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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  November 12, 2010 3:05am-4:30am EST

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live chat, or call anytime 1-800-448-3000 (tdd#1-800-448-1433). it's your life. it's your voice. use it. carnival cruise ship to catch fire in recent years. and authorities say it's lucky the "splendor" was so close to shore or the rescue would have taken much longer. >> way to go, we're survivors! >> reporter: newlywed s joey an stacy noriega wasted no time getting to the airport where stacy's dad greeted them with a basket of treats. as for the offer of another free carnival cruise, they say thanks but no thanks. >> if we do go i'm not going for a long time. i'm enjoying the land right now. >> reporter: carnival cruise line officials were quick to correct the record, tweeting that despite media reports to the contrary, carnival "splendor" guests were never served spam. the navy did deliver cases of the stuff but the cruise liner
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apparently thought that's not for serving. sometimes it's out of our hands. that's what the head of a demolition company in ohio is saying. crews brought down a 300-foot smoke stack but it fell in the wrong direction. onlookers ran when the wreckage hit electrical lines. thousands of people lost power because of it. the company says an undetected crack in the tower caused it to fall incorrectly. nobody was injured. hold on tight for this story as well. a minnesota family is recovering from a close encounter with a deer. they had one of more than 2 million collisions involving cars and deer in just the past two years alone. david kerley reports on their ordeal. >> i'm sitting in the back seat and my mom said "deer" then i just blacked out. >> reporter: olivia blake's face tells the story. the family trip to get pizza could have turned deadly when the deer was clipped by a car in the other lane, went airborne and careened into their
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windshield, hit everyone inside, and blew through the back window, all the way through the car, in just fractions of a second. >> i actually saw it and i felt this rush of air. and looked up and i saw that we were covered in blood, which we found out later on was not necessarily ours. >> reporter: her husband, chris, is undergoing facial reconstructive surgery. >> it's amazing with a 100-pound object coming through the windshield they weren't hurt worse. >> reporter: but this is far from unusual. especially this time of the i can't remember. drivers are three times more likely to strike a tier in november than any other month. the reason? this is breeding season for deer. and with the deer population increasing over the past several years, so have the number of collisions. in fact, in half the country, drivers have a medium to high chance of colliding with a deer. >> what we see are literally
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hundreds of thousands of claims that cost insurers hundreds of millions of dollars. >> reporter: and lives lost too. about 200 people every year die after hitting a deer on the road. which is why it is so amazing that with all the damage this deer did, traveling through the entire car, the blakes survived. here are a couple of tips for you if you're driving. the deer usually are out between 6:00 and 9:00 p.m., they travel in herds so if you see one, lack for a second one. november is breeding season. this is a dangerous month. david kerley, abc news. >> be careful on the roads with that. here's a look at your friday forecast now. showers in the upper midwest around minneapolis, madison, and des moines. thunderstorms from oklahoma city to kansas city. also around dallas and houston. light mountain snow in wyoming, montana, and idaho. >> 45 in boise. 42 in billings. 50s in the pacific northwest. 60s in chicago, detroit, and indianapolis. 59 here in new york.
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65 in baltimore. and 70 in atlanta. miami hits 81. and new orleans 78. well, in this tough economy job hunters know all too well just how important it is to stand out from the competition. >> a recent graduate in dallas is making sure his resume will not get lost in the shuffle. it's because of this. goodwin eshelman decided to market himself on a billboard along a bez freeway. he said he tried traditional hunting for months after earning his mba but got no results. >> the billboard has been up a few weeks and it's already led to 20 solid job leads. >> how many car crashes? you've got to be careful of that, right? >> more after this. you go next if you had a hehehere woud hoveround power chair? the statue of liberty? the grand canyon? it's all possible ith a hoveround.,
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our quote of the week, definitely was quite a week the last couple of days. you heard from the people who were stuck on that cruise ship, and coco returned this week.
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>> that's right, now on cable. all good stuff. plus we also heard from a former president and a sitting president who returned to a childhood home. >> as a young boy i was coming to a different world. but the people of indonesia quickly made me feel at home. >> if the president asked you to serve as secretary of defense? >> i have made it clear i love the job that i have. >> we didn't find weapons. i felt terrible about it, sick about it, and still do. >> this debt is like a cancer that will truly destroy this country from within if we don't fix it. >> a lot of people are upset that there's no coffee, because there's no hot water. cold showers is not our idea of fun on a cruise. >> every single package of cigarettes in our country will, in effect, become a mini billboard that tells the truth about smoking. >> it's hard for me to talk to you, it's really not easy.
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>> 7-year-old little girl, you know. tortured and killed in her own bedroom, you know? surrounded by stuffed animals. >> i told him, i said, mike, i'm going to be there monday and it's going to be okay. but depression doesn't wait till monday. >> and it's like no one understands what a good father he was. i'd say he was the best cook ever. >> i owe you three apologies. foremost for having subjected you to all this unnecessary drama. >> i would be a liar and an idiot if i didn't thank sarah palin for helping get me here tonight. my partial resemblance and her crazy voice are the two luckiest things that have ever happened to me. >> people asked me why the named the show "conan." i did it so i'd be harder to replace. ♪ but on the inside ♪ because i'm country strong
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>> amazing all that happens in a week. >> that's right. the sounds of the cmas you saw here on abc, good stuff. coming up, bringing harry potter's game to really life. >> you'll need a broom, some stamina, a little imagination and no dating life. you're watching "world news now."
