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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  September 21, 2010 3:05am-4:30am EDT

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one thing is for certain -- these heroes and their loved ones deserve our help. no wounded veteran should bear the weight of his or her sacrifice alone. through the wounded warrior project, we can enrich these war veterans' lives with adaptive programs that will get them back into life's mainstream. damon: log on to to find out more about this fine organization that is helping these returning injured veterans and their families with their new lives. the greatest casualty is being forgotten. let's make sure this doesn't happen to my brave friends. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. let's turn over this log. yeah! both: whoa! i like the big black ones. i like the brown wiggly ones. mmm. i like the green crunchy ones myself. whoa. explore nature. there are surprises everywhere. go to >> reporter: the mothers of those two hikers, shane bauer and josh fattal, hope to meet
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with ahmadinejad while he is in the u.s. for the meeting of the united nations general assembly. the men have been in prison for 13 months after being accused of illegally crossing into iran and spying. sarah shourd was also being held but released on compassionate grounds last week because of a medical condition. >> everyone who cares about shane and josh's freedom to please stand behind us now. so that we can make this final push for their freedom together. >> reporter: among the western world's long list of grievances with tehran, a nuclear program the country's leaders insist is for peaceful purposes. new york lawmakers were among those protesting ahmadinejad's regime at a rally near the u.n. monday. >> we cannot and we will not allow or tolerate a nuclear iran. >> reporter: ahmadinejad told abc's "this week" he would make recommendations while maintaining the men violated the law. while pressuring iran to release the hikers the u.s. does not have formal diplomatic ties with the rogue state, nor did they say sarah shourd's $500,000
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bail. lady gaga has made it her call to repeal the don't ask, don't tell policy regarding gays in the middle tear. yesterday she rallied in portland, maine, dressed in a suit and glasses. pretty tame for her. she told demonstrators it's time to pressure maine's two female republican senators to support the repeal. in the senate today, a vote will determine whether debate will move to a defense bill that includes repealing that controversial policy. it does need though some republican support. it was a bittersweet moment at the kennedy space center last night. the shuttle "discovery" was moved to the launch pad for the very last time. "discovery" is set to lift off november 1st for the international space station. "endeavour" will follow in february to wrap up 30 years of shuttle flights. and there is a rare sight in the overnight sky. jupiter is about 368 million miles from earth. next to the moon and skies above new york city. the last time the planet was this close, jfk was president.
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it will remain relatively close for several weeks provide is good viewing opportunities for quite some time. here is your tuesday forecast. severe storms in the midwest. heavy rain, large hail and gusty winds in omaha, des moines, chicago, and milwaukee. more downpours in south texas. showers and thunderstorms in new mexico, arizona, and the northern rockies. hot in the southeast. >> 90s from new orleans to atlanta. 74 here in new york. indianapolis 89. omaha 79. fargo is just 62. 64 in seattle. 77 in boise. 81 in salt lake city. well, an untimely exit just off a highway in eastern iowa. it turned out to be exactly the right place at exactly the right time. >> no matter how many times we do these stories they strike fear in my heart. jessica armstrong was in the car and her fiance was rushing her to the hospital and that is when her water broke and she says the baby started popping out right there in the front seat. they took the next exit, they flagged down an ambulance that
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happened to be getting off the highway at the exact same time. >> the paramedics got to the car just in time to catch the healthy baby boy as mom made the final push. as you can see little ethan, mom and dad are all doing great. proof that timing is everything. incredible, huh? >> not me, i need the drugs. find a vein is what i say. we'll be right back with more "world news now." diabetics on medicare!
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the cost of treating alzheimer's disease worldwide is now soaring. according to new figures just released this morning, new estimates show treating dementia could top $604 billion worldwide this year. more than 35 million people have alzheimer's or similar diseases that attack the brain. experts predict that number is expected to double every 20 years. for the first time ever, the government is considering the sale of meat from a genetically engineered animal. >> in this case it is salmon that has had its dna altered and has been designed to grow bigger. for consumers it is food for thought.
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>> reporter: it looks like any other salmon. but opponents call it frankenfish and hope to keep it off your dinner plate. here's the difference. both fish are 18 months old. the larger genetically engineered aqua advantage salmon grows twice as fast as the regular salmon. >> this is the first genetically engineered animal that would be introduced to the food supply. >> reporter: atlantic salmon grows in fits and starts. scientists found that adding genetic material from a pacific salmon and an eel-like fish helps them grow round the clock. >> this fish is indistinguishable from traditional foods. >> how can you say it's indistinguishable when it clearly has a different genetic makeup? >> it tastes the same, it looks the same, the biology is exactly the same. >> reporter: fda scientists agree. >> aqua advantage salmon is atlantic salmon. food from aqua advantage salmon is as safe as food from other atlantic salmon. >> reporter: still, critics claim more studies are needed on how the fish might affect humans
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and the environment. for instance, what happens if these altered fish somehow make it out into the wild? would they breed with native salmon? would they crowd out the wild fish if the company insists there are safeguards. >> they're all sterile and they're raised in physically contained facilities. >> reporter: opponents say there's no guarantee all the fish will be sterile. and there's already one case study in how the best-laid plans can go awry. canola plants were genetically engineered to be resistant to weed killer. the problem, their seeds have migrated from the company farms, carried by the wind, and perhaps by trucks taking them to market. they're now growing on the roadsides of north dakota. scientists worry they may create a hard to kill super weed. as for the genetically altered salmon, one question still on the table, will folks eat it? and will they know what they're eating? the fda has to decide if the fish will even carry a special label.
