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tv   News  ABC  September 23, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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bumpy roads in baltimore. more on that story, coming up. first big wave of new rules
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under the healthcare law leaving many scrambling to get ahead of the changes. $100,000 worth of jewelry, that is enough to scare store owners and shoppers don't you think? >> good morning, i'm jamie costello. and friday is almost here and fall is here. meteorologist justin burke. good morning, justin. >> reporter: we had big boomers roll through last night. especially in the evening the overnight hours. we'll see if kim has any updates on the traffic delays as a result of some of those. yesterday we had 91. the 53rd day we hit surpassing the 90-degree mark. happy fall today. we have morning fog and more heat on the way. as we check it out. we are generally looking across the area, conditions are basically summer like. 67 degrees in baltimore.
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with fog in baltimore county. some of the valley locations held on to some of the cooler temperatures during the morning hours. big storms rolled through yesterday as well. going for 88 today as our guaranteed high. could reach 90 in some spots. here's kim with a check on the traffic. >> reporter: northern baltimore county got hit good with the storms last night nmonkton we have a handful of intersections affecting with downed trees. the westbound lanes of old york road are blocked because of downed trees. also reports of an accident route 40 eastbound right there on the baltimore howard county line. as we look at the beltway, however, all of our big roads are checking in pretty much without any problems. no issues around 695 or on the 95 corridor right now. megan, back to you. you dodge a pothole on northern parkway, laws a tire
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on liberty road. it is no secret baltimore has torn up streets. this area ranks tenth worst in the nation and it is costing you. >> reporter: good morning, that's correct, i'll tell you the potholes are a big pain. baltimore city, they are trying to fix some of the problems. these cones are on the sidewalk right now, but later this afternoon, they will be out in the street as folks are focusing in on the construction. let me tell you it is not enough to counter a report just released that says the baltimore area has some of the roughest roads in the nation. baltimore was ranked tenth in the nation in percentage of roads in poor condition. nationwide 24% of major metropolitan roads are in poor condition. in baltimore, that number almost doubles to 46% of bad roads. this is costing drivers an extra $600 each year on wear and tear
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on their cars. the city says they are still on target for this year. >> of course, we cannot do as much as we used to. but fortunately, this season, we are on track to complete another 200 lane miles throughout the city i don't finances are not the greatest, but they are working with what they can do. a bit more focus on it. >> reporter: back out here live, look at this. this is what we are talking about. just craters in the road here, right here on falls road at the intersection of northern and falls road. this is what we are talking about. but you know what? although baltimore tanked tenth the worst roads are in san jose, california closely followed by los angeles. we are not totally the worst roads. reporting live in north baltimore. get ready to pay more for that morning cup of coffee. starbucks is planning to raise prices on some drinks. the world's largest coffee
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chain is going to raise prices, and the increases will be focused on big and hard to make drinks. however, most of those coffees, like the aspires -- expresso, will stay the same price. six months after president obama signed landmark healthcare reform into law, americans will now begin to see the effects of the the young adults will be able to stay on their insurance plans until they stay 26. insurers must provide preventative services such as mammograms and colonoscopy without co-pays. >> consumers should be talking with their human resources
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departments or insurance plans to make sure that they are aware of when these changes actually occur. >> reporter: support for the overhaul has declined since march. as a result democratic lawmakers have largely avoided the subject. ry public cans, however, are seizing the opportunity. the obama administration maintains the public's negative opinion of the law is a result of miss information. >> i think the more they understand we are getting serious about fraud, and we are going to take the trust funds very seriously and protect the taxpayer dollars the more enthusiastic they get. >> republican leaders have pledged to do all they can. they acknowledge even if they take back the majority in congress a full appeal is next
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to impossible. karen travers abc news, washington. parents listen to this. possible insect contamination is forcing a company to recall millions of containers of a popular infant formula. less than 5 million simpleil.a.cbrands. the number is 1-800-986-8850. you can always log on to abc >> bedbugs and now this. enough. enough. i was truly amazed. >> why she said she had
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collected so many items. all right, the president heckled at a fundraiser in new york. what the protesters are calming for. and before you head out the door, if you are taking the train or bus, see how it is moving along. here's mark jones. >> reporter: the trains look good for travel, out there on the buses, look for number 35 bus to be diverted for construction, heavy volume of passengers on the 736 and 9 bus lines. the number five with a diversion for construction and 10 and 30 diverted at light and pratt for construction as well. i'm mark jones. good idea. you know because then they can run around
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and they're at your house. yea, i know. well... did you see that? my mom just took a bite of my kraft macaroni and cheese. just wait she'll do it again. i mean who am i because i'm not saying that i did it perfectly either, but, i don't know.
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mhmm. honey, eat. the crime wave continues. ♪ [ male announcer ] gooey creamy delicious kraft macaroni and cheese. ♪ you know you love it.
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good morning. early in the week we were having widespread temperatures, some down in the low 40s, while it was warmer by the day. now everybody has a fairly uniform set up here, it means we have an environment typically filled with a lot of moisture. even the heat that built in,
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check this out. 65 in the northeast, 66 if aberdeen. there was a spread of big boomers yesterday. as a result of the light rain in our hours, thick fog this morning. some of the fog out there. there could be an isolated shower driving west on 70. otherwise areas of fog this morning. otherwise partly cloudy to mostly sunny sky expected. 88 to near 90. here's kim brown. we do have some activity this morning, crash activity and debris in the roadway around the area. first let's get a look at the maps to let you know about some of the crashes. one in particular impacting traffic right now. route 40 eastbound on the baltimore county line. that is blocking the right lane
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at this time. 2995 southbound. off to the right shoulder. we have road closures up in monkton. and old york road westbound at troyer road, traffic is able to get by. linda is in the studio with the latest details. >> reporter: an elderly man is killed over his scooter. his murder struck a nerve in a baltimore neighborhood. 03!!!!!!!!!!
