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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 19, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm elizabeth vargas. it's friday, november 19th. breaking news this morning. an explosion rips through new zealand's largest coal mine, trapping as many as 27 miners underground. we have the latest overnight. enough is enough. as the busiest travel week of the year begins, these pictures of security patdowns have people screaming. this woman wants a criminal investigation. >> i feel like i was sexually assaulted. >> the head of the tsa responds here, live. beverly hills murder mystery. new developments in the killing of a high-powered publicist to the stars. was it a random act? or revenge? and popping the question in a log cabin. we show you the spot in kenya where william proposed to kate.
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the private moment in this royal romance, revealed. good morning, america. robin roberts is off today. and i'm glad to be here. and can you believe that cabin? >> it was a little less luxurious than i expected. >> very rustic. and i must say, that's pretty cool that was the place he popped the question.'s pretty >> pulled that ring out of his rucksack. we know, starting today, millions, 24 million people, will begin a week of holiday flying. and the uproar over airport security procedures may make travel more hectic than usual. many people are calling the new security measures in the airport invasive and unacceptable. we're going to hear from a top congressman who says tsa should be replaced at airports by private security. >> and we're going to get a live response from the head of the tsa. also, sarah palin is back. she's slamming reality tv in her new book.
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taking on the culture of "american idol." this comes as new concerns are out there about reality tv getting too rough and going too far. the teen mom, accused of domestic violence, after allegedly beating their boyfriend in front of their baby and the cameras. we'll look at this phenomenon, as well. first, we're going to get to the breaking news out of new zealand, where about 27 men are believed to be trapped under ground, after an explosion ripped through the country's largest coal mine overnight. it is a scene eerily familiar to the recent saga in chile. the trapped miners for so many weeks. and juju has the latest. it is quite a story. >> it is. we've been watching it closely all morning. and indications thus far point to a gas explosion. specialized mine rescue teams are already on the scene. but the mine lost power before the blast. so, there's no communication and lousy ventilation. and unlike chile, which was a copper and a gold mine, this is
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an explosion in a coal mine. so, conditions are more dangerous because of deadly methane gas. the explosion in the mine so powerful, it blew one worker off his machine, hundreds of feet from the blast. >> there's been an explosion. it was early. not good news at the moment. >> reporter: 27 men working deep in the mine are trapped. officials believe they're still alive. five miners working near the surface, made it out, dazed and slightly injured. >> had communication with a couple employees. we had two men return to the surface. and they're currently being interviewed. and trying to determine the nature and the full extent of the incident. >> reporter: the biggest dangers now, another explosion and air quality. rescue workers are itching to get in. but must carefully evaluate whether it's safe to go. their top priority, restoring communication underground. this mine is not as deep as the one in chile. and there's two emergency exits. although, it's unclear if the miners can get to them. families of those trapped are arriving at the scene.
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many saying that a rescue in chile last month is keeping them optimistic. >> we haven't given up hope at all. we haven't given up hope. but it's a serious situation. >> and rescue teams say, unlike chile, this mine is easy to access and navigate, once they get the green light to go in. methane gases are not just poisonous. they're explosive. it's a fluid situation. as we head into the busiest travel week of the year, more and more passengers are complaining about the new airport security measures, with some threatening to shut down security lines next wednesday. in a moment, the head of the tsa will tell us why he thinks enhanced patdowns and security scanners are necessary. first, sharyn alfonsi is at la guardia airport with what's causing the controversy. >> reporter: good morning, george. more passengers are supposed to fly this thanksgiving than last. and for thousands of them, this is going to be their first taste of those new, much-talked-about tsa security measures. if you were wondering just how hands-on the new tsa patdowns
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are, take a look at these pictures from denver. the tsa, getting up close and personal with passengers. bloggers say, it's proof that new procedures go too far. now, some are calling for passengers on wednesday, to opt out of the full-body scans and request a full-body patdown, instead. a passenger revolt on one of the busiest travel days of the year. >> enough people opt out, the tsa abuses will come to a standstill. >> reporter: the tsa is pushing back. adding a section to their website, in an attempt to clear up what they say are misconceptions over the new procedures. like that, the patdown is invasive. the tsa insists it's just designed to be thorough. and done only to identify potential threats. still, this woman says she feels like she was sexually assaulted on a recent encounter at sacramento international airport. >> she came up behind my butt. then, i had to switch my legs so
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my other leg was in front. and she did it twice. after she was done with that, she came all the way up my arms and between my breasts. and up under my breasts and around. >> reporter: still, some aren't buying it. congressman john mica is a long-time critic of the tsa. >> shoe bombers. we had to take off our shoes. liquid. we have to take out our liquid. now, we're being groped because of the diaper bomber. what's next? the proctologist? the gynecologist? >> reporter: he's been to 100 of the nation's busiest airports, suggesting they follow the lead of 17 other airports that are already legally opting out of using tsa workers, hiring private contractors instead. >> my own experience leads me to believe also that the private sector can do a better job, more economically. and also, as far as finding dangerous items and materials. >> reporter: and yesterday, an airport in orlando said they are going to remove tsa and plan to hire a private security firm.
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kind of adding to this choir of pilots and passengers who think there has not do be a better way. adding to all this, reports from the aclu. they say they have received more than 400 complaints from passengers. george? >> sharyn, thanks very much. joining me now is the head of the transportation security administration, john pistole, from washington, d.c. you saw the piece there. i know you've been dealing with this all week long. you have 400 complaints to the aclu. lawsuits from pilots and other organizations. any second thoughts? >> well, george, good morning. as we know, the threats are real. that's what we're trying to deal with here. to keep in context. the reason we are doing these type of patdowns and using advance imaging technology is trying to take the latest intelligence. we know al qaeda and affiliates want to hurt us. how they want to bring down passenger aircraft or cargo aircraft we just saw out of yemen. how do we balance the security with the privacy concerns that
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people have legitimately raised. >> tell us a little more about that. i know that you all had undercover agents going through airports and actually beating the system. actually getting contraband on to airplanes? >> that's right. we've had a series of reports, actually going back several years, from the inspector general, from the general accounting office, and our own tsa office of inspection. where they do, as you describe, covert testing. unfortunately, it's been very successful over the years. one of the findings is, that we have not been thorough enough. and the concern, obviously, is that's abdulmutallab, the christmas day bomber, doing it rather than an undercover agent, that can have catastrophic results. >> the other concern that people might have, that we're fighting last year's war. abdulmutallab tried to get through last christmas. since then, we've seen the possibility of explosives put in cargo holds. you don't have intrusive
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inspections there. a successful attack where somebody put the explosives in the body cavities. patdowns aren't going to get that. >> what you described, george, is exactly right. we face a determined enemy who is creative in concealment of devices. how best can we use that intelligence to inform our actions while trying to protect the privacy and concerns of people? and that's why we offer a private screening, instead of being out in front of other people for the advanced image technology. there's no retention or store of the images. the machines are incapable of doing that. we tried to install a number of privacy concerns. and the bottom line we've come back to, is we're doing all this for the traveling public, so they can get home. especially next week for thanksgiving. >> what about a common sense standard? the pilots have had lots of complaints. the pilot doesn't have to smuggle explosives into the plane. if he's determined to bring that plane down, he or she drives
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into the ocean. >> that's right. we've had a number of good discussions with pilots. and hope to be announcing something quite soon, in terms of a good way forward for the pilots for that very reason. use a risk-based, intelligence-driven process. >> you're probably changing the rules in regards to pilots. a lot of others have said, why not institute more profiling? or a intense system where they question people and use a common sense standard there? so, they're weeding out people who clearly aren't risks and shouldn't be subjected to these kinds of patdowns. >> right. and that's a good topic of public debate. obviously, we use layers of security. and hopefully, we're informed by intelligence, such as overseas, as the saudis, as you mentioned. or our intelligence community or law enforcement communities. we're the traveling public. if somebody sees something. but in the final analysis, it come downs to the men and women of tsa, who are there to protect
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everybody, from having somebody get on the flight with explosives. >> as you head into this crucial travel week, what's the most important thing you want americans who are going to travel over the next week to know? >> george, we just ask for the cooperation and the partnership for the traveling public. everybody's wanting to get home. the better prepared you can be to get to a checkpoint, in terms of knowing procedures, the better off everybody will be and have a happy holiday. >> mr. pistole, thanks for your time this morning. >> thanks, george. the house ethics committee threw the book at new york congressman charlie rangel today. the result of a two-year investigation into charges he failed to pay taxes and report income. for those and other ethic violations, the committee recommended its most serious punishment, short of expulsion. jon karl is on capitol hill with the latest. this is quite a fall for the former house ways and means committee. >> reporter: it really is. this is a stuern rebuke to one f the longest-serving members of congress.
