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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 14, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. i'm robin roberts in atlanta. >> i'm george stephanopoulos. it's friday, january 14th and this morning, breakthrough. gabrielle giffords reaches a major milestone. her breathing tube may be removed as early as today. the surgeons speak out on her amazing progress. >> we're wise to acknowledge miracles. >> southern discomfort. five days after getting slammed with snow and ice, atlanta is in a deep freeze and schools are still closed. i'll have the latest from the frozen city. courtroom outrage. a rape suspect cross-examines his accuser in court. why he's back-tracking now. and panda-monium.
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my exclusive visit with this adorable baby panda. we introduce you to atlanta's most talked about new resident. and good morning, everyone. george, get ready to go ah so many times. the bonus to my trip to atlanta was spending time with that precious little baby panda. i have given rare access and i'll share that -- >> that is the gig of the year. >> just for you. the main reason we're here in atlanta and in particular beautiful ebenezer baptist church, i'll be hosting a special town hall meeting with bob lee later tonight on espn. we'll tell you more on that. i lived in atlanta back in the '80s. i've never seen it like it is right now. there is still snow on the
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ground. ice is everywhere. people are just slip-sliding and the storm, you know, blew through on sunday. schools are still closed. we'll tell you how residents are getting around and just a little bit. the flight from new york to atlanta i was peering out the window and saw snow virtually the entire trip. >> seems like the whole southeast just got blind of sided by it and all of tucson and so much of the country hit so hard by the story of christina taylor green, the youngest victim was laid to rest thursday in a ceremony that included the national flag of 9/11, that, of course, the day she was born. in an open letter first lady michelle obama urged parents to talk to their children about it. it's got to be connected to the fact that their daughters aren't much older than christina taylor. they have a 9-year-old. it's just struck a chord with us. a little later something that has gotten the office buzzing, i know you too, our
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hore ro horoscopes may be incorrect. wait just a minute. you may think you're one sign but you're something else so that pickup line, what's your sign, you may have to change that answer and we'll discuss that. >> i think they retired that a long time ago. >> you did. i'm sure it worked on ally, what's your sign. it is something people are talking about and we will do that too. of course, we'll begin with the latest in tucson and just the road to recovery that the congresswoman gabby giffords continues to be on. the latest on that the six victims are beginning to be laid to rest. david wright has the latest in tucson. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. you know, this continues to be an emotional roller coaster. here at this hospital, gabby giffords and new reason to hope but across town there's heartbreak too. hope because the doctors offer their most encouraging assessment yet of congresswoman
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gabby giffords' condition. >> that she is able to move both those legs to command and that's huge. >> reporter: heartbreak because that good news came on the day when this community laid to rest 9-year-old christina taylor green. ♪ 2,000 people turned up for the funeral. some no older than christina herself. so many, the overflow had to stand outside the church. they watched as new york firefighters unfurled the flag of special significance, the 9/11 flag salvaged from ground zero, a symbol of hope in the midst of destruction. 9/11 was christina green's birthday. >> please be seated. >> reporter: inside the only camera allowed was a still photographer. among the mourners john and cindy mccain and commander mark kelly, gabby giffords' husband. for him especially this was a day of mixed emotions. his wife is finally making progress. >> it is kind of crazy. i don't undersan it but it is humbling. >> reporter: the doctors say not
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only does giffords recognize the people around her, she's not paralyzed. >> yes, miracles happen every day and in medicine we like to very much attribute them to either what we do or others do around us, but a lot of medicine is outside of our control and we're wise to acknowledge miracles. >> reporter: as first lady michelle obama put it in an open letter to parents, what happened here in tucson makes us want to hug our own families a little tighter and makes us think about the world in which our children will grow up. she goes on to say the questions my daughters have asked are the same ones that many of your children will have and they don't lend themselves to easy answers but they will provide an opportunity for us as parents to teach some valuable lessons about the character of our country, about the values we hold dear and about finding hope at a time when it seeps far away. but the belief in something bigger sustains people here this week. helping to make sense of the senseless, guiding one woman's
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recovery and hopefully watching over a little angel and the family she leaves behind. we learned one more amazing detail about christina taylor green. at her funeral on top of everything else she was an organ donor and as for gabby giffords, the next milestone for her will be the removal of her breathing tube. that could happen as early as today. george. >> okay, david, thanks very much. a lot more with dr. richard besser and the normal stoic surgeon seemed pretty moved by what they were seeing from gabby giffords yesterday. of everything you're learning, what struck you the most? >> you know, watching that press conference and hearing them talk about her movement. what's been in the minds of everyone who really understands the brain is would she be able to move the right side of her body? the left side controls that movement and when they said that she was not only moving that side of the body but she was sitting up and was able to raise
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her right leg against gravity, that tells you that it works and that she's got some strength there. that was incredible. >> you talk about sitting up. if she's really able to sit for a period of time, sit up in a chair, that would be another major leap forward. >> well, sitting up is important for a number of reasons. when plying flat your lungs don't inflate properly so sitting up in a chair is great for her, for her lungs and ability to get off a vent later and also allows them to do physical therapy in another way, sitting up they can really work to strengthen her legs and use her body so that's a great sign. >> we heard david report that her breathing tube could be removed today, which we'll learn so much more after that is done. >> you know, one of the things that is controlled on that left side of the brain is her speech and they can't assess ha with the breathing tube in so they'll look to take that breathing tube out and assess can she speak? that's a critical part of being able to say moving forward how she'll be doing. >> doctors have measurements of how they're doing. how does gabrielle giffords
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measure up against that. >> she's doing incredibly well. three components, one your ability to follow commands and tops out on that scale. when they ask her to squeeze she can do that. the other, eye opening. initially she was only opening it to stimulation which is pain. but now she's opening it to people being there, to the television so tops out on that scale. the third is speech. they can't asuccess that yet. when the tube comes out them's be able to say overall how well is she doing? >> finally she's out of the danger zone i presume on brain swelling. that's the first 48 hours. now the big concern is infection. >> hospitals and icus are dangerous places. not concerned about brain swelling but getting her out of the icu will reduce her chance getting pneumonia which is something you really don't want to have with someone with a head injury. >> rich, some good news today. now an exclusive look inside police headquarters inside tucson where investigators have been working nonstop since saturday morning looking for
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evidence and new information about jared loughner. pierre thomas is in tucson with more. pierre. >> reporter: newly released police tapes show authorities knew quickly a nightmare was unfolding in broad daylight. 10:10 saturday morning just outside the safeway the shooting begins. police radio dispatchers respond. >> we have a shooting, a shooting at the safeway. customers have tackled the suspect. they are holding him down at the safeway. >> reporter: arriving at the scene officers quickly realized the scale of the attack. >> multiple med units. people down. >> requesting additional units. >> how many victims do we have? >> there are multiple victims we need a lot more units here. we have at least seven, eight, maybe ten gunshot wounds and i believe gabrielle giffords -- >> reporter: you knew the james jared loughner that day but now they're desperate for every
