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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  January 13, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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forecast page. 20 is clear and blustery colder weather is the story tonight. in the day tomorrow, a snow climb into the 30s. we'll talk about the changes in the weekend coming up. well, tonight,the police are trying to track down a suspect in a home invasion around 2:30 yesterday in the 100 block of stone point drive. the officers are looking for a man dressed as a maintenance worker. >> she let him enter and that was when she was assaulted and he robbed her. he produced the handgun and took money and left the residence. these numbers are given. call them if you information. well, the latest on the ohio homeless man who's voice made him a web phenomenon.
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he's treated for alcohol and drug dependence city. the 53-year-old trained to be a radio announcer and found he was derailed by prison time and sub sans abuse in the 1990s. a new blood test could help pregnant women determine whether or not they're carrying a fetus with down syndrome. >> reporter: pregnant women, particularly those who's age puts them at risk of having a child with down syndrome have had little choice when it comes to diagnosis, procedures that are invasive were their only option a needle is inserted into the womb and removes the fluid. it's a practice that can lead to anxiety for the mother and
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rarely, even miscarriage. a recent study suggests that a blood test can check for the down syndrome in all high risk pregnancies mother's blood contains a small amount of the baby's dna. the study's tests caught every case. it will give the mothers options of knowing whether or not they're carrying a fetus with down syndrome. one caveat, it's expense offend not widely available, but the cost of easing the mother's mind may be worth i. i'm dr. timothy johnson. well, snow and ice are making for dangerous conditions on the roads. aaa has a method against the madness, how to stay safe during the deep freeze. and one company is giving you free burgers for a free ride, more on this deal, just ahead.
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there's snow reported in 49 of 50 states. the weather is creating dangerous road conditions. here are tips on staying safe behind the wheel. >> reporter: snow and ice, a dangerous wintry mix. raising red flags on the roads from the south's to new england. the wicked winter weather is making many roads unpassable. 49 of 50 states have been hit with snow, shutting down the highways in some cases and creating unsafe conditions. if you've yet to venture out and get behind the wheel, we
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have safety tips. don't drive while tired. keeping your gas tank half full at least to avoid gas line freeze up. avoid using your parking break in cold, rainy and snowy weather. don't use cruise control. accelerate and decell rate closely. don't try to get move anything a hurry, it takes longer to slow down on icy roads. don't power uphills. also, try to get a little "go" before you get up the hill. let that carry you to the top. drive slowly, the best advice, stay home. get back on the roads after the deep freeze thaws out. well, a superhero is on a mission to serve and protect children across japan, how he's sparked a national gift giving movement. and a mom is teaming up
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with mother nature to make an ice cold street for her kids. how she's making snow days even sweeter.
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foreclosures hit a record high in 2010. more than 1 million people lost their homes, even as notices leveled off at the end of the year, for the fourth year, nevada lead the nation in foreclosures with one of every 11 households receiving 1 filing. gm has a new strategy to lure young drivers back to chevrolet. students at west coast universities can sign up to get
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free rides in several models. they'll have to compose a song, record it and post their pictures on youtube, in return, gm is treating students to $8 worth of free food at fast food joins of their choice. delta is telling customers to name their price to be bumped from overbooked flights. many have always had a system to ask people to volunteer, now, they turned it into an auction system that starts with online traveler's bids. well, students are looking for free food and ways to save money since they spend so much cash to buy books. one goodwill store may be able to help the students with that. the store in southern indiana launched e books. thousands of books have been
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shipped all across the u.s., books sold everywhere but profits stay in southern indiana. >> we post the books with more value anline -- online, we can get five dollars, $50 more of what it's worth. it translates to people with services in need. >> out of 3000 gently used books inventory, 30% are textbooks and they're at prices most can't beat. they're not just about books, they sell dvds and cds and video games. baltimore community college have teamed up to get people back to work. there's a opportunity for job seekers to get the tools they need to secure a job. some will likely get mired --
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hired right away. indications that people desperately want employment. it's timely. you can see that people are looking for jobs good thing today is that these are employers who have openings now. people have the opportunities to get jobs now. >> and it's a good turn out for the employers standpoint, too. >> >> now, the latest on a developing story. australia is facing years of rebuilding after historic flooding. now, a cyclone threatens to bring in more rain. brisbane's river is at record highs. 15 people died and 70 are missing. ash-- a 13-year-old was killed
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sacrificing himself when he urged his rescuer to save his brother instead. >> it's terrible. >> i kept telling him it would be already, and it wasn't. >> 20,000 homes are flooded and 3500 have evacuated. flood waters aren't expected to recede until standard. there amazing video from italy. mount etna rumbled. cna's i reporter shot this video. it doesn't appear to be a threat to people right now. one of the most active vol van knows -- volcanos in the world. it's in the island of sicily. well, when you look at the video, we've got it easy here. >> yeah, and we feel for our
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friends -- i have a friend in australia. it's unbelievable, the flooding they're getting. they're getting tropical rains. it's incredible. it's terrible. back here, of course, in maryland, we dodged the snow bullets and today, we have the cold winds. those will let up later on tonight. can't complain about that. >> yeah, lit's look -- let's look at the weather net camera. we're looking at the beautiful looking night. we have a chill in the air. you feel it. 32 at bwi. the winds are west, northwest at 10. look at the hd weather nets and baltimore's showing you i beautiful blue skies. it's a cold, windy day and towson is showing snow on the ground here. west towson and middle school -- well, snow is still showing up out this way, too.
