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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  January 18, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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most spots still seeing the melt. in fact, we think temperatures will whoever above freezing most of the evening here. little bit of rain on the most powerful radar, we have rain shower activity moving out of the west, looking for rain to come in here overnight. in the evening hours we're talking about 30s. it will be cloudy and damp. temperatures should hover above freezing. way north and west in the west and northern sburns may go down below freezing but rain showers mainly tonight so not a huge deal for us weatherwise. certainly nothing like what we had last night. we'll talk about more weather coming up. and speaking of that commute, it was pretty nasty because of that snow, sleet, and freezing rain. this is the scene at north baltimore northern parkway, crews worked around the clock to treat the roads with salt but the pavement temperatures hovering around the freezing mark the roads turned to slush
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making things slick for drivers. drivers just took it all in stride. >> it was fine. it was just a little slow getting everything started, but it was not that bad. >> yes, i did fine. also on the interstate, a few side roads and everything was fine. a little bit of snow flying off people's roofs but except for that, as long as you go slow around the turns no problem at all. >> besides the roads, crews had to deal with downed trees because of ice on the branchs. sidewalks why tricky to maneuver as well. those same icy conditions set the stage possibly for a double tractor-trailer to jackknife and overturn shutting down i-70 carroll county for hours. it happened just before 6::00 this morning mount airy. >> we got snow and ice on top of it and in the morning hours it was quite slick out here.
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>> reporter: the driver suffered injuries but walked away from this overturned double tractor-trailer which shut down eastbound traffic for five hours along i-70. the load that the rig was carrying prompted the fire department to sound an alarm. >> he told us he was hauling a mixed various load of assorted hazardous materials so at that point we saw things leaking from the truck, we brought in the carroll county and frederick county hazmat teams and proceeded to check the truck to see what we could do to mitigate the leaking containers and so forth. >> reporter: paint thinner and enbalming fluid, the trailer also carried several other materials prompting emergency responders to call in maryland department of environment. >> the diesel fuel on the truck itself was ruptured and we lost diesel fuel. we were able to stop it.
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>> reporter: eastbound commuters found a detour along two lane 144 to bypass the hazmat scene. once workers had loaded the materials on to another tractor-trailer, tow truck operators righted the damaged rig and hauled it away. carroll county jeff hager, abc2 news. and this is the second major accident along that same stretch of interstate 70 this week along. on sunday a driver lost control of a propane tanker and crashed a few hundred yards from the site of this morning's accident. that forced maryland state police to shut down the highway in both directions and route 144 for hours because of the potential of an explosion. we're tracking the weather 24/7. you have to log on to our website, click on the weather tab for all the latest updates and forecasts and the latest in closings. it is the first time that we're hearing from the husband of congresswoman gabrielle
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giffords since the shooting in tuscon ten days ago. the interview is on 20/20 tonight. we have a preview. >> reporter: doctors are still not sure how much gabrielle giffords can see or who she knows. on sunday her husband astronaut mark kelly told diane sawyer he's convinced she recognizes him. >> i'm pretty sure she does. >> what convinced you? >> yesterday, in particular, she started playing with my wedding ring. so i hold her hand, she'll play with my wedding ring, and she'll move it up and down my finger. she'll take it off like this. she'll put it on her own finger. she'll move it to her thumb. and then she can put it back on my finger. and the reason why i know that that means she recognizes me is because she's done that before. the other reason is, she stuck her hand up on the side of my face this morning and i leaned over and then she spent ten minutes giving me, and this is
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her, so typical of her, she's in the icu, gone through this dramatic injury and she spent ten minutes giving me a neck massage. and i'm pretty sure she wouldn't do that for someone else and she's looking at me in the eye. >> reporter: he also says his wife smiled at him. >> we want to see the best and sometimes we see what we want to see but if he says she's smiling, i buy it. >> reporter: senior officials at the department of justice say they will not move the trial of loughner out of arizona due to pre-trial publicity although his lawyers are expected to file a motion to do so. >> and you can catch the complete exclusive interview in that special edition of 20/20, the congresswoman and the astronaut, tonight at 10:00 followed by abc2 news. two students were wounded in
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an accidental shooting at a high school near los angeles. the school officials say a student brought a gun to gardena high in his backpack and it went off when he dropped it. two people were taken to the hospital, one this serious condition and the other remains in critical condition. tonight a public viewing for william torbett, the baltimore city officer killed earlier this month. friends and family are gathering at the funeral home. the funeral service will take place tomorrow morning at 11 the cathedral of mary our queen. and afterwards, he will be laid to rest at arbutus member orrius memorial park. an investigation into his death is still ongoing. there is a wrongful death lawsuit. the lawsuit claims that tas