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the ethics committee recommended censure for misconduct. it took rangel several minutes to compose himself. before wiping away his tears, he made his final plead to the ethics committee. >> i don't know how much longer i have to live. but it always was in me to help people. >> reporter: an emotional for a 40-year career in washington, for a man who just a year ago was one of the most powerful men in washington. >> i want you to decide that the sanctions that charles rangel never sought any personal gain. >> reporter: the committee found rangel of 11 counts of violating house rules. for charges ranging from improperly obtaining four rent-controlled apartments. to failure to pay taxes on rental income from a house in the caribbean. >> i have great respect for you, sir. but the failure to pay taxes for 17 years. what is that?
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>> reporter: rangel insisted he was guilty of nothing but bad bookkeeping. >> never, but never was there an intent to hide anything from my constituents or from the irs. >> reporter: rangel won't be expelled. but this is a stain on his record. only 22 members of the house have been censured in history. a fact that clearly weighs heavily on rangel. >> i apologize for any embarrassment i've caused you individually or collectively, as a member of the greatest institution in the country and the world. >> reporter: if it is approved by the full house, the resolution condemning rangel's behavior will have to be read by the speaker of the house, directly to rangel, before all of his colleagues, george, on the floor of the house. >> that will be some moment for the congressman. thank you very much, jon karl. sarah palin seems like she's everywhere these days. maybe because she's about to sell a brand-new book. it's called "america by heart." it won't be in stores until next week. but some passengers have gone
7:14 am
rogue online. john berman has been trolling the internet. not a surprise, she's not a big fan of levi johnston. but also taking on "american idol"? >> reporter: this is fascinating, george. sarah palin has blasted president obama for health care and taxes. but this is a new one. she seems to blame the president, in part, for the bad singing on "american idol." the title of the book is "america by heart." it's said to range widely over american history, culture and current affairs. so, why is sarah palin talking about this? ♪ help me >> reporter: what she calls the talent-deprived singing on "american idol." according to excerpts obtained by the website palingate, she calls the kids, victims of the cult of self-esteem. no one encountered them from their parents to their teachers, to their president, wanted them to feel bad by hearing the truth. it is a serious point about self-awareness and responsibility. instead of facing tough, economic reality, americans are
7:15 am
convinced, she says, that someone else will provide for them. ♪ i'm a sexy momma >> reporter: it is unclear how her brutal honesty edict relates to "dancing with the stars," where her daughter, bristol, has been voted to the finals, despite consistently mediocre scores from the judges. on bristol, she heaps praise on how she has raised baby tripp. she went to college and worked full-time. and took care of a needy, colicy baby, lu many, many sleepless night, doctors' appointments, and lonely, cold car rides to and from babysitters. as for tripp's father, levi johnston, stinging words. we all had to bite our tongues more than once, as tripp's father went on a media tour through hollywood and new york, spreading untruths and exaggerated rhetoric. it was disgusting to watch. the book comes out amid a giant palin media blitz. her learning channel show, appearances on fox, tweets and
7:16 am
bristol's dancing. >> there's no more figure in the country that's more in our face and more often. the risk for sarah palin is that americans will view her fundamentally as a celebrity. not as a political leader. >> reporter: palin says there have been moments when she questioned the spotlight. how could this be worth it? let's just go back to wasilla and stop feeding the media beast. let's give ourselves and our family a break. yeah. no break soon. and for her reaction to the leaks, palin tweeted, the publishing world is leaking out of context excerpts of my book without my permission. isn't that illegal? george? >> probably helps sales for the book. >> exactly. >> thank you, john. there's new developments this morning in the murder of that high-powered hollywood publicist. police now say the killing of ronni chasen may have been planned. mike von fremd has more on the new clues in the case. >> reporter: it is a mystery that is consuming hollywood. was powerhouse publicist ronni chasen, who represented a-list
7:17 am
movie stars, with tenacity and unshakable determination, the victim of revenge? former fbi agent, brad garrett, says investigators have to consider the possibility that this was a planned hit. >> on the profile of this woman, you certainly have to look at the potential that somebody wanted to harm her. >> reporter: kabc tv has been told investigators are working on the theory that this was a planned attack. investigators believe the bullets came from an suv or truck, firing from a high angle, through the passengers window of chasen's mercedes, into her chest as she was driving. it would explain why there were no bullet casings found near the crash. many of the movie stars who live here in beverly hills have surveillance cameras. there are reports that police have obtained video from the home belonging to the widow of the late legendary comedian, buddy hackett. the home is close to where chasen crashed her car just after midnight. in addition to surveillance
7:18 am
video, investigators are combing through computer hard drives and listening to 911 calls. chasen's funeral will be held sunday. the movie studios have banned together, to pay for a special ceremony to honor the publicist. her family is devastated. >> she was just a terrific person. a great sense of humor. and great energy. certainly didn't deserve anything like this to happen to her. >> reporter: investigators are working around the clock to try to find out if someone out there wanted her dead. for "good morning america," mike von fremd, abc news, beverly hills. >> what a puzzling case. all right. now, it's time to turn -- it's friday, sam. >> it's friday. >> i'm a little excited it's friday. >> and enough said. we need to say nothing else, other than it's friday. and happy early start to your weekend, maybe. let's get to the boards. we'll talk about the cold air coming down in pieces or chunks, if you will. the first part of it, minneapolis, omaha, kansas city,
7:19 am
30 degrees. check cut bank at 15 below zero. that's right. that's the second chunk. by the time we get towards thanksgiving, the third chunk will be down. it's much bigger and goes deeper into the country. here's another wet system in california. we're watching the rain all the way down. l.a., san diego tonight. sacramento, san francisco today. that's big rain.
