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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  January 4, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> the suspect in this case actually called 911 and reported he shot his landlord. when officers got on scene they located the 57-year-old victim who was suffering from gunshot wounds and was deceased on scene. >> reporter: manning was arrested and charged with first degree murder. >> awful. >> reporter: neighbors were surprised this would happen here. >> there were shots ringing out in the neighborhood. then police were everywhere. >> unbelievable. both guys rented from me, very quiet guys. i don't know what happened but these things do happen, don't they? >> reporter: police haven't had problems at that address in the past. it's unclear how long the two have lived together. >> it appears both individuals were staying together at that residence as maybe some sort of landlord/tenant relationship or just roommates, if you will. >> reporter: anne arundel county averages about 12 or 13 homicides a year. this was the first one of 2011. in pasadena, i'm don harrison for abc2 news.
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>> at this point police don't have a motive in the case and anyone with information is asked to call metro crime stoppers at 1-866-7-lockup. the latest tonight, the fbi now joined the search for a missing 16-year-old girl. today police searched a section of leakin park for phylicia barnes after receiving a tip. she went missing last week, was supposed to take a flight back to her north carolina home yesterday morning. and police now suspect foul play. it's believed she may have been abducted. at 5:30. more on how the authorities are joining forces to find the missing teen and we'll hear from the teen's family. at 11:00 we continue "memorial -- maryland's cold cases," a mother and daughter murdered after returning from their father's viewing. the killer broke into their home and bludgeoned them to death. >> i've been on the job now for 23 years and i have a few things that just don't go out
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of my head certain times this is definitely one of them. >> we talked to the original investigators and the victim's daughter and granddaughter. you can watch their story tonight on abc2 news at 11:00. a baltimore judge allowed a jewish group patrol member charged with assaulting a teen to take a trip overseas. prosecutors were concerned he was trying to escape the charges by going to israel. accused of attacking the deep in november. he was a volunteer with shalom, a jewish group that helps to keep neighborhoods safe. police had believed the 23-year-old former israeli soldier had a one-way ticket to the country where he also has citizenship. his attorney said he brought the ticket to israel before the alleged assault took place. a big fire in cecil county in elkton. this fire broke out inside a home just before 3:30 this morning in the 200 block of west high street.
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a viewer sent this in. a massive fire that engulfed a home, seven adults were inside. medics took one of the adults to the hospital. no word on their condition or cause tonight. and, a truck driver has died in a crash on eastbound i-695 early this morning. the tanker truck hit an abandoned car sitting on the shoulder of the highway between exits 27 and 28 near providence and dulaney valley roads. the tanker flipped over, caught fire and hit the barrier wall killing the driver. the crash shut down a portion of 695 for several hours causing a huge traffic backup. don't try this at home. this guy apparently didn't want to stay snowed in, in new york after the blizzard. chris branca says he took advantage of the empty streets and foot of powder of snow to ski behind a car down park avenue. he says he got going as fast as 40 miles per hour. gee, that's dangerous.
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no skiing around here today. we just had a nice warm-up. back in the mid-40s after a chilly day yesterday. i wish i could say it's going to last. we actually get a little chillier again tomorrow. a little cold front coming in tonight. first, let's look at what we're seeing now. temperatures generally running in the upper 30s to low 40s. 40 at the inner harbor. 41 dc. annapolis, cambridge and towards dover, delaware, in the 30s. current winds picked up a little. we're around 5 to 10 miles per hour. satellite and radar trend, generally clear, a few showers out toward, like cumberland, maryland but most of the state including the entire baltimore region under a clear sky now. here's the rest of the evening. 30s, mostly clear, it stays a little breezy overnight into the day tomorrow as temperatures drop off again. we'll talk about how things shape up towards the end of the week. there's a storm in the picture. we talk about that coming up. he was officially sworn in
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yesterday but a ceremony hearing was held today for the new city state's attorney greg bernstein. he shocked longtime incumbent patricia jessamy with a close win in the primary. he ran on a platform of a much safer city. jessamy had the job since 1995. bernstein says he has a strong team in place and cannot wait to get started. governor o'malley is scaling back his inaugural celebration. the traditional parade scrapped and the black tie optional ball will now be business cocktail attire. at the fifth regiment armory in baltimore. if you're planning on going to the inauguration you're asked to bring a canned or nonperishable food item for the maryland food bank. o'malley will be sworn in january 19th. the 112th session of congress gets underway in washington tomorrow. the shift in power will prove a challenge to the president on many fronts. abc's tj winick explains.
