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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  June 20, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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this morning, bp's tony hayward sails into a storm of criticism after taking a day off to watch his yacht race. and his absence creates even more confusion as to just who's in charge of the cleanup. a new report says violence has risen dramatically across afghanistan. our reporter is imbedded with marines on the front lines fighting to turn that tide. as more scrutiny surrounds the stepmother of the 7-year-old in oregon, her close friend is finally speaking out. how is she handling all the questions? an abc news exclusive. and a fairy tale wedding. the crown princess of sweden marries her personal trainer and the biggest royal wedding since charles and diana. and we'll have all the majestic details.
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good morning, america. >> good morning, and happy father's day. happy father's day to you, bill. >> well, thank you very much. >> happy father's day to my father at home. we have a real super dad, aside from bill weir. another super dad who will be joining us this morning. who can forget this magic moment, drew brees and his little boy, after right the super bowl. the mvp is here to help us celebrate father's day "gma" style. >> what a toddler to keep you in shape. meanwhile, it must be a devastating holiday for the family of kyron horman up in oregon. the 7-year-old boy has been missing for two weeks. recently, the police are asking more questions about his stepmother and her movements. the day he went missing. today, for the first time, someone close to the family is speaking out.
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we're going to talk to one of the stem mom's good friends. >> we're going to find out how the family is dealing with the search for her son and how they're handling the rumors and speculation that someone in the family may have been involved in the disappearance. we do begin with the 62nd day of the crisis in the gulf. the latest development, tar balls have now washed up on the florida beaches of destin, panama and ft. walton beach. beyond the disaster itself, bp's embattled ceo tony hayward is drawing even more criticism, if that's possible, for his actions on an off day saturday. sharyn alfonsi has the story from buras, louisiana. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, bill. just when you think residents of the gulf can be be more outraged, there's a photograph of bp's ceo tony hayward at a ritzy yacht race. it begs the question, what was he thinking, tony hayward's 52-foot yacht racing around the
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coast of england, even as oil continues to spew from the gulf, threatening the livlihoods of thousands of people. what does that say to you? >> that he really doesn't give a flying flip about any of us. that's amazing. >> reporter:'s spermly upsetting to some because as tony hayward's yacht glided over the water, bp was struggling with another setback under the water. a blocked gas vent that shut down the oil collection vessel for ten hours, pushing more oil into the water. threatening one of the last areas that cindy hudo can shrimp. >> it's just a matter of time before those waters can close down, too. then we're dead in the water. >> reporter: a spokesman for tony hayward said his time off was a rare moment of private time. no matter where he is, he's always in touch with what's happening at bp. does that look like a guy who's in charge to you? >> no, i don't think he's ever been in charge. i don't think anyone's in
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charge, that's the problem. >> reporter: even bp's officials seem confused. bp's chairman told britain's sky news hayward was being relieved from the day-to-day operations dealing with the leak. >> he's now handing over the operations and he would be more at home than be here. but i think it's been a difficult period. >> reporter: but a day later, a bp spokesman said until the leak is capped, tony hayward is still very much in charge. hayward's still the man at the helm. and after the race, hayward sent out a message on twitter saying that the oil spill was still his top priority. but that's a hard sell in this area. back to you, bianna. >> all right, thank you. from louisiana, we want to head to alabama, where governor bob riley has been battling the oil, bp and the federal bureaucracy. he joins from us the beach on the gulf shores where he's spending the weekend with his family. good morning, governor. >> good morning. >> i have to begin with your