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detail of his life. the first look inside the command center where police are overseeing the investigation and securing large-scale memorial services. it's all high-tech including aircraft streaming back realtime video of events in the city. police continue to search for more evidence. then a possible lead. a black bag found near the loughn loughners' home. >> in the bag appears to be ammunition and items from what he described to us from a local walmart. >> reporter: jared's father told investigators he saw jared with a black bag the morning of the shooting. investigators now believe it's the very same bag. >> this is one critical piece of evidence that we've been looking for. >> reporter: evidence which may help them decipher jared's actions leading up to the shooting and the person behind that eerie smile. this morning loughner is in isolation under constant surveillance not talking to authorities. george? >> still not talking, okay, pierre, thanks very much. christiane amanpour will be back to host a special town hall on
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the aftermath of the shooting. that will air sunday on a special "this week." now back to robin in atlanta. robin? >> george, the other big story of the week has been the weather and in atlanta, destruction from sunday's winter storm have persisted all week. schools are closed again today. they have been closed all week long. the roads are still icy and dangerous as you can see. this is a city anxious to get back to normal. the storm that paralyzed the eastern seaboard hit atlanta hard. snarling traffic for miles, hundreds of accidents, even 18-wheelers flipped over and after five days, passengers are still stranded at the hartsfield jackson international airport. >> i'm tired of the wait. >> reporter: our friends at abc station wsb took to the sky last night to monitor the colossal scope of the damage. >> robin, we're taking a look at atlanta's infamous spaghetti junction, one of the hardest hit areas we have seen for the past
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three days as atlanta could not move around but things are beginning to get a little better. >> reporter: a little better, jason, but with highways and back roads still coated with inches of ice many are wondering why this metropolis was not better prepared for the storm. >> not good. i've been here since '69 and never seen one like in this stayed this long. pretty rough. >> reporter: the state of georgia is shelling out $2 million a day on storm cleanup. since thursday morning, police have responded to more than 50 new accidents including one fatality. >> you can't drive on ice, you know. i don't know why people think they can but they can't. >> reporter: in raleigh, north carolina, below freezing temperatures are creating dangerous driving conditions there. one contractor says their machines just aren't used to working with these elements. >> we're eating a lot of the blades off the tractors so having to replace those about every 12 hours. we had a hard time getting busted through the ice. >> reporter: in atlanta, every night this week the temperatures
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have been well below freezing keeping the ice solid and virtually paralyzing the city. school is canceled again this morning. the fifth day in a row. and local businesses are feeling the effects of the storm. atlanta's mall opened thursday. closed since sunday. this area of the country just not used to this type of severe winter conditions for this length of time but good news, temperatures getting above the freezing point later today, george. >> didn't think that would be news in atlanta. okay, robin, thanks very much. seems like there's extreme weather everywhere. the massive flooding wreaking havoc on opposite sides of the world. in brazil more than 470 people dead and 14,000 driven from their homes after torrential flooding and mud slides north of rio de janeiro. many were forced to fend for themselves. the government now says hundreds of rescuers are on the scene. northeastern australia, the area the size of texas is still
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underwater including brisbane. 26 people are dead. it's expected more bodies will be recovered as the floodwaters recede. this is really something. we've seen more and more of this. >> at least six countries in the past few months including incredible pictures out of pakistan. you'll remember those and colombia involved in it, the philippine, as well. some incredible big wet systems moving across the globe. we've got moisture going on to the northwest today from portland to seattle all the way into medford. big rainfall totals. this lasts for a couple days. 2 to 4 inches in that general direction. wake-up temperatures cold. you heard it, atlanta is cold, as well. 20 degrees. new york city earlier this morning at about 15 degrees. but north by about 80 miles of poughkeepsie that snowpack kept everything cold. they were 6 below this morning. one of the coldest we could find on the board, period. minneapolis, 14, miami starts this morning at about 49 degrees. quick look at the board and you can see the temperatures are the issue today. very cold air in a good part of the nation. at least two-thirds of the
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>> all of america's weather in the next half hour. george? >> okay, thank you, sam. we turn now to the stunning and horrifying results of an abc news investigation of the peace corps. our team found that over the last decade there have been over a thousand sexual assaults and rapes on peace corps volunteers. with some women and their families alleging that the corps officials did not do enough to protect them. brian ross is here now with one case that even involved the murder of a volunteer >> that's right, george. this is a story of bravery and betrayal. how a young volunteer's efforts to protect the girls at her school led to tragedy in which they've done their best to keep quiet. ♪ in the african country here, 24-year-old kate fusi of atlanta was considered the perfect peace
7:17 am
corps volunteer. >> i was at -- >> reporter: especially among the girls club she formed. >> the girls actually started having a voice within that club. >> reporter: but on a moonlit night in march 2009 someone sneaked up on kate puzy's unguarded home and killed her. >> her throat was slit. >> reporter: kate was the 23rd peace corps volunteer to be murdered since the agency started. but her grieving parents say for months the peace corps would not provide any details of what had happened or why as if officials were hiding something. >> we miss you, sweetheart. >> kate died in march, and by may no contact with the peace corps. >> reporter: to find out what happened to kate and why, we went back to the african village where they still grieve her. >> i cried so many tears. >> reporter: and here we learn
7:18 am
about the secret that authorities led to her death, a secret involving another teacher and peace corps employee who kate had been told was sexually molesting the girls in her school. she decided to turn him in. >> i have loved my -- >> reporter: her cousin read the e-mail that kate sent to the peace score. >> she said this man is not someone i want representing the peace corps. >> reporter: kate had asked and was promised that the e-mail be kept confidential but it was not. officials say someone at the peace corps office in benin reve revealed kate's secret role. she was killed hours after the teacher learned he had been fired by the peace corps. since the murder peace corps officials in washington, d.c. have worked hard to keep the case and their mistakes out of the news. the suspect has denied he killed kate and says he's being framed by america. and as you'll see in our full report tonight on "20/20" they
7:19 am
still will not accept responsibility for what happened to that wonderful young woman whose parents say the peace corps failed her. >> i don't understand why they wouldn't. incompetence or active cover-up. >> they closed the wagons and kept them outside, the parents say and while the trial is coming up they don't want to jeopardize it. this peace corps era, revealing their daughter's name, that is why they came to talk to us. >> we can see all of brian's report tonight on "20/20" at 10:00, 9:00 central. >> such a sad story. we'll change gears quite a bit right now. we'll ask everybody what is your sign? now before you answer you may want to consider what an astronomer in minnesota has to say. all these years i thought i was an optimistic saj tearian. it could turn out if you go by his zodiac i'm more of an obsessive scorpion.
7:20 am
we have a closer look. >> reporter: millions of americans religiously read their horoscopes and make life decisions based on what their sign says. what if we've been reading the wrong one? >> now i'm a capricorn? you can't -- >> reporter: here's the deal. your sign was determined by babylonians based on what constellation the sun was in on the day you were born. but astronomers at the minnesota planetarium society point out things have changed over thousands of years. the earth has shifted on its axis and shifted us up one sign on the zodiac wheel. take me, i was born february 10th. an aquarius, the water carrier, well, suddenly i'm a capricorn, a goat. all of these years i thought i was independent and intellectual. turns out i'm just practical and prudent. >> please calm down. you are still an aquarius.
7:21 am
>> reporter: susan miller of says no need to worry. she says for years astrologists have tried to account for the earth's shift. tried to adjust their predictions. but she says the stars can only be read the way the ancient babylonians did. >> we have studied this as an astro logical community and made a consensus when we go by the old formulas and the old algorithms, they work. >> reporter: which will come as a cosmic relief to those who posted online, you can't expect someone to go from a lion to a crab and be happy about it. still, next time you check your horoscope, you might want to take a peek at the one just before it. ryan owens, abc news, dallas. >> now, i'm sure scorpions are nice people, george. they're loyal and passionate, but, you know, i'm not switching. i'm a saj tartitarian all the w
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. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning. 7:26. we are back in annapolis at the harbor school. 22 degrees and there's the view.
