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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  November 15, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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it could be thick on the 59 corridor from howard county towards baltimore county. no incidents on the around yeah this morning as we look at the baltimore metro roadways. we are quiet. nothing working. and no delays at this time either. now back to you. all new this morning, baltimore city police found a missing 8-year-old boy overnight. darrell brown was seen saturday afternoon in the 800 block of west fayette street e was wearing a black skullcap, gray t-shirt and gray old navy hoodie and blue jeans. now he was found around midnight and he is okay. >> that's good. 5:00. andy joyce was trying to make a living towing cars. he was making a call on the first of the month, not repossess or take a car to the pound, but trying to help someone out and got killed for doing it. charley crowson with how they are remembered. >> reporter: family and friend
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want to see one thing happen, they want the person brought to justice. more than 50 tow truck drivers held vigil for joyce who was shot and killed two weeks ago during a call on moher street. the father of 57-month-old son washings two weeks on the job with quick response towing. this happened in the maniy morning hours on november 1st when he got a call not to tow or repossession a -- repossess a car, but going to help someone out. his boss says he was not confrontational and tried to stay away from impound yards and repos and wanted to help people. >> he came out to help a lady and her child that were broken down in their car to tow them to a neighborhood garage. >> reporter: joyce grew up in ellicott city and had twin brothers one who died from a rare brain disease. shoot is not suspected to be drug related. they are putting up a cash reward for information lead together arrest of the killer d
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-- leader -- leading to the arrest of the killer. anne arundel county police are searching for three other men who played part in the murder her of a 2-year-old man inside a -- murder of a 20-year-old man inside a pizza restaurant. floore was visiting a 17-year-old who worked at the restaurant when the robbery happened at mr. wings and pizza on friday night around 9:00. it was the 17-year-old's girl day on the job as she stood at the front of the store. flores worked across the street washing cars. two of the four men had guns and the owner of the heft rant walked back into the kitchen but could hear what was going on. >> my family called me and said move from here. don't do anymore business. >> investigators are not saying the exact role in the
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incidentch the search for three more suspects is still going on. police want to know, who has been shooting out windows at parked cars at the loch raven reservoir. another one sitting in a convertible hit in the leg. a flesh wound but it's about five last night on warren road bridge in cockeysville. police think the weapon is a pellet gun. stuff a bus with food. the mta partnered with mix and giant food to help out the maryland food banks and folk dropped off nonperishable food items at two collection spots. one in ellicott city and one in white marsh and the food collected will help family in need. we have been enjoying the cool weather and beautiful fall foilage that is blossoming all over the state. >> who wants to talk about the white stuff beside justin? this is a reality for those in the midwest this morning.
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>> cut it out. here are your trains and buses. no snow delays right. >> reporter: not yet. don't say that word yet. we are pretty good right now from the start. no delays or problems on light rail or metro subway. marc train looks good on the camden, penn and brunswick but 8 and 1 and 20 buses about 15 minutes late and 15 and 51 buses 25 to 30 minute delays. i am mark jones for the mta transit team. ♪
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5:07. parts of the midwest are breaking out the snow blowers to dig out from one of the heaviest prethanksgiving snowstorms in years. >> in minnesota, the storms are blamed for more than 4 hundred traffic accidents, and two deaths in wisconsin. we have more. >> reporter: it was a prewinter wall op. twin cities got the worst of it with snow falling at an inch an hour making those conditions miserable. >> it's pretty crazy we are being seen going sideways on
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the freeway. >> i lived in minnesota long enough i should be able to do this right. >> reporter: the heavy wet snow made for heavy lifting and caused more than 100,000 customers to be without power in parts of minnesota and wisconsin. the storm also dumped up to 14 inches in northern iowa and parts of the texas panhandle were pummeled with snow. >> it's cold and wet. >> reporter: all this after a record setting 68 degrees in parts of the midwest on wednesday. >> is it november right now? >> no. >> reporter: some hearty midwesterners made the most of it. >> i love it. this is wonderful. >> reporter: even turning a fall wedding. >> i am getting weather it's smog or not. >> reporter: into snow filled fun. >> probably make a snowball fight picture and make the best of it. >> and the dress blended in with the background. seriously, that's nothing to complain about. part of the 400 plus accidents are the down side.
