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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 15, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm robin roberts. it's thursday, april 15th. this morning, breaking news. all flights suspended at some of the world's busiest airports, after a volcano erupts in iceland. why the clouds of ash are grounding planes here in the u.s. also this morning, russian officials announce they will suspend all adoptions by americans, after that tennessee mom sent her adopted 7-year-old back to russia, alone on a plane. the next, big battle. democrats unveil their plan to reel in the big banks. but republicans say it will just lead to more bailouts. is that true? we ask a top republican, if the two sides can somehow come together. the parents of that 11-year-old autistic girl speak out about their daughter's rescue from the florida swamp, as our cameras show how
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treacherous it was. look at this. lighting up the sky and phone lines, from missouri to michigan. boy. that is not your average falling star. >> we're not going to see as many planes in the sky because that volcano is bringing air traffic to a grinding halt all around the globe. more airports in europe are closing at every hour. and all flights have been suspended at london's heathrow airport, one of the busiest in the world. after that volcano erupted in iceland, more than 1,000 miles away. >> but it could have ripple effects at home. there's jfk airport in new york. that's a british airways flight. it's being held on the ground. we could see havoc for air travelers all around the world today. also breaking this morning, the russian foreign ministry has made it official. they're going to freeze all
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adoptions by americans of russian children. the freeze will stay in place, until the two countries can reach a new agreement on adoption procedures. this is all because of the tennessee mom who sent her adopted son back to russia, saying he had severe psychological problems that she was never warned of. we'll have the latest on that all ahead, as well. >> and when you were in russia, they were hinting at the freeze. >> they kept warning. now, it's official. we begin with the volcano causing so much havoc at airports all around the world. nick watt has the latest for us. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, robin. a few minutes ago, british air space was closed down. all jets grounded at heathrow airport behind me. shut down. it looks like a beautiful day here. but way up there is a cloud of volcanic dust that could bring an airliner crashing to the ground. this volcano in iceland has been bubbling for weeks. but now, the wind has brought the dust clouds down over britain and northern europe. overnight, u.s. authorities
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suspended most transatlantic flights because of the danger posed by this massive cloud, that's reaching an altitude of 55,000 feet. norway's prime minister is now standed in new york. volcanic ash can contain particles of rock and glass, that can strip paint from the fuselage. and most dangerously, can ash can melt in the engine, that solidifies again, shutting those engines down. >> very e braabrasive, tall com powder, like substance. >> reporter: heathrow, one of the world's busiest airports is at a standstill. 1,200 flights to and from the u.k. 180,000 passengers are on hold. the dismay on an island a thousand miles away, are holding up travel plans. >> i saw it was a april fool's
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day, actually. i couldn't really believe it. >> reporter: we have just heard that holland, ireland and norway have also closed their air spaces. the reason for such fear? back in 1982, a british airways 747 flew through an ash cloud. they lost all four engines. the pilot had to stick his head out the window in order to land safely. back to you. >> unbelievable, nick. thanks. we want to go to sam champion to see how long a volcano cloud will hover. it's affecting so many travelers. >> we briefly showed you the map. we'll go into detail where the ash cloud goes and why all the flights are canceled from it. this entire eruption cycle started last month. there were rumblings, some lava from it. i'm not going to get this name right. it's eyjafallajokull where the volcano comes up out of. this is where london comes down. belfast is right on the edge of that.
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go up into oslo, sweden, finland, they all have to worry about this plume of ash because it got above 55,000 feet. that's in the jet stream. it will spread over all this area. this thing has to fall out or rain out before that ash is gone. as nick told you, robin, it does a lot of damage when an airplane gets in there. >> and we have seen this happen before with planes in flight. >> i think one of the scariest was 1989. there was a 747, a british airways coming into anch age. all four of the engines were shut down, as well. they were at 25,000 feet. they fell to 12,000 feet before they got the engine cycle restarted. no one was injured in that. but they dropped from 25,000 feet to 12,000 feet, no engines. >> can only imagine being on one of those flights. thanks. we're going to turn to the other breaking story this morning. russian officials have put a freeze on all u.s. adoptions of russian children, after that american mom put her adopted son
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on a plane last week. we saw the outrage it has created in russia. followed today by this step of concrete freeze. juju chang has been following the stories for years now. what's the lateest? >> good morning, george. the russian foreign ministry has made it official. until the two countries can reach an agreement. the u.s. state department is sending a high-level delegation next week. it's in the interest of these children that our two countries reach a suitable arrangement. this means that all russian adoptions in the pipeline are on hold. it takes on average about a year for all the paperwork to go through. and there were 1,600 last year. that means at least that many families are affected. thus far, no charges have been filed against that tennessee mom. whether what she did was aban n abandonment is up to authorities to decide. but two officials said this is clearly devastating. it's an alarming and exceptional case we're talking about in
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tennessee. and that the russian ruling is literally like throwing the baby out with the bath water. >> the russians say they want to get adoptions back on track. but there's been so many problems with the united states, 16 deaths, that they need this agreement. >> the u.s. government says that we are all signatories to a haig convention, which means there are minimal guidelines, some oversight. george, remember, these adoption experts say there are tens of thousands of russian-born adoptees who are living happy and productive lives in the united states. >> my guess is an agreement almost certainly will happen now because of this case. juju, thanks very much. with all of the breaking news, we haven't talked about today is tax day. april 15th. a day that is especially significant for tea party enthusiasts. they're bringing a message to the white house. and a grand finale to their nationwide tour. claire shipman is in washington and has much more for us. good morning, claire. >> reporter: good morning, robin. they're looking for huge crowds
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here at freedom plaza later this morning. they're hoping the same sort of big numbers that tea party activists sarah palin drew when she spoke on boston on wednesday. where her anti-obama rhetoric was hotter than ever. steps from the site of the original boston tea party, sarah palin, to a crowd of 10,000, questioned the patriotism of president obama's policies. >> i'm not calling anyone un-american. but the unintended consequences of these actions, the results, are un-american. >> reporter: and if un-american drew lots of notice, so did this moment. the rally's emcee, thanking palin in unusual terms. >> you hear that, my lucky friends? you see that? conservative women. they're smarter than you. and they're hotter than you. >> reporter: smart or hot or just plain charismatic, there's no question palin has been a boom to the tea party express, which has zigzagged across the country for three weeks now. and comes to a loud, screeching halt in washington, d.c. today,
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april 15th, with another huge anti-tax rally. and the republican party tried to piggyback on the passion, with this web video come, the tax man cometh. >> you can't run. there is no place to hide. >> reporter: the message seems to have broad appeal. >> americans now spend 100 days out of the year working for government. >> reporter: recent polls show up to one-third of americans say they agree with the tea party's positions. at least six senate races this fall involved major tea party support. and it's still early. >> i think the tea party's the most important political force going into the fall elections. and they are focused on one, big issue. spending. >> reporter: and taking a page out of the gingrich revolution, the tea party will unveil today, a ten-point contract from america. most of the demands are fiscal. they have to do with government spending. they also want to repeal health care. and, george, i think we'll hear
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a lot about that contract from america in the call elections. >> that's right. they believe the republicans and the contract for america worked in 1994. claire, thanks very much. we're going to turn, now, to the brewing battle over financial reform. the big question, what kind of rules need to be put in place to prevent another meltdown? president obama brought republican and democratic leaders to the white house yesterday. jon karl's in washington this morning. you boiled down the arguments. democrats say this reform is necessary to rein in the big banks. but top republicans argue it's another bailout. >> reporter: and the goal of this is to prevent another meltdown by imposing tough regulations on wall street. but already, the two sides are as deeply divided on how to do that as they were on health care. republicans are already blasting the bill as another wall street bailout. >> this is a bailout congress. >> permanent bailout. >> reporter: and democrats -- >> it's poppycock.