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well, london was taken over by witches and wizards yesterday. of course actors who play witches and wizards. all stars of "harry potter and the deathly hallows" were on hand for the movie's world premiere. >> true fans braved the bad weather making it the biggest potter premiere ever. it's the next to the last movie in the franchise and hits u.s. theaters next week.
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i know how big a harry potter fan that you are. i have to get that you're a kiddage fan too. >> bless you. no, i'm not. but a lot of people are fans. in fact, millions of them out there. and the kiddage world cup is this weekend in new york city. i know, right? ashley jennings of abc news on campus reports that the game played on broomsticks is really taking off. let's watch. >> reporter: every sunday afternoon, students at the university of texas at austin gather to enjoy an unconventional sport. quiddich. the game comes from the harry potter books where players compete on broomsticks that fly. but these competitors play a bit differently. the way muggles would. >> muggels are just regular people, not wizards or witches. >> just people that don't know magic. >> reporter: a lack of magic
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hasn't stopped the sport from growing. modeled after j.k. rowling's popular series. this weekend the fourth annual quiddich world cup will be held in new york city. >> no matter who you are everybody's heard about it or knows it or reads it. this is a great way to take the fantasy world into the physical. >> reporter: that fantasy world is what drove matthew drake to start a team at the university of massachusetts two years ago. after completing his undergrad there, he came to texas and helped launch four different quiddich teams based on the houses of harry potter. >> running around with a broom between your legs, basically acting like a 5-year-old. there's not much other sports like that where you can really bring out your inner kid. >> reporter: he serves as the snitch, what he callth the most important position on the field. >> i can throw them down, i can trip them, i can steal their brooms, i can basically get in everybody's way. the reason quiddich is so much fun is they're sort of the jester of the game. >> reporter: players called chasers tray to throw balls
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through circular hoops and everyone must stay on their broomsticks at all times. >> there's three on each team. their job is to hit other people and knock them out. >> reporter: with the world cup only a week away the four houses here at ut, including griffen doer, slither rin, and raven claw say they're prepping for next year's competition. >> we are. we actually wanted to go this year but we could not get funds for it. >> reporter: teams have sprouted up all over the country in recent years. there are even high school teams registered to compete in the world cup. the two-day event will feature wizards, witches, and harry potter enthusiasts. there's a lot of entertainment and it's just a great way to have some people that normally would be holed up, reading their harry potter books, to get up and get some exercise and have fun doing it. >> reporter: "harry potter and the deathly hallows" will be released a week after the world cup. ashley jennings, austin, texas.
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stop fighting with your sleep. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. get lunesta for a co-pay as low as zero dollars at discover a restful lunesta night. finally this half hour, yesterday of course was veterans day when americans honor those who fought and died. so we all could enjoy a better life. >> when veterans return from war, they too want a better life. but some have a hard time finding it. so who's fighting for them? >> reporter: as a proud marine, john rafferty took part in the u.s. invasion of iraq. he returned home physically intact but psychologically scarred. >> it was a very dark time in my life. >> reporter: suffering from ptsd, he heard about a business program at syracuse university for people just like himself.
3:26 am
disabled veterans of the iraq and afghanistan wars. he applied and was accepted. >> where do you think you find opportunity? >> reporter: it's call the entrepreneurship boot camp for veterans. the brain child of mike haynie, former air force officer. it's aimed to teach disabled veterans who have a hard time fitting into a 9:00 to 5:00 job, how to start their own small business. >> bomb blast or gunshot has changed their lives forever. if they can craft a vocation for themselves through self-employment, they can craft that vocation in a way that allows them to accommodate some of those challenges. >> reporter: the program was just expanded to family members caring for severely injured vets. in the first class, lolita bagley was severely brain damaged by a grenade in iraq. five years ago she quit her job in new hampshire and moved to florida to take care of his son. >> he doesn't speak. he doesn't move. he's 100% care. we have to do everything for him. >> reporter: she wants to learn
3:27 am
how to start a business assisting other caretakers of wounded vets from her home, so she can be with her son. >> this program gives me the opportunity to have an outlook on the future and say, there is a light at the end of that tunnel. >> reporter: about half of the 320 wounded vets who have been through the program now have businesses up and running. restaurant owners, a moviemaker, and john rafferty, whose construction company is on track to bring in $3 million this year. for these men and women who risked their lives for america, a new shot at the american dream. ron claiborne, abc news, syracu syracuse, new york. >> so nice to see it after all those men and women save overseas. some of them the ultimate sacrifice. they come back here and have a chance to build a new, better life. >> programs like that too, they really say that a soldier's intuition and mind and team-building skills can really transition into the business world quite nicely. so that's why you're seeing a lot of these be successful, especially after programs like
3:28 am
that. so it's awesome to see. >> great news. >> that's all the news for this >> great news. >> that's all the news for this difficult problems for a fortune five hundred company. i can run a successful business. i can manage your home improvements. i can publicize your message. i can motivate your audience. i can put my military experience to work for your company. i can teach your children. i can boost your bottom line. i can add value to your workplace. i can be a loyal and productive employee. but i can't put my skills to work for your organization if i'm not given the opportunity. if you don't recognize my talents and ability, if you don't hire me, if you don't have an open mind and a workplace that's open to everyone. if you don't realize that america works best when everybody works. what can you do? what can you do? what can you do? you can remember that at work, it's what people can do, it's what people can do that matters. nearly 50 million americans have disabilities.
