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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  September 27, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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meteorologist wyett everhart joins with us the first forecast. >> we had a brief tornado warning just before lunchtime today, just after lunchtime i should say but now really most of the day the concern has been the flooding threat. heavy downpours, the ground can't take it. flood watch across just about all of central maryland. all counties shaded in green. most of the viewing area, except for the eastern shore. and those brighter shaded counties along the chesapeake bay, got a coastal flood advisory as well. heavy rain earlier. this is the last three hours. you can still see some pretty heavy rain to the west, on maryland's most powerful doppler radar now, we've got five sweeps working for you at one time here. you can see where the heaviest rain is now, out towards hagerstown but there's a lot of new heavy rain moving up out of the south. and that is going to be an area of concern that we'll be watching into the rest of the night here. for the rest of this evening, rain still very likely and a flood watch in effect, again from the national weather service through tomorrow morning. some of these showers coming in later this evening could be heavy at times.
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if you see a flooding in a low-lying area, best advice, turn around and head the other way. much more on the flood threat and when we dry out coming up. don't forget, as always, you can track severe weather on our web site, that's where you'll find the latest forecast on line. now for a look at tonight's top stories. the self-proclaimed white supremacist who beat an elderly black fisherman last year is ordered to spend more than 30 years behind bars. 28-year-old calvin lockner used a stick to beat 77-year-old james prevat who suffered a fraud eye socket, lost some teeth in the attack. he also received an additional year for throwing human waste in the face of a correctional officer, since his arrest. the man accused in the death of angels pitcher and maryland native nick adenhart convicted of drunk driving. andrew gallo was found guilty of hit-and-run and driving under the influence. prosecutors say his blood alcohol was three times the legal limit spent hours
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drinking beer and taking shots before the crash that killed adenhart and two others. he faces more than 50 years in prison. marylandaries first casino opened its slots to the public. the doors of the hollywood casino in perryville opened today. three days ahead of schedule. the casino hopes to improve the local economy by bringing in tax revenue. they are also bringing in 350 full time jobs to maryland. although the hollywood casino is open for business it still plans to hold a grand opening on thursday. a florida community is in shock tonight after an apparent murder/suicide leaves a half-dozen people dead. officers heard the muffled shots while rushing to respond and once they arrived at the scene they were confronted by the gunman who shot himself in front of the officers. the man had already shot and killed his estranged wife and four stepchildren. a fifth child, a 15-year-old boy was shot but survived. the shooter's two biological children were also inside the home but the toddlers were spared. a freak accident leaves the owner of the segway
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company dead. authorities say jimmy hassleden was on one of the popular scooters when he rode it off a cliff and into a river. police say there didn't appear to be anything suspicion about the death and he had been riding around his state in yorkshire, in the united kingdom. he bought the company last year. an attorney for the wisconsin prosecutor who acknowledged sending sexual text messages to a domestic abuse victim is stepping down. ken kratz set to resign by october 8th. the office of lawyer regulation also plans to reopen its investigation against him. the agency closed their case in march without disciplining the lawyer saying the text messages he sent were inappropriate but not professional misconduct. he's broken his silence and now church members and friends are weighing in on bishop -- eddie long's response to sexual
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allegations. >> it will be tried in the court of justice and dealt with in the court of justice. i feel like david. against goliath. but - >> the bishop told his congregation he plans to fight the accusations he coerced four young men into having sex but long wouldn't say much more and never denied the accusations. >> he's going to have to prove to his congregants that this is totally a made-up story because this could taint his career and ministry and spiritual kingdom. >> his accusers who were teens but above the legal age of consent said he pushed sex on them, took them on trips and showered them with expensive gifts. police in anne arundel county are looking for a hit-and-run driver. 16-year-old sean hann was hit in crownsville over the weekend but police say the driver who hit him never stopped. don harrison has more on the investigation.
