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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  January 4, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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happy new year. >> school's back in session. everybody's back at work. we're back in the playoffs. >> happy to be back? that's the big story today. you want to explain? >> last year i wore it, didn't come off until we lost in the afc championship. i'll keep it on all week long. we win in new england and i'll keep it on all next week. >> and when he did take it off it walked out of the studio on its own. a couple of meals in there. joe is here, monday monday morning quarterback. he'll break it down for us >> reporter: and tips carl delmont has for 2010.
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we'll check in with him as we do every monday. get mortgage advice. >> and the first baby born in the brand new decade. >> olivia rose. not just the first baby in maryland but they believe first in the country. >> good for her. and also, this is a gym. this is a treadmill. this is where you -- we want to see you again tomorrow and the next day and next day after that. we'll talk about gym memberships and how not to fall into some of the traps out here. >> you have to read the fine print. >> all those stories just ahead on this very chilly monday morning. >> let's look at weather now with justin berk. >> we promised to change our clothing so they don't get bored if they come back to the same spot. you know your tie? >> yeah. >> i try the same thing with jamie last year. mine got up and walked away. never came back. let's take it outside. a look at ellicott city on our storm center weathernet. 22 degrees and full parking lot as mr. costello promised. everyone is back at school,
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veterans elementary school, 22 but it hurts for the wind chill now at 11. occasionally knocking down to the single digits with strong gusty winds. the wind will pick up again today. we've got an overcast sky at st. mary's elementary school in annapolis, 22, currently feels like 14 and winds gusting between 15 and 20 miles per hour. to the north of baltimore and back towards our west there's the snow. that band of snow slipping southbound southbound through ohio, back through western virginia and western pennsylvania. we may get a flurry or snow shower this afternoon. 2-degree guaranteed high only reaching 32, wind chills in the lower 20s. 9:02. back to you. to our top stories. we'll start with the deep freeze causing a watermain break right here at joppa and old court. traffic is a mess, the water is freezing. it's forced the county to bring out its salt trucks here. traffic is closed in both directions. this all went down around 7:30 this morning. authorities are not saying what caused the watermain to
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break but recent watermain breaks in the baltimore area have been attributed to the cold weather so be very careful around that joppa and old court area this morning. the chilly weather is affecting the entire east coast. back to school and work with extra layers of clothing on. from baltimore to philly, new york to boston. then you make a u turn and head back to frosty florida. jeremy hubbard reports that everyone is shivering. >> reporter: residents along the great lakes are used to near whiteout conditions but not inside their football stadiums. the colts/bills game resembled a snow globe yesterday. but snow totals measured far less than here in new england. with vermont buried under as much as three feet of snow which has fallen since saturday. the main coast was battered by blizzard conditions with destructive surf in boston harbor. >> this is the second or third time i've shovelled today.
