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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  January 17, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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winter weather advisory up tonight, lasting through tomorrow morning. this for the concern of sleet mixing with snow and then eventually mixing with freezing rain before it goes all to rain tomorrow but in the short term, the ground is at our below freezing. we've got the freezing mark in cambridge, 32. 30 annapolis, 30 downtown and 30 frederick. so you know as the snow and sleet showers come in in the next few hours we will see that sticking to the ground. so cloudy and cold, in the 20s in many spots this evening. snow showers developing and again changing over to the wintry and icy mix which could make for very slick and dangerous roads first thing in the morning. we'll have much more on that and give you details on when the next storm may be heading here, coming up. utility crews are also watching the weather. at this time of year workers with bge are given storm assignments and they have rotating on-call schedules so crews can be available if and when power is lost. a bge spokeswoman says while
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they are not expecting major outages they are still monitoring the weather and talking with utility companies in other places just in case they get harder than we do. >> we never release crews to other service areas until we're sure we have sufficient staffing here to address the outages we may have. we continue at this point to just have those conversations to determine where the needs are. >> linda foy also said most widespread outages are usually caused by heavy wet snow, not ice but icy conditions can often cause accidents that do lead to outages. don't forget, you can always log on to any time of the day. there you can track the storm and find the latest forecast along with all of your closings and delays. a group of citizens continue to protest and look for answers in the tragic shootout that killed an undercover city police officer and 22-year-old man.
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the group held their second protest this afternoon. this time in front of city police headquarters. abc2 news brian kuebler was there and joins us with the group's message. >> reporter: this group which includes at least one family member, of the officer, wants answers and today as the nation celebrates the life of dr. martin luther king they marched. >> stop the lies. >> tell the truth and stop the lies. >> reporter: the message rang out in front of city police headquarter they were afternoon. a group calling themselves a coalition of concerned citizens fighting for answers in the confusing and tragic shootout that claimed the life of sean gamble and undercover officer william torbet, on this, the day we celebrate the legacy of dr. martin luther king, this group questions what role race played in the accidental deaths. >> i'm absolutely -- i think it has to be raised because all this occurred with the black
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officers. so we feel that it becomes an issue in terms of just, the safety of the officers as well as the citizens. >> reporter: but sources close to the investigation say confusion played the only role in this tragedy that officer torbet in plainclothes responded and was envery loped into the crowd before any fellow officers knew it. the being
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>> reporter: city police say their investigation should conclude in a couple of weeks and are holding comment until then. details of a review requested by the mayor are still pending. brian kuebler, abc2 news. >> a public viewing will be held tomorrow from 3:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the wiley funeral home in randallstown. a funeral service will take place wednesday morning at 11:00 at the caneed travel mary our -- cathedral of mary our queen, after that laid to rest at arbutus memorial park. an investigation is still underway. tonight we're learning more about a body found in a frozen drainage pond in anne arundel county. police identified the man as 28-year-old justin raddy of gam gambrills. a woman walking her dog spotted a hole in the ice and called
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police. the drainage pond where the body was found is near riverton place and stephanies lane in edgewater. investigators are still trying to figure out how he ended up in the water. one shoe was found on the shore. a youth worker under arrest facing charges he sexually assaulted a 15-year-old. according to their web site. 48-year-old douglas hicks bay is the ceo of be more youth services. he faces several charges including second degree rape and child abuse. according to on-line court 2]
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>> we're examining the torture of students. >> reporter: abc news
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obtained this video shot by loughner last fall as he walked to his community college campus. the video, an angry four-minute monologue prompted school officials to suspend him. >> the state of mind obviously is completely separated from reality. >> reporter: for his own safety jared loughner is being kept away from other prisoners. he spends about 23 hours a day alone in his cell. he gets about an hour a day to shower and exercise. t.j. winick, abc news, new york. >> now doctors for representative giffords said she underwent successful surgery this weekend to repair the fracture in the lift of the right eye socket. tomorrow night, 10:00, diane sawyer sits down with her husband for the first interview since the shooting. today baltimore remembered the late dr. martin luther king jr. with his annual parade. thousands lined mlk boulevard to watch the parade and reflect on what the day means. roosevelt leftwich joins with us more.