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clouds strolling in a little bit of a wind but not too much to influence the wind chill. occasionally knocked down into the mid-teens. we have cloud to the west a band of light snow just struggled across frederick and we are looking at maybe flakes on the west side of town. no big deal. we are looking at clouds that will give way to more sun this afternoon. our two degreen guaranteed high of 32. let's check on trafficwe have problems on 100. >> reporter: a very serious accident southbound 95 at route 175 in jessup in howard county. traffic is stopped because of an accident involving an overturned vehicle. delays begin at 695 so don't go this way. loo going to the maps two accidents on reisterstown road. one at northbound 95 white marsh, a vehicle fire blocks the right lane. traffic gets by without problems. mere's megan pringle with the morning news update. >> thanks so much. good morning to youch the baltimore ravens are play -- youch the baltimore ravens are playing the best defense of the season in time for the showdown
7:28 am
with the steelers. heading into the game, baltimore is coming off two straight games in which it allowed only 7 points including a 37 route of kansas city last week. we remember that in the wild card round but the ravens are not thinking about last week. they are gearing up for tomorrow competitively. no rivalry is closer. each of the last regular season games decided by three points and the field goal difference. we have coverage all day long and tomorrow as well. jammy costello scott garceau and christian schaeffer are in pittsburgh. now back to new york for "good morning, america." if we doesn't see you have a great weekend and great day.
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snow where he. this is the time he's away from his mom. >> this is the only time. >> the keepers can clean the den and feed her. >> he's just a little squeaker but that little cub is going to grow up to be over 200 pounds. the little panda that robin got to meet down at panda headquarter, that's the atlanta zoo. good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos in new york. >> and i'm robin roberts in atlanta and, george, he's a real, well, a baby -- a momma's boy is what i'm trying to say. the only time he's away from his momma is for his weekly checkup. so grateful the fine people at zoo atlanta allowed us some rare access so we'll be sharing that
7:31 am
later. >> he got to you, huh? >> i'm telling you because we joke about -- we joke about how much we talk about pandas on "good morning america" and, you know, the panda cam and all that, but, yes, yes, george, he got to me. i got to tell you, the main reason that i'm here in atlanta and ebenezer baptist church is that i'll be co-hosting a special town hall meeting on espn later today. bob lee will be joining me in just a moment to preview this town hall meeting and we're going to look at the image of the black athlete. you think of so many, michael jordan, lebron james, but are they equally admired? is there perhaps a racial divide? again, bob lee will join me in a few minutes and we'll take a look at this provocative town hall meeting tonight on espn. >> first the latest on an unusual trial going on in florida. a man accused of impersonating an undercover police officer then sexually assaulting a woman. that meant the alleged rape
7:32 am
victim was in the witness stand face to face with the man she feared. 'ya canning has more. >> so your testimony here today is now that you were raped? >> i was raped by you. you forced sex upon me. >> reporter: for more than two hours tuesday, louis harris came face to face with the woman he's accused of sexually assaulting. >> do you remember testifying earlier that you pulled over because you thought you may have hit something? >> i testified that you were flagging me down. >> reporter: but instead of listening from the defendant's table, harris was the one asking the questions representing himself. >> can you describe me, my height, my size, my build. >> you're tan hispanic male, short hairk you're taller than me. so -- i'd say maybe six foot. >> i must have grown a foot sore so. >> reporter: the woman who we're not identifying says last summer he flashed a blue light in her car window and told her he was an undercover police officer.
7:33 am
>> when i exited my window out of the park you handcuffed me. >> reporter: harris is accused of putting the woman in his car and driving her to an atm where he's seen on surveillance wit p withdrawing money then allegedly assaulted her but he says the two had drinks in a bar before having consensual sex. >> i'm not a monster. i'm just a regular individual person like anybody here. i'm accused of some pretty harsh allegations. at no time did i identify myself as a law enforcement officer. >> reporter: harris was repeatedly scolded by the judge. >> i'm going to answer your question. i don't have to answer that question. the answer is no. >> reporter: but harris fired right back. >> i'm not a dog that you need to bark orders at. >> reporter: harris waist representing himself was a tremendous error in judgment. for "good morning america," andrea canning. >> with me is judge jenin.
7:34 am
i have never seen anything like this happen. >> it is very rare. you have someone accused of rape in a position of actually questioning in the face of the rape victim. i have to tell you the d.a. is enraged that the horrific situation where the opportunity to replay the horrific psychological damage that occurs to victims of rape, but the judge in me says, wait a minute, there is a sixth amendment constitutional right of confrontation and so you've got the intersection of these two issues and it is unusual, it is clearly a deterrent to rape victims. rape is the most underreported crime in america and for a victim to think she has to not just recite but relive the actual crime with the person who inflicted this act upon her is i think the most -- the biggest deterrent you can have. >> and treat the suspect with a measure of respect by being in the courtroom. how does it affect how a witness might testify?
7:35 am
>> i think if you think about it, george, that the witness is clearly lost going back in the moment in time. you know, the damage is emotional, it's psychological in addition to physical, as well. but this puts her in a position of not being able to extricate herself from it. putting closure on it. she now has another nightmare that she has to relive and it's really up to the judge to set parameters to make sure that he's not imposing and in this particular case you heard the judge say, you can't badger her. you can't wait two to three minutes between each question -- >> searching for your question. >> searching for a question, not just in terms of judicial administration and economy in terms of time but in terms of putting the victim basically in limbo so this is a nightmare. there are victims who have tried to kill themselves who have collapsed after taking the stand but make no mistake, this is legal. it is constitutional and it is an unfortunate situation. >> the judge has been pretty
7:36 am
tough on the suspect there, in fact, he denied the suspect's attempt to get a mistrial after the guy defended himself and realized he wasn't doing a good job and wanted to bring the lawyers back. some thought that was a deliberate strategy to get a mistrial. >> absolutely. it was calculated because now he gets to question her again through his attorney and think about it, george, why would anybody who was not a skilled attorney and cross-examiner put himself in the position of risking a guilty verdict just because he wants to assert his dominance over the victim in another setting. we know the predators like to relive their sex crimes. this gives him the opportunity -- of course, he's presumed innocent, it gives him the opportunity to relive his moment with the victim again. >> but the judge said no do-overs. what's your gut on how a jury responds to something like this. >> initially i thought, well, you know, he gets to stand up before the jury as opposed to sitting there and being quiet
7:37 am
but juries and i know this for 30 years, they are savvy, they are smart. they feel that additional layer of what's going on in terms of interpersonal reaction, juries get it. i don't think that this will benefit him at all. >> okay, judge pirro, thanks very much. now to juju with the rest of the morning's stories. hey, juju. we have a developing story out of the vatican. the late pope, john paul ii, in one major step closer to becoming a saint. pope benedict attributed a miracle, a nun's recovery from parkinson's to john paul. it clears the way for beatification may 1st. one more miracle is required to reach sainthood. in the wake of a tucson shooting, a proposed show of solidarity is gaining momentum in washington. lawmakers are pushing for a mixed seating plan at the upcoming state of the union address. democrats and republicans would sit together instead of being separated by the aisle. well, an american airlines jet was forced to make an emergency landing in miami. a bird struck the wing forming
7:38 am
this hole just after taking off from honduras. the bird did not get sucked into the engine and thankfully no one was hurt. and now an ibm supercomputer called watson has defeated two of the best contest apartments in "jeopardy" history including the famous ken jennings. it happened during a practice match for a tournament on the game show. watson scanned 200 million pages of books and scripts to prepare. and that's the news at 7:38. it's about the size of ten refrigerators and you can insert your terminator joke here. >> of course, he won, 200 million bites of information. . my goodness. >> not a fair match. >> sam with the weather. >> to the boards. one or two things going on. pictures out of the northwest. here's the big concern about additional rain and in some cases today 2 to 4 inches. here's already standing water in a lot of places. these from spokane and mud slides an issue as well. avalanches will be a problem and here's why. as all of this moisture moves in, again, we've got warm temperatures along the coastline so it's rain and in some cases
7:39 am
we said heavy rain. as that moisture gets into the mountains it's idaho, montana, also into wyoming, that is a little bit warmer, as well so it'll change, it'll be a new layer or crusty layer of snow in that snowpack in the mountains, it makes it much easier to have anything on top of it slide or add some weight to another layer and have it slide so avalanche a real issue there into the northwest today. redding, reno, salt lake all in the 50s to 60s. here's where the cold air is, buffalo, 21 degrees. new york at about 25. those are the high temperatures so you barely crawl to the 20s today after a very cold morning. you got snowpack that's keeping the cold air in place. all that weather was brought to you by the united states
7:40 am
postal service. george? >> thanks very much. when we come back, robin has a different look at the racial divide. what blacks and whites have to say about these star athletes. online and we wt really need to do something with it... i'm just not sure what... what is it? oh just return it. returning gifts is easier than ever with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. plus i can pick it up for free. perfect because we have to get that outta this house. c'mon, it's not that... gahh, oh yeah that's gotta go... priority mail flat rate shipping only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship and return. >> man: delivering a 200-pound ice sculpture means i don't have any margin for error. one wrong turn, and i could end up unloading a puddle of water. >> gps: turn right ahead. >> man: so i make sure i have the right guidance to get me exactly where i need to be. it's the same with taxes. turbotax has a unique gps feature that guides me step-by-step. automatically double-checks along the way and even lets me talk to a tax expert so i'm never alone.