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lisa stark, abc news, washington. >> certainly is interesting. could be the beginning of a lot of things in the supermarket. man on radio: mission is a go. you are good to go. so, have you made your decision yet? yeah, i think so. the wishes of thousands of children are waiting to come true. you can make it happen. find out how today at
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welcome back, everybody. well, the times as rough as they are right now, many families are looking for ways to cut costs around the home. just through tiny changes you can save pretty big on energy. giz wiz dick debartolo shows us new high-tech options. these things can go a long way to saving you big money on energy. >> general electric this week announced in the u.s., no more incandescent bulbs. >> wow. timely. >> exactly. hopefully everybody has switched to compact fluorescents. now when these first came out
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they were $25 to $35. now they're a buck or two. the newest is l.e.d. lighting. this is an l.e.d. light from c. crane. they're expensive to start, $25 to $55. >> you might have a hard time paying that much for a lightbulb, but? >> they can burn up to 50,000 hours. >> the last lightbulb you have to buy in your life. >> they use 45% less electric than the compact flores sents so you get your man back. a 60-watt bulb using seven to eight watts of energy. this is black and decker, they are thermal leak protector. i'm looking at what the reference temperature is here. 78.9. that's the top figure. now, you can see the lower figure is 92.6. i'm going to turn it toward you and see if i can keep it red. now the red means -- >> so in the summer you want to go around every window, all the
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outlets, and it will tell you if warm air is leaking in. >> this is good at pinpointing leaks in your home. >> exactly. >> cold air, warm air, whatever. >> it will turn blue if it's cold air coming in. in the winter you want to check to keep the cold air out. >> to know where you need to insulate. >> 50 bucks. when you shut off your tv it really doesn't go off. >> never say that about "world news now," by the way. >> a lot of your devices have phantom power. a lot of people now call it vampire power. it's sucking power even though it's off. with this you plug your tv in the one end, you plug in your game bay, woofer, home theater, dvd player. when your tv goes off, this knows it, it shuts everything else off. >> so it doesn't have to be on, goes off? >> goes off. the two outlets at the end are always on, because if it has a clock, a dvr -- >> exactly, perfect. again, under $30. >> good saver there as well,
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absolutely. >> this center plug, i have three of these in my house. you plug this in the wall, plug a lamp into this. when you walk in the room the lights come on. it has a sensor. if the room is brightly lit the light doesn't come on. >> knows when you're there. >> when you leave it waits 20 seconds, no one's walking around, shuts the lamp off. these are under 15 bucks. i've seen them as low as 11 bucks. >> you see a lot of these in office buildings as well. >> this is the home version of what they even have here at abc. >> that's right. exactly. >> the center plug. >> these are my favorite, by the way. you're going to love these. >> green, not only green in color, as green as you can get. these are water clocks. they run -- the big guy is brand new, he's $39. it can be preordered now online. actually, i think they started shipping them. the little guy is $29. they work on water. you fill it with water. you know, when the bus came i go, this is going to be interesting.
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so i pour the water in and i go, nothing's happen -- and the clock started. >> a trip to the sink, these things go for months. >> months. >> the big guy runs 16 weeks, the little guy runs 12 weeks. they're alarm clocks, they're great fun, they come in four colors. >> thank you for being here, we appreciate it. some great advice for folks today. for more details visit g or check out our facebook fan page at [ female announcer ] fact.
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finally this half hour, you never know the answer until you ask the question. that was the lesson for students whose elementary school was in need of some help. >> they put pen to paper asking for donations to their school. steve osunsami reports on the amazing results. >> reporter: it began with a homework assignment. >> hello, my name is -- >> reporter: the fifth graders at sherwood elementary were told to write letters to captains of industry. >> i am 10 years old -- >> reporter: they wrote ceos and cf os and told them the abcs of attending school in inner city, memphis. >> unfortunately, most of the books in my school are falling apart. >> reporter: they never dreamed
3:26 am
they'd hear back, but they did. >> i walked in the library and i saw so many books just stacked up on one big table. and i was really astonished. >> reporter: first, large corporations started sending them thousands of new textbooks. then hewlett-packard gave them three new computer labs and more than $100,000 in new computers. the head of a sporting goods corporation sent them more than $30,000 of jump ropes and basketballs. but they were still exercising in a basement also used as a storage room. tristain gillen wrote the company that built the new yankee stadium, the rock and roll hall of fame, and the largest building in the world. they're building the students a new $50,000 playground. >> the hardest part was writing it neatly. because we had to make sure it was almost perfect. >> reporter: the teachers here have taught the students that they have to do more than just ask for things, that they have to explain their needs. this is where they plan to build the playground. the students here wrote that
3:27 am
