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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  February 9, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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out toward westminster we have report of two inches on the ground. that's all headedder our way. for all of the state tonight looks like snow heavier through the night and sleet mixing in from the route 50 bridge eastward. talk more detail coming up in a few. now the latest on the roads. >> now the crashes are starting to come in. fortunately they are mostly on the side roads. major roadways still opened. all lanes opened on the beltway. no problems on the inner and outer loop. 95 with volume and congestion in both directions. baltimore county is where they are coming in. eastbound lanes at old court road a crash there.
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liberty road again falls road southbound. northbound lanes of falls road past mount caramel road. multiple cars in ditches. take your time as the road conditions get worse visibility gets reduced. it is hard to tell how slick the roads are when you apply brakes. take your time on the way home. as we take a peak let's look at the jfx. volume heavy. people are driving at reduced speeds. it is looking good as you make your way out of downtown headed up towards the beltway. >> thank you. harford county is expected to get the worse of this storm. >> brian leads off the team coverage tonight. he is joining us from bell air standing next to a lot of snow. how is it looking up there? >> reporter: it is a whole lot of snow. the snow you can see behind me is the snow from the previous storm. now we are starting to come down heavy in harford county. i want to show you it's only been snowing like this half an hour. i want to show you the roads
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here. this is the parking lot. that's got a decent coating. more than it was when we last checked in. i want to show you the big snow mound crews are moving all the move around this parking lot. you can't really tell where the old snow ends and the new snow begins. that is going to be a problem tonight throughout the next day. it is really starting to come down in harford county. crews worked their butts off to get this place cleared before the onslaught of this new storm coming that's starting to hit up here now. everything stop and everyone's waiting to see what they get. >> thank you. the digout continues today in lutherville in baltimore county. vince returned from florida yesterday to find his home and cars covered in snow and ice. we are trying to feel sorry for him after his visit to florida. but he and others are concerned about where they'll put the snow from the next storm.
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>> if you don't want to do it yourself and you are looking to hire someone to remove the snow consumer website is offering important tips. first get an estimate. have someone come out and look at your property and ask what's included. ask about cost. is it a flat rate or based on the depth of snow. coverage, does the company have insurance against damage? well, maryland is gearing up for the big storm. >> this one presents a nuchal henge because we are running out of room along the roads on where to put the snow. christian schafer is live mema with the battle plans >> reporter: we have been waiting for governor o'malley but he was not able to get here. a car spun out in front of the
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cars that the governor is traveling in so he may not be here for another ten minutes. here at mema we are looking at the progress of the storm as it moves in knew our area. they are monitoring the road conditions across the state. national guards have allowing to work in baltimore and allows the governor to sign a declaration that allows plow drivers to stay on the job longer than are layings normally allow. that should help get the snow cleared. right now advice is to stay off the roads if you can. this storm is coming. looks like it will pack a wallop. >> thank you. most of us are sick of the
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snow we can think of one person who doesn't mind being out. he can have it. >> meteorologist justin burke is outside. he is now checking out the conditions for us. justin where is your hat? >> i don't need a hat. my mother-in-law is probably watching. you know what i got? i'm having trouble hearing you. i had a group come visit me last week. i promised them that i would go outside in the next big snow storm. we missed the last one. listen to this. you can actually hear the pinging. this is pure snow. not sleet. it seem like looking at the nature of the flakes there is warming at cloud level. which means when your temperature are marginal the sleet might not make it in bam. further towards the bay in baltimore county and ann arundel county there is a good
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theft you'll have sleet. how about the snow quality here? we have ourselves, i heard confectioner's sugar. this is hard packing snow. not as heavy as the last storm. it is coming down in a good clip. the snow started thickening on hour and a half ago. i would say it is snowing over an inch an hour. the road is notes a fall covers asphalt covered. it is pure snow. if you are home don't go anywhere. don't try to hot dog it. if you are a good driver you don't know about the other
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people out there. take it easy. stay home. enjoy the storm. i'll be back in tomorrow morning with early coverage. we'll get your snowfall tallies. we'll go through this together. this is of epic porportions, blizzard conditions building in tomorrow. back to you. >> >> thank you. the problem with too much snow and too little room is most apparent in baltimore county. department of transportation spokesperson says crews are dumping snow in open spaces around the city. barnes says the city received permission from the maryland department of the environment to dump snow in the inner harbor but hasn't done so yet. quite a mess today in parkville. drivers had to take it real slow as crews worked to clear streets before this next storm. you can see the worker were using front end loaders to scoop the snow off the side of the road widening the outside
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lane. if you can get home. stay there. don't leave the house. >> exactly. our third big storm for this season. maryland has been fortunate more accidents haven't happened out. jeff got a look at the perils along york road. it still looks packed >> reporter: it is. that almost seems like a century ago that we went on the roads because of changing conditions. you can see out there now kind of backed up. i think people are trying to get to giant to get supplies. snow is coming down hard. earlier today i went out with the cameraman. we drove around for an hour. if you ever took driver's ed this is like getting your master's degree. we founds the tough between the major snow storms. because the sidewalks are filled with snow you'll find a jogger in your lane or the
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grocery cart toting shopper. there was of course no shortage of emergency vehicles. the ambulance running down the narrow street one way or the fire truck approaching from the other. or the postal workers trying to move on the roads and through the unshovelled walks to and from home. as many blind spots of those created every time you turn out on the road from your home or business proceed with caution. inch out if you can. be prepared to back up quickly. watch out for snow plows and road crews. they are trying to make it safer for you. you are looking at a live picture of york road where the traffic is slow on the second lane. moving along on the northbound lane. the snow starting to make some slush on the roads. we talked to the same guys plowing earlier today. they'll plow some more of these roads again for the second time probably within a 24-hour span. they told us they are feel this is like making sands castle's on the beach. you feel good about what it
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looks like. then the wave comes and you get to start over. if you can stay off the roads let them do their jobs. >> thank you. traveling by air not much better. if you are expecting to fly out of bwi marshall international airport you'll have to wait. airport spokespersons says the flights are ending today. travelers are urged to call ahead or check their flight status online. as you can see on bottom of the screen there is already closings delays because of the weather. there is likely more to come. be sure to tune into good morning maryland tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. for the latest and most updated list. we have a picture sent in from elk ridge. this is her 18-month-old son faced when he woke up this morning.