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the wind keeps blowing everything back on the driveway. >> reporter: in the midwest another six to 12 inches of snow forecast for parts of michigan and indiana but the winds will lessen somewhat in the northeast, even usually balmy florida is anything but with much of the state under freeze warnings, a danger to citrus and berry crops. >> it scary, if you lose your whole crop you're talking a million dollars' worth of loss. >> reporter: temperatures in the sunshine state dropped to near freezing overnight. jeremy hubbard, abc news. the developing story of the recent terrorism concerns from al-qaeda in yemen. for the second day u.s. and british embassies are closed, following warnings of an al-qaeda attack. over the weekend president barack obama directly accused al-qaeda in yemen for being responsible for the airline bomb plot. and the u.s. has announced it will then double the $67 million it gives in counterterrorism aid to yemen along with boosting intelligence efforts. of course terrorism is on
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the top of president obama's agenda as he returns from a holiday week with his family from hawaii. finding a new place for terrorists, to get them off airliners is certainly a priority. more on the security meshers that kick in today at foreign airports. >> reporter: another sign of the heightened security, travelers delayed sunday evening for at least two hours at newark airport after a man walked the wrong way through a security exit. it happened the same date the government issued new rules for all airlines that fly into the u.s. >> the public just has no confidence anymore in the ability of government to provide a safe environment in which travelers can fly. >> reporter: there will be extra screening for passengers with passports from or who have traveled through nations the u.s. deems suspect. such as yemen. the additional screening also applies to those from or visited countries the government classifies as being sponsors of terrorism such as
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iran. you may see different threshold for what makes you a select d or no-fly. right now those are very limited. i suspect they will probably broaden those definitions. >> reporter: critics say the heightened security measures still won't detect concealed bomb materials like what was sewn into the underwear of umar farouk abdulmutallab. the top adviser took to the airwaves yesterday. brennan acknowledged the system failed but - >> there was no single piece of evidence that said mr. umar farouk abdulmutallab was going to carry this out. >> reporter: when the president returns to washington later this morning he'll meet with his top advisors including the cia and homeland security to discuss the intelligence failures. viviana hurtado, abc news, washington. police are still looking for a man who slipped through security at newark airport in new jersey. authorities say that the man walked through a screening checkpoint exit into the secure side of the continental terminal. this is yesterday. police are looking at all the
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surveillance tape to try to identify that man. yesterday flights were grounded for hours as police tried to find the man. today things appear to be back up and running as usual in newark. in glen burnie six people were hurt in an apartment fire. when fire crews got to the willow apartments they found heavy smoke coming from the building. firefighters say the flames seemed to have been started by a pot left on the stove. and the three children were hospitalized including a 2-year-old who suffered what appeared to be life-threatening injuries. a 19-year-old was also seriously hurt. off to perry hall, and a fire that broke out at a home at kendrick court. this happened around 11:30 yesterday morning. neighbors tell us a mother and two young children had just left to buy paint for their home. high winds fueled the fire and it spread to an adjacent home melting the siding. no word yet on what caused it here this morning. forget the missed kicks,
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dropped passes, penalties, whatever they did from july to yesterday worked because for the sixth time now in ravens history we're going to the playoffs. and abc2 news linda so is live with fans who are in a playoff state of mind. good morning, linda. >> reporter: good morning. well, that state of mind means forget about the past like you said and think about the future. positive thoughts, everyone. we've been talking to ravens fans all morning at the 7-eleven in loch raven. they are building up positive energy for next sunday's big game. what ravens fans love to see. the men in purple dominating the field. fans are talking about willis mcgahee's impressive stiff arm on his way to a 77-yard touchdown. >> that stiff arm. that was great. >> reporter: that was an exciting moment, huh? what was your wife doing? >> standing on the coffee table. >> reporter: the win against the raiders means the ravens are in the playoffs. >> i feel we got a little cheated last time but i think we're going to pull through this playoff game.
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>> they are definitely going to win next game. the more confident you are, the better they are. if they have a couple hundred thousand fans behind them they are going to win. >> reporter: though the ravens didn't have a perfect season hopes are high they will score a big win next sunday against the patriots in new england. >> i'm going to be right in front of that television, a couple of beers lined up on the table. i'll be right there. i'm not missing it. >> keep your head in the game. been playing a good year so far. just keep going. >> reporter: go ravens? >> go ravens. >> reporter: fans keeping their faith because, hey, who doesn't like to dream about going to the super bowl? >> we're going to give it our best as we do every week. we're going to have a good attitude. they are going to go all the way. go team. >> reporter: it's next sunday at 1:00 in new england. let's keep our fingers crossed for a win and shot at the super bowl. linda so, abc2 news. what are the ravens' chances in the playoffs? we'll play monday morning quarterback on "good morning maryland" at 9:00.
