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tv   News  ABC  November 23, 2010 6:30am-7:00am EST

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this welcome back story will certainly warm your heart. it's just a few second before 6:30 on this tuesday morning. good morning, maryland, i am charlie crowson. >> i am megan pringle. before we get to the stories, let's get to justin. another really nice day yesterday. >> and we will end up with a decent day today. we have the benefit of the warm side of the active storm track and the bottom will fall out around thanks giving. this morning, patchy fog. i am looking at some of kim's traffic cameras. he see the glow of orange over the eastern skies which should be sun around the beltway. but we are dealing with patchy fog. notice that along 83 in northern baltimore county and perhaps out on i-70 across howard and carroll county. plan for a shower this afternoon. it will be a warm day in the 60s but we will have showers between 1 and 4:00. the outlook for thanksgiving, cooler temperatures, and scattered showers and heavier rain heading to a colder weekend. and we have mostly clear skies with patchy fog.
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just off the left side of the screen, rain into the mountains. and that tries to hold off until the afternoon. look at start in town and i cross easton at 54. let's check it out to see what he happening on the roads with kim. >> reporter: we are in the calm before the thanksgiving holiday travel traffic storm. you are not going to find a lot of problems or delays. light to moderate volume up and down 95. 695 moving well. we are dealing with an accident in the area. that's in rosedale. that's involving a bus. and this has the eastbound lanes of philidelphia road closed at ridge road. drivers can use roscoe to pulaski to get around the crash. but try to avoid the intersection for the time being. now back to you. we have breaking news. the white house condemned north korea artillery attack against a south korean island. now white house is responding. a military official says two south korean marines were killed three seriously wounded. ten others suffered minor
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injuries. white house says the u.s. is firmly committed to south korea's defense. south korea is calling this attack an atrocity. this morning, parents in harford county hope their voices will be heard. it was a crowded board of education meeting last night. the reason is redistricting. every school in the county will be affected, either losing or gaining students. sherrie johnson is live to explain what could happen next. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes, some parents were fired up last night at this meeting. this was the first har today county school board meeting since the unveiling of the proposed redistricting plan for the elementary schools. and yes, this is going to affect all the schools, whether you gain or lose students. and parents are not happy about it. some schools in fallston are above #00% capacity and others in the northern part of the county are well below 100%. school officials say that needs to be balanced out before the arrival of hundreds of new families coming to harford
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county because of the new brac jobs at aberdeen proving ground. some pants say the move would be disruptive for the kids. >> people will not be happy until they come to talk about how great it is going. >> reporter: now the school board hopes to vote on a final plan by february, but in the meantime, they will have series of meetings and parents are still allowed to speak with the school board directly about the comments. and parents can also comment on the school board's website, or you can log onto and comment and get more information there. reporting live in bel air, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. 6:33 right now. in news around the nation this morning, you have to feel for the parents of murdered dc intern chan dray levy that brought them so much heartache and brought down a congressman as well. yesterday afternoon, a jury
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found ingmar guilty in the murder. she went missing a decades ago. he was at a sentencing hearing in february when it will happen. and he could get from 30 years to life in prison. young kids were cheering for carrots in miami. first lady michelle obama introduced them to the brand new salad bar. united fresh produce association says only about 15% of public schools have salad bars. and many more would like to add it but can't afford the price tag. so as part as mr. obama's lets move salad bars to school, they are being donated to 6,000 schools around the u.s. a tennessee family award winning essay had a bigger pay off than they could have imagined at the tieans game. they wrote an essay about their dad, sergeant mark fost here was deployed to afghanistan.
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it was put on by a company that makes homes for military families. the family got vip treatment at the game, plus a special surprise. [audio not understandable] >> we direct your attention back onto the field for a very special surprise. here he is. ment. >> been home since march. he will be home for two weeks and this is the first thanksgiving that he has been there in more than three years. those stories get to me. that's great. >> good stuff. coming up you know you have to make dinner, so you pop in one of the baby einstein videos and you head off to the kitchen. >> how much is that educational video helping your child learn? a study that tells you the
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easiest ways for your baby tone hans his or her vocabulary. taxs are not enough. rather than raising them, the city is trying to find creative ways to fund city schools. we will tell you about the new plan. it's 6:36. good mornings, maryland.
