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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  September 23, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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stays tropical out there and much hotter tomorrow. talk about this and when it finally goes away coming up joce. >> thanks wii at. checking head lines around the nation. custody in adoption disputes are rarely a easy but one case involve agriculture 3-year-old ohio boy has drawn attention to difficult circumstances defying any solution. this tiny toddler is a source of huge joy for a family in indiana. she was there in the delivery room when he was born to adopt him. days later the dons -- with the von's adoption not final lived the father filed for custody saying he didn't know the birth or the adoption. now after a long legal battle they have ordered the family to return the child to his biological father. >> we never received a phone call from this guy, we never received, you know, a birthday card. >> the vaughn's promise to keep up fighting. a virginia woman is set to
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die billy that will injection tonight at 9:00. 41-year-old theresa lewis is scheduled to be the first woman executed in that state in nearly a century. lewis was extentsed to death for the 2002 hired killings of her husband and stepson to collect on a $250,000 insurance policy. prosecutors say she promised sex and cash to two men if they carried out the killings. the two gunmen were sentenced to life in prison. now check out these amazing pictures out of eastern oregon. as a rancher documents a fight between a black bear and a cow. the rancher was checking his heard when he saw a small black bear making his way across the ranch. he captured the incident with his camera and the bear ended up going straight for one of the kouz but they weren't going to go down without a fight. >> you know, similar thing i have seen with maybe not a bear, but similar things where kouz will get together and defend each other and themselves and they can get aggressive. >> the bear begins to gain the upper hand but that's something
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the cow's nearby friends noticed as well, they jumped into defend their friend. the bear got the worst of this running back into the woods a little shaken. it's been called the fastest growing drug problem and the access can be as close as your supermarket, pharmacy and the medicine chest in your home. astounding numbers of americans abusing prescription drugs, how you can help in the fight against that. how effective are mammograms in defecting breast cancer, one study says it depends, we'll tell you why age plays an important role. taking a look now at cockyville, 84 degrees, a high of 88 today. we'll be right back. >> abc 2 works for the community. a proud partner with the salvation army.
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if they have their way, we're facing a mountain of debt and a massive tax increase. employers will continue to leave our state, taking their jobs with them. the next four years will impact the next decade, so we've put together a road map to 2020. a plan that brings jobs back to maryland by reducing spending and lowering taxes. let's make the maryland we love not just good, but great. now let's get down to work.
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abc 2 news is brought to you by the maryland school for the blind's vehicle donation program. >> stocks are closing lower today as new worries emerged about europe's economy and the u.s. job market. the do you ended the day falling 77 points, the nasdaq composite fell 7, the s & p 500 ended the day down 9. in tonight's consumer alert the warnings about illegal drug use and its dangers are everywhere, what about the drugs in your own medicine cabinet. they are abusing the precipitation pills they pick up and find on the internet. the government says that's a
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prescription for danger, karen days a has details on how you can fight their efforts for that. it's been called the fastest growing drug problem in the united states. it is as quick as the corner pharmacy and your home med kin cabinet. the misconception the drugs the doctor prescribes is safer than the illegal drugs. none medical use of prescription drugs has increased 20% since 2002 to 5.3 million americans, that includes more new users than any other class of drugs from are, the iowa majority abusing precipitation painkillers. among the federal government's planned efforts to change that, helping states better monitor prescription drugs, driving illegal internet pharmacies out of business, cracking down on road pain clinics that skirt precipitation rules and initiating more prescription drug take back programs. the drug enforcement agency will do that nationally this saturday, september 25th. the dea will partner with
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pharmacies and local agencies for national prescription drug take-back day. at more than 3400 sites across the country. that's to get unused precipitation and over the counter drugs out of home medicine cab nets where they could be misused. to find a site near you visit for consumer watching i'm karen gaither. we all know monday tell williams, he had one of the longest running shows on tv. as a result many people trust him. but one woman said she is deep in debt because she took his advice. katy perry is one of hot music's biggest stars so of course sesame street wanted her for a cameo but you'll never see the singer once their episode hits the air. we'll explain why she didn't make the cut. next. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%.
