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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  November 16, 2010 3:05am-4:30am EST

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announcer: abandoned and lost... [siren wailing] from the dark cold streets of the city... a cage in the local shelter...
3:06 am heaven...your lap... father has only intensified his own very public suspicions that his wife, terry horman, kyron's step mother, is involved. in court filings just last week, cane horman's attorney writes, one can only infer that mother will not speak because her testimony will lead to criminal liability for kyron's disappearance. until mother denies the allegation, there can be no other inferences drawn. despite bold accusations, fresh searching, and nearly six months gone by, investigators are still no closer than they were on that warm day in june when kyron's whereabouts became a baffling mystery. neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. there are new signs the gulf region is bouncing back from the disastrous oil spill. nearly all the federal waters in the gulf of mexico are now open
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to fishing. an area covering 1,000 square miles immediately around the ruptured wellhead remains off-limits. with that here's a look at your tuesday forecast. downpours, hail, and gusty winds from tallahassee and pensacola into southern georgia and alabama. rain from the carolinas to new york and in the ohio and tennessee valleys. up to 2 feet of mountain snow from montana to colorado. >> mostly 50s from seattle to albuquerque. 40 in the twin cities. 52 in chicago. 53 in kansas city. upper 50s in the northeast. a cool 52 in dallas. a warm 82 in miami. now to the ballroom where it was a night of sheer perfection for jennifer grey, and even bristol palin came out with guns blazing. >> grey wowed the judges with her chat-chat and her waltz earning 30 points for each performance. brandy picked up a perfect score for her tango. >> bristol palin, meanwhile, earned her best scores of the
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season. but that still left her at the bottom of the leaderboard. we gained out tonight who gets voted off. i'm putting my money on jennifer grey, i think. >> staying in. >> i think she'll take it all, yes. >> we'll be right back with more "world news now." hó
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many americans have learned debt can come back to haunt you. typically it's when you're trying to buy a car or house. >> big purchases. apparently can also cost you a chance at serving god. here's abc news on-campus reporter candace smith with one young woman's cash-strapped journey to becoming a nun. >> reporter: it's hard to forget lisa maloney's laugh. she does it a lot, especially when she's working with the elderly. >> it's something where you spend time here with the elderly and it on just -- it's really a beautiful experience. >> reporter: maloney volunteers with the little sisters of the poor in washington and she's been there since 2009. now she's ready to take the next step and become a nun.
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there's just one catch. to be a nun, you can't have any debt. maloney owed a lot of it, about $80,000 worth. it's her college debt from four years at catholic university. the little sisters can't help her. they all take a vow of poverty. >> we've been caring for the poor. >> reporter: to raise the money, maloney and the little sisters hosted a rock-a-thon, to rock for an hour. >> she has many other choices. young people do these days. to give your life in service of others, that's a higher calling. >> reporter: now, seeing all the rockers focus on family. here at little sisters she's the baby. for the catholic church, less than 2% of all clergy are under 35. >> when we have fewer young clergy it means that we lose the vitality and the energy and the new ideas and the ability to
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connect with the younger generation that younger people in ministry bring. >> reporter: attracting young people is hard because, like maloney, many of them are in debt. organizations like the fund for theological education offer scholarships and grants to pay off debt. so far, maloney has been raising money herself. people who didn't even know her have helped. >> if i can help one respond to their vocation, if i can enable that, then i'll gladly do it. >> reporter: entrance for nuns occurs once a year in october. they raised $10,000 at the rock-a-thon, and in the next two weeks raised $15,000 more, all from donations that poured in. within three months maloney was able to raise a $81,000. >> i've applied to little sisters of the poor and have been accepted because i'm debt-free. >> reporter: though her journey may have felt long, maloney hopes her story can touch others. >> essentially a modern-day miracle that many people are not able to see in their own lives,
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but hopefully this story will show them they have miracles happening in their own life. >> reporter: for abc on-campus, i'm candace smith, washington, d.c. >> the story get out, other folks who are interested in becoming a nun as well reached out to her for fund-raising advice. now she's set this new model for how to raise money if this is the your career or personal goal. kind of cool. >> the way it's working is cool. they basically have set up an account for her. as she's doing the formation of her vows it pulls up a minimum amount to help pay back the college debt. >> debt affects everybody, doesn't it? amazing. when we come back it's time for insomni"insomniac theater." "kitchen," sorry. >> let's eat! when you stay connected to your kids, they'll stay
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welcome back, guys. we are in the kitchen today at brother jimmy's with executive chef ava posante. wonderful food here. you have six locations across new york. we're in the union square station today. >> that's correct. >> for people who haven't been here how would you describe the feel of the dining room? >> it's a fun place to have really good southern barbecue. we've got sports on the tvs. wave got great wait staff. full of energy. it's a lively, good place for a meal. >> we're making a cool take on a blt. >> it's a blsgt. >> take us through exactly how we're going to make this bad boy. >> we have green tomatoes which is what is unusual about this particular recipe. so first we'll mix up our dry mix. >> okay. >> which is corn meal. slightly coarse corn meal. standard bread crumbs unseasoned. celery salt. black pepper.
