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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  November 22, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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morning no problems at 195. inner loop lanes of the beltway, we did have a single car into the jersey wall that blocks the right shoulders. traffic is able to get by to the left. a gunmen killed a maryland correctional officer. it's a matter of tracking down the man who pulled the trigger. sherrie has more. >> good morning, that's right, blood on the door led to a three-hour standoff at a barricade. police are searching for a person of interest after a state correctional officer was murdered. once they went to uh, no one was find in and out an apartment in this clyburn neighborhood sunday morning. police found shawan jones dead in her friend's home . police went to jones' home
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thinking a man was inside, no one was there when police finally entered. >> everything was blocked off. they evacuated our building. they laid out everything. >> reporter: now police are telling us that jones apparently new her assailant but won't tell us how. >> sherrie, thank you. new information this morning: the boston globe is reporting a missing 16-year-old boy who used to live here in baltimore was found dead near boston. d'vante tisdale's identity was confirmed last night through fingerprints. headed back to massachusetts with two friends. detectives aren't saying how the teen died. one minute after 5:00 right now: baltimore city police have released the name of a
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19-year-old man shot and killed over the weekend. carlson selman was shot in the area of swan and edmondson avenue sunday afternoon. we're going to get behind the wheel this morning and hopefully will focus on the road. a 5k walk and run, raise awareness on saturday about the dangers of distracted driving. harford community college, it was a memory of their daughter heather hurst killed there. she was killed when a driver of a truck was texting and driving and crashed into her car. >> every one of us needs to be a ripple of hope and pass that message on. turn your cell phone off when you get in the car. as soon as you get your seatbelt on, turn the cell phone off. >> her family was instrumental
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in changing maryland law with fans on texting behind the wheel and requiring drivers to talk on a hands-free device. the money raised will help students in need. some are saying pope benedict's comments are a sign the church is taking a different view on aids. the vatican is playing down ideas that condom use is okay. they say nothing has changed in their views on contraception. do you think the catholic church is going too far? the food network cameras are no longer following baltimore baker duff goldman as he decorates his famous cakes. the reality show's final season
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will begin airing in january. it's three minutes after 5 :00 right now. here's what's happening in our state. at the state operation center in hanover, maryland is getting ready for winter. u.s. department health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius will be in baltimore regarding the national pro service core program. hundreds of meals will be handed out to four families in our state. we'll be hearing more about that as the thanksgiving holiday is upon us. it'll be a short week for many out there. parents: you think you have a teen, you've figured it out, you searched their rooms and never found drugs. >> no you haven't, but your teen could be getting high from what's tuned into their headphones. if you're heading out the
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door, on a train or bus, let's go to mark jones. >> reporter: happy monday, good morning, the commute is a good one for the start on the marc train system. light rail metro subway looking good. on the buses, numbers 20 and 30s, still taking a diversion for construction. a heavy volume of passengers on some of the lines as you travel like 7, 5 and 64 buses. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones.
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panthers handing it to carolina 37-13. >> wiped out a potential story of performance. 88-yard td pass. to get the panthers, a touchdown before things finally began to unravel with the ravens leading 23:13. hot potato to devonne landry
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for the score. ray lewis getting in on the act. intercepting st. pierre. ravens threw for 301. helping baltimore get the 7-and-3. remaining tied with the pittsburgh steelers. check this out, 48 degrees outside right now. mild start to the day. it's a dark shot, only looking at a couple street lights in the parking lot. watch the actual added glare if you will. little haze around those lights. sign of the building fog across the region, that is the case this morning, while we're looking at satellite radar composite, it doesn't look that impressive. there's dense fog advisories to our south and west this morning.
