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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  January 18, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EST

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baltimore county are wondering what happened to their home. crews are investigating a fire. familiar lane friends will put anger and outraj aside to say bye to william torbit, a police officer killed by friendly fire. get out the ice scraper andsalt and give yourself plenty of time to get to work. it's slippery out there. thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle. charlie crowson is off. we have a lot of delays and school closures. check the bottom of the screen to give you a run-down. most areas public schools and most counties are closed. anne arundel, baltimore county and baltimore city. harford, carroll county and howard county all closed this morning along with delays. remember, you can find that information at or of course at bottom of the screen. let's get to justin berk because he has a lot to talk about. justin. >> good morning to you. it was early and long drive with an all-wheel drive vehicle.
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being one of the few people on the road made it easier with more give and sway. i felt every single bridge and every single overpass being extra slippery. and while i have a lot of experience driving in the snow country, it's not an easy drive but it was passable. while i have an all-wheel drive vehicle with good tires and good condition. it's easy to get going but not easy to stop. when you come around a turn or intersection, you may go a little farther than you want. please be careful. don't hot dog it. this is glen oak at the elementary school. they are below freezing at 31 of the northwest wind gusting at 12 miles per hour. you can see it just maybe near freezing wiping some of that slush and ice right off the camera lens. the roads look like they have got a heavy dplaiz. and check this -- glaze. check this out. we have three locations for you in annapolis and for my friends online, we are watching you and look at this.
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st. mary's elementary, 29, but stay martin aluth ran -- lutheran 31. we have a 3 degree spread. away from the water, it's cooler, below freezing and much more slick than right by the water. there's light stuff around. even where it looks green between 95 and the bay itself, there's icy pockets. we will watch it come to an end and we will have quite a few hours of dryness i'm lou temperatures to warm to the mid and upper 30s by this afternoon. let's check on the traffic. listen up to the list with kim brown. >> reporter: thanks. that list does continue to grow of accidents around the area. the road conditions certainly are not ideal this morning. after getting outside and scrape away the quarter to half an inch of ice off the car, you will get a better idea he of what the road look like. 695 at providence road, traffic is moving pret hey well. speed are down as well, they should be because despite the big roads treated, expect to see some icy patches here and
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there. especially in the dark hours where that black ice may be a little bit difficult to see. as we look at the maps, we have reports of a jackknifed tractor trailer eastbound i-70 past route 27. that is blocking two lanes. also causing delays mamayor yotsville road closed at route -- mayor yotsville road. 795 approaching the beltway on the top side inner loop approaching the harrisburg pressway an accident blocks the right shoulder. lingering crash activity in noting hymn at putty hill avenue and fowler avenue. police are on the scene. in essex a. gas main break blocks back river neck road and old eastern avenue. you can use southeastern boulevard to get around that this morning. now back to you. >> thanks. three minutes after six. new video this morning showing just how slippery the roads are. this was last night on the inner loop before 83. a car spun out of control and
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crashed into the jersey wall. no word on the driver's condition this morning but definitely a situation to remind you to take it easy. and justin and kim said it all. the big story this morning is the weather. school closings and delays are at the bot o screen. but if you have -- at the bottom of the screen. but if you have to be somewhere, you want to know how bad it is. sherrie johnson is live with more. >> reporter: it's pretty bad out here this morning. we are live at falls road and northern parkway. this morning the road are icy and tricky to maneuver on. you want to take it slow. give yourself plenty of time. crews with the state highway administration started to treat the road yesterday. they have had crews working around the clock treating the road. and they are use salt this morning. right now, pavement temperature is around freezing and it's turning the snow into slush, and that's what you are finding at the intersections on the roads. now the neighborhoods coming out of the side streets and neighborhoods simply the worst.
