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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  November 15, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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now, abc 2 news at 11:00. >> students at several colleges around the area are on alert tonight after at least three on campus robberies in the past week. i'm kelly swoope. police say they don't believe the robberies are connected but the campuses are taking precautions, it happened at towson, loyola university and other campuses in north baltimore. christian schaefer is here with that story, chris. >> reporter: combly, patrols have been increased at all three campuses. they say they feel save as police are working to find the suspects in each of those robberies. shortly before 3:00 p.m. three students were in this parking lot when two men walked up to them. >> one of the individuals struck one of the victims in the face and which time both
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individuals pulled knives and demanded money and jewelry. >> reporter: the students gave them cash a watch and a cell phone. and they ran off. >> i was amazed that could happen on campus. that stuff normally doesn't happen on campus, usually you hear it off campus, stuff like that. >> in fact it's been happening a lot have local campuses. thursday night a man held a gun to a woman at essex campus and took her wallet. and monday of last week county police say a man robbed a woman at towson university while she was making an atm deposit. all three incidents triggered warnings to students, faculty and staff. >> in general i feel safe walking around the campus, there's lights, tech security is right there. >> reporter: in all three cases the victims complied with the robbers' demands, police believe that may have kept them from being seriously injured. police want students to travel in groups and stay in well lit areas because while the campuses are considered safe they are not immune to what can
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happen around them. >> the students need to be made aware of that and they have to be aware have their surroundings because of proximity to some areas. >> reporter: police say the suspects in three incidents have different descriptions so they don't believe the three crimes are related. there have been no arrests in any of them. the foss berg community is mourning the loss of a soldier killed while serving in afghanistan. specialist david luongo died last thursday in germany. he had been wounded when enemy forces attacked his unit with an improvised explosive device. he was a member of the 101st airborne division out of kentucky. an australian businessman is accused of running over a baltimore woman in west hollywood. he is charged with a felony hit and run in the death of lauren free man. she moved from baltimore to california to pursue her dream of being a fashion designer,
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she was hit by a bentley. if convicted bowman could face up to four years in jail. a 28-year-old woman from reisterstown and her two children were found dead in their pennsylvania home over the weekend. the police say the killer is is the children's father who also wounded his 2-year-old son before committing sue site. they found the four bodies in the kitchen of the home saturday morning, they all died of gunshot wounds, they say the 29-year-old brian docket hat been in a relationship with the victim, jamie diane, for nine years according to her facebook posting. according to police she wrote she had left him november 6th, a week before they died. several neighbors say they heard gunshots early saturday morning. >> i was trying to put my baby to sleep and like at 10:30 we heard gunshots we didn't think nothing of it. then we looked outside there was people out there. we knew the lady, we didn't know her know her but we talked before, she was, to me they
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were a happy family, i never seen them argue or not. >> the couple's 2-year-old son is recovering. well investigators admit a missing ohio mom, her son and friend are likely dead tonight. this after 13-year-old sarah maynard was discovered bound and gagged in a basement. the four of them disappeared last week from the girl's home which police say was splatered with blood. the owner of the home is now under aid rest and charged with kidnapping. a north carolina woman's remains were found last week. 10-year-old zara baker was dismembered. the mother has been in jail since last month accused of trying to throw off investigators off a trail by writing a fake ransom note for another trial. they believe they found zara's remains friday but they have not said yet how she was killed. baltimore city police say a 17-year-old is in critical condition after being hit by a
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police cruiser. officers were trying the arrest the teenager after they saw him selling drugs. he fled on a bye single and the cruiser was backing up to block off the exit when the bike was struck. the accident is under investigation. >> a man accused of killing an off-duty baltimore city detective after an argument over a parking space has been indicted. he is facing first-degree murder and weapons charges, he is accused of throwing a piece of concrete that struck brian stevenson in the side of the head. they had argued over parking space in kenton. james is being held without bail. well just days after prince george's county executive jack johnson was arrested in a federal operation self of his officers are in custody tonight on unrelated charges, the first are accused of smuggling untaxed cigarettes and alcohol. several of the arrests center around a parksville businessman and his wife.