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money matters. the president addresses currency problems with asian nations. why american jobs may be at stake. money wasted on a high-tech border fence. the glitches in a high-tech security wonder. and, flying high. how a paper airplane soared to the heavens. >> we just come up with an idea in the pub and went ahead and did it. >> it's friday, november 12th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, i'm mike marusarz sitting in for vinita nair. >> and i'm rob nelson. good morning, everybody. president obama is trying to put the best face possible on a
3:31 am
very disappointing meeting with world economic leaders in south korea. >> the failure of global trade talks could have a widespread impact back here at home. karen traverse is in seoul this morning with more. good morning, karen. >> reporter: good morning, rob and mike. unless president obama picked up souvenirs in his hotel gift shop, doesn't look like he's going home with anything in hand from this leg of his asian tour. coming into the summit the president hoped to push china to stop what the white house says is currency manipulation. that's essentially deliberately undervaluing the chinese yuan. why does this matter? it's all about jobs. the devalued currency means it's cheaper to produce goods in china, and cheaper to sell them overseas. one analyst told abc news this imbalance cost 20 million american jobs, including 10 million in the manufacturing sector. the chinese say, not so fast, we're not the only ones doing this. they point to that announcement last week from the federal reserve that it's going to pump $600 billion into the u.s. economy to stimulate growth and create jobs. the chinese say that the united
3:32 am
states is doing exactly what they accused china of doing, printing paper money to undervalue the dollar and boost u.s. exports. despite the disagreements it was all pleasantries and talk of cooperation yesterday when president obama and president hu met. >> we've got a special obligation to deal with ensuring strong balance and sustainable growth -- >> reporter: the two leaders may not have struck a deal on this trip but they'll have another opportunity. in just a few months. president obama invited president hu to the white house next year and the chinese leader says he's looking forward to the visit. rob and mike? >> thanks, karen. the cholera epidemic in haiti has now killed 800 people. public health experts say the situation in port-au-prince is getting worse every day. hospitals are now overrun with patients and doctors are forced to choose which people to treat. the haitian government may declare a medical emergency. and the neighboring dominican republic is now on alert to prevent that disease from spreading any further. the u.s. coast guard is
3:33 am
joining panama to investigate the fire that left a carnival cruise ship adrift in the pacific. more than 4,000 passengers and crew members arrived in san diego yesterday. they had plenty of stories to share about their lack of power, toilets and food. despite media reports, carnival is making it clear that no spam was served to passengers. good to hear. for years u.s. officials have been touting the idea of a so-called virtual fence to cut illegal immigration along the mexican border. $850 million have been spent on it so far. now the plan has gone bust. john quinones reports from tucson. >> reporter: in 2006, this was supposed to be the answer to illegal immigration in the u.s. >> this is about a solution which we believe is going to do the job. >> reporter: a virtual fence that was supposed to be a high-tech wonder, designed to help the border patrol identify and thwart human trafficking and drug smuggling.
3:34 am
the virtual fence is being panned as a jumble of weak cameras, providing blurry images, unreliable radar that sometimes confuses cars for humans, and performs poorly in bad weather. four years and countless setbacks later, the government is saying, enough is enough. one of the few things that both democrats and republicans agree upon is the colossal failure of this costly project. >> we cannot continue to invest hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money into something if we're not confident it's really going to work. >> this virtual fence, which has already consumed hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayers' money, has been a complete failure. >> reporter: so who is accountable? just about everyone involved in the project. two different administrations, two different homeland security departments, congress, and the company that built the virtual fence. the boeing company received almost $1 billion of taxpayers'
3:35 am
money for the effort, and appears to be in denial. in a statement the company says, boeing stands behind its work on the sbi net system as a reliable, effective border security tool. but in southern arizona, some border patrol agents say no technology can replace boots on the ground. >> until we get something that can look through the trees, no technology replacing the agent. >> reporter: what about the real fence being built along the border? it only covers 640 miles. that leaves more than 1,300 miles of open border as porous as ever. john quinones, abc news, tucson, arizona. human remains have been found in north carolina and the fear that is they are those of a missing girl. those remains were discovered wednesday during a search for little zahra baker, missing over a month. investigators aren't commenting about evidence that's been found in the case.
