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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  January 4, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EST

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the country, including las vegas yesterday getting a few inches of snow. we are looking at a cloudy sky trying to build in today. but it will be mild as it surges back to 45. i said winter returns. you feel it this morning and you will feel it again tomorrow as we cool back down. outlook for -- the outlook is for snow. we could get some on friday and then watching a larger storm that could be building in here early next week by tuesday into wednesday. right now, 24 degrees at loch raven technical academy in towson with 24 degrees. not much of a wind. at least whoa don't factor a wind chill. we will go to 45 this afternoon as skies turn mostly cloudy. let's go back to the towson and parkville area problems on the beltway. here's kim brown with the latest. >> reporter: the traffic alert we are trying to keep you updated on the situation on the inner loop at providence road. there was an accident in the4:00 hour that involved a overturned tractor trailer that resulted in a fay salt. look live -- fatality.
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looking live, the far left shoaled hears been reopened. so traffic is squeezing by. now just checking the cameras, we had an opportunity to look at the due lanny valley road camera-- dulaney valley road camera and we are low from that point. we are estimating a mile or so backup. the days are going to get -- delays are going to get more extensive as the morning goes along until they get remains of the accident cleared up. try to avoid the inner loop at providence road because of this accident. dulaney valley road is a good alternate and joppa is a good alternate to get you around this. but the traffic is going to remain at a crawl. we have more details available online at and we will check in with sherrie johnson live on the scene with an update. but now, back to you. >> we want to keep the story going. that crash will make the commute this morning rough for you heading out the area this morning. let's send it out to sherrie johnson live on the scene with breaking news. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning. it's a very hectic scene out here.
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look behind me here. a fatal crash on interstate 695. one person is dead, and fire investigators tell us the call came in at about 4:30 this morning. an oil tanker collided with a car, overturned and went through the barrier wall. now as you can see, emergency vehicles are lined up on the side of the road. we are told that this oil tanker overturned, flipped and caught on fire. now, the fire officials have been able to put out the fire. they also tell me that, i just got off the phone with the maryland state police relief investigators on the crash, and they tell me that basically, the tanker driver was coming down eastbound on 695 when he collided with an abandoned car on the side of the road. no one was inside. and he hit that car and then went through the barrier and overturned and the truck caught on fire. but, again, fire crews have been able to put the fire out. we are not told right now of
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any leaks going on, of any oil leaks but they have put the fire out. again, one person dead and the tanker truck driver died in this serious accident on 695. again, we will continue to talk to emergency crews throughout the morning to bring you the latest information. reporting live here in towson, sherrie johnson, a.b -- abc news. a big fire in cecil county in elkton. it broke out inside a home around 3:30 this morning at the 200 block of west high street. a viewer sent the photo in this morning. forty firefighters were called out on the two-alarm blaze that twhroofd hours. look at this photo. it was massive fire that engulfed the home. seven adults were inside. medics took one adult to the hospital. no word on the person's condition or the cause of that morning fire. it's a senseless crime that breaks your heart when you hear about that. hezekiah wilson was walking his dog when he was shot and killed sunday night and this morning the police need your help to
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find his killer. police say wilson was behind his fence wearing a robe and pajamas walk his maltese when someone walked up and shot him. he died at the hospital a short time later. investigators say there is no logic to the senseless shooting. this is the third murderer in baltimore city in the first two days of 2011. wilson was autistic and took care of his mother. his brother says he didn't have an enemy in the world. >> this was just done by somebody calous with a evil -- calous with a evil -- calis with a evil heart. >> authorities hope the community will come together to help with the investigation. if you have information, call police. >> police say they are enormously concerned for the well-being of a 16-year-old girl who hasn't been seen in a week. felicia -- phylicia barnes live in north carolina but was visiting family here when she disappeared. they don't believe she ran away and suspect some sort of foul play. family members are coordinating
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a search effort. >> keeping up the faith. i don't know. hoping she is still fine. >> phylicia barnes was supposed to fly home sunday night but was not on the plane. hundreds of classmates held a prayer vigil and they are trying to raise money to pay for travel expenses as well as the possible reward. police say they used bloodhound and they have yet to find anything anyone -- anyone with information is asked to call 911. the orioles are not saying anything yet in will they learn more about what happened on new year's eve involving pitcher alfredo simon. he says it was an accident. dominican republic police say he fired two shots in the air on new year's eve and when the bullet came down they killed a 25-year-old man and wound his 17-year-old brother. simon will remain jailed until the investigation is finished. former oriole miguel tejada is playing a legal team and