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>> reporter: it's a day to remember and reflect. also a day to, well, celebrate community. that's what the baltimore community does every year at the annual martin luther king day parade. thousands of people line the streets to watch bands, marchers, floats and people just having fun, as the city pays tribute to dr. king. this wouldn't have been possible if it were not for the dedication and compassion of the man it's named for. >> it's important for all of us to be out here. this is an important holiday, important for the kids to understand why we're out here. that's why i encourage everyone not just to do the parade but celebrate as a day of service. >> it's an important day to celebrate the legacy of dr. king and the important truth he taught which is that we're all in it together. we're all part of this together. we're all bound together in a web, mutuality and we must help and serve each other to make this world a better place for our kids. i think it's a timeless message. >> reporter: the baltimore
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city parade was one of the first of its kind in the nation. more at 6:00 on the sights and sounds of this big event. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. facebook has taken over more than just the internet. the film industry, too. the movie based on the social media site is the top golden globe winner. coming up at 5:30, a rap on the awards show. first, a newspaper headline about a book calls chinese moms superior to western moms. it's sparking a nerve, and triggering a battle of mothers. and we have to choose our friends carefully but what if it isn't up to us? what if genetics determine who your friends are? details of this latest controversial study. hey girls, do this...
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you could have guessed the headline would
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provoke a battle on the internet. why chinese mothers are superior. it's what "the wall street journal" put over, excerpts of amy chow calls herself a superior mother because of her stricter methods. she claims she's received death threats. >> reporter: amy has become one of the most controversial moms here at home. >> our next guest's article is raising a little controversy. >> reporter: and around the world. from an opinion on this russian talk show. >> i also think that she is the worst person ever born, ever. >> reporter: to countless blogs where she was compared to mommy dearest. one person wrote -- this is quite simply child abuse. another said parents like amy are the reason why asian-americans like me are in therapy. the debate even spawned taiwanese animation depicting a clash between eastern and western mothers.
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the headline "why chinese mothers are superior" led to more than 6,000 comments on the paper's web site was misleading, she says. she defended herself on pbs. >> it's about many of the strengths i see in this approach but it's also about my mistakes, it's making fun of myself. so it is not a how-to book. it's a memoir, it's about my own journey and struggle. and eventually transformation as a mother. >> reporter: parenting author iolet wallman, once labeled a terrible mother herself for an article she wrote saying she loved her husband more than her four children wrote a rebuttal over the weekend. >> i do agree we've developed this overcodled, over-nurtured, overself-esteaming prototypical american kid. oarnt on the other hand, do i think the answer is remote memorization and screening and yelling? no, i don't think the answer is that every parent has to figure out that balance for themselves. and every parent has to figure out that balance for their
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individual child. >> wow. got some thinking to do. shifting gears, heavy rains are hammering parts of the west coast causing flooding and mudslides in places like oregon. take a look at the roads in tillamook not far from portland. in some places the high water and mud swamped cars and others downed trees and blocked entire roadways. >> the trees started falling rapidly. there was kids and other people behind the house. >> landslide analysts are reportedly coming to oregon from washington in order to monitor at least one of the mudslides. these experts will track the source of the water to determine if the hillside is stable. word of ice coming our way. that's worse than snow. >> yeah, this doesn't take much
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we know with ice. very thin coating and the roads get to be really tricky, until they get treated. we're looking for this to come and after 10:00, here's our winter weather advisory up. most of the state, except for deep south maryland, down toward calvert county. also the lower eastern shore not "this week in -- in in this, expecting mable rain in this direction. back through baltimore and northeast through philly definitely looking at a winter weather advisory, peek time after 10:00 tonight through 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. right now not a bad-looking evening. clouds thickening, no precipitation locally yet but the temperature frigid. 29 degrees now at bwi marshall. so, yeah, chilly night out there. i did want to show you a look at maryland's most powerful doppler radar. show what you we're seeing at the moment. a little bit of a sleet band moving into extreme southern maryland, that is st. mary's. we're seeing a little also lower eastern shore and then very light snow showers out toward hagerstown. this is going to kind of be our radar picture we think most of the night here.