they needed more exercise. the head of the company told us he does read all his mail. >> i have a 10-year-old son, now 11, in sixth grade. when i read the letter, it kind of reminded me of the fact that i have a fifth grader of my own. >> reporter: students tell us they feel fortunate so many people cared and listened. they certainly learned the power of the pen. steve osunsami, abc news, memphis. >> on the one hand it's sad that public schools have to do -- resort to that. but on the secondhand, the generosity in the country exists for the kids, that's heartwarming to see. >> it's a wonderful lesson for these kids too. ask for loans, ask for grants, you're going to be the recipient of them if you do the hard work. >> all they can say is no. always ask the question. >> that is the news for this half hour. coming up we've got much more ?wh
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fierce flames. why the national guard admits blame for a destructive fire in utah. then, secrets in store. >> i wish to this day that i hadn't done it. >> did a drugmaker launch an undercover recall? and, tiger tale. >> oh my gosh! >> why these new amazing pictures of tigers at home are so significant. it's tuesday, september 21st. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning and thanks for being with us on this tuesday. i'm vinita nair. >> i'm rob nelson. the utah national guard is apologizing for starting a huge wildfire still burning outside of salt lake city. >> the guard commander says machine gun training exercises were conducted in spite of a red flag warning from the weather service. the fire has now burned more than 4,000 acres. clayton sandell reports from utah. >> reporter: the flames came
3:31 am
fast over the ridge, sending thousands fleeing into the night. >> i could hardly run to the car. i was so scared. >> reporter: it happened so fast the burns family barely escaped taking only their medications. their house of 34 years burned to the ground. >> at this age to start all over again. >> reporter: helicopters and tankers battled the flames as hundreds of evacuees were allowed to go home but with a warning, the danger isn't over. >> we get a change of winds, a pickup in winds, it's game on again. >> reporter: the fire started when live ammunition from a national guard firing range ignited dry brush. the decision to use live ammo in these conditions is not sitting well with some homeowners. >> guy that authorized the military to do machine gun testing should be put in jail. because it's arson. >> our job as the national guard, our mission, is to support our citizens. not to endanger them. and we failed in that. >> reporter: dry conditions have now kicked the fire season into high gear.
3:32 am
a recent blaze near boulder, colorado, destroyed 166 homes. just one of several big fires across the west since july. >> by this time of year we should start seeing cooler temperatures, better humidity. but this year, we've been very warm and dry throughout colorado and utah. >> reporter: firefighters hope to get some rain by wednesday. until then, the burning season continues. clayton sandell, abc news, herriman, utah. the fbi is investigating an incident at ft. bliss, texas. that ended when a gunman was fatally shot. the huge military base in western texas was never locked down during the incident, which took place yesterday afternoon. two people were injured when the gunman opened fire at a convenience store on the base. it ended when the gunman was killed by responding officers. the suspect in a series of stabbings across the country is now facing even more charges. elias abeulazam is charged with murder and four additional counts of attempted murder. abeulah zam is accused in a string of recent stabbings in
3:33 am
the flint, michigan, area. five men died and nine others were injured. abeulah zom is the suspect in similar crimes in virginia and ohio. a woman who oregon police say faked an acid attack is now facing theft charges. bethany storro splashed acid on her own face then claimed a stranger had attacked her. she's still recovering in the hospital. now she's been charged with theft because prosecutors say she took $28,000 in donations. her parents said all the money raised for her will be returned. economists say the recession is over but millions of americans who are still out of work might disagree. president obama is facing some tough questions about the recovery as we head toward midterm elections. here's jake tapper. >> reporter: the president was confronted by the angst of his supporters. participants in a cnbc town hall said they were frustrated by what the man in whom they had invested so much had not been able to accomplish. >> i'm exhausted. i'm exhausted of defending you, defending your administration,
3:34 am
defending the mantle of change that i voted for, and deeply disappointed with where we are right now. >> like a lot of people in my generation i was really inspired by you and by your campaign and message that you brought. and that inspiration's dying away. is the american dream dead for me? >> my goal here is not to try to convince you that everything's where it needs to be. it's not. but we're moving in the right direction. >> reporter: echoed in the news the recession officially ended in june 2009. which might come as a surprise to those who recall that month. when general motors declared bankruptcy. and 515,000 jobs were lost. >> even though economists may say that the recession officially ended last year, obviously for the millions of people who are still out of work, it's still very real for them. >> reporter: the economy has stabilized since that month. the value of goods and services produced has increased. but unemployment has continued to go up. in a recent poll, 79% of the
3:35 am
public agreed that the united states economy is in a recession now. and many americans, many supporters, expressed concern about what they've heard from the president about solutions. the president was asked if he thought those who didn't think he got it felt that way because of his racial heritage. >> when the unemployment rate is still high and people are having a tough time, it doesn't matter if i was green. it doesn't matter if i was purple. >> reporter: the president was also asked if he could work with tea party candidates. he said he thought their healthy skepticism was a good thing but he was waiting for the tea party movement to describe specifically what they wanted to do. jake tapper, abc news, the white house. and of course, one flash point of president obama's administration has been health care reform. in just two days major parts of that new law will go into effect. here's what's happening. your insurance company can no longer cancel coverage for the sick or put a cap on lifetime benefits.