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6:39. for some parents, putting a child in front of a tv is a easy way to get quiet time. and with the educational videos and dvds throughout on the market today, it's also supposed to be a good way to help children learn. however, a new study finds that it may not be as helpful as some parents might have hoped. according to the child study center and the department of psychology at uva, babies who are exposed to educational videos don't learn more than babies who don't watch them. >> so what this tells us is
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that better learning goes on in every day parent-child interactions than with a child in front of a television screen. we are not saying parents shouldn't buy them for their children. all we are saying is parents should not expect their child to learn lot from the dvds. >> they may not be the best way to teach your child. babsy won't be harmed by a monitor amount -- monitored amount of dvds. it's been almost a week since the tornado hit. and the victims have some word for those first responders. stay with us this morning. the thank you is what they want to say. cleanup continues but it says the help they received has been amazing. and if you heading north on i-95, you could be sitting in a parking lot tomorrow. the construction that could make that holiday trip to grandma's a little bit longer. plus, he may be leaving television, but you can get
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your fix. we will explain. plus... >> reporter: harford county is working on a proposed redistricting plan for the schools. coming up, hear what parents have to say about it. the saying "easy as pie," i get it now.
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of:44 on the 23rd. thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. >> i am charlie crowson. let's get started with a check of the forecast for this tuesday. for that, let's say good morning to meteorologist justin berk. >> 6:44. way nt to spread good news -- i want to spread some good news. check this out. downtown baltimore, 52 degrees. that's close to a normal high. we have that presunrise across the city. and check this out. pre-sun rye shots no fog in towson or man chaster -- manchester. you can see rain just off to the west. that should hold off until the afternoon with a warm two degree guaranteed high of 66. kim. >> reporter: justin, volume is starting to play a part this morning. as we look at the northeast corner of the beltway at harford road, that's the outer loop that's calling as you make your way up towards delaney valley
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and york road exits. only working one accident and that's actually in the process of being cleared in rosedale, philidelphia road reopened at ridgewood. crash activity is off to the shoulder. now back to you. >> thanks. there are too many kids at one school, there's not enough at another. but parents don't care. in harford county, they say it would hurt the kids to start shuffling them around. every school in the county is affected by this. we are talking about redistricting, either losing or gaining student. sherrie johnson has more on the battle over boundary lines. sherrie. >> reporter: it was standing room only as parents gathered for the harford county school board meeting. it was the first meeting since unveiling of this proposed redistricting plan for the elementary schools. and yes, many parents are not happy about it. and let me tell you, we are talking about affecting all of the schools either gaining or losing a student and some schools in fallston are above
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100% capacity and others in the northern part of the county are well below 100%. school officials say that needs to be balanced before the arrival of hundreds of new families coming to harford county because of the new brac job at aberdeen proving ground. some pants say it's not a good move for their children. >> we moved from another harford county community to come to fallston for a reason. now within less than two years, we are going to be told our children will have to now be moved to another school. >> reporter: the board hopes to vote on a final plan by february. and in the meantime, parents will be able to go to more public meetings and talk to the school board members directly about their concerns. and also, parents can log on to the school website to talk about the comments as well. as also for more information. reporting live in bel air, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. changes could be -- could be
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coming to baltimore schools. everything is on the table for the new task force. the mayor and city schools chief announced that the panel yesterday will exist and try to come up with clever ways to finance city school buildings. some of the city schools are so old, oldest in the state and tax won't help enough. >> poor conditions in the school facilities can pose a threat to the health as well as the safety of our staff and students. kiss piet fiscal conditions of our school, our system ahead progress in improving being a dem being achievement in the classroom. >> the task force plans to have the recommendation in by february 2011. 6:47 right now. a woman jogging in jessup is taken to the ground and sexually assaulted. police this morning are look for her alleged attacker. this most recent attack is the 6th of its kind in howard county since march. woman says she fought back and
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was able to get away. going back to april, three women were touched-appropriately on pathways around oakland mills in march, two similar incidents happened in columbia. women walking or jogging alone in the daylight or dark, say the sense of security has been stolen. i don't think my daughter has ever taken her cell phone and runs and can be tired and walking in between i don't think they are quite as aware. >> howard county police recommend women know the area where they are running to stay away from isolated trails, bring a friend with you, if possible, and tell someone where you are going. take a cell phone and save the music for the treadmill. the description of the man involved in saturday's attack is brief and has left cops with little to go on. family and friends want to know how charlotte, north carolina teen who used to live here in baltimore was killed. delvonte had dreams of serving his country as marine. his body was found.
