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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  February 25, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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to baltimore overnight. we have multiple advisories. winter storm advisory -- excuse me -- winter weather advisory for baltimore and maryland. yellow shaded county is rare high wind warning from the national weather service. expecting damaging winds up to 50 miles per hour through midday tomorrow. a winter storm warning for the eastern shore where they'll get wintry precipitation. wind gusts up to 41 at bwi marshall. stronger tonight and tomorrow snow a concern baltimore north ward toward the pa line. the biggest concern is wind and blowing snow toward day break. we'll have more about the storm in a few. >> thank you. remember you can track the storm from your own home computer. head to click on the weather tab to check out maryland's most powerful doppler radar. plus, stay with abc 2 and for closings and delays this system may bring.
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a list will be scrolling at the bottom of the screen starting tomorrow morning on good morning maryland. well , the debate over healthcare got up close and personal in washington today. 22 democratic and republican lawmakers were the guest of president obama for a healthcare summit televised live. the president is courting republican support for his reform bill. today we'll report they sometimes struggle to even keep a civil tone. >> reporter: it was a short walk across pennsylvania avenue to today's healthcare summit. even president obama acknowledged the gap between republicans and democrats on the issue may be too far. >> politics i think ended up trumping practical common sense. >> reporter: republicans party spokesperson began repeating gop claims that the current bill should be ripped up. >> we believe we have a better idea. reducing healthcare costs. and start over. let's go step-by-step toward
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that goal. >> they don't have the time for us to start over. >> reporter: he later challenge the president's claim. >> you are wrong about your bill. >>i'm pretty certain i'm not wrong. >> reporter: both sides have a point. premiums will be 13% highier. both policies would cover medical service and half of subscribers would be eligible for subsidies. john mccain brought up that the healthcare negotiations took place in front of cnn cameras. >> let me make the point because we are not campaigning anymore. the election is over. >> i'm reminded of that every day. >> reporter: democrats could ram healthcare reform through by using senate budget reconciliation rules which require 51 votes. 49% of americans are against
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democrats passing legislation without republican support according to a poll released today. >> also on the healthcare front a house bill in annapolis is looking to level the playing field for cancer patients. brian keebler is joining us now to explain how some members of the general assembly are looking to expand the coverage of see mow therapy. >> reporter: it is house bill 626. the aim is to get insurance companies to cover chemotherapy. there are two kind. intravenouse and oral treatments treated like a prescription with a copay. lawmakers are saying both should be covered but your medical plan. cindy carter is behind the bill saying a traditional pharmaceutical plan can't cover the tremendous costs of copay for newer prescriptions. >> insurance companies are not considering this as chemo but the people are having to get
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prescriptions. these are not prescriptions that you pay four or five like at walmartment these can be hundreds to thousands of dollars every month for one script. >> reporter: the cancer support foundation says it is seeing more families struggling with this issue. the bill hopes to make insurance company treat each chemo treatment the same. brian keebler abc 2 news. >> thank you. another blow for columbia-based home building that buys. the buyer's claim left them in a lure&. a pennsylvania judge issued a default judgment. we'll explain what that means for the customers. >> reporter: that means they may soon have to antiup a lot of money. that's because the judgment says the company offered no response to claims that left homes unfinished or in need of serious repair. the attorney general in pennsylvania is totaling up the cost and plans to hand over a big bill.
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we told you about their problems in 2008 when homeowners showed us the work the company had done in pennsylvania and hartford and howard county. from half done homes to unpaved streets it left a lot to be designed. the attorney general sued the company to get the judgment today. customers are being asked to submit detailed report of how much they spent and suffered. that's going to be submitted to the courts with the hope of getting some money back to the people. the judgment is not only against the company but also the individually against the brothers who ran the company. we are told they never showed up in court for these proceedings. as for the maryland victims, our attorney general filed charges last june. there is no word on a judgment in that case. abc 2 news. new at pack, authorities in new jersey have charged a father kidnapping in the case of a 20-month-old left alone in a gas station in delaware. police say duane jackson was
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the girl's father. she was found in newark by a stranger who heard her crying. she has been placed with a foster familism police in new york say a woman whose burned body is found in a park is somehow connected to the case. they did not say if she was the baby's mother. investigators say wounds on the victim from a fire were consistent with a fall near the ally comfort inn and suite. police have not ruled out other. he and two friends were out celebrating his birthday until 2:00. they say he went out for a walk and was found by his friends shortly after 3:00. a pennsylvania woman will not spend time in jail for the hit-and-run death of an 11-year- old baltimore boy last year.
