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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  February 5, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america on this friday, february 5th. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm robin roberts, here in the big easy, new orleans. where saints fans are ready to march to the super bowl. this morning, a massive winter blizzard set to slam the east coast. our nation's capital braces for the biggest snowfall in a century. sam is tracking the storm. also breaking now, toyota's top executive speaks out, as the company decides if brake problems will force a recall of the prius, too. and jenny sanford describes the day her husband, south carolina's governor, confessed his affair. barbara walters' exclusive interview. ♪ when the saints go marching in ♪ ♪ when the saints go we are live in new orleans
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for a super bowl block party, as the saints and the colts get ready for the showdown. the big easy has been reformed with a great hope this morning. what a party down there. french quarter, robin. all the way through sunday night. up here, there is so much going on this friday morning, starting out with blizzard warnings that could bring travel to a stand still across much of the atlantic coast. up to two feet of snow predicted. this morning, we go to wall street live after concerns are growing of the dow's big drop. global markets taking a big hit today. but, robin, down in new orleans, there's only one thing everyone is thinking about. >> yeah. nothing's dampening our spirits here this morning.
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i'm surrounded in who dat nation. and this morning, we're going to show you why there's more than just bragging rights for this team and for this city, george. >> we're going to get to all that fun in just a bit. but we begin with the winter storm hitting the east coast. >> rough next 36 hours for mid-atlantic states. although, it's a very small, narrow storm, it will have major cities in its eye. we're looking at on the radar, the "gma" storm site radar. a lot of moisture. snow getting into roanoke, danville, greensboro. but this will spread to washington and philadelphia, and as far south as new york city. look at the snowfall totals. 12 to 20 inches of snow, from baltimore, washington, d.c., as far north as philadelphia. then, it cuts out quickly into new york. the one city that seems to be in the bull's eye in this storm, is washington, d.c. and our david kerley is there to talk about how they're handling it this morning.
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good morning, david. >> reporter: right in the middle. we're just hours away. calling it historic, a monster, record-setting. and the federal government has heard the forecasts. in fact, there shutting down at midday. only four hours today and people are able to head home. traffic's so light this morning, it looks like a lot of private sector folks are staying home, as well. 500 flights canceled out of washington. we haven't heard from all the airlines yet. and remarkable scenes at the stores. people have heard the forecasts. they think they are going to be snow-bound. and there were long lines in grocery stores as folks are picking up items. school has been canceled for the obama girls. it's a snow day for them. it's going to be a wild 36 hours. we could be talking about snow up to my knees tomorrow night. >> we think it begins around 10:00 to 11:00, in that area. the national weather service is more conservative. they have gone 18 to 24 inches of snow in washington, d.c. if they, in fact, get 20 inches
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of snow, that means it's the second-largest all-time snowstorm in d.c. history. we do have blizzard warnings out. they're out for the coast of new jersey. we'll follow this storm and tell you what everybody gets out of this when we come back. george? >> sam, thanks very much. my family has packed up. they're getting on the train from d.c. to new york this morning. we're going to turn, now, to breaking news. toyota's top executive has just apologized. bowing to the japanese public and the world for that massive recall that's affected over 9 million cars right now. and brian ross is here with the latest. we see the japanese executive, bowing, formally apologizing to the public. >> reporter: that's the toyota ceo. he's the grandson of the founder of the company. this is the first time he has folken faormally and publicly. saying he is sorry for the turmoil he has caused to toyota customers around the world. it's a crisis that's blown up in the last week. toyota inherited a year of
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cost-cutting that many believe led to the problem. the current issue involves the prius. he said they had not decided whether to recall the prius. the prius apparently has a serious electronic problem that causes a glitch in the brakes. according to toyota executives yesterday, they found the problem, made a six in the software in factories. but only yesterday, did they inform owners of the prius there was this problem. so, they had been driving the car without any warning of the possibility of an issue. the u.s. government now with its own investigation. in addition, "the los angeles times" reports this morning that the prius electronic computer can also cause the car's headlights to go out, resulting in serious accidents. toyota started this week by a media blitz by u.s. officials that was supposed to end the problems. and they've only grown worse this week, forcing the top man to come out of his protected executive office and face the public and the music. >> brian, they are not over yet.
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we learn, now, that this brake problem might affect lexus hybrids. and now, they're involved, as well. >> reporter: all of the hybrid cars are involved in this brake glitch. >> meanwhile, we're seeing whistle-blowers crop up, alleging that toyota tried to cover the up problems. >> reporter: yesterday, we had a former top lawyer for toyota, that orders came from japan to hide defect information from federal lawsuits and investigations. our person at the news conference was going to try to ask the chairman about that this morning. now, we turn to new fears about the economy, after the dow sees its worst drop in nine months. bianna golodryga is live from the new york stock exchange. >> reporter: looking at a lower open once again this morning, on the heels of a sobering day for the market on thursday. the dow lost 268 points, making its 1-day largest drop since april of last year. bringing us closer to that psychologically significant 10,000 level.
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we're getting another sobering look at the jobs market. analysts expecting a loss of 40,000 jobs to a gain of 50,000 jobs. the unemployment rate expected to tick up to 10.1% or 10.2%. and we were reminded that it's easier to lose a job than to gain one. from countries like greece, portugal and spain. >> thanks very much. for more on this, we're joined by liz claimen of the fox business network. let's pick up on the sell of the dow yet. the acronym of the day yesterday was p.i.g.s. that stands for portugal, ireland, greece and spain. explain what happened. >> they're europe's problem children. they have spent too much. they have not brought enough in. and they borrowed too much, george. this is a classic subprime problem of the u.s. consumer '07, '08, '09. now, it shifts to europe. never been to portugal. never been to greece. doesn't matter. there are companies in the united states that have invested
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in those countries because they were fast-growing economies. this could very well be a problem for the u.s. and we saw yesterday, that was reflected in our stock market. >> and the sell-off continued in europe and asia today. >> oh, yeah. absolutely. this is a followthrough. you used to see that whatever happened in the u.s. was what then happened overseas. now, it's the opposite. things that happen in china, things that happen in india, things that happen in europe, are affecting the world markets. and this is now a major issue for us. >> meanwhile, here at home, the big concern is jobs. and whatever happens month-to-month, what the market is worried about now is we're going to face high levels of unemployment for a very long time. >> very high. and the obama administration has been very clear about that. they said, don't expect for us to return to what we saw in 2007. is that a case of underpromising and overdelivering? we'll only see when the time hops. but what we've seen now is we're
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just not creating jobs yet. we have to walk before we can run. we stopped losing as many jobs. you have to give that administration and the previous administration, president bush, some credit for that, where they started to at least put a slide to the real problems. but you can't expect that we would immediately turn on a dime. we'll see the real issue happen, george, i think in another year or so, where people say, we had this huge stimulus project. where are the jobs that were supposed to be created? >> the obama administration says we have created jobs. teachers, police officers, firefighters that were going to be laid off are still working. now, we see the shift. >> in the private sector. thanks, liz. we're going back to new orleans, where robin is down in the french quarter, surrounded by a lot of happy people. >> yes, we are, george. we first of all, want to bring everybody the latest on the ten americans being held in a haitian jail. they have now been formally charged with kidnapping, for trying to take 33 haitian
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children out of the country. and across the border into the dominican republic. our david wright is in port-au-prince this morning, live, and has the latest for us. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. these ten americans may now have to settle in for what could be a protracted, legal fight, in an unfamiliar country, with a legal system completely different from our own. peaother words, it may not be they strode into court, full of confidence. their faith intact. >> we expect that god's will be done. we'll be released. looking forward to what god is going to do. >> reporter: but they were not released. and they left with no comment at all. ten americans, now charged with d ki andy. chased by the cameras all the way back to the jailhouse. >> do you have anything to say? >> reporter: their own saga, now all-but eclipsing the plight of the people they supposedly came here to help. the group's leader says they didn't know they were breaking
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the law, when they tried to take 33 kids across the dominican border. but the directors of many orphanages told them. so did a dominican official they asked for help. >> don't try to cross the border without the proper permits. or you will be accused of attempt of child trafficking. i was really clear to her. >> reporter: now, the worst case scenario, 15 years for each charge of child kidnapping. nine years for the conspiracy charges. nearly 25 years behind bars. the case is not without international precedent. in 2007, missionaries from the french group zoe's ark were convicted of trying to smuggle children out of war-torn darfur. they were sentenced to eight years hard labor and fined $9 million. but the president of chad later pardoned them. his country relies on the generosity of france, as haiti now relies on u.s. aid. and that may be the best hope for the missionaries for getting out of jail anytime soon. the best estimate from the group's lawyer, their haitian lawyer, is that a trial would likely last three months.
