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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  February 5, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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warnings. the snow itself is back to the south and west and expected to move in here between 10:00 this morning and 2:00 in the afternoon. here's kim. >> thanks, justin. volume is light, traffic slowing without any problems around the beltway. we're looking good on the bw parkway. harrisburg expressway looking good on middletown road. 95 south before kateen avenue with debris in the roadway. it is off to the side now. no problems in either direction at northern parkway. jamie, back to you. i have a feeling i'll see a lot of you this weekend. >> good thing we like each other. >> we'll wait, watch and wonder how bad this will be in the next couple of hours. >> we're tracking the storm and letting you know how to be prepared. linda so is live in rodgers forge where gas stations, grocery stores, they are all packed. how are you doing, linda? >> reporter: okay, guys. take a good look at this parking lot. i mean a good look because this
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is probably the last time you will see it this empty. the doors opened up at 6:00. let me tell you, if yesterday was any indication, this place is gonna be busy today. the lines were out the door. they went all the way down the aisles. people stocking up on the toilet paper, milk and eggs. it was so busy, they even ran out of shopping carts. so the best advice today, get your shopping done early and when you are at the grocery store and add these essential items to your list, water, flashlights and batteries. >> everyone talks about milk, but in case you lost water for whatever reason it's important to have drinking water for sanitation. >> reporter: and we're also hearing a lot of places have run out of snow shovels and salt. chances are if you don't have one by now, you'll have to
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borrow one from that nice neighbor. also remember, this weekend is super bowl sunday, so aside from the storm, people will be stocking up on not only the essentials, you know, to survive the storm when you are stuck at home all day, they will be buying extra to get through the big game. we're going to stay here and talk to people as they walk in. we'll let you know the latest, guys. back to you. linda so and southwest airlines always on top of the game here. they already canceled 100 flights at bwi thurgood marshall beginning at 2:00. again, no southwest flights from bwi from 2:00 today until sunday morning at the earliest. so be sure to call ahead to your carrier just to double check. do stay with abc 2. all you need to know about this pending storm. we'll have special storm coverage this afternoon beginning at 4:00.
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live team coverage will continue all weekend long. you can get up-to-the-minute information any time on our web site at any time a cop is shot, it grabs your attention. this morning, a baltimore city police officer is recovering from a gunshot wound. it happened in park heights. sherrie johnson joins us this morning with how the officer is doing right now. sherrie? >> good morning, megan. the officer is expected to be released from the hospital today. the shooting happened in the 2700 block of oakmont avenue. authorities say officers were investigating another shooting that happened earlier in the week in that same area. they approached a group of men on the porch and one of the men shot an officer multiple times in the right arm. the wounded officer and his partner returned fire, hitting one suspect and killing another. the newly sworn in baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings blake
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was at shock trauma. >> when i heard of the shooting, my heart just started racing because you just never know what the condition of the officer will be when you get there, and he was alert. he was up and able to talk. and i was just very grateful. i told him that i had been praying for him on my way over. i was just so happy that he was alert. things could have been so much worse. >> reporter: the injured suspect was taken to sinai hospital where he was last reported to be in critical condition. the mayor vows to be aggressive in catching vial leapt people who carry guns. sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. it's now 5:04 and today is her first full day open the job, stephanie rawlings blake taking the oath of office to become the 41st mayor. on the heels of the scandal that cost dixon her job, rawlings-blake has already tried to help plug a $1 million
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deficit. the first of those cuts will come from her own office. >> mark my words, we will keep what works and fix what doesn't in city government. so our people emerge stronger. together we can and will build a better, safer, stronger baltimore. >> there was no hype, no swanky gala as seen in the past. >> just after sheila dixon was sentenced for her role in the corruption case that led to her resigning, the judge whooversaw dixon's case took a swipe at the mayor, chastising her actions while running the city. he says "dixon leaves office in a total disgrace and must wear a badge of dishonor for the rest of her life." >> absolutely what i expected. i was pleased to hear judge sweeney's comments. i think it's up to ms. dixon to