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reaction of tony hayward attending a yacht race yesterday. >> you know, with everything we've got going on in the gulf coast, i think everyone is somewhat taken back that anyone would go out and sail a yacht. the only thing i might say, i don't know how many yachts are over there, put a skimmer on the back of them. bring them back over here because we certainly need them. >> well, you know, tony hayward now famously said he wanted his life back. how is the process for giving the people of alabama their lives back and who's responsible for making that happen? >> well, we've got a lot people working very, very hard down here. there's been a lot of criticism about the process, about who is in charge, who is not. the biggest frustration i think a lot of us have had is that there are so many departments that we have to get approval from before we can do anything on our beaches. if somebody wants to put a snare boom down, you can't do it because fish and wildlife says
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it would be detrimental to the turtles. somebody says you can't put dispersants out because the epa says it's not good to do it without more dilution factors. if you look behind me and look at the beaches, they're absolutely pristine. we do have some tar balls from time to time that will come up. but we have the mechanical harvesters that can run through and pick them up. betsy and i spent the day down here yesterday, and it is absolutely one of the most beautiful places in the world. and everyone is working very, very hard to make sure it stays that way. >> and you're standing there in front of the beaches there to set an example and symbol that the beaches are open in alabama. how worried are you, though, with the summer starting tomorrow and that important economy, visitors coming, tourists coming? what do you have to tell them and america today as to why alabama is open for business? >> well, one of the great things about this whole gulf coast
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region is that we have a very short tourist season. it's essentially from memorial day up to labor day. but everyone here is trying to do something to make it very accessible and make it very entertaining through the summer months. we have had some cancellations, but we're encouraging people to come on down. everything is here that you have always loved about the beach. and now, we're going to be starting a concert series that's going on down on the beach. so, we're going to try to have something for everyone, every week, to kind of get through this summer. >> last week, the president made his first trip to alabama and met with you. we heard him speak to the nation tuesday. do you think he's doing enough both through his actions and what he's telling the people of america, specifically, with regard to your state? >> well, the first thing we have to do is concentrate on closing this off. if we can get that well closed,
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i think we can at least manage what is in the water today. but as long as it continues to run, we're going to know that we're going to be impacted. we're going to be impacted for the next several months. again, we can't mitigate it. we can limit that amount of damage. we can clean the beaches up. when it gets into the marshes, that's going to be a different story. but everyone needs to concentrate right now because if we don't, we won't get a second chance to do this. >> all right, governor riley, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> and let's get a little more on politics of the oil spill and bring in our senior white house correspondent jake tapper who is prepping for "this week." happy father's day, my friend. >> to you as well, big daddy. >> thank you very much. i know your kiddies have a full day of fun for you. but, first, you sit down with rahm emanuel and i would imagine tony hayward's sea faring exploits came up. yes? >> yes, it will air on "this week."
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and he definitely had strong feelings on tony hayward's appearance at that yacht race. >> what goes through your mind when you see those pictures? >> to quote tony hayward, he's got his life back, as he would say. i think we can all conclude that tony hayward is not going to have a second career in pr consulting. this is just a long line in pr gaffes and mistakes. >> and, bill, of course, rahm emanuel went on to say that the most important thing is that hole in the sea gets plug and gets mitigated as soon as possible. >> i understand after your interview with emanuel there, the white house announced the president was spending his day golfing with vice president biden. so, some might criticize that since the president has made clear he is ultimately the man in charge. has the white house responded to those criticisms? >> well, i don't think they would see it exactly the same thing, yachting in a pristine environment for the man who runs