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i don't mow if you realize this but monday marks the 25th anniversary of the establishment of martin luther king jr. day as a national holiday and we are inside dr. king's church home, the new ebenezer baptist chaufrn because later tonight i'll me, co-host a special town hall on espn dealing with the image of the black athlete and working with an old colleague bob lee who is also the host of the award-winning investigative series contract outside the lines" on espn and bob wanted you to take a look at a startling survey. >> michael vick. >> reporter: headline athletes are seen in racially polarizing terms. michael vick is viewed by 65% of
7:44 am
plaques but only 18% of whites. lebron james a hefty majority of blacks but less than a quarter of whites. tiger woods, 2 1/2 times more black respond depths than whites have a positive view. but one figure in all, michael jordan seen universally as the most admired athlete. some athletes did not escape their controversial histories. >> i would never ever force myself on a woman. >> reporter: white and black fans have negative views of ben roethlisberger, cam newton and terrell owens but not as sharply among african-americans. >> the washington wizards select john wall from the university. >> reporter: there was agreement on the single most disturbing fact for black athletes. both white and black fans find nearly identical numbers cite
7:45 am
the number as far outstripping all other sporting social issues. tiger woods was treated an released -- >> it remains open and ongoing. >> reporter: but the media which convey these stories and personals is seen by african-american fans as rashlgly biased. while white fans believe media reports on athletes are race neutral a large majority of black fans believe the media unfairly criticize black athletes more than white athletes and that the media spotlight the problems of black athletes more acutely than whites. >> and some were surprised by the results of that survey and, bob, i've known you, oh, gosh, more than 20 years now. >> it's been a while. >> we've worked together. this has been an ongoing discussion on espn. remember in '98 you had then president bill clinton as part of a town hall meeting that we're having tonight. what stood out the most about that. >> i think when we posed the question of white and black fans they give an encouraging answer
7:46 am
where is sports in america? they all believe it's -- it oftens more opportunity than any -- even more than the military which is always seen as the great meritocracy. it suggests a great divide. but we don't have this debate. we don't have it in public. it's an uneasy conversation to have and also you saw the opinions of black respond depths about the media. black athletes feel the same way. when we asked them to pick the most race neutral segment much the sporting society they say coaches because it's a win mentality but the media is the least race neutral. >> that's something that we'll discuss further tonight and so many topics but there might be some people who say sports, it goes back. in the 1960s when the atlanta braves moved here, it was the first time that many blacks and whites were together at a public event that they used the same rest rooms for the first time, that they drank from the same water fountains for the first
7:47 am
time. so there's definitely a correlation. >> henry aaron was the centerpiece of that and as was pointed out, a brilliant new biography, he had trepidation about moving back to the south and dr. king had some conversations with him about that. of course, we see sports over the years have been so often ahead of society on social issue, jackie in baseball, years before the supreme court decision to -- versus the board of ed. what does it do to social activism? does it -- put us forward or retard it. we'll see tonight. >> a lively discussion with that panel. >> spike lee will be here, john calipari, jalen rose, a great panel of folks. >> 6:00 tonight on espn. robin roberts and bob lee. the mod squad back together. >> putting the band back together. >> much more in just a moment. come on back. in a business like ours, personal connections are so important.
7:48 am
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we love your three words. >> my favorite. >> what kind of week they had. this week's answer set to "cameras" by matt and kim. ♪ don't don't forget to breathe now don't forget to breathe now ♪ ♪ no time to get there
7:52 am
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now, maryland most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. we are right now watching roland park. and we have a look at 23 degrees. mostly cloudy skies and flurries to the west. struggled to reach the area, but the clouds are trying to fight their way back in. we will deal with more clouds this morning and clearing this afternoon. we will go to a 32 with the two degree guaranteed high. and tonight back down to 19. once again it's going to be very cold. and we will start to modify.
7:57 am
by the way weekend weather in pittsburgh, they have got snow showers and looks like more will hit them. disturbance out of the great lakes could bring us flieries on saturday -- flurries on saturday evening and snow for the ravens game. 30 degrees at 4:30 and falling with pick hing up winds during the game -- picking up winds during the game and on and off snow showers during game time. traffic time with kim brown. >> reporter: lots of traffic to get you updated on this morning. as we look at the beltway on the west side of the outer loop a. crash at baltimore national pike involving a trctor trailer is blocking two right lanes. and that's the backup at liberty road. 20 minute delays from the outer loop to 795. this same problem in howard county southbound 95 at 195, earlier accident involving an overturned vehicle. now only blocks the right lane but we are looking at significant delays. 15 minute delays from the beltway heading south here. lost people baling out on 195.
7:58 am
going to the map, one other accident in baltimore city. that's at hill dale and reisterstown role road and a water main break issue northbound york road. expect icy conditions. now back to new york right now for more of "good morning, america"
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ look for the bare necessities the simple bare necessities ♪ ♪ forget about your worries and your strife ♪ ♪ i mean the bare necessities the mother nature's recipes that bring the bare necessities ♪ >> outdone herself. "bare necessities" from "the jungle book" as you look at atlanta's most popular baby boy. he's the brand-new giant panda, first one born in the u.s., the only one born in the u.s. last year. just under 100 days old and robin got to meet him yesterday. hey, robin. >> i cannot believe, george, you tried to call me out later -- earlier and say i like don't pandas. what were you trying to do? >> i say you were moved.