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joe from press box as always joins us in 25 minutes to look back at yesterday's game and head to new england coming up on sunday. you lost your great uncle who discovered oil in western memorial day. >> and left you a good chunk of money. you're in luck. the rest of us are still paying for this major tax loophole. >> it's monday. carl delmont already in the studio. 2010 is a new year for him. he's got great tips if you're planning on buying a home this year. we're going to introduce you to the first baby of a brand new decade. her name again? >> olivia rose. [ male announcer ] it's our hottest offer of the season,
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wilhide's unique flowers. look at this unique arrangement. what do you notice that is different this week? >> besides the bright red gerber daisies, those little candle holders. very touching. >> nice job wilhide's. let's get to your money. think money. new year's day brought with it a tax break for the wealthy but may all cost us. the well known estate tax expired on january 1st, congress let renewing the tax slip through the legislative cracks. as abc2 news laura mark explains gone with the tax is $14 billion for the u.s. treasury. >> it seems to be on everyone's mind. >> reporter: andrew katzenstein represents some of america's wealthiest families.
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those families just got a big gift from congress. >> this - >> reporter: congress was too busy last year to get around to renewing the estate tax which takes a significant part of a large inheritance. so, on january 1st, the tax disappeared. >> somebody that died this year as opposed to next year with no change in the law could save 60% in value passing to their family. it's a huge number. >> reporter: just 1% of american families are wealthy enough to pay the estate tax but if they don't pay it effects all of us because the federal government will lose billions of dollars in revenue. the congressional budget office estimates that this year 5500 families would have paid a total of $14 billion in estate taxes. congress could renew the tax this year. and make it retroactive back to january 1st but a retroactive law might not fly with the courts. in the meantime the heirs of wealthy americans near the end of their lives have a new dilemma. >> if the person that has the
9:15 am
power to pull the plug is somebody that is going to inherit i think it's human nature for that to become part of the decisionmaking process. >> reporter: death and taxes have never been more intertwined. laura marquez, abc news, los angeles. 9:14 now. we're going to talk to carl delmont. he comes in every monday from freedmont mortgage to give us great advice on buying a home, selling a home, you name it. you have tips if you're buying a home this year. >> with the tax break, 10 tips for 2010. >> i'll go through some of them. you say remember the deadline for tax credit, there's a contract. by the end of april it's up so settle up by the end of? >> the tax credit for home buyers, you have to have a contract ratified end of april and you have to settle by end of june. if you want to buy a home you might want to try it the first part of the year. >> you should think about it now? >> definitely. >> not do it in april. >> no procrastinating. think now. >> you also say work on a current budget.
9:16 am
>> a lot of people think i'll buy a house, here's the price but don't take in account utilities, heating, energy costs, cable, commuting, other things, taxes. sit down and do a budget so when you buy the house you're prepared for it. >> this is a good one. be specific, list all the features you want. not just room size but the neighborhood, right? >> a lot of people, especially in the early part of the last decade were saying i'm just going to buy a house. because they thought it would go up in value. you don't buy it as an investment. you should buy it because you want certain things. people don't think about that, make sure you put that at the top of the list, you don't want to buy the wrong house because selling a house is not easy. >> you said something a long time ago that stuck with me, if you're going to buy a house make it the house you want to live in for a very long time. >> think about, if you have no children now, think about the person buying the house
9:17 am
five, six, seven years from now, maybe they might have children, don't discount a house because it may have a playground in the backyard. >> this is one i think probably a lot of people are probably doing the opposite of what you say to do. don't buy a house because of the tax credit, the $8,000 tax credit. >> the number 10 was because of the tax credit but also don't just go out and buy the house because of that. there are a lot of people that were panicking in november before they extended the tax credit, have i to buy a house. if you miss out, not that big a deal. don't buy a house for the wrong reasons. buy a house because you're prepared to do so. >> it's hard to do because it's so much money. what would you say to people? >> again, why you do the list, just because the tax credit is out there, if you miss out on it it's not the end of the world. imagine you get the tax credit, buy a house that doesn't suit your needs, you can't get rid of it. wasn't worthwhile buying it. don't be misled. web a sp says, only --