3:36 am
both her step mother and father are being held. new york prosecutors say google has helped bust up a heroin ring. neighbors had long complained about drug dealing on a particular corner in brooklyn. google's street view camera captured the same group of men on that corner day after day. that's when police moved in with an undercover sting. >> we captured them on film that way too. >> so you've got tight shots and wide shots? >> we've got a little of everything. >> i think that's great. if you know the eye in the sky can catch criminals, hey, what are you going to do? >> that is not the only high-profile heroin bust in the big apple this morning. police arrested three people in an apartment near times square, accused of running a heroin mill. 28 pounds of drugs were recovered, worth more than $6 million. here's your friday forecast. wet in the middle of the country. showers around the twin cities, madison, and des moines. thunderstorms from kansas city to houston. snow showers in the northern
3:37 am
rockies. up to 20 degrees above normal in the tennessee and ohio valleys. >> 50s in boston and new york. nearly 70 in indianapolis. 56 in kansas city. 74 in dallas. mostly 40s from boise to albuquerque. 71 in phoenix. 63 in sacramento. stories like these never get old. no matter how many times we see them. >> navy officer david english showed up at a school veterans day event to surprise his 6-year-old. what a great moment. dad had been in afghanistan since january. >> that's awesome. he had to hide a couple of days in their michigan hometown to pull off the big surprise. little brody was the last one in the family to know dad was actually home. >> they even let brody out of school a little bit early yesterday to spend more time with dad. nice, nice day for that family. more after this, everybody, don't go far. let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
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more durable so it holds up better for a dependable clean. fewer pieces left behind. looks good son! [ female announcer ] new charmin ultra strong. enjoy the go. for an extra clean finish, try charmin freshmates. when you hear the words murder for hire you might think of some action movie. you'd be surprised to learn this is a common crime in real life. >> it seems the disgruntled people who hire the hit men are anything but criminal masterminds. john donvan reports. >> reporter: murder for hire. even in this economy, some of us are still willing to pay for it. take just the last few and the next few weeks. we have a sentencing next month of former food network star juan carlos cruz, who tried to pay two homeless men to kill his wife. tmz had that story. >> what did he tell you to do?
3:42 am
>> strangle her. >> reporter: the arraignment in ohio last month of a mother-in-law accused of plotting to hire an assassin to finish off her son-in-law. in march, dalia dippolito goes on trial in florida. >> like $5,000 -- >> reporter: recorded conversations allegedly showed her negotiating terms for her husband's murder. only a few weeks ago, the arrest of a teenager named matthew campbell in montana for allegedly trying to buy a murder. he has entered plea of not guilty. over a long career with the fbi brad garrett says he has worked on many of these sorts of cases. >> people believe in their naive state that they can step to somebody else, have them commit the murder. >> they think, if that guy pulls the trigger i'm clear. >> right. >> reporter: only most of the time, wrong. as dalia dippolito learned to her regret. according to prosecutors. because in that now notorious scene where she appears to be hammering out the details, the turns out the supposed killer
3:43 am
for hire in the driver's seat was an undercover cop, making recordings for the boynton beach police department. >> what they do is they step to a friend or an associate or someone that they knew in their past. and what happens, in the vast majority of the time, the person they step to goes to law enforcement. >> really? they get ratted out? >> reporter: the next step is actually to stage a false murder. dippolito was called home by police one day and given the false news that inside her husband lay dead. murdered. >> i'm sorry to tell you, ma'am, he's been killed. >> no, no! >> he's been killed, ma'am. >> no! no, no! >> reporter: then they got her into an interrogation room -- >> first of all, just let me tell you i'm sorry for your loss. >> reporter: she continues to speak as a shocked widow. remember, as far as she knows, her husband is dead. >> why would they go through that? if she's just going to deny it? what are they establishing there? they want to see if she reacted or confessed at that point? >> a case is always much better if you can get people to actually admit that they have
3:44 am
committed this act. >> reporter: then they tell her the so-called killer is actually one of their own men. >> that's an undercover police officer. we filmed everything that you did. recorded everything that you did. >> i didn't do anything. i didn't do anything. >> you're going to jail. >> i didn't do anything, please, i didn't do anything. >> reporter: and they quote back what they have her saying on tape. >> you need a real good attorney because we're going to show them the film, where you say you're 5,000% sure you want him dead. >> reporter: finally, they tell her her husband is still alive. >> your husband is well and alive. >> thank god. can i see him? >> he doesn't want to see you. >> i want to see him. >> he doesn't want to see you. >> reporter: dippolito goes on trial in march. she has entered a plea of not guilty. >> i didn't do anything and i didn't plot anything. >> reporter: dalia's husband didn't believe her when she finally got him on the phone from jail. >> you know more than anybody it's not true. >> then what the [ bleep ]?
3:45 am
you said you wanted to have me killed, i heard that. >> it's not true, that is not true. >> how is it not true? >> how can you believe that? >> i heard your voice. >> mike, i didn't do anything. >> it doesn't matter, you can hire [ bleep ]. they're charging your ass. they have your voice, your face in evidence, on tape. >> i would be willing to predict that she has used this crying, playing dumb role in other scenarios in her life, and obviously it's not working here. >> end of the story. >> reporter: except for one more point. the price tag. the value of life snuffed out. the alleged money dalia was to pay her hit man, $3,000 plus the cost of a gun. i'm john donvan in billings, montana. >> two things are amazing about that story. one, people think they're that good of an actor or actress to get through the moment, and two, they hire someone to actually pull the trigger, that will legally absolve them. >> it's very disturbing. i don't know if it's hollywood bleeding into a lot of people's real lives. but you're ending somebody's life, or at least that's the
3:46 am
goal. thank goodness the authorities stepped in. did you see where she sort of went from the fake tears to the real tears? >> the real tears in that moment, we gotcha. all that for $3,000. that's the price of human life. >> still has to have her day in court but it does not look good. >> no, it does not. we're right in the mood when we come back in "the skinny." kanye west's real-life drama on morning tv. what tmz found out about "the hangover" movie sequel. that's next in "the skinny."