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that said, the u.s. ambassador to haiti visited the jailhouse yesterday, although he didn't talk to the prisoners personally. and he said that the u.s. continues to talk with haitian officials about the possibility of moving the trial elsewhere. robin? >> continuing to follow the story closely. david wright, in port-au-prince. thanks so much. we'll have more from new orleans in just a moment. first, let's go back to new york for the morning's news and juju chang. good morning, juju. >> good morning, robin. we begin with the impending surrender of michael jackson's doctor. there's word this morning that conrad murray's lawyers are involved in behind the scene squabbling over when and how he'll turn himself in. lisa fletcher has the latest. good morning, lisa. >> reporter: good morning, juju. will he or won't he is the question this morning. 24 has to do with jackson so the answer is complicated. michael jackson's personal physician, dr. conrad murray might surrender today. and he might not. it just depends on who you ask.
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lawyers for conrad murray say their client plans to surrender this afternoon. but murray's lawyers have been negotiating for a conditional surrender. that would avoid a public walk in custody. and keep michael jackson's former physician from ever entering a jail cell before posting bail. and that no matter how high-profile too a suspect, sources say the d.a. refuses to make, quote, unusual arrangements. there is nothing to surrender to. he hasn't been accused of any crime. but he admitted he gave michael jackson propofol to help jackson sleep. although the coroner ruled that jackson died of a cocktail of drugs, murray has maintained his innocence. >> i've done all i can do. i told the truth. and i have faith the truth will prevail. >> reporter: and even if convicted, murray might not get the harshest sentence. four years in prison. >> he clearly did not intend to kill michael jackson. it was a terrible mistake.
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>> reporter: seems to be a matter of timing in whether murray will surrender on the d.a.'s terms or not. if not, sources say he'll likely be arrested. juju? >> thanks, lisa fletcher, with the latest. we're hearing for the first time from the lifeguard that risked his life to rescue a shark attack victim in florida. he knew he had to act fast when he saw the kiteboarder offshore. he was surrounded by sharks. >> it's -- the seas are pretty rough. to get out. i get to him probably within about 20 yards or so from him. and there's a lot of blood in the water. the only thing he said was he had been bitten by a shark. >> he quickly carried schaffer back to shore. but it was too late. in other news, alaska's tax man is going after former governor sarah palin. an aerial survey of land she co-owns reveals newly-built
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cobbens. turns out palin and her partners haven't paid taxes on the structures, violating state law. big news for fast food lovers. if you've fumbled around with these tiny ketchup packets, this is for you. after 40 years, heinz is changing its design. now, you can tear off the top to squeeze it before. or you can dip it in the cup. >> why did it take so long? thanks, juju. >> it will come to a fast food store near you in the fall. >> absolutely. we go back to sam with the weather. we heard about the blizzard on the east coast. storm on the west coast, too. >> it looks like this will be a heavy rainmaker for the west coast. flood watches out. we look at the rain spreading from northern california yesterday to southern california today. from santa barbara, to san diego, two to four inches of rain. and big mountain snow. looking at the snowstorm we talked about on the east coast, to the south of that, there's a very heavy line of rain.
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there will be flooding from charlotte, to norfolk, toward atlanta and charleston. we think that's two to four inches of rain in that. on the northern edge of the storm, easy to see on the national map, this is where the snow falls. it's from washington, d.c. to near new york city. and that line goes well past south of chicagoland. "good morning, maryland," i'm meteorologist justin berk. yes, it's show time. we've got ourselves a winter storm warning throughout the entire state. cloudy this morning, expecting it to begin at 10:00 a.m. southwest to 2:00 p.m.
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up toward harford, cecil county and parts of the eastern shore. within the first couple of hours it gets heavy in a hurry. we mix in sleet, 34 degrees then dropping into the 20s. the heavy snow with waking up with a foot of snow on the ground and heavy snow tomorrow. all of america's weather in the next half hour. now, to robin, who is in new orleans. the envy of us all. dry, sunny, 59 today, robin. >> yes. a little chillier right now than when i got here. driving in a rainstorm. nothing can damper the spirits of who dat nation. we are in jackson square, the heart of the french quarter. and i've got the super fans that are around me. and this is really about two quarterbacks. peyton manning, the reigning mvp
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quarterback. and drew brees, in the crescent city. let's meet them both. peyton manning may play for the indianapolis colts. but he was practically born in a saints jersey. playing in his garden district backyard, while his dad, archie, spent the '70s, leading the team's offense. >> new orleans is definitely a huge part of my life. my dad's been a part of the new orleans saints organization for 39 years. my dad used to bring us to saturday practices, or after games, we were allowed to go in the locker room. >> reporter: peyton's parents live in the same house. and the entire family remains rooted here. from air-lifting supplies after katrina. to volunteering, supporting the old team. >> i knew the saints one day in my lifetime would get to the super bowl. they're here. and they deserve to be here. >> reporter: while peyton manning may have been born in new orleans, you may say drew
7:19 am
brees was reborn here. after an arm injury left him without a team four years ago, the saints offered him a job. >> he felt that the saints really didn't believe him as much as he believed in himself. >> reporter: brees moved to town six months after katrina. a battered city, in a beleaguered city. >> new orleans was my calling. not only to rebuild the organization. but also to help rebuild the community and the region. you know, to do something special. >> reporter: brees has embraced new orleans, basing his foundation here. building a high school stadium. working to repair the city's scars. >> we tend to lean on each other in order to survive and in order to get to where we are now. we've used the strength and resilience of our fans. >> reporter: two leaders, on opposite sidelines, beloved by one city. they are two great leaders and two great friends. and what can i say?
7:20 am
what's there to say? look at how early it is. they believe, george. they believe. >> we can feel it up here. now, there's no way that's going to happen. we're going to let robin boogie for a few seconds. ♪ coming up, jenny sanford, the life of the south carolina governor on how she found out about her husband's affair. barbara walters will join us live with a preview of her exclusive interview with jenny sanford. that's coming right up.
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good morning. it's 7:24. want to start off with a local look at the radar. this is stevenson university closed because of the impending storm. this will be a tricky time for those of you closing early. somewhere around midday we expect it to pick up and it
7:25 am
picks up quickly once it does begin. temperatures will get slightly above freezing at the start of the storm. 31 in westminster and lutherville. elkton will see it during the early afternoon when it comes in. bowie 33. that could be coming in late morning. we'll watch this stuff. really tough to pick out the time frame. the first signs picking up here. trying to draw a line where it is reaching the ground in southwestern virginia and comes in our direction from southwest to northeast. our general time frame between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. give or take a two. a lot of energy, tremendous amount of moisture across the gulf coast itself. we're watching a very active jet stream combine forces with the snow mitching with sleet during the afternoon. that could cut down on initial snowfall tallies. some periods of heavy sleet around baltimore across the bay to the eastern shore staying all snow west you'll get higher tallies. we all go to snow overnight.