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as for -- that's where it's treacherous and difficult. but on the main streets, it's still icy and slick out here. the interstates mostly wet. but there are some slick spots and be careful on the bridges and overpasses because they tend to freeze first. and remember to slow it down. out here this morning, we are seeing some people that are moving a little too fast for the conditions out here. you want to be safe. slow it down and take your time of the give yourself plenty of time to get to work or wherever you are headed. and don't crowd the plows. the state highway administration tells us make sure you stay behind them. don't pass them. let them treat the road. they can keep us safe on the roadways this morning. so don't crowd the plows. reporting live in north baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> thanks. the number to -- remember to stay with "good morning, maryland" for continuing coverage. justin will monitor the weather and kim is going to update you on traffic conditions throughout the morning. remember, all the closings and
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delays that we are aware of are at the bottom of the screen. and you can get a complete list of them and the weather online on new this morning, investigators are working to figure out what caused a fire at an apartment complex in pikesville. the fire started around 10:30 on old court road and crews had it under control within 45 minutes. the complex is five stories and 70 people live in the building. they are being helped by the red cross this morning. funeral arrangements are in place for 33-year-old william torbit junior. the baltimore city police officer was killed in that shooting outside club select last sunday on paca street. a public viewing will be held from 3 in the afternoon until 8 p.m. today at we willy funeral home in randalstown. a funeral service will take place tomorrow morning at 11 at the cathedral of mary our queen afterwards. officer torbit will be laid to
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rest at arbutus memorial park. yesterday, afternoon a. protest demanding answers about the tragic shootout. a coalition of concerned citizens marched at police headquarters on martin luther king day to get the . across. they want a thor -- get their on the across. they want a thorough investigation into how the shooting happened. >> the word of the mayor was clearly a review i don't think we need a review i think we need is an independent federal investigation of this police department. >> baltimore city police are conducting their own investigation. the mayor said last week she will appoint another agency to review the investigation. the police are holding comments until the investigation is finished. they are expected to change the policy for plain-clothes officers. all officers on patrol are being told to wear uniforms. new information this morning on a body found in a frozen drainage pond inan arundeel county. he has been identified as 28 year a old justin ratty.
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crews pulled his body from the frozeen water on sunday morning. a woman walk her dog spotted two holes in the ice and called police. the drainage pont pond where body was found is near riverton place and stephanie lane in edgewater. investigators are trying to figure out how he ended up in the water in the first place. one of his shoes was fond ashore. found ashore. despite the wind and snow, dozens came out to remember debbie flores-narvaez. she was a dancer and redskins cheerleader murdered in las vegas where she went to pursue her dream as a dancer. she was working at a burlesque dancer and her ex-boyfriend is accused of killing her. she graduated from old mill high school in 1997, and her friend and family came out to share memories. >> she was the life of the party. and, i am glad i got to know her. >> you knew she was going to be
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-- knew she was going to be something. >> the funeral will be held in puerto rico where she was born and a memorial service will be held this saturday in anne arundel county. we will have more on that at nine minutes after six. congreet put the legislative agenda on hold in the wake of the tucson shootings. now, back to business. and the first item to do on the list is the new republican house majority repealing president obama's knee health care law. the debate begins in the house today. abc news karin travers has more. >> i ask. >> reporter: it feels like deja vu all over again. members of congress debating the health care plan that was signed into law last march. the newly elected house republican majority says voters sent them a mandate. >> we have to pull obama care out by the roots. >> reporter: more than half of the health care bill has been put in place. including popular items like allowing adults churn to stay on their -- children to stay on
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their parents insurance until they are 26. discounts for seniors for prescription drugs and insurance coverage for those with preexisting conditions. republicans say the law is too costly and link it to americans' number one concern job creation and the ecomony. >> we can send a signal we are serious about getting rid of the spending of money we don't have and make sure we stop the job killing regular laying that is followed up after the passage of that bill. >> reporter: that's the republican mantra this week. they say the law will discourage employers from hiring because of additional cost. >> the evidence is overwhelming that the this health care law by raising taxes and imposing new man dates and increasing uncertainty is destroying jobs in the country. >> reporter: but economists we spoke to says the law has no material impact on employment. in fact if it slows the growth of health care cost, the bill could free up money for businesses to hire new employees. democrats see this debate as
