and your love to us all. now, how do we do the news? >> exactly. that's coming up in the next half hour. >> okay. let's begin, as we always try to do by bringing you the breaking news. there's word this morning that the five, young americans detained in pakistan will likely be deported back to america. and for the first time this morning, we're learning exactly who these recruited jihadists are. and brian ross has that. >> reporter: good morning, diane. overnight, we obtained the investigative report prepared by pakistani police, that offers insight on what had become their road to jihad. pakistani police showed the pictures and the u.s. passports of the five, young college students from the washington,
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d.c. suburbs, who authorities said came to pakistan to train for jihad against their own country and its troops. they say the recruitment began on the website youtube, after 20-year-old ahmad minni, found videos that featured attacks on the troops. according to the investigation report, the men ended up in this home, in sargodha, after traveling to pakistan over the thanksgiving weekend. they were arrested on a tip from the fbi, after their families back home reported them missing. >> they had left their video cassettes back there for the parents that they had left for jihad and they wouldn't be back. so, we supported they were here for bad activities. >> reporter: the news came as a shock in the communities they left behind. the five are now a steady stream of disaffected americans coming to pakistan, to learn how to wage jihad. >> we now have the worst of all possible worlds. we have a continuing threat from
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what i would call al qaeda central, born terrorists. and we also have, as you say, a growing threat of insider terrorism here in the united states, as well. >> reporter: the five, young men are being questioned today by the fbi there, which is now focusing on the details of who exactly directed these men and how. in hopes that other americans who may be in the same jihad stream can be detected. in the case of these men, they had been initially rejected by the first jihadist groups they approached because they didn't seem all that confident. didn't speak the language. had too much of a western demeanor. in any case, it's one nor indication that for all in the u.s., the road to terror begins in pakistan. while the u.s. troops are headed to afghanistan, it is pakistan that poses the most serious dlet to this country. >> brian, thank you so much. now, for "the bottom line," we go to our chief washington correspondent and host of "this week." and, george, the five americans that were arrested in pakistan, the fact they were recruited
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online, through facebook and such, it's got to be of great concern to the white house. >> certainly is. the president mentioned it in his nobel speech yesterday. and brian hit on it as well. this combines the two threats that the u.s. is concerned with. pakistan, where most of the terrorists who might come here. and secondly, this threat over homegrown terrorism. we've seen americans from minnesota, go back to somalia. we've seen the zazi case. this is what american officials are most concerned with now. >> yesterday, in oslo, norway, we hear the president. he's there to accept the nobel peace prize. and, of course, we're at war. and it was quite a contradiction, that he didn't shy away from speaking in his acceptance speech. i want to get your reaction. let's play a bit of it right now. >> we will not eradicate violent conflict in our lifetimes. there will be times when nations acting individually or in concert, will find the use of force not only necessary but
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morley justified. for make no mistake, evil does exist in the world. a nonviolent movement could not have halted hitler's armies. negotiations cannot convince al qaeda's leaders to lay down their arms. >> a speech for the history books. you had an american president winning the nobel peace prize, taking on the idea of pacifismp. and laying down his own theory. you saw the president synthesizing all of the major national decisions he's made this year. we have to engage to try to avoid war, what he's doing with iran. he says we have to hold ourselves to a higher standard. that's why we have to make sure we close down gown tan mow bay. the laws of war. but make no mistake, evil exists in the world. where it does exist, we must take it on with force. that's why a lot of people are calling this the obama doctrine. >> a defining speech, many
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people felt. even people you wouldn't think. >> incredible who came out and praised the speech. no one has been tougher on the president in the last year than sarah palin. she said, she praised what he said yesterday. newt gingrich, the former leader of the house, said it was historic for a liberal president to go to oslo and come out and give this kind of speech defending the necessity of war. >> you're going to have a lot to talk about on sunday on "this week." we'll see you there. have any plans for monday morning? >> i'm thinking about it right now. i can't wait to join you. can't wait to be your co-pilot. >> in case you haven't heard, george stephanopoulos is going to be joining us here at "good morning america." we'll start on monday. >> what an honor to follow diane sawyer. >> thank you. but welcome aboard. it's going to be a wonderful, 11, 12, 13, 14 years. we're getting everything running for you. >> it started with a three-month
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assignment, right? >> two or three months i'll be here. 11 years later, can't leave. can't leave. but it's so great to have you here. >> thank you. now, chris cuomo has the other major headlines. >> it's been some of the toughest news not to break to all of you that george is coming here. he's a good friend of mine. i'm so happy for you. anything i can do to help. best of luck. we're going to be lucky to have you. what a team. my heart already. >> you, too. like you, too. forget my name. >> the prompter. >> they don't know how i feel about you. and they don't know nothing. >> i know. i got you. >> good luck to both of you. and to you, as well. good morning, everybody. let me give you a little news. we have a new report from the federal reserve, that says on average, americans' net worth is on the rise. but more than 15 million people are still unemployed. so, the question is, is this good news? bianna golodryga is here to look
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at this. >> reporter: sometimes good news is just that, good news. here's why this trend is happening. we had the stock market run up over the last eight months. and also, americans have cut back on spending habits. household ed is down by the largest percentage ever. and it's a sign of a possible encouraging trend, after the worst recession in 70 years. despite a struggling economy, the new report highlights a silver lining. the growing size of americans' wallets. for the second quarter in a row, u.s. household net worth, is the difference between the value of assets and liabilities, has increased. up $2.7 trillion, to $53.4 trillion. that's more than $12 trillion below the all-time record set just two years ago, before the recession hit. but for many, it's a hopeful sign. >> higher household net worth makes people comfortable to go back to the stores to buy, their everyday consumer needs. plus, some luxury items. what that means is, you end up with a better economic growth environment. >> reporter: after taking one of
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the largest hits from the financial crisis, airlines are now looking up, too. executives are anticipating up to a 10% increase in revenue, as measured by individual seat sales in 2010. also in another good sign, stemming from bad circumstances, treasury secretary tim geithner announced that the federal government will end up making money off the controversial t.a.r.p. bailout of banks. bank of america has already announced that it will repay its t.a.r.p. loan. and citigroup is in talks to raise $15 billion to do the same. now, that's not to say there isn't a lot to still be worried about, especially when it comes to jobs. consider this. even if the economy started creating 300,000 jobs a month right now, it would take five years to get us back to where we were before this recession began. chris? >> well, that's a sobering perspective we need to hear. we also have news about the big bonuses on wall street. banking giant goldman sachs, is ending cash bonuses for top executives. instead, they'll be giving out
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stock that can't be sold for five years. and in a separate development, these six companies bailed out by the government, will face new limits on executive pay being announced today. certain executives will be capped at $500,000. there are new revelations surrounding the relationship between the cia and the private security firm previously known as blackwater usa. "the new york times" reports blackwater guards took part in a secret cia raid to help capture or kill insurgents in iraq and afghanistan. multiple raids. even though they were only supposed to be providing security. congress is investigating the cia's use of this contractor. we're having a once-in-a-century event, that's prompting ships off australia this morning. what could it be? a massive iceberg. this is what you see. it broke off from antarctica and is slowly drifting toward australia. it is twice the size of manhattan. okay? that's big, right? it's expected to break up as it inches closer to the coast.
