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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  November 11, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> janet knight says there are eight almostry schools that are closer to her home. >> not just two or three but literally eight other schools are closer than north bend. >> the parents say friendships will be disrupted and then they will be disrupted again when the students return to their district for middle school. >> she starts state testing and you're going to uproot her as if she is just a number. and she is not. >> reporter: a spokesman for the school system said all of the county schools need to be under capacity in time for the arrival of new families because of the base realignment and closure or brack process. >> sometimes when you get to a points like this where we have
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schools that are severely overcrowded we need to balance out and we need to balance the entire county. >> reporter: a balance that does not appear to be achieved yet. >> it is a very rough transmission from elementary to middle and when you have nobody around you that you know and is your friend, you know, six people maybe, six, 10, i just don't think that that is the right way to go about this. >> we have much more on abc2did you the school board has several public meetings scheduled before they vote on the plant which isn't expected to happen until march. parents can also comment at those meetings. chris shaffer, abc2 news. >> thank you, chris. it was a hero's welcome for our men and women coming home on this veteran's day. operation to welcome home providing the opportunity for
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family and friends to welcome home their loved ones. giving an opportunity to reflect on the past and the future. [ applause ] >> it is a great feeling to know that i can come home and be recognized for what it is that i did, the service that i provided, and more so that i can continue in the same lines that those before me for the service they had given. >> the volunteers of operation welcome home maryland are dedicated to making sure our men and women feel welcome and appreciated upon their return home. veterans of all branches marched through the streets of downtown baltimore today led by the mayor. the first african-american marine corps aviator and first
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general. there are very few veterans that can tell stories from world war ii. this man was a scrawny 18-year- old kid. >> i hit the levers and ramp went down and as the men run in they just shot them. >> sadly most of those who survived normandy are falling victim to the times. it is estimated we are using 1000 world war ii veterans each day. we asked you to share photos of your loved ones the last week and you have responded. we have received dozens of tributes on our facebook page and as we wrap up veteran's day we have a few more photos to share with you. this one was sent in by erika wood to thank her husband,
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corporal joseph wood, who is currentsly serving his second tour in afghanistan. this one comes in from ashley marks honoring her husband army private first class dustin winsted. she calls him her husband, best friend and hero. and finally, becca silvi is counting down the days until her husband's safe return. thank you for sending in all the lovely photos. while serving those who served are still serving our country. appleby's restaurant gave veterans and military members a free meal today to thank them for their dedication to our country. and it was our chance for them to come out and share some of those stories. >> it is just great to see all your brothers. it is just wonderful.
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>> special day to honor veterans. especially to me all of the ones that have passed away. and ones that are still m.i.a. that have not been found yet. >> channel 2's newest member right there was along with our meteorologist who served in the coastguard. they were serving up food at appleby's helping to dish out to deserving vets as i take a look at our veteran's day weather scenario into the next couple days, great weather into the three day weekend -- four day weekend for some people. 62 right now at baltimore and look at. 62 today. 35 right now. i mean, much chillier tonight. 30 at frederick. 28 at york. hour by hour through the day today. through the day tomorrow. looking at a climb to 63.
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so another gorgeous day on tap. how long can this fantastic run of fall weather last? we look at that straight away. a city police spokeman said when the mayor's husband got to his personal vehicle this morning he noticed several things had been taken including a satellite radio. police say the mayor's protection detail was in place overnight but the vehicle was parked out of their line of sight. >> it is a learning experience for police but at the end of the day we want to make sure everything is secure. >> police say there were no signs of forced entry in the car. they are asking anyone with information to give them a call. the latest tonight on that long nautical nightmare is over. the carnival cruise splendor pulled into the port of san
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diego today after passengers had four days without food and air conditioning and other comforts. passengers managed to maintain a sense of humor returning to dry land. >> we can beat anybody's bad honeymoon story. we got it beat. except for the honeymooners were on the boat with us. >> carnival has offered full refunds for this cruise and vouchers for a free cruise in the future. but many of the splendor's passengers have vowed not to take the company up on that offer. >> in other news tonight investigators discovered possible human remains in the search for 10-year-old zara baker. they were found in an area that had been searched before. it was where the stepmother suggested crews look. she was reported missing from her family's north carolina home last month. zara lost her leg and hearing in a battle with bone cancer a few years ago. well, it looks like the days of the phone book may be
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numbered. several states are allowing verizon communications to stop printing the white phonebooks. pennsylvania, florida and new york are following the lead. phone companies say consumers really now look phone numbers up on internet instead of using a phonebook. earlier this week we showed you how many folks in our area were lined up to buy the new call of duty black ops video game and it seems they were not alone. the cold war air shooting game made an estimated $360 million in the u.s. alone in its first 24 hours. more than 5.5 million copies. the previous call of duty game sold 4.7 million copies in its first day last year. commercials were everywhere. offers to settle your massive debt or just pay a small portion of what you owe. but if it seems too good to be true it probably is.