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it's a sign of changing things for us as well. yesterday, we were hit with the 64 degree reading on the thermometer. that was a beautiful day capping a beautiful weekend. hopefully you caught up on your yard work. we have ourselves an area of cloud and even what you see on the radar sprinkles mixed in with the fog. and some of the fog is thick. so ease up on the throttle driving aroundtown especially if you have yourself a commute long then a 20 minutes. you may run into and out of fog on the way. partly sunny this afternoonch the two degree guarantee back to 60 and more ahead with the weekend changes coming up. >> reporter: we have been made aware of fog warnings at the bay bridge. keep the speed down a bit especially where the fog is particularly dense. as we look at the cameras, no problems around 695. 95 is checking in without issues. but we have a couple accidents. one on the i-70 corridor approaching mount airy road or
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ridge road in mount airy a truck struck a deer and the carcass is in the roadway. the tow truck is on the way to remove it. jessup route 1 # 5 closed between dorsey run road because of an accident temporarily blocking all lanes in both directions. now back to you. >> we all heard of hail mary in football. >> a lot of tight times it doesn't work. -- a lot of times it doesn't work. >> but this time, the hail mary worked and even caught the announcer off guard.
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the new england patriots and the jets have joined the atlanta falcons as the first teams to win 7. >> the jets and falcons were lucky. quarterback tom brady led the pat to a 39-26 win over the steelers in pittsburgh. brady completed 30 out of 43. 350 yard, 3 scores. that was the worst loss since
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the nfc championship. steelers and ravens are tied again for the northeast. >> knocked down. >> oh. >> all right. i hear that all the time. there he is. the jacksonville jaguars scored the final point to beat houston 31-21. look at david throwing it up there and mike thomas thomas is the what they call the sweeper. and he just came in and collected it and scored the winning touchdown as the jags are now 5-4 on the year. and that play will work. every once in a while. >> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. 5:14. we look outside and visibility that we can't see across the harbor in downtown baltimore but as often is the case,
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surrounding areas to the south of the city and also on the north side traveling 83, perhaps even i-70 on the west side of the city dealing with some issues of fog in spots cut down to less of a quarter mile visibility. take it easy on your commutes this morning. kim will have more on fog delays in arian bridges. yesterday, -- area bridges. yesterday, 67. we are above normal and continue the trend. it appears as we will taper off and go below normal by the end of the week of the records, 19 in 1986. 79 in 1993. sun comes up at 6:50. won't see it today but that's when we get brighter in the sky and 4:5 #, sunset. 48 is the bench mark to start the day and notice 30s back towards pittsburgh westbound a. hint of colder air coming in behind it. a cold front is helping to produce at least a few sprinkles out ahead of it. most across the higher terrain in pennsylvania but there are sprinkles and areas of fog to
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deal with this morning. most of the rain associated with the system pulling up towards the north. and we will watch the trailing edge of the system he extend through the central plains and the cold air is behind it. but we are watching a developing storm out of the gulf of mexico arriving ahead of the main frontal boundary. some of the cold air may catch up but once it moves through we expect a partly sunny day. cloud come back tonight and rain by daybreak. and showers giving way to steadier heavier rain qee. get an inch of rain and behind it cold enough air to bring flurries by thursday. 60 is the afternoon two degree guarantee with a partly sunny sky. we will burn off fog and showers overnight and towards daybreak. let's see what's happening on the roads with kim brown. >> reporter: fog warnings in place at 3 of the area bridges including the bay bridge and so, yes, it's keeping speeds down. also making it a little more difficult to spot deer as you
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make your way through the foggy places. own the beltway 695 on the west side flows freely and 95 flows freely. looking at the mans, an accidents tractor trail are approaching ridge road in mount airy on i-70. he struck a deer and they got carcass out the road. and down in howard county, route 175 remains closed in both direction between dorsey run road and owesana because of an earlier -- oceana because of an earlier crash. now back to you. >> thanks. 5:17. november 15th, today's birthdays. in a keya hicks is celebrating a birthday. happy bearing day. she is a full-time mom and she is a student and works full- time as well as an office manager. she is a church administrator and youth leader as well as a youth leader at her church in laurel. she is a loving mother of three as well as grandmother of one. happy birthday to keya and -- in a keya and sell -- nakis and
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elizabeth grace crayton hicks in ellicott sit crane enjoys playing with her toys and eating and cheering on the ravens. dive into the care. we want to know about your birthday. sent a -- send a short e-mail with an attached photo. tell us about you on your person and try to give it a week in advance. let's look at entertainment news. gentleman yeah gabor back home after being hospitalized for a sus speaninged blood clot in her leg. >> she had an infection. the 93-year-old had been in and out of the hospital about four times since she fell and broke her hip in july. >> and some legends were among the star. let's see who we have. this is second annual governor's award ceremony. and the recipients included eli wallach. five time oscar winner director writer, frances ford coppola honored for a lifetime as a great, great producer and director.