8:01 am
>> i thought you were trying to get me back for the crack i made about your hat earlier in the week. yes, i do like them and really love them after spending time with them. one of the reasons i'm here in atlanta, the other to host the town hall meeting at the beautiful horizon sanctuary of the ebenezer baptist church so we'll have more on the panda-monium striking atlanta. >> lose weight or lose your life, the bottom line for two people you're about to meet. their day-to-day struggle to take care of their food addiction and how they're winning the fight will inspire you on your own journey to getting healthy coming up but we'll begin with an incredible act of courage and love born out of the tragedy in tucson. 76-year-old dorwin stoddard was one of the six killed but he died a hero. sacrificing his own life to save his wife mavy. she spoke to dan harris sharing the story of a husband's love
8:02 am
who was boundless. >> reporter: mavy may be recovering from gunshot wounds and psychic wounds but get her talking about dorwin and she'll tell you a good story and make you laugh. >> he was in my class in sixth grade and he was my boyfriend. i was the first girl he ever kissed. 50 years to get me. >> reporter: what she means dorwin or dory as she calls him moved away when she was 13. they both got married to other people. dory had four son, mavy, thrfou daughters and then both of their spouses died at about the same time so after 50 years mavy and dory reconnected. >> i wouldn't kiss him. finally one day he put a cabinet together for me and i thought i owed him a real kiss and -- >> reporter: within months they were married. for 15 years pe put 92,000 miles
8:03 am
on their rv traveling all over the country. your marriage sounds like it was really fun. >> he put me in fairy land and made me the princess. >> reporter: but then last saturday morning they decided to go see their congresswoman gabby giffords and got caught in the crosshairs. >> we both had the same idea, we need to get down and we did and he came down on top of me. >> reporter: is it your belief he covered you? >> oh, definitely. >> yes. >> he fell on top of me to save my life. >> and he did. >> because that's who he was. >> reporter: had he not done that what do you think would have happened to you? >> i would have been killed. >> reporter: at what point did you realize that he was gone? >> i held his head -- somehow i got out from under him and sat flat on the concrete and held his head on my lap and talked to him. first telling him to hang in there, the ambulance was coming but with that type of injury it's probably better he didn't. i didn't realize i was shot until we got to the hospital.
8:04 am
>> reporter: she had been hit five times in the legs but now she's up and around surrounded by family and displaying extraordinary strength. >> i'm feeling well. i'm hurting a little bit but mainly i'm -- i'm good. i'll get lew this. he gave his life for me. i have to live mine for him and make something more of it. >> reporter: and as she soldierses on she says her husband dory left behind an example of heroism that she will now try to live up to. >> i don't give hate to this young man. he ruined a lot of lives but he also ruined his own. i feel very sad and sorry for him. >> reporter: for "good morning america," dan harris, abc news, tucson, arizona. >> so much heroism and humanity in the horror. top stories with juju chang. >> such a love story. good morning again to you. we'll continue following developments out of tucson beginning with yet mother milestone for the pain target of the shootings. doctors are expected to remove congresswoman gabrielle giffords' breathing tube today clearing the way for her to try
8:05 am
to speak. she is moving her arms and can even sit up with help and dangle her legs. security will be tight at the tucson church hosting today's funeral for federal judge john roll. one of six people killed in saturday's massacre. as many as 100 judges are expected to attend. nearly 500 people have now died in the mud slides and flooding in southeastern brazil. some aid is arriving to the devastated areas this morning but officials say it's not nearly enough for the 14,000 people who have been forced from their homes. a dramatic scene in the floods of australia. two men were pulled under this raging river by a sinking yacht. the owner and a friend of a row boat were caught when the yacht rolled over and sank taking them with him. somehow they managed to escape from under the wreckage and they were later rescued by a police boat. back in this country school is canceled in many towns down south for a fifth straight date because of rare snow and cold leading to a new controversy. civil rights groups are protesting a plan by many
8:06 am
schools to begin making up those snow days this monday on martin luther king holiday. despite the protest schools say they have no choice. in medical news, the fda is ordering drugmakers to cut back on acetaminophen, the leading cause of liver damage. it's a key ingredient in over-the-counter drugs like tylenol and nyquil. the new regulations affect vicodin and percocet. patients have been combines the drugs without realizing each contain aacetaminophen. the last supper like you've never seen it before. a michigan woman has re-created da vinci's masterpiece out of laundry lint. it took 800 hours of laundry to get enough lint and another 200 hours to re-create the painting. she even had to buy towels of all the colors. believe it or not she now plans to display it at a museum. that's the news at 8:06. sam, i didn't say i understand it. i'm just telling you what it is. >> good morning.
8:07 am
the ultimate in recycling. let me just show you this crowd. gang, let's show you the whole big -- this is absolutely amazing. giant crowd. all right. now let's get to the boards. happy friday, everybody. this is what it looks like outside as you're working your way through the eastern seaboard. 14 in minneapolis, a chili number, these are what you'll be at right now if you walk out the door. raleigh, 20, jacksonville, as well. these number also come up ever so slightly by the time you get to afternoon. one place where it is warm, l.a. at 72 degrees. san diego showing off at about 71, we still have the big system into the northwest that delivered so much rain along the coastline and the real chance for avalanche where they've got a strong snowpack anywhere from idaho into montana and also i would say wyoming, as well. that's the weather
8:08 am
>> all right. good job. show your sign. more weather from times square in the next half hour. anyone who has ever made that new year's resolution to lose weight knows how hard it can be. don't even think about giving up. we have a big dose of inspiration this morning. you'll meet two participants from "heavy." not losing weight for cash or prizes but to save their lives. take a look.
8:09 am
it's weight loss reality tv with a twist. no winners, no confetti, no prizes. this is just for them. >> my name is jill. i'm 34 years old. i feel like i have an inner tube right around here. >> i'm ronnie. i'm 44 years old. it's getting to the point where i can't do anything -- i can't get out in the yard and play with the kids. >> reporter: "heavy" is a candid peek into 22 morbidly obese people who are facing certain death unless they lose weight and change their live. >> if i don't change this weight now, i'm going to die. >> reporter: so jill, ronnie and the others took part in a life-changing experiment. leaving their families, their lives and moving into health treatment centers for six months. in addition to a serious fitness regimen to shed pounds they must embrace healthier lifestyles. >> only 80 calories. >> for one. but you said you were going to have four and then another four. >> reporter: and discover the root of their food addictions.
8:10 am
>> i don't like the way i look. i look at myself in the mirror and say who the heck of that girl. >> reporter: jill is an elementary school who is 305 pounds is keeping her from the one thing she wants most in life, a baby. >> all this medicine for your insulin because i'm overweight and big-time overweight. >> reporter: ronnie is an ex-athlete who let injury, and doris get the better of him. he has a second shot at love but 440 pounds he can't bring himself to marry his fiancee. >> i'll lose 200 pounds and i'll do it if it kills me. >> reporter: the physical and emotional journey is not easy. >> hey, hey. how bad do you want this? >> i want it. i don't feel good. i miss my family. i miss -- i want to go home. >> reporter: ronnie pushes himself to the breaking point. >> where are you going? >> okay. are you all right? >> give me some water. >> my mind at thes me i'm the
8:11 am
athlete i used to be. i got a long way to go. >> reporter: jill admits to hiding food in her room and is caught twice with her own secret stash. >> there's not a problem. >> if there wasn't a problem you wouldn't have that, honey. i'm sorry. >> i'm not this big hiding addict. i'm not. i'm fine. i know that when i get home i won't do this. >> reporter: with hours of intense therapy jill has a breakthrough. >> i have a food addict and i realize that now. >> reporter: after an amazing six-month journey from hopelessness and certain death -- >> nice. >> the finals revealed. and we left you hanging because jill and ronnie are here live to reveal their amazing transformations. you see those life-size pictures of them at their old weight. ronnie started at 446 pounds. today he weighs 258 pounds, 188 pounds lost. ronnie, come on out.