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and salt. >> that's easy enough. >> yeah. >> all your dry ingredients together first. >> yeah. i'm going to mix that up until it's all pretty well combined. then we're going to go ahead and do our -- the wet mix, which is going to be an egg and buttermilk. you want to beat that up? >> sure. >> you don't want to slice the tomatoes too thick or it makes the sandwich too hard to eat. >> can you use red tomatoes? >> the problem with red tomatoes is they're too ripe, too soft to fry up. >> what's the flavor profile for green tomatoes? i feel it's a little saltier to me. >> it's tangier i think is the best way to describe it. >> we've got our tomatoes cut and the dry ingredients and wet ingredients prepped. >> yes. smoked bacon. you can use any bacon you like. i like applewood because it has a smokier flavor.
3:19 am
so now we will take our dry mix. >> okay. >> you're going to first -- >> flour? >> this is straight flour. you're going to coat it in the flour. you want to it it a shake so the excess comes off. then right into the egg mixture. >> make sure i get it nice and good. >> kind of tap it too. >> so i've taken it from the flour and that was our egg and buttermilk mixture. >> then you go right into the bread crumb, corn meal mixture. the trick with coating everything is you keep one hand for dry and one wet. >> exactly what i did not do. >> it would have help tuesday i'd told you. let's get the other ones going in. now we're going to fry them up. what i have here is i've got canola oil. we want to make sure it's hot enough or coating will stick to the pan. >> you just want an initial sizzle? is that what should have been happening? >> yeah. could have been a little hotter.
3:20 am
we're going to let those brown up on each side. we're going to get other parts of the sandwich assembled. >> okay. >> what we use in the restaurant is just a country white bread. and mayonnaise. use your favorite brand or if you want you can add some other flavors to it. i like a little chipotle in mine. >> oh, yeah. >> makes it sort of an extra smoky kick to it. >> i know you're about to flip them. how do you know they're done on one side? >> see on the edge that is submerged in the oil that is starting to brown up a little bit. that's always a good indication. now we're going to pull the bacon out. it's perfectly cooked bacon. and i'm going to turn off the tomatoes at the same time. so we're going to lay the bacon. again, depending how hungry you are and how much -- the size of your bread, three or four pieces of bacon, whatever you're essentially in the mood for.
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tomatoes. just going to stack them on. and i like romaine lettuce just because it's a little -- stands up better to the heat of the tomatoes. you fold it up. you can see tomatoes, lettuce, bacon. you ready for a piece? >> i am. i can still feel the warm. >> that's kind of nice about it. >> especially early in the morning. >> all right. >> mm! >> this is a messy sandwich. >> that fried green tomato is delicious. >> thank you. >> the name for it again? the letters you've given it? >> it's the blfgt. >> and i know you're wondering rob, am i bringing you home some? i'll bring you home but it's not going to be this one. but you're about to try some also. >> yes, we are indeed about to try some. >> this was really good. you can also do the recipe that she had for the tomatoes.
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stop fighting with your sleep. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. get lunesta for a co-pay as low as zero dollars at discover a restful lunesta night. finally, you might have noticed overzealous christmas men decading yards already this year. lights and plastic santas you've seen have nothing on this story. >> artists in britain are turning buildings into amazing pieces of art. here's the bbc's david sillito. >> reporter: we're in derby and the city's been trying to bring a little light to the wintry
3:26 am
gloom. a few projected lights, well, it's christmassy, isn't it. it adds to the garity of life. but what happens if you really turn the streets into works of art? evan grant turns buildings into artworks. >> we're working with an architectural model in the building. we know where every element can be and we can position it, make things fly out of it. >> make the building come alive? >> exactly, exactly, yeah. >> reporter: have a look at this one. this is in jersey. every nook and cranny is programmed in, to recreate the building in light.
3:27 am
>> it's amazing, yeah. takes your breath away. >> reporter: in central derby, a cold winter evening, do you enjoy that? >> absolutely excellent, yeah. >> reporter: so, could this be the future of christmas lights? >> i think definitely. certainly we've been have something conversations around exactly that. and i think more and more councils pick up on this kind of technology and the possibilities, definitely, why not? >> reporter: indeed, when technology allows you to do this, fairy light suddenly looks a little old-fashioned. david sillito, abc news. >> amazing stuff. they have impressive clients as well. >> they do. the company has clients like the nfl, reebok, nike, sony, playstation 3. it's not just over in the uk you're getting to see that. >> real nice for the holidays too. >> we wouldn't have budget for that kind of projector. but we do have another kind of
3:28 am
projector. family photos. >> family photos over our beautiful yet romantic set. >> it's a limited budget, guys.
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getting personal. complaints about new, thorough airport searches. >> if you touch my junk, i'm going to have you arrested. >> how it could all interfere with busy holiday travel. baffling crime. missing family members and a teen survivor after a kidnapping mystery. and, michael jackson's new tune. ♪ >> what jackson's family and the critics are now saying. it's tuesday, november 16th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> finally an official song from michael jackson.