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>> reporter: saturday night around 8:15 a group of boys riding their bikes on sunrise beach road near the veterans cemetery entrance. 16-year-old sean was riding with the group when he was struck by a vehicle. >> he didn't make an effort to stop and he sped off. >> reporter: victor schuler's son justin was with sean that day. justin was in front of him. >> none of the other kids actually saw the accident at the point of impact but of course once it happened all the kids turned their heads and observed sean being pushed by this truck. >> reporter: people who live in the area see these bikers all the time. >> the shoulder does not extend all the way up through the road. they are traveling with the cars on the road and it does appear dangerous. >> reporter: from eyewitness reports police have something to go on the >> what is being described as a gmc pickup truck, additionally there's a possibility there may have been
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some damage to the front passenger side sustained during this incident so be on the lookout for that. >> reporter: people are disturbed by this driver's behavior. >> it means he has no regard for human life. >> i'm a nurse. i can't imagine doing that. even if i did that myself i would stop. just to make sure the person was ok. >> reporter: according to witnesses, after he was hit he was drug several feet and the vehicle drove away at a high rate of speed. other cars had to move out of the way so they wouldn't be hit. family, friends and police hope someone he is has more information. in crownsville, i'm don harrison for abc2 news. >> hahn is in stable condition tonight at shock trauma. again, police are looking for a maroon gmc sierra pickup that may have damage on the front passenger side. if you have any information contact anne arundel county police at 410-222-8610. a police officer finds himself on the other side of the law. after handcuffing a teen involved with his stepdaughter. prosecutors say the cop abused
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his authority because he simply had a chip on his shoulder. that story coming up. plus, the dream home that does everything for you. even getting your coffee started before you come down in the morning. we'll take you into the house that can think for itself. 3q you disgust me. prove it. enough's enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding, guaranteed. d-con. get out. four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again
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tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
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prove it. enough's enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding, guaranteed. d-con. get out. stocks are ending on a weak note as traders take a break from a four-week rally. the dow fell 48, nasdaq down 11 and s&p 500 dropped six points. a consumer alert tonight. hyundai motors is pulling some of its newest models. nearly 140,000 int 201 sonata sea dance are being -- sedans are being recalled. the shaft connections may not have been tightened enough or
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improperly assembled and could cause the steering wheel to be separated from the column. airline fees are steadily increasing, some by more than 50% from a year ago. six large carriers now have priority boarding fees and spirit now charges for carry-on bags. airlines brought in more than $12 billion in revenue from the fees -- $2 billion in revenue from the fees, much to the frustration of many travelers. gas prices are holding steady. the survey finds the average price of a gallon of regular stayed flat in the last two weeks, remaining at $2.69. among thes surveyed -- cities surveyed, newark, new jersey has the lowest price. san francisco had the highest price. he's got 51 stitches and quite a story to tell after a day at a virginia beach. we've got details on a 15-year-old's close encounter with a shark. it's an art form that wowed people all over the globe for thousands of years. we'll tell you how one store is
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using an age-old tradition to keep its business alive. old gibbs canning company.
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today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you.
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to a developing story. a california police officer finds himself on the other side of the law tonight. prosecutors are looking into whether he abused his authority when he handcuffed a boy who was involved with his stepdaughter. here's abc's diana avillar. >> reporter: a uniformed police officer, a 15-year-old in handcuffs. but there's much more to this scene. that san jose officer is an angry stepfather, confronting his 14-year-old daughter's boyfriend after discovering they had had sex. >> if i see you anywhere near her, anywhere near my daughter -- >> reporter: the cell phone video was taken by the boy's
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parents. they told "good morning america" they were convinced it was a real arrest. >> he just says, well, he's going to be arresting him for sexual assault. >> reporter: the shock of the situation was too much for the boy. his mother said at one point he fainted. >> i see my son facing me with his hands behind his back and starts to walk towards me with the officer behind him. and then he falls to his knees. then he's picked up. by his -- the handcuffs. >> reporter: while the officer has been suspended by the san jose police department, he stands by his actions. his lawyer tells abc news the officer is in control and clearly concerned about the unlawful sexual relations. the young man has had with the officer's daughter. he also advises the young man to stay in school, get good grades and be respectful. legal experts say that defense may not hold up in court. >> it was very bad police practice and very bad judgment. the real question here is was its also a crime? >> reporter: both teams are facing misdemeanor charges related to underaged sex.