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golden opportunity. they want to sell the law to a still skeptical american public. >> we welcome in a certain sense, their attempt to repeal it because it gives us a second chance to make a first impression. >> reporter: the repeal is expected to pass the house but a largely symbolic vote with democrats controlling the senate and white house, the health care bill is in no danger of going away entirely. abc news, washington. 11 minutes after six. when you are pregnant you can are begin a long list of things to avoid. but a study says pregnant women have a surprising amount of chemicals their blood but why? has there been anyone in your life you think i used to like that person? maybe it was your dna or their dna. we will tell you what that story is all about. but first new york for a look at latest business news happening right now. >> reporter: good morning. we begin your money scope report with president obama launching a government wide review of regulations. in an opinion piece in today's
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wall street journal, the president writes he aims to eliminate regulation that hinder the ecomonych the ftc will approve comcast acquisition of n about. c today. com half the agreed to a -- come cast agreed to a wide range of agreements. airline fares are higher. unite and dementia raised fares up to $20 on thousands of routes on monday. this week the airline industry is expected to report the first profitable quarter in decade. goldman sachs is no longer offering clients the ability to invest in facebook. that's your money scope report. i am vinita nair.
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now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning. it's tuesday. 6:14. about to turn 6:15. a lot of happy teachers, happy kid. maybe all the excitement in anticipation got you up early and you can't go back to sleep. this is veterans elementary. and that's a skating rink. that looks like peachtree in atlanta last week. we need to get somebody out there skating. that's ellicott city. veterans elementary where it's 29 degrees. wind light but we have held that north wind and that's why we are holding temperatures down. and a wide variation of temperatures. the airport is reporting 34. and it's five degrees colder a few miles away in ellicott city. check this out. this is the rosemont elementary school. in baltimore city. look at all that -- in baltimore city. look at that freezing rain. and the streets is covered with
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ice and slush and whatever is caked on the asphalt. 30 degrees right now. wind have been averaging light but out of the north, northwest. let's check out more spots here. and overall, across the region, we have had a widespread. it's surround by 29 in annapolis and laurel and clarksville. 26 and between two to three inches of carroll county and westminster has a snow and ice problem. 30 owings mills and bel air. the zone between i-95 and the bay itself, we have spots that are pushing near freezing or above. we have 32 in chestertown and middletown. 35 goldsboro and easton. it's wet around the bay, the bay bridge and eastern shore. once you cross this side, we areinto the slush zone dominated by ice. up 83 back to carroll county, we have southern pa and major ice problems up there, too. average one to three inches of snow and sleet that exacted some the it of it down and freezing rain on top of it.
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most of stuff is actually falling and pushing out. we have a break for a few hours but a winter weathered advisory south and east eastern shore and anne arundel county takes to us 9 a.m. the pink purple shade harford baltimore carroll howard and frederick and montgomery is a winter storm warning. most of this stuff is coming to an end. we have the stuff caked on the ground that takes a while to take care of that stuff. we go through noon but we should warm near or above freezing. most precipitation lifting outthis is lift stuff lingering behind it. we have -- light stuff lingering behind it. check out the conditions where the ice lingers north and west and pushing the mid-30s around the city. annapolis and anne arundel county warming to the upper 30s but dry for a few hours and then rain back in this evening. and tonight. i want to highlight the fact we may have rain mixed with ice west of town tomorrow morning. we will warm to 42 in the afternoon. cold at 34 thursday but thursday night into friday, the next storm brings mostly snow