3:36 am
children can stay on a parent's coverage until age 26. and children with a pre-existing condition can no longer be denied coverage. the fda says there is no time line for a decision in the contentious fight about fish. the debate is only about salmon that is genetically engineered to grow twice as fast as normal. as john hendren reports, there are concerns about safety. >> reporter: supporters call it fast-growing, tasty, and beautiful. >> people who see them think they're very attractive fish. we happen to think they're lovely fish. >> reporter: critics call it frankenfish and asked the fda not to approve genetically altered salmon like this. >> if you ask do the data and information demonstrate a reasonable certainty of no harm from consumption of foods that derive from aqua advantage salmon? i think the answer to that is no. >> reporter: this is a wild salmon. this a genetically altered one. it's bigger and takes half the time to become full grown. scientists found adding genetic material from pacific salmon and an eel-like fish helps these
3:37 am
atlantic salmon grow around the clock. supporters say wild fish are running out and these genetically altered fish are safe. >> aqua advantage salmon is atlantic salmon. and food from aqua advantage salmon is as safe as food from other atlantic salmon. >> reporter: what if altered fish escape? it happened with farm salmon and genetically engineered crops like canola, spreading wild in north dakota. the worry? these altered salmon would overwhelm the wild fish and take over. the company says that won't happen. >> they're all sterile and they're raised in physically contained facilities. the sponsor believes we've mitigated all those concerns. >> reporter: if the fish is approved you might not know you're buying it. the fda is expected to require no special label. john hendren, abc news, washington. it's a special night here in new york as the yankees honor their long-time owner, the late george steinbrenner. his widow helped unveil a monument to the man known simply as the boss.
3:38 am
the tribute fits steinbrenner's outsized personality. at more than 7 feet tall and weighing 760 pounds it's the largest of the monuments in yankee stadium's so-called monument park. >> he was so synonymous for seinfeld. i think for so many people that's how they know him. >> you know who did the seinfeld voice? larry david. that was larry david. >> good to know. >> trivia, there you go. here's a look at the tuesday forecast. 70-mile-an-hour winds, golf ball-sized hail, up to 2 inches of rain from nebraska to michigan. heavy rain in austin, corpus christi and houston. showers and thunderstorms in montana, arizona, and new mexico. >> 87 in albuquerque. 83 in colorado springs. 103 in phoenix. 73 in the twin cities. a wet 87 in chicago. 84 in detroit. boston just 69. new york 74. baltimore 77. this is a really remarkable story. this guy has no legs and no arms but he is making waves that
3:39 am
could inspire people worldwide. >> philippe croizon became the first quadruple amputee to swim across the english channel. the 42-year-old lost his limbs in a freak accident. he used specially designed prosthetic legs with flippers attached. >> croizon said he wanted to show people we all can make it. he was hoping to take 24 hours to cross the channel but ended up doing it in 13 1/2 hours, wow. >> that is incredible. the will of some people. >> he said basically he was adjusting his tv antenna on a ladder, it touched a power line, and that was the result. >> in 2007 he parachuted from an airplane. the lesson here, there are no
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whatever it takes, as long as it takes. that's our guarantee. why do we go to < uch great lengths? because making you mobile is our mission. we'llwork wit your doctor. we'll work with medicare and lçur private insurance. we'll even service your scooter anywhere in the country. call the sco÷"er store today. welcome back. when it comes to children's medicine, johnson & johnson is one of the most trusted brands around. >> you might be surprised to learn rather than announce a
3:43 am
recent recall, the company actually tried to buy all the medicine itself right off the shelves. dr. richard besser investigates. >> reporter: it was november of 2008 when johnson & johnson and its subsidiary mcneil consumer health care discovered a problem. some of its motrin tablets were not dissolving properly. meaning if you have a headache and took one of these tablets, it may not work as expected. but instead of issuing a recall, something else happened. at 5,000 convenience stores around the country, contractors were sent out on a secret mission, to quietly buy up the faulty motrin without alerting the public. abc news found lynn walter, one of the contractors hired by an inventory company. they gave him written instructions detailing this assignment. you should simply act like a regular customer while making these purchases. there must be no mention of this being a recalled product. run in, find the product, make your purchase, and run out. >> usually, the only thing that was said was, that's quite a bit
3:44 am
of motrin, what are you going to do with that? and i said, i'd like to purchase this motrin. >> reporter: concerns eventually made to it congress. initially at the hearings a johnson & johnson executive said they weren't behind this. that they were simply doing an audit to find out where these faulty pills had ended up. >> i don't believe there was any intent to mislead or hide anything. >> reporter: but e-mails obtained by abc news reveal senior executives at johnson & johnson subsidiary mcneil coordinated the $400,000 secret motrin purchase program from the very beginning. they wrote, do not communicate to store personnel any information about this product. simply visit each store, locate the product, and if any is found purchase all the product. an e-mail shows this program was authorized by mcneil's president in which he says, let's make this happen asap. what about the fda, the industry watchdog? the fda claims it had no knowledge of plans to launch a phantom recall. but e-mails from johnson & johnson/mcneil, obtained by abc
3:45 am
news, raise questions as to what fda knew. one goes as far as saying the fda was really bending the rules by not automatically urging a recall. both fda and johnson & johnson declined our requests for interviews. in a written statement fda said, when fda learned that mcneil had hired contractors to secretly purchase product off the shelves the agency advised mcneil to do a full recall which the company agreed to initiate in july 2009. johnson & johnson/mcneil issued a statement saying mcneil kept the fda informed of its actions and removed the product from the market in a compliant manner. however, given the concerns highlighted by the congressional committee with respect to motrin, moving forward we would look to handle things differently. >> johnson & johnson is not off the hook, neither is the fda for being too cozy with industry and not forthcoming with congress. >> reporter: johnson & johnson is now facing a criminal investigation into all these recalls and the silent market withdrawal.