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milton hill was the one who solved snow off the steps of his church. he is the one who made sure the church ladies made it home safely, no way he should have died like this. linda. >> reporter: jamie, police believe someone shot hill for his green scooter. it has been almost two months since he was murdered behind his home next to the church. an army of volunteers took to the streets, cleaning up the neighborhood playground, pulling out weeds and painting. they want to make sure the criminal element is gotten rid of, that has taken over that
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area. the 70-year-old is a beloved member of the ark church, going out of his way to help others. >> we are going to prevail. in spite of the criminal element, i still believe people want to do what's right. i still believe ta. and i think we are going to see that with this park, and all. >> now the ark church is also looking for donations to replace the aging playground equipment. meanwhile, everyone if that community is anxiously waiting word of an arrest. should the man accused of beating a dog to death be allowed to work with animals? the maryland spca says no. according to authorities, derek chambers beat a small dog to death with a pipe after the dog bit him and his wife. a 911 caller said they saw chambers hitting the dog and stuffing the animal into a plastic bag and throwing it into the bed of his truck. instead of jail time, a judge approved chambers's request
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that he be allowed to do community service at the maryland spca. >> we would never recommend that a child molester do community service with the boy scouts or a person charged with animal abuse do community service with animals. >> griffin says the sentence is outrageous, especially since no one asked the spca first. the state's attorney's office says evidence was poor and chambers was not read his miranda rights. baltimore city police are asking shoppers business owners to be on alert following a rash of daytime robberies. police say robbers have held up merchants in three separate incidents and a gunman in the latest attack escaped with more than $100,000 in jewelry. police are talking with mall security and patrons to get a better description of the suspects. >> we have been partnering very closely with mall security and the merchants. the most important part of
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investigating a robbery is obviously the video surveillance, so we are educating merchants on what types of video surveillance equipment to use and things they can do to help police track suspects found. >> police tell us the problem brea at the elite gold and diamond included kind of a pattern of the other hold ups. our 2010 coverage this morning, vice president joe biden will be in maryland today. he is scheduled to attend a fundraiser. the event will take place in chevy chase. now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. we do get a summer like start to the first day of autumn. we have ourselves a gradual transition from one season to the next. remember we started off the
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week with low temperatures in the 40s. feels like summer trying to make a return just for a couple of days. 71 new york. lowe 70s southeast virginia. we have ourselves patchy fog. yesterday afternoon and last night. i thought this might be a shower trying to form here. needless to say that is probably going to stay to our north. a result of last night's storms with trees down and left over fog patches this morning. another line of storms firing up across the great lakes. it should stay farther to our northwest. because we have more moisture. it is exceptional for this time of the year, unstable and is likely to produce showers and thunderstorms. yesterday's high reached 91 in
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baltimore. 95 richmond. and we stay very much on the edge of the air mass. we expect temperatures going from 67 this morning close to 90 this afternoon. we tap into some of that energy. we'll be watching the mountains here, firing up showers and storms again, the possibility some do carry into the western suburbs. depending on some heat the actual wind direction will determine when these storms carry their way into baltimore. we could do it again on friday as we tap into more heat, finally pushing through close to normal over the weekend. an isolated thunderstorm or two, chance about 30%. after any storms we diminish overnight with patchy fog back to 65. tomorrow recovering to '92. a little more humid. a chance of isolated thunderstorms. we'll pull it back into the 80s on saturday and knock to
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lower into the 70s on sunday. returning the chance of steady rain. staying closer to normal. now let's see what is happening on the traffic scene. here's kim brown. >> reporter: we have two accidents on the eastbound lanes of route 40. the other accident reported to be closer to the baltimore county line. one of them is blocking the right lanes. also some debris around monkton. we'll have some road closures, monkton road at piney hill road. in terms of our drive times 95 really not affected. southbound from the beltway, that is going to be an eight minute ride on the outer loop lanes. headed toward 97. as we check our cameras this morning, camera is going to be looking good, no problem as you
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virginia set to execute the first woman in over a century tonight by lethal injection. 41-year-old theresa lewis of richmond has been on death row since october of 2002. she pleaded guilty and hired killers of her husband and stepson. president obama got an earful last night at a fundraiser in new york. gay rights activists shouted so loud the president actually stopped his speech to answer questions about aids funding. the activists are pushing for support to allow gays to serve openly in the military. he pointed out senate republicans voted to appeal it next week. look furniture, electronics, anything and everything you can
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imagine. these are all diaz's belongings. she is from venezuela and says she was collecting all of this to send back to the poor of her homeland. >> i know they need me, and my job is to look out for them. >> reporter: diaz says she lost her job a couple of years ago and has been having a hard time finding work. the landlord evicted her and her roommate and in the meantime she continued to think about her people of her homeland, so she started holding on to things for them. she doesn't know where she is going to move next. > stay with us this morning. it is a fact, children need to be secure in a vehicle. and tips on how you can properly use that seat belt for your young ones. and pour yourself a glass this morning. researchers say milk definitely has benefits.
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