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but it will be creating smaller hazardous icebergs. scientists say it could be more frequent, this type of event, if the temperatures go up. >> keep rising. and it's freezing outside. and sam champion's assignment, as it is every morning. so much of the country in a deep freeze. >> so much of it. good morning, robin. good morning, chris. and let me say it one more time. good morning, diane sawyer. >> sam champion. >> all right. let's talk about the temperatures. we've got some cold air. not only into the northeast today. but still spreading across the great lakes. new york starts at 22. boston starts at 24. they were in the 40s yesterday. they won't get there today because this cold air. winter is ten days away. but for the past six days, winter weather has been the headline. a vicious blast of cold, winter weather continues across the nation, with subfreezing temperatures in 46 states. >> it is freezing. and the wind is just atrocious. >> reporter: regions in 31
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states spent thuz in freezing temperatures. so cold in chicago, even the parking meters froze over. residents near buffalo, new york, struggled with nearly zero visibility, as 60-mile-per-hour wind sent two feet of snowe snow flying. in the midwest, utility crews worked overtime to restore power to 200,000 residents in wisconsin and michigan alone. this has been a massive storm system, at one point, covering over 1,500 miles. and making the west just as cold as the east. >> the amount of snow, the ice, temperature drop. this is the worst i've seen in 30 years. >> reporter: how cold is it? cold enough to freeze this waterfall in oregon. in arizona, officials have already rescued close to 50 stranded hunters and hikers after the storm dumped three feet of snow in the state. and they say, they're not done yet. >> there's probably folks out there that were more concerned about hunting than getting out of the area. so, we have an idea, as they start leaving the area, we'll get more calls from people who are stranded. >> reporter: even weather this
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icy, can't deter the heartiest football fans. >> cleveland on a freezing, cold night. >> reporter: look who showed up for the second-coldest cleveland browns football game in history. cleveland did win. that cold air moves across the great lakes. and the last part of it was about one to two feet of lake-effect snow, just south of buffalo, in collins, new york. david kerley is there this morning. what's it like to get two feet of snow in 24 hours, david? >> reporter: it still comes. and it's still coming. we're halfway through this event here. the snow continues to come down. what's different about this event, sam, than others because they're used to getting snow here in western new york, have been the high winds. that's caused a lot of problems. in fact, yesterday, it was bumper-to-bumper, gridlock, as people tried to get home. the reason, all this snow coming down quickly, has been blowing. it's been whiteout conditions. it's been seriously nasty. here's the bad news, sam.
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it's another 24 hours of snow coming down. the winds are kind of calm right now. but it doesn't mean in the next 24 hours, they won't pick up a bit. >> yeah, sorry, david. and there's more bad news. the frigid temperatures you see now, will stay with you into next week. 2 below in green bay. 17 in detroit. and the west coast we have a new storm coming on, that will reinforce the pattern of winter across the country next week. we'll talk about that more in the next half hour.
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as we go back to diane, i want you to see this. diane, we did not set this up. coldest day since march. and these people all showed up to say good-bye to you. >> oh. i will come down. i will come down and see you. louisville, kentucky, showing up, there in the freezing cold. and back at you. thank you so much.
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thank you. i will be down in a minute. now, we want to tell you about a study that could be good news in the fight against breast cancer because millions of women already take drugs to prevent bone loss. but it turns out they may be getting the added benefit of protection against breast cancer. here with us is dr. richard besser. good to see you. >> there were two studies presented yesterday at the breast cancer meetings in san antonio, that are showing surprising results and exciting results. women who are taking these drugs to prevent bone loss, they're called bisphosphonates, were 20% less likely to develop breast cancer. >> and these are across the board. >> across the board. brands we know. a large study. it was 150,000 women in the united states. 2,200 of the women were taking these drugs. and what they found, following
7:18 am
them over eight years, one-third fewer of them developed breast cancer. >> do we have any sense why? what's activated in the drug? >> the lead researcher has a couple of theories. one, that the drugs could be toxic to the cancer cells themselves. another is that it could just interfere with the pathway to which women go on to develop breast cancer. but more work would need to be done in that area. >> and you're giving your cautionary advice as you do in the morning. you said, don't run out and take these drugs. >> these aren't ready for primetime. the studies weren't done for this reason. now, they will do a big study and give half of the women these drugs and another half of the women not to have the drugs. and see if it's truly effective. if women who are taking these for bone loss, this may be a side benefit. >> to get a surprise in science and medicine. a good surprise. >> that's how some of the greatest discoveries come about, just by surprises like this. >> thank you, dr. richard
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besser. robin? >> such encouraging news, for so many, rich. going to stick around with us, rich? a special morning, as we've been saying. diane, you can say all these different things about her and her importance and what she does. but she is a reporter at heart. she loves to get at the story. and she has -- well, we look back at the stories she's covered. the miles she has traveled to bring you the world. we're going to share that in our next half hour. come on back. discover gives you a cash back
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that's why we created here you'll learn about preventing influenza and discover your latest vaccination options. join us at and together, we can all be good to share. where where did the time go? where did the time go? it has been so special to share this. the four of us together.
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you were so out of step there, mo. >> shocking. >> i'm glad that our last trip was the train trip because it brought us out to so many people. >> it did. and i'll never forget the smackdown poker games. >> late at night. >> late at night. put everybody to bed on the train. and then went at it. >> these two. >> diane taught me how to play gin rummy that trip. >> i did. i took you to the dark side. anyway, we have a lot to laugh about. stay with us.
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good morning. 7:24. 20s have made it to the beach. 27 degrees in ocean city. 25 easton. 23 in baltimore. now hanging at 19 in york, pennsylvania. it's the wind that's really factoring in this morning,
7:25 am
taking it down into the teens. from ocean city to easton. 12 right now calculated wind chill in baltimore. hagerstown, 7 below. garrett county, oakland. ski wisp is open for business. making some of the artificial snow. they had a good bit of snow this week though. right now currently dry. exception of the eastern shore. band of clouds. fast winds and upper levels of the atmosphere. otherwise, mostly sunny day. windy and cold. 2 degree guarantee to 36 downtown. winds will be pushing about 20 to 30 miles per hour. tonight, drop down to about 18 degrees. plan for a wintry mix that should turn to rain during the day on sunday. kim? >> traffic is lighter than normal here on the west side of the outer loop. the main incident to let you know about this morning will be on the northbound lanes of the bw parkway in laurel.