9:18 am
when a company says only two left, buy now. if you don't need it don't buy it. if you plan on buying you may want to move it up, but people sitting on the fence, don't just jump up because of that. >> you said make your your credit report is accurate. >> there's things on tv. get a true credit report and accurate fico score. a lot of companies sell models that are not really what mortgage lenders are looking at. you want to fix the errors. if your scores are low enough, like we say on the show, if you're married you're looking at the lowest of the three scores of both borrowers, you want the scores up. 620 is the bare minimum now. you want to try for about 700 and 740 for the best rate in terms. >> where should people go to get their credit report? the best place? >> there's a number of places. equifax has another one. those are probably the two
9:19 am
most legitimate ones. >> thank you. >> carl delmont is in every monday. if you have a question, e-mail us, the address on the screen, ask him what you want to know, he'll answer it on the air. it's cold outside. well, justin will tell us when it's time to run to the grocery store. that's coming up next -- you hate that. all right, justin's complete forecast when we come back. but before we go to break we want to get your business, organization or charity mentioned on "good morning maryland" at 9:00. send a coffee mug and be a part of our cup of joe segment, to "cup of joe" at the station, 6400 york road, baltimore, 21212.
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don't wait. offer ends january 16th. call 1.866.699.fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v. this is fios. this is big. 9:22. i think tuesday afternoon is the best time to go shopping any week. jamie was trying to inform me there's a bumper crop of beats and rhubarb. is that why you want to chase everyone to the store? >> that's right. >> that's what it's all about. we're talking weather here, 23 degrees was our low in baltimore this morning. 17 pittsburgh. places that actually had snow, snow on the ground and snow still falling, they are still in the teens. we've recovered a little bit to 26 degrees. again, as we watch the typical standard breakdown with the winds off the great lakes,
9:23 am
banking up against the western slopes of the appalachians and that's where most of the snow is flying, a couple flurries may float their way through, a little disturbance in the atmosphere could enhance the chance of a snow flurry or snow shower this afternoon but it's really about the gusty winds that picked up across the area, and have already charged the atmosphere with extreme chill. we take you down the eastern seaboard where we've been following some snow showers including this one in arkansas and now passing its way through northern mississippi, central and southern alabama getting some snow now. and the cold air, this arctic blast made it all the way down to florida with a freeze among the citrus crops for the central and northern portion of the peninsula. current temperatures in florida, 47 in miami. 37 in orlando and coming out of the freeze, only a 35 in daytona beach. bring it back home, there's the snow on our forecast model locked in across the mountains on in through the afternoon. it looks like maybe a disturbance sliding out of central and southern pennsylvania could give us a chance of a light snow shower
9:24 am
come wednesday morning but otherwise what you see is what you can get which means a mostly cloudy sky, a gusty wind at 32 on the thermometer. our 2-degree guarantee, but it will feel like the lower 20s. chance of a flurry or snow shower takes us through this evening. overnight we drop to 22 and make it to 33, more clouds mixed in with less wind tomorrow. catch us on line at we will have much more coming up in the next half-hour. 9:24. back to you. >> in sports some call it instinct. >> coming up, an athlete wants to change the way you see a game. his amazing story next. >> our above average joe is here from press box. he'll break down the ravens game yesterday. and we head to foxboro to play monday morning quarterback.
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9:27 am
thank you for joining us. every athlete in every competitive sport has challenges to face but the young man you're about to meet is doing something many may think is simply impossible. take a look. >> i play football. with the short senses i have left to me. one quality sets me apart. i can't see.