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the company responsible for this great environmental disaster is not the same as the president taking in some holes at a military base golf course, they say. although republicans say people on golf courses shouldn't throw stones. >> and as far as the cap and trade policy that is now back in the political address from the oval office, where does that stand? is there any chance of get something sort of energy legislation through congress this year? >> well, remember, it already passed the house, now, it remains to pass the senate. probably, you won't see the exact same type of legislation when it comes to a carbon tax in the senate bill. but rahm emanuel, i asked him about this, and he talked about the fact that the white house is going full steam ahead. on energy legislation, and they're going to be taking in all sorts of ideas from democrats and republicans. he sounded very bullish on the prognosis. >> and any thoughts on him on sort of the red tape that so many folks in the gulf are complaining about? >> it was interesting. i asked him about comments from governor riley about the red
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tape and how everything seems to have to be decided by committee, and he acknowledged that not everything goes perfect. he says it's the biggest federal response to an environmental disaster. but not everything is going as planned. i one other thing, i got this from my daughter, it says number one dad. so, i'm sorry, the balloting is in, i'm sorry. i am in fact the number one dad. i'm sorry to you and all the fathers watching, apparently, i'm the number one dad. >> well, i have a coffee mug that begs to differ from you. >> from a previous year. >> okay. perhaps. yes. yes. thank you, sir. be sure to watch the reigning number one dad in america later on "this week." bianna? >> you're sitting next to me. >> thank you. i want to turn now to afghanistan where violence continues to escalate. a just released u.n. report shows that nine years after the u.s.-led invasion of the country insurgent violence is on the
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rise. our miguel marquez is embedded with the 1st battalion of marines in marjah. he brings us the very latest. >> reporter: this morning, a horrific scene in the capital. typically, one of the safest areas in the province. simultaneous bombs kill a woman and two kids. another two civilians injured. the bombing underscores a troubling u.n. report, civilians now in taliban crosshairs. the first four months of this year, civilian casualties from roadside bombs up 94%. assassinations of afghan officials up 45%. >> we're seeing much more complex operations from what i understand. this shows that insurgents are probably collaborating with al qaeda. and taliban in pakistan as well. >> reporter: a worrying sign of one upside. the report shows the number of civilian deaths from u.s. and nato forces way down. >> insurgents are playing in many ways a very dangerous game here. if they kill too many civilians,
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the civilians get fed up with the attacks. >> reporter: here, too, in marjah, a major one in february, the taliban has changed tactics. just over the weekend, two civilians were killed when their car hit a roadside bomb. and a team of bombs took it out. the u.s. military is also taking record casualties this year. marines in the district have been on the job less than two months. seven marines have already died. three of them from ieds. 23-year-old sergeant john ranklin was remembered by his fellow marines last week. a high price expected to get even higher. for "good morning america," miguel marquez, abc news, marjah, afghanistan. >> and our thoughts are with all the kids who will look at a picture of dad on father's day. so many families dealing with that sacrifice. let's turn to ron claiborne for the other headlines. good morning, bill and bianna.
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good morning, everyone. we begin with new violence in iraq. at least 26 people have been killed in twin car bombs near baghdad's square. the two vehicles exploded as the area was crowded with people who started a work people. more than 50 people were injured. and in this country, a wildfire near flagstaff, arizona, has forced the evacuation of more than 200 homes. residents have been told to leave. about 600 acres have burned so far. fire crews are using a helicopter and air tankers to try to control that blaze. and a gunman opened fire on his own stepdaughter and family. in' southern california fast food restaurant. jimmy schlager shot and killed his stepdaughter and another child. and former nba player manute bol has died. in a hospital in virginia where he was treated for severe kidney trouble.
8:15 am
he became known for his humanitarian work off the court. >> reporter: manute bol's tremendous height and slender frame made him one the most recognized players in basketball history. at 7'7" the nba center towered over his teammates for ten seasons, playing for the bullets, warriors, 76ers and the heat. bol's stature and his broad smile endeared him to fans. he often got the loudest clears before a game. born in sudan, what else the son of a dinka tribal chief. his father named him manute which means special blessing. he never played basketball until his late teens when he caught the eye of an american coach in sudan. he told "sports illustrated," god guided me to america and gave me a good job but he also gave me a heart so i would look back." and look back he did. returning regularly to his native sudan.