7:26 am
28 degree business daybreak. some of you wake up with a foot on the ground at daybreak tomorrow. then a wide range of heavy snow continuing throughout the day on saturday. let's get that check on traffic. here's kim. >> thanks, justen. traffic is lighter than normal. a lot of people are heeding the warnings. all lanes open between the beltways 695 also checking in incident free as well. no doesn'ts to speak of. as we check the city cameras here on the jfx. a little bit of volume headed towards downtown. it clears up at about north avenue. we'll be right back with the morning news update next.
7:27 am
all right. it's 7:27. grocery stores are open. you know because you are inside one buying the milk, toilet paper and all of the st stuff. some people waited 20 minutes to check out. it was tough to find a parking spot. >> i've been in here long
7:28 am
enough to forget the parking lot and the wait for a space. then there was a wait for the cart. >> emergency manage innocent officials mel us we should be prepared for maybe a power outage. get up with your bottled water. make sure it's on your shopping list. flashlight, batteries, keeping candles lit throughout a outage could be a hazard. now you are warned. southwest airlines will not be flying. they already canceled 100 flights out of the airport at 2:00. other flights will be grounded at dulles and philly international. no southwest flights from bwi at 2:00 today until sunday morning at the earliest. call your carrier ahead of time out at the airport. stay with abc 2 news for all you need to know about this approaching snowstorm. we'll have special coverage later this afternoon that will start at 4:00. our live team coverage will continue all weekend long. when you get up tomorrow morning, you open your eyes, turn on your tv, we will be here, okay? we'll have the delays and
7:29 am
closings any time on our web site at we have a couple seconds and we want to tell about you this other big story. a baltimore city police officer recovering after being shot in north baltimore last night. investigators say one of the two suspects died when officers returned fire. the mayor, stephanie rawlings- blake and commissioner fred bealefeld arrived at shock trauma right after the shooting. we'll see new another half hour with another update. stay with abc 2. we are the place.
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you're looking live, at the nation's capital. they're bracing for a major blizzard. you don't see the snow yet. but everyone is getting ready. the stores were packed last night. people storing up for what could be the storm of the century in washington, d.c., across the east coast. most airlines and amtrak, already facing major cancellations. sam champion in the weather center. he's going to have the latest coming up. good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos in new york. >> and i'm robin roberts here in the big easy, george. in new orleans. [ cheers and applause ] this city is all about super bowl xliv. here in the french quarter. we have -- and it was five years
7:31 am
ago, that hurricane katrina. we're going to show you why -- can you hear me, george? we'll show you why the super bowl is so special. is so special. >> we cannot wait for that, robin. hope everybody back home heard you better than we could up here. looks like you're having a lot of fun. we'll get to that in a minute. first, jenny sanford breaks her silence in an abc news exclusive interview, and in a new book, "staying true." it was her husband, governor mark sanford, that made headlines when he left his home state and country to be with his mistress in argentina. barbara walters is here. >> it is such a story. this is the first time that you will hear jenny sanford tell her story. unlike other political wives, she didn't stand next to her husband, tight-lipped at the press conference. she did not stand by her man.
7:32 am
as she'd been married for 20 years. they have four sons together. and jenny thought she had a good marriage. she was stunned to find out about her husband's double-life. and when it came time for him to admit having this double-life, at a press conference, jenny sanford did not stand next to him. >> something of a political mystery in south carolina. >> reporter: on june 18th, the governor disappeared from the state capital, ditching his security detail. telling nobody on his staff where he was going. >> the governor's office won't say where he is or what he's been doing. >> the thought crossed my mind that maybe he was in argentina. but the thought also crossed my mind that perhaps he was on the appalachian trail. i didn't know whether he was alone or not. the simple answer was, i had no clue where he was. >> south carolina's governor, gone for four days without contacting his office or his family. finally checked in today. >> reporter: then, the news
7:33 am
broke that mark had lied to everybody. that he had, indeed, gone to buenos aires, on june 24th, after returning to south carolina. he called a press conference. >> let me lay out that larger story that has attracted so many of you all here. i'm a bottom-line kind of guy. a lay it out. it's going to hurt. and we'll let the chips fall where they may. i've been unfaithful to my wife. i developed a relationship with a -- what started as a dear, dear friend, from argentina. and so, i spent the last days of my life crying in argentina. >> it was awful for me to watch my husband pine about his soulmate, and the days he spent crying in argentina. it was awful to watch the implosion of his career, that really began right there at that press conference. >> i'm going to resign as the chairman of the republican governor's association. >> it was awful to think that the world now was watching about this and our marriage.
7:34 am
it was awful from the political standpoint because he really should have stopped talking at a certain point. i mean, it was awful on so many levels. >> reporter: unlike most political wives, jenny sanford did not go to her husband's press conference. she did not stand by her man. after his press conference, your husband called you. >> right away. right. how did i do? oh. >> reporter: what did you say? >> i think i said, you know, how did you do? are you kidding? you know, you talked about days crying for her or with her. and you hardly said anything about the boys or i. no. it's just -- the whole thing was surreal. >> reporter: after waiting eight months for her husband to change, and announce that he was over his mistress, which he never did, jenny officially moved out of the governor's mansion. and last december, filed for divorce. what made you decide to file for divorce? >> i decided that i needed to
7:35 am
remain strong and move on with my life and be the best i could be for our children. and that mark needs to resolve a lot of his unresolved issues on his own. >> boy, i'll say. that's something. you know, this did seem to develop over an awful long period of time. but how and when did jenny first find out about the affair? >> well, you know, they were very close, she thought. she was his campaign manager for three times in congress, for him. and when he ran for governor. and then, she found a letter. so, she knew that there was someone. and was going to forgive him. kept it quiet. then, you will hear after that, the e-mails. and they are something. the e-mails that he did not write to her. that he wrote to the mistress in argentina. >> and there are so many jaw-droppers in here. but one of the ones that really stands out, governor sanford actually nagged jenny sanford for permission to go see his mistress? >> yeah. in new york. and you know what? she agreed. when you hear the details,
7:36 am
that's what the book is. what did she tell the children? how did she find out? what about these e-mails? and also, the whole business of can you be your husband's campaign manager in the daytime, and then be the sexy wife at night? and does she blame herself? and women have been inspired by her because she has been this direct, as you will hear the kind of steps she took. >> they were inspired by her. but i think a lot of women will also ask, wait a second? there were so many warning signs here. i mean, when they first got married, he said let's take those vows about fidelity. >> that was something. and she thought about it. he did not want to say he would be faithful. on the other hand, they were married for 20 years. it was a good marriage. there were warning signs. there are other situations where men cheat. but they usually don't go to argentina for five days. this was bizarre. >> and the boys. four boys. >> four sons. she told them.