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>> reporter: are accusing republicans of distorting the bill. >> i think the bill will prevent bailouts. that's the goal. >> reporter: at issue, the bill gives the treasury department the power to force failing banks into bankruptcy. to pay for shutting down bad banks, the bill establishes a $50,000 fund, financed with fees imposed by the banks themselves, not on taxpayers. democrats says that insures no more taxpayer bailouts. but republicans say taxpayers will ultimately foot the bill because big bank failures can cost easily more than $50,000. >> it's a bill that guarantees future bailouts of wall street banks. >> reporter: republicans seem to be taking a page out of a recent strategy memo, by pollster frank luntz. quote, the single best way to kill any legislation, is to link it to the bank bailout. republican leader mitch mcconnell used the word "bailout" 20 times.
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>> bailout. bailout. >> reporter: wall street is outraged by another provision of the bill, that would, for the first time, impose regulations on the secretive multitrillion dollars derivative market. the ceo of j.p. morgan chase says the new regulations would cost his bank loan $2 million. despite all of the sound fury, democrats and republicans i've spoken to, tell me they believe a bipartisan deal is still possible on this. listening to that debate, it sure doesn't seem that way. >> doesn't sound like it. jon, thank you very much. we're going to talk to one of the senators trying to reach a bipartisan deal. republican senator from tennessee, bob corker. your senator, mitch mcconnell, says this will guarantee future bailouts. but he's taking aim at a position you negotiated with the democrats. is your leader wrong? >> there's no question that
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after mark warner and i reached agreement, the treasury officials, the fdic officials got involved. and there are loopholes that got created. the issue is, i think we can solve those in about five minutes. what i urged is, tone down the rhetoric a little bit. this is a really complex piece of legislation. if we can come to a bipartisan template, that has the major provisions worked out before it gets to the floor, my sense is, we'll have a very civil debate. there will be some differences on some issues. but my sense is, republicans do want to see a bill of this type come to fruition. we know there are regulatory rules that need to be in place. >> we have three minutes here, not five. let's try to solve this on the air. what's the single-most important thing democrats need to do to get republicans like you to come along? >> i think we need to sit down and get back to where chris dodd and i were on march 10th. we have language to do that. it's a middle of the road consumer protection agency.
7:14 am
it's closing some of the loopholes, which is simple. having a derivatives policy, which needs to be regulated. i believe we can do that in a week's time, get it done, come to the floor and have a good bill. >> you mention the derivatives. they're very hard to explain to people. but people know who warren buffett is. and he called them financial weapons of mass destruction. how important is it to get some kind of regulations over the derivatives going forward? you heard the banker, jamie dimon, saying this is important. >> they go up each day. so we don't end up with the calamity like we had with aig. it's very important. i'm supportive of that. >> let's boil this down for the average viewer sitting at home. this is difficult to weed through all of the arcane of financial regulation. try to say in a sentence or two why this is so important to
7:15 am
everyone sitting at home watching today. >> well, the fact is that our financial system works -- causes everything in our country to work. whether it's getting a payroll check. whether it's -- whatever you do on a daily basis. so, it's important that we have a stable financial system. we cannot solve all of the problems that are going to come up in the future. but we've learned a great deal over what's happened the last two years. we know there needs to be regulation, greater safety, without stifling innovation. it's important to people on main street. it's important to people all across our country. and i think it's something we can do on a bipartisan basis. >> we have a few seconds left. bottom line, will there be a bipartisan agreement on financial reform? >> george, i will be stunned if we do not reach a bipartisan agreement. unfortunately, the winds are blowing. health care has created momentum. there's a lot of things happening here that don't aid that effort. but at the end of the day, i think we're going to have a solid, bipartisan bill.
7:16 am
and i'm going to work towards that end. >> thanks for sharing your thoughts with us this morning, sna senator. we begin with economic news. america's mortgage crisis is far from over. foreclosures jumped 35% in the first three months of this year, compared to last year. it's a record high. it appears many homeowners able to negotiate cheaper mortgages last year are still finding the payments too high. the death toll from that devastating earthquake in western china now tops 600. more than 100,000 people have been left homeless. most of their houses were flattened. survivors like one girl trapped beneath the rubble for 16 hours, are still being pulled from the rubble. many rescuers are suffering from headaches and nausea brought on by the high altitude. west virginia's governor has ordered the immediate inspection of all underground coal mines, following last week's explosion that killed 29 miners. today, president obama is also ordering federal regulators to more closely examine mining with
7:17 am
troubling safety records. finally, a public art exhibit that finally and could be better thought out. people have been calling 911 at the empire state building because of this, what appears to be a man standing dangerously close to the edge. like he's ready to jump. it turns out, he's made of cast iron. and he's part of a city-wide art project. that's the news at 7:17. literally, every day, they get 911 calls. >> i would imagine so. but for art. all for art. thanks, juju. time, again, for the weather and sam. have you seen that? it really does look -- >> i'll tell you, i probably would have. good morning, robin, george, juju. let's talk about warmth. if we look at chicago at 83 degrees. we're looking at 10 to 12 degrees above normal. it's a warm day for today. but in new england, the change comes quickly in the next 24 hours. there is heavy rain in texas today. we look at san antonio running
7:18 am
four inches above normal. and with the rainfall, you get two inches, two inches-plus today. and heavy downpours and thunderstorms. in the southwest, a beautiful day today. check out the number in phoenix. you're about six degrees above normal. 90 degrees this season. tucson at 88. good morning maryland. we've got ourselves a fine day on tap today. sunshine carries us quickly up
7:19 am
the thermometer. two-degree guaranteed high of 74 degrees. light wind out of the southwest. mostly sunny sky. tonight we'll slip back into the low 50s. tomorrow, increasing clouds will hit 77. there'll be a late-day shower or thunderstorm, improving, cooler 60 65. 60 on sunday. all of america's weather in the next half hour. i hate to say this, robin and george, but there's even a bit of snow in northern new england, in the higher elevations, before we get to the weekend. there. i said it. >> something tells me it's his friday. just a little too happy today. >> he's smiling. he's heading south. >> yes, he is. he's not worried about that stuff. how about this "picture of the morning"? >> it's something else. it crossed the middle part of the country. you looked up in the sky last night. you're not alone. it lit up the sky from missouri,
7:20 am
michigan. not sure what it is. you look at the upper right-hand corner of the dash cam video. it wasn't a ufo. forecasters say -- >> maybe space junk. maybe a meteor. but it did light up the night sky all across the midwest. >> and the phone lines, too. coming up, the parents of the girl lost for four days in alligator-infested swamps, speak out. also, larry king files for divorce, get this, for the eighth time. is the king of talk gearing up for a royal battle over his fortune? we have the details ahead. from ? by alzheimer's. this cruel disease costs americans more than $170 billion a year, and could cripple medicare in the near future. the alzheimer's association # is taking action, and has been a part .of every major advancement. but we won't rest unti we have a cure. you have plans... help the alzheimer's association protect them. act now, go to
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good morning, 7:24. it is sunny, but cool. pretty much on target with what we'd expect on this tax day. 45 in baltimore. cooler 35 degree reading towards york, pennsylvania. look at the 50-reading back in oakland and western maryland.