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and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
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i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you.
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now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> all right wyatt. this weather is freaking me out. >> yeah. >> i'm just not accustomed to that. >> joce i don't work with you enough up here. warm weather, like a nice warm stretch into the fall. >> it's awesome. last breath sum service not over yet, then i'll get used to it and suddenly i'll need jacket, gloves, that's no good. >> yeah. and i feel like this could easily be similar to last year where it is summer like and then bottom falls out. >> bam. >> right into the winter. >> yeah. >> it could happen. bottom line is first day of fall you know historically we have had some pretty hot ones so it's not that unusual. but it is warm. >> all right. as long as you don't launch into that nasty winter we had last year that will be fine. >> know we cold winter they are saying can't happen again. can't happen again. famous last words, south side joce pretty nice evening, sailing away, you know, just --
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not a care in the world joce. just absorbing, taking it in, summer like weather, first day of fall. 85 degrees, humidity 57 pearls, wind light ute of the southeast but will shift south southwest tomorrow, muggier conditions for us, hotter and even muggier tomorrow. hazy day today over the city and across maryland. hot hazy sunshine, very, very summer like, bottom line, that's what it was. as we go out to parkville today you can see again just that kind of blue sky with a little bit of haze and maybe a little smog mixed in there for good measure. got another summer scenario, right? , high 91 out at el cut city, the hot side, spots 90 plus, 90 chester town, pushed '09 up toward elkton, gaithersburg you sure got into the mid-90s today. temperature-wise fallen off some, mid-80s, bottom line temperature-wise, warm warm evening out there, going to
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stay in the 80s for another couple hours, warm out to the west. back through hagerstown. temperatures not cooling off dra hatically, dulles still at 90, humidity high but getting higher as we get into the day tomorrow, hotter and even a little muggier. all right. he index values feeling like 95 in in richmond, 59 norfolk. hot, that's the theme. keep that goin' one more day tomorrow. finally temperatures begin to head down saturday especially sunday into monday. in the meantime we've got this hot air mass in place and it really not going to shift very quickly. you can actually see the jet stream riding north of that giant area of high pressure which is centered right over the carolinas and really just off the north carolina actually and as this thing just sits there the boundary with the cooler air bottled up to the north is going to hold. that's the bottom line. as we zoom back in a little closer to home our futurecast bottom line, tomorrow we'll see a few additional clouds, maybe a few thunderstorms up into pennsylvania, i don't think we're going to see anything here.
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that is just too far to the north. now as we go into saturday it does drop down but it looks like that front is gonna come through try and so temperatures cool down, winds shift out of the north but i don't think we see any rain with that. and we've got to talk about the tropics. this is tropical storm matthew, just named this afternoon by the national hurricane center, gusty wind and pretty welke find circulation. the projected track would brick this eventually up into the gulf of mexico and as that happens it could catch a ride on a cold front and actually bridge rain up here into maryland eventually. but right now tropical storm way down there in the caribbean sea pretty nice place normally this year. 67 tonight and into the day tomorrow. nice day but a hot one, 93, sunny skies and it will be humid tomorrow night. nice looking friday night but a little bit on the muggy side, again that seven-day forecast, the first days of fall looking like anything butt into the weekend we cool it off about 10 degrees saturday and cool another 10 on sunday. joce. >> thanks wyatt. in tonight's health alert just how effective are
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mammograms in detecting breast cancer, according to a new study in the new england journal of medicine less effective than thought in women over the age of 50. diana alvear has more. >> reporter: the study done in norway involved female patients over the age of 50. researchers found women who were screened regularly had a 10% lower risk of dying from breast cancer. only a third of that was directly due to mammograms. the rest was due to better treatment and greater awareness of the disease. >> i think it's just going to confuse patients more than they are confused. >> big concern for medical experts that women will not get regular screenings. >> i think screening mammography has proven to be a very good screening tool and it's the best we have right now. >> we will we spoke to say they plan to disregard the study's findings. >> i think it's better my way. >> reports were worried the now research could lead insurance companies to recuse their coverage. >> i think insurance companies will take any opportunity they
