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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  September 23, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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drew to drowned trees and route 136 at 95 also blocked because of trees in the roadways. drive times however, no issues on the top side of the outer loop, 83 southbound looking good toward the beltway. our cameras this morning off the beltway, looks like we have a couple of disabled vehicles off to the right shoulder, but doesn't appear to be impacting traffic at this time. back to you. thanks, kim. 5:00 on the dot right now. should a man accused of beating a dog to death be allowed to do community service with animals? the maryland s pca says no. derek chambers beat a small dog to death after it bit him and his wife. a call to 911 said they saw chambers hitting the dog with a pipe and throwing him into the bed of his truck. instead of jail time, a judge
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approved chambers's attorney's request that he be allowed to do community service at the maryland s pca. >> we would never recommend a child molester do community service with the boy scouts, and we should never recommend a person charged with animal abuse do community service with animals. there is too much risk of harm. >> griffin says the sentence is simply outrageous, especially since no one asked the maryland s pca first. > it is 5:01. the white supremacist who goes by the nickname hitler pleads guilty to several counts in the unprovoked beating of an elderly black fishermen in the baltimore park. a spokesman for the state's attorney office says 29-year- old calvin lock near has pleaded guilty agreed to a 31 year prison term no closing arguments
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will begin today for the murder trial of a man charged with a death of a rookie pitcher, nick aiden heart. he is accused of driving drunk and causing this deadly collision that happened back in april of 2009 that killed the promising angels's pitcher and two others. four sailors were killed in this week's helicopter crash in afghanistan, 29-year-old lieutenant brendan looney was assigned to the west coast based seal team. vice president joe biden is going to be state side here today. he is scheduled to attend a fundraiser. the event will take place in
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chevy chase. two minutes after 5:00 right now. baltimore city has bad roads. we have all cringed when your car sinks into a pothole, but those torn up streets are costing us a lot. each driver is paying more than $600 a year. >> reporter: we are here at the intersection of northern parkway and falls road. anyone that has been on northern parkway, you know there are a lot of potholes and bad roads. but this is not a surprise to anyone around here. a new national survey claims baltimore has the tenth worst roads in the entire nation. it costs local drivers an extra $600 each year in wear and tear on their vehicles and city officials, well, they disagree. >> we don't think it is fair, because we have put a lot of effort into maintaining our roadways. it is the one thing we focus on over the last four years, and
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it is one thing we take very seriously. >> reporter: we see a lot of cones and everything here. they have a lot of construction going on trying to repair the roads and city officials say hey, they are still making progress and they plan to complete their road construction by the end of this year. >> sounds like she is going over poll holes herself. maryland's first slots casino is located right on 95 and cecil, scheduled to open next week. a company is working to open the new casino in perryville next thursday. a trial casino night for charity is scheduled for this weekend. next, fighting terrorism in the united states. experts have a dire warning for congress. that story is coming up.
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many people have had lacic eye surgery. there is a new warning. good morning, mark. >> reporter: good morning, all the buses on number 3 working with a 35 minute delay. the number five will be diverted for construction and the 10 and 30 buses diverted. light rail metro subway and mark all look good for your travels. for the transit team, i'm mark jones.
