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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  February 10, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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>> thank you so much for joining us. we've been on for an hour. we're trying to give you the up to the minute information about the weather. it's the big story today. >> we'll be chatting with you on-line today. all you have to do is go to
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"abc news".com. -- abc 2 and that's down the road a little bit. that's what we have to be concerned about that, too. >> some people were mentioning they got -- they were clearing theirs out. >> a man wrote in, alley is like ice covered. there's no way she's going to get in for work today. >> some of you were lucky enough to stay all snow. that's the best way to put it. if you live north and west, it stayed snow overnight, you have more in the grounds. we talked about it yesterday. it did pull over to howard, baltimore as well. that's the problem we have. we will have a cake layer of
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ice. anything on the roads is probably going to freeze up. the layer on the snow, will add more problems. and additional 4-10 inches of snow is an average. it will be fruz en. with the blizzard warning, they will be plowing, when winds go to 40 miles an hour. blizzard warning and it's been extended with most of the eastern shore right now. and now it's -- and doing my geography. kent to queen anne. now on to a blizzard warning. the blizzard warning itself. and it basically says it will be a three hour period, where it will be winds in excess to 3
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miles an hour. visiblity is cut down to under an 8th of a mile. that's the situation for most of the central maryland, delaware, new jersey and into long island. snow reports at dwi is four inches. we will at least double that until today. northwest wind at 6. the air is looking to that stuff. and that's how -- you will go back and have some ice and snow problems. for the rest of us, it's turning back to snow. we have some major problems on the road. thank you, justin. mostly the road conditions, and we have some -- freezing rain, causing some black ice.
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basically it's a hazardous. the weather conditions continue to deteriorate. take your time, as you continue to go out. you could see the snow lanes definitely covered. the road is closed due to a crash. traffic is being diverted to ridel. bernie, see baltimore boulevard near route so. keep that in mind. we have the reports of the debris in the roadway near nursery roe. the quick camera, o you could see it's snow covered here. definitely. the best advice is to stay at home if at all possible. >> if you are experiencing any power outages or emergency.
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pg&e has a number. that's 410, 685, 0123. >> let's go to cherie johnson live for us as always in harper county. good morning. >> we're here at edgewood right at route 24. i have my trusty ruler. let's take a look here. of course, we have had some rain. it's snowing right now. if we stick it in here, we're over 17 inches, actually reaching close to 18 inches. that's from the weekend, and what we've had overnight. with all things considering, it's close to. snow covered. it's passible, not and then right here on edgewood road.
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this one is very, very slick. the main roads are somewhat passible. the side roads, especially in the neighborhoods is still in bad condition. right here, this is a sheet of ice here. the state highway administration, they have been out all night long, working on the roads. they are trying to get caught up on the. again, you could see with the camera shot here, this is overlooking route 24. not bad passible. you still want to stay off the road, if you can. the state highway administration say they would lie. >> thanks, cherie. we'll check in with you a bit. the big story in the city, a lot of smaller seats, one way
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limited. they were bracing for even more snow. >> let's go to low cigs point. the fine folks are living with it. good morning, linda. >> i want to give you an update on theot street. we drove it by this morning. we will be getting on the city about that, to get the people, hovelfully, escape. here's, the corner of key highway and royo sleet. it's phrasing rain and see snowflakes. just as i'm talking, the freezing rain got heavier. you've got the slush to deal with. as justin mentions, the slush will free. also, you want. >> the major routes, you could
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-- doan do anything dumb out here. when that stuff starts to go closer. there's. he said he left his car at work and he was actually nice enough to buy us some coffee. you heard the mayor talk about looking out for your neighbors. this is chance for communities to come together. that's the word today. as the winds pick up, we may be dealing with some powerful outages. i want to say baltimore city is it observing the. if you are seeing a city service. that's going to be. the mayor tells us they have
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been working 24-7 since the first snow. they are still at it trying to tackle the side streets. for now we're live in jam massen. the chat owe story is just alone. >> if you're just joining us right now, the situation yesterday, the street chat owe lane. a lot of parent. what did she say to you ribbed da, am. when we were there yesterday, they to. they have yet to see a plow truck. those mayor -- narrow streets that still haven't seen a plow,
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you can't have the huge plow trucks go there. when we emailed, he would be contacting the special units team. when we drove by this morning, it was still snow covering the street. people using the gas facing right next door. we will dig from our own way out. >> and when you have somebody in the city come in. >> pr purposes, they will be out there in front of cameras to show. >> you know. and i want to mention, chateau, in the from. i know yesterday we have got calls from angry residents saying they have yet to see a plow truck either. with that storm and now this
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storm. , you could imagine the frustration and anchor. and from harper county and vallejo drive. >> yeah. >> we absolutely understand it's challenging. it's also challenging for the people who have children, who have jobs and their live. feel free to. we have a live chat going. you could e-mail. especially if that's the situation. we'll see if we can help you out and maybe get some answers. >> all right. let's go to justin and get some answers about the weather. >> we have the serious situation back. come over here. this is anne taylor. this is our executive producer.