7:37 am
she told them almost from the beginning. she thought she had to be honest. and they said, our world turned upside down. and one of them said, why didn't you tell us? maybe we could have stopped daddy. >> you can see it all tonight on a special barbara walters special, at the same time as "20/20." you can find full coverage on our website, click on "gma." there's so much going on with the weather. sam? >> good morning, george and barbara. the next 36 hours for the mid-atlantic states, big problem. in the southeast, this starts as a rainmaker. a quick live shot of washington, d.c., where it all looks fine. it's 10:00 or 11:00 in the morning, the first, light snowflakes start to fall. and we'll see what verifies with this forecast. national weather service going with 18 to 20 inches of snow. the low gets offshore. it throws in the atlantic moisture, lots of it, into the cold air there. new york right on the line where
7:38 am
most snow will be here. we're thinking in that area two to four inches of snow there. the reason you're getting a lot of speculation is this is a very narrow banding, kind of a gradient of snow here. just 25 miles make a big difference in how much snow you get, getting close to the center of where the real heavy snow will be. and the blizzard warnings on the jersey shoreline, the del marva peninsula, because of the wind. 55-mile-per-hour wind, blowing that snow to where you really can't see for a long period of time. it's not that that area gets also, a big rainmaker today in california. that weather was brought to you by the u.s. census bureau. george?
7:39 am
>> sam, thanks very much. when we come back, back to new orleans, for a look at what the super bowl means to the city and the saints. you get a pick clur of it right there. >> no the cows are... >> do we need to count the cows? we don't need to count the cows. >> no, we don't need to count the cows. this is about people folks, it's not about cows. a snapshot of america. >> isn't that kind of what the census is doing? >> mmmm hmmm... >> what about the bear? >> ooo, i don't like bears. >> yeah. >> there are no bears! i said, "daddy, of course." he said, "no, no, no. daddy doesn't count." "you know, your valentine is who you want to sit by," "who you get in trouble with, who you tell your secrets to," "who you play with at recess." i said, "well, that's daddy, too." this valentine's day, wouldn't your valentine... like to know how you feel? give them a refreshingly real card from hallmark.
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♪ we are in new orleans, getting ready for super bowl xliv. and it was -- well, 44 years in the making when you think about it. the saints were founded in 1966. let's see. there's a lot of fours when you look at the super bowl, guys. brett favre, wears the number 4 for the vikings, who they beat. 4:44 seconds into overtime. >> 40-yard field goal. >> 40-yard field goal. super bowl xliv. there are other fours. it's been four years and four months since hurricane katrina, where we played the super bowl on sunday. and is it time for a win? these fans certainly hope so. they've been through years and
7:43 am
years of misery. after more than 40 years of waiting, pure joy. for many, this moment, this super bowl, is personal. >> i feel so special and so important. we finally arrived. >> we're coming back. and it's kind of proving to everybody that, you know, new orleans is being rebuilt. >> reporter: families, generations, waiting so long. >> a lot of people were taking the paper out to graveyards. a lot of people were still in touch with the souls of the departed. people who they learned to be saints fans from. their dad or mom or grandpa. >> reporter: with bad playing and just plain bad luck, at one point the team was called the ain'ts. fans wore bags over their heads. one bright memory, tom dempsey's 60-yard field goal in 1970. at the time, the longest ever. what a moment that was. you look good.
7:44 am
look like you could still kick a 60-yard field goal. >> in my dreams. >> reporter: i found tom yesterday. new orleans still home. >> we weren't a great football team. but the love affair between the saints and the fans started back there. and it carried through now to the who dat nation. >> who dat? who dat saying they're going to beat them saints? >> reporter: my sister has anchored the news here for 36 years. the news of the saints brought us down memory lane. what has it meant to the city? >> it has meant rebirth, renewal. i look at the saints as an example of the perseverance of the people here. i mean, there were people who counted new orleans out after katrina. there were those saying, new orleans will never come back. >> reporter: and we remember the biggest saints fan we've ever known, our dear dad. what did daddy used to say? snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory? progress is sometimes slow.
7:45 am
some areas are still hurting. but every day, people are returning. many helpers, saints if you will, revitalizing the city. small businesses find money to open. >> the city is in the process of reinventing itself. you know, we're inventing a business here and a marketplace. >> reporter: another steppingstone, lots of new schools. >> this is now sort of a movement with momentum, saying we're able to create new things that are better. >> reporter: as a team, and a city, dreaming together. >> i think that's what, like, i'll tell my kids about. is just this feeling of just greatness. >> and i hope, now, that you at home have a feeling of what it is like here in the city right now. and how much these people have overcome. and just how much they have to look forward to. well, i had a chance to talk with our good friends at espn radio, mike greenberg and mike golic. we talked. they're already in miami, of course, for super bowl xliv. talked with them a little earlier this morning. and we talked about the manning
7:46 am
family and so much more. people are saying that peyton manning, because of his love for this city, and that, that that's going to maybe play in his head. now, you know better than most. there's no way he is thinking about that at all. it's all about the colts and trying to lead them to victory. >> that's a laughable thought. it's laughable to think that there would be any kind of thing in his heart that says, well, you know, if new orleans gets it, that would be fine. no. peyton manning is preparing to beat the new orleans saints. he loves new orleans. we know that. but that has nothing to do with this game. he will go in. he will try to carve up the saints on super bowl sunday. that's his job. and that's what he's going to do. >> i want to add to that, robin, absolutely. i think peyton manning, the moment the super bowl is over, his heart will be with the people of new orleans, as the manning family's hearts have been, since all of the tragedies began. but peyton manning was born to
7:47 am
do one thing. that is to be the greatest quarterback that ever lived. and sunday is a huge day in his step towards trying to become that. he has a chance to be considered the greatest quarterback of all-time. he needs to win super bowls in order to do that. this is a huge day for him sunday. and i think that will be the only thing on his mind. >> okay, guys, give me your predictions. greenie, i'll let you go first. >> i don't want to do this to you in new orleans. i think it will be 2 colts. i take the colts, 37-27. >> if you're not a colt or saints fan, i think everybody's heart will be with new orleans. as a former player and analyst, robin, i have to do my job and go with my head. my head says the colts and the peyton manning offense will be too much for new orleans. i go 31-24, colts. >> here's the great news for everyone in new orleans, we're always wrong. >> that's right. >> so, this probably guarantees victory. >> you're better than putting it on the cover of "s.i." >> that's true. >> they can't hear you.
7:48 am
they both picked the saints. [ cheers ] just fudged just a little bit. have a great time. i'll see you guys in a little bit in miami. >> see you. >> all right. [ cheers ] we'll have to see what happens on super bowl sunday between the saints and the colts. there's much more to come here from the big easy throughout the morning. also, we're going to have the morning picks, back in new york, when we come back. the morning picks, back in new york, when we come back. stay tuned. i do, too. s about schools. wind power. girl power. the healing power of music. concerts in the park. that sounds good. i have an idea. i don't have funding. yet. but i have a good idea. me too! [ all ] me too! [ male announcer ] vote for the ideas you care about. introducing the pepsi refresh project. we're giving away millions for ideas that move the world forward. every pepsi refreshes the world.
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7:52 am
still ahead on "good morning america," our super bowl block party. emeril lagasse and his team of new orleans superchefs have super dips for your super bowl party. and the tell-alls from jenny sanford and andrea young, on and the tell-alls from jenny sanford and andrea young, on "gma's" morning mix. of course three is more th it's not rocket science. [ frog croaks ] three's more than two. i'm not even gonna answer hat question. [ female announcer ] there you have it. three is more than two. and quilted northern ultra plush outperforms th ultra rippled brand. it has two layers for softness and a third for absorbency. quilted northern ultra plush. experience three layers for yourself. if you're not satisfied, we'll give you your money back.
