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tv   News  ABC  November 12, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EST

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because of an ongoing utility problem. passengers from the carnival splendor are praising the crew this morning. but otherwise describing the experience abroad -- aboard the cruise ship as nightmare vacation. imagine you pay all the money to have fun, and then the unthinkable happens. you are stuck on a ship and you can't use hardly any of the amenities offered. half a dozen tugboats dragged the cruise ship into the san diego bay yesterday after a fire in the engine room monday left it adrift. here emily schmidt with more this morning. >> reporter: toonie tugboats pulled splendor into san diego, thousands of people welcomed the ending of a vacation that never began. >> we haven't had a hot meal for five days. we had no lights or electricity. we had no flashlight. we couldn't find toilet. >> reporter: a litany of troubles unimaginable when the luxury one week mexican riviera
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cruise van and vacation videos looked like this. >> it's our first night on the cruise. we have just gotten our meals. >> reporter: but monday's engine room fire changed everything. >> all of a sudden, everything started to go dead. >> we open the doors and there was smoke down the hallway. >> reporter: the fire went out so did the power. a ship adrift pitch-blackness in the rooms, dark hours ahead. >> cold showers and no toilet for 14 hours. that was not fun. >> it got pretty bad. that's where people were sleeping in the hallways. >> reporter: the toilets worked again, refrigerated food went bad. >> after you get the sapped wipes for the 10th time and smell the rotted milk you can't eat. >> reporter: federal and panamanian investigators had look at what went wrong as passengers wave it good-bye. >> what do you do? you have to make the best of it and that's what carnival did. >> reporter: the navy airlifted tens of thousands of supplies to the ship including cases of spam. last night carnival tweeted
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despite media reports, carnival splendor guests were never served spam. and emily shall i am emily smith, abc2 news. baltimore leaders want to trim off debt but police officers want get back to protecting you. it's a tug-of-war battle and the union has spoken out against the city proposal. sherrie johnson has more this morning. >> reporter: megan, baltimore police union voted overwhelmingly to rejacket one-year contract that would have reduced wages by nearly 2% in exchange for 5 additional vacation days. they voted against the proposal. they were upset by pay cuts on the heels of an overhaul of the public safety pension system put in place by mayor stephanie rawlings-blake. the mayor released a statement after that vote and said i am disappointed in the result of tonight's vote but rye maine confident we can come to an agreement. i am grateful for the city employees who understand that this ecomony has affected
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everyone. the men and women of baltimore police department have made tough sacrifices and continue to do their jobs courageously and honorablely even during tough times. the fop union president says the vote shows how men and women in the police department feel about how they have been treated. in the studios, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. a consume are alert this morning. nissan is recalling more than 600,000 cars and this is due to steering or battery cable problems. japanese auto mark says the recall affects the front year pickup and xterra s up vs and more than 18,000 sentra sedans. no injuries or crashes have been reported because of either issue. for more information, go to the national retail federation says return fraud will cost stores almost $14 billion this year up over 4 billion from 2009.
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to make your returns smoother, experts say always hold on to the receipts and read the fine print on the receipts, and definitely look at everything so you can get a full refound. don't be surprised if you are asked to show identification when making a return. one in five retailers say they are asking shoppers for id whether they have a receipt or not. this week we showed you how many people lined up in our area to buy the game "call of duty: black ops ""ñthe cold war era shooting game made an estimated 360 million dollars in the united states alone and we are talking about the first 24 hours. that's more than 5 and a half million colies. the previous -- copies. previous call of duty made 4 1/2 million. we had a science project. they were fun and most of us got a pretty good grade on it. what about inventing something?
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studente inventors whose inventions could be sold on television. and now for trains and bus let's try to go to mark jones. >> reporter: good morning out there on the buses, look for the 1, 3 and 61 buses to be diverted in the area of charles and pratt and 64. the 14 bus divert at rit itchie highway and 17th due to a pole and 52, 53 and 91 buss are 15 to 20 minutes late. out there at the metro subway, 10 minute delay. light rail is good and marc trains are operating on time. for the nta transit -- mta transit team, i am mark jones. s and some coffee. sure. decaf or regular? regular. cake or pie? pie. apple or cherry? cherry. oil or cream? oil or cream? cream please! (announcer) when other toppings are made with hydrogenated oil, the real dairy cream in reddi wip's sure an easy choice.
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nothing's more real than reddi wip. fork or spoon?