7:20 am
good morning maryland. we'll push 59 monday. 60s before thanksgiving. heavy rainstorm. falling temperatures on thanksgiving dick cheney all of america's her in the next half hour. elizabeth? >> thank you, sam. an announcement is expected as early as today on where prince william and kate middleton will hold their wedding. kate was spotted leaving westminster abbey on wednesday. that's where we find bianna golodryga this morning. an announcement on where and when the wedding will take place? >> reporter: on when and where. you're absolutely right, elizabeth. this is where they believe it will take place. it's been a magical week in england.e place.
7:21 am
the sun has been out two days in a row. that says a lot here. people are very excited. we're also hearing they may get a federal holiday when they get married. >> we're getting more information on where prince william popped the question. it was quite a rustic cabin in kenya. >> reporter: it was very romantic. we have photos of the cabin. and we have the messages they wrote in the book, talking about their night. nobody knew back then that they would be engaged. >> and already out today in london, commemorative plates for william and kate? >> reporter: we are trying to find them. nobody has them yet. we do have the photos. and the reason they don't have them, many vendors tell us, is they're waiting for shipments to come in from china. elizabeth? >> they're made in china. okay. like so much else. thank you so much. >> i'm hoping for a summer wedding. i like the warm time. coming up, the shocking
7:22 am
video as a woman drags her child through a store on a leash. our "what would you do?" team headed into the field. what do you think you would do? unbelievable. she felt lost...
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good morning. 7:26. 38 degrees in baltimore. 41 degrees easton.
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cooler in york and hagerstown. that's a sign that we are sitting out of the cloud deck. there are a few passing clouds towards our west. the flurries are well north. we have a breeze to deal with today. this morning a mix of clouds should turn to a sunny afternoon with less wind. two degree guaranteed high 40. we'll drop in the 20s tonight. here's traffic. >> volume heavy on the westside of the beltway. outer loop lots of sun glare at the baltimore national pike. heads up in baltimore county we have a serious crash that has herring parkway closed. also working on accident and traffic lights out york road southbound at ridgely road. southbound columbia 32 westbound at shaker drive there is a deer carcass blocking left lane. here's the morning news update. good morning. please -- police say a woman set on fire in hartford county
7:28 am
by her homeless boyfriend died. she passed away yesterday. he poured two bottles of gasoline on her and lit her on fire. friends plan to hold a memorial service on sunday at 1:30. today annapolis will hear a case about a siberian husky who was shot when he said dogs were fighting. initially this case was sniffed. public outcry brought it out again. we are out of time. we'll check in with you in a little bit. have a great day.
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7:30 am
that is a fire at a bridal shop, just outside of chicago. a massive fire. it happened just on wednesday. took with it about 200 dresses from devastated brides-to-be. this morning, we're on the case. and we'll show you how dreams can still come true. >> can you imagine for the brides that found their dresses a year ago, a year and a half ago. and they store them in the bridal store until the big day. who has room in their closet? >> i don't know what i would do. >> have a breakdown. >> first of all, what am i doing getting a dress? but that's a different question. >> there's help for that. good morning, america. it's friday, as you can tell. >> robin roberts is enjoying
7:31 am
some time off. i'm elizabeth vargas, sitting in for her this morning. we all saw on youtube a while back, some shocking video, as a woman drags her child through a store on a leash. it was pretty unbelievable. this is real video on youtube. our "what would you do?" team headed out to test if people saw something like this, a parent tying her children on a leash to a pole, like a dog, what would you do? keep in mind, these children are actors, as is the mother. it's our human laboratory. >> john quinones will be here with that in a little bit. first, it's been almost six months ans 8-year-old kyron horman disappeared from his school in oregon. it's a baffling mystery. his father says he believes kyron is alive. and he spoke with andrea canning that his son is alive. and about his strange suspicion that his ex-wife knows what happened. >> reporter: there's so much
7:32 am
dysfunction surrounding this. it's sad that a little boy has to be at the center of this. kaine horman called terry horman, the master of deception. that she would carry out inappropriate punishments to kyron. and had a secret drinking problem during their marriage. he believes she was hiding alcohol in soda cans and water bottles. but this seems to be driving a wedge between him and kyron's biological mother. something he wants to fix for the sake of their son. how do you handle no breaking news in this case? >> it's tough. it hurts the same almost the first day he went missing. >> reporter: kaine horman believes his son, kyron, is still alive. but missing since june now, tensions are running higher than ever, between kaine and desiree, kyron's biological mother. >> we're in a long, tough situation. i know she is extremely upset.
7:33 am
we haven't spoken for a little longer than normal. but that will be rectified shortly with the holidays coming up. and get to patch some things. >> reporter: things that are focused on terri horman, kyron's stepmother, the person they believe is responsible. desiree says she believes kaine withheld information about terri's emotional state. and would have removed him from the home if she had known certain things. she claims the stepmother had a hidden drinking problem. was demanding. and said that detectives showed her e-mails written by terri, that show extreme hatred for kyron. have you seen the e-mails being talked about, where terri allegedly talks about hurting kyron? >> i've seen them, yes. >> reporter: what is in the e-mails? >> i'm not going to talk about it. it's information that's supposed to be confidential to the investigation. >> reporter: do they only solidify your belief that terri's responsible? >> everything we see moving forward, just adds to the file. >> reporter: there are also new signs that kaine and terri's
7:34 am
marriage was strained before kyron disappeared. he said they argued about how to raise the boy. and abc's portland affiliate obtained an e-mail allegedly from a friend. he is on me that i'm fat. i do the yardwork, housework. is there any truth to what she said? >> not another all. she is the one that said can you help me getting my diet reigned in? i help her. and it's her telling people i say he's fat. >> reporter: i hear that terri was mad at you. angry with kyron. what's the reality? >> the reality is, we don't know. >> reporter: this week, divers resumed their search in the waters off a local island, that appear to have brought them no closer to kyron. does it hurt when you're blamed for things? >> honestly, no. i came out -- we sat with you. and i told you four months ago, that i felt responsible for
7:35 am
things that happened. we didn't stand a chance. we're dealing with someone i referred to earlier as a professional at misdirection and deceit. if it helps people put blame on me for this, go ahead if it makes you feel better. as long as you go back out and start look for him. >> reporter: we reached out to terri horman's opportunity. he declined a request for an interview. he said, we are unable to respond. to do so would be a violation of clear, ethical standards. and cases of this is like peeling back layers of an onion with her. things are becoming more clear that weren't clear at the time. >> i hope that family finally gets an answer. all right. andrea, thanks so much. let's check in with juju chang at the newsdesk with the latest headlines. >> good morning. we have developments in another high-profile missing case. the bodies of three people missing since november 10th have been found in central ohio. police say an ex-con who
7:36 am
kidnapped a teenage girl and kept her tied up in his basement led them to the bodies. they say he murdered the girl's mother, brother and family friend. then, stuffed their bodies inside a hollow tree. president obama arrived in portugal this morning, where he's hoping to win support from nato allies for a new exit strategy in afghanistan. he's expected to face tough questions about government spending. china meanwhile is ordering banks to hold on to more money. to reduce lending and ease inflation concerns. stocks in europe fell after the announcement. and a homeless man near phoenix is about to restore your faith in humanity. he found a backpack at a train station. inside, a laptop and more than $3,000 cash. but dave tally didn't take one dollar of it. he helped find the bag's owner and gave it all back. now, people all around the country who heard his story are sending him money. and thanking him for his generosity. isn't that nice? >> that's so nice. >> he said he couldn't live with
7:37 am
himself. >> he said it was simple. the money wasn't his. >> god bless him. all right. sam? >> and the right thing is the right thing. i love that story. i love it. >> it is the right forecast, now. >> i don't know if the forecast is right. i don't know about that. let's gets to the boards. one or two things we want to talk about. from the best in the west, kabc. nobody knows the west better. and today -- that is gorgeous. should be a calendar. i swear we should make a calendar of these pictures. i don't know. of course, it's interesting. my boss goes, it's interesting. yeah. all right. let's show you the storm system that crawls all the way down the western seaboard. it becomes rain and then showers from san francisco to l.a. during the day, heavier rain in southern california. there's a warmup down south. if you want the 70s, head south. they're there. look at sunday, 74. dallas, 68 on sunday. new orleans in the 70s, as well.
