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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  November 15, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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now abc 2 news at 5:30. >> a friday night inside anne arundel county pizza shop turns deadly t shooting happened inside mr. wings and pizza on baltimore annapolis boulevard. the man shot about to celebrate his birthday. the memorial that has been created for the victim and the search for suspects? i'm over here like 6, 7 years, i've had no problem. >> that all changed for is chikoff malik. he was working in the kitchen when four men came into his store demanding money. >> at least two of those individuals were armed, that's when the shooting occurred. >> reporter: 20-year-old miss sail florida came into vita friend working there for her first night. >> i was in the kitchen just two steps far from here, i step out, see the two guys, and the
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same time you know they fire the gun and he got shot and fell down. >> reporter: mr. flores was shot and killed in the store friday night. a memorial has been setup outside the store. balloons wish him a happy birthday. he was just hours away from his 21st birthday when he was skilled. >> detectives were able to identify suspects, a 17-year- old male from pasadena, charged as an adult with first degree murder in this case. >> reporter: his role in the shooting was not disclosed at this time. the remaining three suspects are still at large. the owners tell me they can't understand such a senseless killing and that they hope the police catch the other three suspects very soon. in glen burnie i'm don harrison for abc 2 news. metro crimestoppers is offering a reward for information leading to an arrest in this case. if you have any information call 8667-lock-up. the search is on for the
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person who shot out the windows of two to three vehicles near lock raven. they believe they used a pellet gun. one was hit in the eye by flying glass, another hit in the leg but did not penetrate the skin. 9 more people, including prince george's county police officers, as their investigation into the corruption in the countywide epps. some arrests revolve around a clarksville businessman who federal prosecutors say paid at least two police officers and others to smuggle cigarettes and liquor into maryland from virginia to avoid paying taxes. it accuses two virginia men, including a pg county officer, of conspiring to district cocaine. a sheriff says there is a possibility that three people missing in central ohio have been killed but authorities are still trying to be optimistic here. tina herman, her 10-year-old son cody, and another woman are missing. herman's 13-year-old daughter sarah was found bound and gagged in the basement of 30-
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year-old matthew hoffman, he has been arrested on a kidnapping charge. serious injuries on the football field are on the rise at all levels bua company in massachusetts says it's selling out -- setting out to soften the blows. >> relax when you get hit. >> inside this new helmet are 18 tiny shock absorbers that work like air bags, the zenith helmet was developed in massachusetts by a former harvard quarterback and md. one coach says they have already seen a difference. >> it was the best thing we have ever done. i mean, last year, concussions went down significantly. >> the custom-fitted helmets will follow freshmen and sophomores at one massachusetts high school their entire high school career as part of a comprehensive study. that does seem like a pretty good idea. rosy, weather wise, clouded up, did not see as much sun but did stay dry at least, that's a good thing. let's show you now what the
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temperatures look like at our exclusive weather net site only here at abc 2. across the state of maryland right now, edgemere 50 degrees, pasadena, buoy down to 49, 52 in centreville, 53 now in reisterstown. let's take a look at the cloud cover rolling in, still some rain, well south and west of us, that won't be in here until later tonight. so the rest of your evening you're good to go. republican outhit the store whatever, going to be nice and dry for you down in the 50s, but big changes, a turn for the wetter as we go into the day tomorrow. we'll talk about that coming up. rosy. >> next time you turn on your radio you might hear a brand new song with a familiar voice. the first posthumous record from the king of pop was released today. can he sell records after his death or was it really the king of pop at all? ♪[ music ] . >> reporter: the voice is unmistakable.
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michael jackson sipping "hold my hand," a duet with rapper akon. originally recorded in 2007, it's the first single released from his new album,"michael," since the king of pop's untimely passing in june of last year. another song, "breaking news," was leaked a few weeks ago and immediately sparked controversy. was it really michael jackson sipping? ♪ [ music ] . >> reporter: even members of his own family had doubts. tmz caught up with his sister la toya. >> i listened to it and it doesn't sound like him. >> it doesn't sound like him? thank you. >> reporter: still it's listed as him on the album, it could be a monster sell earn, he will have a tough time out selling 2009's top-selling artist, himself. he sold more than 8.2 million albums, more than double that
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of taylor swift, his nearest competitor. all of it will benefit his estate. his children, prince, paris, and blanket. diana alvear, abc 2 news. football players during a bar fight, it happened early sunday morning near the university of southern mississippi in their campus in hattiesburg. all three players are expected to be okay. the police say it's possible the shooting was gang related. a tactic from a car sales manager is stirring up some controversy. after 33 years nick gee a net a admits to a gimmick or two. but if you buy a truck you get a vouch are for an ak-47. that's right, buy a truck and get a gun. >> ak-47s have a connotation in people's minds so i came up with that to be a little controversial, to cause a little buzz, i think i've accomplished that. >> put them in the rack in the
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back window. he says his sales pitch has triggered a flood of phone calls, 30% of them negative. if they don't want a gun they can pick up a $400 cash check. indiana university is home to one of the oldest and largest college fraternity systems in america. but first there is the openly gay fraternity. infrastructure members say organizations like this are a safe eh convenience for young gay men bullied in high school and college settings. >> yeah, i think that sigma if i bay take is crucial for young gay men because it offers them a space where they can just be themselves, be accepted, not have to worry about what people think of them. >> iu is only sigma if i bay take's second organization, the first and home chapter is at arizona state university. a change in the economy means good news for your holiday shopping budget. why you'll have the opportunity to get more for less. we'll have that straight ahead. plus sarah palin is back in the
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spotlight. more on her small-screen debut and the record it set. apparently at st. mary's school in annapolis is 49 degrees, looks like it's going to rain. we have more from wyatt coming up.
