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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  February 3, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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if you look in the lower left corner of the screen the clouds are inching in. that's the leading only of the next powerful storm system. in the meantime we are going to be in quiet weather around here. maryland's radar showing a clean sweep right now. that's a good thing in the wake of last night's snow. we had three to five inches melt off today as highs climbed into the low 40s. tonight we will get refreezing out there as temperatures drop into the 20s. clear and cold night. into the day tomorrow looks nice again. sunshine. it all goes downhill in a big way on our friday. winter storm watch is already up. we'll break it down coming up. >> can't wait. thank you. with over three feet of snow in the region this winter the bills to clean it up are
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accumulating. harford county budgeted $1.5 million for snow removal this win but it winter but it only has $33,00033. left. home invasion has police asking questions in a quiet neighborhood in fear tonight.
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it happened last night in the 500 block of williamsburg lane brian keebler reports that while the case is still under investigation some of the details coming out about the crime are shocking neighbors >> reporter: police never did tell us much at the beginning of investigations like these. but neighbors in this neighborhood want answer. if only to relay fears. >> yes. i think everybody's on edge right now in the whole waiting to see what happens >> reporter: what happened here last night pierced the normal calm of this established community. police say two young men broke indo this home, shot a 4-year- old man several times, beat a 24-year-old woman and knocked down and tied up a 74-year-old man. the woman and elderly man should be okay. the 24-year-old shooting victim remains in critical condition. ann arundel county investigators were back out at the scene today talking with neighbors and working their case. >> we are urging citizens to
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come forward. any information they can supply to give us leads will be appreciated >> reporter: the real concern here in a quiet neighborhood like this is what was the motive for these two men to break into this house? police say they have yet to identify that motive. it could be any number of things. but they do say it was not random. a friend of the shooting victim told us this might be gang related. he did not want to go on camera but said the suspects were after money they knew the elderly homeowner had. a tip that could help police catch the suspects but doesn't help neighbor's fea >> something like that happens next door involving guns and attempted murder and people in critical condition it makes you stop to think. >> reporter: and hope police can close the case. >> police tell us the two men made off in a silver dodge
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pickup truck. investigators can use your help. you can call crimestoppers. a former private school principal has been sentenced to 18 years in prison for sexual abusing two girls when they were students. he pleaded guilty back in november after hearing from relatives of the victims the judge sentenced him. the girls were students at eastern shore jr. academy and they were 14 at the time. city council president stephanie rawlings blake becomes mayor tomorrow. sheila dixon resigns from the post. dixon was mayor almost three years. we are joined now with a look back at her career. >> reporter: in today's board of estimates meeting dixon made her final public appearance as the mayor of the city of baltimore. during her time in office she was all over the place trying to move the city forward. she pledged to create what she
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called a cleaner, greener and safer city. she promoted bike paths to a guard finance city hall and backed new initiatives to fight crime, which lead to fewer arrests n and a drop in the murder rate. dixon's resignation becomes official after she is sentenced for perjury tomorrow morning. stephanie rawlings blake will be sworn in tomorrow. even in her final days
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mayor dixon has come under fire. state prosecutors say she has lost touch with reality after her convictions on perjury and embezzlement charge. she'll be sentenced tomorrow. she'll receive probation before judgment. an area attraction by a be shutting down. baltimore plans to close the public works museum and lay off the five employees. city board of estimates approved the layoffs today. the closure is regrettable but necessary because of the city's budget short fall. it is locateed in the eastern avenue pumping station near the inner harbor. well, toyota dealers nationwide are scrambling to fix gas pedals after the massive recall. more than two million vehicles could be affected involving eight model. federal lawmakers say they want to get straight answers. >> i want to know what caused the problem. and i don't want just a
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statement because the statements seem to be at variance from what they said publically and privately. >> also transportation secretary hood went so far as to say toyota owners should stop driving the vehicles. but he came back and amend statement saying they should take their vehicles to the does he recalls for repairs. more problems for toyota. there are problems with the prius hybrid. popular gas electric hybrid that went on sale last year is not part of the massive accelerator recall. meanwhile toyota is sending checks to dealers. to thank them for extending service hours and providing car washes and other services. dealers who sold fewer than 500 cars will get $7500. those that sold more than
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$4,000 will get $75,000. maryland department of natural resources is cracking down on oyster violations. agency has suspended licenses of two water manatees approaching. both men have previous records of breaking the law. sanctions announced today mark the second time the penalty has been used to enforce oyster laws. is season ends march 31st. it may become easier to have wine shipped to your house. the group marylanders for better beer and wine laws and state lawmakers are pushing for a bill that will allow wineries and businesses to ship up to 4 cases of wine to customers per year. >> we are trying to legalize wine shipping so you can get a gift basket with a bottle of wine in it. something people in 37 other states can do. >> under state law wine is not allowed to be sold or shipped to restaurant or individual buyers. purchases have to go through and be picked up at a distributer. a new plan to make sure
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young people have health insurance even if they don't have a job. baltimore county senator james proposal will allow people under 30 years old to be considered dependants on a parent's healthcare plan. the current maryland law allows the individual to remain on a parent's plan until they turn 25 years old. how about a constitutional convention. every 20 years the opportunity comes up for voters to call one. guess what? 2010 is one of those years. the law requires a rerendum on the ballot allowing voters to elect citizens to make changes to the constitution. today a senate committee approved a bill required to pass to get the ball rolling help wanted. airtran airways is looking to hire workers. second largest carrier is looking to fill 40 positions in the next couple of months. company interviewed candidates today. >> we have found it works better and we get better quality people to have a big
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event and invite those that are looking and bring them in. we have five recruiters here. we put them through the interview process. then we'll bring them back for a second interview. >> as they looking to hire more people it is also adding more flights. carrier says it will start nonstop service to jacksonville, florida starting in may. a time of reflection. if you have a state of the union and a state of the state, why not a state of the ravens? they say it is a obligation. how will main street react to the latest bonus package on wall street? they've been discovered to be life enhancing.
