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tv   News  ABC  November 19, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EST

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friday. purple. you'll see him wearing purple, not wearing purple. >> you'll learn. >> my word of advice when we play the steelers, don't come in in gold and black, you'll be fine. take a look at the the weekend forecast. justin we were talking snow during the break, no chance of snow but all down the road. >> you through the s word out with me on cam r. it always -- on camera. i love weather and i lover the cold. needless to say, none of that right now, we've had some flurries up to our north, this morning partly cloudy sky, looks like we've got 40 degrees over in pass dina. and from royal toronto looks like there's some freezing out there and some of you may have a little frost on the car. we've got a partly cloudy start
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this morning. we're going for a guaranteed high in the city of 50. right now direct competition for the iphone is our very own live living breathing track. >> your iphone is not wear purple on friday, keep that in mind. traffic wise we're off to a very good start to begin your friday morning commute. in terms of looking at 695 here we are looking at traffic moving well as you approach the beltway coming out of 95 southbound as we look at our map still working an accident. that is not blocking any lanes, but on the vw parkway, right there at route 198 it is closed because of a fatal crash that happened at 1:00 this morning. all southbound traffic is being detoured. it does begin as you approach the exit we do have one accident on baltimore city that's going to be on forest park drive. back to you.
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>> i think the tragedy today is just devastating. authorities in central ohio say an unemployed tree trimmer chases charges of kidnapping a girl. he told them where to find the bodies. they were stuffed inside a hollow tree t. suspect's name is matthew hoffman. he has previously served time in prison. the storey has been unfolding. in a town called mount vernon. brad has more about what deputies say hoffman had been doing leading up to the murders. >> reporter: knox county if i recalls were mood when they announced their worst fears have come true. >> this is probably the saddest day. >> reporter: ten-year-old, his
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mother and her 41-year-old friend had been missing for over a week when herman failed show up at her job. then sunday a s.w.a.t. rescued herman's 13-year-old daughter found bound and gagged in the basement of matthew hoffman's home. he's a tree trimmer who spent 6 years in colorado prison on arson charges. the bodies were found on information provided by the suspect. >> we have discovered and recovered the remains of codey maynard. stephanie, and kim herman. the bodies were located, you know, in a wooded area inside garbage bags in a hollow tree. >> reporter: the kidnapped survivor of the attack, 13-year- old, was present in the house when the murders occurred, although he would not say if she actually witnessed him. sarah is now recovering.
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>> i have never experienced a case this big, this serious and this tragic. >> reporter: it was unclear how well he knew them. the sheriff suggested the defendant had been watching them. abc news. >> more coming out emerging about tsa members putting their hands when they shouldn't when they're heading through the airport security. >> i feel like i'm sexually assaulted. anybody besides my husband or doctor should be touching me up between my legs. >> one of many people fuming at tsa this morning. she believes she was pulled out of line because a loose fitting skirt and thinks the female tsa screener what she did next was a crime. this satisfaction over security pat down had pilot suing, has prompted many airports
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considered ditching nsa altogether. closer look helping drivers avoid those unwanted tickets. >> next generation radar detector. it alerts you speed traps but to red light cameras and dangerous intersection. they have now made it and three weeks ago the i radar was born. the association ranks new jersey as no. 1 and new york as no. 5 when it comes to getting caught by cameras and cops. ohio, maryland, louisiana then follow. the radar runs for about $170. >> that's expensive. >> yeah, that's one ticket. >> exactly. >> these tough times we're trying to save as much as we can on everything from clothes to groceries. >> no doubt about it. one woman shares her savings with her community, how her coupon slipping helping to make lives a little bit better. here is mtas mark jones, happy
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friday. >> happy friday out there. you'll find the no. 15 bus with diversion. that's due to an accident but for the 20 and 30 to be diverted, construction on the scene. light rail metro subway right on time. good to go for travel there, no delays on the canton pad or -- mga, i'm mark jones. what can i get you?