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another former oriole was with simon when he turned himself in. police are investigating what appears to be another dog fighting ring in the city. sheriff deputies were executing an eviction notice on west lafayette street when they say they found a pit bull chained to a chair. and as they continued the search of the home, they found five more dogs with bruises and scars. police say they -- the dogs are at barks and the scarring they have indicates they were used for fighting. >> it's really frustrating to come in and see a dog that's completely shut down. and that's the case. dogs are shut down and emotionally drained, and it's just frustrating and makes you sick to think people can treat them this way. >> barks is trying to find the animals good home many if interested, give them a call. the remains of a u.s. marine from western maryland are coming home from the war in afghanistan. the remains of lance corporal maung htaik arrived yesterday
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afternoon. the 20-year-old died saturday in combat in afghanistan. he graduated from smithburg high in 2008. he is believed tonight first service member from washington county killed in the war in afghanistan. well, he was sworn in yesterday, but a ceremonial hearing will be held today for the new state's attorney. that's going to be gregb bernstein he shocked patricia jessamy winning a close win in the primary after running on a platform that promised higher convictions rates and a safer city. jessamy held the job since 1995 and bernstein reiterated the thoughts saying he has a strong team in place and he is ready to get to work. >> how are you this morning. >> like the first day of school. it's very exciting. certainly, a lot of anticipation. person anticipation. there's this period that's limboland where you have won but you can't get into the office and so, now, it begins.
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we have been waiting to do it. >> the swear in ceremony takes place today. president obama is flying back from hawaii right now to the nation's capital. house republicans are not wasting time waiting for him. they don't take control until tomorrow, they have unfailed the first major bill -- unveiled the first major bill from the republican congress. emily schmidt has latest from washington. >> reporter: president obama left his hawaii vacation behind this morning. he is headed back to work in washington. >> yeah. >> reporter: just as more republicans are setting up shop. >> this is the storage area. >> reporter: the congress has the largest freshman class in nearly 20 years. 85 republicans only 9 democrats. more than a third have never held elected office. >> this is not a time for celebration. it's a time to roll up our slieives and go to work -- sleeves and go to work.
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>> reporter: john boehner will take the speaker's gavel tomorrow. tomorrow they will have a vote to repeal the health care law. it will likely pass but fail to go anywhere in the democratic senate. >> if we run a two-year election campaign beginning of the new year the country is going to the heck in a hand basket but a we face severe chance challenges. >> reporter: boehner will also have to manage tea partiers. this man says prepare he is prepared to night. >> we are here to get -- fight. >> we are here to get it back on track so our kids and grand kids have the same opportunities afforded to us. >> reporter: president obama has white house staffing decision to make when he returns to washington. abc newses learned he is considering appointing william daley as the chief of -- chief of staff. emily schmidt, abc news,
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washington. nine minutes after six r you feeling lucky? -- six. are you feeling lucky? you may want to pick up the mega millions ticket. this is the third largest jackpot in history. your odds of winning are 1 in 176 million. you have a one in 75 chance ofwinning $2 so might as well. who can't use that. well, blood test can reveal so much. wouldn't it be incredible if it could test cancer. >> scientists are hoping to develop a test to detect cancer cells that; late in blood streams. what did the great thinkers and leaders of 1931 predict for 2011? turns out looking to the future is not always that easy. a lot of people are shake their heads this morning. what caused 5,000 black birds to fall from the sky in arkansas? yes, some of the theories ahead. first, let's head up to new york for the for a look at
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latest headlines. >> reporter: we begin your money scope report with a settlement over bad mortgages. bank of america will pay nearly $3 billion over claims that it sold mortgages that had incorrect information. the settlement bill is lower than expected. toyota is sued by 7 insurance companies attempting to recover money paid to cover crashes blamed on the auto makeers a sudden accelerations problems. l.a. times reports the insurers fault toyota for failing to install a override system in the cars. mypays is planning to lay off about half of its 1100 person staff. the cuts could pave the way for news corps to sell the struggling social network. and it was a big opening night for oprah winfrey new cable network. early numbers show 1 million people watched the prime time shows over the holiday weekend rank therd among cable networks. that's your money scope report, i am rob nelson.