7:38 am
beautiful weather. cool in the middle of the countr and all that weather was brought to you by las vegas. elizabeth? >> i think the calendar idea is a great one. thanks, sam. coming up next, a babysitter walking the kids on a leash, like animals. what would you do?
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really far. ♪ all of us parents have had some trouble trying to corral cranky kids. but what about parents that put their kids on a leash? you may have seen that at an airport or a crowded mall. well, john quinones looks at what a caregiver takes the leash
7:42 am
idea to extreme. it's part of our "what would you do?" project. >> some parents swear by it. it's all about toddler safety. keeping the kids close to you. others call it bad parenting. the kind of thing you might do for a pet. but never for a child. it's a common sight. dogs, safely led around on leashes. but what if it's an overprotective mother. who puts her children on leashes? >> heel. >> reporter: and seems to treat them, well, like dogs. >> heel. heel. right here. atta girl. >> reporter: check out this video, of a mother in georgia dragging a girl on a leash. would anyone speak up if a child harness is being misused? >> sit. sit. >> reporter: "what would you do?" if you see and hear this. >> what 23 somebody came. tie us to a pole.
7:43 am
>> reporter: people notice what is going on. but they keep on going. but when jolie is left alone outside, tied to a pole, a woman comes out of nowhere. >> i'm going to go and talk to her. and i'm going to call the police. why would you tie her up like that? >> she's fine. don't touch her. don't touch her, please. if she doesn't want to go in, i have to leave her outside. >> she's not an animal. >> this is a safety leash. >> reporter: she goes across the street to call the police, who already know we're here. that's where we meet this mom and social worker. you walked across the street. >> yeah. well, it's a child. >> reporter: and you're a mom? >> right. >> reporter: but you took things in your hand. >> that's child abuse. you don't tie up a child. it's very inappropriate. >> reporter: next, we send our actress out again. this time, posing as a nanny with four, unruley kids. >> you wonder why you're on
7:44 am
leashes. it's because you're uncontrollable. and your mother is not here. i am in charge. did i say talk? okay. right now, stop it. stop it right now. >> reporter: immediately, this teen notices something's wrong. he snaps a picture. and then, bravely confronts the nanny. >> i'm sorry. that's wrong. >> it's horrible. they're acting up. >> no. what you're doing to them. >> you're treating them like dogs. >> oh. do you see? do you see? seriously. seriously. >> that was pretty impressive. a teenager sounding the alarm. these child restraints are a burning issue. already, our message boards and mommy blogs are lighting up, with anticipation of the story. with some parents saying it's the only way to control and protect their unruly kids. but is it really, george? >> that's a matter of opinion. what else can we expect to see tonight? >> doctors, at the bar. drinking. suddenly, they get a call needing them to get back to
7:45 am
surgery. to the emergency room. what do you do? >> you can watch it on "primetime," "what would you do?" at 9:00, 8:00 central. when we come back, meet the bride-to-be whose dream dress was destroyed in this bridal store fire. can she find another one days store fire. can she find another one days before she walks down the aisle? ard points for a gift card. tell points please? 250,000. calculating... ooh! answer: five fifty! 550 bucks?! 5 dollar, 50 cents. minus redeeming charge. leaving 50 cents. say what? happy time! what kind of program is this? want better rewards? switch to discover. america's number 1 cash rewards program. it pays to discover. in a more delicious world, there would be more smoothness, more creaminess, more rich just-for-me-ness, more hershey's bliss-fulness. hershey's bliss. it's not just chocolate. it's bliss.
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7:48 am
all right. in illinois, it was a bride's worst nightmare. a fire ripped through a bridal shop.
7:49 am
hundreds of gorgeous gowns are burned to a crisp. now, the mad scramble is on to find replacement wedding dresses, just days before the big day. while william and kate begin preparations for a fairy tale wedding, some brides-to-be see their dreams go up in flames. >> we're responding to david's bridal. >> reporter: on wednesday, david's bridal shop was destroyed by a fast-moving fire. inside, all but a handful of dresses were lost. >> you see the dresses go up in flames. >> reporter: now, many brides are at a loss on how to replace that special dress. >> i just wanted to look like that princess for one day. and it's hard. >> reporter: that same heartbreak can be heard on the hotline message set up by the owners of the business. >> our hearts go out to you. and you are our priority. >> reporter: ashley found her dress after trying on 40 dresses. >> i looked good in it. i felt good in it.
7:50 am
and it had some special touches. >> reporter: they're working hard to help brides with upcoming wedding days. but ashley has come to terms with one thing. >> i will have a dress. it will not be my dress. >> and ashley kuhl joins us via skype this morning. you were on your way for a fitting of your wedding dress when you found out about the fire? >> yes, that's correct. >> you got a call from your mom or your aunt? >> yeah. my aunt works across the street. she called my mom. she called me, as well as the bridesmaids to get the reaction, i guess. >> what was your reaction? >> complete shock. i didn't know what to think. i think the first thought i had, oh. and i didn't know if it was possible to recover it so close to the wedding. >> you not only lost your wedding dress. but four of the five bridesmaids
7:51 am
dresses? >> that's right. >> ashley, we have a little surprise to put your mind at ease this morning. i know the bridal shop is doing everything they can. but a paris house of bridal house of michigan, indiana, which is close, has offered to outfit you and your bridesmaids for free. how about it? >> look at that smile. >> so, you don't have to worry. you'll still look like a princess on december 4th. >> thank you. >> i'm so glad.ember 4th. tell me, this dress, you had spent a lot of time. you tried on 40 dresses, looking for your wedding dress. you also picked this out a long time ago. >> i ordered it of july '09. >> wow. a year and a half ago. >> it's been in the works for a while. >> i'm sure you'll get another gorgeous gown from this new shop. they actually had a fire themselves, guys, not too long ago. >> ashley, we saw a picture of you in the dress. you looked fantastic.