3:47 am
3:48 am
skinny, baby, skinny in the house! >> that's accurate. >> skinny is in the house. you know we're huge fans of "the hangover." >> yes. >> you liked it so much you saw "due date." >> which is very funny, similar in how it's made, same director. very funny. we're all anticipating the sequel to "hangover." >> apparently tmz got its hands on some -- a sneak peek into the film. photos have been released. if you're going to the movie, slight spoiler but not really, don't sweat it too much. photos have come out.
3:49 am
of the actual, you know -- >> pretty good. >> pretty good photos have come out about the movie itself in terms of -- right here, you recognize these characters from the last movie. but apparently the interesting thing here is that kind of resembles the mike tyson tattoo on the face. the big scandal is mel gibson was supposed to be in the sequel but some people really didn't like that. for obvious reasons. liam neeson steps in to play the tattoo artist instead of mel. in the movie. wondering who -- zach there on the right, why he shaved his head for some scene in the sequel too. raising speculation about what's going on in the flick. >> apparently becomes s s a mon something tmz is saying. >> i'm sure it will be great. >> it should be funny, though. >> somebody whose life maybe is sort of blurred between fiction and fact, kanye west. he's had a terrible time with the media in the past couple of years. >> not getting any better. >> he sat down with matt lauer over at another network. >> we don't know which. >> he was doing an interview about just his past life and the
3:50 am
accusations that he made towards president bush, that president bush did not like black people, hurricane katrina. so he sits down with matt lauer, and he also covered the whole taylor swift issue at the vmas where he jumped onstage and ripped the mike out of taylor swift's hand and said, beyonce should have won, all that. well, here's what happened as they're doing the interview with matt lauer. let's listen. >> what i was expressing was my frustration from years and years of seeing, you know -- you know, how am i supposed to talk if you're going to run this thing in the middle of while i'm talking? >> it's under, you won't be hearing it -- >> i'm hearing it while i'm trying to talk. >> will you take the sounds out of the overheads, please? just pick up. you said it wasn't a race thing. >> please don't let that happen, it's ridiculous. >> some tension between matt and kanye. >> he went off on twitter and said he's done with the press, done with the media. >> yeah, right. >> we'll see how far that goes.
3:51 am
just so people know, tv, obviously when you're talking about a subject, we run video over it, not to distract you, just to give people a visual. kanye didn't like that so he flipped out again, i'm shocked. this whole brett favre situation could be about to heat up. apparently the girl, jenn sterger, she got apparently the racy text messages, not to mention the photos, there she is, the girl obviously on the right. she says she, her attorney and manager were meeting with nfl investigators in new york on thursday and presented "overwhelming evidence" that brett had crossed the line. and even that it went beyond the text messages, beyond the alleged picture of his private parts and all this. it even went beyond that and they expect action to happen soon. saying the hammer could drop any day now once the nfl decides exactly what to do, and if he did violate their personal conduct policy. seems like closure is on its way here. >> yeah, well jenn sterger, through her attorney, said they met three hours with nfl officials. and she says that -- or the
3:52 am
attorney says that they expect swift action against brett favre sooner than later. we'll have to watch that story. as the vikings are trying to climb back into the playoff race. >> it's crazy out there. around his house. these people chose freedom over restrictions. independence over limitations. they chose mobility. they chosehe scooter store. and this is the team of mobility experts who made it all happen. ii great news, you've been approved for payment. dr. cruz, i'm calling on behalf ofmarie stanford. and they can make it happen for you. hi, i'm doug harrison, if you're living with limited mobility, call the scooter store today. i promise, no other company will work harder to make you mobile or do more to ensure your total satisfaction. i expected they'd help me file some paperwork with medicare and my insurance. i never expected them to be so nice or work so
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stop fighting with your sleep. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. get lunesta for a co-pay as low as zero dollars at discover a restful lunesta night. here's some stories to watch today on abc news. wall street investors will have an eye on labor department numbers on unemployment. a report on layoffs during the third quarter is being released today. christmas packages for military personnel overseas must be mailed today for on-time parcel post delivery. the post office has other options but it will cost you more. and the latest harry potter movie opens today in london. it premieres here in the u.s. in one week. >> i know you've got to leave here and start camping out. finally this half hour, nasa has put the most technologically advanced machines into space but now the british are going low tech, using a paper airplane. >> it sounds pretty weak. the amazing images you're about
3:56 am
to see make up for it. here's the bbc's jon kay. >> reporter: it was an idea dreamt up in the pub. blow up a helium balloon, attach an aeroplane made of paper, find a lightweight pilot, and send it up to the edge of space. somewhere over spain, let the helium balloon pop and see what the camera captures as it glides back down to earth. the results are astonishing. the curvature of the earth, normally seen from rockets and shuttles, now shot from a paper aeroplane at 80,000 feet. the three brits behind the program are not scientists, and the footage exceeded all their expectations. >> we were amazed. we had hand cameras strapped to the cameras. it's minus 60 degrees up there but we thought the batteries were back up after 40 minutes or an hour. in fact they lasted an hour and a half. >> reporter: once the plane came
3:57 am
back to earth the question was how were they going to find it? the team designed this special tracker device, devised not at nasa headquarters but in this house just outside torkey. it's the home of amateur radio enthusiast steve daniels who spent a year preparing for liftoff. >> we're just normal guys. we just come up with an idea in the pub, went ahead and did it. i think that's probably a bigger appeal to people. >> how did you know what to do? >> a little bit of research. mostly it was, can this work? can we do this? >> reporter: the plane was found in a forest 100 miles from the launch site. the team now hopes to start a competition, getting other teams to go higher and get even more startling images. jon kay, bbc news. >> to think the millions of dollars they spend on equipment and computers and lighting and shuttles and all that kind of racy stuff. sometimes you just need the basics, my friend. >> we actually made -- let's see if our million dollars -- >> right to the camera.