7:25 am
sign of warm air beginning to build in. virtual clear sky. high pressure in control. showers dropping across the northern plains. that will shift our winds out ahead of that system. we get a taste of that through tomorrow. enjoy today. the sun will help to bust the thermometer up to about 74. we slip back to about 53. tomorrow a good-looking day for the start. clouds will thicken up and afternoon showers becoming more numerous in the evening. warm day with high of 77. here's troy. >> we have heavy traffic on the beltway. if you're on the top side, you'll be looking at stop and go traffic this morning at 695 on the top side, harford road. traffic not moving very well. on the inner loop, looks great. we have several incidents going
7:26 am
on on the baltimore national parkway. also we have a car crash southbound on the bw parkway, just before fort mead road. overturned vehicle in jessup on the bw parkway. that cluster will be a problem area for you. we have an accident overturned vehicle uh, told you about that accident on edison highway southbound. sinclair lane, disabled vehicle. that's it for traffic, we've got a news update coming up next.
7:27 am
this is the last day to get your taxes off to uncle sam. downtown at the main post office on fayette, they've extended the hours for today. the annapolis post office has extended its hours. it will run from 9:00 to 6:00.
7:28 am
if you're down the wire, you have a few options, including filing an extension. >> reach out and talk to us. we can get you an installment plan. we can work out a settlement offer if you can't meek basic living expenses. >> an extension will give you extra time, but you need to pay now to avoid penalties. in washington today, maryland congressional delegate will meet to talk about restoring the bay. the epa is preparing a restoration strategy in response to an executive order issued last spring by the president.
7:29 am
the federal agency has already talked about establishing limits for various pollutants. that'll do it for us, we'll be back at 8:25 with another morning update and good morning maryland at 9:00. have a great day.
7:30 am
by now, we all know about the dangers of distracted driving. you just can't argue with the evidence. texting while driving makes you 20% more likely to have an accident. but people still do it. cities are actually setting up police checkpoints to catch drivers in the act. and we're going to show you the results, ahead. good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm robin roberts on this thursday morning. and also ahead, we go one-on-one with the first lady. michelle obama wrapping up her first solo trip abroad. what she expects her husband to do when she's gone. he's on homework duty. and we'll talk about more serious issues, about traveling to mexico. is it safe or not? also, talk show titan, larry king, is calling it quits. this time, not on his show. but from his marriage.
7:31 am
he's filing for divorce from his seventh wife. will this be the king of all battles? first, the girl rescued after four days alone in an alligator-infested swamp, her parents describe their terrifying ordeal this wednesday. her parents are calling her survival a miracle. bash are pinto is in florida with more. >> reporter: nadia bloom is being treated here at children's hospital. she could go home as early as this weekend. she told her parents she spent those frightening four days in the swamp, collecting shells, watching wildlife, and praying someone would find her. from the hospital where their daughter, nadia, is recovering, jeff and tanya bloom are recovering, too. >> it was a rollercoaster ride. it really was. >> reporter: nadia disappeared friday. in alligator-infested swamps for four days. >> there were times of hope. times of questions.
7:32 am
past the point where i couldn't cry anymore. >> when your girl is out there and night's coming. she's in a swampy, woody area. you don't know where she is or what condition she is. you don't know if she's scared and crying. and there is nothing you can do to help her. your heart just breaks. >> reporter: and then, on tuesday, the incredible news from a neighbor, james king, searching the swamp alone. he found nadia alive. and called for help. >> sir, you are in contact with her? >> i'm holding her right now, yeah. she's okay. >> hi. i'm the girl that got lost. >> i think god used him to bring her back. i really do. >> i just can't even express how we felt when she was found. it just -- it's beyond words. >> reporter: police officers who helped carry nadia to safety, gave us a first-hand look at the dense swamplands where she was found. >> we probably had to get within
7:33 am
20 yards of her to actually see her. that's how thick it was. and to actually see her was just amazing. amazing. we could get our hands on her and realize that she was alive. >> reporter: rescuers ran 45 minutes through waist-deep water to reach nadia. but had to find a safer way back. it took men with machetes two hours to hack through the brush, reuniting a grateful family. >> first words were, they rescued me. >> reporter: an her first words to her mom? >> i think she said, i will obey you more, mommy, now. >> reporter: nadia was covered with mosquito bites, dehydrated, but otherwise fine. >> she was scared she wasn't going to get back home. there was definitely that. but i think she's very, very happy to be back home and see her sisters and her family. >> reporter: so, how did a little girl survive four days in the wild? >> she's a tough girl. and she had the willpower to stay focused and stay alive. >> she is one, smart cookie.
7:34 am
you know? she's an out-of-the box thinker. her last two years she won the spelling bee. she's a bright girl. she's not as social as other children. but she's a great children. >> reporter: the blooms still don't know everything that nadia went through. police have the camera and backpack she took into the swamp. and, they haven't asked their daughter too many questions yet. >> that can come in time. i love how mom said she's one smart cookie. you talked to james king. and there were more than a few people -- >> got lots of e-mails about it. >> it's clear what nadia's family believe. >> you see the police, james king, her parents, saying the story is on the up and up. >> and the bottom line, she's home safe and sound. in the hospital right now. first lady michelle obama, making a splash south of the border, where she's on her first solo trip abroad, delivering a powerful message to some of
7:35 am
mexico's biggest leaders and smallest citizens. our yunji de nies sat down with the first lady. >> reporter: her first event was the most formal. dinner with the mexican president. mrs. obama says given the close relationship between the u.s. and mexico, deciding where to travel first, as first lady, was clear. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: the two countries are connected through trade, culture and a violent cross-border drug war. so, i asked her if she would feel safe bringing her daughters here. >> yes. and our embassies are not discouraging american visitors. i think they're encouraging people to be aware. you have to be a smart, conscientious traveler, particularly people taking spring break. >> reporter: our conversation shifted from policy to the personal. what changes have you seen in
7:36 am
the president since he's been in office? >> i have to be honest. i haven't seen changes in him personally. he's always been someone who is drawn to challenges. i tease him. i ask him, when are you going to press the easy button and make a decision that's not so hard? and i think that's not going to happen. >> reporter: while she's out of town, he has added duties. while you're away, is he on homework duty? >> he's supposed to be. i'll call him tonight. he said he was on top of it. >> reporter: even with all he does, he can do homework duty with the girls? >> he can handle it. even the president of the united states can handle whether someone put their writing assignment in the book bag. >> reporter: mrs. obama spent lots of time here connecting with mexico's youngest citizens. proving, no matter where she goes, she's always mom in chief. for "good morning america," yunji de nies, abc news, mexico city. >> and our thanks to yunji. time, now, for the weather.