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decide if she's finally going to tell the truth. >> from here, you go to the inauguration of a new mayor. it's the end of one era for the city and the beginning of another. that's also true for ms. dixon. >> dixon slipped out of the back of the courthouse after the sentencing, which lasted about 20 minutes. all right. going up to the gas station, open the tank and starts pumping. >> one man didn't realize his car was leaking oil when it started fueling. we'll show you this fireball that nearly destroyed an entire block. we need a good laugh from a super bowl ad. fist we check in with justin berk. >> do you have all of your supplies? big storm on the way. snow and sleet mixed in, which will make it even worse. temperatures just borderline below freezing 41. we are dry and hour as way from it beginning. right now, 5:06. let's go to the mta to see what
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they have going on. here's mark jones. >> you'll find a cancellation out there on the m.a.r.c. train system. the trains and lines are operating and operating on time. light rail metro subway looking good and out there on the buses, just a heavy volume on the 20, 23 and 5 bus lines. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. it's monday,
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there is a tremendous amount of information to get through. we'll talk about the supplies you have on hand and what you might need. we want to sort through the information and pass it on to everybody else. we are looking at this winter storm warning that's kicking in this morning. we can call it now that goes through tomorrow at 10:00 p.m., the entire state of maryland. blizzard warning for delaware and new jersey. that is because of the stronger winds that will whip up as the storm really cranks off the coast, especially by tomorrow morning into tomorrow afternoon. we'll run down how much we expect to get in just a little bit, but watch the storm really qoming in a couple of pieces here. a very large storm extending from the florida panhandle all the way up through northern iowa and the northern central plains. two areas of low pressure merging through branches of the jet stream which translate to
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heat and sleet. that's why i think we get that wintry mix that shows up on the radar that morning. that's virga. the radar sees it from the clouds and doesn't reach the ground. we look for it to begin around 10:00 and 11:00 and 2:00. temperatures are above freezing which means snow and sleet at the onset. heavy sleet will waste a few hours of potential snow then it goes back to snow overnight. more coming up. here's kim with traffic. >> reporter: thanks, justen. northbound lanes of 95 an incident off to the shoulder not blocking anything. the beltway is checking in clean. pikesville will see suddenland lane closed due to the ongoing water main break repair. it's quiet as you make your way downtown. jamie and megan, back to you. it twz a quiet day for shoppers until the manager noticed something was just not right about one man. he was packing heat and ready
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to shoot. her husband runs the state of south carolina. jenny sanford talks openly with barbara walters about her husband's affair. (announcer) schoolornings are busy mornings.
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my car shook. the first thing i thought was oh, my god.
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>> in dayton ohio, a gas station there, a car burst into flames. the video is a little grainy but the witness captured the whole thing from a cell phone video camera. employees hit the emergency shutoff switch for the pumps luckily and it didn't get any worse. firefighters think it sparked when the car was having hot oil dropping down onto hot parts of an engine. thankfully no one was hurt. a scary day for shoppers in an illinois store. >> a manager dials 911 when he sees the man walking up the oil of the store. >> where are you at right now? >> in the store right now. oh, my god, he's shooting everybody! help me! >> all units, shots fired. shots fired. okay, sir. he's shooting, hurry!
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>> okay. do you know if anybody's injured right now? >> i've got to get down. >> you go ahead and get down right now. >> okay. >> here's the thing. police say the 19-year-old gunman held them off for nearly six hours at this farm king store. he shot around 20 rounds before he pulled the gun on himself. not one shopper in the store was hit by a bullet. >> all right. we have a winter storm warning across the area. i want to point out a couple of records that may fall. as we look at the normal lou 24 -- normal low 24, and the record blizzard in '96. today's snowfall record, 6.9 inches set in 1999 could be in jeopardy. i'm almost certain tomorrow's will fall, 8.4 inches in 1988.
