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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  November 9, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> she was taking out the trashn a 23-year-old woman was forced to the ground and was forced to the ground and raped. good evening i'm swoop swoop. that attacker -- kelly swoope. that attacker is still on the loose. >> and kelly, police say the victim doesn't know her attacker, but neighbors believe he's no stranger to the community. >> it's an eye-opener. we thinkn a safe community. >> people that live in this community in laurel are coming home to frightening news especially for women. >> i'll start parking my car ine garage. >> on monday night after 7:00, a 23-year-old woman was going about her evening taking out the trash to a dumpster when she told police a man standing
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in the bushes per sued here. >> he started following her, ane grabbed her, produced the weapon, and then assaulted her. >> officers are in the neighboro locate witnesses, and the management company is handing out letters explaining what happened. we talked to a number of women out walking their dogs in the dark changing their patterns. >> i'll probably walk with a frr something like that, or you know, stay closer to you know, where i live. >> the neighborhood is nestled l jurisdictions howard county and prince george county and laurel city. they're relying on your partners to track down the suspect. right now they don't know if he lives here, or drove in from one of the main roads nearby. >> there's no reason for just somebody to just be wandering
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around this neighborhood. it's not near anything unless you're going to sams and you go to sams and leave. >> and police don't have much to on with the suspect description. the victim describes him as a black male as 6 feet tall and wearing a red hoody at the time. police ask that you call the sex offence united 401-222-3750. officers will be back out canvassing the neighborhood tomorrow abc 2 news. >> thank you. a dog is shot in t baltimore in the back owner, and his owner is facing a series of charges. the 35-year-old coalman shot his dog with a 12-gauge shotgun. officers found the dog still alive in a pile of trash underneath the porch suffering from a massive gun shot wound. they found a mixed breed pit bull that looked like it had starved to death. >> there was a third dog found n
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a plastic carrier on site. the carrier had a lot of water and feces on the bottom of the carrier and the dog was laying in that. >> coal lan faces a series of gn and animal crueltiy charges. word of a settlement in the state from st. joseph medical center. they will shell out millions of dollars to kick backs. the kick backs were paid to mid atlantic cardiovascular over a ten-year period. now in addition to the $22 million, the hospital will repay money from federal health benefits over a ten-year period for medically unnecessary procedures performed by doctor mark mcday a one-time partner with the association.
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>> still a fantastic day of falr . temperatures very seasonable and a quiet night out there weather-wise and a couple of quiet days ahead. let's look at the numbers temperature-wise right now. 49 at the airport, 49 in frederick, and 46 in eastern and depends where you're watching from, but most in the mid to upper 40s. skies are crystal clear above and if you look over the atlantic, the edge of that storm that is 1/2 no effect on us right now. hour by hour through your day, talking about a chilly start in the low 40s, but a rapid rebound into the low 60s by late day, more sunshine and a great looking day where you don't want to forget the sunglasses, but how long account sunny beautiful pattern hold up? we'll answer that coming up. >> thank you. after a big win on sunday, the ravens have a short week to prepare for their next game on thursday, and thanks to a tweet
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by running back star ray rice they have a distraction. the post on twitter made it seem he had gotten special treatment from a baltimore police officer. and today he tried to clarify what happened on monday afternoon. christian schaffer is here with our story tonight. >> like a lot of young people, y rice was looking for the new video game on monday, but as he arrived at the store, police officer pulled rice over because his tinted windows were too dark. rice got a warning and the officer got an autodwraf. -- autograph. today rice said neither did wrong. > >>he was the special guest tuesday night on the radio show at the bar and grill in rosedale. and ray rice kept the talk focused on the football field. >> yeah and one thing we feel we control what we do. >> but it's what happened at
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this store not far from the practice facility that has the attention of baltimore police. monday afternoon rice pulled into the parking lot and was stopped by a county police officer because of his tinted windows were too dark. rice sent out a twitter message. just got pulled over by my tint but gave the officer an autograph for his son and said it came after he said he got a warning. >> he said he was a big fan, and i took it upon myself to offer an autograph. >> his biggest mistake from havo dark, was posting what happened on twitter in the first place. >> bad decision by me wording in twitter, you know, which i wasn't trying to get unfair justice or anything. i got a warning and i must get them fixed. >> well tonight a spokesman fore
