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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  November 12, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EST

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prevented tide from draining out at low tide and pile up higher. coastal flood advisory and high tides are posted online at but we expect a nice pleasant weather day with sunshine and two degree guaranteed high of 6 3. here's kim with a look at this friday morning's track. >> reporter: look good. traffic wise on the roadways we are very light. volume we don't have problem as we take a shot of downtown baltimore. you are not going to encounter too many problems off 359 or 59 through the city. looking at the maps, just a handful of activity to let you know about in parkton. work an accident at old york road near lynch road. also hanover, upper co on hanover park. pike, the traffic lights do remain dark. treat that as four-way stop. and in brooklyn, ritchie highway is closed in both directions at 11th street area because of a downed pole causing utility issues. try to avoid the area or use
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morgan road as an alternate. one crash in the city southwestern boulevard near wilkins. back to you. >> thanks, kim. if you live in harford county and have an elementary school kid there, you probably heard about changes coming, but what does it mean? sherrie johnson is here to explain. >> reporter: good morning. the harford county school district released a first draft of the redistricting plan. it has been eight years since har forecounty redistricted the element schools. some are overcrowd and some are far under capacity and county want to balance things out. some parents say that balance shouldn't come on the backs of their kids. >> we knew there was going to be redirect -- redistricting but not on this scope. >> i like to make new friends but it's going to be so har be for me if i move that quickly. >> reporter: a spokeswoman for the school system said the county scoodz schools need to be
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under capacity because of the base he realignment and closure known as the brac process. there's several public meeting scheduled which is before they vote on the plan. in the studio, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. now latest an police contract. officers overwhelmingly voted against the one-year contract with a 95% of the members saying no. the new contract included a 2% pay cut as well as five more vacation daysch president of the fop said the officers want to be recognized for their hard work and sacrifice. in a statement, the mayor says she is disappointed with the results but remains confident that the city and officers can come to an agreement. police are investigating a vehicle break-in at the home of mayor stephanie rawlings-blake. a city police spokesperson says when the mayor's husband got into the car yesterday morning, he noticed several things had been taken. police say the mayor's protection detail was in place
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overnight, but the vehicle was parked out of the line of sight. >> aid learning experience for police, but at the end of the day or competence i is making sure the mayor her familiar lane house is secure and in this case none of that was in jeopardy. >> police say there are no signs of forced-try on the car. they are -- forced entry on the car. they are asking anyone with information to give them a call. one of the crimes that makes you shake your head because it's so sad. a thief made off with a heavy bronze statue of a ram rearing his head at the ram's head live in annapolis. people are wondering why. it was open and full of people, the bar, when it was stolen the it weighs in at more than 40 pound. it was last seen sunday -- pounds. it was last seen sunday during the football game. >> disappointing burks not surprising. you know, we have had -- but not surprising. you know we have had people come take the carpet. i don't know what they do with the stuff i guess they outfit their house with it. they will take just about
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anything if you are not watching. >> they home someone will see the statue of the mascot and turn the thief in to -- so they can have it back. on paper, was almost a dead even matchup between flacco and ryan. but in the end, falcons had this one. in the first half, falcons had the ball nearly twice as much as the ravens but flacco and the boys rallied hard in the second. just one minute left in the fourth quarter, today todd heath caught a touchdown pass and they were ahead. but in the final minutes the defense couldn't stop the fall vons and they -- falcons and they rant ball for one final touchdown. >> obviously, we were excited. we took the lead with a minute left, and with our defense on the field, we are feeling confident. leek i said, they did a great job. our emotions were pretty high when we scored, but we have to get back out and play football. >> final score 26-21. and spending of getting out and play -- speaking on getting out