3:31 am
one a duet with akon that the world has been waiting for. we heard a little leak of it and now it's finally ready and we can buy it. >> a whole new album titled just "michael." if you look closely, it's all the best michael moments. you see the criminal outfit, the billie jean one, the thriller. look closely at the new album cover, it's kind of cool. people said when he passed away he was actually worth more dead than alive. this album is going to be huge. we'll see where it goes. >> i know one person who wants to buy it. i should say two. >> two. >> good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm vinita nair. >> i'm rob nelson. just as the holiday travel season gets under way there is growing outrage over those new security measures at the nation's airports. >> passengers are rebelling against the full-body scans and those probing pat-downs. now the government is trying to reassure the traveling public that it is all necessary. john hendren is joining us from washington with the latest. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, rob and vinita. if you've been to a major airport lately you might have noticed the full-body screeners airport security is using. if you refuse that or get lucky enough to get selected you can have a full-body pat-down some
3:32 am
passengers say is too close for comfort. some air travelers are using a new word in response to heightened security measures -- no. john tyner gave the quote of the week. he was about to get an airport pat-down. he said, if you touch my junk i'm going to have you arrested. that was at san diego international after he refused a screening he considered an electronic strip search. >> i didn't intend to go through the machine or be groped. >> it is aimed specifically to ensure the safety of the public. >> reporter: homeland security security secretary janet napolitano denied the scanners amount to digital undressing and she defended the intimate pat-downs some pilots equate with sexual molestation. napolitano says the department of homeland security might alter its rules but suggests that flying is a privilege, not a right. >> and if people don't want to play that role, they want to travel by some other means, of course that's their right. >> reporter: in new jersey, lawmakers are seeking to ban full-body scanners at newark
3:33 am
international. and a pilots union is telling members to avoid scanners, in part over radiation concerns. now there is an internet campaign urging travelers to refuse screening on the day before thanksgiving, one of the busiest travel days of the year. rob and vinita? the focus will be on air cargo security today on capitol hill. the head of the tsa is expected to be grilled on security gaps in light of that parcel bomb plot which was discovered last month. packages intercepted in britain and dubai contain bombs sent from yemen addressed to synagogues in chicago. the alaska senate race has still not been decided but it is inching closer and closer to a winner. senator lisa murkowski has built a 1,700-vote lead over gop nominee joe miller. election officials have about 10,000 ballots to pore over but the trend appears to be in murkowski's favor. since more than 98% of the write-in ballots have been for her. in washington, the new members of congress are already flexing their political muscles.
3:34 am
a leading senate republican has now been forced to back down on a key issue. jonathan karl is on capitol hill. >> reporter: the new republicans have arrived, and they've already drawn blood. just hours after republican leader mitch mcconnell met with the 13 new republican senators, he caved on a top tea party issue. doing away with congressional pet projects known as earmarks. >> banning earmarks is another small but important symbolic step that we can take to show that we're serious. >> reporter: a total reversal. this was mcconnell less than two weeks ago. >> you could eliminate every congressional earmark and you would save no money. >> reporter: mcconnell's flip comes after both the president and incoming speaker of the house john boehner also endorsed the earmark ban. the incoming house republican class began arriving over the weekend. the largest in a generation. more than one-third of them have never held elected office. >> i'm not here to be put on the back row and play games. we're going to try so shake things up.
3:35 am
>> reporter: first there's unfinished business for the outgoing congress, including the trial of long-time democratic congressman charlie rangel. the trial took a dramatic turn when rangel demanded it be delayed so he can raise money to pay a lawyer. >> 50 years of public service is on the line. i am entitled to a lawyer during this proceeding. >> reporter: the committee refused to postpone, so rangel walked out, forcing the trial to go on without him. jonathan karl, abc news, capitol hill. in other news now, nasa has found a fourth crack in the fuel tank for the space shuttle "discovery." "discovery's" final mission has is been put on hold while engineers work to repair those cracks. the next launch opportunity will be sometime between the end of november and the first week in december. any takers for a one-way ticket to mars? two scientists are suggesting it would be a quicker and cheaper way to colonize the red planet if space travelers don't return home.
3:36 am
and they are suggesting the astronauts be 60 or older since the trip would undoubtedly reduce a person's life span. nasa does not back this idea but other adventurers say, what's the problem? >> i think they'd have trouble picking the astronauts that wanted to go. i think they would jump at the chance to go. >> technologically, of course, it's possible. but as a practical operational plan, you know, as an astronaut i would have serious problems with it. >> there are also the mental challenges of long-term space travel. depression, irritability, and loss of sleep. kind of like working the overnight shift. >> no kidding. well, government watchdogs are expressing some extreme concerns about foreclosures and the health of the u.s. housing market. a new report was just released by the congressional oversight panel. that panel says foreclosure fraud problems could shatter the economy's recovery. it also questions the treasury department's claim that foreclosure fraud poses no threat to the nation's financial
3:37 am
system. today the senate's banking committee meets to review foreclosure documentation problems. walmart doesn't want its customers standing around in the cold waiting for those black friday bargains. so the world's biggest retailer is opening most of its doors at midnight, thanksgiving night. it says the new earlier opening gives everyone a head start on holiday bargains but you will have to be patient. the deals on most electronic goods won't start until 5:00 a.m. and they are really good deals. i was looking, some of them include a 42-inch hd-tv for under $400, 398 bucks. >> are you kidding, wow. >> now is the time to get a tv. >> holiday time, yeah. here's your tuesday forecast now. it will be wet on the eastern seaboard. severe wither in the southeast. rain and thunderstorms from indianapolis to the carolinas, washington, d.c. up to new york. up to 2 feet of mountain snow in the central and northern rockies. >> 50 in boise. 58 in colorado springs. 70 in sacramento. 48 in omaha. 51 in detroit. upper 50s in boston, new york, baltimore.