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some tips coming up so you don't waste your money. score big savings on your grocery bill. we will show you how these simple stackable steps will get the most out of coupons. mild day this veteran's day. 62 degrees compared to an average of 58. it has been so beautiful. but active weather brewing out west. when does it get here? we answer that coming up. look at all the toyota's for sale.
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money. >> if you find yourself deep in debt and don't see a way out, as for debt consolidators it may look pretty tempting. they promise to negotiate down what you owe and take care of everything. but one woman found out it is not quite so simple. laverne carr black found herself in a position many families are in these days. $30,000 in debt. after thousands of dollars in hospital bills. so she started looking for a debt consolidator to help her and found one called new start. >> they had an ad in the paper. and i called them. >> reporter: she says new start referred her to a matthews law firm of california which promised to negotiate down her debts. >> i wanted them to take care of it. >> reporter: so she approved matthews taking $412 a month out of her check book. she thought she was done. >> they told me to stop paying and stop talking to them.
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and if they called me harassing me let them know. >> reporter: but after two years and $10,000 of payments laverne claims matthews paid only one $1200 bill. the hospital keeps calling. >> have they paid off that hospital bill? >> they haven't paid anything. >> reporter: so i contacted the company and the president art matthews responded promising a refund of all funds due to her and saying it was our intention to settle her remaining accounts in the coming months but after two years laverne just wants her money back. the better business bureau has thousands of complaints about debt consolidators and says matthews law firm is actually one of the better one. these services often charge high fees and in the process can ruin your credit rating. they suggest you look for a nonprofit credit counselling service so you don't waste your
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money. and it seems like retailers are trying to get your money too. they will save you money at the same time. wal-mart just announced free shipping on items purchased online. speaking of savings we are all looking for some, right? well, daphne munro shares the secrets to savings. >> reporter: when it comes to grocery shopping how can we maximize our savings? well, i have somebody who is the queen when it comes to grocery shopping. this is terry who is the founder of the grocery game. so you're going to take us shopping to share with us some of the secrets on how we can really save. >> yes, there are lots of things to learn to save big bucks. >> looking through this ad and keep an eye out for a limit. if it says limit 2 or limit 4 you want to buy that limit because it is an indicator of a loss leader. >> they are not making money
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and they are trying to get you into the store. >> let's say it is 99 cents peanut butter. limit 4. buy 4. it won't go any longer. >> this is by the pounds. i would always shake it off. why pay for that extra weight when you're paying by the pounds. it is especially important if you are buying something that is leaking and collecting water. in the meat department look for the sales. here is another tip. sometimes they will mark down the meat if it needs to be sold by today or tomorrow. $3 off. and plus it was already on sale. this is a package of boneless pork chops for the whole package. here is something. this is not on sale but they have target coupons at their website and we printed two. we are going to buy these two bottles of salad dressing. $1.54 a life. don't pay full price for anything that can be stored.
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buy when it is on sale. >> here we have got a sale. 10 for 10. 50 cents off. you don't have to buy 10 to get this deal. you want to buy what it says on the coupon. so we will grab two. only two. now we are getting them for 75 cents each. >> we have got a great deal. we have a sale buy 2, get one free. combining the stack of deals with them. manufacturer coupons. >> regular price on this is $4.55. >> we are going to look at this cheese right here. we have got a manufacturer coupon from the paper. a target coupon that we will stack with that. $2 off right there. >> yes, and we are going to buy two. >> stacking deal. >> stacking deal. love that. stacking deal. remember that. >> every once in a while you get something that is free and it is not even on sale because the coupon is $1 off. so we are going to stock up on
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this. >> this i love because here the shaver is $6.99. $2 off. i have two coupons. i'm getting a $5 gift card back. so 50 cents each. >> let's check out. see how we did. >> this could be interesting. >> just go ahead and move on in. >> gave me my $5 gift card. >> yes. >> my husband gets this $5 gift card. >> that's retail. >> plus we have coupons. here we go. it is going down. it is going down. about $150 without any items being on sale. then with just the sale items came down to $92. then we have the coupons. final bill 58.77.
