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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  January 19, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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maryland, and south, dense fog advisory. basically, most of the precip is moving out. still rain and drizzle left over. some fog and maybe an icy pocket or two. we will get clearing once again this afternoon. and a breeze, highs pushing to 42. here kim brown. >> reporter: good morning. we have a fog warning in place at the bay bridge. traffic is moving very well as we look live at the beltway on the west side at liberty road. no major incidents. we don't have accidents working. but as justin said, expect to see the roads a little slick but nothing compared to yesterday morning. as we look at the maps, we have fire activity out in carroll county in union bridge. route 84 is closed travania because of a building fire. baltimore city, charles street will be closed between homeland and northern parkway for the funeral of officer torbit. megan, back to you. >> thanks. it's 5:00. this morning. a baltimore city police officer is expected to make a full
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recovery after being shot. it happened around 9 last night on the corner of frederick and water street in downtown baltimore. authorities say that the 13- year veteran was walking to his car when he encountered a man with a gun. authorities say the officer pulled out his service weapon to protect himself. he was grazed by a bullet on his leg. >> there's no indication this was anything more than a random chance encounter, and the detective's keen and quick observations probably see vented more serious injury to him. >> police are looking atsurveillance video from the parking garage to try to identify the suspect who they are looking for. the shooting comes hours before a city police officer will be laid to rest. 33-year-old william torbit junior was killed in a shooting outside of the select lounge on paca street. police say he was keeled by friendly fire -- he was killed
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by friendly fire. tune service will be at mary our queen. two minutes after five. baltimore city leaders face a multimillion dollar lawsuit. family of a marine who was shot to death by -- at a nightclub filed a wrongful death lawsuit. officer is charged with first- degree murder in the death of tyrone brown. the lawsuit names him as well as the mayor and other city officials. >> we have also extend it to include the -- extended it to include the police commissioner and because we think a lot of information has to be developed that practices and procedures and policies as to why the officer was authorized to carry his gun. he had other difficulties, personal difficulties with the police department and other incidents he was involved in.
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>> the suit claims brown had his hands in the air and was backed into an alley when he was shot a dozen times at close range last june. it says that brown's sister tried to intervene immediately before he was shot. funeral arrangements are being worked out for a mayor land native then vice presidential nominee r sargent shriver. the 95 old was admitted to the hospital in bethesda over the weekend. his wife and special olympics founder died in 2009 at the age of 88. today governor o'malley will begin his second term as the state's top official. the inauguration is scheduled to begin around 12:30 and pa. bc2 -- and abc2 news will have live coverage when the governor takes the podium. we will be at post i go august rail activities and have coverage on abc2 news at 5,6 and 11.
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one of the first items on the governor a agenda filling a nearly $2 billion gap in thebudget. baltimore county has been make moves to offset the cuts. savings are being sought out right now instead of waiting for things to get through in annapolis. >> i already asked our budget folks in each of our departments to look for cost savings to be identified immediately. i am grateful for dr. harrison who in the school system identified potential cuts in his budget that can absorb the pain. >> governor hinted that reduced funding for education and cash for counties in baltimore city could take a 5% hit. four minutes after five right now. house republicans are back on capitol hill and the top priority is repealing the health care law. a abc news washington post poll find most americans, 50% oh
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pose the new law. 45% support it. only about 18% is in favor of repealing it, though. experts say the measure is certain never to make it past the house but republicans say they will have to succeed in the repeal effort. people showed up to see if the famous poe toaster would show up. for about six decade, the mysterious man left roses and cognac but last year he was a no show. the question is, this morning, is that tradition nevermore? we sent sherrie johnson to find out. did he show up? >> reporter: good morning, megan. no so far no sign of the poe toaster. he has been visiting the grave site of edgar allen poe for more than 50 years and last year he was a no show and so far we have not seen him. right now, jeff jerome joins me live here and he is the curator here. thanks for being here.