3:46 am
and the senior vice president who testified before congress has resigned. congress is also looking into documents which suggest the company had considered another secret withdrawal of the children's product. dr. richard besser, abc news, new york. >> tough times for that company. eight recalls in the past year. >> they all got lots of media attention which of course not only affects their bottom line but their reputation. people take notice. we'll lighten things up a little bit next in "the skinny," including information about why lindsay lohan might be going back to jail. >> who danced into the spotlight in the "dancing with the sta
3:47 am
3:48 am
the 11th season of "dancing with the stars" kicked off last night. >> 11th. >> it was a good one too. in case you missed it we're going to give you the highlights of what everyone's talking about this morning. first and foremost was bristol palin. we've heard mom sarah palin might have been there. lynn told her, i think that was a very
3:49 am
acceptable performance for week one. i have to say even donna our hair lady said she did pretty good, she really shined. check that out, it's pretty good. of course, all eyes are on mike "the situation," the guy from "jersey shore." he had kind of a disadvantage. he had only five days of rehearsal. but not the best reviews for mike "the situation." >> bad situation. >> david hasselhoff, he was doing the cha-cha with kim johnsson. there of course is mike "the situation." a lot of dancers worth mentioning. of course there's also florence henderson, michael bolton, margaret cho. we can't show you all of these folks. the one thing a lot of people are talking about this morning is jennifer grey. she was on the movie with patrick swayze, "dirty dancing." she was doing the viennese waltz to a song from "dirty dancing" and listen to what happened. ♪ >> it really like took me back almost like in the time capsule. and i was with patrick. i just missed him.
3:50 am
and i just realized just like how fast time goes. i can't believe he was like young, gorgeous. and he's just gone. it's like a weird moment. >> you can see she's obviously having a really hard time with that. interestingly enough, when patrick swayze did write his autobiography "the time of my life," he said she was one huge pain in the derriere onset. he went on to say she was overly emotional, slipped into silly moods forcing them to do scenes over and over. because she would continuously laugh. he did leave by saying, forgiving her annoying antics. she did a phenomenal job. in many ways she made the movie. there are reports she even invited the woman he was with most of his life to be there the first night that she danced. >> she apparently did very well. i think she did the highest of everybody. a different note, it is amazing the difference a nose job can totally change a person's face. >> i wouldn't even have known
3:51 am
her. >> it doesn't look like baby anymore. it's crazy. anyway. we hate to go back, get comments on facebook, people hate to hear about lindsay lohan all the time. but she keeps making news, y'all, so this is kind of what it is. apparently she could be going back to jail. there's been another arrest warrant issued. she apparently failed the drug test. willis is crushed. >> oh, no! >> they found cocaine in her system now. so she's back in court friday morning. if the judge is strict again this time it could be 30 days for each test. she's out on probation, failed the drug test again. she's not the only starlet with drug issues. >> paris hilton has pleaded guilty in that cocaine case. you guys might remember, about a month ago she was in las vegas, there was some cocaine in her purse, there were questions, she initially said it wasn't hers, had nothing to do with her. she's just pled guilty to two misdemeanors in her las vegas cocaine possession case.
3:52 am
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here are some stories to watch today on abc news. former president bill clinton's global initiative meeting begins today in new york with high-profile leaders in attendance. they're looking for ways to end poverty worldwide. the transportation secretary hosts a summit on distracted driving today in washington. while the number of deaths caused by distracted drivers is actually down, the practice is still considered an epidemic. and nasa is preparing for the next shuttle mission. "discovery" is now on the launch pad at cape canaveral. blast off is in november and is the second to last ever shuttle mission. finally this half hour, a rare glimpse of amazing creatures at amazing heights. it is magnificent video shot by the bbc. >> the video shows for the first time tigers living high up in the himalayan mountains. the bbc's jon kay has more. >> reporter: high in the himalayas, the tiny kingdom of bhutan.
3:56 am
the bbc natural history team chose this remote and mysterious place for their fourth expedition series. local people told the team that tigers were living up in the mountains. if that's true, then that's a really big deal. because the base of tiger mountain is well above the tree line and much higher than tigers are actually thought to ever go. >> good luck. >> reporter: dozens of remote cameras were left out on possible tiger trails. >> i wonder. >> reporter: after three months, cameraman gordon buchanan returned to check the footage and was astonished. >> oh my gosh! oh my gosh! oh, oh, i don't believe it! oh, god! oh! thank you, thank you, thank you! >> reporter: but if he thought that was exciting, 1,000 meters higher up, there was even more.