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and welcome back. it's something we like to speculate about, what does the future hold? >> oftentimes the pry diction is off. think of the jetsons. that didn't turn out and george orwell's book 1984. so expert predicted what would they be like. john berman puts 2011. >> reporter: the future is now in some ways. we chat on the star trek communicateers and you can get a robot clean and survivor is not that different from running man. but predicting the future is not always so easy. not even for geniuss. in 1931, "the new york times" asked a group of the great thinkers to predict what life would be like in 2011. now, wj mayo a find of the mayo clinic -- founder of the mayo
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clinic predicted our life expectancy would reach 70. the reality, life expectancy in the u.s. is now nearly 78. at a time when 35% of american homes were heated by wood, willis whitney who found the research lab at general electedpredict ed by 2011 you would live in a electriccally heated air conditioned home and there would be an attached air car hangar. not quite. henry ford said whatever 2011 produced it would make 1931 seem grab. this was the new york skyline then and now. then they had little orphan annie on the yid and we have jersey shore. so isologist got closest. he predicted the magic of remote control will be commonplace. and, the lives of women will be more like those of men spent more outside the home. in 1931 less than a quarter of
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women were in the labor force. now it's nearly 60%. so what about 80 years from now? what will that be like? will we be able to beam like star trek? well, we might not have to. >> our mode of transportation already virtual and through. [audio not understandable] people will go to each other without moving from wherever they are. >> reporter: something to think b john berman, abc news new york or pairis. >> now maryland's most power -- paris. >> now maryland most powerfuldoppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> we are trying to predict the future short-term. we are actually transitioning back to cold weather. we dropped two degrees in the past hour. now 20 in baltimore. showing a sign we have clear skies overhead. 31 mild stuff? ocean site. notice not that much colder towards the west. we are actually watching cloud creep in from the west. in fact, much like our snow
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hold from the last blizzard. we have a cloud hold over central maryland. cloud to the north and back to the west and south. they will fill back n we expect clouds to dominate in the afternoon. milder temperatures ahead of the next weather system as aiming for the 2 degree high of 45. normal high 41 and 42. we will cool back down as the next weather system cleared the region and we are looking for a low back to 25. here's deal. we watched low pressure slide in through michigan. doesn't look that impressive but it's snowing. moderate snow from buffalo and rochester and syracuse. nothing knew for them. cold front from ohio and colder weather behind it. another disturbance stretching back through wisconsin and back towards minneapolis st. paul will be the reinforcing shot of cooler air. but for today as we watch the system ride off toward the east, most of the energy is going to be starved at least robbed from us back into the mountains and up to the north. we will be watching snow in western maryland and probably
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up towards central pa. and we will get cloud out of that system. and that will set the stage for the next weather pattern which comes out of the same general region, but we will be stronger and farther south and we will have our fair shot of getting some of the white stuff on ground by the end of the week. cloud this afternoon. it's in the sky and we have snow into the mountains. and we are going to have a little transition of temperatures heading to the next couple days. then we will watch two systems trying to skirt through the region and it will be a northern system that hits us on try. thursday with snow back across the appalachian setting us up for something towards the end of the week and something else as we head into early next week. here's the the way it breaks down. tomorrow 38 and down into the 20s overnight. we will push back to the year 40 on thursday. and then we will see the next weather system come out of great lakes a little stronger, a little closer to us, and that will bring us at least a chance of some light snow but some accumulation possible especially into friday afternoon with a high of 34.