8:12 am
and jill -- and jill started at 305 pounds. today she weighs 203 pounds. let's see what she looks like 100 pounds lighter. >> congratulations. >> good for sflu good to see you. >> so obviously that you look different but, jill, for you, it hasn't been just a physical transformation, a real psychological transformation. >> yes, definitely. just wanting the dream of having a baby and knowing that once when food was my friend what i thought is no longer and that dream of having a child was not going to happen if i kept going like i was. >> you talk about food being your friend. the addiction actually developed as a way to bond with your father? >> well, you know, it was the way of trying to get his
8:13 am
approval and be happy and i just felt like that i never was good enough and so the addiction started -- that food made me feel like i was good enough. food was my friend at the time. >> you lost this 100 pounds to have a baby but then you have to deal with the baby weight and losing the baby weight again. are you worried about that at all? >> no, not really because while i was there at h3, they've given me the tools to be able to know what to do to keep the baby weight off and once i get pregnant to not gain all that weight. i have so much to lose when i get done but now i know how to live the healthy lifestyle. >> what's the key? >> you know, making choices. it is. it is making choices and not seeing it as a diet. it truly is a lifestyle. >> ronnie, you started out at size 52. where are you now? >> 36. 36 able to go to the mall and buy regular clothes for the first time in years and it feels good.
8:14 am
>> it's got to feel good but also we talk about how you are doing this to save your life. you were dealing with very serious health issues. >> i couldn't sleep, sleep apnea. i had a high eightle hernia where i would choke in my sleep and i was to the point, you know, where i thought i wasn't going to make it. you know -- and thanks to a&e i got this gift. i got my life back, you know, and what we learned while we was there, like she said, they taught us better things there and we got to make healthy choices. >> that was especially hard for you. you're a former athlete. we saw you saying in your mind you were the athlete you used to be and you pushed through. for you losing the weight wasn't the problem. it was keeping it off. >> the first three months there i lost 100 pounds, the first three months like it was going off and they kept saying, i'd come in and say how much did you lose. i lost eight pounds and jeff
8:15 am
goes, jeff and adam said, well, congratulations, you know, you've lost 100 pounds. you're going to gain every bit of it back because i wasn't doing the clasp work so the last three months i did more. i made sure i went to the classes and, you know, taught myself and i was like, i should have done this from the beginning, you know, but it really helped me and i know i can keep it off now. >> you did this in order to get married. are you ready to make it official. >> we're closer now than we ever have been and it's made a huge difference in the love life too there. 180 pounds. what they say is true. >> and your husband's gotten on board, as well. >> when i was gone he lost 38 pounds himself so we both were new people after we saw each other after six months. >> wonderful to see you all happy and doing so well. congratulations. >> congratulations. i can finally shop at normal places and like when i used to
8:16 am
wear -- >> you got to show -- >> i got to show the pants. >> this is what i was wore and these were tight. these were very tight. so now i can real real clothes i guess you can say at normal stores so it was definitely a great thing i got to do. >> that is fantastic. "heavy" premieres january 17th on a&e and when we come back, robin with the cute heest panda in atlanta ♪ the simple pair necessities >> beautiful. [ brays ] and since double miles add up fast, we can bring the whole gang. is caesar home? we get double miles every time we use our card, no matter what we're buying. thank you! thank you very much! [ garth ] it's hard to beat double miles! if anyone objects, let them speak now or forever hold their... [ bleats ] [ male announcer ] get the venture card from capital one. money magazine's best rewards card if you aim to rack up airline miles. what's in your wallet? cannonball!! [ clang ] at the end of the day as they do at the beginning?
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number one pharmacist recommended. i like that. number one. wow. not number 5. safely made. purely made. nature made. can your vitamin say that? ♪ look for the bare necessities ♪ >> ah, i'm telling you, the city of atlanta going crazy over that little one and i received a special rare behind-the-scenes access to this new resident of atlanta. born just over two months ago and i got a chance to tag along for his weekly checkup. meet atlanta's most talked about rest depth. oh, he's beautiful. how much weight has he gained in the week? >> he's averaging about a pound a week.k? he's getting big. >> yeah. >> we'll take a listen to him. >> i got a bird's-eye view of dr. haley murphy and sharon teasley's weekly checkup with
8:21 am
the baby panda born back in november. >> look at his belly. oh, my goodness. ooh. >> what are you feeling for? >> i just want to make sure it's nice and full that he's eating well and everything is growing normally. if he had a real empty belly or a real soft belly like it wasn't full we'd worry about him not nursing enough but he's nursing very, very well. >> good thing because he's expected to grow up to weigh over 200 pounds and be as tall as six feet high. what do you have to be cautious of? >> well, they are bears so when he gets to be an adult, we certainly won't go in with him when he's awake. >> it may sound like this little panda doesn't like going to the doctor. >> i know, little man. >> but it's simply the panda's way of communicates. the staff believes he may be missing his mom who is with him 24/7 except for this weekly visit. he's not in disdiscomfort. >> no, he's calling for his mom.
8:22 am
>> so when will this baby have a real name? the zoo has decided to uphold an ancient chinese tradition. we have to wait a little longer. >> 100 days is the chinese tradition so we won't even discuss it until around then and follow the tradition of the country that they're from. >> this little tyke certainly has come a long way since we first announced his birth on "gma." >> look real close. there is the brand-new baby panda in atlanta creating all kinds of excitement. >> then he was the size of a cell phone. today more like the size of a shoe box. zoo coopers keep an eye on the cub, mother and father through this network of monitors. they're keeping the cup safe from the elements until spring when he will make his public debut. how has it been for everybody here having the attention. >> we're very, very exciting. >> it's been pretty amazing to live through a partnership internationally and nationally for an animal so endangered and
8:23 am
make it together through a species that needs help. >> our thanks to everyone at zoo atlanta. boy, do they love what they do and you think that the little cub is shaking, no, it was trying to right itself for the first time and that was something they noticed in this weekly checkup that it's trying -- just like a newborn. yeah, no, but that was the first that they've seen of that trying to sit up there, george. >> you can't blame him for missing his mom while he was going through all that either. that was fantastic, robin. thanks very much. when we come back, seven left. the next chapter in our "gma" advice guru search. [ female announcer ] alli works when you work. so if you go from a croissant with butter to a whole wheat roll with olive oil, you'll go from roughly 16 grams of fat to about 6. take alli with that, and you're down to 4.5. alli helps you reach a healthier weight, when you get active, eat right, and take alli.