8:16 am
he spent much of his sizable nba earnings on various foundations for his war-torn country. >> we don't need it in september, we need it now. >> reporter: he died from acute kidney failure and stevens-johnson syndrome, a fair skin disorder. he was only 47 years old. and the leader of a humanitarian group that promotes reconciliation in sudan has said that sigh dan and the world have, quote, lost a hero. he gave away about $3.5 million to various projects in sudan. he also lost all of his own money in investments. he was asked about that, i didn't lose it. i helped sudan. >> so many athletes go broke on buying themselves cars. he was buying helicopters for her people. >> never forgot where he came from. hi, mary. good morning, guys. 'tis the season. good morning, everyone at home, take a look at this video. st. joseph, missouri, the hot spot for severe weather. they saw 60 to 80-mile-an-hour wind gusts. 11 homes were damaged.
8:17 am
no reported injuries. there are still 4,000 without power. so, this, unfortunately, is going to be the trends today again in the plains states. des moines, kansas city, omaha. these are the trouble spots and we're keeping an eye on the large hail and also some flash flooding. the other big story is the heat. the south continues to be just a sweltering mess. little rock, 100, st. louis, 97. even denver checking in at 97. this lasts for at least a couple more days. r checking in at 97.
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>> thanks so much. more on your father's day outlook a little bit later on in the show. bianna. all right, mary. well, there are weddings and then there are royal weddings. the grandest royal wedding since prince charles and lady di tied the knot took place yesterday. it was in sweden. the story straight out of a fairy tale since the groom was once the princess' personal training. gloria has the story. >> reporter: good morning, bianna, on this father's day, the king of sweden is making up to a big bill, over $1 million for his daughter's wedding. the swedish government picked up the other half. it was all part of a national campaign, really, to smooth things over and welcome her choice of groom. a princess can be a rebel, even if her parents are the king and queen. in the end, sweden's princess v i, victoria, made it to the church on time.
8:19 am
but it took years to get there. her father, king carl xvi gustav walked her down the aisle, a break from swedish tradition, when the couple finally had his blessing. it wasn't only so. she comes from tiaras and tradition. daniel westing comes from the gym. he was just a commoner, hired from victoria's personal trainer when she was recovering from anorexia. that sent tails wags. >> daniel knew he was a personal trainer to his daughter but he didn't believe that was good enough. >> reporter: but this modern-day princess believed in her man and in her people, saying they could see she was stronger with him than without. judging from the turnout, swedes are delighted to see one of their own in the palace.
8:20 am
>> it's very nice. i'm so excited. >> reporter: after eight years together, daniel got the king's thumbs up. and a major royal makeover, going from scruffy gym rat to polished prince to-be. he is now officially his royal highness prince daniel. during his toast, the king said all he has ever wanted was his daughter's happiness. and the groom, he kept it say simple saying -- >> dear victoria, crown princess victoria, princess of sweden, princess of my heart. >> reporter: for that, his average swedish joe got his own fairy tale ending with a standing ovation from a room full of royals. and one fun note, the bride wore jewels emperor napoleon first gave josephine. it's nice if you have those in the family. here in london, all eyes are another commoner, kate middleton, wondering if her prince, prince william, will make her a princess anytime soon. i'll let you know if i hear
8:21 am
anything. >> princess and trainer. it sounds like an adam sandler movie. >> it sounds like any other dad. only took eight years to get his approval. >> there you go. >> probably take you ten. >> it took me a while. coming up on "gma." we do have the latest on the missing 7-year-old up in oregon, kyron horman. for the first time, someone is talking. and super bowl hero drew brees joins us live for a super father's day visit. that's coming up. us live for a super father's day visit. that's coming up. ♪ what we'll see will defy ♪ explanation [ male announcer ] remember when you were five and anything was possible. ♪ happy 5th birthday again. ♪ come with me and you'll be ♪ in a world of pure imagination ♪ a deep ache all over. i found out that connected to our muscles
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that is the most precious moment that a father could share with his son. >> who can forget that iconic moment in the saints' super bowl celebration this february, as fans around the world fell in love with a man and his baby son. just perfect to celebrate father's day. and to welcome super bowl xliv mvp drew brees to times square. good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. and that's drew brees. >> that's drew brees. and i'm bill weir. hey, drew, good to see you, sir. we'll chat with you in just a second. looking forward to hanging out with him. marysol is aga over the super bowl ring. it's sunday, june 20th, happy father's day to all the dads out there. may your barbecue tools be useful and your ties.