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and that is what i call smart shopping. and you can get more grocery tips on click on "money" then "consumer." maryland's most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> i just wanted to wish you happy veteran's day. >> okay. >> let's go a few years back when you were still kind of wet behind the ears. look at this picture. >> that is a few years back, kelly. >> how old were you? 12. >> i actually think i was 18 there. >> 18. >> yes. >> so you served in the coastguard? >> 1992 to 1996, kelly. >> feels like a different lifetime as i look at that photo. >> you look so official. this is coming out of boot camp. all the guys were like don't smile. look mean and serious. >> you did a good job. >> all business. >> hey, you know, blast from the past.
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a big salute to all of the veterans out there. i met so many cool ones in applebies. young afghanistan war vet sitting there having dinner with a 50-some-year-old vietnam vet and striking up a conversation like they are old friends. that's just the coolest thing among veterans. >> happy veteran's day and thank you for your service. >> and your husband. >> as we wrap up veteran's day 2010 there is the coastguard cutter tanny sitting in the harbor. nice night. of course, maryland is such a military state when you think about fort mead and of course the brack repositions and bringing more military into the states. great thing. 35 degrees right now. chilly out there tonight. as people maybe make that late run home from applebies. i think it is open to midnight
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tonight. in part today, sunny scenario. beautiful day. gorgeous. we keep this going. i've got to say as a weather guy, it can get a little repetitious and boring but when it is all good news, tough to complain. beautiful sapphire skies over the chesapeake today and also looking at great weather up in north east. so really all across the state. all sunshine. maryland's most powerful radar. nothing on it and has been nothing on it for days in a row now. i think we are looking at monday night probably before the next shot of any rain. look how cold up in york now. 28. we have got 34 in easton. very close to the freezing mark. and we are looking at widespread frost overnight into the morning hours. so be ready to do some scraping. our highs today up around 60. 55 cambridge and 61 in frederick. your neighborhood tomorrow, 62 to 63 in the southern part of the county. a little further south,
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pasadena, 64, 66 degrees. nice day. sunny again. couple degrees warmer. there is nothing out there in our immediate area. out to the west a little different story. weather brewing there and storms still swirling well offshore really becoming a nonplayer in our weather in any way, shape or form and it really was not much of a player the last couple days. you can't make out the beginnings of our next frontal system but the high and dry weather will last a few more days as this system gets its act together and begins to push in as we come out of the weekend into early next week. that will be a pattern shift cooling us off bringing in wetter weather but our future cast bottom line, tonight, tomorrow, most of the weekend all sunshine and there is the beginnings of that front as it marches its way across the country. possibly bringing us rain as early as monday night into tuesday. there will be a big change next week. overnight tonight as we wrap up veteran's day. 35. crystal clear. tomorrow night we look for 63. and it will be a cold start but
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a rapid warm up under sunny skies. tomorrow night 36. clear skies. dry. outlook for the weekend really is fantastic. 65 sunday sunshine. you've got to love that. next week cooler and rainier. enjoy it. >> it is beginning to look a lot like christmas in the big apple. find out where this year's iconic christmas team came from. >> storm gear and...
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the ravens were down all game long but with a minute to go they took the lead in atlanta. 21-20. we will keep an eye on it and bring the latest at the very
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end of the show. baltimore county police said today they will thought discipline the officer who got an autograph from ray rice after warning him about the tint on his vehicle's windshield. investigators determine the ravens running back did not get special treatment and there was no quid pro quo. third base coached hired today. the orioles interim manager was a three-time all star with the phillys in the 1980s. another former orioles skipper will shift from third base to first.
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all right. another sure sign that the holiday season is right around the corner. this 74-foot christmas tree on its way to the rockefeller center. it was cut down this morning in upstate new york and lifted into place in new york city tomorrow and the annual tree lighting ceremony is set for november 30th. >> wow. >> that is huge. >> the holidays are close when you see them taking the tree to new york city, kelly.
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>> that's right. gorgeous weather again tomorrow. can you believe it. >> we are just keeping this hot streak going. sunshine. >> nothing to complain about. >> sunshine aplenty. >> our fall forecast will be another great one tomorrow as we go hour by hour. 58 at noon. 63 at 4:00 p.m. and it will be cooling off pretty rapidly tomorrow night. but i tell you what, kelly, another great rebound. >> still 21-20. falcons inside ravens territory. hopefully they don't get a field goal. >> have a great night. we are back tomorrow. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: [ bob ] this used to be the premier...
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dairy producing area in the state of california. many of the dairies have gone by the wayside in this area. [ jill ] so my sisters and i came back to the farm to help my father realize his dream of producing a finished product here on the dairy. you know it's a way to keep this farm in our family. [ bob ] we were born and raised up here and we'll be up here