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tell me about the tradition with the poe toaster. >> this has been going on since 1949. a man comes into the grave yardin the middle of the night, leaves three roses and a half filled bottle of french cognac. at least it's been going on since 2009 where he was a no show. and apparently today, he's also a no show. >> reporter: oh, my goodness. tell me. you had quite a incident overnight. there was imposters. >> we had four people trying to be the poe toaster and i kind of understand why people want to do that, but my feeling is that if it is over, it's over. you can't imstate it. you know. if people want to pay tribute to poe, bring flowers. and people have been bringing flowers. >> reporter: exactly. >> so don't imitate him but leave flowers and that would be
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fine. >> reporter: that's a good point. so what do you think? is this an end of an era. he didn't come last year and so far no show this year. >> i am giving it one more year. and after 2012 if he doesn't show up, i will official declare it a dead issue no pun intended. >> reporter: all right. thanks so much jeff for joins us. we appreciate you talking to us. as you can see, there are a number of people that started out with 25 people i guess around midnight or so. it's dwindled down to less than maybe 10. but you have die-hard folks out here waiting, and watching, but unfortunately, a no show again this year. reporting live in downtown baltimore. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> thanks. we will check in a bit. seven minutes after five. before we go anywhere, we heard from baltimore county schools and they are on a one-hour delay. baltimore county schools are on a one-hour delay. all right. no doubt about it, women who go
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through menopause experience the hot flashes and they will tell you it feels like your skin is burning from the inside out. could a new drug make a difference? and this is quite an arrival. born on 97, delivered by dad. that's what happened when an area couple, their baby boy, was not waiting to enter the world. you don't want to wait if you are going on a train and bus. let's see how they are moving along. here's mark jones. >> reporter: good morning. we are dealing with wet roadways. so allow extra time if you travel by bus. number 30 taking a diversion at edmonton and swan and 33 bus diverted and hartford. and the number 14 a diversion at row and taylor for the inauguration. and you will find out light rail is on time. problem free, just doing pretty well with that stretch. metro subway on time. and marc trains showing on time service. for the mta transit team, i am
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eleven minutes after five. there are school delays at the bottom of the screen.
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but i will give them to you. howard and carroll county are on a two-hour delay. baltimore county is on a one- hour delay. but, again, we will keep the delays coming at bot o screen. a local -- bottom of the screen. a local dad welcomeed his second child into the world alongside interstate 97. he was trying to make it to the hospital, but the baby wouldn't wait. >> the baby is coming out. >> okay. calm down, okay. >> i got it. oh, my god. oh, my god i am holding the baby in one hand. >> is the baby breathing? >> is the baby breathing? yes. yes, the baby is crying? okay. the baby is crying. baby is out. >> you can hear 911 dispatcher kyle helping coach matt and dayita. he was calm but he is no expert. at 24, this was his first month work as a dispatcher and says the dad did a great job.
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. >> did great. dad was really goodch he listened to every instruction. he was calm-- good. he listened to every instruction and was calm as can be. >> pair med, arrived and a few minimum later the mother and baby boy are doing just fine. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> baltimore county, one-hour delay. i took the stretch of 38 from the pa line this morning, and at least my car thermometer was hovering between 34 and 35 degrees. i haven't found widespread ice. there may be pockets. but check out our temperatures on the storm center weathernet. we have a dozen stations in balmmore county. these are the -- baltimore county. harford -- hereford at freezing. owings mills at 33. as well. we are looking across the area with a little mixture to our
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west i want to go back here to highlight the fact that we have some pockets. bel air kingsville near freezing. another 32 spot in eastern baltimore county. westminster down to 30. so carroll county there may be icy pockets. and especially once you get into the valley locations. we have ourselves a freezing rain advisory until 6 a.m. most of the rain out of here with freezing drizzle and fog. dense fog to our south. around the district of columbia and southern maryland through 8 a.m. and maybe more ice up to 9 a.m. we have a winter weather advisory in southern pa. otherwise, the clouds will break and we will get sun this afternoon with clearing and a breeze pushing up to 42 as the two degree guarantee. snow next. let's talk about traffic. >> reporter: thanks. visibility could be a problem especially as you make your way towards anne arundel county because of the dense fog. justin let you know we have a fog warning in place at the bay bridge. look at the beltway, we don't have any accidents. all lanes are open on 95 and no incidents report on the 83s.
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we have a couple road closures. one out in carroll county in union bridge. route 84 is closed between tray vainian and old tawny town road because of fire activity. expect delays there. and in baltimore city, you will see charles street closing at 7 a.m. between homeland and northern parkway for the funeral of officer torbit. now back to you. >> all right. thanks so much, kim. stay with us this morning. who is going to sit with kelly rippa now? regis will be a thing of the past. why he says he is stepping down. [ female announcer ] smooth skin? not good enough.