7:37 am
it's 7:30 -- is that a 6 or an 8? >> you're going to make me look? 36. >> this volcano in iceland, until recently, it had been kind of quiet. >> yeah. i think it was 1821, the last time they had an eruption. i still this is an amazing picture of a volcano out of a glacier in iceland. just absolutely beautiful pictures. and thankfully, we think we've got it nailed so things will be safe. you just got to keep the airlines out of the travel of this ash cloud or plume, if you will, until it all settles or rains out. this one goes all the way over toward russia. it's a pretty big, large expanse. let's take a peek at the change back home. we've been warm as of late. okay, spring, summer. there's not going to be a return of cooler air. in fact, there is. watch the temperatures from the great lakes, all the way to the northeast, as they drop a little bit over the next three days. detroit goes down to 50 degrees from 79 today.
7:38 am
boston, you're 43. we mentioned snow in the last half hour. that snow will be upstate new york, in the mountains. the white green mountains, adirondacks. new york city will get to 59 degrees by saturday. gorgeous in memphis at 89 degrees. little rock at 83. and on and that weather was brought to you by walmart. robin? >> you said we mentioned snow last half hour. no. you mentioned snow. >> we, as in the weather center. >> don't blame us for that. thanks, sam. coming up next, the new crackdown on distracted driving. why texting behind the wheel could cost you. we have the results. subway now has
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and now, to the new crackdown on drivers and their smartphones. if you cannot put your phone down and are always texting, even in your car, you better listen to this. police around the country are making texting while driving a top priority. and you could soon pay a hefty fine. lisa stark has more on this. >> reporter: six states forbid drivers from using a hand-held cell phone while driving. and 21 states ban texting and driving. but drivers keep doing this. now, the department of transportation is hoping to reduce this risky behavior. they're funding some pilot programs to see if education and enforcement can work. >> to the back of the car, please. >> reporter: these officers aren't looking for drunk drivers or those failing to wear seat belts. they're napping distracted drivers. they haven't stopped writing tickets.
7:43 am
plenty of drivers are on the phone. >> the reason why you're being stopped is because you're using your cell phone while driving. >> reporter: talk and drive at the same time, your four-times more likely to have an accident. text and drive, 20-times more likely. a harvard study found 20,000 traffic deaths a year are caused by drivers on cell phones. but people won't stop doing it. >> a lot of people talking, texting while driving. it's just dangerous. i've seen people, literally, the hands over the steering wheel, texting like this, driving with the wrists. >> reporter: most drivers know it's a hazard. so, why do it? matt richtal just won a pulitzer for showing how dangerous this is. he says it's addicting. >> you don't know if something is good or bad. you keep pulling the lever. and you do it behind the wheel. >> reporter: hartford, connecticut, is taking part of the pilot program. police here are eager to use the
7:44 am
kind of crackdowns used against drunk driving and unbelted drivers will make a dent in cell phone use. in connecticut, it's illegal to text while driving. or to talk on a cell phone, unless you're using a hands-free device. experts feel that the only real way to change driver behavior, is if they know there are consequences to their actions. if they believe they're going to get caught. it's a two-fold approach. first, education, with some hard-hitting public service announcements. then, enforcement. during this week's afternoon drive time, an undercover police spotter is on the lookout for drivers breaking the law. >> toyota camera, four-door, gray. >> reporter: just down the street, officers ready to pull over the offender. some of whom are still gabbing away. >> talking to your dad? >> yeah. >> why don't you go ahead and end the call. >> all right. bye, bad. >> reporter: in this one location, officers issued ticket after ticket. 91 in all.
7:45 am
it's a $100 fine. the ticketed drivers were in no mood to talk. but this one supports the effort. >> i agree. when you're texting and driving, it's very dangerous. >> reporter: this program will hopefully convince drivers to practice what they preach. now, both connecticut and new york are the two states taking part in this pilot program. this enforcement, this crackdown will come in waves over the next year. if it is successful, the department of transportation hopes that other cities and states will join in. robin? >> all right, lisa. thank you so much. and those psas are also quite effective. you can find the cell phone and texting laws in your state at coming up next, we're sorry to say this. but larry king splits from wife number seven. is the king of talk headed for a royal divorce battle? talk about that next. last night. tty late dad, i'm not sixteen anymore. still, it was late. well... you're not gonna have to worry about that anymore.
7:46 am
yeah, why's that? ♪ todd's a lucky man. ♪ the best part of wakin' up... ♪ that's what i told him when we talked last week. ♪ folgers in your cup sfx: car crashing ♪
7:47 am
♪ this is onstar. i've received a signal .you've been in a crash., i'll contact emergency services.
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7:49 am
i can't wait for that. talk show legend, larry king, is actually in the news on wednesday. he filed for divorce for the eighth time. the 76-year-old and his wife, shawn southwick, are calling it quits after 12 years. and andrea canning has the story behind the breakup.
7:50 am
>> reporter: it's been one i do, after i do, after i do, for larry king. eight times, in fact. >> look out, ladies. the king is single again. >> reporter: but it's no joke. after 13 years, shawn southwick is the latest wife to say good-bye. both cite irreconcilable differences. the couple have two, young sons. king wants joint custody and doesn't want to pay her spousal report. there are also reports southwick believes her husband is having an affair with her sister, something the sister denies. king thought he found his soul mate in 1997, with the spokeswoman who sold hair extensions 30 years his junior. she joked it was the only wife to make it past the ten-year anniversary mark. they married in his hospital room, just before he had surgery. and the love affair appeared to be strong. last year, he praised her on "the view." >> how are you doing, after 12 years? still that spark? >> fun.
7:51 am
well, i'm 75. my get up and go got up and went. >> reporter: apparently, along with the marriage. still, today, at 76, larry king appears to show no signs of slowing down. >> see? i told you, it's low to the floor. >> i'm low to the floor. whoa. >> reporter: and if he keeps hanging out with friends like snoop dogg, who knows, ladies? number nine can be right around the corner. for "good morning america," andrea canning, abc news, new york. >> and a spokesperson for larry king says his biggest worry is the welfare of his kids. >> we wish them all well. coming up, michael j. fox on his most famous roles and the real-life lessons they taught him. and one school's controversial plan to stop drinking at the prom. why some kids and parents are outraged about it. but will the experiment work? >> and you said both parents and kids were not too thrilled about this. >> i don't know how i feel about prom night on a weekday. we'll learn about it, coming up.
