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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  February 10, 2010 12:05am-1:05am EST

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palin at today's press briefing, for the notes she had written on the palm of her hand at her tea party address. instead of palin's energy, budget cuts and lift american spirits, gibbs wrote eggs, milk, bread, hope and change. it's the latest job in what is a growing political polarization. robin roberts asked michelle obama about it. >> my husband entered office when this country was on the brink of a depression, and fortunately because of some really smart decisions and quick decisions, we're not there yet. but still, people are struggling, and people should look to the president for guidance and insight. >> reporter: in looking back, this weekend, sarah palin, at the tea party convention. >> now a year later, i have to ask supporters of all that, how is that hope-y, change-y stuff working out for you? >> reporter: does it sting when you hear those things? >> you know, what stings is
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continued high unemployment rates. as i say, you just keep holding the hand out. you keep that smile on your face. you stay open to the possibility of partnership. >> so tonight, we ask you, is that partnership between democrats and republicans really a possibility? tell us what you think by clicking on the "nightline" page at, or on the "nightline" twitter page. that's our report for tonight. we'll take you one place it didn't snow today, new orleans, where the super bowl saints celebrated with a massive style benefits the home of mardi gras. good night, america. >> jimmy: i'm jimmy kimmel. on the show tonight -- oscar nominee maggie gyllenhaal, other oscar nominee ryan bingham. and large predator expert dave salmoni with large predators. and security guard guillermo with a deadly frog on his head. >> hello --
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- academy award nominee maggie gyllenhaal. from animal planet, dave salmoni. and music from ryan bingham. with cleto and the cletones. ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" and now, if there are no further questions, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: hello, i'm jimmy. well, it's wonderful to have you here. you're here on a very good night. can i interest anyone in a baby giraffe tonight? this -- we've got a were dell, that's a toy. that's the baby giraffe, stanley. 11 weeks old. and stanley is going home with one lucky member of our studio audience. that's right. [ cheers and applause ] giving away a giraffe. beats the hell out of winning a car, right? dave will be back later, with stanley and with some animals that have claws. and i have to say, these are my least favorite of all the spokes, when the animals come to visit. it really is. also tonight, two oscar nominees, ryan bingham and -- magic -- magic gynecologist --
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we have a magic gynecologist on the show? >> maggie gyllenhaal. >> jimmy: oh, i have to stop writing on my palms. did you cesar are palin at the tea party convention on saturday? well, this is -- i'm starting to love her, really. she -- she mocked president obama for using a teleprompter and someone noticed, they looked at the video and saw she had notes written on her hand, and she had the words energy, budget with the word cuts crossed off. tax and lift american spirits written on her palm. which, it lifted my spirits, so -- mission accomplished, i guess. writing stuff on your hand is not a good idea. it is why president bush invaded iraq instead of iran. he wrote it down. i guess he mayed nine holes of golf and now here we are. here's sarah palin, literally talking to the hand. >> what do you think are the top three things that have got to be done.
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>> we have to rein in the spending and not raise these extremely high budgets and then say, okay, we're going to freeze a couple of programs here. that doesn't do us any good, we have to start raveining in the spending. >> jimmy: maybe she would be matter if she had bigger hands. sarah palin is no dummy. this is a calculated move designed to promote her new book. it's a collection ofless peeps that you can write in moose blood right on your hand. sarah palin is getting criticized. last week she demanded that rahm emanuel step down because he used the word retarded but rush limbaugh did the same thing on his radio show and that, she said, was okay. unfortunate lip she's been able to respond to the criticism because she's wearing mittens, so -- it's very cold. cold all over the country. [ applause ] i want to say congratulations, not that they need mine, to the
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new orleans saints on their first ever super bowl win. they beat the colts. they had a big victory parade today. the city of new orleans has not thrown a parade in almost 48 hours, so this was huge. they say half a million people were there to celebrate. this is funny. the police asked women not to flash their breasts. which pretty much guarantees they're going to flash their -- maybe it was reverse psychology. do not under any circumstances show me those large, round, beautiful breasts of yours. i'm plugging my ears. i swear to god. this was -- this to me was kind of surprising. the super bowl was the most watched tv show in american history. 106 million people watched, which beat the previous record, held by the final episode of "growing pains," and -- i have to say, 106 million. that means two out of three americans didn't watch the super bowl. that seems kind of low, doesn't
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it? what were those over 200 million people doing? pilates? i guess the advertisers got their money's worth. i broke it down. they fell into three categories with the commercials. creepy talking babies. adult-size head super imposed onto baby-sized bodies and rodents that speak which, you know, the talking rodents are very cute on commercials but if one ever crawled from under your sink and said hi, you would never be able to stop beating it to death with a rake, right? you would make a paste out of it and you would spread it on the children's sandwiches. carrie underwood had a rough time with the national anthem, which -- i watch -- i didn't think it was that bad. take a look, see what you think. ♪ and the home of the brave wow!