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stocks are closing mixed, ireland may need to be bailed out by its european neighbors. the nasdaq is down 4, the broader s & p 500 index is down just 1. in tonight's consumer alert another month of good news on the retail sales front could mean good news for your holiday shopping budget. retail sales were up 1.2% in october, the fourth straight month with a gain. this week investors will be looking at earnings reports from top stores like wal-mart and target to get an idea how happy this holiday season will be and through it all many stores will be offering discounts and some like toys "r" us will be opening thanksgiving day to lure in as many customers always possible. are you ready to cam will out for black friday shopping, some scorching hot deals, you may want to rethink your plans, you may want to think about what is miss and what myth and
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reality. her jilted bride didn't let it stop her from helping hundreds of needy people. >> abc 2 works for the community. a proud partner with the salvation army. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable,
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abc 2 news is in your community. today in '0wings mills abc 2 news' sha rejohnson was at high school speaking to students at their technology and education seminar, trying to get them interested in broadcast journalism. looking at the abc 2 news industry. >> a lot of these students want a career in television and film so before they venture out from high school to enter into a career you want them to hear from people who have actually worked in the field so they have a good idea what to expect, what kind of education level they need, some of the challenges they'll face when they do eventually make it into the field of broadcasting.
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>> they have set out specific career past l path in an effort to let students get a jump start on their career goals. many stores have already started their black friday sales but if you like to get up early the day after thanksgiving and join the hunt for savings. but black friday isn't all it is cracked up to be. john matarese sorts it all out so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: it's almost black friday, the day after thanksgiving when stores roll out all those incredible early morning deals. but it turns out there are a lot of myths about that day that are simply untrue. and it's good to know them before you fight those crack of dawn crowds. we plan, strategy guys, and show up well before dawn, but the web site analyzed black friday sales and says most of what we believe is
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no longer true. myth's, deals are only friday no, door breakers are just about free. no just a few items to get you in. it's worth camping in overnight. no you can find the same prices later. black friday prices are lowest of the year, no, they are often lower later. and black friday is the busiest shopping day of the year. no it's not. the last saturday before christmas is. and the myth surrounding giant tvs. big tvs are money makers but it's a myth that prices are slashed on name brands that day. doesn't that stink? it says black friday is a good day to buy a no-name tv. not a sony, panasonic, or samsung. bottom line, yes, you can still get great deals on black friday but you can often get the seam deals on other days without the
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hassle. so shop smart and don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. belching your wedding called off at the last minute would ruin anyone's day. but a jilted bride took the turned to turn her tragedy into a remarkable act of charity. when the wedding plans fell apart she got together with her family, a rented bus company, and they bussed in 150 homeless people who enjoyed what should have been the meal for the redding reception. wow. >> she is a super giving young lady and when it was apparent we weren't going to be able to do anything else she said, you know dad, i want to feed the less fortunate. >> so incredibly special to be able to experience somebody just pouring out their heart for people in need is an amazing thing. >> i wonder if the groom got beat up? the family hasn't said why the wedding was called off but someone else's business. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most
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accurate by weather rate. >> ah, well as you say the winds are achanging. >> yeah, changes rosy. we had a great stretch last week, the weekend held up beautifully for us, so i say eh bring the rain now. >> yeah. >> and you know it's good timing, middle of the week. >> as long as there is no snow in it. >> yeah. well thursday western maryland maybe a few flyers, i don't think we'll see anything here in baltimore though. >> cool. >> let's take a look outside right now. not a bad night out there, dry still. clouds have rolled in but once you get past the early sunset you can't be sure what the sky is looking like unless you're trying to check out the stars. 50 trees right now, winds calm, humidity 83%. check out our weather net camera, west side of town, roland park today. nice looking start to the day. sunshiny skies, the clouds thicken up pretty quickly towards sunset which is at like 4:54 right now. frederick, mostly includey skies out that way as this approaching storm begins to pick up the pace just a little bit and washington today, eh,
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foggy start in a cloudy afternoon down in the nation's capital. right now temperatures hovering around 50 degrees and off to the west, far western maryland, we've got upper -- well, really, low 40s and upper 30s in some spots. take a look at our highs today. we pushed 60, didn't quite get there, except or the delaware, southern delaware and back into virginia, a few spots getting just above 60, tomorrow, neighborhood by neighborhood, carney 56, ellicott city about 57 i think, and as we take you a little further north, probably more mid-50s or actually 56, sorry for the twist there, providence mid- 50s, say 56, warwick 54, cloudy. good chance of rain through there off and on. maryland's most powerful radar all clear, nothing out there, air very dry at the surface so even as that first rain pushes in out of the south and west likely that it will not touch the ground very quickly.