7:52 am
i suspect that even if your new dress, it will be great. it helps put the wedding in perspective. >> sure. >> the owner of the shop, says he believes in karma. >> exactly. what goes around. comes around. give back. >> anyway, good luck. congratulations, ashley. we know you will be gorgeous on the big day. >> thank you. thanks, guys. >> so much fun. coming up, the one and other cher, opening up. vent we get double miles on every purchase. so we earned a holiday trip to the big apple twice as fast! dinner! [ garth ] we get double miles every time we use our card. and since double miles add up fast, we can bring the whole gang! it's hard to beat double miles! i want a maze, a sword, a... oww! [ male announcer ] get the venture card from capital one and earn double miles on every purchase, every day. go to i wonder what it could be?! what's in your wallet?
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7:56 am
good morning. here's a display of what's happening. clear skies and occasional passing cloud may look overcast. they are not threatening. 41 degrees winds gusting out of the west northwest at 16 miles per hour. we'll have an occasional passage of clouds this morning. north westerly winds will east up. our two degree guarantee high is cooler than we have been all
7:57 am
week long. 50 around town. probably staying in the 40s west and northwest. weekend outlook is 56 saturday and sunday. partly cloudy skies. we'll be pushing around 60 or better early next week. the next storm will bring wind and rain. travel day weekend, thanksgiving thursday starts off wet and mild. falling temperatures and perhaps snow showers taking us into the holiday weekend. let's check on the traffic now. here's kim brown. >> good news for drivers making their way through carney and parkville. earlier accident at putty hill has been cleared. all laned opened. hartford road stop and go. add 8 minutes to your commute as you head toward 83. crash in cockiesville. as you look in baltimore city we have a crash on the inner
7:58 am
loop. that blocks left lane. we have traffic lights on the blink at york road and ridgely road. treat that as a four way stop sign. the severe weather is the big the downed power lines. this tree top we valley in new york and new england, there's
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ do you believe in life after love ♪ i love that song. and cher is back. the latest movie in more than a decade. >> really great, the trailers. >> the trailers are always playing across the way there. i feel like i've seen it 100 times. >> in times square, we have a view of the huge screens. the jumbo screens. >> it's called "burlesque." she will be here, talking about what it's like to be back. and also, the feelings about her daughter becoming a man, chazz. she's going to talk about it in a few minutes. >> she and cynthia have done a series of fascinating
8:01 am
interviews. good morning, america. i'm elizabeth vargas. robin is taking a well-deserved holiday weekend. >> it's her birthday. >> her birthday. didn't want to reveal part of it. at any rate, blog it and they will come. 133 million people blog in this country. but blogging is a way to make money from home. bloggers turning their online journals into tens of thousands of dollars of income. the secrets revealed. how you can do it, too, in a few minutes. >> tory johnson on the case. just six days to go until thanksgiving. we're counting down. this morning, master chef, mario bata batali, is back. plus, almost 80 million albums sold. we were exclaiming over that number a few moments ago. four-time grammy winner, annie lennox, is releasing her first holiday cd ever. she's singing live later in this hour. she is one of my favorites. >> she's fantastic. that's all coming up. we're going to begin with reality television. a star from reality show "teen
8:02 am
mom," facing domestic violence charges, after physically abusing her boyfriend both on camera and in front of their child. there's been fights in shows like "jersey shore" and "the real world." so, we're looking at whether these shows are taking everything a little too far. >> reporter: reality television has never been nice. just look at the heat coming out of "hell's kitchen." >> get out. get out. >> reporter: but more and more, the fighting is physical. "the real housewives of new jersey" -- >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> reporter: to those jersey-licious girls. but it's this fight from mtv's "teen mom," that could give this reality star some real-life con consequences. amber portwood is seen repeatedly punching and slapping her on again/off again fiance, with daughter, lea, nearby.
8:03 am
where they live, domestic violence in front of a child is a felony. after reviewing the footage, police have submitted one misdemeanor and two felony charges against this young mother. the case against amber portwood goes to the district attorney. if convicted, she faces up to three years in jail and $10,000 in fines. mtv says they are cooperating. and hope for a quick and fair resolution. critics say, while fighting may not be staged, show producers know it sells. >> reality producers want extreme behavior. that's what gets people talking. that's what gets people buzzing. >> reporter: so, until viewers change the channel, this harsher reality is here to stay. for "good morning america," yunji de nies, abc news. >> we almost feel bad showing it again. >> i know. all right. let's check in with juju chang for a look at the morning's headlines. >> good morning, everyone. we're following that breaking news overseas. a powerful explosion at
8:04 am
new zealand's largest coal mine. 27 workers are trapped underground. witnesses say just before the blast, the electricity went out, possibly creating a dangerous gas buildup inside. rescue teams are waiting to hear if the mine is safe to enter. president obama is in portugal today, to meet with nato allies and discuss a new exit strategy in afghanistan, which aims to end combat in 2014. the president will also try to convince european leaders to increase spending to stimulate their economies. with the busy holiday travel season approaching, outrage over those new patdowns and body scans at the airport, is threatening to make a trying situation worse. more airports are now considering hiring private security to replace tsa agents. but the head of the tsa told george this morning, the new screenings are essential. well, new developments in the natalee holloway case. the missing teen's father says scientists have confirmed a jawbone found on a beach on aruba, last week belongs to a young woman. authorities are trying to
8:05 am
determine if it matches holloway's dental records. she vanished in 2005. and no evidence of a crime has ever been found. a bill introduced in congress thursday, aims to force colleges to crack down on bullying. the measure is named for tyler clementi, the rutgers student who committed suicide, after his sexual encounter was broadcast online. the bill would require schools who receive federal money to ban harassment. clemente's family says they're humbled that his death has touched off a national discussion. diane has the latest on tonight's "world news." diane? >> juju, great to talk to you again. tonight, a time to care. food banks, running out of help for thanksgiving dinner, all across america. and we'll show how all of us together can give a small child a wonderful day. that's coming up tonight on "world news." see you then, juju. >> thanks, diane. finally, the cincinnati zoo
8:06 am
is showing off their latest residents. they're cubs. they will grow to be 240 pounds. that's the news at 8:05. how adorable. that's a lot of cat food, sam. >> good morning. what can we expect this weekend for weather? >> we're outside in times square. two things about the show. i think annie lennox is incredible. we should call her the voice. never call her annie lennox. just the voice. also, charlie gibson is walking around some place. we've not had a camera catch him. but i think we should find a camera to catch him. let's get to the boards. as you head out the door, we have incredible twitter pictures. look at the first snow from rochester, new york. incredible shot of new york city. sunrise in hilton head, as well. the warm temperatures are down south. and the cold air and some wet, rainy conditions, moving all the way down the west coast. the colder air is getting around
8:07 am
the great lakes. it will come in a couple of chunks. we'll get the cold it is a friday crowd. it's friday, folks. elizabeth? >> all right, sam. thanks so much. and now, our interview with megastar, cher. she has a starring role in a new movie for the first time in a decade. and she sat down with "nightline" co-anchor, cynthia mcfadden. this is quite a new cher we're seeing in this movie.
