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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  September 30, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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let's go to get the weather. we have a lot of stuff to tell you about. good morning, so many things going on with the remains of what was once a tropical storm nicole, coming at us in a couple different pieces, but a very, very potentially severe threatening situation for today. let's check it out. wind advisory, winds will probably increase in gusts, close to 45-miles per hour. a tornado watch for the area through 1:00 p.m. we have had a couple of tornado warnings in southern maryland and the eastern shore and these little impulses of energy could spin up at any point in time. a flash flood warning for the entire area until 12:30. rainfall averaging three to six inches. wait until you see what we have
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had so far. flooding has been ebb tensive, to say the least. right now, i want to point out what we have. powerful doppler radar, we have a severe thunderstorm warning on top of everything else we have just mentioned. taking us to 9:30. we are watching heavy rain and the potential of gusty winds being carried to the surface. 50-60-miles per hour and if anything. some of these may actually help to spin off. we are looking southwest of bel aire for the he yes of the rainfall, showing up on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. look at this, east of glenn pushy. 930 and the chesapeake. the heaviest rain has been focused. annapolis, you have been clobbered extending toward shadyside. >> let's show you what we are
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looking at. annapolis, closing in on five inches, you will do it before the half hour is done. same story -- 4.97. aberdeen catching up with 3 1/2 inches of rain. 3.55 in bel aire. off to the west side. look at glenn oak. 1 point 8-inches. west mintier, 1.43. which is respectable. that's why we give such a wide range of what we can expect. some of these places continue to get hit with the strings of really heavy moisture. one wave of low pressure in a stripping of low pressure systems that are along the frontal boundary ebb tended toward the south, tapping into the tropical moisture toward the bahamas. we were talking about a foot of rain in the carolinas. we could be catching a foot as all of this stuff comes in our direction and a very active jet stream waiting to spill chillier air behind it. here we go, basically, a look at the possibility of flooding
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on the chesapeake bay with high tide at fort mchenry just before noon and just after midnight. those are the two major issues. 75 or temperature, but as the  heavy rain, three to six inches or more possible tornadoes mixed in. essentially, we'll have to deal with this threw the evening and overnight hours. we'll show you our time line forecast model in the next half hour. we expect to have some clearing by later on tomorrow with a high of 73 and a much chillier weekend. stay with us throughout the hour, back to you. >> thanks, justin. >> the rain is one thing, flooding is another. we are dealing with a soaker. that could mean wet basements and power out ans. >> live in middle river -- >> reporter: the rain is really coming down out here, megan. it has picked up in the last 30 minutes. we are here on eastern boulevard in middle river.
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take a look at the roads. it is really coming down. you can see puddles and high standing water along here. this is what drivers are having to deal with. take a look at this. you might want to slow it down a bit. as you head out, today, you want to allow yourself extra time, all along eastern boulevard. we have seen puddles and standing water like this. there is also signs to warn drivers, but you really want to take it easy because you don't want to hydro plane. watch the stop lights. as you approach the stop lights, we have seen some power outages, be careful. be aware of your surroundings. be careful of fallen trees and power lines. you would want to swerve to avoid them. this is the scene in middle river, up and down the boulevard. we have noticed some standing water. we want to warn drivers to take it easy, watch your speed and
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following distans, be careful out there. reporting live in middle river, cheree johnson. >> ed mcdonough is here. thanks for coming? >> thanks for having me. >> anybody by a bathtub could be in on this -- >> followed by extreme creek, river, those are the ones that will be impacted immediately. >> some people wake up and say "just a little rain." that's where the danger sets in. >> we have had almost five inches in arundell county. that's not a little rain. some tornado warnings in southern maryland and the eastern shore many those seem to be the big targets. >> take me into your office. what's going on? >> right now a dozen or so state agency and the red cross. we are ready to help any local emergency man anments office that may have needs or systems.
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we are ready to help with that as soon as possible. help with transportation issues. >> reporter: is there anything we can do? >> people need to be prepared. if you see standing water, don't drive-thruent we about a swift river rescue. you put first responders at risk as well as yourself. >> what can we do at home? >> make sure you have a battery operated radio, listen to shows like this. take cover. >> what if we are trapped in a car. you don't want to go through two or feet of water. you want to stop and turn around. >> thanks for coming in. we'll be in touch, keep safe. megan, again, we are going to concentrate on the weather and traffic. >> thanks, jaime. >> we are working to keep you safe during severe weather like this. we have some tips to deal with tornadoes and flooding.