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carroll county, of course, with 3 inches of snow on the night, there's still some on the ground. this is crystal clear as we take a look at it. this is a nice thing to see. and temperaturewise. 32 at bwi and dulles. the winds are gusty and strong. the steady winds have died down a bit. they're getting less powerfully windy. with the highs in the mid-30s, we're glad to see the winds dying down. now, your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast, dundalk at 37 and cockeysville, 35. it will make the mid-to upper 30s. a few clouds are blowing out of the northwest tomorrow. not enough to obscure the sunshine. the trend up and down the east coast, that's a quiet one. now, that's well off the new england coast.
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in its wake, 2 feet of snow. that's unbelievable. in our area, it's the winds coming off of the high pressure cell. we'll deal with them for another 6 to 12 hours and by tomorrow morning, we have a light breeze from the west. things will moderate a little bit. our future cast brings in partly cloudy skies and a chance for this disturbance could bring more shower and snow showers. speaking of the types of areas, that's where we like to go skiing. all right, this is where we should pick up now. this is snow for this time of the year. we'll show you what's going on now. some of the ski resorts picked up powder. we have about 44 inches of snow. that's about 3 feet of snow there. you know what else we'll deal with. they'll deal with the trails open.
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we have 42 trails open. that's a good spot to go to. there's 2 -- feet of snow there and 3 feet of snow at snow shoe mountain. it's a wonderful time to go seeing. you also want to know about the forecast. back to quiet. well, with that, it's good to snow what the ski report looks like overnight tonight. 17-degree and still breezy. temperatures will be dropping like a rock out there. cold weather and good skiing weather. maybe take in a three day weekend in you can. tomorrow night, 19, cloudy and frigid overnight. your seven-day forecast, the out look is like this, this weekend warms up a little bit. if you're heading out to the highier terrain, it will be colder. we'll hit around 40 saturday
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and sunday. well, a superhe row is trying to make life easier for orphaned kids in japan. here's the story. >> reporter: the gifts have been sent to more than a hundred centers across japan. boxes filled with backpacks and envelopes of cash. this came with bags of rice. they're all from an anonymous donor, claiming to be a hero in a comic "tiger mask." the 1960's featured anorphann who was also tiger mask. he's a hero when he gave back to his orphanage. now, the real life hero is giving a gift giving movement.
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this man got the first surprise. ten boxes of backpacks and a card. days later, this center received a printer. one store manager found $1200 cash with a letter that says there are tiger masks across japan. please use this for the promising children. the manager said, you don't expect this goodwill at a retail store. more than 3 dozen facilities received the gifts. there are plenty of sitings. this man claims an older customer bought half a dozen backpacks at his store, a scarf covered his face, but i'm sure it was tiger mask. abc news, tokyo. wow, talk about a lot of
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babies! a california couple welcomed in quadruple girls. they were on received naturally. the odds of having them -- one in 11 million. the parents will have to wait for testing to see if they've hit the baby jackpot. well, lucy and ricky were the role models for the perfect marriage back in the day, now, a huge fan is trying to win her dream wedding. it's i love lucy themed of course. they made a video. they've used caller ads and went to a meeting to get people to vote for them. it's a give and take, it's a matter to make the marriage work. i don't mind, that's what makes them happy. >> so, pick this -- [ laughter ]
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>> married in jaytown new york, the home of lucy ball. spanish was her first language and she learned english from watching. well, coming up at 6:00, baltimore county is reaching to layed off workers. how it's helping the plant's employees to get on their feet. this is january. i know, we'll explain more coming up at 6:00. that's all coming your way.
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when more nature dished out snow, a mom decide to make something good out of it. here's the story. >> they love to do that stuff, why not -- >> reporter: homemade recipes passed down for generations. my mother made it for me when i was probably 4 through jr. high. >> reporter: now, she's a mother herself. with all of the fresh snow, she thought it would be a great treat to make for her children. >> they've never had it. >> reporter: it's easy to make and it's inexpensive. almost all of the ingredients, milk, sugar and vanilla and salt are common kitchen items. the only one comes from mother nature. >> as long as it's white, fresh
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and clean. i'll make it. >> reporter: grab five cups of fresh snow, then, in a separate bowl, combine a cup of milk, half a cup of sugar and vanilla and a little salt. >> then mix it and pour it on the snow. put it in the freezer for an hour and a half and it's good to go. >> her son gets the first bite. >> it's good. >> you can be a kid again. it takes you back to being 8 or 9 years old begin. >> reporter: that was jake miller reporting. everyone's talking about yellow snow looking like something else. as long as it's clean, it's okay to >> well, we all u"fknow it, i @ my purple on, we're gearing up for game day. we have a live report coming up and we have more at 6:00, that
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starts for you right now. a home invasion has the police searching for a suspect. i'm kelly sitting in for jamie. now, the police say that a man dressed as a maintenance worker for the apartment complex knocked on the victim's door telling her he was checking the heat. he pulled out a handgun and demanded money. there was a struggle that ensued. he was warmed with a handgun. he struck her, she sustained injuries during the incident. he fled with property and money. the police have this suspect. he may have bracing on his teeth. anyone wit


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