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>> jimmy: i don't know that that was necessary. i think she has a beautiful singing voice. guillermo -- she sounded good, right guillermo? >> it was beautiful. >> jimmy: okay, thank you. the who, the band the who is not happy with their performance at halftime. i thought roger sang his gums out, but they said they felt uncomfortable with the format, and i was upset with pete to understand townsedn. i bet $200, my bet was that when the who performed, pete would smash his guitar on stage. if i won, i would have won $250, and pete is known for doing that, right? and if there's any place you're going to smash it, the super bowl has to be that place, right? well, look at this. not only didn't he smash the guitar, but you can see, i feel like he was mocking me here, he
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placed it down like a faberge egg. i'm at hope screaming like a maniac. thank you for reinventing yourself on my dime. and i know it wasn't the right thing to do, but i was very upset and i want to apologize for this. you know, sometimes i just get carried away, especially in the spirit of come pretigs. when i saw he didn't smash the guitar, i was furious. and i -- i was able to get about $60 back, but still. my apologies to the townsend family. hey, this is -- this is pretty good. democratic nominee for lieutenant governor of illinois, i haven't been following this story, but the guy has been in hot water since they revealed that he was arrested five years ago for allegedly holding a knife to his prostitute ex-girlfriend's neck.
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she only has one neck. her neck. so he just dropped out of the race and in another display of excellent judgment, he dropped out of the race at a bar at halftime of the super bowl. >> made a tearful announcement at a north side bar during halftime of the super bowl. >> for the good -- >> take your time. take your time. >> of the people of the state of illinois, and for the democratic party -- i will resign. >> jimmy: that's sweet. he is -- he's not crying about the announcement. he's crying because they ran out of ranch dressing for his chicken wings, and he loves -- you can't have -- it's nice to dip. you get a little in the dip it? what goes through people's heads? the east coast is covered in snow right now.
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washington, d.c. and northern virginia got almost 35 inches over the weekend. and may get 20 more inches tomorrow. that's a lot of inches. schools and businesses were closed. they're building snow-bamas all over the place. the federal government was shut down today and yesterday which cost -- they estimate it cost about $100 million in lost productivity. the house is literally stuck in the house, and they can't do anything. and though i have to admit, it is nice to see lawmakers shoving something else for a change, isn't it? [ applause ] my shoutout to jay tonight, right? most congressmen are actually -- they're taking this opportunity with all the snow to spend some quality time with their mistresses. oh. congressmen in the audience tonight? or mistresses? the snow didn't stop the "sports illustrated" swim suit edition,
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it hit news stands this morning. the cover model this year is brooklyn decker, and, actually, she's not the only cover model this year. they put a golfer on there, too. it is a sports magazine, after all, and -- i guess he's cured. the ceo of toyota today took full responsibility for the problems they're having with the prius. millions of cars have been recalled because of brake problems and accelerators that supposedly get stuck. here is the ceo, akiotoyoda, the grandson of the guy that started the company. here he is, facing the press and blaming himself. >> sorry! [ applause ] >> jimmy: all right, well, that's the first step. speaking of things that never stop, tonight marked the final
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episode of "the jay leno show." starting tomorrow he will be replaced by reruns of "sudenedly susan" on nbc. i hope the kid lands on his feet. tonight was ellen's first night on "american idol." she replaced paula abdul. ellen, i guess she taped her talk show this afternoon, then shot "american idol kws then rushed across town to shoot an american express commercial followed by a 20 minute nap and then her graveyard shift at denny's. they had free grand slams today. this is something. gary coleman had a birthday yesterday. did you have the day off? he's 42 years old. you'd think he would be taller, but -- he spent his birthday in a courthouse in utah, pleading guilty to a domestic battery charge and addressing the media like only gary coleman can. >> yes, today is my birthday and it's going to be a happy