3:58 am
>> that made no -- >> that was the saddest. come on, man.
3:59 am
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4:00 am
terrible trip. a nightmarish cruise finally ends. >> there are people getting sick, vomiting in the food area. >> a vacation from hell. core concern. gays serving openly in the military. why many marines oppose it. and, anchor act. harrison ford's role as a tv morning show host. it's friday, november 12th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> ask anyone who isn't in our line of work, "morning glory" everyone's going to check out. if you know what really happens
4:01 am
in this world of tv. >> "anchorman" came out a few years ago, that was funny. you're talking about morning television so they're inching closer to the overnight. >> one day. from behind the scenes, orld news now." >> that could be dangerous. >> good morning, everybody, i'm rob nelson. >> i'm mike marusarz. vinita nair is on assignment. investigation is getting under way into that disabled carnival cruise ship that's now docked in california. >> 4,500 people couldn't wait to leave that ship after their dream vacations turned into a big mess. diana alvear has the latest now from san diego. good morning, diana. >> reporter: rob and mike, good morning. at long last, those poor passengers can finally enjoy things like working toilets, warm showers, even hot food and coffee, imagine that. a much-needed reward for having survived one heck of a trip. it's not your average vacation home video. the sights consisting of the "uss ronald reagan" and coast guard cutters. shot from a cruise ship passenger's point of view.
4:02 am
these memories and others made for an unforgettable trip aboard the carnival "splendor" voyage. >> there was people getting sick, vomiting in the food area. >> we cacabeat anybody's bad honeymoon story. we got it beat. except for the honeymooners who were on the boat with us. >> reporter: what a honeymoon it was. discovery of a working toilet was cause for celebration. >> i ran out in the hall, "the toilet flushed!" people are like, "are you kidding?" people running into their cabins so they can go to the bathroom. >> reporter: the only thing missing was gilligan and skipper. ♪ the power blew due to a smoke fire, the toilets did not work ♪ ♪ our food was vegetables an fruit on the two-day return ♪ >> reporter: as the "splendor" docked the decks were filled with passengers eager to reach dry ground. they disembarked to cheers from the crowd on land. senses of humor intact and remarkably, some of them ready for another round. >> what are the chances this could happen twice to the same person? i'm going with the odds. >> reporter: carnival is eager to have them back.
4:03 am
they've offered full refunds to all the passengers. that is, passengers who care to voyage again. mike, rob? >> thanks, diana. president obama leaves the meeting of world economic leaders today in seoul, south korea, and after some pretty intense negotiations the g-20 leaders have agreed to monitor currency fluctuations that can manipulate the world economy. that had been a serious sticking point between the u.s. and china. experts say currency imbalances can lele to the loss of millions of jobs here in the u.s. and ththpresident wraps up his tour of asia with a stop in japan. america's most important ally in that region. he's attending the asia-pacific summit in yokohama later today and spending the weekend in economic meetings to discuss regional free trade before finally returning to the white house sunday. iraq's new government is already facing tough times days ahead of a deal that helped create it. some sunni lawmakers walked out of a parliamentary meeting when prime minister nuri al maliki was chosen for a second term.
4:04 am
they say he's had his chance and has failed to unite iraq. under the deal representatives of iraq's major groups will split the top government posts. a new pentagon survey is expected to show that there is little risk in repealing the don't ask, don't tell policy governing gays in the military. more than 70% say the repeal would have little impact on the u.s. forces. but as martha raddatz now reports, that is not how the marines see it. >> the few. the proud. the marines. >> reporter: marines who have the toughest physical standards, more frequent combat deployments, the fewest percentage of women by far, and are also the youngest force, with 60% under the age of 22. all resulting in a macho espirit de corps in which marines pride themselves. that deeply patriotic, high-octane approach to recruiting may be one reason
4:05 am
that 40% of marines don't want to see gays serving openly. higher than any other service. there is a more practical reason the marines cite as well. every marine has a roommate. >> unlike the other services, we have consciously for decadesesow billeted by twos. so if the law changes we start out with a problem in terms of how to address that. >> reporter: general conway and his replacement general jim amos have said they don't want to see the policy change given the extraordinarily tight bonds of the marine corps. statements like that most certainly affect the thinking of the younger marines. the chiefs of the other services have expressed concerns about the policy change as well, but nothing like general amos who has gone so far as to say it as risk to unit cohesion during war time. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. amazon is no longer selling an electronic book aimed at pedophiles called "the
4:06 am
pedophile's guide to love and pleasure: a child lover's code of conduct." amazon faced a possible boycott when it went on sale this week. it's unclear if amazon pulled it off its site or if the author withdrew his self-published work. child safety groups had demanded its removal. after two bleak holiday shopping seasons in a row, this year does look a bit better. stores are attracting early shoppers and hiring extra workers ahead of the rush, hundredsdsf them, in fact. sharyn alfonsi reports on the extra jingle this christmas. >> reporter: shoppers are buying again. credit card companies reporting retail sales are up more than 3%. now stores are battling for those customers. walmart announcing they'll offer free shipping on some 60,000 items over the holidays. >> traditionally, shoppers have done browsing online, then t t avoid ththshipping charge they'll go into the store to buy. but this is a game-changer. >> reporter: sears, for the first time ever, is opening on thanksgiving day.