8:31 am
coming up, we'll also take you way south to the border, close to the border, actually, down in texas, big bend national park. something for everyone down there. it's "weekend window." >> it's a beautiful place. i've been there, love it. but we do want to begin for the latest in the search of young kyron horman. investigators are asking some very specific questions about the movements of the boy's stepmother on the day he went missing. in just a moment, we're going to hear from someone close to the family for the first time. but, first, we begin with stephanie cy who has the latest details. >> reporter: after 7-year-old kyron horman went missing more than two weeks ago, authorities led an intense search for the boy. but when they called off major search operations, and announced that they did not believe that anyone else in the community was in danger, many speculated that the police likely had a suspect in mind. likely someone who knows kyron. >> they've already said, relax. we don't think there's somebody out there that is going to snatch your kid. we think this is an isolated incident. so, they've already told us volumes. >> reporter: kyron's step mother, terri horman, was the last known person to have seen
8:32 am
him. she dropped him off at school the day he vanished. today, police will conduct this questionnaire, in it, they ask explicitly if anyone saw terri or the white truck she was driving on the day kyron disappeared. >> clearly, they need more information about what she did that day. >> reporter: police have not said she is a suspect or person of interest. >> terri is being cooperative with investigators and the whole family is being cooperative. with investigators. >> reporter: a friend tells abc news, terri was given a polygraph test, but police are not discussing the test or the results. through it all, the family has remained mainly out of view, rarely appearing in public only once appearing together to read a statement. >> you mean everything to us. and until you come home, this family is not complete. please, kyron, keep up the hope. >> reporter: for "good morning america," stephanie sy, abc news. >> we turn now to terri horman's
8:33 am
friend, jamie finster who joins us from portland, oregon, for an exclusive interview. thanks so much for joining us, jamie. >> you're welcome. >> we want to ask you, you've known terri for many years now. how is she doing right now? >> she's really tired. waiting for kyron to come home. a bit frustrated with the investigation pointing towards her and especially with the internet blogging that's going on. she understands that they need to do a thorough investigation, and that she was the last one possibly to see kyron. you know, they've got to be thorough. but the internet blogging and all the speculation is really hard. >> jaymie, tell us about terri.
8:34 am
the stepmother, and specifically, her relationship with kyron. >> she has been in his life since he was 3 days old, actually. she has been his primary caregiver. she actually stopped teaching to be home with him. to raise him. i remember her talking about when he was in preschool age, getting him ready, all the skills for reading and math. getting him ready for school and just thoroughly enjoying being with him. and she's a very devoted mother. >> and some of the speculation as to how the family has been acting over the past few weeks. what were your thoughts when you heard some of the stories and the fact that they didn't come out to speak until days later? >> you know, i can understand. i agree with the idea that they want to keep the focus on kyron. and that's just, you know -- i can see their perspective of it. i think they've also, you know, taken the guidance from the authorities. and i think that was the best thing to do. and they're just continuing to do that. >> can you understand some speculation about some of the their actions?
