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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  November 12, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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work repair work. expect detour and delays. news time is 4:59. big changes are coming for elementary school students in harford county. some people are not too happy about this. sherrie johnson joins us in the studio with reaction this morning. >> reporter: megan, this week, the harford county school sis teem testimony released the first draft of a redistricting plan that would shift some student in the 33 elementary schools. it's been eight years since harford county redistrict the elementary school. some are overcrowd and some are undercapacity. county wants to balance somethings out and some pants say it shouldn't come on the backs of their kid. >> grade start to matter. she starts to take state testing and you are going to uproot her as if she is a number. and you know, she is not. >> reporter: a spokeswoman for the school system said all the county schools need to be under capacity in time for the arrival of new families because of the
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base realignment and closure or the become rac process. harford county school board has public meetings before the members vote on the plan which is he can spieed to happen in march. in the studio, sherry johnson. news this morning, baltimore city police union will not budge on reducing officers pay for one year them shot down the proposal and rejabbed one-year contract that would have reduced salaries by nearly 2% in exchange for 5 more vacation days. they will have reaction on both side from city leaders coming up at 5:50. police are investigating a vehicle break-in at the home of a stephanie rawlings-blake a police spokesman says the mayor's husband got his personal vehicle broken into yesterday morning. he noticed several things had been taken including a satellite radio. mrs. say the mayor's poe text detail was in place overnight, however the vehicle was parked out of their line of sight. police say there were no signs of forced entry into the car.
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and now the latest on a baltimore city police office are accused of killing an unarmed man outside a club. the trial of officer has been postponed until march. he was charged with killing tyrone brown. police say he fired three shots at brown after the former marine groped a woman. his attorney says his client acted appropriately. he is being held without bail. if i've been to annapolis, you've probably seen the bronze statue at rams head live. it's gone this morning a thief made off with the heavy bronze statue of a rearing ram. while it was open and full of people. it weighs more than 40 pound and was last seen sunday during a football game. >> disappointing but not surprising. we have had. [audio not understandable] people take the carpet i don't know what they do with the stuff but i guess they outfit their
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house with it. they will take just about anything. >> they hope someone will see the statue of the mascot and return it and turn the thief in. three minutes after five right now. around the world this morning, president obama and a group of 20 major economies have agreed to refrain from competitive devaluation of currency. the joint statement says that the leaders have also agreed to move toward more markets to determine evenly. if you missed the ravens game you needed to see how tough the loss with a. joe flacco led the team down the field and connected for a touchdown giving the ravens the lead with a minute and 5 second left. however, the falcons drove 80 yards in 45 seconds, scored a touchdown and beat baltimore 26-21. flacco had a heck of a game, but he was disappointed by the loss,
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nonetheless. >> looked up and the -- on clock and you think it's your game to have. you think it's over. and it just didn't work out that way. >> ravens fall to 6 3-overall and will play the panthers at one a week from sunday in charlotte. breast cancer is a disease that is impacted millions of people across the world. a students want people to know about breast cancer. why they are being discouraged from participating in a popular awareness campaign. before you head anywhere and want to know how the trains and buss are moving, here a mta mark jones. happy friday when i see people trying to sell and old camry, it makes me want to show 'em a new ford fusion.
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now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherrate. >> good morning on this friday. and as we move through the 5:00 hour, one thing i want to note after a clear night and into a clear morning in november, we can have a huge spread of temperatures at the studio we are at 40 degrees. the north side of baltimore city south sowed of towson.
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for baltimore the official degrees is 31. it's 34 in easton and we are at 5:07 and we are talking about a clear sky but coastal flood advisory. a water levels have been rising with a eastern flow preventing the tide from work their way out. if you live around the shores of the chesapeake east and west side, look out for rising water levels. a frost condition this morning. 6:47 sunrise. a sunny after new carries us to a two degree guaranteed high of 63. >> reporter: if you are in your house getting ready wanting to know what the road are looking like they -- roads are looking like they look pretty good. the inerin outer loop look good and east side. no problems on the harrisburg expressway. as we check the maps, an update on the water main break that's in brooklyn park. ritchie highway closed in both directions at 11th street. try to avoid that area until it
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is cleared and we have an accident up in rosedale. golden ring road at kenwood avenue is where the accident is. now back to you. all new this morning, students in indiana are discouraged to participate in a popular breast cancer awareness campaign. the plastic bracelets declear i love boobies and they have been banned from a school district. tanya spencer has both sides of the controversy. >> reporter: it's an eye catching slogan that is raising eyebrows in some school districts. the i love boobies bracelets are part of the keep a breast campaign to raise awareness in young people about breast cancer and early detection. it even gained the support of katy -- celebrities like katy perry. >> to educate them and have a healthy mind set. >> reporter: she was wearing her bracelet until the school corporation banneded them. >> i don't understand it. everyone knows what it is for.