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7:56 am
all right. 7:56 in anticipation of the biggest snowstorm coming in. 31 westminster lutherville, 33 bowie. temperatures warm above freezing today. looking at the dynamics of the storm itself it's not going to be a pure snow event. looking at the line separating where it's falling and reaching the ground. maybe flurries reaching the mountains. a lot of the stuff in maryland not hitting the radar yet. we expect to begin between 10:00 a.m. southwest to 2:00 p.m. north and east of baltimore city. so as it moves in within a
7:57 am
couple of hours starts getting heavy. i expect a mix with sleet through the evening hours. that will cut down on a lot of the potential snowflakes and accumulation. temperature's 36 and falling. it will fall below freezing and go back to snow. it gets heavy overnight. some areas wake up with a foot on the ground. we turn colder throughout the day which means as we go into the mid-20s and lower, we get that wide range of totals. overall across the area, 12 to 24 snow total through central area. we mix in more sleet and a real high amount back into the mountains. kim? >> justin, you will see a little bit of slowing at some of the usual trouble spots. for the most part, traffic is moving pretty well. a little lighter than normal volume at 95 and 195 in arbutus. between 695 and 495, the southbound lanes at the fort mchenry tunnels, you can see a
7:58 am
lane blockage. also on the inner loop at white marsh boulevard, some reports of debris on the roadway. as you check the jfx, it's looking wide open and good as you make your way downtown. apped in the trance of their shopping routine, some people don't notice the difference
7:59 am
between meat and mystery when they enter... ...the frozen zone is it real chicken? or something else? some chicken nuggets and tenders look like they have mystery meat. with my perdue frozen nuggets, there is no mystery. just real all-white meat, made with 100% natural ingredients, no fillers, no preservatives, and a delicious taste your family will love. perdue frozen chicken. all-white meat. no mystery.
8:00 am
this hour on "good morning america," the massive blizzard set to slam the east coast. schools and flights are canceled, from philadelphia to washington. we'll have the latest. plus, 1 man has as many as 25 wives and 120 children. we take a rare look inside the hidden world of polygamy. and robin is live in new orleans for our super bowl block party. we get you ready for the big game. ♪ marching in yes, i want to be in that number ♪ ♪ when the saints go marching in ♪ and hi. i'm robin here in new orleans. let me say that here -- such a
8:01 am
great tradition here. people just feel the spirit. and look over here. it is -- a great tradition. oh. ♪ it is just part of new orleans. it's part of that -- let me say something to you, george. we know we're hearing from colts fans, saying what about us? they're on the shoutout board. we will have colts fans coming up. remember the first time you made it to the super bowl, that wonderful feeling. that's what it's like here in the big easy. how did that work? much more coming up. >> they don't party anywhere else like they do down there. that's something else. robin seems like she's having the time of her life.
8:02 am
i'm george stephanopoulos here in new york. also coming up this half hour, we're going to look at two tell-all books that came out this week. you saw barbara walters talking earlier about jenny sanford's new book about her husband's extramarital aware. also, andrew young, had revealing book about john edwards. we're going to talk about it on the morning mix. they're standing by. first, to juju chang with the morning's news. >> how hoarse will her voice be on monday morning? >> oh, man. >> good morning, george. good morning, everyone. the powerful storm headed toward the east coast, could deliver the biggest snowfall in the nation's capital in a century. washington could be buried by two feet tomorrow morning. federal offices will close midday today. airlines have canceled hundreds of flights across the mid-atlantic states. and many, many schools are closed. sam champion will have more and the latest on the storm's path in a moment. this morning, toyota's top executive addressed the public
8:03 am
for the first time, since the company began recalling millions of vehicles. akio toyoda apologized personally around the world. and he said there will be a quality control expert. meanwhile, the company has to decide whether to recall the 2010 prius because of brake problems. "the l.a. times" says an electronic problem is causing prius headlights to malfunction. wall street is bracing for more disappointing news about jobs. a report out this morning is expected to show some jobs were added last month. but not enough to bring down the unemployment rate. and last year's numbers could show nearly 800,000 jobs more wosz than first thought. meaning a total of 8 million were lost during the recession. the first national tea party is under way in nashville. and as john berman reports, they want to turn this year's midterm election upside down.
8:04 am
>> you have -- >> reporter: the first-ever, national tea party convention, brought in activists, ranging from the energized -- >> we as americans need to, you know, clean all of these people out. >> reporter: to, perhaps, the eclectic, angry at congress. >> it's a house of lords. not a house of the people. >> reporter: the goal, to turn the tea party's energy that was on the streets last year into results at the ballot box next fall. >> it is our -- take it back. >> reporter: 600 delegates here each paid $550 to get in. now, that has ruffled some feathers among tea party activists who say it goes against the grass roots nature of their movement. still, politicians from around the country are watching what happens here very closely. >> they would be smart not to deride the tea party movement. but yet, understand it. understand what's at the core of that anger?
8:05 am
>> reporter: one person who clearly wants to tap into that anger, sarah palin. she will be the keynote speaker here saturday night, trying to get a sense of how tea party wave really is. and maybe, how far it might carry her. for "good morning america," john berman, abc news, nashville, tennessee. and now, a look at what's coming up tonight on "world news." here's diane sawyer. >> and good morning, to you, juju. and thanks. tonight on "world news," the top stories. and you'll meet the woman whose talent has taken hollywood by storm. she just might claim one of the biggest prizes of all. how does she feel? well, she's our "person of the week." and that's coming up tonight. see you then, juju. >> intriguing, as always. that's the news at 8:05. now, time for the weather. we're expecting epic amounts of weather all over the country, right? >> you're right, juju. wig storms in the west. big storms in the east. and a big crowd downstairs.
8:06 am
since we have this unofficial poll of i know you're football watchers. let's just see. colts fans give a cheer. [ cheers ] okay. saints fans give a cheer. [ cheers ] i don't know. the unofficial audience poll has the saints. let's show you what's going on this morning. by the way, we have a west coast storm. and as juju pointed out, a lot of weather on the east coast, as well. there will be rain, particularly from that area to san diego. if you're getting two to four inches of rain, street flooding going on. also, we're always concerned about mudslides in the burn area. on the east coast, we're talking about this, what some folks are saying snowpocalypse. washington, d.c., the biggest snowstorm or the second-biggest snowstorm in their history. and then, there's a lot of rain involved with in storm down to the south. charlotte, norfolk, atlanta area, there could be flooding in our future
8:07 am
okay, we're done. george, more weather downstairs in the next half hour. >> thank you, sam. congratulations, sam. he made the national weather cast this week. >> i forgot. george, thank you very much. >> we did not forget. hear it for sam champion. we're going to move to "the morning mix." we have politics and scandals to super bowl controversy p here to hash it out, howard kurtz, media reporter for "the wall street
8:08 am
journal." tina brag and meghan mccain. and the author of "dirty, sexy politics." a true story. we'll have to have you back for that. let's start with politics. president obama, facing some disaffection. one way to get at him, is to watch the duel between bill o'reilly and jon stewart. at one point, bill o'reilly asks stewart what he thinks about president obama. >> how is president obama doing so far? >> i'm torn. i can't tell if these a jedi master, playing chess on a three-level board ahead of us. or if this is kicking [ bleep ]. >> a little bleep there. jon stewart has been stepping out, taking on president obama. as a result, he's facing heat from the left. >> he does lean to the left. this is not lbj losing walter cronkite over vietnam. but it's important, george.