3:38 am
atlanta will get up to 66. new orleans is 70 degrees. looks like a thief out in kansas found out the hard way some exotic animals don't make very good pets. >> we teach this lesson again and again and again. a meerkat stolen from the kansas city zoo earlier this month was found outside a petco. witnesses say a man wearing a hat and hooded sweatshirt left the meerkat in front of the store in a glass aquarium. >> the thief may have gotten more than he bargained for. experts say meerkats bite, they have a strong odor, and they can become hysterical apart from their pack. >> you have to hand it to him for doing the right thing and returning it to a pet store versus releasing it or doing something much more malicious to the poor thing. >> oh, man. we'll be back with more.
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the 13-year-old girl who was found bound and gagged in an ohio basement over the weekend is now back with family members this morning. >> however, the dire search continues for sarah's brother, mom and a family friend. barbara pinto has the latest from mt. vernon, ohio. >> reporter: the teenage girl held captive for days in the dark basement of this home could be her missing family and law enforcement's best hope. >> not only is she assisting the investigation, but under the circumstances, a 13-year-old girl being held captive for four days by a total stranger, i would call her the epitome of bravery. >> reporter: sarah maynard was found bound and gagged in matthew hoffman's basement ten miles from where she, her 10-year-old brother kody, her mother tina herrmann, and stephanie sprang, a family friend, all disappeared.
3:43 am
hoffman is described as a loner and lone suspect so far in this baffling crime. a block from his home, a desperate search. by air, on foot, and by boat. even pulling two cars from a pond. >> the fact that only one person has been located since last wednesday, you have to be just realistic. you just have to be realistic that there's a possibility that these folks are dead. >> reporter: neighbors say hoffman's girlfriend and her son recently moved out and described his behavior as odd. >> he really was a weirdo. he sat in the trees. if you look back up there in the trees, there's a hammock where he would sit and watch people. he's very different. >> he's very -- i would say paranoid. like you could tell he was nervous around people. and he wasn't very social. >> reporter: hoffman served prison time before, in colorado, for arson. convicted at age 19 for torching a townhome complex to cover a burglary.
3:44 am
>> we always thought he was weird or odd but never thought he was capable of actually being involved in this case. >> reporter: this began last wednesday. sarah and her brother went to school, came home, then disappeared. the same day their mom didn't show up for work at this dairy queen. the following day her boss called police. they found the family's home littered with beer cans and blood. even the family dog was missing. >> detectives are interviewing family members, friends, acquaintances. those kinds of things. right now, there's no indications to say that they were abducted, if that's the path you're going down. but they're unaccounted for. >> reporter: tina hermann's ex-boyfriend was clearly worried. >> the way things are going down, as long as they've been processing the house, something happened inside that house. >> reporter: friday, more grim news. hermann's truck was found at nearby kenyon college. investigators locked down the campus and questioned a man in a
3:45 am
car parked nearby -- named matthew hoffman. that encounter may have helped lead a s.w.a.t. team to hoffman's home sunday morning. >> i came out, looked out the window, i looked and there was two sheriff cars blocking the road here. and pretty soon all kind of sheriff cars started pulling up and s.w.a.t. team came and then the blast i heard. it was the -- they blasted the door and went in. >> we have some good news to report today. we have located and rescued 13-year-old sarah maynard at approximately 8:00 a.m. this morning. she's been under the control of mr. hoffman since wednesday. >> reporter: so far, the 30-year-old hoffman's only connection to sarah's family, his parents live within walking distance of her home. investigators say hoffman isn't talking much. even without his cooperation, hoffman's cell phone records and computer, along with surveillance video from
3:46 am
neighboring businesses, could provide valuable answers. they can't come soon enough for anxious families and friends enduring another agonizing day. >> i just don't want her out there alone. whatever it is, i don't want her to be alone. >> reporter: tonight, the 13-year-old who may have the key to finding her brother, mother and friend, is safe staying with relatives while this town holds its breath. i'm barbara pinto in mt. vernon, ohio. >> we'll be right back.
3:47 am
3:48 am
welcome back, everybody. of course, down to the wire on "dancing with the stars" here. jennifer grey, i'm betting my money on her, i think she could walk away with this thing. nobody puts baby in the corner. she's rocking and rolling on the show. she danced last night and got two perfect scores back to back. two 30s which was pretty special. pretty unprecedented as well. she looked straight out there, and again, i thought she may
3:49 am
walk away with this thing when all is said and done. looked straight out there. apparently making some news and stealing headlines here is the one and only bristol palin. she's giving interviews where she's kind of let a little behind the scenes inside out. she said basically she is not really liked so much by some of the folks on the show, including that guy there, one of the professional dancers, max -- i'm going to butcher this last night -- shermancopski. "matt does not like me. he thinks i don't deserve to be here because i'm not the best dancer." she's had some pretty low scores along the way so lots of folks have questioned, what's she still doing hanging around? then she also gave another interview where she's kind of saying -- kind of rejecting the backlash that she's only lasted this long because of the popularity of her mom sarah palin. she says, i'm so sick of bristol has the tea party backing her, she's got the republican party. i don't think that's true at all. so many people attack me every day because of who my mom is so that works both ways. she's disputing that her mom's political popularity has got her this far. also saying some of the folks
3:50 am
behind the scenes think she's not too good so they're rooting against her. she's close to making the final. she is now in the final so we'll see if she pulls it all the way. she thinks her chances are pretty good. >> there's one thing you can't dispute, that is the popularity of her mom. sunday night was the debut of her new show on tlc and it had huge numbers. 4.96 million viewers. keep in mind. when "conan" debuted, 4.2 million. like i said, it's on tlc. basically one of the things that's sort of being talked about is sarah palin is the reason bristol's still on "dancing with the stars," and she could even win because of it. if you haven't seen the show, you haven't seen the promos, it's basically supposed to show she's an avid adventurer. there's going to be eight weeks of the show. with ratings like that, that beats "jon and kate" and is the new record life ho-holder for t. this is the new future, what will it do for her political future? no one's saying anything yet. >> karl rove made controversial comments about this not being presidential for sarah to be doing this. numbers are numbers.