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there and playing they will taig on the panthers of carolina next sunday. the latest meeting with the world leaders to strengthen the ecomony is on the prease mind. karen traverse tellss how things are going. >> reporter: being a nounalling the results of global summits are not always seen immediately president obama touted consensus amonth g-20 leaders. >> the fact is that the 20 major economies gathered are in broad agreement on way forward. >> reporter: but stress there'd issues that need to be addressed like -- stressed there areish utes that need to be addressed. >> no nation should assume the path to prosperity is paid with exports to the united states. >> reporter: coming into the summit, mr. obama hoped to push china to stop with the white house says is currency manipulation undervaluing the chinese money to boost exports. no deal was reached but the president said china would make progress. >> this is not solved
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overnight, but, it needs to be dealt with. and i am confident it can be. >> reporter: when the g-20 leaders first met in 2009, the global ecomony was on the brink of collapse. mr. obama emphasized that things are bet are but. >> we know that the progress has not come nearly fast enough especially when it comes to my highest priority which is putting americans back to work. >> reporter: he highlighted bright spots. >> we have grown the ecomony by a million jobs over the last year. so, that's pretty noticeable. i think those million people who have been hired notice those paychecks. and that's ten consecutive months of private sector job growth. >> reporter: earlier in the day, president obama was all smiles posing for the traditional class photo with the other leaders of the g-20 nation. but unless he picked up souvenirs at the gift shop, he seems to be going home empty hand after the leg of the weeklong asian tour. president obama now heads to japan for a summit of asian pacific leader and the agenda
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looks quite familiar. global trade and economic growth. karen travers abc news. a consume are alert, this is from nissan they are recall more than 600,000 vehicles. they say the 2002 and 2004 front year and -- frontier. er and xterra has a problem with the steering column. drivers with questions are asked to call the nissan dealer. they can get help there. 7 minutes after 6. a hero's welcome for men and women coming home on veterans day. [ applause ] >> operation welcome home maryland provided the opportunity for family and friends to welcome home their loved ones. this was one opportunity that gave him a time to reflect on the past and the future as well. >> aid great feeling to know
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that i can come home -- it's a great feeling to know that i can come home and be recognized for what it is i did, the service i provide and more so that you know, i can continue in the same lines that those before me had -- the services they had given. >> the volunteersp of operation welcome home maryland are dedicated to make sure men and women feel welcome and appreciated when they return home. when you face the possibility of undergoing breast cancer surgery, it can be scary and daunting. a new study tries to help women decide what kind of implant is best for them if they decide they want reconstructive surgery. and also ahead this morning, it was supposed to be fun. the 72-hour nightmare for some crews passengers -- cruise passengers and their return to solid ground. also, we learn different way -- learn a different way how a school is using hands on learning to help with student involvement in classes. wf we go to break, --
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before we head to break, we want to remind you we are hoping to help you find work. every wednesday we put three video resumes on the air. e-mail us best resumes at with a microsoft word attachment and we will call you to tape a video pitch and we will put it on air and website. before we go to break, we will head up to new york for the latest business news. >> reporter: we begin your money scope report with the leaders of the world's biggest economies agreeing to reign in economic imbalances. but the watered down statement from the g-20 put off tough decisions until next year. they refused to endorse a u.s. plan to get china to revalue the currency. boeing says a failed electric panel caused a fire in the surrounding installation material on a test flight of the 787 jet earlier this week. the fleet remains grounded while the investigation continues. general electric says it will buy 25,000 electric
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vehicles including the chevy vault over the next four years. the company hopes to give the tech nol jay jump-start which will help some of the businesses. and call of duty black ops set the record for the biggest entertainment launch ever raking in 36 0 million in the first 24 hours on seal topping the last call of duty game. that's your -- on sale topping the last call of duty game. that's your money scope report, i am rob nelson.