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those are daily records we expect to be wiped out and rewritten. above freezing richmond, norfolk and even charleston, west virginia. there's not a tremendous amount of arctic air in place. what we are watching right now is mostly cloudy skies. what you see here is mostly in the form of virga. this is the main line here. once it gets in, i was talking with aleen gabey a moment ago about this, it will start coming fast. it begins between 10:00 and 2:00. once it begins, within an hour or two, it will be coming fast. make sure you don't get stuck in it or trying to get home once it begins because we've got a large storm to begin with and this extends through the gulf coast. severe weather in terms of wind and maybe hail and twisters
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today. heavy snow back toward the north and west. the time line here, we're looking at the heavy stuff to move in, in the afternoon. by 8:00, we'll deal with mostly sleet across central maryland. if it stays snow across the pa line back west, you'll have substantially higher amounts of snowfall. we'll all go back to snow tomorrow morning. the heaviest stuff starts falling between midnight and noon. 36 today, snow begins midday, mixes with sleet through the evening and turns back to heavy snow tonight. don't know why it's not on the graphic but trust me, it will be there. here's kim brown with traffic. >> reporter: the roadways are quiet. no problems around both the inner and outer loop on 695. debris is blocking the right shoulder 95 northbound not
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impacting the commute so much. pikesville had a lane closed between norfolk mill and upland road. looking quiet at key highway. no problems at this time. megan, back to you. time for some birthdays today. take a look at this. cabrera lee from baltimore, 37 years hold. what a nice birthday for deanna trimble with her sweet 16 today. >> tomorrow we have kristin van morris and will be 16 years owed. she is a little miracle. her mom chris, a two-time cancer survivor, but mom fought her illness and won. today little kristin is a thriving kindergartener. how about that, kristin? >> i love it. >> if you no he someone having a birthday, send us a short e- mail with the photo of the person saying birthday and where they are from and we'll
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put it on "good morning, maryland" right now. let's go to area pet of the day with megan. >> who is this little kitten? >> her name is aashley. we are telling folks to be careful with pets during the storm. it will be a lot of snow. you really want to keep the pets inside. you can see how fragile they are. check underneath your car because pets will be trying to find shelter and you need to find a path for the dog, which will not be fun. >> we had calls last december because dogs were lost. >> when the snow covers the ground, they can't get they're bearings so make sure they are inside and safe. wipe off those paws when they
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come in. >> and if you have to have this kitten, will you open tomorrow? >> we are planning to close to the public for adoption center but we always have staff come in that are taking care of the animals. so call ahead. we might have toking to do closings but the animals will be fine. >> tell us about her one more time. >> ashley is 8 weeks old up for adoption. you can call or check our web site. very sweet. >> thank so you much for coming in. have a great weekend. >> thank you. >> hopefully we'll check in. we were planning to chat with you guys during the snowstorm. >> keep those pets inside. >> cutest thing ever, isn't it, jamie? look at that kitten. so i'm on the red eye from my bachelor party with my friend mike. terrible dancer. >> hey, dude. >> i love it, don't you?
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they're back. cbs says this year's super bowl ads are goofy, campy, even outlandish. we'll have mike ditka and coach singletary and even sir charles barkley. advertisers paid on average about $2.5 million for a 30- second spot for the big oft sporting event on tv. more than 1 million people watched the super bowl last year. hold it steady and don't look down. >> take a look at this man's high wire act that kept a lot of people in suspense. dude, your shirt.
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all right. an action packed day here, and we'll have an action packed roughly 30 to 36-hour storm frame. we do expect to have a few hours of sleet more farther south and east that will really impact how much snow you get. if will waste some hours of snowflakes. here we expect an average of 12 to 24 inches. i know there's been a lot of amounts thrown about, but that's the amount of moisture available plus considering that we could have quite a few hours of sleet this afternoon through this evening. turns back to heavy snow overnight. where it stays all snow could be a swath of 36 to over 30 inches into the mountains of virginia, west virginia and maryland probably west of frederick. we expect about 10 to 15 inches on the eastern shore. temperatures today actually above freezing, sliding back tomorrow to 25 and windy near
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blizzard conditions. we dry out with lows near 12 and high of 30 on sunday. then another round of snow on tuesday. let's go up to new york right now and get this morning's tech bytes. >> reporter: in today's tech bytes, facebook gets a face. the social networking giant began rolling oit a new look to its home page yesterday to celebrate its sixth birthday. it has a dropdown list and new applications and game dashboards to help you quickly find your favorite apps and games while making it easy to discover new ones. it says it now has over 4 00 million members i've five months -- over five months after hitting 300,000. farmville is hoping to expand its audience to beyond the 375 million people that already play every month. even on msn, you need a
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facebook log in to play. it seems 3d is everywhere these days movies, sporting events and now computers. there are a couple of 3d laptops on the market. usa today's ed baig has been testing them out and says they are not quite ready for prime time just yet. >> 3d in a laptop is an intriguing curiosity, but i want the technology to improve and get more content to watch on the thing. there are interesting games, but we'll need more. >> you can read ed's complete review on finally, a cutting edge rollout from nasa and general motors. they want to roll out the r2, the world's most dex trows robot capable of working along side humans. they are still working at creating a machine that works at the same speed as humans leading to safer plants. nasa says it will help humans
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work and explore from space. for information on all of the stories, log on to the technology page of those are your tech bytes. i'm vinita nair.
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