9:28 am
my name is charlie wilkes, i'm 14 years old and this is my story. i've lived in empeoria, kansas, all my life. pretty much what i do, i play football here. at the high school. how do i do it? i'm listening to the statements. then the middle linebacker. my name on the football field is the beast. i hit hard. and, i don't have any mercy for anybody. when i was born i had sight. about nine years ago i found out that i had a brain tumor. it expanded until it crushed my optical nerve. how hard was that for you,
9:29 am
mom? >> it's pretty scary, charlie. i didn't know what was going to happen. >> i'd have to say that i don't miss anything about being able to see. >> hold it down. >> what my coaches did is, one of the greatest things they could have ever done for me. >> i know why you didn't want to go against the chiefs. >> once i hit them once or twice then i realized that i'm not going to go easy on them so they stopped going easy on me. i think my biggest fear would be getting my sight back. once you go blind, you start imagining the world as this perfect place. getting your sight back, and seeing how imperfect
9:30 am
it is crushes some blind people. playing football is pretty much what i have planned for my life. if you imagine a disability as a crutch don't use the disability as a crutch. you should use the disability as a leg. and start running. >> wow. i don't know how to go into this. let's just go to joe from press box. who is going to join us on this "monday morning quarterback." yesterday was ugly but you know what? it's what we wanted in july. make the playoffs. get me to it. here we are. >> for the second time in the ravens 14-year history they made the playoffs in back-to-back years and for the third time in the last four years, let's not forget that 2006 division championship team. it's all up to, going up to new england on sunday at 1:00 and taking on a patriots team
9:31 am
that has not lost a home play off game under bill belichick and haven't lost a home game at all since 1978 when the heist oilers beat them 38-14. the ravens had a shot in week four when they lost the game 27-21. we know the calls. mark clayton's dropped pass. the ravens know they can be competitive against a patriot team that had an offensive lineman or two leave the game yesterday. beating a good quarterback in the playoffs, we know the ravens can beat bad teams with bad quarterbacks. it's up to them to step up to the elite now that they are one of them. one of the last 12 standing. >> yesterday in oakland, they dusted off mcgahee. what a game he had. this stiff arm, what does it mean? >> he's coming up on hire yam, get out of my which, good bye. and off on the 77-yard run. same length as the touchdown run in dallas towards the end of the season last year.
9:32 am
career high 167 yards, 14 touchdowns, advertise the team record for a single season, jamal lewis and jackson. they didn't throw that much. didn't have to. the oakland raiders have a pretty good secondary. hello and goodbye. i'm going off to the races now. it reminded me a little of when shannon sharpe was 96 yards, went from the same end of the field that they were, the lefthand side of the screen. they threw to todd heap, the play before that. that started me thinking, ok, shannon revisited. well, the next play, mcgahee goes through a hole on the righthand side. all the guys opened up tremendous holes for the ravens running game. that's pretty much what carried him yesterday. >> since you brought up history let's show you history. first weekend in october up in foxboro. flacco looking for mark clayton, finds clayton who
9:33 am
turns, drops the ball there. >> would have been a first and goal in the 8-yard-line. we don't know whether they would have cashed that in but it would have given them a great shot. there were two guys in the area but then again there -- there was a ball he really should have cut and roughing the passer penalties which seemed a little soft earlier in the game. >> the penalties are gone, the missed kick, we had one yesterday and we're thinking could this have been the season of stover? when he misses that kick yesterday, two kicks. >> yeah. >> we're through that and here we are in the playoffs where we can turn everything about right. >> it's time for the ravens to clean up their act. they are a slightly above average team at 9-7. only one other team has been 9-7 in the ravens history, the 2004 team that had a shot to defend its division title. they blew a 17-point lead to cincinnati you might remember. ended up missing the playoffs at 9-7. this year's team set a team record for penalty yardage.
9:34 am
1,094 penalty yards. that's something they have to clean up going into a place they've never won against a team their never beaten. >> does anybody in the afc frighten you? >> i think the ravens can compete with anyone. i said in august they could win the whole thing before they started playing inconsistent football. i think they faced just about everybody on the list with the exception of the new york giants. and they have rex ryan and for fourther ravens up there. they are pretty comfortable with what they've seen. they've played everybody else. one is san diego before that team got hot. this is the fear where the ravens can stack up with everybody, just painkiller -- making the right plays at the right time. >> just concentrate on rapidaymous. >> and don't forget he haddenman.