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first and foremost, listen to radio and area television reports and the noaa radio for reports of flooding actually happening in your area. be prepared to evacuate at a moment's noticent have everything prepared to head for higher ground and stay there. stay away from floodwaters. do not try to drive-thru any sort of water. keep children out of the water, be sure you are especially cautious at night when it is harder to recognize a flood danger. >> since we are under a tornado watch, we want to make sure you are prepared for that. pick a safe room where you and your family can gather in the event of a tornado. this should be the lowest floor of your homes with no windows. affix your lawn furniture, anything that can be picked up by the wind. make sure you are always listening and watching for warnings. >> we'll put everything online.
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we are constantly updating our website. when you get there, find the information you need any time of the day. >> a massive recall from fisher price. this one is huge and has millions of parents checking their kids toys. >> coming up, what items are involved. why some items might be fibsed be fixed, thanks to repair kits. >>able we continue to monitor the severe weather in our area. justin will be right back with an update, coming up, next.
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we continue to count down the days to the race for the cure. it's hard to believe it's this
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sunday. it's all happening in hunt valley. three weeks earlier than in years passed. abc 2 news will be live to bring the whole thing to you if you are going to be at home. it starts at 7:00 in the morning and runs until 9:00. all here on abc 2. if you would like to take part in the race, we would love it if you would join us. head to our website. abc 2 news. com, look at the top of 0 the home pain. you will see a button that says "lifestyle" click on that tab. >> a lot of information out there when it comes to breast cancer. not all of it is true. how do you know what is true and what isn't? jim sorts it is all out for us. five biggest myths surrounding the disease. >> reporter: the words "breast cancer" can have you fearing the worst, but such a diagnoses doesn't automatically mean a death sentence. >> many women think their diagnoses means that's are going to die. the fact is that in this
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country. death breast cancer survivors outnumber any others. >> reporter: thanks to advances in early detection, many women are going on to lead healthy lives. the second myth is that is only effects older women. the fact is that it can strike at any age. the third myth deals with family historient just because breast cancer doesn't run in your family doesn't mean you are out of the woods. >> 80-90% of women diagnosed with breast cancer have no family history. as long as you are fee nail and have breasts, you carry some risk of breast cancer. >> reporter: when looking at your family history, it's not just your mother's side that counts. >> we do need to be aware of
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history on mom and dad's side. >> reporter: the myth is that a lot of women think a lump in their breast means cancer. >> if a woman has an abnormal mammogram or feels a lump on a self-exam, don't panic. odds are in your favor it's going to be a benign finding. >> "cbs 2 news." >> jennifer cox wanted to do something. she was upset and worried over her friends with breast cancer, so jen is doing what she can to celebrate those who have passed and those woe are living. >> at the end of cove road at the end of of the dock, this is the hard yasmany betancourt valentin cafe. >> you lost a dear friend last week, rhonda. >> and when the tests came back they found out it was worst than they thought. she had to go in for cheap mow
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and she had -- >> reporter: feeling miles away from the cure, jen knew this was her chance to do something for her friend. >> it's not fair. she was too young. the girls were too young. >> reporter: so let the party begin. instead of feeling sad and sorry and helpless, jen did what she does best. she had a party. >> i love planning parties. it's what we do, you know. i didn't know i could do all of thattent. >> reporter: did she get a crowd. see all of these ladies? they gave back all of their tips. at first party was bye bye to boobies. but now a modern day swear job. >> anyone who said the f word, we ended up putting into it computer because people said "i don't have a dollar."
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we'll just add it to your tab. >> reporter: they raised $500 in one night. that's a lot. >> and in the hard yacht cafe that night was rhonda, having the time of her life. >> she was so happy and so thankful and all she could say was it was easier because she had friends. >> reporter: now, jen will walk with her friends on sunday. she showed me the t shirts. started out with her and her mom and then 12 friends joined in. >> we are up to 22 walkers. we decided to walk as a team, instead of run and we have raised $8,251. >> rhonda's daughter thought this sunday was too soon, but jen has a way of words, now, she has another walker. >> actually, one of her daughters didn't want to do it. she said "i don't know how i am
9:17 am
going to do something for something i'm so mad about. she realized its for cure. >> reporter: here's jennifer, who doesn't believe in dead ends or the end of the dock. she knows what she has to do and this sunday, she will show all of us how to do it, every step of the way. >> other than a cure, just, anything we can do. it's just been an amazing experience so far. >> jen will be having a wine and woman event saturday, from 1:00-5:00 he hard yacht cafe and all of the money will go to the race for the cure on sunday. >> all right, jaime -- i have done this for awhile, i still get excited about the weather, but there are a few things that absolutely surprise me. right now, i'm absolutely surprised. the rainfall we are getting right now is falling at the rate of over two inches per
9:18 am
hour. remember some of the locations we showed you, about to approach five inches at the top of the hour? now, they are about to approach 5 1/2 inches. heavy rain, five to 10-miles on the chesapeake bay. analyst up through arnold and this is ritchie highway near lakeshore and green haven. i want to extend this, -- severe thunderstorm warning. it's all about the heavy rain.