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na scooter, i'm never be able to ride t milton hill is 70 years old. he is the church guy who is known as murdered over his scatter. jamie, it's been almost two months since hill was shot to death behind his home next to the church. the fact there hasn't been an arrest is frustrating. an army of volunteers took to
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the streets, cleaning up the neighborhood playground, pulling out weeds and painting. they want to get rid of the criminal element that has taken over parts of that area. the 70-year-old was a blessed member of the ark church, known as a dedicated caretaker going out of his way to help others. >> the passing of milton hill really stimulated us to understand that the church is good and then we have to go to the corners and the side streets and just continue to create an attitude of safety. now the ark church is also looking for donations to replace the playground equipment. meanwhile, everyone in that community is waiting on word of an arrest. americans don't have to look abroad for participants in terror plots. more of our neighbors right here in the united states are being recruited. lawmakers on capitol hill are
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getting an earful about this problem. emily schmidt has the details. >> reporter: fighting terrorism is getting more complicated. some people say within united states borders. >> a new and changing facet of the terrorist threat comes from home grown terrorists. >> reporter: there were three serious attempted attacks in seven months. first, last september's failed new york city subway plot. then the christmas day scare. and the sometimes square bombing attempt in may. in the last year and a half, at least 63 americans have been arrested or convicted of terrorism charges. do you believe this is likely to continue? >> caution would dictate that we assume. >> the experts cautioned american terrorist plots are harder to detect. >> launching a larger, perhaps more devastating attack is not
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worth the additional effort when you can get substantial coverage and impact with smaller attacks. >> in bob woodward's new book, president obama is quoted as saying the nation will do all it can to prevent a terrorist attack. even after 9/11 he said the biggest attack ever, we absorbed it. and we are stronger. >> this notion that their resists pose a threat to our very existence, i think, is dangerous for the country. it is dangerous to our national psyche. the government plans to expand a multi-million dollar public awareness campaign about terrorism this fall. the message, if you see something, say something. emily schmidt, washington. i start off with yesterday, because there is a lot to talk about. first there were the temperatures and we had ourselves a high of 91. not a record, but it did match
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the mark of 90-degree days reaching 53 total for the year. we'll probably surpass that before the week is done, because there is more heat to be had. by the way, look at this. winchester 98, challenge lotsville, -- charlottesville even hotter. patchy fog in spots and as we head through the morning hours, you'll notice some clouds left in the mountains, another round of clouds develop this afternoon and while a call for 88 degrees, a 2-degree guarantee puts 90 at the upper limit. we'll talk more about that heat, coming up right now. right now here's kim brown with a look at the traffic. >> reporter: justin, we have an accident on the southbound lanes of the gw i didn't, as you approach 195. and -- of the gw parkway.
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we have some debris blocking the left lane on the eastbound span of the bay bridge. no problems really, no delays on the outer loop from 795 to 70. however at liberty road you will see the two right lanes taken away because of road work. that will be reopened hopefully within the next hour. no problems on the harbor tunnel freeway right now. as we look right here at our cameras, you'll see what i'm talking about. you will see cones up. the two left lanes do get by. megan and jamie, back to you. the president signed the bill over six months ago. yeah and starting today, some new healthcare laws will go into effect. what this means for you and your family. the finalist is now selected. find out who will be judging voices on next season of "american idol."
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child's play in a backyard turned into a near tragedy for a
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perry hall family. six-year-old luke rossi and his brother were pliing golf when luke was hit in the eye at close range. the impact caused the ice to rip from the white part of the eye. sounds bad, but doctors worked to restore luke's eye. >> the immediate complications can occur and really lifelong risks can as well. >> it is a remarkable recovery. while luke's eyesight has been saved, doctors say he will be at a higher risk for glaucoma. an about face and warning on lasik eye surgery from a former official. >> reporter: lasik surgery
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promises a chance at 20/20 vision. >> would you ever recommend it to someone you care about? >> no. >> reporter: he started hearing about devastating side effects. today he asked his former employer to issue strong warnings. >> i think people don't understand, this is not like getting your nails done. this is not like curling your hair. >> reporter: a thin flap of the outer cornia is lifted out of the way. critics say the compromised cornia can develop vision problems. here's what i look like to somebody with normal vision. now here's the halo effect that many lasik patients see. star bursts like this are another common side effects. worst of all, some patients actually experience blurred vision. according to waxler's analysis of fda data, half of the
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patients experience side effects, and more than a third continue to need glasses or contacts. >> my vision fluctuates very frequently, and i have to have new glasses, constantly, the industry counters complications are much lower with today's modern lasik. nevertheless the fda is now reviewing the procedure. we want to remind you, the komen maryland race for the cure, ten days away, if you can believe that. we want you to join us sunday, october 3rd. hopefully the weather will be nicer. abc news will be live on the air to broadcast the whole event. that runs from 7:00 until 9:00. you need to register if you are going for participate and you actually save $10 if you do it's head of time. -- if you do it, ahead of time.