3:51 am
another interesting story, another interesting story out of hollywood apparently the whole michael douglas divorce case bass back in court in manhattan this week. basically the judge said, you know ex-widesndra, ex-wife is n entitled to all that money she was going for from his big paycheck for "wall street 2." after they divorced in 2000 she was entitled to 50% of whatever movies he made. obviously this year the "wall street" sequel came out. obviously made millions from that movie. the judge said, there's no way that you're entitled to that money and his lawyer spoke on his behalf, said michael "sounded great" when he called him. battling throat cancer, so that's good news. michael was thrilled but it may not be over yet. the ex-wife who's going for all this cash could relaunch the case out in california. in the a done deal. >> tmz thinks they know the back story of mel gibson and oksana. keep in mind, we saw those pictures of her with the broken teeth. according to tmz, they got the court documents. what they're saying is mel gibson admits slapping oksana because she was so hysterical, she was endangering the baby.
3:52 am
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here are some stories to watch today on abc news. vigils are planned for today in hickory, north carolina, on what would have been zahra baker's 11th birthday. police have now confirmed the young cancer survivor as murder victim. president obama is releasing his new children's book today. it was written before he took office. the book pays tribute to what the president called 13 ground-breaking americans. and insiders predict apple's itunes will begin selling beatles songs as early as today. apple has been fighting a big legal dispute with the beatles recording label for rights to sell all that music online. >> good news for beatles fans to good news for michael jackson fans. >> the king of pop's fans can
3:56 am
now get their hands on the first single from his new album. diana alvear has more on this from los angeles. good morning, diana. >> reporter: vinita and rob, good morning. michael jackson is proving to be as prolific an artist in death as he was while he was alive. in fact, he has not one but two songs making the rounds and making major waves in the entertainment world. ♪ >> reporter: the voice is unmistakable. michael jackson singing "hold my hand," a duet with rapper akon. ♪ hold my hand >> reporter: originally recorded in 2007, it's the first single release from his new album "michael" since the king of pop's untimely passing in june of last year. ♪ >> reporter: another song "breaking news" was leaked a few weeks ago and immediately sparked controversy. was it really michael jackson singing? ♪ >> reporter: even members of his own family had doubts. tmz caught up with jackson's sister la toya.
3:57 am
>> i listened to it. it doesn't sound like him. >> okay, thank you. >> reporter: still, it's listed as a track on the new album. an album entertainment insiders say could be a monster seller. >> sales for michael jackson's new album will be so high because fans from around the world just want anything to hold on to from the king of pop. >> reporter: jackson will have a tough time outselling 2009's top-selling artist -- himself. he sold more than 8.2 million albums, more than double that of taylor swift, his nearest competitor. all the proceeds from his new album are going directly to his estate. they'll benefit his children -- prince, paris, and blanket. vinita, rob? >> as wonderful as it is for fans, there are people who aren't happy about it. black eyed peas front man will i am says to him it's disrespectful. he says michael jackson's songs are finished when michael says they're finished. even though there may not be any
3:58 am
disputing whose voice it is, some people say it's not really part of it since he didn't release it. >> since he was a hands-on release it. >> since he was a hands-on artist, unless he put his st announcer: there is a place not so far away. ask your parents to take you. come to the forest. where the other you lives. but first, stop by
3:59 am
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4:00 am
disturbing details in the case of a missing girl in north carolina on what would have been zahra baker's 11th birthday. promising pill. >> i think a major advance in medicine. >> why this drug could make a difference for millions. and, silver anniversary of an iconic video game. super mario's past, present, and future. it's tuesday, november 16th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> i remember sitting in front of the nintendo playing mario. i remember it like yesterday.
4:01 am
it's been 25 years. that's crazy. >> spielberg of video games. it's still so popular. if you play it even now it's still relevant. >> everyone still loves mario. classic, huh? good morning, everybody, i'm rob nelson. >> i'm vinita nair. after weeks of searching for zahra baker we're e arning horrifying new details. >> we know the disabled 10-year-old was actually dismembered. while police have cast doubt on her father and stepmother, no one has actctlly been charged yet. wsoc's alan ka vanna has more on the story from hickory, north carolina. >> reporter: a court filing added to the story that many wished couldn't get any worse. last month, elisa baker, the stepmom of 10-year-old zahra, told law enforcement zahra was deceased, that her body was dismembered, and it would be recovered at different sites. the reaction in hickory was anger. >> whoever did this to her needs to suffer. >> reporter: new information comes in a filing from elisa baker's attorney, asking for her bond to be reduced. it says elisa began cooperating, with police in late october. leading investigators to zahra's remains.