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around town we have fog and drizzle to contend with. we'll get up to 61, little bit of late day sun, one more warm day before thanksgiving. we'll talk about that coming up. fog hanging over the beltway this morning. we have warnings in place. fog warnings at the bay bridge, keep that in mind. drizzle adding for slick conditions. west side of the beltway, liberty road. traffic moving all around. one accident on the top side of the inner loop. single car crash, vehicle went into the jersey wall. traffic is able to get around it, it does block the right shoulder. last night we got the chance to honor them for the remarkable task. >> we're going to take you to some of the highlights and show you the big winners from the american music awards show. they'll dance their final dance tonight. will your favorite be crowned
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many of you parents have done it, invaded your teens room, going through everything, but headphones? >> when we think we're one step ahead of them, they might be trying to get another high. >> reporter: you've had concerns about out of control keg parties and worried about your child smoking weed, but some kids these days are ditching the familiar vices and going more high-tech for their high. >> it's 3d for the ears. >> reporter: dr. patricia king is talking about i-dosing. a new fad that has kids downloading music made from droning noises. >> i-dosing is designed to work through sound tracks that are engineering to have slightly different frequencies between
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the right and the left ear. >> reporter: you'll find clips on youtube with kids turning up the volume to get the digital high, claiming they can feel the same rush as taking marijuana. 30 minutes of pure euphoria says one listener. it's unlikely this kind of beat could bring a legitimate reaction. >> it could produce a state of relaxation and enjoyment. as far as getting high, that's a power of suggestion. >> reporter: she says i-dosing should sound alarms for parents because it may be a sign your kid is testing the waters for another kind of trip. >> they're hoping to get a certain effect and don't get it from i-dosing, it may push them
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to try something more dangerous. >> reporter: more dangerous than dosing on internet downloads that may be more bunk than buzz. >> as for real dangers from i-dosing, for a small group of people, this type of music could trigger a seizure. it's very unlikely. the bigger danger is this becoming a gateway to actual drug use. good morning, 5:16. we take a look outside right now. visibility not that bad. we take a look across the inner harbor. looking towards the southeast direction. inner side of the harbor, right side of the screen, pretty decent view of the street lights and building lights. overall we don't have the fog issue around downtown, there's definitely drizzle to be found on your commute in. on this 22nd day of november many of us in the upper 40s.
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check out these records. slows 15 in 1880, 1940, record high of 76 degrees. 6:58, down at 4:48. we expect to have a mild day. we'll have time to break up the clouds and drizzle. back to the west, it's warmer in pittsburgh and charleston west virginia in the lower 50s. there's a warm front trying to push through here. the warm fronts tend to smooth down a little bit. tend to enhance the easterly wind a little bit. the reason we have fog and drizzle to contend with this morning. the fog appears to be denser to our south and west. once the frontal boundary swings through, it might push through after sunrise. we actually get the surge of warm air. check out the national picture here. while we're looking at a warm-up, we're looking at a rain storm on our west, check out
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mountain snows, some places looking and measuring snow in terms of feet. the jetstream has dipped to the south, dropped moisture across the great lakes, at least into the rockies towards the great lakes. snow across the dakotas, through minnesota and wisconsin and michigan will get it. that's the cold side of the jetstream. there's the warm side of this entire storm track, will keep us on the warm side for much of the week. will shift the pattern, just after thanksgiving. we're looking at a band of rain that tries to come through tomorrow afternoon. we could clear it out a bit on wednesday. the surge of that pattern comes back. thanksgiving friday, morning transition for us. turning warmer with a few peaks of sun. we'll drop back into the mid-40s overnight. here's kim brown with traffic. >> as we make our way through anne arundel county this morning, heads up. there's a road work project that has the right lanes blocked northbound and southbound at
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telegraph road. the left lane does remain open. as we look at 95 through baltimore county, it's a little foggy. we have fog warnings in place at the bay bridge. working one crash as you approach the jfk, a single car vehicle crashed into the wall. waiting for the tow truck to come and clean that crash scene up this morning. entertainment news this morning: the american music awards aired last night on abc2. if you missed it, you missed an action-packed show. >> rihanna gave a show-stopping performance. justin bieber took home four awards, chicago favorite artist of the year. in other entertainment news: he's been frail agent, drug lord and hustling basketball player, now wesley snipes may be taking on the role of federal inmate,
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for real. a federal judge has denied the actor's request for new trial. he's been ordered to serve a three-year prison term. there'll be no joe today and tomorrow on msnbc's morning joe. the conservative tv host was suspended for two days for making political contributions to family and friends, a violation of the company's policy. the same punishment that host keith olbermann received for doing the same thing. we watched them dance for weeks. tonight the final three couples will compete for the coveted mirror ball trophy. you can catch the final performances tonight. again, right here on abc2 news. well they experienced the worst earthquake ever, now the spread of cholera in haiti is
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driving violent protests. coming up: haitians take to the streets causing an uproar and demanding answers from the country's leaders.