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birthday now that you're here or i'm here. but there is one thing i wanted to let you know, without holding them up anymore. there never has been and never will be any nude photos of gary coleman. i don't care how much you wish it and how much you want it, it ain't happening. [ applause ] >> jimmy: yeah. oh, yes it is. it's going to happen. it is. because i won't rest until it does happen. was anyone wishing that gary coleman would -- one more thing. it's the second week of the final season of "lost" tonight. i love the show. my biggest fear with the show is that they end it with the smoke monster spelling out the words "see you suckers." we did find out how he keeps his
12:22 am
hair so nice. he has a secret stash of herbal essences in one of the hatches. thank you for that courtesy noise. "lost" is complex to follow. there are a lot of mysteries to figure out. we have able to get information from some of the stars of the show. so, here is tonight's edition of "the secrets of lost." >> the statue on the island has four toes. why does it have four toes? diabetes. >> jimmy: well, there's something. hey, we have a good show tonight. predator expert dave salmoni. we have music from ryan bingham. and we'll be right back with maggie gyllenhaal. so stick around.
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>> jimmy: hi, everybody, we're back. welcome back. we've got animals here tonight on the show. we have some cute animals, some dangerous animals and somebody could get killed. i'm going to be honest with you tonight. from animal planet, large predator expert dave salmoni is here. he's got a tiger cub, he's got an african frog that has teeth, that's the one that peed on guillermo's head. it peed on your head? >> i think so. i feel wet here. >> jimmy: he's got a king vulture and he's got a baby giraffe, as well. and a poodle, too. that will be something. also tonight, two oscar nominees. we have muse trick a man who won the golden globe for best original song in a movie, now he's nominated for an oscar for the same thing.
12:28 am
you can hear it on the soundtrack to the movie "crazy heart," ryan bingham from the bud light golden wheat stage. tomorrow night, emily blunt and the band editors will join us. and later this week, mark wahlberg, patrick dempsey, greg giraldo, this year's sports illustrated swimsuit edition cover model brooklyn decker and dashboard confessional will join us, too. maybe we'll get that swimsuit model to pee on your head, too, guillermo. >> i would love to. >> jimmy: how polite. our first guest tonight is rumored to be a descendant of king gustav the first, the 16th century ruler of sweden, and she also was batman's girlfriend. so, that's two big things right there. she is currently an oscar nominee for her work alongside jeff bridges in the movie "crazy heart," it is in theaters for your consideration now, please say hello to maggie gyllenhaal. [ applause ]
12:29 am
>> jimmy: thanks for coming. >> sure. >> jimmy: and a double congratulations, well, since the last time you were here, you got married and the oscar nomination, as well. >> thank you very much. >> jimmy: it's a big year. which are you more excited about? >> oh, well -- my marriage is hopefully going to last longer than the four weeks that i'll be nominated for an oscar, so -- you know, so, i'd have to say that. but i'm pretty -- i'm going with the marriage. >> jimmy: you are excited about both? >> i'm beside myself about the nomination. >> jimmy: where were you when you heard about it? >> i was staying at my brother jake's house. >> jimmy: you stay together? when you visit coasts? >> yeah, sometimes we do. now that i got nominated, though, i have a hotel suite. >> jimmy: oh, really, is that how it works? jake's out? >> i was staying at his house
12:30 am
and other times i've been nominated for things, never an oscar, but other times i've been nominated, i've always been staying at his house. i woke up at his house. >> jimmy: you should move into his house. >> or, at least around the award stuff. staying at his house. they call you at 5:00 in the morning, if you get nominated, and i had not been nominated for anything else for this movie at all, so i kind of gotten into the, you know, mindset of, you know, awards don't matter, you know. but i'd really convinced myself. >> jimmy: so you were like up keeping an eye on cable to see -- >> no, i really put it out of my head. i knew that they were, that morning, but i wasn't thinking about it. and my phone rang and when you're really asleep your phone rings, i kind of -- what's going on? i didn't remember. it rang, i kind of woke up and i thought -- maybe? maybe that's what they're calling.