4:02 am
at one point she identified an object as part of a prosthetic leg and specifically identified it as a gel liner that belonged to zahra." in the filing baker never details how zahra died, , r does it mention zahra's father, adam. it asks that her bond be reduced to less than $10,000. because she was cooperative and less likely to flee. >> it t st breaks my heart, whoever is involved, it just breaks my heart. >> reporter: the filing comes just one night before what would have been zahra's 11th birth day. memorials are planned throughout the community. hickory high school freshman caitlin myer told us students wear white to remember the little girl. >> a lot of people, you know, in this community were coming closer together at such a sad, touching story. >> reporter: for now, elisa baker sits in jail on an obstruction of justice charge on a $65,000 bond. the district attorney says it could be a few weeks before she gets another bond hearing. in hickory, north carolina, alan kavanah, abc news.
4:03 am
meanwhile, authorities in ohio admit three people missing there could be dead. 10-year-old kody maynard, his mother tina herrmann, and her friend stephanie sprang all vanished last wednesday along with 13-year-old sarah maynard. sarah was found bound and gagged in a basement but the others are still missing. authorities searched a lake and surrounding areas yesterday. they say sarah now is proving invaluable to the investigation. >> not only is she assisting the investigation, but under the girl being held captive for four days by a total stranger -- i would call her the epitome of bravery. >> a suspect, matthew hoffman, is being held on a kidnapping charge. he reportedly is not assisting investigators. about 200 people gathered last night for a candlelight vigil to pray for the families involved. incumbent lisa murkowski appears closer to victory in the alaska senate race.
4:04 am
rkowski, who ran as a write-in candidate, has a narrow lead of 1,700 votes over republican joe miller. election workers are still checking write-in ballots with about 10,000 left to go. the trend has been in murkowski's favor with almost all the ballots marked for her. it was a bizarre scene behind closed doors on capitol hill. veteran congressman charlie rangel walked out of his ethics trial, claiming he had no lawyer. the commmmtee though continued with the hearing, which will move forward later today. wabc's dave evans has more. >> reporter: when congressman rangel arrived at his trial he had one strategy -- delay and plead for postponement. >> 50 years of public service is on the line. i truly believe that i'm not being treated fairly and that history will dictate that notwithstanding the political calendar, i am entitled to a lawyer during this proceeding. >> reporter: rangel has already spent more than $2 million on his defense. he'd need another $1 million for the trial.
4:05 am
rangel showed up with no lawyer, having split with his legal team last month. and then just last week, prosecutors filed a new 80-page statement of evidence. rangel clearly was not ready. >> i did not know until a week ago that this 80 pages would be the way you intended to judge my conduct. a week ago. >> reporter: rangel's accused of improperly obtaining four rent-stabilized apartments in harlem. he's charged with misstatang his assets by $500,000, and failing to pay taxes on a villa he owns in the caribbean, and soliciting thousands for a school named after him at city college. >> these allegations, if proven, would demonstrate that mr. rangel violated multiple provisions of the house rules and federal statutes. >> reporter: the committee considered rangel's request but said no. so rangel walked out and the prosecution began. >> put simply, the record before you is the record. the facts are the facts. and the counts are ripe for a vote.
4:06 am
>> r rorter: the prosecution then made a motion to wrap up the trial, to forego all witnesses and the formal presentation of evidence. the committee agreed and moved forward on weighing the fate of congressman charlie rangel. >> we will recess into executive session to deliberate upon the 13 counts before us. >> reporter: the ethics committee will continue its deliberations on tuesday morning. now, if that committee acting as a jury finds that the evidence proves any one of the 13 charges against congressman rangel, then it would move into the punishment phase and a possibility of a vote by the full house. i'm david evans in washington for abc news. turning overseas now to a tragic fire in shanghai. at least 53 people died when fire engulfed a high rise apartment building in a chinese city. the blaze was apparently started by four welders who were helping with renovations. it then spread quickly to scaffold coverering the 28-story building. the welders now face criminal charges.
4:07 am
the anger over the cholera crisis in haiti has turned violent. demonstrators fought with u.n. peacekeepers in several cities and towns yesterday. many in haiti blame the u.n. troops from nepal for the outbreak. one protester was killed in all that violence and six peacekeepers were injured. more than 900 people have so far died from that outbreak. a new breakthrough d dg could soon offer an alternative for the 2 million americans who have to take a blood thinner. for decades most of them used a drug called coumadin to reduce the risk of blood clots that lead to strokes. but a study says another drug will work just as well. yunji de nies reports. >> reporter: dr. gerald hollander in brooklyn treats his patients with the blood thinner coumadin to prevent stroke. but it's not easy. >> they can become very cumbersome, the level is too low it can be dangerous, if it's too high it can be dangerous. >> reporter: now for the millions of americans like rabbi herbert bonzer, a new medicine called xarelto could change that.