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tashomba, baltimore city mayor and the state of maryland are responsible. it claims brown had his hands in the air and backed into an alley before tosomba shot him a dozen times. as governor martin o'malley gets ready to deliver its inauguration speech on the top of the list is cuts to the state budget. he has handed cuts to education and to counties in baltimore city on the top of the table. roosevelt leftwich joins us with more. >> reporter: the state budget hole is $2 billion, that's despite deep cuts over the past two years and part of the burden will fall on baltimore city and maryland counties which means tough choices about things like public safety, snow removal, and education will have to be made. the governor says reduced funding is coming up and baltimore county says they'll be ready when the state takes away instead of gives. >> there are a lot of cuts that need to be made but it's not about cutting the budget it's about protecting our priorities. protecting education and our ability to create jobs in this
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new economy and that's the work that all of us are going to be engaged in for the next 90 days. it will be a very, very tough session but we have to come through it for the sake of the next generation. >> i'm sure in the future there are cuts that will trickle down to us at the local level. we have to be prepared and ready to tackle any of those issues that may come down to us. >> reporter: the county says it's made plans to cut its spending. the governor is expected to outline some of his budget priorities during his inauguration speech tomorrow. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. former baltimore county executive jim smith will be hanging around the halls of government. todayed county unveiled his portrait. it hangs outside of the executive offices. the past six former county executives were on hand along with dozens of his friends and co-workers who praised him
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calling him a good steward of baltimore county. >> i enjoy today. i loved the last eight years of my life. i've been very, very fortunate to do a lot of things that i thought were worthwhile, and that i had a lot of great people working with me on those things. >> first elected to county executive in 2002, he is a life long resident of baltimore county. he says he's mulling over what to do now that he's out of office but says he will continue to serve the public. well, after being delayed for a week because of a deadly shootings in tuscon, the house of representatives is getting back to business. the first priority for lawmakers is repealing health care reform. the votes aren't there to pass a similar senate bill and president obama should veto such a measure but the house will spend the next two days trying to overturn a law they say americans don't want and that it's too expensive. >> we can't afford it, they all know we can't afford it, we
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have, we have advocated for policies within the states and set up high risk pools. iowa has one, many states has those. and we can support those from the federal level. that's a far better shugs than taking over all -- solution than taking over all of the health care systems in the united states. >> voters have questioned the costs of the health care law, a new washington post poll finds 18% of americans support the republican effort to repeal it. the latest poll shows president obama up 5 points from the last months and 8 points from his career low in september. the president has a 54% job approval rating. the highest in more than a year. what's changed? the president's well received speech on that national tragedy in tuscon. 78% approved of his handling of the tragedy. so the president is well under 50% when it comes to his
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handling of the economy and 72% of americans say that's their top priority. okay, your new year pea resolution to drop some pounds, so what about a gastro bypass kick? coming up, a consumer warning about the quick fix being sold on and why some doctors are outraged. and it's not exactly what you expect to see walking in the high school hallway. how about a robot that's helping a texas teen with a compromised immune system? that's ahead. and it could soon cost you more to fly. find out why everything from carry on luggage to talking to aattendant at check in could cost you more.
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. some high school students going to class every day is really a chore. but a texas teenager was thrilled to be able to join
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husband classmates even though he needed a robot to do it. ryan robertson has the story. >> all of last year i was either in the hospital or having -- at home doing all my work. i had no social interaction whatsoever. >> reporter: lyndon beatty has been fighting all his life. he suffers from kidney disease and has virtually no immune system so doing normal things like go to school but now robotic technology is making it possible for him to do what he wants to do: be in a classroom with his friends. >> hello, class. >> hey! >> this is amazing. i never thought that with this, that we -- that when i was sick that i would ever have any interaction, much less this kind. it is like i am there in the classroom. >> reporter: it was by a chance phone call that they came across
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the technology known as ego. >> we had a salesman call on us and they said we've got this product we're not sure how it would work in the school but we wanted you to see it. >> reporter: now that they have it for lyndon, school officials say it reminds them why they started teaching in the first place. >> this is one of those occasions where we've seen a dramatic improvement of a student who wasn't able to go to school but now as a result of the technology that we've been able to, we've been able to attend class and that's something that most of us take for granted. >> when he's able to be in there and hear what everybody in the class's opinion is, plus the teacher's, and hear all of that classroom discussion, and he gets that, and that's incredible to see it and see it in his eyes. that's invaluable as a parent to see he's getting that. >> reporter: while learning directly from his teachers is great he says what he loves most is being able to interact with kids his own age.