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it shouldn't be a big deal. >> kids. kid that i talked to have had mothers, grandmothers, that have gone through breast cancer and they are wearing them in support of their family. >> reporter: her mom tarry says with a history of breast cancer in her family, she will encourage her daughter to wear her bracelet despite the ban. what do you say to people they are crude or offensive? >> well, they can be be taken -- it can have a dual meaning. i can see that but i mean, part of the appeal to teenagers is that dual message. but i think in the long run, it's doing a lot of good. i think there's bigger problems in the school to be worrying about that a plastic bracelet. >> that was tanya spencer reporting. the shelbyville central school corporation says they were disturning learning. they cost $4 and part of the proceed go towards breast cancer
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13 minutes after 5. thanksgiving is less than two weeks away. it's hart to believe. everybody has their own family favorite recipe. and we want you to dig it out and share it with us. share the recipes whether it's the turkey or stuffing or sides salad or dessert. you name it, we want to know about it. so what we are asking you to do and deadline is today. e-mail us at morning show at and we will pick out recipes and have you come in on "good morning, maryland" at nine and cook on the show leading up to thanksgiving. include of course your name, e-mail address and phone number and the recipe. you have until today to submit the recipes so we will contact you to come in and be a guest on the show. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar, and
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forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> a clear look outside right now. it's dark and it's about 5:15 on the clock. we have a look at sunrise coming up in a hour and half. and we have have a look at a lot of sun today. yesterday, and like most of the week, temperatures have actually remained in the 60s in the afternoon. we made a nice recovery and we will get a pay back at some point. but it's above normal. 62 in baltimore. 50s from philly to new york. high of 71 in charleston, west virginia. west virginia? is in the 70s in mid-november. this is where we belong. 58 in the afternoon, we have been as low as 18 in 1957 and 1879. you have to go way back to that point in time to find heat on this day of 78 degrees. sun up at 6:47 and down at 4:55. clear skies dominates the region. we have cleared things off toward new england that was plagued by the storm system off
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the coast. that's meandering but influencing us with our dry air mass and preventing this storm from reaching us. so a high pressure is in control. slight northeastern wind. we have a coastal flood advisory around the chesapeake. rain and snow in the northern plains is prevented from reaching us. from this morning through the weekend, mostly dry skies. you will notice we have ourselves the final advancement of the front pushing eastbound as the storm lines up and wrapsp across the great lakes. by sunday morning, we are dry but probably getting clouds by the afternoon. and a change in the weather pattern. we will shift our focus to cooler weather and more wet weather next week. but today, a policant one. mostly sunny and two degree guaranteed high of 6 3. tonight, back to 28 degrees. under a crystal clear sky. and for tomorrow, we are expecting a mostly sunny sky. that is the weekend pick with a high temperature of 65. so some backyards could approach 70. and we will be nice on sunday,
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more clouds may hold temperatures back a little bit. more on that outlook and more on the outlook into next week coming up in a few minutes. here's kim brown with traffic. >> reporter: we have a handful of road hazards and road closures inan arundel and baltimore county. let's look at 95 on -- in anne arundel and baltimore county. let's look at 95. as we look at the maps, we have traffic light issue up in upper co. all the traffic lights are dark. treat it as a four-way stop sign. one accident is in rosedale golden ring row at kenwood avenue. joppa road is closed due to a fire but they are continuing the cleanup and investigation. so that could be closed for a little while longer. down in brooklyn park, ritchie highway closed at 11th street because of a downed pole
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. they are doing utility repairs and morgan is a good alternate. entertainment news, oscar winning producer who brought 500 movies to the big screen passed away. he died wednesday night at his home in beverly hills. he produced several italian master piece including lastrada but maybe best remembered for death wish. he was 91 years old. opera icon placido domingo known to popular music audiences for his part in three tenors performance was named the latin grammy person of the year for his cultural and his flynn tropic road e raised millions for victims in disasters such as mexico's 1985 earthquake as well as hurricane katrina. and harry pot tar's movie magic will soon come to an end. harry potter and deathly hollows part one, the next to the last
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installment in the film franchise appeared in london ahead of the theatrical release next week. it comes in two parts, the last film will be releaseded next july. some of your kids see the libraries as a drag as a place they have to go to do reading and homework. how about a new designed school library? we will tale you -- take you to one at fort meade elementary school when we come back. with orbitz, i know what to expect from my vacation.