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[ no audio ] >> reporter: waiting for closure because the winter weather is reeking havoc on plan for the dearly departed. feet of snow blanketed graveyard and made the path it possible for anyone that wants to hole a service. workers are trying their best to clear the way. >> we are pushing snow side to side. best we can get it >> reporter: in the cemetery business it is not just clearing the lanes of the cemetery that makes things difficult. they could have a burial because they could not find a spot in the snow. >> the cemetery has to locate a grave >> reporter: they have postponed eight services. >> it is a real sense it is not a matter of life and death for us >> reporter: it is a matter of finding compassion for the families dealing with the death
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of a loved one the a winter storm that makes honorerring them hard near all in all people are understanding. >> reporter: they like the rest of us are watching the winter storm and figure out how to plan to dig out of it and bring people the closure they are looking for. >> you are one of the busiest man in the city. >> justin has been going at it all morning. it is a situation where it is unprecedent to have this many large winter storms in one winter season. here we go again. let's president you into maryland's most power rada as you look at the darker shaded areas here that's where we have more moderate snow coming down.
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i checked surface reports. i couldn't find see much heavy snow. we had reports in hagerstown and frederick. was earlier today reporting two inches on the ground. depends on where you are. looks heavier to the west. certainly a little chance for freezing rain and sleet in this pink band here. this is where the doppler estimates that changeover to a wintry mix. probably going to hold accumulations. cities are reporting rain at the top of the hour. here's a look at where we are estimating end of storm accumulations to be. a foot or more beyond baltimore and northward through the eastern part of pennsylvania into new jersey. south of the city including d.c. 6-12-inch range. six or less as you go toward southern maryland and parts of the eastern shore. more sleet and possibly cold rain will hold the accumulations down. that won't be the case in baltimore. wind storm warning up for the
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entire state. high wind warnings in the shaded counties. nonetheless unbelievable win here in maryland. we have had more than 60 inches of snow recorded at bwi marshall. look at inner harbor. this is between 3:00-6:00 today. there comes the first round of snow as the inner harbor continues to dig out. yet the snow keeps coming in. the hits keep on coming. 28 at bwi marshall. this snow sticking right now. easton at the freezing mark on the western part of the eastern shore. not much wind now. one of the biggest concerns of this storm is as it moves off the coast tomorrow some very high winds coming in will blow it everywhere. we could get significant drifting into the early part of thursday afternoon all the snow quits. large storm system all across
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the east coast right now. snow as far back west as southern wisconsin. heavy rain and storms developing off the carolina coast. two distinguished areas of low pressure. one south carolina. it will double up and most east. heavy snow overnight mixing with sleet on the eastern shore west of the route 50 bridge. tomorrow it all changes to snow as the winds intest fie and the storm moves offshore. 28 tomorrow. heavy snow. near blizzard conditions. it tapers off tomorrow night. wins will stick around into the day on thursday and blow the snow. thursday morning we could deal
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with blowing snow. finally a chance to dig out friday and saturday. look likes to next storm system, we think, will be a smaller system with a lighter amount of snow. whats to lates on the road? >> i'm getting reports that snow is visible on the roadway s. >> it is a crawl at park heights. give yourself lots of time this evening. we have crashes around baltimore county. towsend eastbound lanes of johner road accident there. randalls town liberty road. pikesville falls road southbound a crash reported. northbound falls road we are getting report of multiple cars into ditches. road conditions are getting
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worse as we progress through the evening. visibility becoming a big problem as you cannot see that well. braking capacity will be diminished take your time. bw parkway northbound route 175 disabled vehicle causing delays. back to you. >> remember abc 2 works for you 4-7. you can track the storm at or click the weather tab on the home page. let's look at the exclusive weather net. ♪
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because of the win wallop maryland postponed men's tomorrow college basketball game against virginia. it will be made up on monday. college park campus has been closed since friday because of the snow. you know it is bad if they are not playing ball. >> you are looking at a live look at rogers sports net. the snow is really coming down. we'll have complete coverage throughout the evening. you'll need it. as the each goes on the weather
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conditions are going to deteriorate. >> it is it pretty? >> from here. it is pretty to look at. historic storm coming in tonight. one last check in here with maryland's rada you can see heavy snow. also, as you look at the end you can see sleet changing more to a true snow. this is a different perspective. five sweep working for you. as you look to the west in hagerstown a more moderate snow band. south of us here pretty intense precipitation coming down moving into prince george's county. that's coming in the baltimore area in the next two hours. getting heavier tonight. winter storm warning up through tomorrow evening. just settle in. get some beverages and hang out. >> hot cocoa. >> that's right. don't be on the roads later. that's it for abc 2 news at 6:00. thank you for joining us. we'll be back tonight at 11:00.
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