4:07 am
other stores are adding more help. best buy plans to hire 29,000 seasonal workers. toys "r" us, 45,000. and jcpenney, 30,000. >> we have every reason toto believe it's going to be a good holiday for us. >> reporter: joe cardimony has been working for jcpenney for 36 years. walking the aisles of his store, he sees in a pile of picked-over sweaters signs of an economic turnaround. >> they're doing very well right now. >> that's a sign to you? >> t tt's a good sign it will be a good holiday for this category of merchandise. >> sweaters are an economic indicator? >> absolutely, they are. >> reporter: it's not just big change. this small popcorn shop outside of denver -- >> we're going through what appears like it's going to be our very best year we've ever had. >> reporter: they plan to hire about a dozen employees for the holiday. retailers added 159,000 seasonal jobs just last month, three times more than last year. still, the competition for those jobs is stiff. >> how many people are there
4:08 am
applying? >> there's actually a huge line in jcpenney right now. >> of people looking for work? >> yeah. >> reporter: many of the applicants, laid-off white collar workers now willing to fold sweaters. you're hiring 150 people, how many people do you think will apply for this job? >> probably well over a couple of thousand. it's outstanding. >> reporter: we took note of another sign the company mayaye bouncing back. in minnesota in the mall of america, every single store is leaseded not a single store empty. that's the first time that's happened in 18 years. sharyn alfonsi, abc news, new york. >> can't believe you like black friday. >> i love it. it's coming up. >> you're insane. a look at your weather across the country. thunderstorms could get severe at times around houston, dallas, oklahoma city, and kansas city. showers around the twin cities, des moines, and madison. light snow in western montana, idaho, and northwest wyoming. >> 40s across much of the 50 in seattle. and 52 in n rtland. 41 in omaha.
4:09 am
61 in chicago. 70s from dallas to atlanta. 57 in boston. 59 here in new york. and 81 in miami. well, there likely won't be any flowers put in this particular chinese vase. >> it's just sold at a london auction for a stunning $69 million. that's about 40 times the presale estimate. fierce bidding drove the price up, actually, all before the hammer came down for a buyer from china. >> the vase was discovered in an ordinary english home that was being cleaned out. it probably dates back all the way to the 1740s. we'll be right back. >> the detail is exquisite on that, rob.
4:10 am
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number one! me! giants! number one! >> look at, that willis. >> makes me sick to my stomach. watching that. >> the football giants -- >> because he's number one. it won't last long, by the way. very happy with himself. talking trash about my saints. anyway. before we start our weekly nfl picks segment, may i please ask willis for some silence. thank you so much, appreciate that. >> even as a guest here i realize that willis actually does have plenty to crow about. >> blah, blah, blah. unfortunately, here's why. we told you monday morning, willis of all people, willis, has moved into the lead in our little nfl picks competition. there he is looking goofy. >> reigning supreme you would say, right? at least for the moment. he's got a massive, and we mean enormous, one-game lead over most of the chasing group. >> here we go.
4:14 am
here are the games we're picking this time around. detroit is going to buffalo to take on the winless buffalo bills. tennessee heads south to face the dolphins. >> and houston is at jacksonville, and the big game sunday night, the patriots in pittsburgh facing the steelers. >> looking good. getting this part over with quickly, willis picking buffalo, tennessee, jacksonville, patriots. all wrong. >> buffalo to get their first win, huh? >> as for my picks, an attempt to end willis' one-week reign at the top, i'm taking detroit, tennessee, jacksonville, pittsburgh. >> of course, vinita goes traditional taking home teams. bills, dolphins, jags and steelers. >> jack is looking to bring willis down, taking the bills, tennessee, houston, and the steelers as well. >> diana is out west and she's off to china for "world news." she's bringing in the rear with her picks with detroit, miami, houston and new england. >> of course i cannot wait for -- well, you can't wait.
4:15 am
>> yeah. chiefs taking on denver. division-leading chiefs taking on denver. >> very proud. luckily, my saints had the week off, reloading from the stress run, of course. monday morning we'll have highlights of all the games. >> of course the new leadadboard, we'll see if willis can crow next week as well. >> he will not. coming up next, harrison ford, a movie about reading news.
4:16 am
well, we are patiently waiting for hollywood to make a movie about overnight television news shows like ours, filmmakers are releasing one about morning tv and it's called "morning glory." it stars harrison ford as a tv anchor. >> ours would be a horror movie. peter travers, "rolling stone" movie critic and host o of abc
4:17 am
news "popcorn" sat down with ford to talk about the film and the wardrobe of a tv news anchor. >> harrison ford, welcome to the show. >> thanks for having me. >> here you are in this movie "morning glory" playing the third worst person in the world. >> yeah. >> i thought that was good billing for somebody who was once an anchor, this character of mike pomeroy, who now doeoe morning tv news. >> yeah. >> with diane keaton. am i right or can you pick up on that and explain how you see mike pomerer? >> i see him as a guy who thinks of himself as a serious journalist.. he spent his 40 years of his career doing serious work. and now he's been moved aside from the anchor desk for a younger -- one presumes for a younger man and an ambitious young television morning show
4:18 am
producer, played by rachel mcadams, who's struggling to get the ratings of her show up. realizes that his contract will oblige him to come back and serve as the host of the show or the network won't have to pay him the $6 million a year that he's now living on. >> who do you think the public would rather hear from last? someone who's won every broadcast award on the face of the planet? or the former miss pacoima? >> it's arizona! >> the story that interests me is the relationship that he has with the character that rachel plays. they have a real difficult relationship. because he doesn't want to do any of the fluff stories. and she can't really cover the serious stuff.