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the boy's parents say they plan to sue the officer. diana avillar, abc news, los angeles. a virginia teen is on the mend after a close encounter with a shark. the 18-year-old said he was surfing with friends in sand bridge at porters island when they felt something in the water brush up against them. >> he says there's something out there with us. it grabbed my ankle. i felt a little thrashing. >> reporter: rescue crews believe he was attacked by a shark. the boy's knee and ankle are now bandaged and he has 51 stitches and quite aer to to tell. examiners are looking at bite marks on the surf board to figure out exactly what kind of shark it was. who doesn't want to walk downstairs and find coffee already brewing? in 10 years your house might be able to do that for you. the home of the future will use natural resources to power itself so when you wake up the cold concrete floor warms up, your favorite music starts playing and coffee begins to brew. and even as you drive away the
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house locks itself. a group of virginia tech students designed the house to be completely automated, even including insulation panels that adjust on their own to the changing weather outside. >> the house is autonomous. so it operates on its own. it will maintain 100% energy efficiency. however, no one likes to be completely controlled by a computer. >> that's true. so you can override any command using an i-phone or i-pad. designers say homes like this could be on the market in just a few years. working in the art business is tough. especially when the economy is not doing so hot. so a maryland company found a way to keep their business burning through an art form that has been alive for 3,500 years. they are making glass. fire glass makers work in a small factory using concepts that are timeless. >> glass as a material has been known for roughly 4,000 years with the mass of glass on the end of an iron or hollow steel tube, a bubble could be entered into that glass and it is blown
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and shaped and formed into desired end result. >> the art of fire produces a wide range of products. it's a -- it's pretty bad. >> tonight, two towns in minnesota are trying to put things back together after devastating floods swept the area. more than half the homes in the small town were flooded. water from the river is already higher than its predicted crest and still rising. some houses had water up to their roofs. one house had actually split in two but in some parts of the state water levels are receding and officials are starting to document the damage. heavy recent rain in northern wisconsin is causing big problems there. the water is creeping up in the wisconsin river. local experts expect floodwaters to crest at 19 feet early next week. emergency officials have been holding educational meetings with people living in the area and locals have also been pitching in filling dozens of
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sandbags. some rain today but do we get flooding? was it that bad? >> our friends in the midwest certainly got the worst of it so far this season at least. joce, some heavy rain out there today. a couple of flood warnings and the concern is later tonight we're going to get one more wave of rain out of the south. that can mean more flood warnings. be careful in the low-lying areas. it typically floods when you get too much rain. that's what we're watching, really. low-lying spots, be careful out there. let's look at maryland's most powerful doppler radar. bottom line is, we've got a lull in the action for the moment. but that will be changing as we go forward in time here. look off to the west. and maryland's most powerful doppler radar, actually, we'll take to you the east first. you can see there is still some rain down by the beach. we'll watch that as that continues to track up through the beach areas there. and then taking you back out to the west here, some pretty
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heavy rain still coming down towards hagerstown, south of green castle, pennsylvania, out towards martinsburg, west virginia. there's even more rain in behind that. so, another night where any rain that we continue to get may be just too much. the ground is already 100% saturated in most cases and so any rain can quickly run off. low-lying spots typically flood. that is probably where we're going to see it again tonight. flood watch up for just about all the central part of the state. also coastal flood advisory along the bay. two flood warnings up north of the pennsylvania line. so multiple flood concerns. at the moment at least in the city rain has come to an end. we're in the lull period. 75 degrees right now. humidity 80%. winds southeast at 8. through the day, murky start and then the rains, skies just opened up with the rain. and at times some pretty heavy downpours across the area. the heaviest was out west of the city though, out toward carroll county and out toward frederick. as we show you towson today,
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some heavy rains there, really a dark stormy sky and rainfall totals on the very high side. just to the west. we're talking about the heavier downpours out toward mount airy, glenwood and back down through rockville and bethese za. two inches plus of rain and what is impressive, how fast some of the rain came down. the totals added up in a hurry this afternoon. temperatures mid-70s now, cooler to the west in the 60s. but what is most -- impressive on the weather front, dew points mid-70s, extremely humidity air in place so it's muggy out. that muggy air helps fuel the showers and thunderstorms. right now, again, most of the heavy rain off to the west but there's more developing down south of us into northern virginia. you see a better look at that here. real heavy rain back through north carolina here. just flooding rains here and this cluster of precipitation, if it holds together which it probably will means more heavy rain for us into the late evening and through the overnight hours. when do we get a break? i think not tonight but into the day tomorrow.