9:19 am
no twisters spotted. but we have the potential for tornadoes. we have had rain over five inches. the initial forecast was a call for close to that amount. over six inches. easy to do before the day is done as heavy rain will continue. there will be bands of heavier rain in some spots as opposed to others. the complete forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> do you want a thrill? >> absolutely. how the city fire department plans to put on a show to show off ebbs actually what they do every single day. -- exactly what they do every single day.
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here we go. before we talk about why you are here, megan wants to know if baltimore city will get a calendar of firefighters? >> we only need 12 guys. >> i think she just sparked the fire. as soon as i get back to the office, we'll get started. >> she saw it on "good morning, america." map
9:23 am
>> reporter: how many years have you been doing this? >> 50 years with the sit port of of our co-sponsors, we are going to do it again on saturday from 11:00-4:00. a great opportunity for us to interface and interact with the public. most importantly, it's our largest public education event of year, giving us an opportunity to educate the public and let them see, face to face, close up encounters of what our firefighters and rescue teams do every day to keep them safe. >> reporter: what do we see, here? we have things on fire, buildings on fire. >> a moon bounce, a fall crawl. we are going to have train rides, fire engine rides on the compound with lights and sirens going. i think the adults get a bigger kick out of the fire engine rides than the kids do. >> reporter: and you are going to have a helicopter out there? >> yes, baltimore city police
9:24 am
helicopter as well as other things. public education literature to encower ran people about how to keep themselves safe in our home. >> reporter: i think it's important that you also bring out the firefighter families. they send you guys out every day, not knowing what is going on. >> giving them more of an opportunity to come out and support us. the firefighter challenge contest that takes place on a national level. we have firefighters from surrounds jurisdictions from maryland that are going to come and participate in the five heat event. >> reporter: what's that about? >> they put on their turnout gear, bunker pants, helmet. they will start off with a large stack of -- have to run up five flights of stairs and when they get to the top, they will reach out and pull out a 40-pound bag of rope. four to five flights, run back down, pick up 180-pound man
9:25 am
quinn, they have to drag that. and they do this to compete for the fastest time. >> reporter: what's the fastest time you have heard? >> less than three minutes. >> reporter: no kidding. >> they bust their tales. >> let's put it on, coming up on saturday -- how long has the academy been there? >> since forever. >> since i was a kid. >> it is time for party in the park. a way to help teens stay away from drugs. >> there is a massive toy recall to tell you about. cupping up. 10million toys on the list. what maybes the bring back
9:26 am
list, coming up.
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parents should be listening. it involves amicessive recall. as abc 2 news lisa stark tells us, it involves 10 million baby products made by fisher price. >> reporter: it's a major recall involving four different fisher price products. first, nearly one million high chairs sold under names healthy care, easy clean and close to me. the danger is a bolt on the back legs for store the chair's tray. problem with the high chair, i understand are these pegs. what's the problem, there? >> these pegs stick out, children have fallen on them, several have been recalled. >> hot wheels, barbie free spirit, boys -- the hazard is something that protrude from the frame. >> little girls have jumped on this and had serious cuts.
