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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  February 3, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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looking up the east coast things are quiet. if you look to the lower left- hand side of the screen a cloud shield is coming in. that's the leading edge of the next storm. winter storm watch up for friday through saturday evening. so, the national weather service already concerned about this storm. so are we. today we were up around 40. that helped melt off the snow last night. tonight we may see icy spots in
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the 20s overnight. this next storm looking like a beast. that's a good description for it. much bigger than last night's event. we'll talk more about it in a few minutes. tomorrow baltimore county gets a new mayor. city council president stephanie rawlings blake will take off when mayor dixon resigns. the scandal that surrounded her put a cloud over many things. >> i'm excited. i have a lot of ideas. now i have opportunity to put some of the ideas into play >> reporter: there was a lot of promise in the beginning. sheila dixon said she wanted to bring a more different approach to government. a more proactive approach to city services. to use her words a cleaner, greener safer city. she promoted gardening and turning city hall grounds into a farm.
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and increasing things like bike bike lanes to make it easier for others to do so. >> it was nothing. piece of cake >> reporter: my the end of the her first 100 days her and her staff were riding high. crime were going down in the city. she could also claim an improvement in city services. >> we have had a lot of quick fixes. it is not just one area. it is not just let's go out and put police officers on every corner. there are other services and resources that people need in their lives >> reporter: things began to go sour a few months later. state police officers raided her home to look for evidence that dixon took gifts from developers. that lead to the indictment, her trial and in the end a tearful plea garbage. where she regrets the loss of the potential of things that could have been achieved. >> i can't begin to tell you the tremendous job they have
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done. i'm sad, not because of the decision i made, but because i have a great staff who worked hard. >> with today's board of estimates dixon talked for ten minutes about her accomplishments. he said quote, as i moved on i know i was blessed to have an opportunity to serve a city i loved and call my home for my entire life. city of baltimore is planning to take down its website for a short time tomorrow for maintenance. it will be down starting at 11:00 tomorrow morning an hour before city council president stephanie rawlings blake takes over from mayor dixon now for a look at tonight's top stories. police in ann arundel county are investigating a home invasion. it happened last night in the 500 block of williamsburg lane. police tell us the suspect shot a 4-year-old man, beat up a 4-
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year-old woman and tied up a 74- year-old man. police say the two suspects got a way in a silver dodge pickup truck. if you know anything about the case call metro crimestoppers. a local advocacy group and state lawmakers are pressing to legalize direct shipments of wine. under state law wine is not allowed to be sold and ships to restaurants and individual buyers. purchases have ogo through a distributer. executives at aig insurance giant who got a huge taxpayer billout are expected to give big bonus checks today to the outrage of many people including some members of congress. it is all perfectly legal >> reporter: critics say it is a modern day example of robbing peter to pay paul. peter would be the taxpayer.
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paul aig. >> aig is still into the u.s. taxpayer for multiple billions of dollars >> reporter: after getting more than $100 billion in the bailout now the insurance giant is giving out $100 million in bonuses. >> what i'm trying to do now is maximize whatever leverage we have to get as much of that money back. i do not, for a minute, ignore the outrage out there. which i share. >> reporter: the senior republican for the senate finance committee issued a statement saying -- the bonuses are going to the financial products division. same division that brought the company to its knees. >> part of what contributed to this was a set of compensation practices that defie gravity. they are deeply responsible. the contracts were outrageous. >> reporter: in a twisted
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irony, if aig doesn't pay the bonuses they could ultimately cost the taxpayer more money. >> the bonuses being paid to aig employees are being paid to retain them and keep them there and help them to selloff the units in an orderly fashion >> reporter: aig is asking employees who still work there to take a ten percent cut in the bonuses and 20% for those already gone. some are threatening to go to court. contracts that obligate the company to pay the bonuses expire in march. today the buzz in harford county focused on a grand opening in a new store in a familiar old building. big tarp company store opened on rock spring road in forest hill. look at this crowd. they have discounts on brand name merchandise in a warehouse-style setting. ladies, you had to take numbers
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to shop for the designer handbags. >> we wanted purses. you had to have tickets. we didn't know that. so we left. >> most people lined up outside starting at 7:00 in the morning. >> the store didn't open until 10:00, three hours after the first anxious shoppers arrived. it is not your typical museum. now this baltimore attraction is going go down the drain. among the many differences between men and women is matters of the heart. we are talking health. rg
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baltimore's public works museum may soon go down the drain. the popular attraction is closing its doors. public works director says the closure is regrettable but necessary because of the city's budget issues. the museum director is searching for ways to keep the one-of-a- kind museum going as a privatety funded non-profit. it charts the history of the city's public works and infrastructure. before jumping on a flight out of town hopefully to some place tropical, there is now a new spot where you can enjoy a
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pint. the brewing company opened a new restaurant and bar next to the service ticket counter at bwi marshall. they have three other locations. a restaurant in ann arundel mills ball and belair. a trip overseas. we are not sure if tishawn will say it is business or pleasure. the panda is packed up and ready to go. if you are in the market for a digital camera you may be focus topped megapixels but are you missing the big picture?