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of course the superbowl is sunday. while most of the football world is looking ahead the ravens are looking back. front office staff and coaches held their state of the team meeting today dissecting what went right and what went wrong last season. joe flacco lead the team deep into the playoffs for the second straight year. they hope to see more consistency next season. >> how many quarterbacks went through the whole season with that completely consistent season? one or two. maybe they are both playing in the next game. that's what we need out of joe. that's what we are building. >> other questions surround the ravens heading into the
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offseason including rumors that ed reed and derrick mason are considering retirement. we are between storms here. that's a good thing. you have tonight and tomorrow and tomorrow night to get ready for our next winter weather event. you have time here. that's the good thing. we had almost five inches at bwi marshall last night. belair three inches.
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we thought a three to five inch range would be accurate. new winter storm watch already up for maryland. more on that in a second. right now 38 degrees at bwi marshall. northwest wind 3 miles per hour. sunshine. temperatures up around 40 degrees. clouds build in later in the day. frederick picked up five inches. again you can see a decent weather day. i want to show you this. our morning lows around 31 at the maryland science center. a lot of 20s across the board. cold enough to have the snow stick overnight. it was a wetter snow consistency that held accumulations down. high temperatures today a big rebound. 48 millersville. these are the weather bug sites. you can see the contrast. low to mid 40s. that is the kind of weather that really gets a lot of snow melting off. it is a good thing. we have more coming. temperatures now have dropped
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off into the upper 30s. high temperatures today all across the state rebounding sharply into the low 40s. i do think one similarity we'll get more friday into saturday. it will be that wet heavy snow. that will be one similarity with the snow last night. all across the state you can see a large winter storm watch area from friday evening through -- early friday through saturday evening. for midday friday through midday saturday is probably our biggest time for snowfall. satellite radar is clear across the state. looking good. few passing fair weather clouds. i want to take you wider and show you in the meantime we are looking good. we have nice weather. if there is one silver lining in the forecast. clear tonight. big high pressure to the west will slide through the day tomorrow. that means sunshine. high pressure. weather stays calm. it changes as this comes our way. major storm brewing now down in texas. this is an interesting storm as
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it begins to form. it is pulling some moisture out of the pacific. it is catching moisture out of the gulf of mexico. already becoming a sizable storm. when you can cover the entire state of texas with rain that's a pretty big storm. it will be tracking our way as we go into the day on friday. forecast model breaks down the timing. again tonight you are clear. no problem. maybe a few icy spots. refreezing. temperatures in the 20s. tomorrow more sunshine. big area of high pressure over the east coast. that will be good. thursday evening we are still okay. it is into the early part of the day friday this system winds up. you can see the size of this. if you take the snow portion of the storm to the north all the rain across georgia and alabama that's a massive storm. it is moving into the day friday lasting into friday night and through the day. we think at least the early half of the day on saturday. we are talk a foot or more of snow late friday before it all
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ends on saturday. 24 tonight. clear, cold. some refreezing in icy spots. thursday a good day. 40 mostly sunny. enjoy it. get any last errands you have to get done. thursday 26. cloud on the increase. dry and cold. friday things will be changing. friday afternoon the snow will be coming down lasting overnight into friday into the early part of our day on saturday. again, the indications are a foot or more of heavy, wet snow. it is going to be a mess especially the first half of saturday. >> thank you. now to haiti. hundreds of people take to the streets to protest what they say is theft and corruption in the handling of relief supplies. in a suburb of port-au-prince many folks were sing they sold the rice. one young women says a local official demanded money before he would give people coupons bags of rice. we want to tell you about
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two local efforts to help the earthquake victims. tonight from 7:00-9:00 at the row house grill on light street there is going to be a benefit called fed hill for haiti. businesss in the area are making the benefit happen. >> i think the greatest thing is that we have created this
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community that we sing about. it is ultimately an immigrant story about the next generation. it picks up where fiddler left off. because of that there is a connection we found. it is amazing to see people discover it whether or 46th street or baltimore. i think people have a misconception that the tour 15 separate entity from the original broadway production. for us it is really not. >> don't miss in the heights from broadway to baltimore tonight at 8:00 on abc 2. coming up, we'll check out the numbers on wall street for you. ing right now let's take a look at our weather net from columbia. currently sitting at 36 degrees. a change is a coming. keep it here. we'll be right back.
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you'll love this story. after getting more than one hundred billion in the massive taxpayer bailout aig is giving out $100 million in bonuses. they will go to the employees
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at the financial products division. that's the unit that brought the insurance giant to the brink of failure. the payments are obligations entered into years ago. after a two-day rally, some mixed result on wall street. dow jones dropped 26. nasdaq gained less than a point. the s&p 500 dropped six. coming up at 11:00, could underarmor be setting up shop next to its biggest rival? tonight at 11:00, which west coast city is ruining the apparel maker? the fix is on the way. we are talking with toyota dealers tonight about their game plan to recall those vehicles and repair them. those stories and more tonight at 11:00 after "ugly betty." on the weather front good night tonight. good day tomorrow.
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one last look at this thing. you can see that major storm brewing in texas. we'll get a decent day in tomorrow. take advantage of it. >> we'll be back tonight at 11:00. have a good one.
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