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we decided to see some snow. >> explain to anybody. explain to anybody, what your excitement. it's fun to i guess fun to watch. covering it, it's tough for the crews. we're out a little bit in the morning and we will continue to do that in the next, so i -- this is going to be a bigger storm. i want to tell you how we will cover it. last storm, jumped over 30 inches in some spots. and this is going to be a worst storm with less snow. here's the reason why. we've mixed some freezing rain and sleet overnight. not in all places, baltimore
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city, parts of baltimore. that edge, thin layer of ice. we wasted on. we have this ice, adding. >> when i got out here, 3:00, you know what? it's raining out there. now that it's turn back to snow. we have thish i -- and then we saw the blizzard warning into the mix. we will blow this stuff around. it will be more widespread and stronger winds than in the last. i am not trying to exaggerate this for t. 28 right now. and at the harbor school, they picked up an average of 5 to 10
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inches of snow. look at the miles. okay, 28 in orange mills. what looked like a bunch of -- watch the bruise gses to -- the rapid development off the secondarily low. increasing the snow bands, watching it build back to dc and howard county. temperatures will drop. it is 30 in baltimore. you're on the freezing mark. you will go back to snow shortly. blizzard warning kicks in. my muscles ached all over.
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5:18 am there's a live chat going on right now if you have any questions you can certainly write in and we'll get them answered for you. >> here's one from dan. he wants to know. look at all of the comments that just came in. >> well you look for that one. >> in fort mead what time can we expect snow to move back. >> any minute. >> thank you, dan. >> someone else wrote in asking baltimore, they're schools have been closed all week. what is the situation in hartford county. hartford county has closed their schools today. that's certainly the case.
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if you have any questions, hit us up at or facebook. >> here's another one. i would like to see a piece on how hard the state highway guys have been working this week. my neighbor is a mechanic and they have been dealing with equipment failures on top of everything else because of the intensity of the snow. >> it's tough. it is really tough and a lot of those men and women have not had any sleep and they're out there clearinged the roads and so keep that in mind. >> barely a drizzle to freezing rain i've been shoveling through the night to keep up with the snow levels. the 1:30 wakeup call was a bust, there was nothing new to shovel. dave in glen wood about 5 plus new snow on his railing. that's dave from again glenwood. >> keep them hearing., that's the place to go. there are a lot of things happening in our area. if the roads aren't challenging
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enough. because of the weather you were out really early you may have seen this. investigators say a driver hit a baltimore county police officer at the corner of delaney valley and hampton lane. it's unclear at this point what exactly happened. if the officer was in his car or out on the road but police tell us they did arrest the suspect out on the scene. it's unclear who may have fired that shot. we're going to stay on top of this story. >> we had firefighters in donedoff who were putting out a fire at their own station. station 6 just before 3:00 this morning. the roof of the station collapsed on the engine base. they're still trying to put this fire out again and we'll bring you more information as soon as it becomes available but down in dundoff, solars point road. >> this is something we saw really early this morning. they canceled classes and looks like the students were out
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celebrating into the early hours this morning. many didn't have to go to school but please be careful on the roads, especially if you're walking on them and especially if it's dark. it's hard enough to walk out there. i can't imagine how frustrating it is to see somebody walking out on the road, particularly if visibility is bad. >> if you're trying to fly out, here's latest or if you're even looking for somebody to fly. looks like you're going to have wait. flights are canceled today. if you're traveling you're urged to call ahead to check your flight status online. i know we have a bunch of high school groups leaving tomorrow, trying to get down to disney world to sing and that's in jeopardy right now and your mother was trying to get in. >> my mother, i feel terrible. she was hopefully supposed to come in tomorrow. she's been waiting months to see a doctor at hopkins and i don't think it's going to happen. >> let's see about the weather. here's justin with a look.