4:19 am
but they come to know each other in this context. >> when you just crossed your leg i'm seeing you wearing mike poporoy's socks. >> yeah. read my contract. >> you get to keep -- >> my wardrobe. my suit. this is actually not my suit, this is from "air force one." i hate to shop, basically, is what it's about. >> when you're playing the president in a movie like that, you know -- >> you get some nice suits. >> good suits. but the socks. what are the socks saying? >> the socks are saying, you may think that you know who mike pomeroy is. but look what's going on out of the camera's view. it's below the frame in the network news world. >> there's that wild side. >> there's a wild side. >> you must get asked this all, and you just did indy why is there no han solo again? why haven't they come to you and
4:20 am
said, we want -- >> i don't think i -- i don't think there's a -- i don't think there's a way to weave him back into the story. besides which, as a character, he was, you know -- it was not so interesting to me. i thought he should have died in the last one. just to give it some bottom, some -- >> did that not go over well with george lucas? >> george didn't think there was any future in dead han toys. >> i always ask people to sing a little bit of something that's in their head, a little bit of music that means something to them, maybe something you sing to your son at home. look at that face, it's just not being happy. listen, harrison. you were doing really well -- >> i was searching for the words. >> were you searching for the actual words? m going to give you the quiet to do it.
4:21 am
♪ see how late it gets, two sleepy people ♪ ♪ by dawn's early light and too much in love to say good night ♪ >> that was actually beautiful. jimmy kimmel never got that from you in the ben affleck film. but he did get -- >> buy my christmas album, yeah. out soon in stores. >> harrison's still one of the best. "insomniac theater" on monday, vinita's going to check out "morning glory." i'm going to see "unstoppable." i'd kind of like to see "morning glory" because in this job i think it's going to be interesting to see how they portray our business. >> i think it will be fun for people who are in the business, or people who like the romantic comedies and stuff, to see harrison ford in this role is going to be interesting. he didn't look all that excited to be in the movie. >> he's been in the business a long time, done a lot of interviews.
4:22 am
he's perhaps maybe a littltle -- >> he's still in character. >> well, yeah. >> that doesn't say, man, i'm so excited about this movie. >> it's his 400th interview of the day, though. why go one more ? you don't need a rematch, but a rethink. with lunesta. lunesta is thought to interact with gaba receptors associated with sleep. lunesta helps you get the restful sleep you need. lunesta has some risk of dependency. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving or engaging in other activities while asleep without remembebeng it the next day have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations, or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions such as tongue or throat swelling occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness, and morning drowsiness.
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"world news now" delivers your "morning papers." >> we start today with the story that's near and dear to mike's heart. >> the leadidi write-in to this one, then. >> perfect segue. >> nine-inch high heels. i don't have any but i do think they're interesting. and you've seen women wear these enormous like stilettos, some are six inches. they've upped the ante, if you will. >> very special. >> lady gaga has been spotted sort of wearing some of ththe. some hot other celebrities too.. victoria beckham, sheryl crow, kate moss. of course the big fashion
4:26 am
designer, shoe designer, christian louis vuitton wanting to get in on the action. is that how you say it? louis vuitton with the red soles? i'm on it. >> what's the average size of a woman's shoe, pump? three inches? that is nine inches. wow. show me again, that is nine inches. that pump is -- wow. >> you're not walking anywhere in those. >> that's clearly for today's overachieving stripper. okay. real quick. thanks, willis. gold tattoo. take a look at this picture before we go to the polka on this friday. new, literally. first started in japan, now moving overseas, coming out, gold and platinum tattoos. >> real gold? >> real, actual gold. 99% gold. >> wow. >> it's the polka time, everyone, enjoy your friday. >> what song are we doing? >> i'll sing it for you. what we're thinking of doing is i will p py it and you just, you know, recite it. >> right, but i need to know the tune. ♪ politics and foreign wars all the weather all the scores ♪ ♪ that's the world news polka
4:27 am
♪ tapes that roll in way too slow ♪ ♪ stuff you saw on koppel's show ♪ ♪ that's the world news polka ♪ it's late at night you're wide awake and you're not wearing pants ♪ ♪ grab your world news now mug and everybody dance ♪ ♪ have some fun be a pal every anchor guy and gal ♪ ♪ do the world news polka ♪ who cares what the bosses think they're a goofy crew ♪ ♪ and if your neighbors call the cops here's all you have to do ♪ ♪ when they yell it's half past three tell them it's news to me ♪ ♪ that's the world news polka ♪ they make us work the graveyard shift that's why we go for broke ♪ ♪ so why not tune in abc and join our little joke ♪ ♪ five whole days every week we're here with tongue in cheek and the world news polka ♪ ♪ the world news polka
4:28 am
>> all right! you have heard the song before. you are a song and dance man.
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