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time now 5:23. time for today's birthdays. we have three people we want to wish happy birthday to this morning. >> take a look at your screen, say happy birthday to denise dennis. she's a mother of three boys. pete thompson from parkville having a birthday today as well. this is his little boy kingston. turned 5 yesterday. happy birthday to all of you. and belated birthday to producer extraordinaire dan taylor. good morning to you. if you're having a birthday, we want to know all about it. send us all the info, whoever's celebrating a birthday, send us all the details. let us know so we can say happy birthday to you on the air.
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happy birthday, dan taylor. you get to come back into work at midnight the next day. that's the way to celebrate. how about warm temperatures? we get a chance to enjoy and celebrate this. we keep delaying the onset of cool air, that's a benefit to us, locally. may not be a benefit to the rest of the nation. 61 today after morning fog. we'll drop into the mid-20s overnight, push 66 tomorrow. chance of afternoon showers. most of tomorrow should be dry. we'll break out dry weather, could stay in the upper 40s. next storm starts to approach, that's thanksgiving day, there's a chance of showers in the morning, rain building in the afternoon. because we keep the rain, the onset of the storm, we could squeeze out decent weather on thanksgiving. rain will come in by friday morning, falling temperatures,
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big transition, low of 29, over the weekend, 44 saturday, chance of snow showers. that's right, north and west of baltimore. right now, let's go just to the north and little to the east. up to new york we go, time for this morning's tech bytes. >> in today's tech bytes, newspaper for the ipad. rupert murdock is designing a paper specifically for the computer. google is making gmail more of a communications hub. earlier this year, it added google voice to the e-mail service allowing users to make and receive calls from their computer. there are limitations, the record feature only works with inbound calls. amazon is now letting customers get kindle e-books as gift. recipients don't need to own a kindle, they just need an e-mail
5:27 am
address. there are currently more than 725,000 books for the kindle. those are your tech bytes, i'm vinita nair.
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new security rules are in place, right before the holidays, passengers have a lot to say about the scans and pat downs. the pope makes surprising remarks about birth control, but the catholic church says it's not a change of heart. you know it always seems to be snowing in minnesota, we'll show you wild weather that happened this past morning. those stories ahead: happy monday, thanks for joining us, how are you doing? >> doing well, great weekend. more exploring across parts of
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baltimore. great area, perfect weather for us. great weekend. >> and the ravens won. >> ravens won big. >> all right and the weather was nice, of course, so let's send it to justin berk. >> charley said the word snow again. >> it was in the script. reading the words. >> we have the video to look forward to. check this out, headlines this morning, nothing like that around here, yet, although it does show up in our extended forecast. the temperatures this morning are mild, mid- to upper 40s. we'll be warming up nicely over the northwest couple days. thanksgiving outlook, snow and ice storm to the west. this morning it's about temperatures. 48 officially in baltimore. look at our winds going from the southeast to south. that's the push of warmer temperatures. that'll surge our air through the next couple days. before we get a little cool down, that's it. you can see those arrows turn by wednesday. it'le