8:08 am
and in this interview. >> good morning, elizabeth. yeah. like the statue of liberty and the pyramids, cher just seems to endure. she's had a number one hit in each of the last five decades. i sat down with her four times in the past ten years. and i can tell you, it's always interesting. this time, we started talking about her new movie, "burlesque." ♪ show a little more >> reporter: this is cher. 64 years in the making. in her first starring role in more than a decade. her new film, "burlesque." ♪ home to burlesque >> reporter: the role she plays, the proprietor of the club. >> she's the caretaker. but she's no nonsense, too. >> reporter: tough on the inside. >> she's tough all the way through. but no one's tough all the time. >> reporter: how much like you is she? >> i think she's quite a lot.
8:09 am
>> reporter: no one could have survived as long and as lovely as customer, without being tough. the character and the woman have something else in common. neither likes getting old. ♪ in addition to the film, she's wrapping up her show in vegas, where she reportedly grossed $60 million. by every indication, you are one of the wealthiest entertainers. the net worth is estimated over $600 million. >> from your mouth to god's ears. no. it doesn't resemble anything like that. i'm doing fine. but it's nothing like that. i came from a place where i had to wrap my shoes with rubber bands to keep the soles on. >> reporter: there is a lot to appreciate. for her role in "moonstruck." the grammy for "believe." you have won every type of
8:10 am
award, from the oscars to the grammys. how would you do on the motherhood award? have you been a good mother? >> i have been a good mother, in fits and starts. but when you do work like mine, and i'm not sure it's unlike most working mothers, they never feel like they're doing a good job because they're never able to devote the amount of time. i mean, i have many regrets about my parenting. >> reporter: would you do it different? >> oh, absolutely. i would have spent more time. maybe i should have had children older. >> reporter: in the 1960s, her daughter, chastity, became almost as famous as her parents, appearing on "the sonny and cher comedy hour." >> god bless you. >> reporter: she was america's little girl for a long time. >> i think that was hard for her, too. >> reporter: just last year, chastity announced she was getting gender-reassignment surgery. she was becoming he.
8:11 am
now named chazz. so, when chazz told you he wanted to have gender-reassignment surgery? >> we talked about it before over the years. i said, you know, if you need to do this, you better do it. she made the right choice for her. if he was so unhappy, you know, you have to make the decision to go for it. ♪ is love the end >> reporter: "you haven't seen the last of me," cher's solo in the film, a fitting anthem. "burlesque" opens on thanksgiving day, across the country. elizabeth? >> she spoke to you about her, chazz's, gender-reassignment surgery, she seemed at peace with that. but there were many years she was opposed for it. and i can't imagine that for any mother that would be an easy thing to go through. >> chastity came out a while
8:12 am
ago. she said she thought from the time that chastity was 11 years old, that she was probably a lesbian. it wasn't upset about that. it was that chastity didn't come to talk to her about it. she says she's at peace with all this now. >> and totally okay about the surgery? >> she says, yes. she says she believes that chazz knows that she's supportive now. you know, she said she no longer has a daughter. she has two response. >> that must be something to adjust to. but great for her, for being a great, supportive mom during this. it's going to be a fascinating interview. we'll see much more of it tonight on "20/20," at 10:00, 9:00 central. we hope you'll join us then. coming up next, blogging your way to big bucks, right coming up next, blogging your way to big bucks, right after this. calm down it's vacation time! ohhhhh, who says ogres can't surf? nice moves fiona. ha, ha, ha, i love 3d. wooo hooooo! [ shrek ] gingy? [ laughs ] do the roar. roar!
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8:17 am
in this morning's edition of "america's jobs," how to turn your thoughts and passionate opinions into cold, hard cash. millions of people are doing it with blogs. to find out the secrets of making a blog pay, workplace contributor, tory johnson, went to the ultimate social media convention, blog world. >> reporter: jordan cooper turned his love of a video game into cash. >> we were experts about that one game. and that one game only. and we built up a cult following that will pretty much buy and read whenever we write. >> reporter: he now makes $30,000 a year, selling e-books and making speeches. his tip, write about something you love. >> if you're passionate about it, you're going to be the expert. >> reporter: bailey vincent clark is a busy mom that wanted to make a website. >> is for
8:18 am
women that want to feel fit and beautiful. >> reporter: it's her product recommendations that make her money, working with a company called open sky. >> they let you browse products. share them with your social network. and earn 50% off of sales that you generate. >> reporter: daily tip, use social networks to boost traffic. the more visitors, the more money. she'll earn $15,000 this year. >> i'm shannon hurst lane from zachary, louisiana. and my blog is >> reporter: shannon works full-time as a fire department dispatcher. so, she started a travel blog to let off steam. >> this is a creative out let for me. >> reporter: soon, she had a loyal following. and making extra cash. >> i have some sponsorships. i wrote some books. i have book sales. and i do consulting with the travel industry. >> reporter: this year, she'll make $25,000 from her blog and speaking engagements.
8:19 am
plus, she gets another perk. >> i get to do some free travels. >> reporter: the most important tip, these bloggers say, you have to be passionate about what you write. not just about making money. >> you can sit at home. you can do something you love. and you can pay the bills. and tory johnson joins us now. you really brought it all home there. if someone wants to get started at something like this, you really have to treat it as something you would do, even if you weren't getting paid. >> absolutely. you really have to love it. for a while, you're not going to get paid. you start something up, starting anything up. but especially blogging. it's about first finding the top take you are especially passionate about. that you can write about, indefinitely because it's going to be a while before you start making money. and one of the things i suggest before somebody says, yes, i'm ready to dive in on this particular topic, is to pull out a calendar. and to assign specific topics to every, single day of the month. whatever your given topic is. shannon, who we saw writes about travel. she covers so many different
8:20 am
areas. romantic getaways. kid-friendly vacations. she goes into a lot of stuff under the umbrella of travel. think about all the things you can write about. >> you have the passion. you have the work ethic. but it's not as simple as if you go, they will come. then, you have to make your blog a magnet. >> that's right. you have to find people that will read what you have written. one of the easiest ways to do this is build a following through social media. all of them are doing that. create a facebook fan page for your blog. use twitter and resources like that, to share the content on your blog, so people want to click and learn more. and so you can begin to develop some type of engagement. traditional website is about putting information out there. the blog is creating a dialogue. i put the information out. you comment on it. you share with me. we start talking. >> that's why you have to be refreshing, so people know they get something new every day. >> something new every day.
8:21 am
if they don't see the new stuff, they're not going to come back. and if you don't, you never get a following. and you're not going to make money. all these people have done a few different things. they went after advertisers directly. sometimes, it's a small company. not going after the big giants. they will say, here's my traffic. come onboard for $25 a month. and all this for $25? you get ten of those. and you turn that $25, into $250. and into $2,000. it really builds if you hustle. that's the one thing all these people have, is the hustle. three very diverse topics that they're writing about. no particular special skill or expertise. but they have that hustle. >> and shannon, she just started when she got a laptop. >> yes, oprah give her a laptop. she was a volunteer after hurricane katrina. and she said, i have a stressful job. i'm going to start blogging. >> tell us about the device here. >> two specific things here. this is go payment by intuit.