7:26 am
it remains closed between route 197 and route 198 due to a deadly car crash. expect that to be closed throughout the remainder of the rush hour. we do have other crashes in the area, southbound 95 approaching route 32. linger crash continues to take away the left lane. traffic begins to back at about route 100. route 175. also in rosedale, mccormick avenue. traffic is beginning to build as you make your way downtown this morning. we'll be right back with your morning news update next.
7:27 am
a judge has set a january 21st sentencing date for baltimore mayor sheila dixon. once she's sentenced she could be suspended from office under maryland law. dixon's lawyers intend to file a
7:28 am
motion for a new trial. judge dennis sweeney has scheduled january 6th hearing on the motion. last week, 26-year-old candice williams sought a restraining order against terrell suggs. she's asking for $50 million in punitive damages and $20 million in compensatory damages. the latest on the missing woman from cockeysville. jerryell foster's boyfriend, frederick christian was the last person to have contact with the cockeysville woman. court records show his name is actually reversed, it's christian frederick. he was charged with attempted murder in 1997 but pled guilty to second degree assault and a
7:29 am
handgun vision. foster's family members are having a candlelight vigil at 9:00 tonight in west baltimore. and overnight photographer pete on the street o'neill at the scene of this crash in west baltimore. the driver crashed into a building at kerry and edmundson around midnight. that's all for now. our next update is about 30 minutes away. now let's head back to good morning america. have a great day.
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shielding me from the crowd, she walks with me, yelling "death to america." and before we part, in accident english, there it is. i love you. she says, i love you. >> the essence of diane. she is a reporter at heart. that was in iran, right in the thick of a crowd. getting to the heart of the story. she has logged so many miles. talked to so many people from all walks of life, during her nearly 11 years. >> yes. next month will be 11 years. and can i correct poor dr. seuss. as you know, i said i'm not equipped to drive heavy machinery this morning. but it's don't cry because it's over.
7:31 am
smile because it happened. >> there you go. >> if you were sitting at home going what? >> i knew that. but i let it go. it's the last day. >> oh, that's right. forgiveness on the last day. now, you forgive me. >> i have to say, this is the first time in all my years sitting next to diane, i've looked at her this morning like, hello? anybody home? >> what just happened? >> but you know what? if it's going to be a morning, it's this morning, to be that way. and we understand fully. diane is heading to the anchor chair at "world news." she has been here, as we've been saying, for more than a decade. and we thought it would be a good time, now, to remind everyone the unforgettable stories she has brought into our homes over these many years. let's take a look. >> good morning to all of you. i'm diane sawyer in kabul, afghanistan, on this march 9th, around the world. we're here in istanbul, turkey. i made it here. good morning from jerusalem. thailand.
7:32 am
denver, colorado. new mexico city. good morning, america. i'm diane sawyer on the south lawn of the white house. the ninth day of war. and good morning to all of you overseas. i'm diane sawyer. and we're standing here, looking at a stage that's right out of "star wars." good morning, america. from baghdad, i'm diane sawyer. we're in saudi arabia, where, by the way, the women wear the abaya. good morning, again, from iran. i'm diane sawyer. good night to you, here in thailand. diane sawyer at the republican national convention in st. paul, minnesota. this is one of the rarest things you can see in journalism. it's a visa into north korea. it's good to say live to you, good morning, america, from pyongyang. we got a report that there is some sort of explosion at the world trade center in new york city. we have no idea, if it was a plane. was it deliberate? was it an accident? it does seem to be there is considerable and truly
7:33 am
terrifying damage on some of those floors at the top. and the scene out here tonight is one of complete, almost wounded numbness. "operation iraqi freedom." florida anthrax scare. the military battle has begun. and now, in london, they are calling yesterday, 7/7. fellow pilots are speaking with awe this morning. >> diane, this morning is half a world away. >> good morning to you, charlie. and good morning, to america. and in thailand, the hardest-hit part of the region in this new year. we headed to the countryside. we were told that some 50% of the population may be lost. and the supplies of food and clothing have been coming in steadily. they're stacking up. good morning, america. we awake to breaking news, that senator edward kennedy, political giant, the lion of the senate, has died. pope john paul died of septic shock and irreversible cardio
7:34 am
circulatory collapse. good morning, america. good morning, voters. this morning, it hinges on florida. good morning, america. diane sawyer here in election headquarters, times square, usa. a new morning. an african-american elected by black, white, young, hispanic, and above all, americans asking for change. john f. kennedy jr.'s final. robin and i say good morning to you live from virginia tech this morning. when your little brother goes off to college, this is the last thing you can possibly fathom. >> yeah. i wanted him to go and be well. he was so happy to go. he loved anyone that he ever met. he loved children. if you needed help, he would help you. >> we can only send our love this morning. and we do. thank you, both. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> and we'll go, now, back to sam champion.
7:35 am
secretary of education in an obama administration? >> i like my job. >> do you expect to get health care by the end of the year? >> yes. >> absolutely? >> absolutely. >> tell me i'm not hallucinating. >> you are hallucinating. >> you are president bush? and you're george clooney? >> he still is. i was. >> barely. >> you're the richest man on the planet. what does that mean to you? >> nothing. >> nothing? has the u.s. failed in afghanistan? >> not at all. >> did you know you were going after saddam hussein? >> we had been informed that was possible target we were going after. >> governor rod blagojevich, the u.s. attorney said you tried to sell barack obama's senate seat, like a sports agent to the highest bidder. is that true? >> absolutely not. >> i never thought i would meet you. >> what a way to meet, huh? did you murder your wife?
7:36 am
>> no. >> did you ever hit her? did you ever injure her? >> no. >> you say anti-semitic things? can you say intolerant things and not be an intolerant person? >> i don't know. i don't know the answer to that question. >> can you tell us anything new about your timetable and how many people are on your list right now? >> diane, i would love to. but i can't. and i'm sure you understand. but i also understand why you try. >> are you sending iranian weapons into iraq? >> translator: we are opposed to any kind of conflict in iraq. this is not in our advantage. >> she is a 47-year-old mother. a scientist. and called the architect of iraq's biological weapons program. how can you, a scientist, ever consider introducing a disease into the world? >> i'm a scientist. and i'm proud of myself. >> why would you want to be president?