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>> my best friend are my parents. no offense to them, but i want other friends. >> i feel like i just right this at the school, there just doing everything that they are. >> reporter: and that has something that has lyndon ready to roll out and hit the books. >> he has a reason to get up, gets up, takes his medicine, eats, he's sitting and waiting for that bell to ring. [ bell ringing ]. >> he actually looks happy doing it. the vgo unit has a battery life of about eight hours and it cost just over $5,000. well, a mix of snow, sleet, and freezing rain, iced over roads from delaware up into northern new england making for a messy morning commute. hundreds of east coast schools closed or delayed their openings, while collisions stopped traffic on highways and roads throughout the region. and indianapolis, a man loses his job but finds a hidden
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talented and creates snow skull sculptures, he really revealed a gift that he never knew he had, out of work since thanksgiving and unable to find a job as a welder he's taking his tools to the snow and becoming the talk of the neighborhood. >> it's pretty cool. >> he has his own snow sculpting system. he shovels the snow in a trash can, adds water, dumps it outside like a fresh chunk of marble, a snow inspired michelangelo. he made a pegasus. he says it's a way to pass up the time and keep up his wedding skills. for students at notre dame,
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it was an opportunity to turn a piece of art. they built a giant snowman on a sculpture next to a building. part of the sculpture is being used as a hat. >> it's awesome. a great welcome back to school. i got back from l.a. where it's 80 degrees, even though it's cold it's a lot of fun and it gets me excited to want to play in the snow and get started the semester. >> the rest of the snowman more traditional, he has a traffic cone for a nose and little bits of coal to form his eyes and mouth. . >> just like frosty. >> just like frosty. >> and melt like it, too. >> feel good winter story of the year. >> the mad sculptor in new england. >> drive home was not so good
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last night. >> it was dicey. especially for sunrise. we got melting going today, but there was a period of time this morning it was ugly out there. and you know most of us getting about an inch, half an inch to an inch of sleet and snow and then that quarter inch of glaze ice on top was what really. >> icing on the cake so to speak. >> only we didn't like it. >> no. >> kelly, you know, i was just commenting, january really looking like it the last couple of weeks. no warmups, more snow at times. but as you said, still compared to last winter. >> don't complain. >> it's all relative. >> that's right. >> let's go outside right now and a decent looking night out there. cloudy, murky, not beautiful, but, i mean, you know, no new snow or ice coming down. 35 right now, winds west at six. barometer on the rise. 29.75. right now a look at our weather net camera downtown. cloudy skies all day long and
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warmed up into the upper 30s. towson elementary, many schools with two hour delays, some cancelling depending on how bad the roads were. glen oakes, snow on the ground here. watch during the day, things melt up and less and less snow around by the end of the day so we're getting a decent melt on at least. right now temperaturewise mid-30s, above freezing from east in andover, we'll still so melting tonight. i think any refreezing we do see is going to be very late, like toward day break tomorrow. the coldest period of the overnight. highs today in the mid to upper 30s, warm enough to get melting. i think tomorrow will be warmer. there was a chance for a passing shower in the morning, then we're up in the low 40s and maybe some brief clearing in the afternoon from catonsville to essex, over 40 degrees. satellites are in now. murky over the state. rain moving in over the west. this area of rain is going to
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diminish some before it gets in here around 2 or 3:00 in the horning. but we they it's going to be rain. the mild air ahead of this next disturbance is going to keep things a little too mild through the air calm to create winter weather and most of us not upset about that. so slightly milder air comes in, mid-30s most of the overnight, so this next storm a rain maker for moat of central maryland except for well west at hagerstown. futurecast, showers at 2 a.m. clears out quickly through the morning hours tomorrow, and i think by late in the day we're talking about sunshine breaking out and probably starting off thursday on a sunny note before our next system purse in out of the west. this one -- pushes in out of the west. this one likely to be a snow maker. 33 with cloudy showers late, clears in the afternoon. i think tomorrow av afternoon looks afternoon looks
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good. the next weather maker comes in late thursday night into friday. we think that will produce light snow accumulations. not a major weather maker but the chance of 2 inches or so of snow is there. this weekend drier. >> thanks, wyatt. some sad news to report. abs is reporting that sergeant shriver has died. he was born in 1915. he married eunice kennedy and was the first director of the peace corps under his brother-in-law kennedy. after his political career he became involved in the special olympics, the organization his wife helped launch in the 1960s. he was diagnosed with alzheimer's disease which he battled up to his death. he's survived business hi daughter, former california
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first lady ma re: a shriver schwarzenegger. for years now who are main therapy for women going through menopause has been controversial. but there may be a new method to hot flashes. were antidepressants could do the trick. i'm better with my hands, they feel tingly. >> and scary moments for an 11-year-old girl when she fell through potentially frozen pond. more on her dramatic rescue ahead.
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. well, in tonight's health alert, for women passing through menopause, hot flashes can become an unfortunate part of
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their lives. hormone replacement therapy comes with significant risks. tonight there is word that a drug for that different ailment could be of some help. here's more. >> reporter: who are money replacement therapy for menopausal women is hugely controversial. it may increase a woman's chances of breast cancer, heart attack, and stroke. now a study in the journal of the american medical association examines an alternative treatment. some studies have shown that some antidepressants can alleviate hot flashes. this study focused on one of the nobody by its brand number lexipro. 205 women with hot flashes were given even lexipro or a placebo for eight weeks. women reported an average reduction of 4.6 hot flashes a day. those on the placebo had a reduction of 3.2 hot flashes a day.
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overall the study found the drug reduced hot flashes by 47% compared to a 33% reduction in the placebo group. and women taking the antidepressant reported the hot flashes were less severe. this antidepressant is a non-hormonal alternative which might help women control the symptoms of menopause. i'm dr. timothy johnson with this medical minute. you know those airline prices continue to creep up but this year you can expect to pay for infants to fly with you and even, get this, to pay for customer service. that story just ahead on abc2 news at 5:30.


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