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you are rookd. look into -- look into independence. one school you mate have heard about but never new a lot about is montesorri schools. well, school bells are ringing and tony march sella are take you to class. >> reporter: instead of a
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traditional classroom montesorri schools use hands on education approach. >> social, physical, emotional cognitive. all facets of the child really need to be nurtured if we want the child to reach the fullest potential. >> reporter: another big difference kids in a montesorri class are grouped into age ranges. for example kid in the primary program are age 3, 4, 5 and 6. and a third difference kids at montesorri schools work at their own pace. >> probably because we can choose whatever work. >> reporter: and lots of group learning if student is doing well in reading but struggle with math, it can team up with a student who does well in math. >> we are doing math and everybody need help i. just help them. >> reporter: that helps free up the teacher to evaluate students and gives one-on-one time to those that need extra help. bringing us to the fourth difference. older students can reenforce what they learned by teaching younger ones helping them to develop team work and
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leadership skills. >> i like math. >> me, too i like math and english. >> reporter: materials used in the class are the 5th unique feature of the school. triangles to building blocks, leaders at the school say the tools put learning in the hand of the students. they say this allows them to use senses to grasp ideals and concepts. >> look what i am doing. >> what's in there? >> >> reporter: if she had been around when i need help with math homework. >> the mont sary school is off falls road in the beltway. and they have -- montesorri school is off falls road in the beltway the tuition ranges from 7,000 for toddlers to 15,000 for the middle school level. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherrate. 6:14 and we are looking back at veterans day. let's go to veterans elementary. we are so proud we were able to
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deliver a beautiful day. yes, the park lot filled up and the flag was extended. gorgeous day with highs into the low to mid-60s. and after the gorgeous sun sit set, it's been a clear-- sunset it's been a clear and cold night. one of the colder spots we have a tremendous widespread of temperatures that may make it difficult to explain this morning. so some you have are wake up near freezing and we have a freezing mark in baltimore, and baltimore city, temperatures are actually closer to 40 and we have 40s around the chesapeake bay as well. again, i want to highlight we have coastal flood advisory for high tides up and down the cease peek on eastern shore and this tied. that's because of the old storm we have been watching that brought snow to new england on monday and kept them in cloud and showers on tuesday and wednesday. yesterday, it started to pull out to sea. you may see the area of low pressure. but it's responsible for strong northeastern flow.
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high surf along the coastline is prevented the tide from draining out into the atlantic. and then the the high tides build up further. go to and see some of the high tides located up and down the bay for today with the advisory. high pressure, we are dry. we will watch a storm system out west gathering more moisture. rain and snow is on the backside. and that warm stuff that we have been watching the last few days in the 70s, shoal moving eastbound. maybe some of you hit 70 on the thermometer tomorrow afternoon. but most of us stay at least comfortably above normal and dry. watch the storm advance towards the east over the weekend. we expect this thing on the move on sunday by sunday morning still to our west, we are dry and we have frosty mornings and mild after noons. and the cloud begin to creep in here and into the weekend and change in the pattern for next week. but for today, 63. that's our two degree guarantee under sunshine and we will have a light pleasant breeze but clear skies light wind and we are down into the 20s again
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overnight. here the outlook for the weekend and my pick is saturday with 65. and a mostly sunny skies. and on sunday after lows again near freezing, more clouds still police ann at 62. and 60 monday with late showers and tuesday, wednesday and thursday, we drop in the 50s with rain. here's kim now with traffic. >> reporter: bravo. i support that forecast. this morning traffic is looking good. making your way towards dc or the capital beltway you won't find problems on route 50. 95 and 259 southbound are looking good towards 49 5. fen anne arundel county 9 -- in anne arundel county traffic is moving well in all directions. one accident is in the city southwestern boulevard at wilkins. police remain on the scene there. in towson, they are continuing that fire cleanup from an earlier shed fire. that has joppa road closed between danaway and pleasant plains road and in brooklyn park, ritchie highway closed in both directions at 11th
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street because of a utility problem involving a downed pole. glid 6:17-- it's 6:17. women who had breast cancer surgery have the os of reconstructive surgery which includes implants. a study tries to help women decide what is bet for them. dr. timothy johnson has the story. >> reporter: women who have had mastectomies are faced with the decision whether to follow up with reconstructive surgery. most patients who do must make another choice, do they want implants filled with silicone or sail lien which is salt watt -- saline which is salt water. 670 women with reconstructive breast surgery were surveyed. 176 had silicone implants and the other saline. those with silicone reported greater satisfaction than those who had saline implants. breast implants have been controversial. their effectiveness and safety have been called into question
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especially the silicone variety all though the food and drug administration approves the use. the authors of the study say it will help post mastectomy patients decide with the doctors what to expect as they consider reconstructive option. with this medical minute, i am dr. timothy johnson. thanksgiving is creeping up on us which means plenty of cook, and ive has a favorite thing to dig out for turkey dinners. it's something they make once a year that's special. whether it's the turkey outers stuffing or sides, salads dessert you name it we want you to know about it. we want your favorite recipe that you have with your family on thanksgiving. send it to us at morning show at you send the recipe and we call you to come in and then cook for us on good morning, maryland at 9 and show everybody how to make the tasty treat. when you sen in the e-mail, include your name, e-mail address, phone number and the recipe.