12:31 am
and then i thought, i'm not going to answer it because maybe they're just calling to say, you know, not this time, maggie. >> jimmy: the wrong number. >> and when it rang again i jumped out of my bed and i missed the call, i just -- i don't know, i missed the call but there was an, in caps text from my publicist that say "wake the [ bleep ] up." >> jimmy: oh, really? and did you? >> yeah. >> jimmy: well, you have to, at that point. >> and i let my husband and my daughter sleep and then, my brother woke up, because the phone was ringing in his house, he woke up and we got this first slew of phone calls at 5:00 in the morning from the people that are up. a good friend of mine called me -- >> jimmy: your husband doesn't know? >> still sleeping. >> jimmy: that's a considerate wife. that's amazing. >> we have our 3-year-old sleeping which is important.
12:32 am
>> jimmy: i got you. >> 5:00 in the morning. my brother, we hung out and for a minute and the phone stopped ringing for the people not up that early and i thought, god, maybe i should go to bed, you know? and he said, don't go to bed, no. i'll make you coffee and pancakes and -- >> jimmy: he made you coffee and pancakes. that's very nice. i heard jake is a very good cook. >> i heard you're a really good cook. >> jimmy: well, i am, yeah. i'm a pretty good cook. >> my brother is -- i mean, i think he's an equally good cook as he is an actor. he's bicycle -- he's blessed with -- >> jimmy: he's a serious cook. >> very. he's cooked, line, one of miss best friends was a sous chef at a restaurant, and he cooked on the line. >> jimmy: how were the pancakes? >> they were terrible. and he knew it. >> jimmy: what? >> and my daughter who is 3 who
12:33 am
will eat, whatever, she will eat anything, she was like, these are terrible. >> jimmy: really? do you think he did something? you think he was angry that he wasn't nominated? maybe you got a passive aggressive batch? >> i think it was because he was excited. >> jimmy: wow. and he forgot to put in the water. >> you know what, pancakes are basically like a mix and eggs and water. >> jimmy: that's why it's weird -- >> it was particularly weird because he is a brilliant cook. i mean, like, really, i -- >> jimmy: maybe his reign has come to an end and now he's no longer. >> with my academy award nomination. >> jimmy: you did a great job in the movie. and jeff bridges also did a great job. >> jeff is amazing. >> jimmy: do the point where, you know, he plays country singer who has a problem, it almost seemed as if he was drunk through the movie. was he really drunk through the movie? >> he was not. he says he's done that before and it didn't work out.
12:34 am
>> jimmy: oh, yes. >> he says -- >> jimmy: really? >> he says he learned that that doesn't work. but he did -- he says, this is his own thing, he says it on tv and stuff, he says, how does he put it, he says, like, he took the governor off. if he wanted to eat a point of ice cream if he wanted to have a couple of drinks, he would. but the thing he did, actually, he says he did it for me. he would take those airplane bottles of whiskey and gargle with them, and maybe a little sip, i don't know, and put a little perfume on his neck so when we were acting i would smell it. >> jimmy: really? does that help your performance? >> you know what, i didn't -- i didn't notice it that much. but he was really into it. >> jimmy: yeah, well, then you go with it, say, wow, i could about have done it without those little bottles of whiskey. thank one of those if you win. maybe bring one along. i'd like to thank jeff's cologne. >> if that doesn't go over well -- everybody talks about
12:35 am
how he looks like he smells so bad in the movie and i actually love the way he smelled. >> jimmy: did he smell bad? >> no. >> jimmy: if someone has a smell, there's something going on there. >> no, that's 1980s deodorant commercial. >> jimmy: you don't wear mennin? >> strong enough for a man. >> jimmy: something like that. you enjoyed the smell? >> i enjoyed everything about him. >> jimmy: we have a clip of you smelling jeff. maybe you would like to set this up. >> i think the clip is of him writing a song on my bed. >> jimmy: here we go. clip from "crazy heart," in theaters now. ♪ ain't no place for the weary kind ♪ >> this is so unfair. >> why? >> some people give ten years of their life to be able to do something like that, and it just -- it just pours out of you.