7:52 am
7:53 am
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7:56 am
7:56. sunshine. may seem cool this morning. 35 at york, pennsylvania. couple 50s showing up on the map. even towards oakland. western 50s showing a sign of warm weather. southwesterly wind. we'll stay sunny and dry all day long. high clouds could stream in tonight and tomorrow. showers enter from the north and west. we could have some rumbles of thunder although most of the energy with this frontal
7:57 am
boundary that will bring rain will pass that towards new england. we set up for a cooler weekend. enjoy what we've got today and tomorrow. we'll start off with sunshine today aiming for a high of 74 degrees. let's check on traffic with troy. as we take a look, a lot of heavy traffic on the beltway. 695, harford road. on the inner loop, looking pretty good though. we have heavy traffic on the outer loop of 695 in randalstown. overturned vehicle on the bw parkway. that's been cleared. the left lane is squeezing by. we're still dealing with a vehicle fire northbound at arundel mills circle. incident on 301 westbound. we have an accident in white
7:58 am
marsh boulevard. we have more good morning maryland coming up on abc2.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ last chance last dance ♪ my goodness. >> the crowd's out today. >> i wonder, is it spring break again? it seems like it's always spring break here. we say good morning, america, on this thursday morning. and it may be the last dance for one prom, one high school. i don't know how you all feel about having your prom on a school night. but there was school that did just that. it's a new policy to curb excessive drinking, after-parties. and students and some parents don't like it. >> a real debate. we're going to get into that this half hour. also, michael j. fox.
8:01 am
one of my favorite actors. he almost didn't get the role of alex p. keaton. you can't imagine it. but it almost happened. he's going to tell that story coming up. and also, the other lessons he learned playing characters like alex p. keaton or marty mcfly. he's here to talk about it this morning. >> it's a wonderful book. also here, are you ready for chris rock? [ cheers and applause ] he's going to join us in a little bit. getting a lot of laughs for his new movie about a funeral. how can you get laughs for that? only chris rock and this cast. and there you have it. he's going to tell us all about it the next half hour. all that is coming up. let's get back upstairs to juju and the news. >> good morning, robin and george. good morning, everyone. we begin with the breaking news of the morning. air travel around the world being affected, after the air space of england, ireland, holland and parts of scandinavia was closed because of ash in the air from an erupting volcano in
8:02 am
iceland. tens of thousands of passengers are stranded. and it's not clear when it will be safe to fly again. russia is suspending all adoptions by american parents until an agreement can be reached. it comes after an american woman powerful earthquake, is now blamed for killing 600 people. 85% of the buildings in that region are destroyed. many survivors will be forced to spend another night in the cold. now, to the touch for haleigh cummings, the florida girl missing for more than a year. police are scouring the shores of a local river. steve osunsami is in putnam county. good morning to you, steve. >> reporter: 16 months since the little girl has disappeared.
8:03 am
police are not expecting to find her alive here. all of her relatives are either in jail, on a variety of charges, or caught up in the investigation. yesterday, police brought one of those relatives here, to look for something. it is grim work in murky waters. nearly 15 months after haliegh cummings disappeared, divers returned to the st. john's river to search for the missing 5-year-old. >> we have a search going on at this time. and we're going to continue this investigation until we can bring it to a logical conclusion. >> reporter: investigators say they've received some new information that led them here. but they won't say more. she went missing from her father's trailer about five miles away, in february of 2009. ronald cummings had just come home from work. >> somebody came in my back door. broke in the back door. and stole my child. >> reporter: members of the girl's family have been quietly pointing the finger at each other. police were taking a hard look at the father's teenage
8:04 am
girlfriend, who says she was home that night. misty croslyn said she went up to use the bathroom and she was missing. she is in jail under drug charges. haliegh's father was also interviewed by police. police also talked to the girlfriend's cousin, who left florida for tennessee, after the girl disappeared. he may have said something to trigger this week's search. >> lost a lot of family. >> reporter: 20-year-old joseph overstreet was arguing with the girl's father about a gun, when overstreet left town. many people wonder why. his lawyer says he's innocent. >> to be accused of such a horrendous act, is disgusting. >> reporter: the lawyer for misty croslin says she is
8:05 am
innocent, too. the girl's greatgrandmother just wants her found. >> play that haliegh's found. we want her alive. and until they bring us a body, we're going to look for a live haliegh. >> reporter: police tell us they're going to continue searching for at least this one more day. >> steve osunsami, thanks to you. that's the news at 8:05. sam, how is it going down there? >> juju, i have stepped into the wild crowd. they seem perfectly nice, by looking at them. but they are a wild bunch. tell me where you guys are from. >> tampa, florida. >> yeah. and you're just -- tell me your name. you made a sign for "just one thing." >> i did. carrie from hoboken. and i'm looking for cossette to hire me. >> there you go.
8:06 am
one or two things we want you to know about. it's good to look at the blossoms. not necessarily good to breathe them in. that's a great-looking blossom picture. here's where the warm air is. little rock, st. louis, pittsburgh. you're creeping around 80 degrees. we think right here in new york city, a gorgeous day, in the 70s. there are scattered thunderstorms in south texas today. this is very heavy rain in s
8:07 am
more weather from times square in the next half hour. george? >> thanks, sam. we have a real treat now. michael j. fox. he dropped out of high school, but is a self-proclaimed graduate of the school of hard knocks. he wants to share his life lessons with today's graduates. his new book "a funny thing happened on the way to the future." his son, sam, he convinced him to get to the books again. your son, sam, he pushed you to get your g.e.d. >> he got that i didn't finish school. he was about to start school. and he was excited about it. and i, somehow in the conversation, told him i never finished school. he said, well -- >> what's up with that? >> and he said, can you still finish it? at that time, i was in my 30s. i said, that doesn't make sense. he said, doesn't make sense if you don't.
8:08 am
>> wisdom comes from being old enough to know how much you can learn from your children. >> yeah. exactly. >> so, you've taken the speech with the highest degree of difficulty, a graduation speech, and basically turned it into a book. that's a high bar. >> it was a nice idea, after the last book i did. my publisher suggested the notion of writing a book, simply for graduates. again, i thought the irony was rich. >> from a high school dropout. >> advice for a high school graduate from a high school dropout. i have given speeches in the past, i was under, what the hell were you thinking? >> i love how the structure of your life experience, gave you the core curriculum of any university. economics. alex p. keaton, "family ties." >> jennifer, i turned $5,000 into $10,000. i can't believe how hot i am. >> alex p. keaton combined with the economics of being young and
8:09 am
stupid and earning your first paycheck rein not knowing what to do with it. >> but you were working steadily right from the start. yet, were broke. >> yeah. are you trying to pay what you need to pay. and put together in an apartment. eat regularly. and have a good time and be stupid and be 19 and ridiculous. and so, you know, i did all the smart things. i hung out with -- i met some kids from ucla in a fraternity. i got to go to their parties and drink their beer and date their girlfriends. i had it all figured out. it was a tough time. i realized when it got down to brass tax and i needed to kind of rededicate myself and take it seriously, and not expect it to just come easily. but know that i had to work for it. and out of that time the audition for family ties. and really applied myself to it and pushed to get seen again. the producer saw me the first time and hated me. and didn't want to see me again.