8:22 am
the other is brand-new. it's called squared. that's a device that enables you to swipe a credit card to accept payments. a lot of bloggers were walking around with this because they have a product to sell. maybe it's a book. maybe it's jewelry. they blog about jewelry and maybe sell jewelry on the side. maybe they're giving speeches and they want to sell something along with that. the benefit of taking credit cards, and not just cash, is you instantly grow your sales potential. >> tory thank you very much. 50 more exclusive tips on our website. now, a special edition of one of our favorite features "your three words." this week's music is from the plain white ts," playing "rhythm of love." ♪ we may only have tonight but until the morning sun ♪ ♪ you're mine all mine ♪ ♪ play the music low
8:23 am
and swing to the ♪ ♪ rhythm of love play the music low ♪ ♪ and swing to the rhythm of love ♪ ♪ yeah, swing to the rhythm of love ♪ to see all of the messages and the full song, watch "gma" tomorrow. and you can send your holiday videos of your three words to
8:24 am
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8:27 am
>> 8:27. want to show you a time-lapse. this is a beautiful pre dawn shot and we have been in and out of the clouds officially on the north side of baltimore and the bright glow is the last glimpse of what appears to be some dominating sunshine. 39 manchester, 40 back towards bel-air and clouds this morning, a mix but we have a breeze that will let up and more sun into the afternoon. the 2-degree guaranteed high, 50 around town and staying in the 40s north and west. around the beltway and beyond with traffic and kim brown. >> thanks. we're looking at 14-minute
8:28 am
delays on the outer loop coming down past the baltimore national pike. liberty road we have an accident on outer loop partially blocking the right shoulder. traffic is managing to get by. at the maps a look, we have a couple accidents around the area including one that will be south of the beltway, 95 at 195 westbound. police are on the scene there. we have a crash at mountain road and route 100. here's the news update. he was known as one of the premier boxing role models and yesterday friends and family shared stories about mr. mac and the impact he had on young boxers. there's a wake at 10 followed by a funeral at 11:00 at the concert hall at the murphy fine arts building. he died during the weekend. he was 92 years old. >> a woman shot nine times by her husband is recovering. that husband, terrence wilson, barricaded himself inside of the house at oak trace way for four hours before killing
8:29 am
himself. police say the woman got out with her 2 years old son. we'll have more news and weather in 30 minutes and for somehow have a good day. back in a bit.
8:30 am
♪ for what we saw and if you treat me bad ♪ ♪ it's coming out of their hands ♪ ♪ i got a feeling i got to put these wings ♪ superstar, annie lennox. 80 million albums sold. now, has a holiday cd out. >> good morning. >> thank you. nice to be here. >> it's great to have you hear. you sound fantastic.
8:31 am
i can't believe that at this hour, you sound so great. >> tell me about it. i am the doppelganger. >> you are? we're going to talk to annie in a few minutes. she has her first christmas album out. and talk about an infusion of energy. good morning, america. great to have you here. i'm elizabeth vargas. robin roberts is sauf celebrating her 50th birthday. >> 50 and fierce. coming up, we know we have thanksgiving coming next week. but mario batali is here, with a nice dinner. it's his own version of thanksgiving feast. italian-style. and some of the side dishes he's going to make today, you can serve next to your turkey, next week. >> to spice it up. also, mandy moore is here. she's the star of the new disney movie. and two thumbs up from my little girls. we took them last week. they loved it.
8:32 am
she plays rapunzel in the disney fairy tale. but you're also here for our warm coats and warm hearts drive. kick it off. and sam is somewhere. >> he's over there. >> there he is. >> we're in position to be backup singers. we're totally in position because -- >> let me get my gig. >> we want to add to your gig. we don't want to take it. but just a move. we saw the rock. we can do that. are you up for that? >> yes, definitely. >> this is the best thing ever. we have the whole concert, you know we're going to be doing that the whole time. let's get to the boards. one or two things we want to talk about. we're going to start with a cool sky shot. reunion tower in dallas. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on. we want to check it out. the colder air does start to make a move. this is maybe the second pocket of really cold air that moves
8:33 am
in. the third one, next week, will be really impressive. this will be just a little chill, as you head into your weekend. we also find that this snow moves off the west coast. the rain and the snow. and moves into the rockies. that will be a big, mountain snow. not necessarily a city that was kind of an anemic cheer, by the way, coming back. we better do better for the backup. ladies, what are the names? i didn't ask your names. michelle and? and shaw.ask your names. we're right here, in case you need us. >> thank you for stretching, sam. we were running up the stairs. you know the fairy tale,
8:34 am
"rapunzel." and the phrase, rapunzel, rapunzel, let done o down your hair. well, disney has come out with a film called "tangle," an update on the classic. and mandy moore plays rapunzel. good to see you. >> great to see you, too. >> what's it like playing a disney princess? >> it's sort of a dream come true. i grew up watching "the little mermaid" and "beauty and the beast" and "aladdin." now, to be included in that same company is just so thrilling. >> who was your favorite? >> ariel, "the little mermaid." i wanted to be her. >> your voice is so beautiful. >> thank you. >> it wasn't easy getting this role. you had to actually work for it. >> i had to audition several times, yes. i almost didn't audition because i didn't want to be disappointed if it didn't come to fruition. i auditioned twice for us. >> twice. it worked out so well.
8:35 am
you play rapunzel. you're locked up in that tower until you're saved. let's look at what we've got here. >> who are you? and how did you find me? >> aha. >> who are you? and how did you find me? >> i know not who you are. nor how i came to find you. but may i just say, i -- how are you doing? the name's flynn reiner. >> one of the tough parts of doing that, when you do an animated film, is there's no interaction. >> there's no interaction. zach, who plays flynn reiner, zach levi, only met once, to record a duet that we sing in the movie. but we didn't get to do the dialogue together. >> how does it work?
8:36 am
how do you get the motivation? >> i'm nerdy and animated like an animated character in real life. i guess you prepare for it like you would a live-action film. it's sort of cathartic to work through the range of emotions. i had a lot of fun. >> and a lot of people will have a lot of fun watching you. you've been recently to africa, as part of a united nations campaign. tell us about that. >> i went as an ambassador, for five and alive. i went with u.n. foundation's nothing but us campaign. and we went to the central african republic and helped distribute almost 1 million mosquito nets. >> 1 million mosquito nets. >> yes. we're trying to cover the entire country before the end of the year. every family that needed a net would get one. >> they're so inexpensive. >> $10 for one net. saves a life. and we saw firsthand, actually. incredible. >> how is married life? one year now? >> a little over a year and a half, actually. it's fantastic. i'm very lucky. >> and your husband is also singer, ryan adams.
8:37 am
you guys are doing well together. >> i think we will eventually collaborate in some sense. whether we sing together or not, i'm not sure. yeah. music is in the air at the house. it's bound to happen at some point. >> congratulations on all those new things. the movie "tangles" will be in theaters next wednesday, november 24th. >> thanks for having me. when we come back, thanksgiving
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
all right. so, why not add some italian flare to your thanksgiving dinner? our "countdown to thanksgiving" continues this morning, with chef mario batali. he's here to show us how to make some tasty dishes that make you
8:41 am
want to eat. they don't celebrate thanks giving with a turkey in italy. but they do have a thanksgiving-esque meal. >> this is a dish you would make this week if you were turkey-less. you can make it with the leftovers. one of my favorite things is to cook pumpkin in other ways than just making a pie. >> right. >> what i like to do, like all great pastas, i start with onion, anchovies. >> i love anchovies. are these dried anchovies? >> no. they're salt-packed anchovies. >> fresh would work? >> fresh would work. they are delicious. but just doesn't give it a depth of flavor on the salt spectrum, as long as you do it properly. >> olive oil, onion, garlic and anchovies are in the pan. >> you take butternut squash, pumpkin, acorn squash. any will do. and you toss it in like that.