8:35 am
specifically, terri's, when she posted on facebook that she was hitting the gym. just the few days after her stepson disappeared. does that sound like a normal response from the mother or stepmother in this type of case? >> if you knew, terri, it would be. she is very active. we got to know each other through sports. and working out and being in the gym is a huge part of her life. and that is a big stress reduction for her, you know, to go and work out and burn off some endorphins. and that didn't surprise me at all as that is what she would need to keep herself healthy and focused through this. >> and lastly, when was the last time you spoke with terri? >> i spoke with her yesterday. >> and how was that conversation? >> it was fine. she was, you know, again, just said that we wanted to talk again to say, you know, is it okay that i speak out. everything has been very quiet. and she said, yes. with the internet stuff going
8:36 am
on, it's just very damaging. and i know who she is. and i know that she's a good person. and i just wanted to speak out in regards to her character and to support her in that way. >> any discussion at all about the polygraph test she took? >> no. i just thought she was scheduled to take another one, and i don't know if she did or not. >> okay, well, we appreciate your time, jaymie. and of course, all of us do want to have kyron come home and see that case come to a close in a positive way. thanks for joining us. >> you're welcome. >> and we now turn to ron. with the other headlines. good morning, everyone. in the news, tar balls from the oil spill in the gulf of mexico have now reached the beaches of florida's panhandle. this has embattled bp ceo tony hayward spark more anger by attending a yacht race off the coast of england. and flooding in southern china is blamed for 132 deaths
8:37 am
and more than 80 others missing with rising floodwaters have forced 800,000 people from their homes. in poland, choosing a replacement for lech what lynnsky. his twin brother is running but not expected to win. a woman in texas gave her father a kidney after spending a year on dialysis. the two are now spending this father's day together, recovering in a dallas hospital. that's a quick look at headlines. over to marysol. thank, ron, good morning, everyone. tomorrow is the official start of summer, 7:28 eastern standard time. for some folks in the middle of the country, it already feels like summer. hey, drew, how hot is it in new orleans? >> it's 94 now, but feels like 110. >> it feels like 110. so stay with me. this whole middle of the country, very, very harm. and this excessive heat lasts until the middle of the week. and homage to you because you're a dad and bill weir and all other dads. dads corner, minnesota, 82
8:38 am
degrees. daddyvile, north carolina, 91. el dado, 91. can i see that ring again? okay. that's the weather across the nation with drew brees. okay. that's the weather across the nation with drew brees. >> thanks so much. this weather report has been brought to you by kashi. i've been working on my spiral. >> there you go. >> all of a sudden, i'm taking a double take, what! drew brees. >> although, some people are wondering hey, who is that with baylen brees' dad, right? we'll talk to drew brees, the super bowl mvp about fatherhood and how things are going hone with the who dat nation.
8:39 am
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the mvp of the super bowl and the mvp of our league, drew brees! >> oh.
8:42 am
february 7th, 2010 was a very good day for a young man out of texas named drew brees, after all his saints won the super bowl. he won the most valuable player award. but more precious than the lombardi trophy was the little man in his hands there. that's baylen brees. capturing the hearts of the nation, grabbing for confetti with his earphones on. on this father's day, what a better day than to welcome in drew brees. >> good morning. >> baylen is asleep? >> baylen is asleep. he's on west coast time. right now. it's a little early for him. we'll be spending the day together at yankee stadium. we're actually throwing out the first pitch together so this will be a memorable occasion. >> man, this kid is peaking early. >> i'm telling you. he has no idea what he's doing right now, we'll have the pictures to show him later. >> and you have another on the way, congrats on that. >> another boy due in october. >> as a testament to your
8:43 am
parenting skills, most quarterbacks endorse sports drinks or expensive cars. you've got a deal with pampers. >> you know what, this is a relationship that i value very much. the opportunity to have britney and baylen be in a commercial, which bailen is a pampers baby. the reason i felt so strongly about it, first and foremost, pampers is such a great family brand and i wouldn't stand highly behind something i didn't believe in. but for me, as a father, the first year of baylen's life, my time to bond with him, a lot of times is when i'm changing his diaper because my wife is obviously the one nursing him and the rest of the time he's either sleeping or eating. so that was really our time together. >> so you're saying the diaper-changing ratio in the brees household, you're pulling your share? >> it was heavily favored to me. >> really. >> the first year. but i wanted it that way. my wife would be walking in from the next room to change him and
8:44 am
i'd say, no. let's they job. >> what is the thing that surprised you the most about fatherhood? >> just, i think, the perspective it gives you on life. and just how much you appreciate, you know, all that you have, and you realize that there's so much more to life than just your career. whatever else it might have been. all of a sudden, now, this little boy or girl in your life is what you live for. >> and when you see the images of yourself holding him on the field there, what do you remember most? >> that was such a special moment, one that will always be probably the most special moments in my life. you know, it was as if we were the only two people in the world that existed. just me and him, watching the confetti come down, watching the jumbotrons go crazy. saying new orleans saints 2009 world champions. and just living in that moment for a little while. >> well, not to put any pressure on him.