3:57 am
>> oh, man alive! >> reporter: apparently, a breeding pair. far from the jungle. >> these tigers are living right in the shadow of the high himalayas. we are above 4,000 meters at this point. these are the highest-living tigers in the world. >> reporter: the team presented their findings to the prime minister of bhutan, who promised to work with neighboring countries and use this evidence to help save the tiger. jon kay, bbc news. and that is the news for this half hour. coming up, we'll have a lot more from abc. >> remember to follow us on facebook where you can see "the skinny" and "morning papers" any time. you can also see behind the scenes stuff that we thought was funny.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
burning controversy. the destructive fire in utah and why homeowners who lost everything are angry with the national guard. then, driving distracted. the potentially fatal trend. >> we were very, very angry. we could not believe that our daughter could be taken from us. >> today's government action on texting and driving. and, forget the facelift. why cosmetic surgery could be on the way out. it's tuesday, september 21st. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> poor heidi has become a bad poster girl for excessive surgery. >> i think ten surgeries in one day and people tend to use you as the example. >> what did she have done? >> i'll write you a laundry list on the break. >> good morning, everybody, i'm rob nelson. >> i'm vinita nair. firefighters are battle to contain a fast-moving fire near salt lake city. >> the utah national guard is apologizing for its role in
4:01 am
starting the destructive fire in the suburban community of herriman. diana alvear now has that story. >> reporter: strong winds served as fuel for a utah wildfire. more than 1,600 homes were evacuated. at least four homes were destroyed. >> we have active operations going on, and it's only as good as mother nature will let us be right now. >> reporter: the fire was sparked sunday at a utah national guard shooting range. 50-mile-per-hour winds spread the flames quickly. >> i could hardly run to the car i was so scared, i was so shaken. like i was going to pass out. >> reporter: monday the utah national guard commander apologized saying they did not check weather advisories before proceeding with the firing exercise. >> our job as the national guard, our mission, is to support our citizens. not to endanger them. and we failed in that. >> reporter: as firefighters battle the blaze, some of the tools in their arsenal are coming into question. a federal judge has ordered the u.s. forest service to review its plan for using fire retardant. the concern, not enough
4:02 am
protection for animals, especially endangered species. >> we've seen major fish kills when retardant bomber runs have been made and retardant has ended up in creeks. hundreds and hundreds of fish killed, including threatened and endangered fish. >> reporter: while the u.s. forest service tells abc news it will comply with the court's ruling, it defended its use of fire retardant saying, we believe the firefighters can use it to help protect lives, property, and critical natural resources from unwanted wildfires with minimal risk to fish and wildlife. for now, firefighters can keep using the reddish retardant. in utah, it's being used with bulldozers and ground crews to push the fire back. diana alvear, abc news, los angeles. economists may say the recession is officially over and it was the longest since world war ii. president obama was on the defensive as he fielded question after question about the recovery in philadelphia. despite what economists say,
4:03 am
americans are still feeling the pinch and even the president's supporters are getting frustrated. >> i'm exhausted. i'm exhausted of defending you, defending your administration, defending the mantle of change that i voted for. and deeply disappointed with where we are right now. >> my goal here is not to try to convince you that everything's where it needs to be, it's not. but we're moving in the right direction. >> house republicans said they would roll out a roughly 20-point agenda on thursday. it is their plan for jobs, spending, health care, national security, and reforming congress. and now the sexting scandal that's rocking wisconsin. it involves a local district attorney accused of sending sexually oriented text messages to a client. as wisn's jason newton reports from wisconsin's state capital, the process of removing him is now getting under way. >> to see that was shocking to me. and of great concern. >> reporter: this from governor
4:04 am
doyle upon reading text messages like this one. are you the type of girl who likes secret contact with an elected d.a.? and that was one of the tamest messages from the county d.a. ken kratz to a victim of domestic violence. >> as reprehensible as his behavior was, he hadn't committed any crimes. >> reporter: attorney general van holland's office didn't file charges. on top of that, he says a board meant to keep lawyers in line reviewed the case and found nothing punishable. >> i find out not only had the office of lawyer regulation completed their investigation, if they had even done any, but they had found no wrongdoing. i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: van holland says his office stepped in to take over the accuser's case. he says up until recently he assumed regulators were still investigating. >> that is exactly the body that should have investigated this case and done something to the district attorney. i'm very dismayed to see that they did not. >> reporter: he says only kratz and his victim were told that no
4:05 am
wrongdoing was found, hence the governor never hearing about it until media reports came out. >> because it's presumed that if you find somebody did not commit wrongdoing, an attorney, that you don't want to unnecessarily blast them in the public. >> reporter: once the complaint is in, then a hearing will be set giving kratz a chance to defend himself. in madison, abc news. a man on trial in kentucky claims he murdered his wife because he had consumed an excessive amount of caffeine. willie smith is accused of killing his wife last year. his attorney says caffeine from soda, energy drinks and diet pills left smith sleep deprived and mentally unstable. the attorney also says smith's false confession happened when he was unstable. prosecutors, on the other hand, claim he killed his wife after an argument. things are back to normal at ft. bliss, texas, after a gunman there was fatally shot. the huge army base was never locked down during the incident. the gunman wounded two people at a convenience store on the base. he was then killed by officers who had quickly arrived at the scene. it looks like the marines
4:06 am
have a new fight on their hands. bedbugs have invaded barracks at camp lejeune, north carolina. a camp spokesman says the marines have taken steps to stop the infestation from spreading. it is of course just the latest example of bedbug infestation which has been growing across the country. >> the cause that brought lady gaga to maine was repealing the don't ask, don't tell policy governing gays in the military. she wore suit, tie and glasses at a rally she hosted in portland. she wanted to pressure maine's two female republican senators to support the repeal with a demonstration. senators today will vote on whether to debate a defense bill that includes repealing the highly controversial policy. for that to happen some gop support is needed. the transportation secretary hosts a summit today on the dangers of driving while distracted. an alarming report shows the number of deaths caused by distracted driving is down. the problem is now considered an epidemic. lisa stark reports. >> reporter: here's a young
4:07 am
driver caught in the act. watch her eyes and hands. she's texting. and how about this bus driver? reading an electronic book while behind the wheel. the secretary of transportation calls it a distracted driving epidemic. >> everybody thinks they can use their cell phone and drive and drive safely, and you can't. >> reporter: new government numbers show distracted driving last year killed nearly 5,500 people. and injured nearly 500,000. the grim toll despite hard-hitting public service announcements. tough new state laws. what will it take to make a dent? russell and kimberly hurd have been asking that since their daughter heather died while driving to meet her wedding planner. >> we were very, very angry. we could not believe our daughter could be taken from us by somebody who was texting. >> reporter: they say what's needed is a change in attitude. >> we want you to turn the cell phone off. we're living proof that in three or four seconds, your entire life can change.