8:09 am
a late night comedian's barbs can bar a president. you remember bill clinton. and jon stewart is a cultural bellwether. and he disrupt the disillusionment of many. >> and, tina, for the longest time, comedians couldn't find the funny in barack obama. >> in the history of civilization, incredible. the nobel prize, in a way, reflected that. all that voting was happening just when he was, you know, all of that at its climax. the problem for obama is, he basically campaigned for 14 months on a completely different america, really. it was all about, i'm not bursh. i'm going to close guantanamo bay. i'm going to bring you health care. but the point he's elected, the curtain comes down. america is a gridlocked, baroque place. >> i don't think anybody has anything to worry about. for every one obama comedy sketch "the daily show" does,
8:10 am
they do about 100 for every republican. i don't think anybody has to worry about jon stewart voting republican anytime soon. >> where are they going to go, the left? where are the left going to go? they may be disaffected. >> that is something that the obama team is counting on in the end, as he moves to the center. meanwhile, on the right, we see this tea party convention this week. they're facing a little controversy, as well. various tea party factions saying it's wrong for one side to be profiting off of all this. >> i think it's interesting they're profiting off of this. it goes against profiting off the nature of what the tea party is supposed to be. i will not be at the convention. but i wish them well. >> sarah palin will be at the convention, making $100,000. >> it's wonderful. thing you can guarantee about sarah palin, is she's going to make out like a bandit. knows how to do it. i hope they have wardrobe waiting for her. >> she says it goes to the cause. >> the cause of making her more
8:11 am
famous. it's good to see a grass roots movement. i think the administration underestimated it at first, george. somebody's got to pay to get in. >> there's nothing that binds them together. the truth is, it's about a movement that says, we're really unhappy and confused. i understand. >> going against the obama administration binds them together. let's turn to the revenged of the wronged, let's call it. andrew young coming out this week. also, jenny sanford. you saw barbara walters earlier. really remarkable, tina brown, the details in these books. they lead to a couple of different questions. one you write about in "the daily beast." when you learn this much about john edwards, you wonder how did he get so far? and you learn all this about the jenny sanford marriage, why did she stay so long with this guy? >> i'm waiting for a book from one of these wives saying, this is a book about revenge. this is a book about payback. instead of the righteous -- the
8:12 am
incredible thing you say is the press that john edwards got. it turns out from reading this book. every book exaggerates. but he hardly seems to have an authentic mode in his body. this is a guy who had his armani labels cut out of his suits. who showed up in a beatup truck, rather than have the expensive cars in his own garages. who never read his briefing books. who was defrauding everybody in this affair to rielle hunter. the man was practically a snake of all-time. and he got great press. >> this is a press story, as well. remember who broke this story of the rielle hunter affair. "the national enquirer." >> the rest of the mainstream media stayed away from this. i have more sympathy for jenny sanford, who endured this for a period of time. but andrew young, come on. he was at the heart of the cover-up.
8:13 am
he was in the middle of the scheme. now, he wants to write a book and make some money and get revenge, as you say. i have questions about the credibility. you pressed him about, you discovered this alleged sex tape in the trash can? >> i think he got some of the details wrong. but the basic story right. you lived through this. what was your reaction? >> where was the press when this was going on? who was reporting on this. you find out that many people in the press did know about the affair going on, it could have changed the course of the election. talk to hillary clinton about how she feels. why aren't the press doing their job? >> too far about chasing rumors about a politician, whether it's your father or anybody else, when they don't have the evidence. >> i don't consider myself a member of the press. i'm calling this. >> in other words, yes. we often hear rumors about politicians. but there's often a question about whether you publish those rumors because they may not be
8:14 am
true. >> i think it's fascinating it took a "national enquirer" person to do it. >> in this instance, it's not the fact he was having an affair. it's the level of lies, and audacity of his persona. >> it's the level. the degree. the disconnect between his public and personal persona is daunting. >> and the aides were plotting, would he go public? >> and i reported several months ago, they say if he had gotten closer, they would have blown up the whole campaign. but they kept quiet. >> they're as bad as andrew young, in my view. this is a contagious cynicism, in this campaign. everybody knew he was a fraud. they used to roll about laughing when he talked about the two americas. >> that was their drinking game. >> it's a sad state of affairs. everyone said that hillary clinton had ran a negative campaign. she was as good as gold. she could have used that stuff to ruin him. >> no question about it. >> what would happen if he was president right now? >> there was no way he was getting president of the united
8:15 am
states. we wanted to talk about the tim tebow super bowl ad. you can weigh in on our shoutout board on just click on "gma." when we come back, the 31-year-old football bet that has finally paid off in a big way. vegetables are naturally low in calories. v8 juice gives you 3 of your 5 daily servings. it's a tast, nutritious way to mke this number go up... and help this one go down. v8. what's yournumber?
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8:19 am
the saints, versus the colts, super bowl xliv. and we're back here in new orleans, for our super bowl block party in the big easy. it's not just new orleans crazy. all along this region, including nearby on the mississippi gulf coast. there's a place in biloxi, mississippi, called the people's bank. it's so rich in tradition and history. thanks to a 31-year-old bet by a die-hard saints fan, she's a little richer, too. two super bowl tickets richer. take a look. peggy byrd and chevis sweatman have worked together for 40 years. every friday and monday they talk football. she, a die-hard saints fan. look at all that memorabilia. >> back in the '60s and the '70s. i started collecting as many items as i could. >> reporter: and her saints
8:20 am
christmas tree. i know. it's still up in february. >> always had faith. >> reporter: peggy and chevis had a weekly bet. >> every season, i bet against the saints. and i'd always win. >> after about eight years, chevis said, peggy, you've paid me so many cases of beer, when are you going to learn you'll never go to the super bowl. >> reporter: she challenged him that if, if the saints got to the super bowl, he'd have to pony up more than a six-pack of beer. >> it was more of a verbal bet. he was teasing. i said, what if you bet to send me to the super bowl if you ever go. oh, yeah. i'll send you and rocky down there. all paid expenses. >> reporter: it was 1979. she wrote down the promise on paper. even had it notarized. jimmy carter was president. "the dukes of hazzard" was the hottest tv show. and the saints fans had a dream. >> i loved my saints. >> reporter: and for 31 years, the dream and the piece of
8:21 am
paper, her contract, she calls it, sat in the bank's vault. >> for 30 years, it was a wonderful bet because i could inflict all sorts of pain and agony on poor peggy. >> sends the saints to the super bowl. >> reporter: and when they won the nfc championship, you know who peggy called first. >> i tried to call him from the dome. but he didn't answer. >> that must have been a -- must have been a bad connection. >> i'm just so excited. and i'm so proud of him for honoring this bet. that was made 31 years ago. >> i wish i would have never signed it. >> robin, what a terrific story. you know, before you go, you have to check this picture out. right there, you see the x-ray of a woman. a couple of nights ago, she was taking her vitamins. and she swallowed her saints earring. there it is right there. >> no. >> she is fine.
8:22 am
but she's so dedicated, she had that earring right by her night stand. now, she has that for posterity. how about it? >> that is a great one. you got me on that one, george. >> okay. you got me on that one, george. >> okay. we'll see you in a minute. great, lget start. surprise! you guys! (announcer) no scott extra soft tissue has a new design, and it's our softest ever. and one mega roll ha more sheets than four of the competitions regular rolls. wow! this is really sft! new guy. (announcer) new scott extra soft tissue... softness done right! for joint pain.
8:23 am
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8:25 am
is the number one jewelry store in america. all right, good morning at 8:25. we've got a temperature of 31 degrees. it looks like it's about to start, and we're still a few hour as way from above freezing, that's important pushing warm air away with the storm. we're expecting a wintry mix this afternoon and evening that will cut down on potential snow. we'll still have a doozy of "storm. most of the precipitation south and west of the line. once we get the new hourly updates, we'll get a better handle on how close it is. heavy moisture toward the south. two areas phasing two branches of the jet stream right on top of us and the moisture extends back to iowa, nebraska and back to the south coast and just getting organized. we develop between 10:00 and 2:00 p.m.