8:10 am
>> he thought you were too much of a smart alec, right? >> he thought i was too much of a smartass. even alex keaton. i'm reading this guy smartass. i don't know how you're reading them. >> i go out with girls with i.q.s lower than room temperature. >> so, i went in again. and gary changed his mind. and became a champion of mine. >> "back to the future" taught you everything you need to know about physics. >> what is more physics than time travel? more people ask me about the hoverboard. they made this comment to the press. he said, there was a hoverboard. but parents groups had said it wasn't safe. so, they petitioned for mattel not to release it. so, i had all these people telling me, was there a hoverboard? i can tell you, there was no hoverboard. >> and they're the ones that went to college. politics, you skipped the
8:11 am
coursework and wen right to the -- during the 2006 campaign, where you decided to go out and campaign, and campaign very hard for senate candidates over this whole issue over whether there should be federal support for stem cell research. >> it was federal support. and short of federal support, i wanted less federal interference. i felt it was the right thing to do. and i didn't anticipate somehow it could turn into wrestling and getting all dramatic. >> after that election, of course, barack obama wins in 0 220 2008. and now, looking back, over those two elections, has there been the kind of progress you were looking for? >> there certainly has, in barack obama made good on his campaign promise to lift the restrictions. people ask me about the progress, i would say, we're making progress. but it's slow and steady. and it involves a lot of trail and error. >> one of the most compelling
8:12 am
stories you write in here, is about your visit to the kingdom of bhutan, where your own symptoms actually seemed to recede. >> yeah. it was amazing. i was there for a short time. but the second day, i woke up. and was waiting for my symptoms to start so i knew to take my medication. and they just never showed up. went on day after day. it just was really mild and really -- it was the equivalent of maybe eight years, ten years ago. people ask me, does that mean you want to live in bhutan? no. i like my life. i'll take my life here with the symptoms. >> so, you really do believe that, as much as you tend to struggle with parkinson's, that in some ways, it was a gift? >> oh, absolutely. and the qualifier i give is it's the gift that keeps on taking. but absolutely. for me, i was on a path. it was a truthful path.
8:13 am
i had a good career and family. but i didn't really realize how precious that was. and it had this huge course change that, at first glance, was about a loss. as i learned to sit with it and look at it, the hole that was created started to fill in with all this amazing stuff. it's such a tremendous journey that i wouldn't have embarked on otherwise. >> so many lessons. the book is called "a funny thing happened on the way to the future." michael j. fox, thanks very much. you can read more at our website, when we come back, one school's controversial new plan to curb drinking at the prom. special k protein shakes -- ♪ a truly great-tasting breakfast shake. with 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber, it's the creamy, delicious way to satisfy...
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8:17 am
it is prom season all across the country. time for students to pick out their dresses, rent tuxes, buy corsages. and time for schools and parents
8:18 am
to find new ways to discourage teens from drinking. juju, you went to a nearby school. they have a new kind of system. controversial. >> a very unpopular idea, actually. and if there's any doubt in our minds about how dangerous underaged drinking in prom season is, two sobering stats. one, car accidents are the leading cause of death among teenagers. and during prom season, from march to may, the numbers go higher every year. that's why one school in new york is taking a very controversial stand against drinking at prom. for megan, prom doesn't look controversial. the dress. the photos. but this is wednesday night. a school night. and has some students up in arms. >> the juniors and seniors last year ruined it for us this year. >> reporter: holding a prom on
8:19 am
school nights is designed to keep students from drunking all-nighters, a rite of passage. if they don't show up for school the next day, there are consequences. for seniors, they won't get to walk in graduation. megan's brother was busted for under age drinking after the prom. his mom made him pay the fine with his summer lifeguard earnings. and megan's mom is the head of the pta. >> as a parent, you don't realize what's going on. oh, they're not going to do anything. then, you think, this is what's really going on. >> reporter: the new approach to the old problem, is the doing of principal bob ferndo, in who after seeing photos of after-prom parties on facebook, felts he has no choice but to intervene. >> one girl was unresponsive. you get that back on the second day. and you're going, wait a minute. >> reporter: and if you're
8:20 am
called a party-pooper? >> that's part of the job. >> reporter: and experts agree with the school taking more action. >> with a school-sponsored event is going to certainly lead to high-risk behavior, i think the school has some responsibility. >> reporter: not all parents are thrilled with the move. some accuse the school of interfering with their parents decisions. and depriving their kids of a long, high school tradition. but the pta stood firm behind the principal. many saying parents are in denial. >> by separating the two events, you put the ownership back on the parents. saying, you let them come to the prom. and they have to go to school. you let them go to the beach on saturday. that's on your ownership. >> reporter: and i spoke to megan this morning via skype. how was it? did you have a good time? >> i had a good time. nice and soeber. >> reporter: what about next year? a school night or on the weekend? >> i wouldn't mind it was on a school night again.
8:21 am
>> hats off to her for talking to us early. schools are trying breathalyzer tests, to accident dui programs where they re-enact an accident. and they're trying to get kids not to do the after-party. >> and i should say the school had something for them today. hot breakfast for them. field activities for them. it wasn't like they were taking a math exam at 8:00. they were trying to work with them and showing them the benefits of being there the day-after. >> not only is it an unpopular decision. there's some child experts who say, this is a mistake because we need to let the kids and the parents make the decisions, and learn how to take the risk-taking decisions. >> we had a great debate here in our studio. some people agree with this. some people do not. we'd love to know what you think. please weigh in on our message board. you can find a parent's prom survival guide at we had a really lively
8:22 am
discussion earlier. it's going to really get lively. chris rock in our next half hour. come on back. looks like somebody needs a comfort inn. hi, reservation for the carter family. uh, yes, your room is ready. free high-speed internet. relaxing pool. cozy beds. and free breakfast with hot waffles. need to relax after a long day of vacation? comfort inn. now stay two separate times with comfort inn... or any choice hotel and earn a free night. book at
8:23 am
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8:25 am
good morning, 8:25. if you waited an extra hour to get out of the house, the benefit is jumping five degrees on the thermometer. 46 right now. 41 in the baltimore area. mid-30s in york, pennsylvania. now up to 42. pushing 50 southern maryland back towards pax river. sunshine will dominate and rule the roost. we have high pressure that will keep us dry throughout the day warming into the 70s. tomorrow thickening clouds. by 4:00 in the afternoon, we'll see showers across the mason dixon line. a cold front will bring in more showers during the evening hours. front slides through the region by saturday morning, spreading out a much cooler weekend. slip into the 50s overnight.
8:26 am
clouds thicken up during the day tomorrow. warmer 77. showers become more widespread tore evening. here's troy with traffic. >> we've been dealing with issues all over the beltway in terms of heavy traffic. on the west side, 695 and liberty road. you see on the inner loop, we have issues there. stop and go traffic on the inner loop. just past liberty road, you see traffic moving freely towards the outer loop of the freeway. accidents as we look at the maps. accidents in white marsh. 95 southbound at white marsh boulevard. that has the left lane blocked. that's just been cleared. also dealing with a disabled vehicle on the inner loop at charles street. at the entry ramp onto 695. that's been cleared as well. a pair of accidents on the parkway. 295 after 695, left lane blocked. maryland city that accident is on the shoulder. couple looks at your drive times this morning and your news update is coming next right here
8:27 am
on abc2. all right, it's going to be a busy day at the post office. you have until midnight to postmark your taxes. last minute procrastinators, expect long lines out there. the main post office on fayette will open in about two minutes, 8:30 and stay open until midnight. if dropping it off at a collection box, check the last pick-up time to make sure your return will be picked up today.