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5:39 right now. it pays to be -- explains how the texas mom bargain hunting is helping her get back. >> reporter: tina takes grocery shopping seriously. when she shops she doesn't stray from her list. >> probably at least ten hours a week. >> reporter: she's learned to collect coupons for items that are also on sale. >> 88 cents there's a 50 cents coupon and kroger doubles up to 50 cents so each dee ode rant is free. she finds out in advance which coupons to expect when she
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checks out. >> we use this just like a coupon. >> reporter: but today she paid just over $8 for $68 worth of merchandise. she has three teenage daughters. they are a family at 5. she's now able to buy more than they need at home. she has acquired so much food at discount or for free that she's now giving it away to the food bank at the wiley christian care center. >> i never met anybody like her. she's had problems herself and she's still working to help somebody else. >> reporter: about 10 years ago when her daughters were young she came to this food bank for help. she knows what it's like not to have enough food to eat. she and her family delivered more than $1,000 worth of groceries. she said there's no greater feeling than the need to give back. >> unbelievable story.
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if you think that thousand dollars was kind of impressive. they say she spent about 75 bucks in her own pocket that she donated. she recently launched her own web site super coupon all right. let's take your morning to jeff perkins. he's watching us this morning. one of my favorite dates in baltimore history, december 5th. he's trying to take a bet on raves and steelers. snow is almost every december 5th in baltimore going back to the last decade. confirm tornado 80 to 100-mile an hour wind and it's 2010 has brought us two blizzards, 105-
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degree heat, the most 90-degree days on record. also flooding from tropical storm nicole. we still have some more left for the next 6 weeks before we hit 2011. today i'd rather -- a mix of cloud and sun, breeze will go to about 50 with more sun this afternoon. let's see what's happening back at the roads. here is our record breaker or record setter. >> thanks, right now traffic is moving pretty well around the area as we look here near the northeast corner. no delays or problems. on friday we're looking pretty good. we're still looking at some of the same accidents. let's look in baltimore city, an accident reported southbound on the jfx. that blocked the right shoulder, no major problems there. another accident at forest park drive. you will see police on the scene. we're still dealing with vw parkway being closed, all traffic being forced to detour on to route 198. no word on when that will
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reopen. still lingering at route 155 near north pair dice road. she region son is out in the field. -- good morning sherry. >> good morning. coming up more on those insurance claims. ♪ you look like an angel ♪ look like an angel [ grunting ] ♪ walk like an angel ♪ walk like an angel [ laughs ] ♪ talk like an angel ♪ but i got wise [ grunting ] ♪ you're the devil in disguise [ male announcer ] we put it through over 5,000 quality tests... so it'll stand up to just about anything. the nissan altima. innovation that lasts. innovation for all. ♪
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thanks for joining us. returning home after your home  has been turned upside down can be overwhelming. this morning people living in the dutchville village apartments that's what they're waking up to. the clean up process is just getting started. cherie. >> reporter: good morning, it will be a pretty long process. you can see much of the debris still on the grounds here, the clean up continues this morning here in northeast baltimore. you can see uprooted trees. look at the building over here. this is one of the condemned buildings where people will not be allowed to move back home. they were allowed in for a brief moment yesterday to pick up some of their personal belongings, they will have to find another place to stay. yesterday some people were able to actually move back into their homes if that building was not condemned. the storm damage more than 350
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homes in this area. but the city has condemned 54 units in these apartment complexes. the storm ripped off roofs and 80-mile an hour wind caused major damage. many people took inventory as they returned home before police could lock down the complex on wednesday, it appears some people were victims of looting, even during the time of disaster. as her family left through the front door, looters came through her blown out patio door. >> they said the -- my -- that i had in my living room and they took a couple of my children's games. and that's not covered by insurance. >> reporter: her insurance company said it had not covered the stolen items if someone had broken into her home, they would have, but since the looters did not break in, they actually walked in, that's not going to be covered by insurance. unfortunately many of the
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people, many of the renters here did not have insurance, it will be a total loss. >> thank you. well, the mystery and wait is over, the national weather center says it was a tornado that hit baltimore county. they say the tornado was on the ground forless than a minute causing damage in two stretches, the first hit the dutchville village apartment where we were just visited. the second at the shopping center, storm damaged more than 350 apartments, town homes, and 16 buildings. in the 584 homes were forced to be -- 54 homes were forced to be condemned. verizon workings were reattaching dunned cables and -- downed cables and cutting into the roots. the wind damage did create residents for some residents, thankfully there were no serious injuries and no deaths.