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what's better than a boat load of books for an elementary school? how about a newly designed school library to put them in. with the help of volunteers, a fort meade elementary school unveiled the new of the attraction yesterday. tim rutherford was there to give you a look. >> reporter: talk about coming down to the wire, thus at mannerview elementary on the base at fort meade inan arundel county, dozens of volunteers were scrambling to put the finishing touches on a newly designed school library. they hope to finish up before the big unveiling and community gala that followed. the volunteers from target, along with military veterans and community groups were sorting, stacking and labeling some of
5:23 am
the 2,000 new books that would film the library shelves. >> i wonder how many months or days or years it's going take for the boys and girls to get through the 2,000 books. >> reporter: and if the day were not big enough for the principal, her boss dropped by. not the school superintendent although he was there but we are talk about the u.s. secretary of education arnie duncan. >> i am walk in and get a sense of the spirit. >> every time the school -- the families are in the military and we can't do enough to support families and children and see the gorgeous library make over is amazing. >> the military families a. lot of children are losing -- moving from city to city and they have to pick up and start at a different level. for them to have all the resources here they are so excited. they are. >> reporter: these second graders opened their eyes to a new world of reading. for young students, the
5:24 am
consequences of neglect are profound. >> if we don't help our children at that read early in life, nothing maters. >> reporter: the ribbon was cut, chairs went up and who better to critique than a smart library user. >> it's awesome and thank you so much. >> reporter: at fort meade, tim rutherford, abc2 news. >> the veterans group commission continues with the makeover and it looks great. justin. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> 5:24. check out a book and go find a park bench or something this weekend. a good day to get outside today. but a better day tomorrow. we are looking for mild temperatures despite the chilly start and a lot of us down with a wide range of the upper 20s to near 40 this morning. we have got to go by our official numbers at bwi-
5:25 am
marshall which is running chillier. we will go to 63 this afternoon as the two degree guaranteed. a fully sunny sky. and down into the u7er 20s tonight. 65 saturday and lows near freezing a few more clouds sunday at 62. near 60 monday with late showers. but we will drop in the 50s, tuesday and wednesday and thursday and colder by next weekend. now we will go up to new york and listen to the tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites a. new approach to policing internet privacy. the wall street journal reports the obama administration will call for some new laws and the creation of a watchdog to protect personal information online. the strategy is expected to be unveiled in the coming weeks. one of the first computeers to rival the ipad goes on sale the samsung galaxy tab has smaller screen, 7 inches versus 10 but many features the ipad doesn't have including two built in cameras. usa today says it's a legitimate challenger. >> you will love the smaller
5:26 am
form factor and ability to put it in your pocket or you won't. you will miss the extra screen real estate but they have come up with an attractive device that has a lot going for it and for those who want to see competition and vigor in the tablet space, samsung added that with this device. >> reporter: and those are your tech bites. i am rob nelson.
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now, "good morning maryland" take a pay cut or not to take a pay cut. that's what baltimore city police office hers to decide. both teams were 6-2. something had to give. falcons gave a lot at the end. but the ravens had to clinch it up until the last few second of the game. we have a recap coming up. and passengers from the cruise ship splendor described
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the nightmare of a trip. and now they say they are happy to be on land. we are happy to have you here on "good morning, maryland" happy friday. thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle. jamie is off and justin has a first check of your weather. >> headlines for today, with high pressure in control, clear skies, frosty morning. we do have a mild afternoon expected. much like the last couple after noons. it will be in the 60s. the weekend outlook is dry. our long range outlook for big changes next week. we are at 31 in baltimore and easton. many spots from the 20s to near 40s. so it's tough to pinpoint what your particular temperature is. but we will do some of the neighborhood breakdowns coming up in few minutes. and check this out, a coastal flood advisory. there's a storm off the east coast we have been watching that stirred up the wakes and pile water off the chesapeake. and as a result, all the counties bordering the chesapeake with the exception of cecil county, has a possibility of high water at high tide.
5:29 am
go to for your nearby high tide times and that is what we will look at on the bay. otherwise a dry day. frosty this morning with sunshine carrying us to the two degree guaranteed high of 63. let's go to the road with kim brown with traffic. >> reporter: thanks. good morning. getting a word of an accident up in parkton at old york road. look in anne arundel county, traffic looks very good. no problems on route 50 or 97 in both directions. let's go to the maps. we have road hazards and a couple things around the area to let you know b traffic lights are dark. that's up in upper co on hanover pike and emory road. treat that as a four-way intersection. crash activity in golden ring road at kenwood avenue. they are trying to piece together fire investigation right there in towson. joppa road closed at danaway and expect it to remain closed for a while. and brooklyn park ritchie highway closed in both