9:30 am
serious injuries. >> reporter: the 6th, a new key that lays flat. nearly 3 million inflatable balls are being recall. these valves can come off. there have been 14 incidents of children putting them in their mouths many at least three choked on them. the wheels on the purple and green little people cars can detach, too, another choking hazard. there is a message in this for all manufacturers. >> manufacturers need to built safety into the product from the very beginning so we don't have to recall on the back en. >> reporter: in a statement, fisher price said it wanted to reassure parents their products are overwhelmingly safe. if you have one of these products, you are your honored to call the company. they have fixes for some. others will be replaced outright. lisa stark. abc newses, bethesda, maryland. breaking weather situation,
9:31 am
since we started the program at 9:00, we have added an additional inch of rain in arundell county. we are basically four and three- quarters of an inch of rain. in addition to the heavy rainfall which extended up to baltimore county, closing in close to six inches, there is a tornado warning, including southern maryland and we have had a few of these that have not transpired. but the warns are often doppler radar indicated. which means there is rotation in the clouds, not making its way to the surface. we take our velocity scans. showing wind going away and towards the radar site, locked in close together, the possibility of rotation, that's the case right now. let's take this out of the 3d mode and bring it closer and it looks like between hills near
9:32 am
shores and annapolis, there maybe the possibility of getting rotation here. there may be a little rotation in these clouds. doesn't necessarily mean it will work its way towards the surface. we have this tornado warning, including southern maryland. we'll focus on arundell county, we have this storm near silver bay, as indicated. basically, the areas of concerns -- if you are in those locations, this is the time to turn up the volume on television so you can continue to hear us and go into an interior room in your roam. it would best be a room without windows or get into the bathtub because those walls would be reenforced. >> if you have a basement, now is the time to go there trees
9:33 am
are weakened from the drought we had this summer and all of the heavy rainfall, closing in on six inches, there is a possibility of debris across the region. >> let back this up. it appears the heaviest of the rainfall is near annapolis. it's not just about the rain, it is the possible rotation at cloud level. often times, with tropical systems and even though this is no longer a tropical storm, it has a lot of energy and a lot of rotation and it is coming at us in a few different pieces of energy and trying to work its way toward the north. these individual storms are moving to roughly 25-30-miles per hour. ground winds have not been tavon. all it takes is a funnel cloud to form anticipate drop to the surface to carry the strong winds down on towards the ground. it's about the heavy rain. we are highlighting velocity scan which looks inside of of
9:34 am
clouds and where the winds are moving away and toward the radar site. what i see is west of arnold with a possibility of rotation and no confirmation on the groundent that's the reason for this tornado warning. i wanted to make that very clear. we have had a few of these already and there are likely to be more. we don't expect strong tornadoes, ef1s, 60-70-miles an hour, enough to do some damage, but not absolute destruction. it is the fact that there is a lot of rotation in the clouds and a lot of energy with these storms. we have continued to watch them basically hugging the chesapeake bay. we have had amounts of 5 1/2 to 6 inches of rain just since midnight and there is a lot more to come, with these conveyor belts lined up, there are places that will get more rain with the rest of the area averaging an inch and a half to
9:35 am
two inches. widespread flooding. we'll have more rain throughout the day and into tonight. more on our forecast coming up in just a bit, stay tuned. back to you. >> thanks, justin. >> you have to be prepared in a situation like this, that means keep a radio with you, have batteries with you, listen to television and radio reports. listen for flood warnings, reports of flooding actually happening and be prepared to evacuate at a moment's notice and stay there. stay away from floodwaters. do not try to drive-thru water if you see ponding. especially at night, because it's harder to tell what is flooding and what is not. >> i want to make sure you are prepared, pick a safe room in your home where your family can gather. justin, you have been an advocate of getting into the bathtub where the plumbing is and also try to secure your
9:36 am
lawn furniture, trash cans, pick up anything that can be taken up by wind. finally, don't wait until you see a tornado. make sure you are listening. i heard you, the other day, say keep the tv real loud. make sure you can hear something and make sure you are safe. >> abc 2 news has a list of all of those things. we'll be right back.
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>> thanks for staying with us this morning. we definitely have some breaking news going on. tornado warning in arundell county until 10:15. >> this is the third time this week. let's go over to justin to find out the latest. >> this is the impact of the remnants of tropical storm nicole trying to work its way up the coast. we are getting one of many
9:40 am
pieces of energy. we do this, first, tornado warning for 10:15. -- we have been watching most of the energy ride up the chesapeake bay and hug this side of the bay where they have had the heaviest of the rainfall. we have the u.s. navel academy, now over six inches of rainfall. we have had more than an inch of rain as we started our program. more than a half foot of rain since midnight and again, we have more of of the storm to come. we'll check out other locations. i want to point out, pasadena, 4.75 inches. still a respectable amount. we just went 4.98. we could probably clock five inches using this screen before we are done. wins have not been that strong. we are talking about a tornado
9:41 am
warning until 10:15ent we really have not pushed that muchy the way of strong winds are but there is a possibility that some rotation at cloud level can work its way into the funnel cloud at a 14-mile per hour wind at one location. just a quarter mile away request can quickly pick up 40- 60-mile per hour. now, we have five inches in pasadena. i told you we could do this while we were on the screen. we will show you maryland's most powerful doppler radar. we aring looking at a time lapse. annapolis. arnold. just the last two hours, ritchie highway. i want to highlight, what you are looking at, moving away from the radar site and that's where they are really locked in
9:42 am
close together. >> that's the reason why the national weather service has posted a tornado warning. this has not come out of this office, all watches and warnings are governed by the national weather service and they indicate there may be a possible tornado. i want to highlight some of the locations they have included -- the best thing to do is go to the lowest location in your home. if you are in amebule home or vehicle, try to find the best shelter in the interior location. these turn out to be weak twisters, ef20, ef1. that doesn't mean you are out of the woods. >> otherwise, a tornado watch for the rest of us.