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and that brings a smile to kim brown's face not. let's check on the traffic, kim. what do you got? >> reporter: no one is smiling about the snow. and least of all not smiling about the ice. as we look live at 695 on the key bridge, we have reports of some icy conditions there. also along the bay bridge, dense fog advisory. keep that in mind heading towards the area bridges. but right now, we are not looking too bad around 695 and 83. the earlier accident the inner loop has been cleared. looking at the maps, we have a serious crash 70 eastbound as you approach route 27 ridge road. that's closed because of an accident involving a jackknifed tractor trailer and hazmat spill. try to avoid that. southbound 795, crash activity ling ring approaching the beltway. heading across-town, an injury accident at pulaski highway and roscoe boulevard. police are on the scene of an accident at puddy hill and fowler avenue. so try to avoid that. in essex, the gas main break has back river neck road closed
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at old eastern avenue. expect that to remain closed for the majority of the day. south of the beltway in anne arundel county, route 32 westbound at burns crossing road, that's in odoneton. and howard county southbound at route 28. most crashes have been minor and have been getting cleared fairly quickly. but keep in mind, the conditions are still very icy. it's very slick and it is a good idea to keep your speeds down. megan, back to you. >> thanks. 6:19 right now. take look at health new. alarming finding from the study on pregnant women and some potentially dangerous chemicals. the university of california san francisco study found dos of chemicals showed up in the blood and urine of expecting pregnant moms. some chemicals like pcbs and others used in flame retardants were banned before women were born. out of 163 chemicals study, 43 were found in nearly all of the
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268 pregnant women tested. new evidence on how dna influences our lives. scientists have found our genes can have a silent say in how we make friends. for more on this, let's go to dr. timothy johnson to explain. >> reporter: we are told to choose our friend carefully. but what makes us like some and not others? a study in the proceedings of the national acad -- academy of sigh ens suggest the choice may be limited by our biology. the authors mapped out friendship networks of over 9,000 people. they were look for genetic signatures of six genes known to affect human behavior. they found two that did affect friendship. people with genetic markers for the drd2 gene associated with alcoholism, tended to cluster together within the friendship network. those with markers for the cyp286 gene associated with an
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open personality, tended to avoid one another. these patterns of clustering didn't depend on how close friend lived to one another which might have affected how people pick friends. the study suggests that our genes may predispose us towards the friends we think we decide to make. with this medical minute, i am dr. timothy johnson. it's 6:21 right now. he's comedian known for being really outrageous. but this morning, some are saying golden globes host recky gervais went too far when take cheap shots at those in the audience. >> nicole kidman and keith urban are parents again. [ female ethan thompsonst year,
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the hollywood foreign press association says golden globes host rickey gervais occasionally went too far with the leb jit jabs during sunday's broadcast. in a statement the group said it would never condone some of
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the his remarks but that overall, they were pleased with the show calling it amonth best ever. they had no comment when asked if the british comedian would be be invited back next year. nicole kidman and her husband keith urban they announced the birth of their daughter faith who was born to a surrogate in december. this is the couple's second child. the first daughter sunday rose is two years old. all right. we know by now it's not safe to text and drive. but you shouldn't walk and text either. what happened to one woman who was responding immediately to her text and why she might want to think twice before taking out her phone while walking.
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now, "good morning maryland." in the mid of a emembers grove it was a time to remember. he's been a force in changing the world from head start to the peace corps. this morning the trailblazer is in the hospital. and it's a gross combination. snow and sleet and rain and cold temperatures. sorry to say, that's what you are waving up to this morning. thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle.
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charlie crowson is off. but really, kind of aningly morning. so a-- ugly morning. so allow yourself extra time. school delays and closings are on the screen. we are dealing with a lot of school closings most area public schools are closedan arundel, baltimore county and baltimore city, har forehourard and carroll counties closed along with a number of delays. so you can fine the list at or the bottom of the screen. now justin who has been working hard on the weather. justin. >> all right. good morning. i want to let you know, thanks to everybody sharing online your thoughts. we appreciate the insight to give you an idea of what he happening across the area. and also let you know that we got into work early burks we were one of few people on the road. once you add traffic, there's less give and sway with the slick conditions and it's more tricky. and the side street, the issue is the main roads have been treated but it's tough to stop once you get going even


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