4:08 am
coumadin has been the standard for the last six decades. originally developed as a rat poison, it can be a tremendous burden. patients must undergo frequent blood tests and maintain a strict diet because the drug can interact poorly with food and other medicines. researchers say xarelto has all the benefits without those side effects. >> it's fantastic. taking a drug for these e conditions that does not require monitoring, that relieves the patient and the physician of the burden of frequent testing, and is as good or better in the protection, is i think a major advance in medicine. >> reporter: blood thinners are big business. a number of pharmaceutical companies are debuting new drugs, each vying to own this $14 billion industry. for patients, the benefits could be priceless. yunji de nies, abc news, new york. congressional watchdogs say
4:09 am
recent foreclosure fraud cases could pose a big overall risk than first thought. a report released this morning says the fraud cases threaten our already fragile economy. the congressional oversight panel questions treasury department claims that the fraud cases should not harm the financial system. the foreclosure investigation will be reviewed later today by the senate's banking committee. one of national's most famous landmarks is back in business once again. the gaylord opryland resort and convention center reopened after historic flooding six months ago. 120 guest rooms were damaged along with the exhibit halls and its complex mechanical, electrical and power systems. repairs cost up to $285 million. they're saying the silver lining is that they're sort of able to modernize as a result of all this. i read a stat that said five football fields worth of new carpeting. >> no kidding, really. >> to cover the whole thing. >> that's an upgrade. here's a look at your tuesday weather. up to 2 feet of mountain snow across much of montana and in
4:10 am
wyoming, idaho, colorado, and utah as well. heavy rain, hail, and 60-mile-an-hour winds in north florida, georgia and alabama. rain in the ohio and tennessee valleys. and along the east coast. >> a wet 66 in atlanta. 58 in new york. low 50s in detroit, chicago, and kansasasity. 40 degrees in fargo. phoenix is 75. sacramento 70. seattle is 53. well, you can call the latest shot in the battle between facebook and google. facebook is now introducing its new messages section which will bring in and sort your cell phone texts, your im chats and e-mail from nonfacebook accounts. >> facebook will take what it knows about you and all your relationships and build a social inbox. it's meant to protect you from spam and messages that it deems less important. >> when they say less important they mean those from strangers or those who may be overly in touch. >> what happened to aol?
4:11 am
>> life is complicated. we'll be right back with more after this. ♪
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4:14 am
[ male annonocer ] every day thousands of people are switching from tylenol to advil. to learn more and get your special offer, go to take action. take advil. now to the topic we all love to hate. the latest on ththfight against bedbugs. man's best friend has been called in as reinforcements, putting their keen sense of smell to work tracking down the bugs. some are calling out the little four-legged detectors saying they're not very good at the job. so jeremy hubbard put them to the test. >> let work, rex. come on. >> reporter: are dogs really the four-legged champions of the quarter-million bedbug extermination business? >> you feel you're ripe to be taken advantage of by people that are marketing these dogs as
4:15 am
the be all, end all. >> reporter: eririand jessica silver spent more than $3,500 to treat their home after a canine detected bedbugs. they threw away thousands in clothing and furniture. when the bugs kept biting they called in another exterminator. >> turns out we didn't have bedbugs at all. >> reporter: the dog smelled something else entirely. rodent mites. a false positive. something the "new york times" is reporting an increase in. this exterminator is noticing it too. >> 95% of the time i go behind the canine, there's no bedbugs. >> reporter: in the pandemonium over parasites some wonder if dog owners are cashing in on our fear, without properly training themselves or the animal. >> these dogs can be between 98% to 100% accurate in finding bedbugs. but maintaining the training is very important. otherwise, the dogs will start making mistakes. >> they are really the most accurate tool that the industry has for detecting low-level infestations. >> reporter: owners are quick to defend their dogs. in fact, bell environmental allowed us to give one of theirs
4:16 am
a quiz. this has bedbugs but the others are? >hey're control insects. carpet beetles, roaches, i believe there's a lady bug. >> reporter: can roscoe, the highly trained beagle, tell which one contains bedbugs? >> where is it? >> repepter: he passes with flying colors because, his owners say, he's trained every day. just as every bedbug dog should be. jeremy hubbard, abc news, new york. >> the way the training goes down, they're allowed to eat if they find bed bugs. the dogs have the right incentive because they tend to find them even if there are not any because they get to eat -- did you see -- remember this from a few weeks ago? >> roscoe wasn't so adorable, he has his own web page to track those things down.