9:43 am
heavy rain thebes tends into baltimore county. kingsville and glenn arm -- places getting extremely heavy rain from the same conveyor belt and across to the east side of the beltway. so, we'll check out some of the rainfall totals. it doesn't matter if you have three or six inches in your back backyard. that's enough to overstress the storm drains and other possibilities. like the report we had early on in annapolis, there may be some potential damage or destruction. with six inches of rain, i think that's a definite possible. please be careful. this is a very serious situation. we are not done by any stretch. this tornado warning extends until 10:15. we'll probably have more posted throughout the dayent and we'll
9:44 am
probably have extensive flooding. >> thanks, justin. >> we will stay with us until we know what is going on. meantime, if you are living in arundell county, and seeing anything, we would love to hear from you. give us a call. >> again, this is the time to go over our checklist, here, this is where you have to listen to your radio, listen to your tv reports and noah radio for any reports of flooding actually happening in your area. be prepared to get out at a mowment's notice and head for higher ground. stay away from floodwaters and of course, don't try to drive- thru them. you will come up on a lot of roads that will be floodsent do not try to drive-thru them. be ebb treatmently cautious at night, when it's harder to see the floodwaters. >> pick a safe room where you and your family can gather in the event of a tornado. you want one on the lowest
9:45 am
floor, if possible, with no windows. and try to secure lawn furniture or trash cans, anything that can be picked up by wind and hurt someone. finally, don't wait, listen and watch and find the safe room and turn the tv up. >> we are 30 minutes away from that expiring, the tornado. >> is this the same system that produced the warning earlier? >> maybe the same piece of energy, yes, we are watching this. >> some of these storms earlier 40-miles per hour, directional speed to the north and this storm looks a little slower, talking about 25-miles per hour, but yeah, we are watching stuff from the south passing to the north. but we had a tornado warning earlier that we were tracking to the northent this is another piece of 0 energy, but we'll track this one because that means eastern baltimore and hartford county could be next on the live as these things continue to track their way toward the north. we'll get back to it and back to the report in a few minutes.
9:46 am
>> all right, stay with us, we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] have questions about medicare? new to medicare? unitedhealthcare medicare solutions can help give you the answers. call or go to now. we'll also send this helpful free guide. i'm looking for help paying for my prescriptions. [ male announcer ] that's a part d prescription drug plan. the information's in the guide. is there a plan that lets me choose my own doctor and manage my out-of-pocket costs each month? [ male announcer ] yes. you'll want to learn all about supplemental health insurance. i need something nice and easy. is there a single plan that combines medicare parts a & b with medical and drug coverage? [ male announcer ] you'll find medicare advantage plans
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can be both easy and affordable. what if i'm on a fixed income? [ male announcer ] if you're on medicaid and medicare, or in a nursing home, you may want information regarding special needs plans. so...have questions about medicare? new to medicare? call or visit us online and get this free guide.
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we are back on the air because we have a tornado warning right now. it has been a busy, wild -- six inches of rain in some areas. >> six inches in some areas.