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tomorrow afternoon we should begin to clear out. our futurecast would also begin to bring back another chance of rain not tomorrow night or early wednesday but wednesday night. another chance of rain wednesday night into thursday morning. then at that point it's rain we won't really need but probably hopefully not as heavy. 69 tonight. chance for heavy rain again on and off at least. tomorrow 2-degree guarantee 79. scattered showers and some of these could be heavy early in the day but it will taper off tomorrow night. temperatures cooler tomorrow night, eventually down into the low 60s probably. 7-day forecast, again, the trepid here is going to be for -- the trend here is going to be for a rainy scenario again wednesday night. clearing out thursday afternoon. then drier, sunnier and much cooler as we go toward the weekend and komen on sunday. she's out of jail but not out of trouble. lindsay lohan is headed back to rehab. on friday a judge revoked the actress's probation on a 2007dui conviction after she
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failed a drug test. initially bail denied and lohan was sent to jail to wait for her hearing but her lawyer won an appeal and lohan posted $300,000 bail friday night. under the terms of her release the 24-year-old must wear an alcohol detection bracelet and return to court october 22nd. keep it locked here on abc2 tonight. it's week two of "dancing with the stars." the 11 remaining celebs will go toe to toe in the second live dancing competition that kicks off tonight at 8:00. now with a look ahead to abc2 news at 6:00 -- i'm kelly swoope. the state has already commemorated the war of 1812 with a license plate. tonight, you'll hear what is next and how your child can get involved in the planning. and, if you have a child who gets bored with the bad lunches after a few days we'll show you how to pack a lunch they will want all the time. the best part is it's healthy. that and more coming up at 6:00.
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here's one thing you can add to your bucket list, fly like a bird. this guy did with a human-powered aircraft. it's called the snow bird. the contraps weighs about 94 pounds. a doctoral student at the university of toronto figured out how to get this craft flying and stayed in the air for an amazing 19 seconds breaking a record. forget innings, this softball game could go on 120 hours. two teams and 20 players are working to beat a guinness world record by playing days on end in nova scotia. they will beat the world record if they keep up the game until wednesday. when it comes to acdemghts a new report outlines why
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children in baltimore city are seeing far less and the reason may surprise you. that on abc2 news at 6:00 which starts right now. after weeks of dry hot weather the rain is leaving us with the potential for floods. good evening, i'm kelly swoope. flash flood watches and warnings have saturated the area much like the much-needed rain. let's look at how things are looking doubt at the inner harbor -- downtown at the inner harbor. you can say definitely cloudy out there tonight, more might be in store for us tonight. wyett everhart is tracking this action. >> maryland's most powerful doppler radar, we've been tracking these showers and storms all day long and we had a little lightning earlier today. more true thunderstorms. now it's mainly rain that is the concern. heavy downpours possible later this evening, too. flood watch just about statewide. the entire center part of the state at least. this does not include delmarva


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