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8:26 am
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8:27 am
now maryland's most powerful to lar radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning. 8:27 and 24 degrees at edgemere. winds have been gusting to 14 or 12 miles per hour now down to 4. not as much of a push out of west as over the last couple days. but clouds thrown back across the area. cuts down on sun glare and there may be peeks of sun that grow with some clearing this afternoon. we are aiming for the high of 32. let's check out the traffic right now and it's rough on this purposeel friday. here kim brown. >> reporter: southbound 95 at route 175 that earlier accident has been cleared out of the travel lanes. but we are looking at ten minute delays from the beltway,
8:28 am
so plan your trp accordingly or -- trip accordingly or take the bw beltway. delays over 20 minutes as you come from 795 and only one other accident in the city that is at drew at -- drewit park. here's charlie with your morning news upday. family and friends of police officer shot and killed by a fellow officer say the incident leaves them with no confidence of leadership at police department and calling for commissioner bealefeld to step down. friends and family members gathered where officer william torbit died. police say every single shot was fired came from an officer's weapon. also killed 22-year-old sean gamble who died in the gail of gunfire. like any other ravens game, today is purple friday and playoff week and a game against the steelers a wonderful recipe. a different feel caravan going
8:29 am
long started this morning at padonia station and moving onto tonight boston street around 9 and time to head back to new york for more of "good morning, america" and we are back in a half-hour.
8:30 am
♪ express yourself >> we're down to the time seven coming up. next stage of our advice guru contest, "good morning america," i'm george stephanopoulos here in new york. >> and i'm robin roberts here in atlanta. we're creeping ever closer to finding out who it's going to be. i'm inside horizon sanctuary of the historic ebenezer baptist church in atlanta where i will be later tonight, as well, for a town haul meeting on espn. but we have been expressing ourselves for many months now but as george said we're getting down to the finalists and we'll share that with you coming up. also, it is the finale of our coat drive once again and thank you, a special thanks to
8:31 am
all the fine people at burlington coat factory and we have a special story for everything this morning. you know a bus driver, they're always aware of what's going on. this woman right here noticed that some of the kids on the bus were in need and we're going to share the story, it's a very touching story and a great way to end our coat drive coming up, george. >> another great one. check out this amazing fact. did you know that four ordinary 60-watt lightbulbs can help you keep off weight. how your kitchen may be making you fat. special interviews with ron reagan. he wrote a book about his father on the occasion of a milestone "my father at 100," a memoir and takes you inside his pages on "20/20" with elizabeth vargas and will join us on "good morning america" for his first live interview on tuesday. that would have been ronald reagan's 100th birthday.
8:32 am
>> it's not the twinkie, it's the lightbulb. one or two things going on. as you walk out the door, we're going to show you twitter pictures. take a look at the right-hand side. got that in this morning. the curl on the crowds is unusual. stormtracker 13, we thank you for that. rarely did you see that and to the board, one or would things going on we want you to know. the temperatures will come up a little bit into south flachlt you've got another chili morning as a start. over the weekend you have storms that develop right in that texas area, louisiana will be watching that for further development and where they go and that cold air kind of retreats a bit out of the south and that will let you warm up in places like atlanta ever so slightly but that cold air will be staying in place right around the great lakes and into the northeast. don't expect the northeast to warm up much at all this
8:33 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by amazon. oh, george. >> thank you very much, sam. now our nationwide quest for the "gma" guru. we've gone through more than 15,000 down to 7. take a look at the journey forour next "gma" member. seven finalists. >> here's the game. >> can't change other people. >> our kids respect supposed to love the limitations we put on them. >> your daughter, when the time is right she'll let you know. >> they deliver from the heart. >> your lifestyle will have to take a step back to make a leap forward. >> the key to solving any conflict will always be about communication. >> and so have you. your thousands of comments and scores have helped us farrow it from 15,000 down to 20. down to our top seven and now it's down to the wire.
8:34 am
as we move one step closer to our ultimate guru. lots revealed. bianna golodryga with more on the final i haves. >> as we said this is the mother of all searches. we met seven of them last week and we wanted to get to know a few of them even better today. we'll talk to four of them. they're joining us. we have fran harris in austin, texas, hello, fran. >> hey, bianna. >> carla barnhill from minneapolis, minnesota. good morning, carla. >> good morning. >> liz pryor from l.a. got up very early. we appreciate it. good morning, liz. >> good morning. >> and right here in new york, cooper boone, but we -- good morning, cooper. we haven't been forthcoming because, guess what, guy, you have made it to the final four. this is it, guys. >> fantastic. >> oh. >> awesome. >> frozen.
8:35 am
>> how did he get his tv to do that? it's magic skype. so we want to talk to you guys and, fran, let's start with you. you and i have this bond. i'm also a long horn from austin and like our own robin roberts she knows a thing about love and basketball. she was also in the movie and you know about being spiritual and playing basketball as well. >> yeah, this has been a great journey because i've gotten the opportunity to share my diverse background and a dream to help so many people. thank you, bianna. >> cooper, you're the only guy in the bunch. is that an advantage or will that hold you back? >> it's an advantage. >> now, you've been practicing counseling for about 15 years but never done it on tv before. what did you have to change? >> well, i think i'm just doing what i've been doing for 15 years just with a broader audience. amazing opportunity to have that
8:36 am
outreach. i'm really excited about it. >> cooper is a country music fan. you sing, as well. >> yes. >> some talent there. he froze again. >> let's go down to the west coast, liz, mother of three. your son helped you set up the skype but you really do focus on women's friendships and relationships. >> yes, i do. but i do it all. >> well, are you excited? >> well, this was a shock, i have to say, yes, i'm very excited. this has been so much fun. and by the way, last night the first time i've ever gone to bed before my children. >> well, it was worth it this morning. >> i do that all the time. >> thank you. >> now, carla, you have three kids and you've written columns on just about everything, sex, dating, parenting. have your kids given you advice through this. >> the last question i had in the guru duel was about texting and talked it over with my 14-year-old to see what she had
8:37 am
to say about it so they've been a big help. >> we want to congratulate all four of you. we're in the home stretch. bianna, what is coming up next? >> the final four, fran knows what time four is all about. we'll get to know them better and may even see them here in new york coming to get to know our anchors and see if they want to make a last-minute run, if we're too crazy because by the end of the month, by the end of february we'll have our next "gma" guru, our first "gma" guru. >> go to for the final four and send them a question. when we come back our warm coats and warm hearts grand finale, how you and one school bus driver made a difference.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ give a little bit of -- >> we have a beautiful story to bring our warm coat, warm hearts drive to a close for another year. this is our fourth year and once again you have come through and this beautiful story is about a bus driver, school bus driver in michigan who went the extra mile for six of the kids she drives
8:41 am
to school every day. you expect the bus driver who brings your children to school to pay close attention to the road. other drivers and the safety of her young passengers, but marilyn robinson also noticed something he on her route. a family of five girls and one boy who were all underdressed for the cold winter weather of parchment, michigan. >> i'm with them all the time. i see it and i can't ignore it. >> parents nick and amanda reilly are struggling to pry for their five daughters and amanda's nephew whose mother has been sick. >> it's hard raising five kids in any economy. with nick not being employed. it's even more difficult. >> reporter: nick has had a hard time finding work. amanda works nights at a local pizza shop. the daily trek down the road and wait for the bus for these kids is cold this time of year when the average low temperature can dip into the teens. something that was not lost on
8:42 am