8:42 am
if you want them to brown, you wouldn't add salt. but if you want them to sweat, you add a little salt right now. or stir it through. >> any salt? or the crunchy salt. >> either sea salt from sicily. or malden salt. it has an amazing crunchy texture. especially when you finish a dish with it. that's what i really love. >> you boil some water. you have spagatini. >> a nice, thin pasta. >> i like the thin pasta. i like the chunkiness of the noodle. >> this is our first sauteing pan, after a few minutes of sauteing and being warm. >> exactly. >> how long do you do it? >> this cooks -- it depends on whether you want the pumpkin or the acorn squash to become soft or al dente. the italians don't want it al dente. >> they don't? >> their vegetables are
8:43 am
generally soft. >> all right. let's try it the italian way. >> exactly. make sure your pasta's cooking through. >> just salt and watt center. >> one of the most important ingredients of making good pasta, is taking the slightly starchy water and add it. >> why is that? it adds the starch. and it adheres to the nood until a beautiful way. when you talk about great pasta, it's the noodles and the condiments that come together as one. >> when the noodles are cooking, you put them in the pan. why is that? >> i want it to absorb. when they were introduced in the water, the pores are open. they're ready to now breathe in that condiment and become one again. >> you think of food like it's a -- >> so poetic. >> good morning. george ordered his plate in advance. it's working out for us. >> so delicious.
8:44 am
>> how long does this take? >> this will take another 30 seconds in the pan. >> right. >> let's describe the other dishes we have. >> the salad looks fantastic. >> a roasted autumn vegetable solid. a little goat cheese, some winter squash. >> look who is here. >> charlie's here. [ applause ] >> that's all right. >> hold on. we have another one. >> i can't get into his restaurant. i might as well come here to eat. >> that's a lie. >> see if you can get a reservation of his place. no. you have to come here. >> have you been to his place? >> i can't get in it. >> you can walk in. just don't go on a saturday. >> yeah. >> it's a great place for all of these products. and it's a real hit. >> where is the restaurant again? >> on 23rd street and 5th avenue, sir. >> i know how to do the morning television. >> you have a table for two tonight. >> you're having a coat drive.
8:45 am
>> we are. >> i brought my ski coat. and my wife's little wintry thing. >> that's great. thank you so much. >> into the hoops. >> all of these, you work on thanksgiving day. >> this is about the thanksgiving season. all the dishes, although italian, are appropriate. >> fantastic. thank you so much. mario batali. unbelievable meal. >> thank you. >> for these recipes and much more, go to while you're there, don't forget to ask sara moulton your turkey 911 questions. annie lennox coming up? >> annie lennox. >> good. >> he's a pro.
8:46 am
8:47 am
♪ won't you pick the pieces up in our fall concert series
8:48 am
this morning, we've got one of the most successful female artists of all-time with us. annie lennox has sold over 80 million albums. had 34 hit singles. won four grammy awards and an oscar. and the one thing she hasn't done until now, however, is record a christmas album. her new cd, "a christmas cornucopia" came out this week. and she is here to sing for us. good morning. thank you. >> this album is a composure of what i learned as a little girl. >> in the choir? >> i song in a choir. and they're so beautiful. >> how do you pick which to sing? >> intuitively. i did the ones i loved the most. and i wanted to do my own interpretation of them. it's almost 50 years ago that i was singing them, as a kid. >> wow. >> now, coming back to sing them, as a sort of middle-aged lady.
8:49 am
you know? i'm not really. who really cares? >> absolutely. you went to cape town to sing with the children's choir there for one of the songs. what was that experience like? >> absolutely wonderful. it was the dream to record with the african children's choir. and put their voices on the album. that was a fantastic, four-day experience. >> and their version of "great day" is different than what we think about. >> yes. >> what did it tell you? >> we said what's the difference in your life? they said simple things. we get nice food to eat. we have to walk for miles to go to school. we're wearing nice clothes. we don't go hungry for days. it's a different world. >> we should say, before you sing, the proceeds for this album is going to help your charity. >> "universal child" is going to my charity, supporting hiv and aids. >> here singing "universal
8:50 am
child," ladies and gentlemen, a real street. annie lennox. ♪ how many mountains must you face ♪ ♪ before you learn to climb ♪ ♪ i'm gonna give you what it takes ♪ ♪ my universal child ♪ i'm gonna try to find a way to keep you safe from harm ♪
8:51 am
♪ we're gonna be a special place a shelter from the storm ♪ ♪ and i can see you you're everywhere ♪ ♪ your portrait fills the sky i'm gonna wrap ♪ ♪ my arms around you my universal child ♪ ♪ and when i look into your eyes ♪ ♪ so innocent and pure i see the shadow of the things ♪ ♪ that you've had to endure i see the tracks of every tear ♪ ♪ that ran ran down your face
8:52 am
i see the hurt ♪ ♪ i see the pain i see the human race ♪ ♪ i can feel you you're everywhere ♪ ♪ shining like the sun and i wished to god ♪ ♪ that kids like you could be like everyone ♪ ♪ i can feel you everywhere shining like the sun ♪ ♪ and i wished to god
8:53 am
that kids like you ♪ ♪ could be like everyone and i wish to god ♪ ♪ that kids like you could be like everyone ♪ ♪ ooh [ cheers and applause ]
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
thank you again to annie lennox. that was so beautifully. >> thank you. >> thanks a lot. you have a great weekend. when we come back next week, the finale of "dancing with the stars." all the finalists will be here.
8:57 am
>> all right. 56. we have had a very active week. we're looking for a nice calm and cool end. here we go. this is glen oak. you can see the sunny start and we have been mixing in and out of the clouds this morning and while it may appear overcast and threatening at the time it will get better. 43, winds west, northwest, gusting as high as 16 miles an hour and while we're watching the band of clouds shrink up here it's because that northwest flow which has been quite gusty and breezy overnight is starting to ease up itself. we'll have a pleasant afternoon with the partly cloudy morning going to a mostly sunny afternoon but it will be cool. the 2-degree guaranteed high only 50. staying in the 40s north and west of the beltway but less wind today, clear skies drops us into the 20s overnight and a little recovery this weekend but a very interesting thanksgiving outlook. we'll have more on that, on good morning maryland at 9. a final check on traffic now. >> thanks. earlier delays on the outer
8:58 am
loop around harper road have been cleared out and as we look live on the west side at liberty road traffic is moving a lot better. we had an accident blocking the right shoulder and police were on the scene of that but that apparently has been cleared away and as we peek at the map, not working any other crashes but we have a couple road hazards to let you know about. southbound on the harrisburg expressway, reports of debris in the roadway. keep your eyes open for that. traffic lights still on the blink at york and ridgely but traffic moving better. the earlier crash at the 28th street exit has been cleared. it will be a little stop and go from north avenue down but traffic is moving really well around the tunnels. no problems on the 83. stay with us. good morning maryland is next, coming back at 9:00.
8:59 am