7:37 am
>> i worry about the future of america. i worry about whether we'll be prosperous. >> at these poll numbers, can john kerry win? is he going to win? >> i think so. it's very close. >> forgive me, reverend falwell. if you're using the word misstatement defies creduality here. >> i wrong. >> it's different when a woman shows that kind of emotion and a man does? >> well, you know, men do it all the time. i'm a person, much to some people's surprise. >> did the bush administration drop the ball in resourcing the war in afghanistan? >> i think we have to look at it at a more sophisticated way. >> by next year, will we be out of the auto business? >> i think it will take longer than that, to be realistic? >> two years? three? four? >> we'll get out as soon as we can. >> people who believe in the war, keep asking the question.
7:38 am
>> my answer will be the same. saddam was a danger. and the world is better off because we got rid of him. >> what will it take to convince you he didn't have weapons of mass destruction? >> saddam hussein was a threat. and the fact that he is gone means america is a safer country. >> i keep thinking, it is such a privilege to be able to go out and try to ask the questions that you would want to ask, as we travel the world. and this is true of every, single one of us. >> and you will continue to do that at "world news." i think it was very appropriate that we showed you all around the world. and you're going on to "world news." and will continue that type of work. >> yeah. we calculated it. i circled the globe 14 times. 300,000-plus miles. >> when you see it that way, we are all in the same business. but that is humbling for me to watch, as an interviewer. what you have accomplished.
7:39 am
and what are you? only halfway into your career? i mean, this is amazing. this is really amazing. [ applause ] i feel great for you. i feel horrible about myself right now. >> i just think of this as getting a newcomer's award to look at this with all of you. thank you. >> and you see that, and you realize nobody does it better than diane sawyer. ♪ simply the best >> well said. well said. >> if you knew what happens in commercials. on this sofa. >> meanwhile, they're yelling at me. go. go to the boards. one or two things going on. let's not talk about -- it was cold outside. let's go to the boards. show you one or two things going on this morning we want you to know about. with most of the country facing in winter-like weather, well before winter, the talk is
7:40 am
temperatures. baltimore at 40 degrees. in some cases, this is 10 to 20 degrees colder than normal. just prepare for the chill. next storm in the west, we have another pattern coming. it follows the same track as this week's storm. the totals are not as high. cold air not as intense. but it reinforces the winter weather pattern across this country, even next week. the weather you've got now, get used to it. it's around for a while. in the southeast, we have an area of rain that develops today. from new orleans, they got six inches of rain. there's already some flood watches out for that area. all that weather was brought to you by tylenol.
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miss robin? well, new beginnings. >> new beginnings. >> new beginnings for diane. new beginnings for chris. new beginnings for "good morning america." we would like to introduce you to our new "good morning america" team. >> yes. look who is here. >> george stephanopoulos. >> thank you so much. >> you think it's humbling for you? this scares me. >> it's great to have you here. >> welcome aboard. >> can we have a family photo op here? >> the circle of life. we'll talk. we'll talk. >> we will. we will. >> grab a cup of coffee. we'll talk. >> we'll be back in a minute. (announcer) it's what doctors recommend most for headaches.
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kmart makes christmas count! with no payments, no interest, for six months. that means buy today, get six months to pay. only this month and only at kmart. there's smart, and there's kmart smart. ♪ we are family >> you know this song. >> hey. >> hi. ♪ i got all my sisters and me >> i don't want to sing. i don't want to do it in front of everybody. >> we didn't want you to see us like this, actually. they'll turn around and walk back out the door. how we dance in the mornings and bring the music. welcome, from me to both of you. we're all friends here. and it's wonderful to be with people we know and love. >> what do we need to know? >> where do we begin? can i show you something?
7:46 am
>> sure. >> i will take you to my desk. >> can i come, too? >> this is very important. okay. here we go. what you need to know is this drawer -- this drawer is your survival kit. >> oh, wow. >> you will not be needing the puppet of diane sawyer. >> this i need. that's airborne. >> you will not need the scissors or the lipstick. but as you can see, you will be tidier than i am. it will be cleared out. and ready for you on monday. >> a sign of the times. >> monday. do you have anything, chris, to show juju? >> i have nothing. juju, you have everything you need and then some. but, george, it's not airborne in this thing. it's not airborne. i'm just saying. i'll leave it at that. i need a job. >> juju, what do you think will be the most difficult aspect of
7:47 am
this? >> i shared this concern with diane yesterday. i say you know, the hardest part of this job for me is knowing that my husband is picking out my kids' clothes every morning. how much is there? right, diane? i said that to her yesterday. >> exactly. >> i see therapy for years down the road. >> exactly. >> what are they wearing? >> i think about 7:12, my blackberry's going to hit -- you tell ellie to put her clothes on right now. >> juju and i have decided we're going to have the phe-a-friend. we're going to have a phone line. >> when we get in trouble, just call allie. >> we better go over and sit down. tell me your thoughts this morning, the two of you. i would love to know what you're thinking. >> honestly, i'll do a full suckup here. i'm scared to death to follow you in this job. but it's exciting.
7:48 am
for me, i love "gma." i love it. i don't know it as well as you all. it will be fun to learn about them. and try to help bring the news in every day. >> we can't wait. and once again, we'll take a break. we'll collect ourselves. and we'll be back. >> a picture. ♪ [ keys jingle ] drop everything! shop the petsmart pet holiday sale and save 25% on holiday dog and cat toys, rawhide and more!
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the right medicine for the real problem. advil cold & sinus
7:51 am
7:52 am
i me. i know. i thought we were going to make chris do it. what's coming up next? >> we're going to do memories. we're going to talk more about diane sawyer. and i'm trying to hit the clock here. i have seven more seconds to do this. this is hazing. >> four. three. two. one. >> we'll be back in one second. flattening noise, and sliding sound ) pop-tarts®, plase!, ♪ ( sfx: toaster pop ) when you give your kids... kellogg's frosted strawberry pop-tarts®... baked with real fruit, .they'll rise. # and you'll shine. ( sfx: mom giggles ) pop-tarts®. made for fun™. brand over the last decade... . now over the counter at walmart as prevacid 24hr - to treat frequent hearburn. over the counter. unbeatable prices. talk about a relief.
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7:56 am
>> winds gusting as high at 23 miles per hour. currently a little push is bringing us down to an 11 degree wind chill in westminster. monkton at 19 on your thermometer. down towards arbutus and annapolis. a lot of these places knocked down into the teens. occasional wind push will knock the wind chills down. despite all the sunshine we had, it's going to be a rather chilly
7:57 am
and blustery day. two degree guarantee. the wind will make everybody feel like the mid-20s. through tonight, drop back to 18 degrees. outlook for the weekend shows us warming up to 39. that comes with clouds on saturday. sunday may start with a snow or wintry mix, turning to rain in the afternoon. temperatures in the upper 30s. kim? >> thanks a lot, justin. we do have pretty much lighter than normal traffic of the outer loop of the beltway. traffic seemso zip on by towards route 70. little heavy volume on the inner loop as you approach green spring avenue. incident we've been on all morning, crash that blocks the northbound lanes of the bwfshg w b-- bw parkway. we have a crash at elkridge. eastbound route 100 at 95.