9:35 am
>> the defense isn't what it used to be. >> no, it's not. >> joe, see you next monday, from press box. millions of americans are trying to lose weight. no doubt about it. especially after the holidays. before you head to the gym we have uncovered the signs that you need to be aware of so you don't lose your money before you try to lose the pounds. and, thanks to layoffs many people had to find other ways to pay the bills. how did one guy's side hobby turn into a career? plus, it didn't take long for baltimore to welcome its first baby of 2010. could this baby be the first for the entire country? find out. >> we have a lot of clouds outside. this is annapolis. we've had a mostly cloudy morning. it looks like any bit of sun really disappearing now. they are sitting at 23 degrees. wind chill currently at 11. how long does the cold air stick around and will you need to go shopping this week?
9:36 am
for another reason. coming up. i calculate my own payroll. it works... pretty well. right, guys? announcer: there's an easier way. do your payroll with intuit online payroll. just enter employee hours. it calculates all the taxes and creates paychecks. get a 30-day free trial at
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temperatures have fallen outside, prices at the pump have risen. according to aaa the average price of gas in the baltimore area now $2.61 a gallon for regular. up about five cents since last week. and nationally the price is $2.66 a gallon. up six cents. ?iets the resolution for many of us, to get off our butts and
9:39 am
get to the gym. it's not so easy to do but as abc2 news joce sterman tells us she's got a warning to make sure if you do sign up for a health club you don't feel the burn in your wallet. >> reporter: no matter the weather timonium's heidi satz always wants a workout. >> two days for weights, three days for cardio, if it's crap or raining i'll run inside. >> reporter: heidi ended up running in circles thanks to the fine print in a local gym's contract. ? they just want you to join. they want your money. they are not going to tell you the little details. >> reporter: the details allowed the club to keep charging her membership even after they closed down and shifted her and other members to another location farther from home. >> they couldn't go there but the gym kept billing their account. >> reporter: angie barnett with the better business bureau says it's not a scam, it's straight business because the consumers didn't look closely legym contracts they side. that is why with new years resolutions coming on strong she's reminding gym rats to focus a keen eye on the contract before signing up with
9:40 am
any health club. >> in this case you want to be a whole lot cautious. >> reporter: she's heard enough complaints to know, gripes about gyms up 20% from 2007. with more than 6,400 complaints filed with bbbs nationwide this year. the top problems involved contracts, billing issues and high-pressure sales. >> going to try to use incentives to get you to sign today. they want you to do it right this minute. >> reporter: but barnett says you need to take that contract home and read it thoroughly before you sign. ask for specifics about the cancellation policies and what happens if you get hurt, move or the gym closes down. heidi didn't think to ask until it was too late though she was able to stop the gym from billing her. it was a workout in and of itself. >> i think just me making a real big fuss about it i got my money back. >> reporter: joce sterman, abc2 news. >> if you feel pressured and end up signing with the gym before you carefully read over the paperwork and contract don't worry, under maryland law you have three days to cancel when you sign a health club contract.
9:41 am
from the old middlesex bowling alley to stonily from thursday nights in perry hall to the country club lanes, bowling is our strike of passion. you're going to see the story of a man who changed the role of his ball. and the first baby of the new decade. see how the 2010 family of the first baby is faring this morning.