4:17 am
4:18 am
welcome back, everybody. now to the silver anniversary for maybe the biggest name in video game history. mario of nintendo super mario brothers. >> who do we thank for mario? why is he considered the spielberg of video games? our technology contributor daniel sieberg teched it out. >> reporter: 25 years ago, shigero miyamoto was a young graphics designer at nintendo who decided to shake up the video game hero, th a little guy who preferred a quick jump to a ready gun. tell me how the idea of mario came about. i understand he began his life as a carpenter, then later became a plumber? is that right? >> translator: yes, 30 years ago with donkey kong, mario was originally a carpenter, that's correct. before super mario we had mario brothers which featured mario and luigi. in that game, the game featured
4:19 am
them as plumbers. >> reporter: in 1985, super mario brothers debuted on the nintendo entertainment system. for the video game industry, that plucky little plumber didn't come a moment too soon. >> translator: yeah, at the time, you know, i think the united states was really suffering from what we call atari shock. the home console industry was not doing very well. we at nintendo decided we wanted to challenge the market but we wanted to do it with only a limited amount of software or software we thought would do the trick. so when we came up with super mario we thought, this is our chance, this is software that we can use to sort of revitalize, it's our chance to go into the market. >> reporter: for more than 20 years, super mario brothers was at the top of the sales charts. the company says it sold more than 240 million titles tied to super mario brothers. how does mario stay relevant and stay popular when you've got video game characters these days
4:20 am
that are wearing huge armor? how does he compete against these other popular games that are out there? >> translator: that's a good question. i think it's probably just the performance mario has on-screen that has something to do with it. i think really it's the essential nature of the character and the player becomes mario. the player is able to fill in the spaces of mario's world with the world they want it to be. and mario's adventures become their adventures. >> reporter: over time, nintendo has had to reinvent mario to keep up with evolving technology. >> how did mario evolve through the different console iterations? . >> translator: well, i mean, with m-64, of course, there's a huge revolution in the way we do animation. we use skeletal animations. so that increases all the different movements mario could do. every new console, every new system brings a new interface. we use that new interface to add new elements to mario's repertoire. for example, you know, he can ride, kick, color, all these video with super mario, you can
4:21 am
shake to add a little bit extra oomph to his jump. it's the addition of all of the elements that each console brings that helps us keep mario moving along. >> what's next for mario? are there any stories that are untold, any adventures he's going to get up to, any sort of realms you can tell us about? >> i can't reveal too much, obviously. but i can say using the new handheld, we're going to see mario in the 3d landscape that we haven't seen that's going to be able to really define mario's relationship, spatial relationship, distances, between him and other objects within the field and that's going to be really enjoyable, i believe. >> reporter: if there's only a way to get that theme song out of your head. >> i love singing that. i love that story. >> such a timeless game. everybody at one point has played that game. at some point on some system. >> you always wonder what's the back story to why someone looks the way they do. it's interesting, the creator daniel spoke to actually said the reason they always put a hat on him was hair was difficult to draw. it kind of explains why the moustache looks like an adult film star's, doesn't it?
4:22 am
must be hard to draw. >> the hat and the furry moustache years ago. new game systems, that's not a problem. medicare supplement nsurance card, too. medicare is one of the great things about turning 65, but it doesn't cover everything. in fact, it only pays up to " 80% of your part b expenses. if you're already on or eligible for medicare, call now to find out how an aarp... insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company, not paid b bmedicare part b. that can save you from paying .up to thousands of dollars... out of your own pocket. these are the only medicare supplement insurance plans... exclusively endorsed by aarp. when you call now, you'll get this free information kit... with all you need to enroll. put their trust in aarp p medicare supplement insuranc.
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4:25 am
stop fighting with your sleep. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. get lunesta for a co-pay as low as zero dollars at discover a restful lunesta night. "world news now" delivers your "morning papers." >> there's a fascinating paper in the "wall street journal" thth caught our eye. no pun intended. there's an nyu professor who basically wants to give sort of a test, the old adage, eyes in the back of my head. what he's going to do is implant a camera on the back of his head. yeah. take a look at the guy. >> literally. >> yeah. basically the way it's going to be done, he's going to undergo surgery in the coming weeks to install a camera. the way it's going to work is it will take still pictures at one-minute intervals and feed the photos to monitors at a museum. while he's teaching classes, i think he teaches several at nyu, he'll constantly be taking pictures.
4:26 am
he says it's intended as a comment on the inaccessibility of time and inability to cast your memory of an experience. whatever that means. essentially he's saying what it will do is while he's teaching he'll be able to see what the students behind him are doing. there's questions as to, is that fair? >> right. >> he's not commenting for any part of the story. but it's sort interesting to think he's going to have a camera implanted in the back of his head. i'm sure it's going to be taken out at some point. >> i thought he was going to put something on his head. but you're talking about actual surgery to implant the camera in his head. >> yes. >> glad they didn't have that when i was in school, i would not be sitting here today. >> it could be such a fascinating art installation. that's something i would go see. >> the kids know about it so they know not to act up maybe. whether he gets an accurate glance at what really goes on when he's writing on the board, we'll see. strange story out of new york. a couple of years ago, a hong kong businessman who was in town, he flew into an airport out in jersey. gets picked up by a driver to bring him back to manhattan. like so many of us do in the
4:27 am
cabs here, he swipes the card or whatever. this guy is like filthy rich. the cab driver ends up stealing the credit card number and running up $800,000 in charges on this credit card. including some as high as $19,000 a month. this guy is so rich he didn't even notice. anyway, the cabbie gets busted, finally gets arrested. now the dude himself, the billionaire apparently, he has his own legal troubles. he's been busted for allegedly forging a will. so now he's having his own financial troubles which could make a trial difficult. $800,000. he's so rich, he didn't even notice he was getting scammed for almost a million bucks. >> could we put that picture up of him again? he clearly had no idea. this must have been taken before he found out about the $800,000. one happy, happy man. take a look at this. al rosenberg sent this in, not really, to us. taken in new orleans in september.çñu if you saw cat and a crocodile who do you think would win? >> the croc's got to win this one, come on. >> not only does the croc get scared and walk away from the cat, he comes back with a friend. >> oho!
4:28 am
tag teaming and still no action? >> still the cat prevails. >> that cat has a lot more than nine lives.
4:29 am