12:36 am
>> you mad at me? >> well, you're writing a song in my bed. >> so? >> so? every time i lie down in it i'm going to hear that beautiful song and -- you're going to be out there, running around, not even remembering this day. i can't even forget. >> jimmy: there you go. that's "crazy heart." great scene. and, in fact, ryan bingham is here tonight, he got an oscar nomination. was he sleeping at jake's at the time? >> supposed to say no, but -- >> jimmy: and, well, he did one of the songs from the soundtrack. >> he and t-bone -- >> jimmy: t-bone burnett? >> he sort of oversaw the music for the movie. one thing i should say, if you see any of us together, all of us that made the movie, we,
12:37 am
ryan, all of us, we actually love each other. we actually got to really be friends. >> which movie didn't you like everyone? >> oh, there -- this is really -- >> jimmy: we'll go through those next time you're here. maggie gyllenhaal. "crazy heart" is in theaters now. we'll be right back with dave salmoni and animals. ick i pickep by booking my fami with e. first i find the flight i want. then a great hotel my kids will love. yeah. but wait... here's the really cool part. when i book them at the same time... voila! i can save up to 450 bucks. and we all know that can come in pretty handy. book flight and hotel, and save more. where you book matters, expedia. ♪ dot com
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>> jimmy >> jimmy: hi there. still to come, music from ring bingham. our next guest is the canadian tarzan. he's lived in the wild with lions, kept tigers in his apartment and looks outstanding in a loincloth. so i'm told. he's here tonight to frightening us with beasts. from animal planet, please welcome large predator expert dave salmoni. how are you? >> i'm doing well. >> jimmy: good to see you. >> thanks. >> jimmy: i notice you have a tiger. >> i have a tiger. i am -- oh, she's going to be your friend. >> jimmy: wow. she's a baby. >> she's 5 1/2 weeks old.
12:42 am
>> jimmy: wow. >> don't let her on the leather there. >> jimmy: that's old enough to kill, right? >> she probably could, you know. at this size. you look at a dog this size you wouldn't be scared. but she's got claws and teeth. >> jimmy: i'd be scared of a dog on my desk. >> i'm going to teach you how to greet a tiger. so -- she's a little nervous. blow into her nose. >> jimmy: wait a minute. she's a little nervous but you try it is not what i want to hear. >> what i expect when i make that noise, it's a greetening for a tiger, it tells her you don't mean her any harm -- >> jimmy: do you again, i don't want to get the -- >> little closer. >> jimmy: no, not closer. this is good. this is a good distance. i'll phone her and go -- >> perfect. >> jimmy: she's licking herself. >> you can see when she first comes out the eyes are big and she's looking around. now she's starting to -- >> jimmy: he's relaxed. she looks playful. >> she's grooming herself. >> jimmy: when does it reach the
12:43 am
part where they are not really playful anymore and we have to fear them? >> what she does know, she will jump on me, wrap her mouth around me and it is cute now because i know how to stop her. and then when she's 200 pounds, 300 pounds -- >> jimmy: you stop playing around. >> it's less cute. >> jimmy: you had one of these living in your apartment. >> i had two. >> jimmy: how old were they? >> they started off 3 months, smaller than her. >> jimmy: that's got to be against the homeowner's association. >> i was working for a zoo at the time and the zoo owned the little trailer that i was living in. and the tigers. >> jimmy: oh, they did. >> you can't eat that, honey. >> jimmy: would you bring girls home? >> you would think it was a perfect opportunity to get a girl in your house but you can get them there but when you want to lock them out and leave the girl in the bedroom -- >> jimmy: they get eaten? >> they start crying. it not that good. i was 21 and single and thinking, oh, great, tighter in
12:44 am
the house, this is going to be a great career path for me. didn't work out. >> jimmy: wow, so this tiger did not like women, i guess, huh? >> left alone, unfortunately. and at night they want to roll around. >> jimmy: they feed on cocktail waitresses, tigers, don't they. >> these are terrible pets. i try to tell people, these aren't pets. i went to university for this, i have been trained by the best. they're not pets. nobody should have one of these at home. >> jimmy: you should have roy of siegfried & roy do that particular psa. >> you're probably right. >> i ha i have other animals for you. give her a pat. >> jimmy: she's cute. >> she is cute. come on up. there's mom. there you go. now, the next one i've got here is right in my side here. >> jimmy: i'm more interested in your assistant. >> i'm sure. now this is an african picksi frog. >> jimmy: that was on guillermo's head. and it peed on him.