9:42 am
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megan? >> yeah. >> i'm going to show you the biggest tallest building opening now in dubai. it's almost a half mile long. can you believe it? >> no. >> it goes 2,600 feet tall. 164 floors, it's a big elevator. >> you don't want to get stuck on that. it will also be the home of a hotel designed by armani. >> it's a beautiful building. i'm curious to see -- i wonder what it looks like inside. i bet those apartments are gorgeous. for those of us are grew up on pin busters or fair lanes this is a great story. >> a man found himself in the gutter, just hit the light return button. here's chris with a story to strike the new year. >> reporter: tom smallwood, a man with a mean left hook
9:45 am
dreamed of making his living on the lanes but like so many in michigan he earned his pay on an assembly line. until he was laid off from his gm factory two days before christmas in 2008. >> i have a 2-year-old and a house and car payments. you can't just find another job that pays the same amount. it was tough. >> reporter: he always bowled on the side bringing home trophies and amateur prize money so tom made a deal with his wife, he would make it as pro within a year or find another job. she understood. their romance began at the local lanes. >> i think i knew i would end up with a bowler because i bowled myself. >> reporter: last summer still out of work tom scraped together $1,500 to enter the pro tour qualifying school. out of nearly 120 aspiring pros only eight would make the cut. >> thomas smallwood! >> reporter: that was just the beginning. in august he qualified for
9:46 am
the world championship. in december the raw rookie made it to the finals to face the reigning king of bowling. in the 10th and final frame smallwood needed one strike just to survive. seven more pins to win. >> there's no greater pressure than being on live television bowling for a world championship against the best bowlers in the world and needing the strike. >> what was going through your mind at that exact moment? >> you waited 32 years for this, make it count. >> dreams do come true! >> try to fight back tears because to hold that trophy up is a dream come true. >> reporter: a dream realized, $50,000 in prize money and two years of guaranteed qualifying in the pro tour. for this one-time auto worker with that mean left hook, a striking success. abc news, saginaw, michigan. >> great. he turned his hobby into
9:47 am
something that really turned out for him. a great story. >> that's why you tell your wife tonight i'm going to the bowling league with the buddies. try to make a career out of it. >> go ahead, try. here's the weather with justin. ever on a bowling league? >> no -- i was, when i was younger. i still have a ball with my name on it. >> do you really? >> yes. and my dexter shoes. my wife makes fun of me. it's ok, you don't have to. 26 degrees - >> still will. >> megan still will. she'll find any excuse. 26 now in baltimore. 27 easton. we've calculated a wind chill of 14 to 16 across the bay. not much different up towards york and hagerstown. west of the mountains, the winds really pick up and temperatures really drop off. they are under some snow pack now, a wind chill of 5 below in oakland but at least they've got a fresh eight inches of snow in nearby resorts. snow still to the northwest. in reference to baltimore, it's locked up on the other side of the mountains, some snow showers showing up near
9:48 am
skyline drive, across northern sections of virginia. yes, with the strong winds there's a possibility we carry a snow shower or flurry this afternoon. that's about it. it's really just about the cold. we'll be watching that thermometer trying to get back to 32 in downtown baltimore with an overcast sky and again wind chills knocked to near 20 in the afternoon. better chance of a flurry or snow shower across the hereford zone, 30 parkton. 29 westminster. and then we'll take you back to howard county with 31 degrees, 33 in annapolis. again, for today the average about 32 degrees, small chance of a flurry through this evening. overnight, less wind and we'll start to break down some of the clouds. we'll settle back to 22. then for tomorrow, really not much of an improvement. we'll stay at 33 degrees, still running well below normal but at least with less wind it will be a little more tolerable. here's the deal this week. we stay cold. we stay below normal with highs 37 wednesday. 36 thursday, overnight lows in the lower 20s. this next storm on friday seems to be a battle with the
9:49 am
computer models. whether they are really latching on to the right piece of energy or not but there's a possibility we wind up with at least some light to moderate accumulating snow at the end of the week. we'll continue to watch this. temperatures taking a nosedive saturday and sunday, highs in the 20s. we'll have to start watching that weather in eastern new england to see how foxboro, massachusetts will set up with the ravens game against the patriots. i think it's 1:00 sunday. we'll be track that throughout the week as well. you can track it at 9:49. back to you. >> thank you. just about every year you hear a story on new year's day about the first baby in the baltimore region. we do it every year. sometimes it's the first baby in maryland. >> this goes beyond this. the little baby that was born at gbmc appears to be the first baby born in the country from the new decade. abc2 news christian schaffer intr deuce -- introduces us to olivia rose allen. >> reporter: she's healthy