8:26 am
the snow and sleet and going through this evening that wintry mix 36 falls into the upper 20s. heavier snow for all of us after midnight. heavy snow continues with a wide range of 1 to 2 feet at least tomorrow. kim? >> justin, we're look going around the major roadways. everything is running without incident at 695. 95 and the harrisburg expressway all checking in accident free. most of the incidents happening around the beltway. york road southbound at corbett road is a vehicle fire. we still have an accident remaining southbound lanes at harford road. out in aberdeen, there is an accident at paradise road. as we look at the jfx, you are looking good. we'll be right back with the morning news update next.
8:27 am
good friday morning and thanks for joining us. today is the first full day on the job, but stephanie rawlings- blake made it official yesterday taking the oath of office to become baltimore's 49th mayor on the heels of a scandal which cost former mayor sheila dixon her job. stephanie rawlings-blake already formed a transition team to plug a deficit in next year's budget. the first of the cuts will come from her own office. gosry stores are busy and it is a safe bet shoppers will be buying bread, milk, toilet paper head of the snow.
8:28 am
in rogers ford at the giant, the lines extended way down the aisle. and tough to find a parking spot. >> i've been in her long enough to forget about the parking lot and the wait for a space. then there was a wait for the cart. >> emergency management officials say you should prepare for a possible power outage so add bottled water to the shopping list, a flashlight if you don't have one and batteries since candles are not a safe bet in the power outage, they can be a hazard. all things to keep in mind. southwest airlines already canceled 100 flights at bwi thurgood marshall beginning at 2:00 today. other flights will be grounded at dulles and philadelphia international. again, no flights from bwi from tuesday to sunday morning at the latest. call ahead and make sure that your carrier is flying out today. remember to stay with abc 2 news for everything you need to know with the storm
8:29 am
approaching. we'll have special storm coverage beginning at 4:00. our live team coverage continues all weekend long. we'll be here saturday morning. of course, don't forget "good morning, maryland" at 9:00 in about a half hour. meantime when we're not on air, you can check us online at just a reminder, there are school closings early today so check the bottom of your screen. we'll send you back to new york for gm good am. have a -- for "good morning america." have a good day and wonderful weekend.
8:30 am
♪ [ cheers ] counting down to game time. you're looking at fans in miami, at the site of super bowl xliv, also in new orleans, of course, the home of the saints. robin roberts has been there all morning. i am george stephanopoulos in new york. here with juju chang. sam champion's outside. but all the action is happening in miami and new orleans this weekend. robin? >> well, george, you said it. both the colts and the saints have tremendous fans. they have super fans. in fact, the nfl partnered with frito lay, for the most fanatical contest. 1,000 entered.
8:31 am
we have the winner, joining us there in miami, florida, for super bowl xliv. drew mccoy and the barnes family. they won a v.i.p. trip to the big game to see their beloved colts. tell me, what makes you the most fanatical colts fans? go ahead. >> we think that we are just because we've -- we really love the colts, ever since they came to indianapolis in 1984. and we supported them, even when they didn't play so well. in the bad years. but now, this last decade has just been incredible to be a colts fan. such a class act team. we do. peyton manning's the best. >> peyton manning is the best. and you have a lot to be proud of. and i got to say. you colts fans have been really good sports because you -- can you remember the first time your colts went to the super bowl, how excited you were? >> yes. absolutely. it was a wonderful time, the
8:32 am
first time they went. and the fact they went all the way and won is incredible. you live that high for a full year. we want to repeat it again. we just can't wait for sunday and for the colts to bring home another championship to indianapolis. >> well, good luck to you. good luck to you. and thank you for joining us. thank you, emeril, for being on your best behavior, and everybody here, being on your best behavior. [ cheers ] >> who dat, baby? >> thank you, emeril. we'll get to you in a little bit. we have super fans. super saints here. >> hi, baby. how are you doing? >> how are you? >> look behind you. are you kidding me? 85,000 people here. 85,000 people right here last sunday. and the parade to support the saints. and we hadn't even won anything yet. that says a little something. >> we see some super fans here. what's that? >> whistle monster.
8:33 am
he hits 123 decibels on the dot, baby. >> we've been watching losing football for a couple decades now. this year, we thought it would be something important to do something special. we got the most recognizable fans. and made a clander. we teamed up with a local sponsorship. we teamed up with a nonprofit. the field of dreams. their goal is to build a football field and track for those kids because they lost their facilities during katrina. we'd love to get a little help. you can get it at >> george? >> thank you, robin. robin, how gracious of you to wish good luck to those colts fans. >> we mean that. i'm rooting for the saints. i'm not rooting against the colts. i'm rooting for the saints.
8:34 am
since i was yay high, this high, i've been a saints fan. i think people with a sports team, they can appreciate it. they know what it's like the first time. >> thank you, robin. >> the superpower bar for the supersaints. >> we'll find out on sunday. now, to sam champion with the weather. and "just one thing" to tell us, sam. >> roll the music. we want to get to it, quickly. james bonsic could be my personal hero. got a well used car. recycled it into an all-electric car for $12,000. why did you do it, first of all? >> that's right, sam. it starts with personal environmental responsibility. as well as educating the community. i had this car. i wanted to keep driving it. i didn't want to go buy a hybrid. there's no electric cars out there that i could afford. so, i decided i was going to take the resources i had available and convert this car myself. >> we'll show you, the batteries
8:35 am
in the back of the electronic. the electric engine is in there. he took the engine out. this is a lot of hard work. not just anybody can do this. say i wanted to find an old clunker and convert it. is there somebody that would help me do that? >> absolutely. for myself, i had to reach out to a local friend of mine. but there's other resources. there's online communities. there's blogs. there's local converters. regular mechanics. >> and because you my expert on this, we're going to link you -- if you go to, go to "just one thing," we'll link you to james' blog. you can save money by never using gas again. just buy an old clunker, if this will save you money. let's get to the boards. one or two things for you to know about. there's a big snowstorm. some people calling it a snowpocalypse in washington, d.c. with 18 to 24 inches of snow possible. you'd have to be 28 inches to beat the biggest snowfall. there's the weekend map. the blizzard is only saturday during the blizzard conditions
8:36 am
and that low pulls away. on the west coast, there's two storms this weekend. all that weather was brought to you by kay jewellers. juju? >> hey, sam. well, you know, national geographic explored the issue of polygamy. and they went to a breakaway mormon sect in canada, that teaches that men deemed godly must have three wives to achieve eternal salvation. wilson blackworth, worth $15 million, with interests in farming, has more than two dozen wives. one man said, he had so many children, he had trouble remembering their names. just across the canadian border, in bountiful british columbia,
8:37 am
national geographic got a rare glams at a breakaway clan of polygamist normans. >> family is what we are. >> reporter: they're led by this man, winston blackmore, a patriarch, with upwards of 25 wives. his undoubtedly related to many of the 500 followers in this community. this is winston's 11th wife. she's expecting the next blackmore child. >> having a sister wife is like having the same relationship with your husband but with three or four women. i love those girls. i really, truly do. and i couldn't live without them. >> reporter: on the same day she became his 11th wife, her sister, marcia, became his 10th. >> there's jealousy in plural marriage. especially in the first of your years. getting to know people.