marilyn. >> every morning i pick up these students and i notice one of the girls didn't have a coat that fit her well and then as i was looking and thinking about the rest of the family, i thought, well, should just one of them get a new coat? you know, if it's possible i want to help out the whole family. >> reporter: and thus began a chain of eye vents. >> marilyn told me about the kids that ride her bus and one of the people that i sent out an e-mail to was janelle james who works at the gospel mission where they have the coats donated through burlington coat factory so i went down and dug out all of the girl coats that i could find, took the coats over to marilyn's house and held them up and she picked out the coats that she thought would fit the girls the best. >> reporter: marilyn robinson knows all too well how the kindness of strangers can change lives when you need it most. >> i was 28 years old. i was a single mom anticipate i found out i had hodgkin's lymphoma and went through six
8:43 am
months of chemotherapy and during that time i was unable to take care of my daughter. a lot of people from this community and my church helped me take care of my daughter. >> for nick and amanda who spoke to us in crystal's home it's a gesture they will never forget. >> to see my kids, you know, there's a hundred kids she sees every day and just to know that my kids were special in her heart for just even for that moment is very, very, very appreciated in our family. >> we appreciate them more than they know. >> marilyn. >> i truly believe there are angels on this earth and i think that we've met them. >> thank you. >> and seeing that it's fitting we're here inside the horizon sanctuary of the historic ebenezer baptist church and end with an appropriate quote from dr. king. it says life's most persist tent
8:44 am
and urgent question is, what are you doing for others? and i know sam has a special guest back in new york. sam? >> robin, they're great stories. we have met some wonderful people through the whole tories. process. we'll introduce you to another one. sam is here by the way. pirates of the caribbean. wait a minute a minute. on stranger tie, right? so you're like the new guy on the whole film here. this was a wonderful thing for you. congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> give me a great story like you've got to have -- shooting with johnny depp. shooting for months. there's got to be a great story that goes along with it. >> there's too many to begin with. no, there was definitely one occasion where me and johnny were sitting on the edge of a river bank just before a scene between the two of us and, yeah, he basically someone called his fame from behind so he stood up and went to answer and fell trait down a hole in the river, neck deep, but as cool as a
8:45 am
cucumber always, just stood up and said "i found the hole. it's here." >> we got it. it's right here. well, and so generally a wonderful experience. i can imagine now. you've got a lot of press to do. how many months will it take? the film comes out -- >> may the 20th. >> so a lot of tours, looking forward to that? >> i'm nervous a little, you know. i've never done anything like this before so i'm sort of open to the experience to say the least but -- >> well, we're glad you start your journey out here and also helping us out with part of the coat drive. as you do that a little bit remember it's "pirates on the caribbean: on stranger tides" on the 20th of may it kicks off. thank you very much for dropping off the coat. we've met so many wonderful people and juju has some other folks who have been such a big part of the coat drive. >> absolutely. why don't you head over and you can talk to him. already over there. troop 171 from westfield,
8:46 am
knowledge. they did in typical boy scout fashion on the snow day they collected 225 coats with a little help from two girl scouts who helped along and we want to thank them and give them a big shoutout but we have so many people dropping by. you see the boxes with the burlington coat factory on them and our partners from burlington coat factory have been fantastic throughout. jennifer taylor is head of advertising and you're here to donate additional coats. >> in addition to all the coats we collected we have a hundred more to give away today. >> volunteers from disney are going to be adding them to the collection, as well and we are just thrilled to have you as a partner and you've just been great in every sense and i know that the people -- >> we love our volunteers -- i love you guys. everywhere i go good things are happening. disney volunteers are in the middle of it. you're kind of extending because this weather -- this winter has been horrendous and not likely
8:47 am
to give up. tell me how we can keep giving. >> you though that the weather has been really good and it's going to continue to be cold so the good news is -- >> i know. >> the good news is we're continuing it till february 13th. >> so we're really excited. it will stay cold but people can still come into our stores and donate. >> we will check in once a week to get the totals. you're with one warm coat donating them and distributing them, as well. >> right, these coats come in and go to the local community. sometimes they're brought in on tuesday and by wednesday morning the agencies have them out. they're giving them to people. >> such a phenomenal thing, keep it up. keep it going. a quick tally, by the way, 169,934 coats. you can still go online and still go to burlington coat factory outlet and donate go to or to find out how to keep giving coats. >> for one more month. >> an entire month left.
8:48 am
coming up next, don't blame it on the lightbulbs -- i mean blame it in this morning's "new year,
8:49 am
8:50 am
new you" is your kitchen making you fat? funny question but research shows it's not just what you put in your fridge that makes you gain weight, it could be the nonfood items in your kitchen are making it hard story keep the pounds off so diane salvatore editor in chief of "prevention" is here to tell us how we're sabotaging yourselves. there are things in the kitchen sabotaging us. >> it's a beautiful kitchen but
8:51 am
it's a minefield in terms of gaining weight. this is a classic example, right? kitchens are 50% bigger than they used to be 35 years ago. as a result we spend a lot of time doing a lot of tasks that have nothing to do with eating. >> paying bill, surfing online. >> doesn't this want to make you play the theme music from "psycho." they'll eat 50% more food while distracted. television, big offender. they will eat a whole meal more a day. that's a lot of pounds. >> my kids sometimes watch videos. >> clear it out. >> do the office work in the office. this is what you want. >> isn't that nice? a clear, calm zen space? it cues your brain. the only place you should be eating. >> another cue to the brain is light. sam is obsessed with the fact that lightbulbs can make a difference. >> not swallowing lightbulbs. if light is too bright it raises your stress. it stimulates appetite, makes you eat faster.
8:52 am
too low lights, you want 240 watts, no more. >> not too bright, not too dim. good to remember. what about family -- >> this is a big offender. people tend to put on their kitchen table a big serving tray of a lot of pasta. you'll scoop two times as much food then you have the plate issue, another biggie. in the last 20 years plates have gotten bigger. ten-inch plate is what we used to have. look how full that looks. on 12 inches you'll fill it up. >> eat 20% more if you have a bigger plate. >> that's right and gain two more pounds a month. >> and the glass. >> we read volume by height. this says i've had enough. this says i want more. >> this is the exact same amount but feels like you're drinking more. >> exactly right. >> what about this? if you buy in bulk don't set it out in bulk. >> saves money but what happens you'll eat a lot more. when you get home in the supermarket break it down to
8:53 am
small containers. you can't even get your whole hand in there. that's great. >> this is a mistake. this is mouth watering. this not so much. >> your brain, dopamine is returning saying eat me, i'm temmed by the cookies. can't see them here. even better padlock it. no, seriously put it on a high shelf so you can't reach it. keep this -- >> keep fruit out. >> don't put it in the bin in the refrigerator. those bins are where produce go to die. >> we'll reorganize our kitchens this weekend. details by going to thanks so much from "prevention" magazine, ladies and g úcú;ckca/ or go to
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
have a happy friday. robin roberts in atlanta, as well. >> and george is off to see regis and kelly. we want to thank our volunteers.
8:57 am
now, maryland's most powerful radar. and on this purple friday, we have clearing skies trying to clear but we have cloud fighting their way through the area this morning. 24 not too much of a wind. matching the wind chill or knocking it down with a push out of the west northwest which are trying to evoted away. still hang tight but western section of howard carroll county and southern pa. we are looking for more sun to develop during afternoon so a little clearing and we will look for high temperature of 32 as the two degree guarantee. down into the teens. stick around, we will have the outlook for the ravens game day forecast and ice storm for us early next week on good morning, maryland" at nine. >> reporter: traffic is improved. earlier accident southbound 95 at 175 completely done. we are looking at minor delays as we check out beltway here on west side, the outer loop moving must better but the
8:58 am
inner loop very slow from wilkins heading up towards 706789 we have reports of so many debris on the outer loop span of the key bridge. keep an eye out for that and the only other accident is up infinksburg route 91 at route 140 still going on the jfx southbound past beltway heading towards north avenue. but past that point traffic isopening up well and you won't find problems. i-70 between the beltway and route 29. good morning, maryland" is up next coming back at nine.
8:59 am
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