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department told me that officers do have the option of giving a person a verbal warning to get their windows fixed. the department is investigating the incident and might have more to say tomorrow. they leave tomorrow for thursday night's game, and i'm told that rice came back to the store to get his copy of call of duty black ops. >> thanks, chris f one county te might be too over the top when craig's mother passed away he began building to keep his mind off the loss. the county inspector noticed the large tree house, took pictures of it and realized that it exceeds height restrictions. they're concerned about safety. craig is waiting to see what they want to do and told him that he might have to get a permit to
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do that, too. it was caught on video by a camera ved. -- yesterday. experts say there's a chance it could be a vapor trail from a jet. >> it could be a test firing of an enter continental missile from a submarine underwater submarine. to demonstrate mainly to asia that we can do that. >> well the party is over for ts of carnival passengers. a monday morning fire in an energy room stranded the ship 80 miles off the coast of mexico and knocked out their power, hot
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food service, telephone service, and ability to flush toilets. today the first of several tug boats reached ship and offering free refunds and free passes to future cruises. gorge w. bush's memoir is on the book and discusses his decision to return to washington rather than seek ref fuage in a shelter. >> i would not give him the satn of holding up undergrond. >> bush says he feels sick aboue fact that weapons of mass instruction were never found in iraq, and talking about hurricane katrina and said he made a mistake by flying over the gulf and viewing the damage from the air, and accusations that the government was slow to respond because most of the
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victims were black is simply disgusting. and only 18 years old, tracy dreamed of becoming a movie star, but that came to an end when she disappeared in 1995. our cold case begins with her story and a search for justice. plus scrambled messages and revelation. see all the results of facebooking after too many drinks.
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>> tonight abc 2 news is making the commitment to put heat on cold cases. we start out with the story of tracy an 18-year-old girl with big dreams that disappeared some 15 years ago megan pringle take a look at what police have had to work with. >> it was the spring of 1995. tlc was on the top of the pop charts, and 18-year-old tracy was in the prime of her life. >> tracy was incredibly funny. e trying out for local theater group. >> she loved acting, loved the adams family she wanted to remake the adams family movie.
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>> they ended in the early morns of april 17th 1995. she lived with her grandmother. her grandmother was the first to report her missing. according to the police report, tracy went to dinner that night with a friend. he dropped her off at a restaurant on main street. she met up with her ex-boyfriend, the two left together headed out to another friend's house to grab a six-pack of beer. >> he told the police that theyd gone and sat behind i believe it was franklin high school and had a couple of beers and then through the rest of them away, and that he was tired and wanted to go home. >> the ex-boyfriend told policef he could smoke in her car, when she was told no, she asked to be taken back to her friend's house. >> she said she asked to be drod off at the other apartment, and he left her there. >> that was the last anyone sawr
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. tracy's purse was pound at the corner of where she was dropped off. for the most part, the stories were the same. she went to a bar, had a drink, and friend dropped her off. that was it. and then police started getting calls from a woman. >> for the next week, this womad regularly and fed police odd stories of tracy. police followed up on her claims but all of them were unfounded. >> i know she never would have t her grandmother and not come home and not told them where she was. she loved them very, very much and there's just no way. >> tracy ran away one other time, but tracy's grandmother
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felt this time was different. after a week she called detectives and thought something terrible had happened, police agreed. detectives reinterviewed people and questioned people and taking a closer look at the man that last saw tracy, but their search turned up nothing. after a while, tracy's case went cold. >> every where i go, every timei see a tall girl with long blond hair, i want to stop her on the street and check and see if it's her. >> tracy's grandmother is now go died a few years ago. her father is in florida but never had a good relationship. the only people left are did haves advocating her, and stephanie. >> even if her grandmother is gw , even if her mom is gone now, and the people that she loved and was closest to are gone, i think she still deserves
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justice. she still deserves to be found. >> megan pringle abc 2 news. g on to cases and find details on her case and other cold cases. if you have any information about the disappearance of her, we urge you to contact metro crime stoppers immediately to submit your tip you can call them at 1-866-7 lock up or text your tip to crimes. and you can also submit your tip online just log on to and click on submit a tip. maryland's cold case continues next tuesday night at 11:00 with the story of a teenager jennifer claybrook and was only 15 years old in the spring of 1983 when she was murdered and detectives still don't know what happened.