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cannot to cover something that may or may not need to be done but probably should be done so that you can find out if you're well. >> i hope this does not lead to rationing of health care, that's one of our concerns. >> so what is the bottom line? >> the conclusion is that women should have a choice, women should have a conversation to decide whether mammography is right for them. >> a conversation they say is best held between a woman and her doctor to determine what is right for her. >> experts point out the study was done in norway, a nation with universal health care where women have more access to health care over all. that is not the case in the united states. diane alvear, abc news, los angeles. we are counting the days until komen maryland's race for the cure is set for sunday, october 3rd in hunt valley abc 2 news will be live on the air to broadcast the event that sunday from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. now here is how you can register for the big race. head to our web site, when you get there click on the
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lifestyles tab at the top of the page and then just click "think pink." if you have traveled around towson you already know parking can be a reel pain in the butt, but a new complex is solving that problem james bond style. they have found a way to take that parking problem out of your hands completely. abc 2 news lamont williams shows us how this new technology works. >> reporter: the pallisades of towson is a new state of the art apt building, three storeys with 357 units, the rent includes utilities, use of the fitness center, sun deck and other social areas. >> this is a wonderful building, already 20% leased, i think it's incredible. and they have only been leasing since august. >> pallisades is the nicest building we have ever done and we have done a lot of buildings. i think this is number 80. >> 2, 1, yay. >> but to live this towson it will be a major concern.
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not to worry, the pal shades has something never seen in this area. an automatic parking garage. the cost for the automated parking was roughly the same as a concrete, as conventional parking, but it takes up much less space. >> reporter: the auto park at the pallisades in towson is the largest of its kind. the new technology makes it safer and doubles the amount of parking spots available in garages of same styles. jim smith explains the procedure. >> we move that car in there and lock it, get out, swipe a card, turntables turn, puts the vehicle on a little platform, the platform goes up and it moves in different directions and parks your car, done. >> the garage has 415 spaces as compared to 150 at a conventional garage. there are no ramps and it is green because auto emissions are minimal.
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and it's safe. >> you come in late at night it's much more secure, you just put your car in the elevator and get on the elevator and go to your apt. >> with the parking included in the rent the pallisades is beautiful, affordable, and safe. in towson i'm lamont williams, abc 2 news. >> and as you saw there, they don't even need people for that, 245 new parking garage uses a robotic shuttle to move cars around and into their designated parking spots. the deposit's parking relief program isn't doing much to ease the foreclosure crisis. half of the ownersen rolled have dropped out of the program. 51% of those who applied to have mortgage limits lowered have been disqualified. it has forced down home values and bettering housing markets in many parts of the city. if you much fallen behind on your bill chances are your
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credit rating has also dropped. as a result many people are looking for alternative lenders but our consumer reporter john matarese learned about one you may find so you don't waste your money. >> monday tell williams had one of the longest running shows on tv. as a result, many people trust his advice. one woman tells me she is now deeper in debt than ever before all because she listened to monday tell. >> carental kelly is a mom and nurse who struggles to make ends meet so when times got really tough she turned to a name she trusted. monday tell williams. and an ad she saw son late masn night tv. >> get up to a thousand dollars in a checking account by tomorrow. >> i mean who doesn't know monday tell williams and i figured it was safe, it it was secure. >> she applied for a lone with money mutual, the web site with monday tell's reassuring face. she said her inbox was deluged. >> when i checked my email i
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had 477 lenders saying that i was pre-approved. >> worse, she says, several membership clubs started taking money out of her bank account without her consent. >> they charged me a membership of $149 to take out of my checking account. at this time i had $8 in there. >> her bank agreed to waive the overdraft fees but karen says the charges kept coming, a web discount club charged her $22, a liberty discount club charged her $34, money mutual, based in silver springs, nevada, according to a who is search of its web site is not a lend earn. the site states it shares your information with many different lend earrings, complaint sites are filled with stories similar to karen's. a spokeswoman from money mutual says karen may have responded to an ad she stumbled upon while looking for monday tell's program. money mutual does not share your information with companies that will bill you and believes karen may have been linked to another web site by mistake.