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they paid at least two police officers and others to smuggle cigarettes and liquor from virginia into maryland to avoid paying taxes. the other case features two virginia men including a county police officer with charges of smuggling cocaine. they hinted that more arrests could be on the way. >> these two cases have one important feature in common. they allege that police officers violated the trust of the people of prince george's county, sold their authority and joined with criminals to commit serious victim analysis violations. >> as i stated on friday, we are once again asking the public that might have interest or might have information regarding any corruption within this county, in any department, to contact the f.b.i. >> nine people were arrested in separate two indictments including three prince george's
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county police officers. just three days after being arrested in that highly publicized federal investigation outgoing prince george's county executive jack johnson is back at work. johnson and his wife leslie were arrested friday and charged with witness tampering and destruction of evidence. johnson is on home detention and only allowed out for work, court, and meetings with his attorney. johnson said he is working on next year's budget as a blueprint for his successor. well closer to home baltimore mayor stephanie rollings blake is preparing to face some challengers, she took over for the mayor who stepped aside as part of her plea agreement. challenging is 36-year-old otis raleigh, baltimore circuit court clerk frank con oh way and state senator catherine pugh. all right. we're seeing some rain move in there tonight across the state.
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let's get right into it for you on maryland's most powerful radar right now. seeing some pretty decent rains mainly south and east of the city. take in a little closer here, you can see down through anne arundel county, back through mayo and south toward deal, pretty heavy showers there. out across the state you're seeing more rain develop down toward the d.c. area and in fact on the eastern shore some of the heaviest now in easton, preston, back across through tillman island and oxford. satellite radar trends showing more rain beginning to push into west virginia. in for a rainy scenario through the day tomorrow. slow climb back into the mid-to upper 50s, it will be wet throughout the day, on and off rain. some of the heaviest probably coming in tomorrow night and even overnight tomorrow night. going to pinpoint that for you coming up and all straight ahead. >> thanks wyatt. new at 11:00 tonight a transformer fire caused some problems in northwest baltimore. the fire started before 6:00
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tonight in the 4100 block of bateman avenue and the in the windsor community. they downed tree limbs, sparked the fire, knocked out power to 20 people. the power is expected to be back on tonight. tonight baltimore police are on the lookout for a gecko, iguana and several other exotic animals. the theft from the carry murray nature center happened over the weekend. an employee found the doors unlocked this morning and several animals were missing. two depending owes and a mad eye gas car missing cockroach were also taken. they have an insect zoo, live am fibbans and also a hawk house. imagine granting a dying wish for a terminally ill patient. that's what wish upon a wedding is all about. the non-profit organization provides dream weddings for couples facing insurvey moundable circumstances like a terminal illness. organizers hope people will be inspired by the people who get
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their wishes granted. the maryland chapter just started in march and it is already planting to grant two dream weddings. >> right now we have two that we would love to grant. one is to a terminally ill patient. the other is to an applicant that involves deployment and this particular soldier, that's part of the couple, is getting to be deployed to a high casualty area shortly. >> we give people a chance that otherwise would have no chance in a time when their life are so dark because of their circumstances. >> now to raise awareness and funds they are having a bliss full wisher's ball at the tree a none grand from 6 until 10:00 p.m. if you would like to buy a particular it or make a donation visit our web site at there is a link to wish upon a wedding i've attached to that story. a little too close for comfort. that's the cry from a growing number of airline passengers who say those pat-downs and
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full body scans are just a little too personal. it's making for a showdown in the security line. plus it's a year-end tradition for many families stocking up on the tylenol and motrin, using a flexible spending account, but that tradition is over. we're going to tell you why. >> kelly on the weather front we did hit 56 degrees out at bwi, just about seasonable stuff but big changes in our weather starting tonight, tomorrow, into next week. we've got it all coming up for you in just a few minutes.