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>> reporter: the washington president obama came back to this morning is about to look a lot different than the one he left less than two weeks ago. >> we started to make progress. i expect to continue when i get back. >> reporter: 85 new house republicans will be sworn in tomorrow including pizzeria owner bobby shilling. >> we're here to fight. to get this back on track. so our kids and grandkids have the same opportunities. >> reporter: also on the rote back to dc -- road back to dc, john boehner. republicans unveiled their plans to try and repeal the health care law. the vote is scheduled for next wednesday. >> we think obama care will ruin the best health care system in the country, we believe it will bankrupt our nation. we believe it needs to be replaced with common sense reforms to bring down the cost of health insurance. >> reporter: while it will likely pass the house it won't get far in the senate where democrats still hold the
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majority. >> house democrats will continue to protect the gains we've made. >> reporter: boehner pledged to cut $100 million from domestic spending this year. the real spending fight will come in february when the parties will do battle over the debt ceiling. increasing it is essential. tea party members like rand paul are dead set against it. the president has white house staffing decisions to make. among them a new top economic adviser and chief of staff. tj winick, abc news, new york. the baltimore county sheriff's office now has a new tool to fight crime. today the county executive kevin kamenetz announced $25,000 for new computers in sheriffs' cars. they can begin the booking process in the field thanks to 25 new computers. they will also allow deputies to immediately log on to the status of warrants, and cut down on paperwork and time when taking a suspect to booking.
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it's to give departments an access to the -- deputies an access to the system. they will be allowed to put each individual in the computer. they won't have to call it in and use valuable air time. that will obviously allow the dispatchers to use their air time for more emergency situations. >> congressman dutch ruppersberger had secured the $200,000 grant for the new computers. you know what time it is. playoff week. for the third year in a row fans know what to do and we start by painting the town purple. abc2 news jamie costello joins us with what we did today. >> reporter: time to polish your purple. bring out the jerseys, coats, hats, car flags. at citihall, it's become a baltimore tradition paint in the lines as we get set for the playoffs. all this does is set us in mostly -- motion for the next five days as baltimore gets purple and
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pumped up. darryl mcgee from philly is hauling purple up 95, and already painted up. >> look at that. >> win or lose, we're in there. we're in there. win or lose. >> yes, sir. >> i live in philly now but i still represent. i came down to see the family but we're having a tailgating party sunday in philadelphia. everybody's wearing the colors. >> in philly. look at his arm, the oriole logo is on it, too. after city hall, on to federal hill and tonight, all the downtown offices will be lit up in purple. jamie costello, abc2 news. >> abc2 will be heading to kansas city a bit later this week. as the ravens battle the chiefs. jamie will be in kc with live reports friday, 5:00, 6:00, 11:00 and will wrap it up sunday live at 6:30. a former aid to ronald reagan found dead in a
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delaware landfill. more on the search for leads in what authorities are calling a murder. plus, the navy commander accused of making and starring in raunchy videos is permanently relieved of duty. an update in the investigation. and, changes are coming to your grocery cart. how president obama intends to make food safety a priority. [ sniffing ]