8:28 am
national tea party rally will begin today at noon. protesters tried to get supporters to attend today's event by holding signs at the corner of york and bosley. much like the national tea party movement, today's rally is a grassroots efforts. supporters handed out fliers. less government, less taxes. one thing that'll be free today, how about lunch? more officers could be suspended after being accused of beating a university of maryland student. maryland beat duke at college park. the video shows three officers slamming 21-year-old senior john mckenna into a brick wall and beating him while he's on the ground. he ended up with serious injuries. four of the officers identified, two of them suspended. baltimore county police need your help finding a missing wood lawn woman.
8:29 am
sharon lee thompson was last seen driving a chevy cobalt. she's a black female, 5'7". call police if you know her whereabouts. that'll do it for us this morning. we'll see you in a half hour at 9:00 for good morning maryland at 9:00. until then, let's return you back to good morning america in new york.
8:30 am
[ cheers and applause ] hello. over there? hi. >> are you ready? are we ready? how are you? keep on going. >> sam and chris rock, air-kissing. that was good. >> am i supposed to stop here? am i supposed to keep going? >> no one really explained it. >> it's improv, man. >> we'll work it out. what time was kathie lee come on?
8:31 am
>> you have to go out. take a left. we will talk to chris rock. he has a new movie that is out. and he's going to weigh in on that and on so many other issues. you just never know. we're ready for it. also this half hour, robin and i do this thing on morning television that are designed to make you look bad. we're challenging evan and brad, the national school scrabble championships. we'll challenge them to a quick tournament this half hour. you can start laying your bets now. >> do you have money on us? >> i'm not playing against those two. you know, guys, speaking of kids. it's one of the thankless tasks for a parent, getting healthy snacks in front of them every day. this is a fine broadcast. but one show that's better than this show in emeril lagasse's new show.
8:32 am
wait, wait. i say that. but tell me about this show. the emeril lagasse show? tell me about it. >> it's a variety show. it's going to premiere this sunday. on ion television. 8:00 eastern time. it's more than cooking. it's about people. it's about places. of course, it's about food, too. i have a few samples here. >> hang on. you know you're one of the biggest personalities. one of the greatest guys ever to walk on this broadcast. so, if there's anybody that can pull off, what is it? six hours in television. >> just an hour, sam. >> just an hour. it's you, sir. you can do that. we need to say coming up, you have one of the favorite things you do around here is the mom's breakfast in bed for mother's day. >> it's not too late. send us in that special mom. tell us why. that's what we want to know. you can see up top there, how to get it to us. and time is running out. don't wait. and the friday before mother's
8:33 am
day. >> right. >> i will appear, somewhere in america. >> at their door. >> at their door. >> maybe -- >> you'll bring -- >> exactly. maybe a farmer's market fratata. >> can we get this? >> yes. >> the recipe. >> we have it on i have a rosemary scone here. are you happy, sam? >> mm-hmm. >> he's happy. >> i'm so happy, you might have to do the weather. >> if i need to. >> what do i put on the scone? >> well, this is an orange curd. you've heard of lemon curd. try this orange curd. >> thank you for offering. >> this weather report has been -- anyhow. >> brought to you by orange curd. >> by orange curd. don't miss it. >> your show starts when?
8:34 am
>> this sunday. >> let's get to the boards. i'm going to see if i can chew and do weather at the same time. i apologize for the sounds. it will sound like a farm animal. look at it. 81 degrees. gorgeous. >> beautiful. >> and, of course, in south florida, everything's good. there's one or two widely-scattered showers. it's beautiful there. all through the middle part of the country, it's nice and warm. we are going to see a chill down the next couple of days. it is looking good in tampa. we'll do a chilldown right around the great lakes into northern new england this weekend. that inclu >> here we go. >> all that weather was brought
8:35 am
to you by macy's. robin if you give one of these to chris rock, i'll bet he behaves. >> i don't think so. hey, emeril, best of luck. >> fratata. >> right after this. you got one with barbecue sauce? >> yeah. >> he's going to put it on the menu right now. we have a story of a buttoned-up english family, getting the american treatment from none other than chris rock. it's called "death at a funeral." hilarious performances from tracy morgan, martin lawrence. and the list goes on and on. this isn't buttoned-up. >> not at all. >> can i show the old version? the british one? >> okay. >> okay. here it is. >> i don't know what i'm going to do without her. what have i got to live for now? >> don't be silly. you have your friends, family.
8:36 am
me and jane. robert. >> where is robert. >> his plane just landed. he'll be here. don't worry. >> if there's anything i can do, sandra. >> don't put your hand there, dear. it leaves smudge marx. >> what was it about this film? >> i hope you show part of the funny part. >> don't worry. >> when i saw the movie, i saw it at an art house. i remember, sitting there, eight people laughing real hard. this movie should be in a multiplex. it's like, you know, that family reminded me of my family because all my family funerals are just always very dysfunctional. arguments about who's going to get in the limo. you know? stuff like that. >> people can relate. >> why do you get in the limo and i don't? >> well, he's my father. >> he's my brother. going to the cemetery, not the
8:37 am
emmys. there's a lot of that in my family. and i thought, we could use an american version of the movie. >> and what you just described is the movie because with your brother in the movie, martin lawrence, the only time you see each other is when there's a death in the family. >> yes. >> but this is "death at a funeral," chris rock's version, right here. >> who is this? >> i asked myself the same thing when my dad passed. i said, who is this man? >> no, brian. who is this in the coffin? that's not my father. >> are you sure? >> look at the damn body, man. you got jackie chan in there. >> we were very scattered today. this kind of thing almost never happens. >> almost never happens? >> did i say that out loud? >> this isn't burger king. you can't just mess up an order. >> that's how the movie started. and it goes on and on. i watched the trailer.
8:38 am
i watched last night with some friends. we were laughing. and we were so pleased. there's more to it than the trailer. sometimes the funny parts are in the trailer. and you get to the movie. >> that's all they got. >> yeah. >> no. from beginning to end, it does not stop. it builds and builds. it's not just me being funny. martin lawrence is funny. tracy morgan. danny glover, james morrison. it goes on. >> now -- >> like this show. >> without kathie lee. >> exactly. you do your thing. george comes in with impressions. >> sam. >> sam makes it rain, you know? >> it's a whole mix. word on the street is, you have a unique idea about how your funeral would be. who would show up. >> who is going to be at my funeral. i want all the living president there's. and i want them in shorts. i want to see jimmy carter in shorts. maybe jay-z will do the eulogy.
8:39 am
>> okay. >> he'll rap it. i won't do it now because it's a morning show and he'll be cursing in it. oprah will be involved in some way. >> yeah. >> we'll just make her pay for it. >> you have put a little thought to this. >> i have put a little thought into it. >> it's fun, when you go out and you have a movie out. it's fun to hear about the movie. but when you're making the rounds, the stuff you talk about. i heard you about giving advice to tiger woods. you have gotten advice from older men. what's the advice you have for tiger? >> you get married. and the older cats will claw you up. this is advice i've always gotten. come home. just come home. as soon as you can come home, come home. and that's what i always do. i get that. right now, i went to do letterman the other day. and i was home so fast, you would have thought i went to get the paper. [ laughter ]
8:40 am
so, this -- yeah. you can avoid a lot of stuff, if you just bring your butt home. >> go on home. and you said you get yourself in trouble if you say, i'll never -- >> always give yourself an out. you know? never say it won't never happen again. hey. i'm going to try my best. you know? >> we'll just leave that. >> don't see charlie sheen making any proclamations. >> so, why should anyone else do that? >> try your best. that's what we want in life. us all. children, here. try your best. try to go to college. don't promise me you're going to college, right? try. >> you also have an interesting take on the health care reform bill, saying that you're worried that people might get a little careless now. >> yeah. i just hope that people don't get -- now that we have health care, they don't just start, you know, not wearing seat belts.