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for the second straight weekend, mega mind was number one at box office. the 3d animateed comedy made 30 million bringing in the two- week total to 90 million bucks. the run away train actor movie starring denzel and chris pine took second place. unstoppable 23 million in a few things happening at the box office right now. >> you about ready for ray making history when she led the biggest cooking demo spanning 2500 miles. hundreds participated online. rachel conducted the demonstration in the studio new york city studio along with 9 0 studio audience members. and you get to see the special coming up this morning at 10 :00. it's 5:19. we have a school delay. queen eans county public school system on a 90-minute delay due to fog and no pre-k. >> with the new airport security measures, federal officials are touching in some not so
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we are back at 5:22. when you think of shaquille o'neal you think big, rough, aggress knife but don't be fooled. this monster center has a softer gentler side. he passed out toys near boston yesterday. shaq oclaus teamed up with the marines to donate toys for tots. this is the holiday drive. basketball side shaq said he does this frankly because his mother told him to do it. >> that's a good reason. >> he's great guy. >> funny, too. and the jewish community services doing their own collecting during the hanukkah drive of the it benefits the toy closet this helps family unable to provide gifts for the children and last year they provided gifts for more than 250 children. >> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by
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weather rate. 5:23. we are talk holiday giving. soon we will be talking holiday sales. and how the holiday like weather. check out extended forecast. 59 today. that's where we are going. 59 to near 60 with after the morning fog turning partly sunny and we expect to have ourselves a look at rain moving in by tonight and tomorrow the rain gets heavier and steadier and we are looking at a high for 56. temperatures will build back briefly on wednesday. do expect to have a chance of some scattered showers as we roll in through the end of the week and maybe flurries mixed in on thursday. temperatures actually briefly cooled down into the 40s before warming up during the weekend. reminder there's a fog delay with the schools 90 minutes and if there's anymore, we will pass it along. let's pass it up to new york. it's time for this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites, a imagine announcement from facebook. they are expected to unveil
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their e-mail service. members could sign up for at e-mal address was more than 500 million users, facebook e-mail service could be one of the most popular in the world. also aol is rolling out a web based e-mail program. a limited number of users have access to the new site which is faster and let's them pull in the mail from microsoft yahoo and google. sign up at and net flicks is coming to -- netflix is coming to mobile gadgets. the service will be available next year but not for all android devices. they must work out security issues with each individual device maker. those are your tech bites, i am rob nelson.
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from now, "good morning, maryland." tea partiers spent sometime in baltimore getting set for the opening of a new congress. and the day in washington we will look at all the hard work ahead. >> california man was supposed to board an american airlines flight on saturday morning but would having in to do with body scanners. don't you pat me down or anybody touching anything on his body. we will find out what happened to this guy. the e-mal address could starred like this pringle, at everybody's favorite social network is going to add a new e-mail. >> i like you i like your hair there you go, dot com. >> we have school delays. >> queens ann county is on a 90-minute delay due to the fog and justlin talk about that. >> i like the way you say meteorologist justin berk. >> how about school delays at headlines this morning, we have
5:28 am
fog. we talked about two counties here on the eastern shore. they come in tandem which means there may be a few more to add to the list. stay tuned we will pass it along. 90 minute school delay. skies partly sunny and we expect the rain mainly on tuesday. but then it gets coarld and there's a shot of flurries trying to get in before the end of the workweek. that will bring a smile to your face, glen burnie checking out the view looking southbound over ritchie highway. we don't have a poor visibility shot here, but at 50 degrees, 96% humidity, there's a hint of moisture and mist hitting the windshield. most showers are passing through the north. but we have fog north and west in the mountains. there's fog on the eastern shore. we have ourselves a look see at temperatures between 45 and 50. we expect it to be partly sunny with a two degree guarantee of 60. enjoy that, because the sunset had bring in more clouds and the rain for tomorrow.
5:29 am
we will talk about that coming up. here's kim brown with a look at traffic. >> reporter: thanks. the earlier accident that we had on i-70 approaching ridge road is cleared out of the roadway that was a vehicle that struck a deer. 695 is off to a fantastic start. everything is moving at speed. but as justin said, the fog is playing a part in the morning's commute already with fog warnings in place at the tiedings and bay bridges this morning. that's keeping speeds down. one serious accident in jetsup route 175 closed in both direction between oceana road and dorsey run road because of a serious accident. most drivers are bail out on route 1 to get around that. now back to you. >> thanks. congress returns to work in a few hours. for some members, it's the final few weeks at the capitol. their replacements began arriving. orientation underway for new members sworn in coming up in january. for current members, there's a lot to get to in a short amount