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whatever happened, be very careful giving your bank account number out to any web site that you don't waste your money john mad matarese. if you need starbucks to start your day you better bring some extra cash. the coffee giant is raising prices on some of its beverages. coffee prices have been on the 'rise and starbucks has been absorbing the increases until now. itself will be focused on the larger and labor intensive drinks. most of the basic coffee and espresso prices will stay the same. while looking for great gas mileage. but what if your car got over 100 miles for a gallon of cas gas. that's a concept whose time has come. this light car is in virginia and runs anywhere. this just won the x price, a year-long race to design an ultraefficient car that is safe, affordable and desirable. the company says it is already talking to five potential
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manufacturers. she is no lady gaga but katy perry certainly has a signature look and supported it on sesame street. that seems to be the reason they are now ditching the singer. she taped a show due to air on new year's eve but after a snippet was shown parents got concerned about the amount of skin perry was flashing. they released a statement saying due to the feedback they received they decided to cut perry's appearance. i'm kelly swoope. trading a december suit and tie for a jump suit and handcuffs. a prepare pea burglar lands himself behind bars. they hear from students athletes about the 'rise in head injuries. those stories and more coming your way tonight at 6:00. thatandy harris' unfair tax plan.
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tuesday, september 28th,
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think pink with abc 2 and the medstar health. learn more about breast health as doctors and locals answer your questions live. an event tuesday, september 28th, abc 2. >> help abc 2 support susan g. komen maryland.
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tonight abc will introduce you to a group of people that went to high school together and are taking a look back 10 years later, my generation has a unique format, a foe documentaries they follow a group of students at a texas high school as they prepare for high school graduation, they revisit them to rediscover that just because they are not where they planned doesn't mean they are not where they need to be. you can catch that tonight at 8:00. what the hell kind of doctor are you? >> and at 9:00 "grey's anatomy" is back. tonight the staff tries to deal with the physical and emotional
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trauma in in the wake of the gunman's gun rage and derek makes the spontaneous decision to resign as chief and return to surgery. after grey's anatomy you will hear from a medical merge room doctor who is a contributor. that's tonight on abc 2 news at 11:00. don't forget to check out private practice at 10:00. pete and violet prepare for their wedding day plus things take a surprising turn with addison and sam. despite disagreements the doctors come together to mourn the loss of del. tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars go to the fixing up the office of a cabinet member for sheila dixon. that story and much more coming up on abc 2 news at 6:00 which starts right now. you're watching the station that works for you. abc 2 news at 6:00. only on abc 2 news, police say he is one of the best- dressed burglars around but tonight the man known as the prepare pea burglar is behind
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bars. good evening, i'm kelly swoope. howard county police arrested a suspect a few hours ago after a tip sister recognized him in a surveillance video. the victim they report on browns bridge road in highland had a security camera after a previousburg la road victory. >> reporter: you've probably heard of white collar crime but this suspect actually wore a buttoned-down shirt, a tie and slacks. the preppy burglar had no yadier was making his debut on an almost minute-long surveillance video of him sizing up this home in highland and carting off those stolen goods through the same front door. >> second time this guy has been robbed in the course of a year. >> i had no idea. no idea at all that he had the video cameras up, i went and talked to him afterwards and he pointed them out to me. >> armed with the images, within a matter of hours, howard county police received the tip that would break the case. >> we've got numerous tips but one of t


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