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the new parent security measures include full body scanners and pat-downs. some passengers are saying it's
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too close for comfort. a lot of drawing the line at the security line. john hendrick has the details. >> reporter: john tyner said what could be the quote of the week. >> you can do that out here but if you do that i'm going to have you arrested for assault. >> reporter: tyner's rebell i don't know is part of a growing showdown at the security line now gone viral in youtube videos like this one with a theme song usually reserved for darth vader. the uprising is over full body scanners critics say deliver a digital undressing and charge homeland security secretary janet napolitano had to address today. >> they in no way resemble electronic strip searches. intimate pat-downs some critics equate with sexual molestation. >> reporter: if you don't like it you don't to have fly.
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>> if people don't want to play that role, if they want to travel by some other means, of course that's their right. >> reporter: in new jersey lawmakers are seeking to ban full body scanners at newark international. a pilot's union is telling people to avoid scanners as part of a radiation scare. and now there is an urging to avoid scanners the day before thanksgiving. as tyner tried to leave he says he was chased down by security officials who told him he had to complete screening once he started it. he said he walked away after being threatened with legal action. john hendron, abc news, washington. >> a group of passengers from the celebrity mercury were robbed at gunpoint during an excursion in st. cittosis 16 passengers were on a bus excursion, they blocked the road with a tree, the robbers and got on board. they got away jewelry, cash and scanners. they are working with
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government officials. the cruz farted from baltimore last week. well you may hate paying those baggage fees but the airlines are cashing in. they collected a total of more than $1.6 billion in baggage fees in the first two quarters of 2010 alone. accord to go the bureau of transportation delta topped the list raking in more than $473 million. well you can say good-bye to the rush to the drugstore. every december 30th. for years people have stocked up on medicine to use up their flexible spending accounts but john matarese shows us a big change coming in a few weeks so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: if you use a health spending account for pay for tylenol or allergy medicine you may be in for a shock starting in january. among the changes the new health care bill will bring in the new year, you won't be able to use your card any more for some very common medicines. it's become a year-end tradition for many families.
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stock up on tylenol and motrin to use up money in your flex spending account which gives you discounts on over the counter medicine. but as of december 31st, that tradition is no more. >> the government has decided that you cannot use those things on your hsa cards or your flexible spending cards. you have got things for stomach problems, you've got -- >> pharmacist amy heart has been sharing the bad news with her customers telling them that items like addville, motrin, claire continue and neosporin, even band-aids will no longer qualify for pretax purposes. she worries this is going to be a problem for those who nidal letter again or indigestion pills every month. >> we do have a lot of people who buy over the counter aller again medicines, so many are non-prescription, they have been released over the counter. >> reporter: it's part of the new health care program to pay for some features, they are
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pulling some others, being able to buy otc drugs with dollars, if you have an hsa account you can roll the money over next year and use it for doctor's bills. >> but with a flex spending account. >> use it or lose it. >> we would suggest you stock up on whatever it is you can to max out those dollars. >> reporter: bottom line, if you use your spending account to pay for a regular dose of over the counter medicine every month, speak with your doctor, he may be able to give you a prescription for a behind the counter version so you can continue to use your card and so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. >> it's a shopper's market this holsey on, that means stores are rolling it out just for you. walmart is offering discounts on electronics, toys, dvds and other hot holiday items. many stores aren't waiting for black friday either to cut town the cost. some are even opening on
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thanksgiving to entice shoppers to get as many of them as possible? now maryland's most accurate doppler radar. >> walk off some of that turkey by shopping. >> rather than pass out watching the could you be's game. walk the mall. kelly, tell you what. changes afoot. >> that usually isn't good when you say that. but we have had it good yet. >> yeah. get your ruby booties ready, rainy weather, busy moment, i know. wet weather tomorrow, kelly, i think we'll get it out of here by wednesday though. check it outright now. not range in baltimore at least not yet. but we'll show you where the rain is in just a second on maryland's most powerful radar. 48 cool degrees out at bwi right now and that is certainly pretty cool. humidity on the rise so i think the rain as it begins to come down will not have too much difficulty getting into, you