8:38 am
getting to know the dos and the don'ts that you can get away with. >> reporter: in 2001, the mormons broke away from the self-proclaimed prophet, warren jeffs, who lived 2,000 miles away in a texas come bound. jeffs was arrested in 2006. >> one of the worst things you can do is to judge the prophet, and figure out he isn't doing just right. >> reporter: jeffs sits under suicide watch in prison, serving multiple sentences for underaged marriages. some to girls as young as 12 years old. >> you can't live a scriptorious life without becoming weird. and he put together pieces that he thought was how they were. but they weren't. that's not how it's supposed to be. >> reporter: since splitting from warren jeffs' group, they set out to prove to the world that polygamy is as moral a choice as any other lifestyle. one of winston's other wives, elise, tries to keep a sense of humor about it. >> you know you have a big family when the bus driver makes
8:39 am
one stop. your house. >> reporter: mary roundee is winston's second daughter. >> i don't have a ton of time with him. but when he did things with us, it was very special. ♪ ♪ 100 children marching along >> reporter: three months later, the next addition to the blackmore family. the seventh child born just an hour ago. >> this is a family tradition. chooses a letter at the beginning of the year. and he names the baby with that letter. >> reporter: winston's 121 first child will be called jedi ya. >> i hope he grows up to honor his mother and father. and to be a clean, virtuous boy. and i hope you will carry on with the tradition of my fo forfathers and my parents. that's a religion i've loved.
8:40 am
and close to god. >> reporter: it's a community evolving, with some like mary finding her own way. she's in a monogamous marriage, with a man also raised in a polygamist family. >> with my fooets children, most of them don't seem particularly interested in living the lifestyle. i don't see it dying out right away. maybe in a few generations. who knows? >> polygamy is technically illegal in canada. and you must have parental consent. but the brides are raised by people in this country. british columbia has been criticized for allowing this to flourish. but blackmore, and others say it's about religious freedom. you can read more in this month's "national geographic." and you can see the show next monday. we'll be back with more from new orle
8:41 am
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♪ we are back here in new orleans for our super bowl block party. and the music you've been hearing has been courtesy of --
8:44 am
trombone shorty. and local musicians here are part of the flavor of this region. everybody is saying who dat. we thought we would give you a little lesson of the local lingo here in new orleans. >> who dat say they going to beat the saints? >> who dat? >> reporter: it's the beat of the bayou. ♪ who dat >> reporter: who dat magic has struck across cajun nation. ♪ you say who dat >> reporter: the chant that started with the saints players. and spread to their die-hard fans. >> who dat? >> reporter: has morphed into a movement all its own. >> explain who dat to me. >> reporter: its interpretation is as diverse as the wonderful
8:45 am
city it comes from. but where does this unique phrase originate? we found lots of people who think they know. >> came from a small town in louisiana. >> i heard even in the '60s, women who were playing high school basketball, back in that town. >> who dat? >> reporter: it turns out the phrase was actually first kind over 100 years ago. its roots firmly lodged in this multicultural society. >> the term who dat comes out of the late 19th century, early 20th century, of a minstrel show vaudeville era. in the '50s or '70s, it started becoming a chant at football games. >> reporter: what dot is leaving outsiders scrap their ode. >> where ru r you going? i'm going to make groishryes. >> reporter: if you're you've never made groceries but coming to new orleans, here a cheat sheet. making groceries really means
8:46 am
buying groceries. pass a good time. that translates into have a good time. and what is mie-nez? that good stand by mayonnaise. for many, who dat nation represents not only a sports team, but a region coming back together. a way of life, family and tradition, much of it damaged after katrina. >> new orleans has been used as a metaphor for despair in the past couple of years. and here's something to be optimistic about. here's a statement of resilience and of unity. >> reporter: bobby eber, a former saints quarterback, has been given credit for resurrecting the who dat in this 2006. >> and if the saints win. the yats of the who dat nation will celebrate with be r a fais do-do. of course, what would the super bowl in new orleans be without a
8:47 am
little food? as we go to break, a little who dat. [ cheers ]
8:48 am
8:49 am
of course, what would our super bowl block party be, especially here in new orleans, without a little food. yeah, shad. that's what i'm talking about. emeril lagasse is already there at super bowl central. he's in miami. going to be seeing him soon. he left me in good hands. three chefs from your super restaurants here in new orleans. davis. you're from the flag ship. >> i am. >> we have josh lasky. nola, got to love that. spencer mench from emeril's
8:50 am
delmonico. i have to start with the boss. >> absolutely. >> in miami. tell us your super bowl story there. em, i know this is a long time coming for you, too. >> robin, i got to tell you something. i'm surrounded by the who dat nation here in miami. and i have to tell you something. they're up there in the balcony screaming. they're saying you can't burn this flag, robin. it's unbelievable. >> it is unbelievable. and didn't you cook a little something for the new quarterback, drew brees, when he came to town? >> well, you know, when drew brees was being recruited by micky lomas and coach payton, they came to emeril's. i said no pressure. but if you sign with the saints, i'll cook you and your wife dinner anytime you want in your home. it just so happens he signed. and we've been friends ever since. >> good story there. and i know your cooking sealed the deal. we want to have some dishes here.
8:51 am
you know, super bowl sunday. people want some dips. what kind of dips are you going to make for us? >> the who dat hot crab dip. >> ooh. tell us the ingredients. >> a little cream cheese and n mayonnaise in here. and louisiana blue crab meat. the best crab meat in the world. we're going to stir that up a little bit. put that in our casserole. we're going to top that off with a little buttered bread crumbs. >> just a little something-something. >> we're going to finish it in the oven, 350 degrees for half an hour. >> that's a good start. we should tell everybody. you can get the remember byes an our website at what do you have here? >> green onion and shrimp dip. a little mayonnaise. >> how did you say that?
8:52 am
>> gulf shrimp. seasoned with chef emeril's essence. a little green onion celery. lemon juice. lemon zest. little kosher salts. white pepper, cayenne. >> what's this? >> worcestershire sauce. that's it. >> that's easy. >> it is. >> good eating like this. what do you have here? >> i have a kicked-up saints are going to bin spinach and artichoke dip here. base of milk. cream cheese. >> more cheese? >> jack cheese. >> parmesan cheese. and artichokes to be healthy. and you have to have some bacon. stir this up. bake it up for 10 to 15 minutes. >> can you top this, emeril? what do you have? >> i have to tell you something. i gave them all of the great recipes.
8:53 am
but anyhow, what i got here, as i told you guys a couple of weeks ago on the five top dishes of super bowl, i have some queso. i have pee pico deguillo. and chips. >> we'll be right back. pillsbury crescent rolls, so warm, light, flaky... you'll never have to call them to the dinner table twice as simple as bake them,
8:54 am
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8:56 am
♪ wishing my momma a happy 86th birthday. we have this sign for you. thanks to mardi gras world. i'll see you from miami on monday, george. >> cannot wait for that. happy birthday to your mom. be safe. see you monday. all right. by now you heard about it. hopefully you prepared for it. yes, we have a big storm.
8:57 am
winter storm warning for the entire state that takes us through saturday night at 10:00, although the storm should be ending by that point. we'll be dealing with the repercussions as it pulls out of here. we're watching in reference to baltimore a lot of the stuff not reaching the ground trying to fine tune the radars. it looks like it's mostly through western virginia and south of mount royal where the leading edge of the precipitation is moving in. once it moves in, it gets heavy in a hurry. we'll watch that as we go through 10:00 at the earliest leaning towards noon to 2:00 before it starts to begin. mixing with sleet that will cut down for snowfall expectations. then we all go to snow. some places wake up to close to a foot on the ground by daybreak. temperature's 25 and dropping to 22 or 20 by day's end during the day tomorrow. wide range of snowfall totals. we'll go through all of those coming up on "good morning, maryland" at 9:00.
8:58 am
right now, let's get that final check on traffic with kim. >> reporter: thanks, justin. folks pretty much heeded the warning and are off the roadways. any delays or congestion has since been gone. we don't have any accidents working at this time. the earlier incidents have since been cleared. all of the routes are looking good as are both the inner and outer loop this morning. as we look at the jfx it is wide open as you make your way southbound headed towards downtown.
8:59 am


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