7:58 am
crash on the scene at reese road. rosedale, icy conditions reported at mccormick avenue. jfx jammed from the northern parkway down to north avenue. we'll be right back with good morning america.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ thank you for being a friend every picture tells a story. and we have many stories to tell on this momentous occasion. our "good morning america" family gathers for one, final morning, with our beloved colleague, our inspiration, our friend, diane. ♪ invited everyone you knew you would see ♪ >> thank you for being a friend, my dear, thelma. i know we joked about it, thelma and louise. we felt like we were going over that cliff. >> that's right. >> but you have been by my side. and i can never thank you enough. and i remember the first -- seven years ago walking in here. and you and charlie welcomed me so. so, we have 60 minutes left to
8:01 am
go in diane's tenure here on "good morning america." we have some surprises for you. and we know that you often say it takes a village. you were the first to say all the people who make this possible each and every day. so, the tireless staff of "gma" is the audience this morning. >> this is "good morning america." [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ]
8:02 am
and they've been up all night. and they're still like this. [ cheers and applause ] thank you. thank you. you know how i feel. i've said it to each and every one of you. you know how i feel. [ cheers and applause ] thank you. we're going to go upstairs to the news, while i still can say it. >> luckily, being a man, i lack the emotional depth for moments like this. and it's a good thing right now. good morning, again, everybody. let me get you the latest on the accusations of homegrown terrorism. five american students are expected to be deported back to
8:03 am
the u.s. the officials say, the men from the washington, d.c. area, were recruited by youtube and facebook. they were picked up in a pakistani stronghold, thanks to the fbi. officials will not say who a drone targeted, only that it was not osama bin laden or his number two. the cdc says now one in every six americans has come down with swine flu. more than 200,000 people have required hospitalization. about the same as a typical flu season. nearly 10,000 have died from it. now that cases are declining, experts say there could be a third wave of flu in january. so, what does this mean? they urge you, get vaccinated if you have not been already. there may be a major side-effect of a drug taken by women to prevent bone loss. researchers warn more research is needed on this.
8:04 am
the man accused of stalking and making nude photos of espn reporter, erin andrew, has agreed to plead guilty. insurance agent michael barrett, allegedly videotaped andrews through peepholes in hotel rooms. and then sell the videos. he faces up to five years of prison. durant a recent court proceed, tareq salahi, was ordered to hand over his designer watch to pay for yard work. turns out, the watch, a fake. worth only about 100 bucks. and news of a great honor for harry weintraub. the biggest in the industry, paid tribute to weintraub's efforts. he was honored by unicef, whose mission is to save and improve the lives of children worldwide. clooney made a good joke. when it comes to charities, nobody guilts more into giving than jerry weintraub. that's the news at 8:04. this is my last newscast.
8:05 am
it's my last toss to sam champion. i want to share this moment, with all of you. i love you. and somebody very special. a friend of mine. a gift to you. miss juju chang, please. this is your chair. >> can i say? you joke about lacking emotional depth. but i happen to know, you're about as deep as it gets, sweetheart. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> this is your chair. you deserve it in every way possible. please, toss to sam. it is not easy. he is an odd fellow. >> well, that's the news at 8:05. sam, man in the beautiful turtleneck. >> juju, can i tell you for years, now. i had to fake it going, i can't hear you, chris? can i say, juju, i hear you perfectly. >> aw. that's so nice of you. >> good morning, juju. good morning, chris. this is their last hour. we know it as the 8:00 hour. we want everybody to see. they're the first to turn on the waterworks. and they're not crying yet.
8:06 am
>> not yet. not yet. >> good. these are the first two ladies that get everybody teared up. let's get to the boards. we'll show you exactly what's going on this morning. one or two things we want you to know about. we'll show you a quick look at where the rain will go in the southeast today. this will be an issue. at the beginning of the week, new orleans had about six inches of rain. today, they get a half-inch or another inch of rain.
8:07 am
what? >> i can't talk. >> i know. and truly, have you gotten connected to the moment yet? or is this still like, watching it happen? >> yes. i'm between time zones. i'm between conscious zones, i think, in some way because it is impossible, impossible. after all these mornings together. but we'll be -- we'll be together. >> it's a wonderful thing because truly and truly, you are emotionally touched by this. and everybody can see it. waking up long before the crack of dawn every morning, it isn't all fun and games. sometimes we're all getting close to kind of missing -- wait a minute. we're all getting close to missing the show when we get there. but we're getting ready to say good-bye to diane. and that's a tough thing for all of us. and i know it's tough for a lot of folks to watch. i've seen on the twitter, as
8:08 am
well. here's some of the most wonderful moments of our time together. here they are. >> good morning. and welcome. i'm diane sawyer with robin roberts. it's tuesday -- tuesday. where am i? >> hi, diane. how are you this morning? >> just great. how are you? i love that you time in your tutu. >> oh, yeah. >> you see? you see what i'm saying? you see what i'm saying? ♪ >> yes. >> just feel that. feel it. >> whoa! >> she certainly has. she's one of my great heroes. >> the animal probably -- >> what's your second question? >> are you pregnant? >> excuse me? >> do you know who this is? >> bruce willis. >> with all due respect, i've always had a crush on you. a big crush. >> well, you didn't call me before you got married.
8:09 am
>> ooh. >> george clooney is going to be here live this morning. lighting up times square. >> diane, a huge star. a huge, huge actor. >> he's also going to be -- >> george clooney is on. he's a huge star. >> have we just had a hostile takeover of our show? i believe that's the case. >> by the way. i'm in the control room. and they're all drunk. ♪ once, twice diane, you're three times the lady ♪ ♪ oh, diane here's my diane ♪ >> the meat loaf sandwich. >> sandwich wasn't part of the competition. sandwich is extra. sandwich is cheating. what a surprise. diane won. >> yeah. >> who knew? >> we're going to fry this chicken. >> we're going to fry this chicken.