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know, getting through the atmosphere. earlier today the rain we had did not have a lot of luck with that. you see on the eastern shore right now, as we take you out to just a little broader perspective, plenty of wet weather coming across really the d.c. area back through is a verna park, southern anne arundel county, tremendous amounts of rain coming up, pretty heavy showers here just west of sparta into kent county, where some of the heaviest rain is now right down in the heart of d.c. so plenty of wet weather out here and some of the heaviest stuff, excuse me, pg county across the south of annapolis to maynard andy oh. we'll continue to watch it. through the dayer earlier we had cloudy conditions, you can kind of see the approach of that approaching rain storm system that will bring us rain tonight, tomorrow, and tomorrow night. i think tomorrow night could be some of the heaviest rain. d.c. today, foggy start, wet weather, then you know, finally the rain moves in right at the end here. we could see some fog as well
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tomorrow in the rain out there so watch out for that. rainfall totals so far have been light and primarily in annapolis back through an then dale. these are our weather net sites. we're dry baltimore north and eastward. denton getting a trees east. get about a 10th of an inch so far. take a look temperature-wise right now, upper 40s to low 50s, not bad. kind of a mild night. and our highs today even stephen cease fastball numbers mid-50s, but tomorrow although we'll be close to that temperature-wise the rain will make it feel chillier obviously. we'll have rain cooling. ellicott city back through carney high temp., wet weather around is going to make you feel chillier. up through cecil county, wet weather scenario through here, chillier as well. a few degrees warmer down back through centreville and bellview on the eastern shore. plenty of rain. we think two different rounds here, show you that in one second. see all the different rain, much more moisture back through
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the southern part of the appalachians, all tracking in our direction. as we show you that weather pattern, that stalled out boundary to our west. storm system riding up that boundary, this is the last of our dry weather now out to sea. the cooler air is not really going to get in here, but some rain tonight, another round tomorrow, tomorrow night that's wednesday we probably get the heaviest rain, we take it out of here on wednesday. overnight tonight 45, cloudy, rain all night, showers in the morning, wet weather, rain on and off through the day tomorrow. but tomorrow night definitely looking for more rain to roll in and a quick check of that seven-day forecast. you do see the trend is for some drier but cooler weather thursday into the week. kelly? >> all right. thanks a lot wyatt. tomorrow night at 11:00 we're continuing our new series. maryland's cold cases. we'll bring you the story of jennifer clay brook. jennifer was just 15 years old when she was found murdered
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near her home in clay brook. 27 years have gone by but her death remains a mystery. >> those of us who have been around long enough to see jenny personally. we know that was the only yearbook picture taken of her. >> you can find the story here tomorrow on the news at 11:00. you definitely don't see this every day. a coyote running wild in the streets of chicago. why city officials say the rogue coyote is actually a good thing. storm gear and promotional consideration provided by l.l. bean.
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this is stan the fan charles with the "press box sports report."
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the middle of the nfl season, plenty of baseball news. relief pitcher of the texas rangers nah tammy perez was named rookie of the year. he saved a record 40 games this past season. despite not being called up until july 29th, buster posey was named the mv rookie of the year. ryan sandburg is going to return to his rim organization and manage aaa lehigh valley iron pigs in the association. sand berg was passed over for by mike quade with the full- time job. the dallas cowboys made a coaching change last week and got a huge upside victory in jason garrett's view. as headman here is what he had to say after the cowboys beat the giants. >> one of the things we emphasize to our players is come to work each and every day. be great on wednesday, let's be great on thursday and friday and that gives you a chance to be great on sunday. >> stay in touch with all things local and all things
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all right. check out the newest member cleaning up the streets of chicago. folks in downtown witnessed a wild coyote dark through the streets this morning. city officials say he is just
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following his instincts and hunting for row dents, the timid animal avoids all contact with humans. but they fitted him with a tracking collar. >> they could use a few less row dents. >> that was fun. >> quick check of the radar kelly, plenty of rain out there. now we're going to see this on and off through tomorrow. heavier rain tomorrow. we'll be what, 36 hours, other than that, though, just stay dry, do what you can. >> okay. maybe come monday. that's it for us tonight. have a great evening. >> go coyote, get those row dents. abc 2 works for you tracking sex offenders listed as homeless. if you fight to sleep in the middle of the night,
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