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the 79-year-old pleaded guilt toy a charge in the memorial day death of derek johnson. she was sentenced to two years probation. johnson was hit as he was trying his bike. he had been visiting family in pennsylvania. sea world in orlando has reopened but shamu stadium where killer whales perform closed. this after a deadly attack yesterday. a veteran trainer was rubbing a killer whale from a pool-side platform when the 12,000 pound creature reached up and grabbed her +7
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trainer's safe? scam week continues at abc 2. find out how to protect yourself when you are surfing the web.
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scam artist try a lot of ways to take your cash and personal information. many have the most success in cyber space. to protect you for scam week we are breaking down the five top online scams. >> reporter: this mom knows the worldwide web can be a scary place. >> you needs to be cautious. >> reporter: or else you could pay a happy price. that's why we are laying out the top five online scams to keep you safe.
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first are the free trials you have seen for things like weight loss and teeth whitening. better business bureau say they are scams. >> what happens is they put their credit card in and get occurring unathrised charges. >> reporter: it is hard to stop the payment cycle or contact the companies. another one that's hard to stop. overpayment scam. they are common on sites like craigslist or ebay. you buy something online. seller sends you a check for too much money. the check is bogus. you are on the hook for the money. uncle sam says he can get government grants to fix up your home. the problem is they don't give out grants to any old joe. you should not give bank information for anyone who claims they have government or
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still dollars. stay away from work at home opportunities. don't believe the hype of making understand the of cash from home and don't pay in advance to be part of their business do. your research first. scam five. all about death relief. per net ads in local companies claim they can wipe away your bill and settle your debt but better business bureau warns many will ask you to pay up front and you won't get anything in return. >> they are illegal. if they are requiring you to pay an up front fee you need to walk away. >> reporter: or else you can be the next victim. everywhere you go you see teens texting. when we were kids it was talking on the phone. now it is texting for hours on end. tonight at 11:00 you'll meet a teenager who texted 7,000 messages in one month. >> i was always on facebook or complaining about how tired i
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was. or texting. >> we'll take a look at the impact that overtexting had on her life and her school. we talked to a doctor about how parents need to step in and stop their texting teens. that's tonight coming up at 11:00. . another wave on weather is washing over the northeast. the latest in the storms that could be one of the most massive so far will move back and forth over the region dropping up to two feet. the snow will be driven by fierce winds threatening to down trees and power lines. here's abc's lindsay davis. >> reporter: punxsatawney phil got it right. we are in for a long winter. day jaw view all over again.
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17 states from the carolinas to maine and western ohio are under winter weather advisory or watches. >> it can't get much worse. >> reporter: not true. in the pokonos in pennsylvania snow removal turned dangerous when this plow truck ended up in the ditch. the storm is expected to intensify overnight and stall over the new york city area bringing heavy snow flooding rain and damaging winds. >> i'm sick of it. >> reporter: one to two feet forecasted for new york state, north western new jersey and pennsylvania. >> we'll have to get plastic bags on my shoe. >> i think it makes the landscape pretty. i love it. >> reporter: new york city public schools are still opened but thousands of schools across the region are giving kids a snow day. >> i got dressed and laid in my bed and did everything i would do for school. then my mom told me that there was no school today. >> reporter: airlines canceled hundreds of flights in new york and philadelphia.
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and tens of thousands of people in upstate new york are without power. currently we have about three to five inches on the ground in new york city. the worse of the storm isn't expected until later today through friday. this same storm is expected to stick around through throughout the weekend in the northeast. lindsay davis new york. i noticed the wind is starting to pick up. >> it is. it is the beginning of a very powerful night of wind that will last through midday tomorrow. we always thought the wind would be the bigger issue with this storm. we got snow last night. did not stick well. we'll get more snow tonight. it problem hi won't stick all that well but maybe a little better. colder air will come in. let's look at maryland's radar. we detect snow out there across northern marylan . a lot is not
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touching the ground at the moment. it is radar-indicated above. none the less we are seeing a little bit of activity out there. i'll take you in closer to home and again you can see, for the most part, there is not much above the city. toward northern hartford and baltimore county maybe you catch a few flakes in those directions. we expect more snow toward delmarva with this particular storm. 37 degrees bwi marshall. downtown a little warmer than that. when the flakes fly this evening in a lot of cases they won't stick well. the ground is above freezing. take a look today. you can see the clouds thick out there into the afternoon. we got breaks of sunshine. certainly no snow flying today in the inner harbor. again, it just didn't stick.