9:50 am
but little olivia has one statistic other babies don't, check the time on that card. delivered on january 1, 2010 at 12:00 midnight. >> the joke was everyone's saying you got to get her in for the tax deduction. >> reporter: adrian and jerry allen of harford county won't get that tax deduction because she was born just four seconds after midnight. hospital officials spent the day calling other hospitals around the country, it appears olivia is 2010's first baby anywhere in the united states. >> that was really cool. it's still sinking in. >> reporter: olivia is also very quiet, thank you very much. this was the first peep she made even as her parents were interviewed for more than 10 minutes. adrian was scheduled to be induced saturday but then started to have contracttions thursday afternoon. >> they got closer and stronger and that was really scary. i had to go to the hospital. >> reporter: the rest is
9:51 am
history. the delivery went smoothly, four seconds after midnight what a way to start the new year. >> it's exciting. it's neat. >> reporter: christian schaffer, abc2 news. >> beautiful, huh? >> yeah. gorgeous. >> the allens also have a 16-month-old girl at home. hospital officials in chicago say they had a baby born 10 seconds after midnight but they are an hour behind. >> we still beat them. way to go, olivia. >> there should be a national registry for babies born. >> no, but at the stroke of midnight new year's day. >> the allens, number one in the country. >> here's a look at the featured events. you start. >> this one is free. we love free. bromo seltzer arts tower, open studio day, coming up on the ninth. for more information visit the web address on the screen or call them. but it runs from 1:00 in the afternoon to 5:00 in the evening. it's free. you can browse or even buy
9:52 am
local or regional arts. a great thing to go to. >> road trip. nestor e-mailed me and said they put together the bus trip to foxboro. heading to new england saturday morning. then you'll have a fun time in providence. saturday night. then they'll have a game in foxboro. you get the game tickets, bus trip and that kind of stuff. e-mail him. he'll give you all the details you want. but the road trip to foxboro is coming up. >> is there something going on in your community that you want us to mention? e-mail us, jamie, me or give us the who, what, when, where, why and we'll pass it along. coming up, we take to you a special and very unique train garden. >> we'll find out what the movies are you apparently liked last year. the highest quality ingredients make for a great broth.
9:53 am
a great broth brings out the best in your dishes. and your dishes get the whole family together... to share and connect. college inn broth. your recipe for goodness.
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9:55 am
look at this. it's so cool. it's a tradition that goes back a lot of years. this is the jarrettsville volunteer fire company's traditional train garden. this year they have multiple train sets running with some decorated in winter and holiday themes. i hope you just saw it. you can see it there. the abc2 live truck. there we are.
9:56 am
volunteers take weeks putting this together. it's a christmas present for the community. and the intricate displays and all the stuff is fun and it's definitely worthwhile for the family to go check out. >> i think it's really cool because all the little small people -- we can get lots of things and put them together. we have a little train set at home. these are all the things you can do with it. you can start small. >> i like it. you still have a couple of weeks to see it. it's up and running until january 17th. for just. >> that's beautiful. today's top five. the top movies in the box office all of last year. >> number five, our camera operator loves this movie, "avatar," brought in $284 million in 2009. still playing.
9:57 am
becky said that they had to getticets a day in advance. >> "new moon." $284 million. still playing? >> i believe it is. number three, "up." justin gives it two thumbs up. >> it's a great movie. a little heavy for my son. he cheered up a little bit. loved it but got a little emotional. >> that was $293 million. >> "harry potter." that came in at number two. >> and the number one movie of 2009 -- "transformers." >> really? >> huh? >> obviously we're not 12-year-old boys. $402 million. >> speak for yourself. have you met jamie costello? >> when are the jonas brothers coming to town? they are coming back. may i think.
9:58 am
>> happy new year.
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