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>> now maryland's most powerful doppler radar, and the forecast certificated most accurate by weather rate. >> can i have a carbon copy of today? >> coming up . you like it sunny side up, fried, i don't know. we're in this pattern and nothing is going to change for a few days. more sun, good looking weather, this is great for all the veteran day parades come up and it's just it is what it is. we look for a pattern shift towards sunday, monday and tuesday until then. >> several days away. >> gd call. let's take a look outside. kelly still mild out there for the moment, but temperatures will be dropping off as they have the last couple of nights. 49 right now. humidity not really a factor. barometer at 30.7 and beautiful skies baltimore just one of many
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spots seeing the fantastic fall weather. sunset coming early, and i know it's dark seems like the second you look at your watch after 4:00. sunset was technically just past or just before 5:00. and take you down to the beach. nobody out there. ocean city is just about a ghost town right now. 49 degrees in baltimore, 51 down in the southern tip of the state there, so most of us in the 40s headed towards 40 or so by daybreak: our dew point numbers 40 is a pretty dry number, and can give you chapped lips if you're not careful. you need the sunglasses, too. low 60s today thanks to all that
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sunshine. most of us hitting at least 59 to 62 degrees. tomorrow similar scenario and call it 62 for buoy and warmer at 63 and overall on the eastern shore, oxford 62 with nice sunshine, chester 59 or so if you get more of a bay breeze influence. the entire mid atlantic is clear, and this is the outer edge of a storm system that's been spinning out there for the last couple of days and far enough offshore several hundred miles out, and just too far out to bring much of an influence and produce a north east breeze. other than that, no influence from it, and a giant area of high pressure, dry conditions as this
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dome of air settles in it will be more sunshine tomorrow. our future forecast keeps that storm heading south and east away from us, so skies get even clearer towards thursday as if they're not already crystal clear way out to the west our next system will get its act together by the weekend, but we won't be affected by it. it's looking great from friday, saturday, and most if not all of sunday. 49 mostly clear with a cool breeze tomorrow and call it 62 tomorrow. tomorrow night down to 40, mostly clear, and your seven-day forecast more of the same here we're talking lots of sunshine, great looking veteran's day, that's outstanding. happy to deliver that for the veterans, and then into the weekend, we're talking about partly to mostly sunny, low 60s and chance of rain comes in monday and tuesday, but several days
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out. kelly. >> thanks. well an internet secg drunk tweeters and facebookers save themselves from intoxicated embarrassment. they have launched the social media sobriety test. it's an add on and google chrome that gives you the power to restrict your social networking when you've had a few too many. if you log on to social media site during your specified time periods, it will first make you take one of five sobriety tests modelled after the ones you get as a driver. if you pass, you're good. if you fail, you're locked out of the site, and the service will make an update on your behalf telling all your friends that you're too drunk to post. well another elimination nit on dancing with the stars, and this time sadly.
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it was the quarterback that got sack eded. >> kurt and ana. >> there e no last minute hor rowics. he and his partner were sent packing after seeing the second lowest scores last night. four stars remain, randy, palin, kyle, and jennifer. we'll be right back. when i see people trying to sell and old camry, it
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makes me want to show 'em a new ford fusion.
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i can't help myself. i'm kinda ready to move up to get to the next level. fusion... yeah, i like it. ...i should probably brag about this a little bit. the projected resale value can't be beat by camry. 33 miles per gallon on the highway. wow. the sync system... gps correct. phone. yes. i love it. get our best deals. 0% financing and, as a holiday bonus, we'll give you $1500 to use toward your first three payments. holly has something she'd like to say. bye, camry. >> this is charles with the sports report. in 121 years of football at colorado, they've never fired a head coach during the season until today. he was fired today.
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>> over come the obstacles one goal at a time. born with only one arm, he's become one of the best armature players in southern california, and only 11 years old. at such a young age, he has learned a lot from life. >> i never actually wished i har arm. i love the way i am. i love the image that god gave me. >> he got the chance to go toe to toe with his favorite major league player and hopes to play with the u.s. national soccer team that's impressive. >> yeah. >> that's a role model. >> slutdly. great stuff there -- absolutely. great stuff there, kelly. weather-wise, more great stuff.
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through your day, a bit of a chilly start, and you'll need an extra layer in the morning and be able to shed it by lunchtime. a day you'll need sunglasses and not a lot of change. veteran's day will be sunnier and looking great as we go into the weekend. got to love it. >> nothing to complain about. o . >> write that down. that's it fs tonight. we'll see you tomorrow. have a great evening.
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