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he started high school in charlotte, north carolina this fall, and friends remember him as quiet and hard working. >> his goal in life was he wanted to be high ranking marine officer. >> knowing he is not there, it's really weird. >> the da's office said they are working on toxicology reports. however they can't explain how he died or ended up 800 miles from home. his high school will plan some sort of a vigil on me memorial service down the road. rosedale man convicted murdering his wife even though the body was not found will be sentenced. he was found guilty of murder last month. tracy had been missing since march 200 5. now the night she disappeared she planned ongoing a motley cru concert in washington but never made it. prosecutors scrgd dennis knew she was going to divorce him
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and seeing other men e refees fused to help -- refused to help for theer is n body following the disappearance. his lawyer says the conviction will be appealed. from the first responders who helped rescue them to the american red cross workers who assisted them in the aftermath, families struggling to rebound from the tornado last week say they appreciate the community's response to the disaster. many were renters and they had no insurance, and lost many of the belongings they say they feel really fortunate this holiday season because you can't forget about them. >> they have been trying to help us. poem from haiti, they lost a lot of stuff, and we still have people helping us, red cross and everybody. so, homeless people, they are outside sleeping with nothing. they are trying to make sure people who got -- we have a place to sleep and
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food and clothes. we are really blessed. >> i think that as bad as the damage was, the fact no lives were lost is definitely something people are holding onto. >> the red cross has served more than 800 meals and given aid to more than 80 different families over the last five days. and the city created a disafter the are relief fund to help the familiar liz in the northeast baltimore neighborhood hit so hard. the owner of pleasant view and ditch village apartments committed $10,000 to the fund. if you want to help, you can do so through harbor bank of maryland at 25 west fayette street baltimore maryland, 21201. someone will have explaining to do. u.s. fighter jets intercepted a plane flown by a student pilot crossing into restricted space. the two f-16 fighters escorted the cessna 172 to an airport in virginia.
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now a lone student pilot was at the controls of the cessna. air traffic controllers were unable to contact the plane before it crossed into the restricted airspace. . >> the government says it's nuisance for about 1% of you, but 50% of air travelers still think the extra security is invasive and grossly unnecessary. from pat-downs to full body scans and protest, delays are likely for the security line. those delays are expected to be even worse tomorrow and now a grass roots protest movement encouraging people to on the out for the pat-down to send a message to tsa. i feel very, very uncomfortable. if i would have known, i would have ended up driving. >> whatever it takes, you know. whatever it takes for us to be secure to be up in the plane. >> now, back to the 1% number. white house says more than a percent of travelers have been subjected to intense searches since the procedures began november 1 1á9. 6:52 right now.
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if you are driving this holiday season, some important things to keep in mind, especially if you plan to head up north 95. be prepared for major backups near the maryland, delaware border. cues are doing construction at the newark toll plaza and officials say it could lead to major backups as far as harford county, nearly 20 miles. officials urge you to leave as early as possible as wednesday is expected to be the techly busy day on the roads. -- particularly busy day on the roads. baltimore -- wal-mart and other stores are on the way to the recommendington neighborhood. the city council voted overwhelmingly to approve zoning. construction is set to begin in the spring. you may not be able to see jeff goldman on tv but bank his line of baking goods and decorating products. the owner charm city cakes is expanding the line to be sold at party city. it launched in june and sold
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exclusively at michael craft stores. partiy -- party city says they will launch show us your duff a. facebook contest which cake designers will receive a party city gift card. the final lift win an additional $1,000 plus in a baking set. the baltimore ravens are back home from north carolina, and they are doing their part to make sure families all over our state have a nice thanksgiving. today mcclain is handing out food baskets. ray rice will serve dinner at the a 5th annual thanksgiving dinner and helping out there. and tough guy ray lewis has a big heart preparing meals at the bg jake west academy and delivering them to families. imagine if ray lewis came to your door, justin. >> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> all right.
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6:54. we will go back to reality at 54 degrees. i don't think ray is knocking on my door any time soon a mild start here and the eastern shore. some areas have patchy fog. a warm start to what will turn out it be a warm day. i wanted to show outwind models. south wind pumping in the warm air. watch the shift. this is at four. by that point we should have showers. strong winds and we shift to a colder flow that will dominate for the rest of the week. let's show you where it is right now. the line of rain crossing ohio on into pennsylvania and west virginia. the warm air is surging out ahead of it. and typically these lines of house is breaks up east of the mountains. some may hold together. our time line between 1 and 4:00 to get any chance of showers nol ex-- shall nothing extremely heavy a threatening look sky and burst of wind a a and we cool it down and build in more clouds by thanksgiving morning. if you are going to the local turkey trots or the turkey bowl downtown, there's chance of showers.
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but the wet weather will hold off probably until thanks giving and try. today's 66. a warm and breezy day. an afternoon shower drops us back tonight with clearing skies to 36. we are looking at 50. 40s outside the beltway. thursday. >> i into friday, rain and then falling through the 40s and a chilly weekend. kim. >> reporter: justin, for drivers who are taking the capital beltway, 495 on the outer loop was closed briefly at route 4 marlboro pike because of an accident involving eight vehicles. expect delays on 459 make your way around this morning. delays on 695 as well. these are volume related. no incidents or accidents make your way past har fore. delays up to york and we don't have accidents work right now. traffic is actually moving pretty well just expect the usual amount of slowdown on southbound 95 headed towards the beltway and down towards the tunnels. now back to you. >> all right. we are out of time but thanks for joining us. here on "good morning, maryland."
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>> the news is always on at we are back at 9 with updates at 25 and 55. what you may ray lewis is coming to your house?
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