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keep in mind today is the last day to submit your resume and we will call you to come in a you come and appear on the show. 6:19 right now. beauty queen and ravens former ravens qb she went from being kerry prejean and now she has new title coming up. all right, you've been waiting for it and now the time is here. harry potter fans line up for the latest film. lysol believes that kids shouldn't miss school days during cold and flu season. that's why we started a mission for health. by going beyond clean surfaces to healthy surfaces. by making a healthy way to wash hands. and even by working with a pediatrician to develop lysol healthy habits initiatives in schools. when you use lysol, you're a part of something bigger. for healthy tips and more, visit
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6:23. oscar winning producer deno delor enteres passed away on wednesday night surround by his familiar lane his home home in beverly hills. prodecember pro duesed master pieces many italian movies but may be best remembered for the american classic like death wish. he was 91 years old. opera icon placido domingo known to popular music audiences everywhere for his part in
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three tenors, performance was nape to the latin grammy person of the year for his cultural and flynn trop being accomplishments -- philanthropic accomplishment e raised mill crops for victims such as mx -- millions of dollars for victims. former beauty queen carrie prejean is expecting her first child. one time miss california usa confirmed to fox news that she and her husband kyle boller the former quarterback of the ravens and oakland raiders now, they are expecting a child in may. the 23-year-old shot to the fame in the miss usa pageant but was stripped after claims that meet didn't contractual object facial. and finally -- object facial. finally harry -- obligations. finally harry potter, the next to last installment premiered in london on thursday ahead of the
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theatrical release next week. the adaptation of the book, the 7th and final novel comes in two parts. second film which will be the last is due tout next july. -- is due out next july. he claims he needed some directions so a woman offered to help. the help she tried to give and the action the driver took ended -- and the determination this woman had happened in one wal-mart parking lot. baltimore city police officers say they are not feeling aappreciated by the mayor. more on the proposal, the union's reaction and federal lawsuit that's been filed. [ man ] are you aware that verizon fios brings fiber optics to your home
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now, "good morning, maryland." changes to the harford county school district. how this could affect your child. details coming up. and it was an overwhelming no. what is next for the police contract negotiations and what the officers say they want from the city. talk about a roller coaster of emotion for ravens fans. this ended at the last-minute in heart break. it's friday, and that's the good news this morning. thanks for joining us here on "good morning maryland" i am megan pringle. jamie is off and justin is here with good news about the weekend weather. >> it's little frosty this morning. jamie is not here and ravens lost and there's no rain but we have a coastal flood advisory.
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>> coincidence? >> i think not. some of you may be shedding tears after the last-minute loss last night. but look at this. 32 degrees here in baltimore. we are at or below freezing in many spots. this's a widespread of temperatures outside of the studio which is just between the border of towson and north baltimore city. we are 40 degrees. here's the other issue. we have a coastal flood advisory going through midnight and for the counties surrounding the sees peek bay with the exaccepting cecil county, -- chesapeake bay with the exception of cecil county, it prevends tides from draining out. and if you want more information on the high tide along the chesapeake near where you live go to and it's posted in today's weather postings this morning. frosty this morning. widespread from 28 to 40. by this afternoon, with a lot of sunshine, we aim for the two degree guaranteed high of 63. time to look at traffic with ki