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new this morning, some bright talented student are
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helping to solve the world's environmental problems before they graduate grade school. they showed off inventions at a science fair in jersey city, new jersey. these 6th grade rares mong the finalist at the student inventor's day. it's a fairfield based company that created the as see on tv logo. one invention like green paws was created by a team to keep dogs cleaner. >> they are dog shoes to protect them from damage and to keep their paws clean. >> every dog owner in the studio perked up. twelve teams presented their ideas on wednesday. some are very scientific. this is up your alley, just in. >> now, maryland's most powerful dop lar radar and forecast certified most accurate by weatherrate. >> megon is online searching
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for the shoes check out coolest temperature we can find. the coldest temperature in maryland this morning is at robert frost middle school. young stim a friend of jack frost and we have 45 degrees on the thermometer. one of the coldest sites in rockville. laurel at 28. 24 ellicott city. but woodbine at 35 and towson at 37. 39 in edgemere and eastern shore milder by the chesapeake at 44. we are going from 28 to 40. that's the spread this morning. widespread frost to 20 degree spread at least by lunchtime. we should get into the upper 50s and get to 63 or mostly sunny afternoon. that is our two degree guaranteed high. let's see whapping on the roads with kim brown. >> reporter: thanks. if you are make your way around the beltway or head towards 95 or towards 83, you are not going to encounter problems. traffic is light moving very well. here we are heading southbound you won't entercounsel --
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encounter days. look at the maps we have a couple things working. one accident remains that is at golden ring road and kenwood avenue. a vehicle has gone into the front of a 7/eleven. and that's not going to impact you. joppa road remainsed close and in brooklyn park, ritchie highway closed in both direction as 11th street as they try to repair a utility issue. morgan road is a good alternate. sherrie johnson has the latest details on one of the morning's top stories. good morning, sherrie. >> reporter: good morning. harford county proposes a new restudies tributing -- redistricting plan. hear student sound off about the plan. e. sure. decaf or regular? regular. cake or pie? pie. apple or cherry? cherry. oil or cream? oil or cream?
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cream please! (announcer) when other toppings are made with hydrogenated oil, the real dairy cream in reddi wip's sure an easy choice. nothing's more real than reddi wip. fork or spoon?
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5:45 right now. this week the harford county school sis it can release -- system released the first draft that shift student in all 33 elementary schools and some parents and children are not happy about the changes. sherrie johnson joins with us more on the story. >> reporter: good morning. it's been eight years since harford county redistributed the elementary schools. administrators say it's time for a change since some of the schools are overcrowded and others are undercapacity. the county wants to balance things out. and some parents say that
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balance shouldn't come at their kid' expense. under the proposed plan, some students from all of the 33 school districts would move to a new school. parents say friendships will be disrupted if student move and disrupted again when the kid return to their district for middle school. a spokeswoman for the school system said the county scuse need to be under capacity -- schools need to be under capacity for the brac process. >> sometimes when you get to a paint like this where we have schools that are severely overcrowd, we need to balance out and that mean entire county. >> reporter: the harford county school board has several public meetings scheduled before voting on the plan which is expect to happen in march. parents can comment at the meetings. in the studios, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. a man has been sentenced to 20 years for sexually abusing a 9-year-old frederick girl. a judge sentenced the 29-year-old this week in frederick county circuit court. plead guilty in september to
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the sex abuse charges of a minor and second degree sex offense charges. he will be deported back to mexico after serving his prison term. also this morning a. man accuse of trying to shoot a carroll county sheriff deputy is set to be tried in march. brian hill of baltimore city waived his right to a speedy trial this week. he is charged with attempted first degree murder and other offenses. hill is accused of trying to shoot deputy webb in june after he pulled over his suv. police say that as the deputy approached the vehicle, hill stuck a handgun out of the window and tried to fire and shoot the deputy. but the gun misfired. 5:46 right now. the operators of a chris it academy school -- christian academy school former students are suspect in the theft of a computer and sound equipment taken from bolta baltimore school -- baltimore school. they stole the equipment and it's school for mostly low income students. more than 8,000 dollars was
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used from a state grant to buy the computers that were stolen. you hoped for a win, at one point, two point, whatever it was. that's what you hoped for. but it didn't happen. instead, a heart breaking loss. ravens had it coming down the stretch with a minute to go. ravens qb flacco connected with heath that put the ravens up by one point. but the falcons came back scored a touchdown with second left to beat baltimore 26-21 in atlanta. >> we were pretty confident we had them. but they made the plays and we didn't. so, it's a difficult loss. so, yeah, you know, with our defense, 50 seconds left, you figure you will stop them, and our guys fought hard and did an excellent job. but we came up short. >> ravens will be off on sunday and they will be back at it on november 21st as they travel to carolina to play the panthers. baltimore county police will not discipline an officer -- office here got a autograph
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from ray rice after warning him about tinted windows a spokesman says investigators determined rice didn't get any special treatment and that there was no quid pro quo for the awed graph and says rice offer the autograph for the officer's son. rice posted a twitter suggesting that he got out of the ticket for the awed graph. now -- autograph. veteran's day turn out as expect. a butte -- expected. a -- a beautiful blue sky. down toward norfolk, 70s though from charleston, west virginia, west. that's where the warm air has been hiding. it may try to nudge in before the weekend. above normal temperatures will prevail. a chilly start across much of central maryland and widespread from the mid-20s to low 40s typically 36 starts the day. 58 is where we would finish up.