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the american red cross is taking donations to help people out they're struggling to make this bad situation a lot better. you can help out. you can help families with the donation to the american red cross. all you have to do is donate $10 by texting the word react. it's 50555 or you can call the american red cross. the number is on your screen. it will help out. just a reminder ab c-2 news will continue to follow the storm clean up. head to our web site for the latest information. you can also check out photos and stories on our web page. in other news this morning, police say she was set on fire by her homeless boyfriend. now pamela meyers is dead. they spoke with friends who confirmed she died thursday morning at a hospital after suffering burns. her boyfriend rick is expected to be charged with her murder. the two had been dating. he lit her on fire late last
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month. memorial service is scheduled for sunday at 1:30. ten minutes away from 6:00. funeral services are being set up for a man who trained one of baltimore's greatest fighters. mr. mack ran a gym encouraging young men to box their way to a better future. there is a wake this morning followed by 10:00. mack lewis passed away at the age of 92 last week. ran. well the ravens bounce back sunday after losing a heart breaker to the atlanta falcons last sunday. they're keeping pace with the pittsburgh steelers. the afc north, the panthers have become the nfl version of the homecoming version. the panthers will start brian who has thrown just 5 passes in the nfl during the past eight
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years, last week he was a stay at home dad. brian, welcome to the nfl, ray lewis and the ravens d, welcome back to the national football league. a chance to head back to nor mall and below normal for a couple of days. we're going to balance out some of the warm stuff we had a couple of months on this 19th of november. 34 in the morning. 55 in the afternoon. records range from 20. sun up at 6:54. down at 4:49. data we should see, the morning satellite radar highlights. some clouds clipping, intrusion of cool air off the great lakes, rain snow showers to our north, just surviving the trip over the mountains making some clouds around the beltway this morning hours, we should give ourselves a break from the breeze and a break from some of
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those clouds leading toward the afternoon high pressure that will move across the east coast. as we push out this strong wind and cool air that we have during the morning hours, we will settle down with clear skies a very chilly morning over night. once that high pressure builds in we lock in dry weather. now we'll set the stage for next developing storm cold front and developing invests across the central planes we'll start to gather that will try to build our way just in time for thanksgiving travel. here is set up, highlighting dry weather and after a critical night of northwest winds will enhance snow. they will get accumulating snow out of that. high pressure should pretty much protect us. we'll watch the moisture gather here as we see this surgeons an southerly wind as we head toward the end of the weekend. the temperatures will be near normal for us. we're watching developing storm and it will gain intensity and our way by tuesday, wednesday,
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and thanksgiving thursday. for today, 50. stay in the 40s outside the beltway, breezy this morning up to 45 miles an hour should ease up with more sun into the afternoon. tonight with clear skies, should drop back to about 29 and we will have that chilly start for the benchmark will giver us a little bit down stack to normal. we're going on saturday afternoon just to mixture of sun and few clouds. mid-50s on sunday. 65 with winds pushing warm air ahead of the storm. tuesday night more like wednesday developing rain and rain in a warm start thanksgiving thursday with falling temperatures could make some snow showers that weekend. before you get ready to go out the door and conquer the traffic. if you're headed out you're going to find traffic moving at a very good pace. we'll be entering out or
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looking good no problem towards 95 towards i-70 up. when you take a peak, what we do have working still in the city, southbound on the jfx an accident reported blocking the right shoulder, not impacting traffic too much. earlier accident at forest park drive in final stages of getting cleared. that is also the case with an accident that has the wv parkway shutdown, actually getting ready to reopen that very very shortly and we don't have some minor delays as you approach the scene of that accident. happy to bring some activities still lingering at 155 and north pair dice road. stay with us. we have more of your news, weather, and traffic when good morning maryland returns after this.
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5:57 right now. many of us do this every day. >> we have snacks and have our daily routine. >> i think it's -- you know, i think that's awesome. he's glad to be alive. >> little snack almost cost one more his life. not only did she bring home grocery, an unwelcomed guest
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hitched a ride home with her in the most likely places. >> check in the tail pipe.
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