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>> all right, i'm going to tell you this is one of the more complicated storms we could possibly have. the last storm it was all about the snow and who's going to get how much. this one we're below freezing but we've got freezing rain, we've got sleet, we've got heavy snow. all of us will get snow and it will urban turn over to snow. but right now we're in baltimore city. washington, 28 degrees. winds not a factor yet but here's baltimore city and with maryland's most powerful doppler radar and for additional sweeps across the chesapeake. we got freezing rain essex, dundoff. we've got the whole gamete pretty much crossing in baltimore city. you see this yellow shade back to the west is where we actually have more of that sleet mixture before it goes
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back over to snow. let's say pure snow in new windsor and we've got that sleet in pikesville. that's 16 miles away. all right, let's go from pikesville. we've got sleet to donedock in essex. needless to say that's what we're watching now. where you see that yellow shading is most likely some mix coming in right now. as we switch it over we're looking at all of the stuff trying toking cross back. the radar, the winter mode is really having a tough time basically delegating who has the sleet to freezing rain and rain that's why you're going to see the colors bouncing around. westminster north it's completely slow. between howard county across baltimore city ever we've got snow to sleet to freezing rain and you across the bay and it goes back over to rain with temperatures in the mid-30s. we all go back to snow. don't worry about that. this storm is cranking up and
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pulling in colder air. it's just a matter of time. fort mead i said it should turn over and we'll increase that threat of heavy snow and wind as we go through the morning for everybody. anne arundel county you've got 5 inches in green haven. krofton has 4.8 in the ground. annapolis 1.8. check out where it stayed colder. wineboro, 10.4. the snow is coming back down make for sleet. westminster that was an old tally at 5 inches and throughout the morning we're going to give you more of these snow amounts but again we're dealing with the issue here where the snow will be filling back in across the rest of the area as cold air catches up with this storm and then we're going to have the issue of the blowing and drifting snow. sticking with the original forecast, 12 to 20 inches for most of us. baltimore north, west end, especially northeast where you have rain and freezing rain,
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hartford, seesvillability will go back to heavy snow. lighter amounts further to the south but you'll have that problem as we have a blizzard warning that kicks in for most of central and northern maryland beginning at 10:00 a.m. and that takes us through 7:00 tonight where winds will be gusting over 40 miles per hour and snowfall rates will be in excess of 1 inch per hour. that on torch of the layer of ice that we've developed overnight, on top of all of the snow that we've had is going to lead to more widespread power outages and potentially other problems going into the afternoon. let's see what is happening, back to you. >> chris just wrote in. he just plowed 8 inches in the northeast. wants to know how much more he can expect. >> double that. >> keep it up there. mary wants to know. she wants to hear more people who are driving in this. she wants to know if she can slip to work. let's go out to linda so who is live. >> reporter: we're on the
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corner of c highway and lawrence street and this is lawrence here trying to scrape his car off. this stuff is freezing, huh? >> it's frozen on this windshield. it is crazy. it was freezing rain that effected the glass here -- i'm trying to get some of this off but i'm afraid it's going to continue this way. time to go out and do this several times. probably every couple of hours. >> that stuff is pretty freezing, pretty bad, huh? >> yes , it is. it's crazy weather. i can't keep up with it. i'm just trying my best to manage and i don't know exactly when it's going to let up. >> tell me about the roads. would you say it's gotten worse
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out there? >> the roads have gotten bad and i don't know how people are going to manage getting back and forth to work. i've got to go to work. if i don't go to work i don't get paid. so i've got to go to work even though my wife wants me home, i tell her constantly, sweetheart, i've got to bring home the bacon. >> reporter: you are a good man. >> bills got to get paid. but if you're going to stay home, you stay home. >> reporter: you are a good man, lawrence. do me a favor, please stay safe. >> i will try. i will try my best. you know, i don't think my wife will really like it if i'm not safe. so, yes, i got to be a responsible person, get out here. i'm trying to be safe. i want to get home safe. it's not worth anybody coming out here if they don't have to
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be. you know, but if you have to be, please drive safe. be courteous and considerate to other drivers. >> reporter: you are a wise man. >> this is so important. >> reporter: thank you so much. you heard it from lawrence. it's freezing out here. it's getting worse. he says take your time. don't come out here if you don't have to. lawrence here has to go to work. that's why he's out here. he says he has to bring home the bacon. we will keep you posted. just the situation here when we first got here about an hour and a half ago. we just saw freezing rain, really light. it's turning to know. coming down a bit heavier. till have freezing rain to deal with. lawrence says the road conditions are getting worse. they're slippery. be careful out there. we'll be back after the break but for now we're live in localas point. local locus point
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