4:08 am
and certainly we'll never be the same again. >> reporter: the hurds say distracted driving must become as unacceptable as drunk driving. they have also pushed for tough laws, bans on texting and cell phones while driving. but they say ultimately, they hope stories like theirs will cause drivers to think twice. lisa stark, abc news, rockville, maryland. talk about just in the nick of time. this story out of croatia. a man was stranded on his boat in a fast-flowing, rain-swollen river over the weekend. after hours of trying to save him a rescuer from a helicopter dragged him off just as the boat began to sink. just moments later the boat was gone. everyone made it to land safely. lucky. here is a look at your weather. another wet day in south texas. heavy rain and flooding from austin to corpus christi. wet and windy with golf ball-sized hail from omaha to milwaukee. morning frost advisories in
4:09 am
upstate new york and new england. >> 69 in boston. 77 in baltimore. 89 in miami. dallas 90. kansas city 85. minneapolis 73. 60s in the pacific northwest. 78 in sacramento. and 81 in salt lake city. this is a follow-up to an incredible story. it's an example of just unstoppable drive. a monumental accomplishment by a california man against all of the odds in front of him. >> no kidding. steve wampler has cerebral palsy but that did not stop him from climbing his way to the top of the 3,000 foot el captain at yosemite national park. >> unbelievable. every pull of the rope raised him five inches. he describes the experience as six days of absolute torture. but awe-inspiring as well. when it was all over, marines climbed up to the top to carry him down. you remember we followed him as he was going up. he hadn't made it to the top just yet. >> you talked to david muir a few days ago, can't wait to get to the top of this thing, now there he is. >> you can't get an image there
4:10 am
but it's twice as high as the empire state building. >> congratulations, man. we'll be back with more after this. diabetics on medicare! i'm a diabetic and i want you to know over 230,000 u.s. their diabetic supplies through liberty medical. and that begins with the one touch ultra 2 meter. easy to use, fast results... at no additional cost! liberty helps keep you on track by delivering diabetic supplies to your door...and filing your claims. i never feel i'm going to run out of anything. with liberty i always have someone to talk to and now they refill all my prescriptions. call now to receive a diabetic cookbook free. call to receive the one touch®ulra meter at no additional cost and find out why 230,000 u.s. doctors and over a million people with diabetes trust liberty medical. liberty, we deliver better health.
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hóushing real liquid relief to ease you to sleep fast.
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well, when it comes to gossip about britain's royal family we usually rely on the paparazzi to expose all their embarrassments. >> not this time. prince charles himself is making the news. he admits in a new documentary that he eavesdrops on tourists and he talks to plants. here's nick watt. >> reporter: every year, 30,000 people visit prince charles' idyllic bolt hole, paying nearly 25 bucks a pop. prince charles snoops on them. i have eavesdropped on what visitors have said, he tells a bbc interviewer. when they're going round outside the windows sometimes you've got to lie on the floor.
4:14 am
>> it's rather wonderful, isn't it. the future king listening to what we're all saying outside. as we're admiring his rhododendrons. >> reporter: in the bbc documentary about his beloved garden that airs this week the prince also confides, i happily talk to the plants and trees and listen to them. i think it's absolutely crucial. prince charles was an organic pioneer long before it was hip. i got a lot of flack for a lot of things, he says. i mean, potty this and potty that, looney this and looney that. okay, listen to this. everything i've done here, it's almost like your children. every tree has a meaning for me. hang on. >> he's slightly eccentric but i think eccentric people make the world go round. make it a lot more fun. as charles has said he does properly eavesdrop, so yes, do mind one's words. >> reporter: well, that does sound a little looney, a little potty. charles isn't some guy swigging liquor from a brown paper bag. if all goes to plan this guy will be king.
4:15 am
nick watt, bbc news, london. >> i don't think the talking to plants is weird at all because that helps them grow better. the listening to what they say is a little interesting. >> maybe with ears like that you can't help yourself. >> if you want to see the documentary it's set to air on bbc this thursday night. >> don't miss it. coming up next the latest trend in plastic surgery. >> it could be skipping cosmetic operations completely if you believe what's happening in hollywood. that's next.
4:16 am
hollywood of course is mainly known for two things. blockbuster movies and people with a lot of plastic surgery. >> now moviemakers are turning their backs on the botox-filled silicone actors they helped inspire. as neal karlinsky reports, they're actually looking for natural-looking stars. >> go to studio three, please --
4:17 am
>> reporter: at this hollywood casting session, actors like ashley davis are looking for a break. >> you just go in and be yourself, i guess. your control is so little, all you can do is go in the room and do your best. >> reporter: in the press, hollywood's best may have included some surgical help. but more than ever casting agents are now looking for something new in hollywood. actors who actually look like normal people. instead of the silicone-filled, botox-injected, perfectly artificial beauties who fill some of the industry's gossip magazines. >> i would have to say 99% of directors don't want it unless it's specific. >> reporter: in recent years, hollywood magazines have made a sport out of spotting or at least speculating about who's done what to themselves. from teri hatcher and patricia heaton, to melanie griffith and denise richards. some have come out to defend themselves against reports of surgery.