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are you in the market for a digital camera. some of the new cameras come with ten or 12 megapixels. do you necessarily get a better picture? several new reports say no. the camera blog calls it the
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great megapixel swindle. according to consumer reports, as point and shoot cameras increase the number of megapixels they each have to get smaller which creates new problems. small 12 megapixels cameras create distortion. like this picture of trees where a lower megapixel camera would take a better image. from the doesn't that stink file? the fact that camera makers and stores charge more for 12 megapixel. on a larger lens digital camera like slr, more megapixels are a good thing. on tiny point and shoot six to eight megapixels may be all you need. if you are shopping for a
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camera read reviews at consumer reports, and other sites. hold the cameras this your hand and compare features. ignore the megapixel claims so you don't waste your money. by all indications it looks like i'll hate this weekend. >> that depends. you have to keep in context some people love the snow. >> i don't. they can have it. >> did you notice last night the snow was a different consistency consistency. i think this snow this within may be a heavier, denser snow. let's take a look at what we are seeing in the inner harbor. lights of the city. things quiet weather wise. it has been a quiet day after a
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stormy night. pick up three to five inches on average across baltimore last night. up to 40 today. 39 at bwi marshall. a lot of that melting away quickly. snow had a high water content it seems to melt faster. i want to show you through the day today. several inches on the ground. sunshine early. clouds blew in late in the day. morning low temperatures you can see things were cold enough for it to all be snow last night but not by much. 30 parkville. 31 maryland science center. these are the overnight low temperatures. it is what you woke up to this morning. a nice rebound temperature wise into the afternoon. if you look across the state. 42 baltimore. 39 easton. 39 hagerstown. all across the state the snow that fell quickly converting over into liquid. melting off nicely through the day today.
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i want to give you a few more local high temperatures. you can see, for the most part, around baltimore we were in the 40s. 45 germantown. millersville 4 degrees. a lot 48 degrees. temperatures now fallen off. we are vndown into the upper 30s. still above freezing. still melting even now past sunset. now it is time to turn our attention to the next winter storm. all of these counties shaded in blue under a winter storm watch. this kicks in midday friday. early friday into midday. that's when our first chance for snow begins to come in out of the west. looks like a long event. a few fair weather clouds across the state. no immediate weather concerns
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tonight or tomorrowor tomorrow night. enjoy the clear weather tonight into tomorrow. big area of high pressure keeps it nice and holds that bad weather at bay for another day or so. it is as we get into friday things change. major storm brewing across north texas. it is spinning up strongly here. well defined area of low pressure back across phoenix picking up moisture out of the gulf of mexico. this will be sliding east over the next 48 hours. tomorrow night looking fine. into the early part of friday that storm approaches out of the west. a lot of snow is indicated on the forecast model. through the day friday into the early first half of the weekend a lot of snow. potential for a foot or more of this heavy snow. 4 tonight.
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clear, cold. refreezing of slush that's already melted. tomorrow a seasonable early february day. not bad. 2. clouds increase out of the west. ominous sign. as we go into friday night and early half of saturday major winter storm moving in out of the west. amounts could be in excess, meaning more than a foot of snow before it is all done. we'll keep you posted on that. you don't have to be a doctor to know that there are a lot of differences between men and women. surprise. especially when it comes to heart health. tonight we'll see why heart disease tends to be overlooked in women and why men are more likely to have problems when they are younger >> reporter: betty doesn't mess around when it comes to her heart. >> i fell as if i were having a heart attack. it was like pressure on my chest. shortness of breath and not able to get around
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>> reporter: betty had clogged arteries the had two triple bypasses. getting the right diagnosis took a while. doctors told her she was having anxiety attacks. >> i heard that so many times i wanted to scream >> reporter: she finally got the right answer when she saw the chief cardiologist at good samaritan hospital. he says many women with heart disease aren't getting diagnosed early enough. >> women have a-typical symptoms. fatigue, tired and weak. >> it shocked me. i was in total shock. i had been exercising quite a bit >> reporter: bailey had a heart attack ten years ago but didn't know it because he didn't have any symptoms. >> i never had any pain down the arms. i never had any in the neck. i never had any sweating >> reporter: doctors diagnosed him right away with several routine tests. the problem is the same tests
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aren't always accurate on women. >> if you do a ekg and you take a man sit, standing or lying you'll have the same ekg. women have more variability >> reporter: in contrary to what many people think, women are just as likely to have heart disease as men. >> in general men, we tend to think of them as having a highier risk. it is true in their 30s and 40s. as we age past menopause women are at a higher risk than men >> reporter: despite the differences this is one thing men and women can do to prevent heart disease. stick with a good diet and exercise. >> i stay active. i get my rest. i know when to quit. >> 118 over 80. that's great. >> if you'd like to learn more
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about heart health you can call physician partners at 877-mpp-docs >> with a look ahead, making sure young unployed adults have health insurance. we'll tell you about a new proposal. a home invasion in a quiet neighborhood. it raises fears for neighbors and questions for police. we'll try to answer some of those questions coming up tonight at 6:00. those stories and more straight ahead.
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tonight these last night the panda at the national zoo
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in washington, d.c. today was the 4-year-old's last day running around. tomorrow he'll be on his way to china to become part of a breeding program. he was born in 2005. and was given a two year extension in 2007. they'll have their own fed-ex jet especially for that trip. a broadway show called "in the heights" is coming to baltimore's hippodrome theater later this month. tonight we'll take you inside the tony-award winning show. >> the greatest thing is that we have created this community that we sing about. it is ultimate an immigrant story about the next generation. it picks up with fiddler left off. because of that there is a connection we found. it is amazing to stand back
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there and watch it happen each time and see so many people discover it whether or 46th street or in baltimore. i think people have a misconception that the tour is a separate entity from the original production. for us it is not.


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