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it's gonna take a couple hours for the column of air above to moisten up let the raindrops come through. right now we're looking at quite the swath of rain though down into the south of virginia, as part of a larger stem you can see things unsettled now up and down the coast. after 8, 9 days in a row of sunshine murky and very wet down into eastern tennessee, knoxville, into western north carolina, that's where the heaviest rains are now. this whole about ball of wax beginning to track further and further north. high pressure offshore, that area of low pressure will ride north. cooler air tries to punch in behind this but i don't think we'll see a big cool-down in another couple of days. warm air along the coast should hold into tomorrow and even wednesday before we cool it off a lot. wednesday, futurecast, bringing in that rain out of the south and west. a few showers overnight tonight, wet roads in the morning, a wetter commute i think in the afternoon tomorrow. a swath o rain pushing in out of the south and west, the
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whole ball of wax gets reffier tomorrow night. then it all kicks out of here wednesday afternoon, here it is for you overnight. down into the mid-40s, cloudy, showers by dawn. 56 tomorrow, rain at 6:00, heavier though tomorrow night. a seven-day forecast showing a wet trend into you know maybe early wednesday. isolated showers thursday and drier, sunnier, for the weekend. rosy? >> well sarah palin may not be the governor of alaska any more but she is keeping herself and her state in the spotlight with a new cable show sarah palin's alaska which debuted on tv. it's anyone's guess what this means for the tea party darling's political future. >> reporter: ever want to know what sarah palin looks like hiking? >> oh geez. >> what she looks like fishing? if that's what you want then sarah palin's alaska on is the show for you. for one hour sunday night it
5:53 pm
takes you around the stunning state of alaska and inside the family. this is the family fishing on big river lake. those are real-life brown bears, not political momma grizzly's. and this is sarah and todd climbing. >> i don't know if i can do this. >> todd? >> we learn that 9-year-old piper doesn't always call her mom. >> one way she can kind of put her foot down and get me to turn my head and pay attention to what she is saying is to call me sarah. >> reporter: we also see her trying to keep a boy from going upstairs to willow's room. a reminder she is already a grandmother. >> this gate is not just for trig. it's for no boys go upstairs. >> reporter: and we see her frustration with a neighbor, an author who is living next door to write a book on them. >> it's just none of his flipping business. >> reporter: all sarah palin. the question is what does she get out of this? it may or may not be good tv
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but is it good politics? >> she has to decide, is she gonna make her life something of a celebrity and take that path, or is she going to get serious about politics and government. i think at this point she hasn't decided and this program is a way to keep her options open. >> reporter: one thing she gets is money. some reports say she is making 250,000 per episode. she is still playing politics. this weekend she posted a giant open letter on facebook to the incoming house freshmen instructing them on everything from health care, she says the first step is of course to defund obama care, to how to deal with the press. when the left and the media pat you on the back, she says, quickly reassess where you are and readjust. she signs off with "a big alaskan heart." so if you watch her show ... >> it's not flipping easy. >> reporter: ... you're left to wonder whether that big alaskan heart has big
5:55 pm
washington dreams. john berman, abc news, new york. imagine coming home after a hard day's work and pulling up to your house only to find there is no place to park. people living in one part of northeast baltimore thiele with that problem all the time. but how the people taking the spaces are trying to work something out with the homeowners. over the holiday season your credit card will like he get lots of exercise. especially buying all those gift cards, we're going to tell you how to protect your gifts from scammers, those stories and much more coming up at 6:00.
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new research shows that kids are drinking, smoking and become addicted to drugs at a
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faster rate because of one thing and it's because of something you even own in your own house. find out what it is at abc 2 news at 6:00 which starts right now. >> announcer: now abc 2 news at 6:00. well tonight they are accused of smuggling untaxed cigarettes and alcohol but federal investigators say the people be the scheme aren't your common criminals. it's the police in trouble. kelly swoope here. just days after jack johnson was arrested in a federal operation several of his officers are in custody tonight on unrelated charges, rosy is back with more on this continuing corruption investigation. >> u.s. marshalls and 150 police officers scooped up 7 people in virginia. several revolve around am rick sing meli and his 49-year-old wife ra vin deer meli. they say though paid at least