8:10 am
yes, we are. >> i'm getting ready for my backup. ♪ you got to eat >> i'm not sure that this is architecturally sound, if you know what i mean. if there's anything you'd like to know about, feel free to ask me. >> do you have a special today? >> i don't know the answer. >> diane, which one do you like? >> i like the hot jalapeno. >> jalapeno. >> lots of hot pepper, which pleases me a lot. it's like ole. ole. >> we can throw this stuff on there really fast. >> keep it coming? a little of everything? >> yeah. we can use this later, too. i swear. [ laughter ] >> so, you have to feel very confident and very powerful and very comfortable. >> yeah. >> in this position with a woman. >> thank you for sharing that
8:11 am
with me, will. >> if you really want to be intimate, you do this. and nobody can criticize that, either. >> i couldn't contain my sense of love for you. >> i'm sorry? there's a call-in? >> hello? hello? >> i'm hearing someone. >> phoenix? >> oh, god. yes? >> this is nichols. i'm watching your every move. >> diane, if you weren't married to one of my heroes, i would be back in new york. not los angeles. >> why does everybody respect my husband too much? >> drop it. >> oh, yeah. >> you can never embarrass. two-step. >> that's good. >> up. down. roll. roll. ♪ ♪ i'm every woman
8:12 am
it's all in me ♪ ♪ >> how are we doing? >> and, gibson gets out sawyer. >> and now. we have a little dance. a lift, diane. >> oh, no. >> did you hit your head? we'll be right back with a lawyer. >> i just realized, i have my pants on backwards. these are the pockets. hey. i figure, they need solidarity, right? >> thank you. thank you. >> yeah. >> right there. right there. back up. back up. >> that's a good one. that's like the impersonation of
8:13 am
what people look like when they get out of the car with you. >> go ahead. you start. >> let's go. i thought it did it for you. >> please, don't let diane get hurt. eight. ♪ >> put it over your back. >> the one, the only, diane sawyer. ♪ [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ]
8:14 am
>> i think i'm -- i think george stephanopoulos just called and said he'd like to reconsider. >> i know that this is something that's not just you. and i love that our staff and other people are here. and we're going to miss the people that you have brought into our lives every day. maria. >> yes. every, single morning, they take this wreck that is me. and do it. thank you all. love to you all. >> literally, all of those people. >> there's the team. where's maria? >> there's maria. >> vincent. vincent. vincent is not going to be the same. >> vincent.
8:15 am
emily. claudia. randy. >> randy gets you in the car, every morning. >> every, single morning, together. >> you guys can still come by any time you like. we'll have so much more in just a moment. come on back opinion when you're trying to lose weight, the more options you have, the more likely you are to stay on track. ♪ that's why there are eight delicious kinds... of special k® cereal. ♪ because every girl could use a little variety. ♪ special k®-- now in eight delicious flavors. all free clear 2x concentrated detergent. all free clear's powerful clean
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8:19 am
come in today, or go to before december 31st to find the best plan for you -- at cvs/pharmacy. diane, congratulations, i think. we're going to miss you and your good morning. but now, you're on the evening. you're a woman that faced up to many, many challenges. and i know this one will be a good one for you. and barbara and i wish you all the best. we go back a long way, you and i. and it's all very favorable. and i've always been very impressed with your fairness and your digging in, i might add. but good luck to you. you're the best. and i wish you well. [ applause ] >> it was one of my first assignments to cover his campaign. >> there's so many people who wanted to come here.
8:20 am
and who wanted to do what former president bush has done. our next two guests disagree strongly with each other on controversial subjects like saturated fat. but when it comes to you, diane, they're on the same page. nay completely agree on diane. they put aside their differences to come here this morning. our special guests, the host of "the dr. oz show," dr. oz, and emeril. >> i've been wanting to give this to you, honestly, for a decade. this is a machine that will analyze the quality of your sleep. and now -- you never slept before. >> i know. >> with your new job, you'll know how deeply you're sleep pmg but you'll analyze your r.e.m. sleep. and finally, a little bit of lavender. >> my aroma therapy. >> in the long, leisurely
8:21 am
mornings when you're lounging at home, watching "gma," it will smell good. >> fantastic. >> you know what i have for you? >> take that. >> i know you like spicy food. i made you a spicy meatloaf. with spicy mayonnaise. and also, zapp potato chips. they're the best. >> is this the same sandwich you made for her to win that competition? >> that's right. >> and i tried to talk him out of the white bread. he wouldn't hear of it. >> can i thank president and mrs. bush once again? and when i'm dreaming, i'll be mrs. bush once again? and when i'm dreaming, i'll be dreaming of all of you. when i saw what great deals walgreens has... on holiday snacks, drinks, and candy, well i just had to share. we're out of ice. ( sighs ) do you mind? it's the holidays. i'm in a giving mood. there we go. cold drinks, anyone? thank you. you're welcome. stock up for the holidays with select 12-pack... coca-cola products, 3 for $10. plus get $2 towards your next purchase.
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8:24 am
- can you help me? - of course! what do you want? some of these and some of these and some of these... what are you going to make? you should make a gift for papa. i'm going to put it right here. that's for daddy. mine is done now! look it! look it! look it! whoa, whoa, whoa! this... can i have another one? yes! is what memories are made of.
8:25 am
rice krispies®. childhood is calling. ♪ good morning. 8:25. 23 degrees outside. we're mighty chilly in baltimore. eastern shore, we have 27 in easton. 20 york, pennsylvania. in oakland, wind chill values about 7 below zero compared to our range of 9 to 13 around the baltimore area. little milder. still quite chilly on the eastern shore. virtually clear skies. few clouds, low eastern shores. fast little jetstream there. really all about the wind and cold temperatures. 36 degree reading. going to feel like the mid-20s. it'll feel much cooler than
8:26 am
that. 18 the low tonight. now look to the weekend. increasing clouds tomorrow at 39 degrees. temperatures start warming up with the next system. we start with a wintry mix. should turn the rain through the day and push into the 40s with another round of rain by tuesday. kim? >> justin, traffic is moving nicely this morning here at route 50 and route 97 as your make your way westbound. no problems around the baltimore beltway. we're looking pretty good on southbound 95 as well as make your way past the white marsh boulevard area toward the tunnels. southbound lanes of 95. route 175 currently blocking the left lane. be careful there. crash route 100 eastbound, that is approaching 95. currently also blocks the left lane in that area. crash on the scene at reese road and route 175. baltimore charles street at cold
8:27 am
spring lane. use 95 this morning as an alternate. looking at the jfx traffic seems to be jammed at north avenue. we'll be right back with your morning news update next. taking a look at local news. homeless shelters in baltimore city will be busy this weekend. the city doesn't issue cold blue alerts anymore. instead there's a shelter open all year regardless of how can
8:28 am
house people. up to 350 people get breakfast, a meal in the evening and counseling services to help get their lives back together. the number of people visiting the shelter is up 12% this year because of the economy and rising unemployment. >> we're finding people that have never asked for shelter services and have donated to our shelter are now clients of our shelter. >> the city has an overflow shelter for 60 more. around 2:00 this morning: our overnight photographer pete on the street was on the scene of a crash in downtown baltimore. a cab crashed into a car at the intersection of gay and pratt streets. everyone is okay. building inspectors are expected to look at a building they crashed into this morning. get ready to shop in federal hill. moon light madness is a chance
8:29 am
to save money with shops offering 8 to 12% discounts until midnight. it's a great situation for everyone. >> we're open late, there's holiday in the air, we have champagne and we've got you know, christmas cookies and carollers and it's, it's very good energy and um, and it's a great event for the shop owners as well as for the customers. >> everything kicks off at 8:00 p.m. tonight until midnight. 25 shops will participate. strolling, carolling will be a big part of it. now back to good morning america.