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wind gusts. these are the concern going forward tonight into tomorrow. tremendous winds expected. gusts 41 bwi marshall. this wind can delay flights not to mention. large hubs in the northeast have major delays. you can see why we didn't get much of a stick last night because we never got below the freezing mark. 34 was it. 37 this afternoon. again comfortably above the freezing mark. look at this. you talk about a plethora. you chose the word of watches and warnings. winter weather advisory advisory for baltimore, ann arundel county hartford into carroll county. after that you get into the winter storm warning from cecil county through jersey and philly. all the yellow shading is a rare high wind warning from the national weather service. you only get that when there is a food -- good probability for
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damaging winds. latch everything down you can. the wind will be howling. storm backing into new jersey. it will give us wrap around snow overnight. as we take you across the east coast there is not much behind it. you can see the size as it churns offshore. huge coastal storm. again fortunately far enough north to bring us primarily wind and snow tonight. again it will have trouble sticking. forecast model. snow picking up toward 1:00 a.m. tomorrow. it will taper off at 7:00. other than that the high wind is what we'll deal with. windy conditions the primary concern tomorrow. few snow showers. high winds. some could push 50 miles per hour or beyond. tomorrow night down to 27. cloudy with flurries. outlook is not bad. once we get this storm out by tomorrow afternoon it is a
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windy day saturday with a flurry or two. scary moment or shoppers in a texas store after a driver crashed through the window. we'll tell you how she's doing. hundreds of jedi knights unleashed their lifesavers.
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with a look ahead to the news at 5:30 i'm roosevelt leftwich. killer whales are not residents of the national aquarium here like in orlando but employees still take steps to protect themselves. we'll take you behind the scenes. you interviewed for a job and you have not heard back. well, you didn't get it. find out the common mistakes
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people make. plus, is the cost of taking care of your sick pet getting too expensive? we'll show you how to save on pet medicine. those stories and the forecast coming up at 5:30. a look around the nation. we'll start off in houston. that's where a woman accidentally drove her car through a glass window of a shore store. witnesses say she was backing up when she hit three other vehicles and landed 15 feet unside the store. the driver was taken to the hospital for treatment. no one else was hurt. investigators are trying to determine what caused the accident. now to california. a commuter train derailed. it hit a minivan abandoned on the tracks. the crash sparked a fire and caused major delays and service. investigators are trying to figure out how the vehicle ended up in on the track in the first place.
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two speed cameras are up and running. find out where. we are back in two minutes. ♪ [ male announcer ] now the best seat in the house is in your house. in fact, with the fios total ticket, it can be in every room. unlike cable, only fios gives you a multi-room dvr that lets you record shows in one room and watch them in up to six other rooms. no one will ever have to miss their favorite shows again. and now you can get a multi-room dvr plus set top box free for six months when you sign up for fios tv, internet and phone.
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one it nice to look out the window today and see no new snow? you may not have that too look at tomorrow. we are not out of the woods yet. good evening. i'll roosevelt leftwich. round two of the latest storm will move in later tonight. wyatt has a look at what's in store from the storm center. >> we have multiple concerns. one high wind warning. rare from the national weather service in effect tonight for most of maryland. then a winter weather advisory for a couple inches by tomorrow morning. let's look at radar. you can see for the most part just some light snow along the
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maryland, virginia border. then we have more stead snow if you were to make a trip ups 95 by the time you hit pennsylvania you'd get into heavy snow. that will move north to south over the next seven or eight hours. look at these wind gusts. gusting to 41 in baltimore. gusting to 30 miles per hour in many spots. that will continue to be the case and become more window overnight into tomorrow. snow but the big concern very windy conditions. a couple inches more north of the city. we'll have all the details on this powerful storm coming up in a few. now to a develop egg story. the medical examiner says sea world trainer probably died from multiple traumatic injuries and drowning after a killer whale attacked her. girls say the whale pulled her
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into the water by her hair yesterday guest watches a a restaurant attached to the tank thought it was part of the dine with shamu show. >> she knew she wanted to work with animals. sea world was her dream. >> the killer whale has had a violent past. in 1991 he drowned a trainer in canada. eight years later he was linked to another death. this time a 27-year-old man who snuck into the park after closing hours. the trainers at sea world say the whale was treated differently. they did not go into the water. you won't find any killer whales at the aquake squareup -- national aquarium in baltimore. we'll look at the risks and how workers handle them. >> reporter:


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