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the navy continues its investigation into those offensive videos from an aircraft carrier that were leaked earlier this week. the man at the center of the controversy, the ship's second in command has been permanently relieved of his duties. abc news's karen travers has the latest. >> reporter: in two weeks the uss enterprise set sail for a middle east deployment but captain owen honors won't be on board. honors has been permanently
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relieved of his post as commander of the nuclear carrier do you -- due to the ranchy videos he not only showed to his crew but also starred in. ask checkmates about being gay. that's not a very good idea, is it? >> reporter: two more clips show crude behavior and offensive language taped during the weekly movie night in 2006 and 2007. the videos are full of gay slurs, sexual innuendo and profanity and shown to crew members on active duty in war zones. >> we are getting ready for combat operations. it's hot. it's hot. we're getting close to hell. >> reporter: some crew members found them amusing. others said it was conduct unbecoming of an officer. >> when you see something like this you understand this was an attempt at humor, maybe an attempt to maintain morale but it crossed the line. >> reporter: the navy is crystal clear on the behavior it expects from its officers. abide by an incompromising code of integrity and exhibit the
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highest degree of moral character. >> if it were younger enlisted sailors it's one thing. he's a direct representative, a navy captain. a significant figure within the united states navy. >> reporter: honors' superiors knew about the tapes at the time but he was still promoted. this controversy sunk his once promising navy career. karen travers, abc news, washington. bank of america has reached a $2.8 billion settlement with fannie mae and freddie mac over claims one of its businesses sold bad mortgages. the settlement is the largest yet involving banks and the two mortgage giants which continue to suffer huge losses from the collapse of the housing market. new legal problems for toyota tonight. seven insurance companies filed lawsuits against the japanese automaker. in an attempt to recover money paid to cover crashes they blame on sudden acceleration. the company is already facing dozens of lawsuits related to
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allegations that effects car's sudden acceleration and crashes. our consumer alert, changes coming to your grocery cart. president obama is expected to sign into law a massive overhaul of the nation's food safety system. it's aimed at keeping the foods you buy safe from dangerous and deadly outbreaks of foodborne illnesses. karen kafa has the details. >> reporter: one of the final moves by congress before the end of 2010 was to send a major food safety bill to the president for his signature. the goal of the legislation, more government regulation of the food you buy and eat. and fewer of the wide-ranging recalls consumers experienced in recent years. it's poised to become the most sweeping revamp of the nation's food safety system since the 1930s. among the new provisions more power to the food and drug administration to pull tainted items from store shelves instead of producers issuing recalls voluntarily. a food-tracing system to make
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it easier to zero in on the source of contamination in case of an outbreak. and requirements for food importers to make sure the foods they import are in line with u.s. guidelines. still up in the air, how all of these changes will be paid for. and just how long it will take to implement them. but many consumer advocates see the progression from capitol hill to the president's pen as a sign that your food safety is being taken seriously. for "consumer watch," i'm karen kafa. my new year's resolution was to come back to work. >> i was going to say, welcome back. happy 2011. hope you had a good one. >> it was great. i know you missed me. >> of course. if you remember the weekend, it was a mild finish to the year. mild start to this year. today, 45, some sun. >> can't complain.