8:30 am
diane, i think you have a future in this business. i really do. my fingers are crossed for you. i think you've put in the work. you've apprenticed the job well. she's really tough. she's really great. she drops the gloves. she's like a really beautiful hockey player. she can drop the gloves and just keep swinging. and it's brutal. but she's good. >> where was he going there with that? i don't think he knew. i don't think he knew. >> a true diane fan, jeremy piven, sending his best wishes to you. people are stacking up wanting to do that. t-minus 30 minutes. can we just stop time? is that okay with everybody? we don't want this morning to
8:31 am
end. we don't want you -- your tenure, your legacy here will continue on and on and on. get to the weather so we can get back to the fun. >> yeah. let's do it quickly. by the way, we found an interesting town we thought we should bring you an important forecast from. let's put that town up, please. yeah. christopher place, new mexico. and it's really just fair at 32 degrees. that's all it is. >> the message there is that it's cool. >> and now, on the amazing sawyer fly-by. sawyer, new york, at 23 degrees. little cloudy with snow there. sawyer, new mexico, gorgeous and sunny at 35 degrees. sawyer, idaho, a little cloud obscuring the sawyerness there. >> as you guys like to joke. they're all my cousins. and they all come in t
8:32 am
all that weather was brought to you by kellogg's rice krispies. diane? and now, if i could put time in a bottle, the first thing i would like to do is tell all of you and all of you at home, what it's meant to me to have you there as i've traveled. how you have responded to the people in need. what you have taught us all about death and life and hope and joy. are you ready? >> yeah. >> here we go. >> good morning, america. >> and with that, we were off and running. 7:01 in the morning, january 18th, 1999.
8:33 am
charlie and diane, side-by-side. our first story that first morning, a rare f-4 tornado hits jacksonville, tennessee. what's happening in the hospitals right now? do you all have water? and what i learned from you in the 11 years of searching through waters of katrina, and the wreckage of the tsunami in southeast asia, is to be human, is somehow to be together. we'll bear more than we can bear. >> i remember the roof coming down and collapsing. >> it's heartbreaking. all-told, together, we circled the globe 14 times. more than 300,000 miles in 11 years. questioning world leaders. in iran, an angry mob, yelling at me, death to america. i'm american. then, unexpectedly, one of the screaming women looked me in the face and said, what? i love you. i love you, she says. she says, i love you.
8:34 am
we travelled to the middle east together, during the war in iraq. and on the noisy medevac plane carrying some of the wounded, we learned that life cannot be stopped. a soldier had a secret to share with me. and on we went to find stories of the women of afghanistan. and to the icebergs in finland. >> she is in finland. you're having the time of your life there, diane. >> in south africa, the girls at oprah's school taught us the song you sing in the poorest parts of the poore slustms. it means, hold on. songs of the living. and a message to us, from the dying. >> the brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something. >> beloved professor randy pausch, stricken with pancreatic cancer. and writing "the last lecture," to fill us with love to get through even the toughest days we spend on earth.
8:35 am
fasten your seat belts. as we speak, we're breathing. charlie d i together, became parents, of the firs live morning broadcast of babies being born. >> my name is ismail. >> my name is tiffany. >> and you were there when we needed you. for the children who grew up as foster kids, struggling without parents in a bruising system. when we tried to tackle the unfeeling bureaucracy, we learned no matter the age, even the most tough-looking teens are children aching for a family like yours. >> what i need is a mom and a dad. not need. i really want a mom and a dad. and again, you reached out to help when i took you to the poorest places in america. opening your hearts in cam don. ivan had no home. he dreamed of food. >> my heart is going to be sad. i want my own room. and i'm never gonna get it. >> thanks to you, ivan got his room. we spent the night together in
8:36 am
maximum security prison, to learn about people who stood at a crossroads and took a wrong turn. and we spent a lot of days with magical people. i even got to find my childhood paper doll, esther williams. still beautiful and ready for a duo. and in a moment so dear to all of you who wrote me, the interview with nancy reagan about the last moments in the life of a president and a husband. even though she thought that all recognition had been long lost to his alzheimer's disease, at the end -- >> ronnie, all of a sudden, turned his head and looked at me. and opened his eyes and just looked. and then, he closed them. well, what a gift he gave me at that point. what a wonderful gift.
8:37 am
>> some 3,000 days we've spent together. some 3,000 mornings. the challenging ones. september 11th. that morning, i raced down to ground zero, where the embers were still burning. >> those rescue workers are insisting they be allowed to go back in. and one year later, we gathered together some newborn babies, who looked so much like the dads who died that day. babies, who rededicated us to hope, with every squirm and every cry. one woman said to her baby, you are the kiss your ther left behind. and just like our famous train trip along the railways of america, every day here has been a grateful journey forward with the "gma" family around me. all of the passages. we delighted when charlie became a grandad. >> andrew reese gibson rosen, born at 12:01. >> we held close when we lost
8:38 am
our friend and our pal, joel siegel. >> this is a movie. it shouldn't be re-released on dvd. it should be re-released as kitty litter. >> we celebrated with chris' child bella, and mario. jumping their way through birthday after birthday. and offcameras, too. so much part of each other's lives. when sam wanted to heal an old shoulder injury, his workout buddy to the rescue, chris, stepped in. and robin, beloved robin, showed us all how you hold on when the news is tough. >> and now, been able to say it out loud. i have breast cancer, as my family here knows. my family at home knows. >> and then, how you take it on, still laughing. and singing. >> ain't no mountain high enough. >> thousands of days together. thousands of sleepless mornings. not to mention all the unslept, working nights with people i love, in front of the camera and
8:39 am
hundreds off the screen. working every shift, 24 hours a day, with a passion, serious purpose, exuberance and heart. and all i can say is, wherever i am, to all of you at home, and here at "good morning america," there's no mountain high enough, to keep me from you. ♪ ain't no mountain high enough ♪ ♪ nothing can keep me keep me from you ♪ >> all right. come on. come on. come on. come on. you big baby. >> i think it's a mary tyler moore moment. [ applause ]
8:40 am
>> you think we need a big group hug? >> i think we need a giant "gma" hug. >> but there are other people who want to hug you. there are other people -- how we're feeling right now, they feel the same way. one of the moments you talked about, was gathering the ch dren, who lost their fathers after 9/11. and this picture right here, all these precious babies. and we want to see those twins. the twins that you're holding right there. olivia. >> olivia and ariel. >> they're here now. with the 24 other children, to wish you well. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> congratulations. congratulations. >> oh, my. >> come on in, kids. come on in. come on in.