12:45 am
that's a jabba the hut frog. >> this is one of the things you can hold. see how i cup my hands like this. the back feet may kick on you but that will be fine. hold it against your chest. do like this to start. the one thing you have to know about this is, this is the biggest frog in africa. >> jimmy: it is. >> and it is also the most vicious frog in africa. this is one -- >> jimmy: but here it's docile? what do you mean it's vicious? >> it's one of the only frogs that i know that has teeth and it will actually go after -- it -- >> jimmy: what am i -- oh, my god, it's moving. it has teeth? >> it's got teeth. >> jimmy: tell me if i have teeth before i hold them. wow. we have the same physique, that frog and i, actually. >> the other thing is, these are cannibals. >> jimmy: really? they will eat other -- >> if you were a frog, they would go after you. >> you sick son of a bitch.
12:46 am
>> you want to see the next one? >> jimmy: let's see the next one. oh, boy. well, this could be a lunch. >> this is what i say is a king vulture. >> oh, honey, relax. relax. >> jimmy: and it's got bubble gum on its nose. >> she didn't realize that -- she's supposed to go on the gloved hand. >> jimmy: that's a vulture. >> i'm going to put my hand on her back like this. good girl. >> jimmy: how do you know to do that? >> i was taught. her mom, who just handed me for her taught me all the best things she likes to do. >> jimmy: that woman looks so human. >> good girl. the thing about these, being a king vulture -- >> jimmy: does that mean you get to rule the other vultures? or that means you're going to eat larry king one day? >> the mayans used to think these guys were messengers to the gods. they are one of the prettiest ones, i think. and the one thing that makes
12:47 am
them different for others is their baceak. that is stronger. a little shorter. it's stronger than other vultures. other times, a vulture -- they eat dead things, and if a predator hasn't gotten to it first, they have to sit there and wait for it to get soft. this guy, his beak is strong enough -- >> jimmy: do they bite live people? >> well, she may bite me but not trying to kill me or -- >> jimmy: she waits until you die. that's considerate. it sounds like there are terrible things going on back sf stage. >> that sound, sounds like a woman screaming, it's the tiger. >> jimmy: are you sure it's not eating a woman backstage? >> they like attention. out here, lots of fun and cool and now it is back there, not as much fun and cool. ready for the next one? >> jimmy: let's do that next. >> give you this. oh, my god. murder going on back there. all right. >> this next one is coming in
12:48 am
from the side here. >> jimmy: okay. look at this. this is -- >> that is one of the cutest man ams i've got for you. what i really like is you don't see them on these shows. this is a real special give raf. approaching them makes them nervous. if you stay here and we'll let him, as he gets more comfortable. >> jimmy: you normally don't see these outside of toys r us. >> what i like about these guys, when they are in a group, family, they are called a journey. that's a neat grouping name. >> jimmy: like steve perry and his friends in the band. do they sing "don't stop believing?" >> i've never heard them make noise. ill heard them make a puffing noise when they are out of breath -- >> jimmy: stanley is 11 weeks odd. that must have been some delivery. how big do they start? >> just a little smaller than this. the delivery is pretty bad. the mom stays standing. six to five foot drop to the ground and takes 11 minutes
12:49 am
for -- >> jimmy: are these dangerous? >> they can be. >> jimmy: oh, good. >> when he's full grown he will be 19 feet high and they kick. see the hoofs? those actually, if a lion would to come, it would kick in a circle. i saw one of these kick a lion and do a back flip. another thing, you've got seven vertebrae in your neck. how many do you think he has? >> jimmy: i don't know, eight. >> same amount. his is just much, much bigger. >> jimmy: what's up -- oh, no, okay. dave, i'm going -- it's been nice meeting you, stanley. i -- whoa, my god. all right, well -- you know, there we go. that's -- so -- dave salsalmoni everybody, in that area, from animal planet and we have a wild giraffe on our hands. we'll be right back with ryan bingham. say you're on a call with a client and he asks
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