8:41 am
taking off their condoms. aids/shmaids. nothing matters. start smoking again. ha ha. i have health care. >> i think we're safe with that. >> let's hope so. >> let's hope so. >> so many things that you say, we're laughing. then, ooh, wait a minute. there's a little bit of truth. >> always a little bit. >> last time you were here, you were talking about your documentary. now, you're working on another one on credit. >> we're making a document, called "credit is the devil." yeah. it's going to be serious. i don't know what the joke is. i remember, i was talking about michael moore, a few months ago. he was telling me about his documentary. it was about wall street's so greedy. they're greedy. michael, people are greedy. and we can get -- we could get the nicest people in the world and put them in charge of wall street. they'll do the exact, same thing. i'm going to do a documentary about how we, as americans, just spend way more than we need and
8:42 am
all that stuff. >> that will be -- >> it's going to be kind of good. >> i'm sure it will. >> it will be funny, though. trust me. >> i know it is. >> it's going to be funny. >> just like this new movie. it really is. keep the kids at home. but it is a funny movie. >> it is a family movie. you can enjoy it with your mother and your aunts and stuff. there's some cursing in it. yeah. you can bring the cursing part of your family and the noncursing part of your family together. >> and enjoy it equally. >> they will enjoy it equally. >> we always enjoy it when you're here, chris. >> oh. tell kathie lee i said hey. >> it is always great. >> always great to see you. >> our love to the family. "death and a funeral" opens in theaters tomorrow, friday. check it out, my friends. next, at last, you're going to get your
8:43 am
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we spend a lot of time here on "gma," talking about how to make sure our kids are eating right. well, today, we have a twist. how to make our kids think about how to eat. the tips are from weight watchers. "eat, move play." and lisa thornson is there with kids working at the table. they're here to talk about it. lisa, thanks for doing this. we want to know at the start, this is not a diet book for kids. >> that's right.
8:46 am
it's not about diet. it's about a healthy lifestyle. it's about teaching your children how to eat and how to think about food. and this book is based on proven principles from weight watchers for many years. and a pilot program they're doing with weight watchers family. >> it's hard to think about when your kids are eating enough. i can't believe sometimes i'm watching my little harper. and she has three bites and says i'm done. but that may be enough. >> kids don't need as much food as you might think. it's a tablespoon per year of age per serving. if you have meat, a tablespoon, per year. up to about age 5 or 6. then, you can monitor portions a little more. and you want to teach your children to leave the table when they're done. don't ask if they're full. ask are you finished? and they know. they will monitor themselves. >> except when it comes to chocolate and candy. >> for all of us. >> let's start out with tips on
8:47 am
snacks. >> well, the thing that parents want to do, is to teach their children, healthy portions and healthy snacks. one of the best thing you can do is have a shelf for your children, just for them. prefill snack-sized bags. do this in the refrigerator and the pantry. you take the cereal. and you put it in the bag. when they want a snack, you say go to your snack tray or snack shelf. and they can pick one snack. and this is a portion. >> and you say they'll tend to get variety on their own? >> oh, yeah. kids will eat a wide variety of food, if you expose them to it. so, you can put many things on a snack shelf. and they can choose what they want at that time. >> let's see what we start out with. chicken tenders. this time, turkey. >> that's right. it's not fried. it's baked. this can substitute for the typical deep-fried chicken tenders that kids love. >> what's this? >> these are rice mice. this is actually turkey and
8:48 am
brown rice. you don't think your kids will eat brown rice? put them in rice mice. they're cute and delicious. and kids will eat them. >> kids have been making hummus heads. >> these are so fun. kids love to play with their food. so, play with your food. their healthy. and the kids will eat the vegetables because they made them and because they're delicious. >> here, you have something for the bakers. you use fruit instead of cake. >> this is a fruit cake. and you put raspberry dressing on it. it's good to eat. >> what do you think of the cupcakes? >> they're good. >> works so hard, she can't even respond. it looks like you're having fun.
8:49 am
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8:51 am
the national school scrabble champions. 13-year-olds bradley robbins and evan mccarthy. they're the pride of windham middle school in windham, new hampshire. okay, guys. you beat everybody in the tournament. but can you beat us? we're going to do two words each. 20 seconds. go first. >> those are ours? >> yeah.. >> go. >> got a point. >> 20 seconds. >> how do you know so fast? oh. >> oh. >> very good. >> so, now, we get 20 seconds? >> you, it's your turn. >> you looked a little early. but we'll give it to you. these guys are seventh graders, by the way. >> 16.
8:52 am
15. >> here we go. >> george, get a move on. >> five. four. three. two. one. >> hurry up. >> wake. is that a word? >> wake. >> give us more. >> we'll give you more letters. one, two -- >> oh, no. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, no. >> what? >> ready to go. >> oh, my gosh. >> is that a challenge? are we challenging that? >> four, five, six. >> not. that's all i can do. >> that's all you got? >> that's all. >> okay. >> nice.
8:53 am
15 seconds left, guys. this is a free-for-all. 15 seconds. >> three letters. >> can you give us a total score? >> we're going to get the score, guys. we have to go to commercial soon. >> wait a minute. >> whoa. >> wow. >> they won.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
evan and brad, still champions. 31-103. but wake is a word. sunshine, temperatures jumping through the 40s into the 50s. latest check, this is top of the
8:57 am
hour, 46. probably 8 to 10 degrees warmer as we get our next number here. with the benefit of sunshine and winds are now beginning to shift. very light, but enough, from the proper direction, west, southwest pumps in warmer air. we have ourselves a gorgeous afternoon. 75 degrees. the upper limit of our 2-degree guarantee. looks like temperatures push 77 tomorrow with a late-day shower. better chance of showers, maybe a rumble of thunder and evening overnight. saturday morning showers will move out. by the afternoon, high only 65. near 60 on sunday. temperatures climb back to the mid- to upper 60s for early next week. let's get a final check on traffic with troy. >> as we look at it, justin, traffic has been heavy on the top side of the beltway, 695, we're definitely getting taxed in that area on tax day. stop and go traffic, all the way to the 83s. look out for that. as we take a look at the map, accident in timonium.
8:58 am
southbound, old bosley road. accident baltimore road, park wood avenue. one on the outer loop. disabled vehicle on 395 southbound at 95 downtown. having a minor impact on traffic. look at your drive times this morning, before we get out of here with our last look at traffic. 795, southbound. 7-minute ride. 795 southbound. owings mills boulevard, 4-minute ride. 795 southbound, owings mills boulevard to 795. stay close. good morning maryland coming up next.
8:59 am
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