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>> colder tomorrow. the next chance of snow comes friday. right now looks pretty minimal. a decent first week of 2011. weatherwise. >> minimal is good. >> a short workweek for some of us. outside now, sunset, just a little while ago and still nice dusk lighting across the city. 41 degrees, winds calm and humidity 38% at the moment. our weathernet cameras capturing a very sunny scenario throughout the the day in baltimore and across most of the state. bright blue skies and less windy today. that was nice. that allowed temperatures to warm up pretty nicely from the 20s into the 40s. temperatures now across the state running in the mid-30s to low 40s. that's kinds of the range now. maryland's most powerful doppler radar, five sweeps scanning the skies, finding nothing. we had just a little bit of precip out towards hagerstown earlier tonight. that's all gone now. so again right now, temperatures hovering around
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the 40-degree mark in most spots. easton 37 and 38 at the beaches now. winds picking up a little. it will be breezy overnight tonight into the day tomorrow. weak cool front crossing maryland. that will keep things just a little breezy. a nice day, high temperaturewise today mid-40s. tomorrow i think we won't get there. we'll be in the 30s. cockeysville about 35. dundalk to about 37. we're going to shave off about seven degrees or so tomorrow and it will be a breezier day as well. we're dodging the wintry weather they are seeing up in western pennsylvania and cleveland. so a little lake-enhanced snow up that way but we're not getting in on that this far south. pretty quiet and dry, other than breezes coming up. again, that cold front punches in out of the west. it's not a powerhouse arctic cold front, but it will drop us down a little bit tomorrow and kind of get rid of this mild pattern we saw today. interesting, as things develop over the next 48 hours our futurecast, we're watching the system off the texas coast, as
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it spins up a little through the day tomorrow and tracks rapidly to the east. this could mean snow for places like nashville, tennessee, down through even northern georgia. a little bit of snow up there in the places they ski up, in the higher terrain but rain coming up the coast, unlikely the trajectory of this system takes it to sea and it mostly may see a couple snow showers wrap around this thing and come in thursday night into the day on friday. right now we're talking about light to no accumulation but snow showers on and off could make things a little slippery, especially on your friday morning commute. so keep that in the back of your mind. 24, mostly clear tonight. seasonably cold though, that is average for january. 38 tomorrow, a little below average. mostly sunny and a little windy. probably winds 15 to 20 miles per hour. tomorrow night winds will begin to let up as the clouds begin to roll in, as that coastal system kind of works its way up offshore. 7-day forecast, right now, i think we get back to 40 or so on thursday.
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on friday we're talking about maybe 36 or so as the clouds roll in and some snow showers on and off through the day. colder for the weekend. 34 saturday. cold first full weekend of 2011. many cardiac patients are often given defibrillators to keep their hearts beating normally. a new study finds almost 1/4 of the patients shouldn't have received the implants. a closer look at what researchers uncovered. plus, what is in store for 20 eleven? and what do great thinkers and leaders in 1931 predict for this year? it turns out looking to the future is not always that easy. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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in tonight's "health alert" -- many cardiac patients are given defibrillators to keep hearts beating normally but a new study finds the treatment is being overused. dr. timothy johnson explains. >> reporter: implantable defibrillators known as icds are small battery-powered guyses implanted in the chests of patients at risk for sudden cardiac death. they are programmed to detect abnormal heart rhythms and to correct them with a jolt of electricity. a study published in in the "journal of the american medical association" finds of more than 100,000 patients who received icds more than 20% did not meet medical criteria for the treatment. and, they had a significantly higher risk of dying in the hospital than those who did. practice guidelines do not recommend icds for patients recovering from heart attack or
5:26 pm
coronary bypass surgery or patients with heart failure. yet, researchers found more than 25,000 cases of defibrillators that were given to people who did not need them. the risk of post-operative complications was also significantly higher in what the authors call the non-evidence based group. the study calls for more oversight to improve compliance with current clinical guidelines for the use of defibrillators. with this "medical minute" i'm dr. timothy johnson. johnson & johnson is working to develop a blood test that can find a single cancer cell in a person's blood. it's teaming up with massachusetts general hospital. they hope the test will be able to detect cancer cells that circulate in blood streams. if successful researchers say it might be a good tool for oncologists to detect if a cancer has spread. officials also also this work could -- say this work could result in new therapies.
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more on your chances to score a big one in the mega millions. one of the biggest jackpots in history. coming up at 5:30. úcú;ckca/
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the search for 16-year-old phylicia barnes is reaching fever pitch as the fbi has joined the hunt. six days and nothing, no e-mail, no phone calls, not until today. no tips on the young lady that seemingly just disappeared. how local and federal authorities are now pulling out all the stops. >> reporter: this squad car blocks a fairly long stretch of road in leakin park where teams of officers are working a lone tip. someone commented on a published news story that phylicia barnes could be found near the 4,000 block of north franklintown road. since 9:00 this morning officers from baltimore homicide missing


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