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first full day of autumn here. you'll notice on the 23rd of september, typically 54 in the morning, 72 in the afternoon. our split. 1970 brought us a record high mark of 88. how much sun are we going to see today? i think we'll see a fair amount. we have some fog to deal with this morning. another line of showers moving into ohio and northwestern penn. overall, this extends down to the hot air mass across the deep south. all the energy riding across the great lakes and through the border into canada. we may have a diminished chance of getting storms today as we had one frontal boundary push off the coast. we did tap into that 90-degree range and you'll notice the
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90s curving their way back toward columbus, ohio, we were almost as hot as atlanta, georgia yesterday and we did beat charleston, south carolina. a lot of 70s and mugginess down here. a true sense of midsummer heat and the air mass trying to hang on to that last season. we bring it home and watch that energy to the northwest. we'll watch another line of showers and storms. this is the way the computer model looked yesterday afternoon. we did survive the trip with the added heat and energy. there could be another round today. i'll keep a threat isolated which means a 30% shot or less. anding to if again on friday. most of the weather back to our west. but until then, we have more heat to go.
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today 88, we'll probably push the limit of night in any spot. there will be the chance of showers and storms in the afternoon evening. patchy fog at 65. for tomorrow, once again, a little more humid, 92 and a chance of isolated afternoon thunderstorms. our extended outlook coming up, right now kim brown has a look at traffic santa earlier accident on the v w parkway. 1995 has been moved out of the travel portion. that is good news. pay bridge eastbound span, debris has been cleared out of the left bound lane. however we still have downed trees in the area. in arnold cavalier roadblock. same thing up in monkton. no problems here at 195 as you make your way southbound headed toward the capital beltway.
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northbound lanes looking all clear. 695 up toward 395 and the tunnels. hardly any delays on the jfx, 95 southbound looks good between the beltway and the fort mckinley toll plaza. we have the judges set for "american idol." they are j-lo. and steven tyler. >> i'm so excited to be here. i'm so excited to work with all of you and watch you grow and watch the journey that we are about to take together. i'm so excited. >> randy jackson will be the only original judge when the "american idol" returns in january for season number 10. and can it be? brad womack is rumored to be the next bachelor this season 15.
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when he made waves, he was rejerking both of the women on the season 11 finale. we'll -- rejecting both of the women on the season 11 finale. this news may perk you up though. the world's largest coffee chain, can you believe it? they are raising their prices again. [ male announcer ] it's sunday afternoon.
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is. orioles just could not finish off the red red sox. couldn't get past the sixth. david ortiz in a three run shot here. red sox beat the orioles 6-1. now, the forecast certified most accurate. let's get a little bit of patchy fog. the heat of mugginess. temperatures 88. 90 the upper limit. we could do it again easily, depending on how much sun and the surge of a south wind we
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get. overnight, there could be an isolated thunderstorm in between. an isolated afternoon thunderstorm, we'll try to increase that chance for cooler temperatures on saturday. 73 sunday. looks like we are in the 70s early next week, we'll probably push that back until late monday, tuesday and wednesday. it is time now to go up to new york and get this morning's tech bytes. >> reporter: in today's tech bytes, facebook goes down. the website experienced a rare outage wednesday, leaving some of its members locked out. the problem was with a third party network provider, and affected users all over the country in phoenix, detroit, philadelphia and boston. the maker of the blackberry will reportedly unveil a new tablet computer next week to rival apple's i-pad. >> i don't want to say the blackberry has to pull a rabbit out of the hat for this to work
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for them, but they kind of have to pull a rabbit out of the hat. the latest operating system was met with a bit of a yawn on their smart phones. they have been steadily losing market share. with something like the black pad, they would have to come out with something revolutionary. those are your tech bites.


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