8:45 am
but maybe in super bowl xcv, he'll be there holding your grandchild, you never know. >> i'm not going to push him but if he wants to. >> we have to ask. you guys are such a bright spot in a beleaguered region. and then the spill. and so many crab, shrimper, fishermen, watermen and their families are part of the who dat nation, what are your thoughts about what's going on? >> just when you thought new orleans is back stronger than ever, we get hit with another gut shot. but you know what, if there's a group of people that can make it through this, it's the people of new orleans. the people along the gulf coast. you know, it's very unfortunate, you know, in a five-year span go through not only the greatest natural disaster in american history with hurricane katrina, but now the biggest environmental disaster with the oil spill. if you talk to people in south louisiana, along the gulf coast, they're fighters.
8:46 am
they've been through a lot of tough times before. there's no doubt in my mind that the region will come back better because of this. in a lot of ways, i feel like, you know, just trying to draw whatever positive i can, that maybe this will draw attention to the need to restore our coastal wetlands which has been an issue for a long time. in regards to buffering hurricanes and that the kind of thing. but now with the owl spill, i think it really brings that issue to the forefront. and hopefully something that will be addressed in the coming years. >> and i know the team is raffling off one of these super bowl rings to raise money for the folks down there. maybe the saints website will help you. >> that's right. >> good to meet you. >> great to be here. >> enjoy the rest of your day. coming up on "gma," our "weekend window" opens in a beautiful place in drew's home state of texas, big bend national park. stick around. create 9x more gorgeous volume in just one coat. -beware of imitators. -[ woman ] that fall flat! [ female announcer ] for our lushest lashes in an instant...
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imagine a landscape of deserts, rivers and mountains all in one place. 800,000 acres rich in wildlife and history with remains of prehistory, flying creatures and present-day citizen explorers. our "weekend window" opens on big bend national park, deep in the heart of texas. >> big bend is often referred to as the last frontier. we are quite remote. a very wild and beautiful place. in the morning, when the sun rises here, it rises, of course in the east, over the sierra del carmen in mexico, and it starts to highlight the plants, the greens that exist in the desert of big bend.
8:51 am
sometime, it will illuminate some of the morning dew from the desert plants that cool considerably. you'll start to hear birds come to life and you'll start to see the desert wake up. one of the things that attracts people to big bend national park is the great variety of plants, wilderness, animals and the incredible diversity of the landscape. the rio grande is a focal point for the park. in the earliest days, the 1800s, when the europeans first came into this area, the rio grande was a means of access to the big bend region. today, it's a place that people use for recreation. it's a focal point for both birders and canoeists. and people who want to see the fabled rio grande which has such a history. >> to me, the face of this landscape changes as the sun moves across it each day. from day to day, week to week,
8:52 am
the place remains the same, but looks different. and it has a spirit to it that speaks to me personally in some pretty profound ways. that's why it's become home to me. and i don't ever intend to leave. [ female announcer ] fact: children's advil® brings your child's fever down faster and keeps it down longer than children's tylenol®.
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well, coming up tomorrow on "gma" behind the scenes with jim tibbles' show with the cast of "twilight." you've heard of that, right? >> vampires. that's what it's about, right? >> something like that. >> stay with abc news throughout the day. >> h
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