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record ranging from 18 in 1957. but look at the high temperature mark. and this goes way back to 1879 with 78 degrees. sun up at 6:47 and down at 4:55. a day featuring more sunshine. we are watching the storm off the coast that is not affecting new england anymore. that storm is in for the waters of the atlantic. that's been pushing up the chesapeake bay preventedent having our tides from going out. -- preventing our tides from going out. through midnight, east and west of the chesapeake bay clouds throughout. high pressure is in control. storm is is off the coast. we are watching a frontal bondry get more active across the northern plains and will stay that way. high presh you provides us a nice weekend. by saturday and sunday morning, we are dry and cold and have frosty mornings and mild afternoon. the clouds come in with a change next week. for today, enjoy it.
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sunny and pleasant with the two degree guaranteed high of 63. tonight, back into the upper 20s. and as we go into the weekend, we expect more sunshine and the pick of the weekend on saturday with a mostly sunny sky and high of 65. >> reporter: all right. as we look at the road this morning, we are off to a pretty good start around the big area roadways. we are on the beltway, west side at liberty road, outer loop no problems making your way towards i-70. inner hoop is clear heading towards the top side up towards 83. 795, traffic is building a little bit. no delays to let you know about. we have a couple incidents still working a fire cleanup that has joppa road closed at danaway and pleasant plains that. should be cleared up soon and we have an ongoing crash at rosedale that's at golden ring road and kenwood avenue. that crash is out of the roadway at this time. in anne arundel county in
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brooklyn, rit itch -- ritchie highway closed. we have more "good morning, maryland" coming back after this. [ tyler ] i've been raised on a dairy.
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i mean, that's why i like it. but, like my sisters... [ sighs ] ...i can't describe them. ♪ we need dairies because they produce milk and butter and all of that stuff we use daily. when my dad gets older, run his dairy. i wanted to do that! [ chuckles ] ♪
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5:53. taking a look at stories make headlines around the nation, san antonio police say four s.w.a.t. teams of officers were shot while approaching a man's front door toer is of a warrant. police say that at least 14 round were fired from inside the house and through the front door. two of the officers are seriously injured. the other two officers were struck multiple times. their injuries were not life-threatening. it dentity of the gunman has not been released as of right now. bay area transit station was closed what large group gathered last night to protest the fatal shooting of a man by oakland police. about 100 protesters gathered outside the station as police had to mondayor the crowd. police -- monitor the crowd. police say the shooting of derrick joan was the third officer involved -- jones was the third officer-involved shooting this year.
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gay rights advocates are calling on congress to repeal the law that is known as don't ask, don't tell. the study found a repeal could be done with little harm to the military. the senate is he can sp to -- expect to vote next -- expected to vote next month on ending the legislation that bans gays from serving in the military. look at the cell phone video showing the scene after a plane crashed after take off from palm beach, international airport. witnesses say a fireball erupted from the tarmac. three people on board were killed in the crash. a fourth passenger was pulled from the burning wreckage and is in critical condition this morning. the tweng twin engine piper aircraft was owned by a flight school and reportedly returned from a training flight to the bahamas. the title of the book will give you goosebumps and it's
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available to whoever wants a copy. why the authors says he has a right to publish what he wants regardless of the controversy. also ahead this morning, you will be able to start shopping on thanks giving night. one retailer wants you to get a very early start on best deals around.
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for around one ninety-nine a month. call for details. the switch to chevy starts at now, "good morning, maryland" if you have an elementary school student harford county, you want answer. more changes are coming to the district. another big recall. 600,000 nissans are being
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recalled. this stinks. a bate the bird. ravens and falcons in thursday night football. ravens almost had it. almost. good friday morning. thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. jamie is off this morning, but it's friday and we want to know what the weekend is going to look like. here's justin berk. >> good morning to you. one tick before six and we are watching headlines. first a frosty morning for many of us. temperatures are down into the 30s and even 20s. but there's a good string of temperatures in the 40s. i know that sound like a broad brush of the reamingon but there is a 15 -- region, but there is a 15 to 20 degree temperature spread. all of us lead to a sunny and mild afternoon. but how about the coasta -- coastal flood advisory. we will talk about that with big changes on the way for next week. but here it is. all the counties surrounding the chesapeake with the exception of the cecil county, this is thanks to a big storm off the coast pushing waves on the