8:41 am
come on in. come on. come on. >> come say hello. can you wave to everybody at home? hello. turn around and wave to everybody at home. they want to see you again. >> wowee. >> my, how you've grown. >> look. you're all taller than diane now. >> thank you. and bless you. what a happy moment. we'll be back.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
diane, now that you've moved on to the evenings, i have no reason to get up in the morning, whatsoever. >> hi, diane. donny osmond. when i heard you were going over to "world news tonight," i thought, i really liked charlie gibson on "world news tonight." but now, i'm going to love watching it because you have better legs than charlie. good luck, diane. [ applause ] >> he hasn't seen charlie's legs. i just want to say. >> i hope not. >> it's not a closed
8:45 am
competition. >> obviously, as we just saw, very often what we cover is staggeringly serious on the show. but i think we really learned, and part of the lesson for me, is it is the laughter that really makes moments for people. really helps you get difficult things. that's why we try to bring some laughter into your lives. and often we do it from the late 46 night comedians. obviously, with a figure as touring as diane sawyer going through a transition like this, they wanted, they musted to get involved. here is a little gift. >> diane sawyer. she is leaving -- you know, she's one of the co-hosts of "good morning america." and she's leaving "good morning america." and she will be hosting "good morning japan." [ laughter ] >> hi, diane. it's me, jim. i just want to say that i don't know why they fired you. but i want you to know that i'm never, ever going to watch "good
8:46 am
morning america" again. and i hate everyone there now. good luck with the new game show. it's going to be okay. >> hey, diane. you know how you always used to say you couldn't hang out late at night because you had to get up early for "good morning america." now, there's no excuses. now, it's scatagories and sambuca at my house. congratlaces. >> i'm going to miss you on "good morning america." "gma" was always the finest of the morning shows because you were there. you were bright. keen, intelligent, interested, engaging. plus, you flirted like there was no tomorrow. >> you know what she's doing? she's taking over -- you know who is retiring is that charlie gibbons. >> charlie gibson. >> gibson. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> who, in his own right, was damn good. >> oh, yeah. >> so, he's gone. and did you hear oprah got fired? [ laughter ] >> well, diane, congratulations
8:47 am
on moving from one abc hit show to another abc hit show. from all of us here at cbs -- [ laughter ] well done. [ laughter ] >> thank you, guys. thank you. [ applause ] >> i'll tell you what. it really is great to laugh. it really is. >> feels good. feels good. >> and you needed it, boy. you and sam. you were going down. >> okay. all right. >> we have a musical tribute to diane next. >> music. now, we're talking. ♪ the feelings oh, so strong (announcer) let's say you need a little advice
8:48 am
sears personal shopper, can i help you? hi, i want a wii game that will make me sweat. do you like to dance? duh, uh uh... probably not boxing? only when provoked sword fighting ching, pah!
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8:50 am
you are just the best. that's its. the best. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> she likes you. she really, really liked you. >> and me her, as she well knows. >> you're going to love what we're going to do next. diane loves this song. she loves music. we have a very special musical surprise. a serenade from our tireless, terrific staff. some of the resident singers to belt out one of your favorite songs. here it is, diane. listen. ♪ why do you build me up buttercup baby ♪ ♪ just to let me down ♪ and mess me around and then worst of all ♪ ♪ worst of all ♪ you never call baby when you say you will ♪
8:51 am
♪ say you will i love you still ♪ ♪ i need you i need you ♪ ♪ more than anyone darling you know that i have ♪ ♪ from the start so, build me up ♪ ♪ buttercup don't break my heart ♪ ♪ i'll be over at 10:00 you tell me time and again ♪ ♪ but you're late i wait around and then ♪ ♪ baby baby i try to find ♪ ♪ a little time and make you happy ♪ ♪ i'll be home i'll be beside the phone waiting for you ♪ ♪ why do you build me up buttercup baby ♪ ♪ don't you let me down and mess me around ♪ ♪ and then worst of all worst of all ♪ ♪ you never call baby when you say you will ♪ ♪ say you will but i love you still ♪ ♪ i need you i need you ♪ ♪ more than anyone, darling
8:52 am
you know that i have ♪ ♪ from the start build me up ♪ ♪ buttercup don't break my heart ♪ >> love you, diane. [ cheers and applause ] >> one more time. ♪ why do you build me up buttercup, baby ♪ ♪ and mess me around worst of all ♪ ♪ worst of all you never call baby ♪ ♪ when you say you will but i love you still ♪ ♪ i need you i need you ♪ ♪ more than anyone darling you know that i have ♪ ♪ from the start so, build me up ♪ ♪ build me up buttercup ♪ ♪ don't break my heart [ applause ]ro
8:53 am
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take the glass. >> thank you. >> everyone have their glass? chris, diane, thank you. thank you for the wonderful memories and the love. and i know that it will continue. and i have a final toast. the best part of life is when your family become your friends and your friends become your family.
8:56 am
>> amen. >> and to monday morning, with all of you. right here, on "good morning america." can we have a giant group hug? >> let's go. [ applause ] now the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful radar.
8:57 am
we are looking at sunshine and cold airstreaming on through. 20 degrees now on the hill at winters mill, winds had been gusting as high as 23 miles per hour. they eased up calculating windchill in the mid to lower teens. temperatures across the area, ranging from 20, 22 manchester, 24 bell air and 25 now in annapolis. mostly sunny sky. all the snow confined just under the banner across the great lakes in ohio and new york state. it's about the wind and the cold. 2-degree guarantee gets us to downtown hp of 36. cooler elsewhere with windchills in to the 20s. tonight 18 degrees under clear skies. in the 30s tomorrow with clouds and a chance of a winter mix sunday morning to rain in the afternoon. high in the upper 30s. . a crash on the shoulder on the outer loop between
8:58 am
baltimore, delay and slow down at liberty road. crash on the outer loop on the key bridge blocking the right lane at this time. delays on southbound 95 between route 1175, crash has been cleared. delays persist and good news on the bw parkway. laurel re-opened. two crashes one in rutherville at york and ails berry and baltimore city t hartford at hamilton this morning. at the jfx looking good. all the earlier volume delays have cleared away a smooth ride southbound. back with good morning maryland starts at 9:00.
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