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and 18 overnight. and on saturday, it looks like snow showers could linger with high of only 30, a low of 18. outlook for next week goes beyond monday into tuesday and wednesday. and we could be watching a larger winter storm so stay tuned. here kim with the latest on traffic. >> reporter: thanks. well, we keep you updated on the major traffic alert this morning on the beltway. we are dealing with pretty significant backups because of the accident on the inner loop side at providence road. it involves a overturned tractor trailer versus an abandoned car on the side of the road. and one lane gets by. actually, that's the far left shoulder. all the lanes remain closed, and the delays are starting in 20 minutes. i would avoid this area if possible because you are going to be sitting there for sometime. we spoke with sherrie johnson, abc2 news, and she dealt with officials who confirmed there is a fatality involved in this accident. so, this scene could be closed for sometime. probably for the majority of the morning rush. so, again, avoid the inner loop at providence road. a lot of people are bailing out
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on due lanny valley road and joppa is a good alternate. this is the inner loop at due lanny valley road. all the lanes are jammed. and this is two miles from the scene of the crash. so you can imagine what the delays and the backups will be like this morning. the beltway on the top side not going to be your best alternate to get to work or school. we are dealing with pretty lengthy delays starting at at least 20 minutes. avoid the inner loop at providence road because of a very serious accident overnight. megan, back to you. >> all right. thanks. 20 minutes after six right now. many of us are trying to be more healthy and nutritious as we start the new year. and we pick up a can or jar try to read the label and tough admit it can be confusing. especially when it comes to transfat. the stuff that makes us crave junk food. and now we are learning that the labels are not only confusing, but they could be meant to trick us. timothy johnson explains how.
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>> reporter: grand theft un-- transfat is found in french fries and baked good like donuts and cakes. experts agree transfats are a health hazard probably contributing to heart disease, diabetes and cancer. they also tend to raise levels of so-called bad cholesterol and lower good cholesterol. you might think you know how much transfat you are eating by reading packageed labels. but a study published in the american journal of health promotion says you would be wrong. it find the food and drug administration doesn't make food companies list transfat in amounts less than half a gram per serving. but a serving of potatoe chips may have less than half a gram of transfats and itth serving may be 5 chips so even though the label says zero transfats, you are actually consuming them without knowing it. the study calls for more precise labeling. other experts say the danger is
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exaggerated and say new regulations could drive food companies to replace transfats with saturated fats that are also -- that also can raise cholesterol level. with this medical minute, i am dr. timothy johnson. johnson and johnson is working to develop a blood test that can find a single cancer cell in a person's life. they hope the test will be able to detect cancer cells at that circulate in blood streams. if successful, researchers say it might be a good tool for oncologist to detect if cancer spreads. official say it could result in new forms of therapy in. we have been telling you send us pictures so we can have a picture of day. here we go. this is adorable. the parents of savannah and landon sent in this picture. brother and sister range in the new year together with their family in there pajamas. best way to do it. >> i would stay in the pajamas all day.
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if you have an interestingfoe photo, send them to us. get them into morning show at wm amount >> absolutely-- >> absolutely. stay with us this morning. we will be be right back. and peach cobbler.
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and because it's activia, it helps regulate my digestive system. mmm. works for me. ♪ activia activia dessert.
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time for entertainment news. peet the beloved character actor died sunday described as the best actor in the world and something few would agree with. he was name the officer of british empire in 2004. he was 64 years old. doctors are administered antibiotics to zsa zsa gabor in hopes of saving part of her leg. the 93-year-old actress has been having health problems for sometime now. david arquette entered rehab for alcohol abuse and depression. he separated from his wife of eight years courtney cox and
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began basic erratically including calling radio shows to spill details about their relationship. and it's splitsville for a couple. >> crazy kids. >> actor macally caulkin and his girlfriend have end their eight-year relationship. >> that's lifetime in hollywood. >> they broke it off month ago but kept it quiet because she was pronoting -- promoting her new movie "black swan." it's been a banner year for mark zuckerberg many now we find out how much his society social network site, facebook, may be worth.
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