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mix of wintry precipitation. you can see at the surface temperaturewise 29 in dover. 29 baltimore. we've got a minus 30-degree band of temperatures around the baltimore line here. then you get a little further southeast to dulles, closer to 30 but the surface temperatures are at or below freezing. today we never got over 30 for a high. ground frigid and below freezing so anything that falls will be an icy situation quickly tonight. now tomorrow, still a chance for some icy showers in the morning. then i think as we go into the afternoon we'll go above the freezing mark. so the ice will kind of give way to just rain showers. again an icy start even tomorrow. places like hunt valley down through dundalk. out to the west rain. deep south of us virginia beach rain there too, but again this changeover already beginning to occur. as more and more of this precipitation makes it to our state we'll look for or more of a changeover. we have a cold wedge of air over maryland, mid-atlantic. a few thousand feet up a mild
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area of wind from the southeast. then low pressure up the coast. bottom line is this -- we have a layer in the atmosphere above us that will allow the snow to melt kind of in a frigid raindrop and then reice probably probably -- into a sleet form and then a freezing rain form tomorrow night. watch for slick roads, the possibility of a half-inch or a little more of snow and sleet. then we go to all ice. then of course just the thinnest layer of ice causes the roads to be particularly treacherous. 9:00 tonight, that is when the precipitation should begin to pick up. winter weather advisory kicks in at 10:00. then through the overnight hours rain mixed with snow and ice. i think ice is going to be a good bet especially from baltimore up through the northern tier of our counties up through northern harford, cecil county, even northern baltimore county, going to get a lot of ice on the roads. it will last for a couple of hours through the morning hours until it changes over to all rain by midday or so tomorrow. we clear out tomorrow night. maybe just a passing rain shower or two but not much.
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it's just the key timing to get through here will be mid-morning tomorrow. finally things should improve for us on the roads. so snow and sleet tonight on the -- maybe up to an inch of snow and sleet. then going to a freezing rain mixture overnight into the early morning hours tomorrow. in fact, i don't know what happened to my graphics but the bottom line is we'll look for more wintry weather coming in through the overnight hours. 7-day forecast coming up. back to you now. >> thank you. i know you want to forget about the game from the weekend but just one note. ravens offensive coordinatorror cam cameron is staying in baltimore. coach harbaugh put an end to the speculation and rumors saying cameron will remain with the ravens. his offense was rampged 22nd in the regular season and finished 16th in scoring. the ravens scored just three points, and could muster only 28 yards of offense in the second half of yesterday --
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actually saturday, 31-24 defeat against pittsburgh. that is because people kept dropping the ball. your best friend, those people you can count on to get you through the good, the bad and the ugly may be standing by you because of your genetics. coming up, more on the study that appears to show that -- the role that dna plays in friendships. plus, put down that video game controller. could the games be affecting your mental health? some experts say yes.
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it appears too much time with video games can take a negative toll on a child's mental health. a new study published by the
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american academy of pediatrics shows excessive gaming may lead to depression, anxiety and poor grades. researchers looked at more than 3,000 elementary school and middle school children in singapore. found almost 9% were considered addicted to video games and those kids showed higher levels of depression and other mental health issues than from their pearce. alarming findings from a study on pregnant women and some potentially dangerous chemicals. a university of california san francisco study showed dozens of chemicals showed up in the blood and urine of expectant moms and some chemicals like pcbs, used in flame retardants were banned before the women were even born. out of the 363 chemicals studied 43 of them were found in to nearly all the women tested. it's the first time researchers analyzed chemicals found in pregnant women. more evidence of our how dna influences how we live our lives everyday.
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scientists found our genes can have a silent say in who we make friends with. here's dr. timothy johnson. >> reporter: we are told to choose our friends carefully. but what makes us like some people and not others? a study in the proceedings of the national academy of sciences suggests the choice may be limited by our biology. the authors mapped out friendship networks of over 9,000 people. they were looking for genetic signatures of six genes known to effect human behavior. they found two that did effect friendships. people with genetic markers for the drd2 gene also associated with alcoholism tended to cluster together in the friendship network. those with markers for the cyp2a6 gene associated with an open personality tended to avoid one another. these patterns of clustering did not depend on how close friends lived to one another.
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which might have effected of course how people pick friends. the study suggests our genes may predispose us toward the friends we think we decide to make. with this "medical minute" i'm dr. timothy johnson. >> you can walk down just about any city street and it's a pretty safe bet you'll find cigarette butts all over the ground. one group in san diego is trying to put a stop to. that one cigarette butt at a time. the nonprofit group held its first cigarette butt redemption. >> today was actually a really successful first event. we collected over 11,200 cigarette butts from local streets in the neighborhood. all of them collected by volunteers who share our disgust in the bad habit of littered cigarette butts. >> they will recyclele them since they are actually made of recyclable plastic. many lawmakers seem more
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willing to reach across the aisle after last week's tragedy in tucson, but can the civil politics last? that plus much more on abc2 news at 5:30.
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take a look at 695 and providence road tonight. traffic is moving very well but tomorrow morning could be a very different story of some messy weather moving into our area. what is in store? let's head


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