4:18 am
it's no wonder. a casting notice for the upcoming "pirates of the caribbean 4" specified that actresses must have real breasts. casting agents say other hollywood films are going the same direction. perfect has become imperfect. the natural look is in. beauty, bombshell, drag queen, model, real? >> let's see what real gives me. >> reporter: casting director francine selkirk shows us how to search for actors specifically by look. >> i think she's beautiful. >> reporter: her personal pet peeve, face work, especially lips. >> and then you'll see people who have work done. >> what do you tell young actresses? should they go for plastic surgery or not? it must be a tough decision for a young woman to decide which way to go. >> i'm very anti-surgery. i mean, it seems alien to me. your face doesn't move correctly.
4:19 am
and there's no movement in here. i really discourage it. whether it be in commercials or for television. >> reporter: big-screen casting director danny ross says plastic surgery has invaded hollywood to the point that it's getting hard to find actors to play certain ages. >> with the older actresses in particular, there's a lot of pressure to look young. not to look old. must be harder to find older women to cast. >> there's this kind of a blur between 40 and 60. like where are those women? there's very few 50-year-old actresses out there. they're either trying to be 40 or trying to be 40 until they're not able to pull it off anymore. >> reporter: reality star heidi montag has become the poster child for mega surgery. she put her body through ten procedures in a single day. >> truthfully, the best plastic surgery should be plastic surgery that is subtle. these come prefilled with silicone -- >> reporter: even plastic surgeons who defend every aspect
4:20 am
of it, for every part of the body imaginable, concede that more isn't always better. >> we are definitely aware of the overdone look and try to counsel patients to be as natural as they can be, while still providing some improvement. >> reporter: so what is a young actress to do? have you ever heard anything when you're at a casting session of, you look like you could be close but, you know, we need something that looks a little more like this? >> when i was young, i lost a lot of parts because i was told i wasn't pretty enough, i wasn't the sexy type, i wasn't this, i wasn't that. you have a choice. you can, you know, be devastated and try to make yourself something that they say, but then the next time you go in they'll tell you it's completely different look they're looking for. so you're always going to be chasing something. >> reporter: she didn't get the
4:21 am
role she was trying out for this time. but she's okay with it and okay with herself too. it may help that more stars are coming out, like teri hatcher. fresh onto the pages of the latest gossip posts for a different reason this time. she put out pictures of herself on her facebook page clad in only a towel to show women what she really looks like, flaws and all. hollywood may demand perfection, but sometimes the perfect beauty is the real one. i'm neal karlinsky in los angeles. >> being in tv sometimes people question whether we've had any work done. or what have you. apparently there's some message on facebook a few weeks ago whether my eyelashes are fake. let me clear this up today. no, this is not fake, these are my -- >> don't pull them off. >> they're not fake, man. i got lucky with long eyelashes or whatever. people question about you too. >> people have asked me about my lips and they are, in fact, real.
4:22 am
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4:25 am
"world news now" delivers your "morning papers." >> well, talking trash this morning to willis because the saints won in a great game in "monday night football" last night. >> saints, saints! lucky! >> whatever. we do have other football news this morning. i love it when the mascots go at it. this is a clip from ohio university. ohio state buckeyes and apparently the bobcat guy went after the ohio guy here. they get toward the end zone, they start messing with each other down the field. they get to the end zone. this is for real, this wasn't a joke. this is not staged or choreography. they started going at it here. ohio university says it apologizes for its mascot. >> oh my lord. >> the mascots were scrapping for real. i thought this was a funny video
4:26 am
from one of our producers here. >> i have to say that is a good way to start a game. i'm sure the teams -- >> get amped up on game day, a good mascot brawl will do that. >> this looks like how two girls fight, i have to say. >> oh, man. i love it. good fun. >> this video is out of columbia, and this is really scary. it's viral video so we don't know too much information about it. we like to show you what everyone's watching right now. this is teenagers in columbia. they've been filmed playing a deadly game of chicken. lying on railway tracks while trains pass above them. this is obviously not something anyone should ever attempt to do. this is what people are watching on youtube. it's frightening to watch. >> i don't get the point of why folks do that. >> idiotic thing. >> oh, man. anyway. that's hard to look at. also scary video here. this is a guy named andy dangerfield.
4:27 am
this happened on interstate 90 in montana. talk about the dangers of falling asleep at the wheel. this buy fell asleep at the wheel. he said he was driving to college in idaho. a long day, careened into the center of interstate 90 in montana, straight into a metal guardrail which speared through the engine of his chevy suburban. before he even slowed down the station wagon it had passed through and exited via the rear window, missing his body by inches. this thing literally impaled the car. this guy got out with his life literally by inches. folks, don't drive tired. this guy's lucky to be alive. incredible photographs. >> speaking of inches, a 6'5" anaconda. i'm sorry, i'm rambling. was found in someone's toilet bowl. a 73-year-old polish pensioner raised the lid of the toilet seat and there it was wanting to sl
4:28 am
yah! [horse whinny] [wood breaks] crack! help meeeee! somebody help her! c'mon deputy, let's go! hold on! yah! take my hand!
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what are you guys doing out here? dad was just helping me take care of katie. you know... runaway stage. well, dinner will be ready in a few minutes. imagine what a little time can do for your family.


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