9:49 am
watchings and warnings all morning longent we have been running in between weather sets and lettings folks who own our internet know, we want to get right to justin and find out the latest situation. >> in these types of situations, we get tornado warns that never transpire into a tornado. there is alot of energy we can see inside of the clouds and never work their way down to the groundent that's the reason why we have to take each one individually seriously many there is a lot going on today. i want to point out under the tornado watch, you can see it over my head as well. we have that going into the afternoon. tornado warning light goes to -- actually expires -- until 10:15. in addition to that, these red shades, severe thunderstorm warning expiring at 10:00. in addition to that, we have
9:50 am
flash flood warnings that take us into the afternoon and wind advisories, here's the rainfall we have from the locations we have loaded since midnight. annapolis -- we started this show 9:00 with 4.8 to 4.9-inch. we have closing in on two two inches an hour. this stuff is rolling to the north. bel aire out of the edge of it, pretty heavy, still. glenn oak at 1.89. west mintier still over an inch and a half. most of it seems to be locked in around the bay. jet stream rolling to the north. i want to get out of the way so
9:51 am
i can highlight some of they rain in orange sectionsent western sections of hartford county. west of bel aire, we are watching places from jarrettsville and toward the south. this does include kingsville. this is rolling up and down route 1, hartford road, bel aire road and down through perry hall, we have this corner of the beltway over towards lake march be and the rose dale split. we are looking at a thunderstorm, eight miles south of shadyside. let's pull this back. another piece of energy. watching heavy rain. shadyside is south of route 50. this is the thunderstorm they are talking about. let's put that velocity scan in. as you can see, it appears to be some possible energy and rotation in those clouds. let's take you back toward
9:52 am
shadyside as we get out of the 3d mode. there is quick movement, but we are watching the particular cell toward the west, extended toward deal and chesapeake beach. this appears to be containing some energy and some rotation while heavier rains ebb tend back towards washington, d.c. one of the things to note with these particular events, we are talking about a tornado warning for archbishop rundell county, south of annapolis. this is all wrapping around one piece of energy that spills back here towards the west. we have the convoy belt coming from south to north. in between, there are little spins, little areas of low pressure, and between the spokes of energy like we have, right now. focusing on the area, maybe getting enhancement toward the chesapeake bayent as pull this back wider, you can see how the moisture extends -- it continues to get pounded. there is that rotationen there
9:53 am
is the mean storm ought back towards the west. this is where it was earlier this morning, but we are following this, pumping up the same batch of moisture extending through richmond and down through the carolinasent we watch these rotations. a wave of low pressure passing through virginia and enhancing some of the rainfall as wwe expect that to go through. our computer model indicated that early on. with some of you watching us on the eastern shore and haven't seen much of the heavy rain, it's coming were your way. there may be a cutoff for the heaviest of rain. while it night not be exactly exactly at 6:00. it there could be a steamy area here, responsible for spawning another tornado and enhancing the wind and rainfall. once we wrap the final piece around here and we should get
9:54 am
the winds to shift to the west. that will cut off the rain to baltimore and push it through the region. >> we'll enhance the rainfall. ocean city, and then it pulls out of here and we get into the drying wind. we have to deal with the potential of the strong surge up the bay as well. this is no longer a tropical storm. this is nothing like isabell, but i do want to highlight the high tide coming up in two hours at fort mchenry and after midnight. these may be times after the heavy rain it falls down and drains out the bay. also a push of water up the bay. if we can't get this high tide out of here, the next low tide won't happen and the following high tide at midnight may be even worst as we push in more water from the chesapeake.
9:55 am
dealing with half foot of rain and dealing with the possibility of flooding. that is one partial danger to this situation. the tornado threat continues. 10:15, the expiration of the tornado warning and there may be more warnings posted into the early part of the afternoon. we'll have more on this coming up in just a little bit. >> a couple of things to pass along to you if you are a parent and you have a child that goes to harmony grace. the elementary school is closing. if you are parent can a child -- give the school a child to see what you need to do to get your kids home safely. we just got this from the weather service, botkin point. we are being told to tell everybody to take cover if you live in -- take cover now, tornado warning warning in
9:56 am
effect until 10:15. >> stay with us. we'll be right back.
9:57 am
9:58 am
i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. the real andy harris. buried in his website - a promise to replace the tax code with a 23% sales tax and eliminate the mortgage interest deduction. a bush tax panel said families would pay $6,000 more a year. a reagan tax advisor calls it a very dumb idea. but that's not his only bad idea. harris was the only senator to vote against expanding the child care tax credit and against the state's cancer treatment program. andy harris' extreme ideas will cost us. weather alert for it tornado warning.
9:59 am
national weather service indicating if you are in the following locations, now is the time to take cover. we are watching the tornado warning until 10:15. auceps and southern sections of arund, ll county, shadyside and annapolis. we'll show youle most powerful radar and rotation possible in these storms indicated by doppler radar. moving to the north, 30-miles per hour. now is the time to take cover and head to an interior room in the lowest location of your building, we suggested a reenforced wall. bathroom is the safest place to go. we are watching. there is shadyside, annapolis. pushing closer. it doesn't mean you are out of the woods. there is rotation in the clouds that may not have worked its way


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