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[ female announcer ] now get baby-smooth perfection with new dream smooth mousse from maybelline new york. some makeups leave skin rough, dry. ours is cream whipped, so it hydrates. skin looks flawless, baby-smooth. new dream smooth only from maybelline. thisn this morning's health alert, for women passing through menopause, hot flashes can be so uncomfortable and a part of every day life. hormone replacement therapy is one idea, but it comes with significant risks. but is it possible that a drug made for a different ailment could be of help? here's dr. timothy johnson to explain. >> reporter: hormone
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replacement therapy for menopausal women is hugely controversial. it may increase a woman's chances of breast cancer, heart attack and stroke. now a study in the journal of the american medical association examines an alternative treatment. some studies have shown that some antidepressants can alleviate hot flashes. this study focused on one known by the brand name lexipro. two hundred and five women were given that or a placebo for eight weeks. women reported an average reduction of 4.6 hot flashes per day. those on placebo what average reduction of 3.2 hot flashes per day over 1 less hot flash a day. overall, the study found that the drug reduced hot flashes by 47% compared to a 33% reduction in the placebo group. and women taking the antidepressant reported the hot flashes were less severe.
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the authors say the antidepressant is a nonhormonal alternative that might help women control the symptoms of menopause. with this medical minute, i am dr. timothy johnson. >> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and theforecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning. we have ourselves a freezing rain advisory that goes through 6 a.m. downtown baltimore is wet. temperatures mid-30s. and we are safe from much of baltimore county. once you head outside the beltway, northern sections of the county and especially carroll and howard being we have pockets of colder temperatures and that's why we have delays this morning. and all it takes is one icy pocket to make a big deal. so outside your house above freezing. but if you travel through an area that is a little colder, that's not something you want to encounter. we are in carroll county. we have a two-hour delay. manchester at 30. on borderline with freezing in westminster at westminster
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middle school. eldersberg 35. some section of carroll county couldn't doesn't appear to be a problem. freezing in woodbine and glenwood in ellicott city. that's down in the valley at 33. but still icy pockets out there that is the reason for the two- hour delay again in howard and carroll county. and we have been talking about above freezing temperatures for a lot of us. officially york normally one of the warmer spots or colder spots is tied with baltimore and eastonned a a iewn -- at a uniformed 34. but some pockets that is the issue and the problem. most of the stuff getting out of here. most of the rain lifting to the north. still drizzle and fog left over this morning. and our freezing rain advisory expires at 6 a.m. a dense fog advisory in southern maryland through 8 a.m. and winter weather advisory in southern pa expiring at 9 a.m. i studied the numbers and just be on the lookout for trick travel possible this morning. this afternoon, up to 42. some clearing and we will have ourselves a dry stretch through the night. but look out for anything
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that's wet and will refreeze back down to 25. wider view. we get the system out. a little energy but a arctic surge is going to push down to the south. that's going to actually develop another storm system that pushes in behind this one. forecast models indicating beginning to break out to the midwest and extend to us between 8 and 9 tomorrow evening. and then looks like widespread snow as we head through friday morning. this is going to be a morning event. but a system that redevelops off the coast will charge at least a few inches of snow. a little early to call the exact amount but looks like we will vat least another one of the nuisance snow events and shovellable snow shovellable snow on friday morning. >> yeah. just put it in the dictionary. 34 degrees tomorrow snow arrives after dark. extend outlook in a moment. but here's kim brown with the traffic. >> reporter: traffic looking good so far. no problems on the i-70 corridor as you go between ridge road and the beltway this morning. coming across the key bridge, you will find all lanes open.
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no major problems. fog warnings in place at the baybridge. we don't have any accidents. 95, 83, 795, 695, everything is cool right now. but looking at the maps, we have some closures in baltimore city beginning at 7:00. charles street will be closed between homeland and northern parkway for the funeral of officer torbit and out in carroll county a. closure in union bridge because of a building fire route 84 closed between travian and old tawny town road. how much are people learning in college these days?
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in entertainment news the man who claim to save the abc network is saying bye to the morning show. regis philbin is stepping down as cohost. he says he has been a part of the show and loved it and has been doing it for more than 25
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years. >> it's time, you know, everything must come to an end for certain people on camera, especially certain old people. this is going to happen at the end of the summer and into the fall, whatever it is, we don't know that yet. but just to let you know, okay. we will have a lot of fun between now and then. come on. >> no one likes the news. he says that he is not retiring, he is just moving on. his replacement is expected to be named in the next few months. a new gig for singer melissa ethridge. she is heading to broadway. she is taking over the role of a drug dealer in "american idiot" for next month and the musical is inspired by the band green days' album. anderson cooper is making a broadway debut. but you won't see him. he will be narrating a revival of how to succeed in business without really trying. the latest version stars harry potter's daniel radcliffe. now, maryland omost
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powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most being a ret by weatherate. >> 5:27. look at the bot off the screen. surprise delays for some of you and no surprise for others. a little bit of ice in some spots this morning. howard, carroll, two-hour day this. baltimore county, baltimore county. check the rest for the other schools that may follow in suit. it's a morning event. most of the rain is out of here and beer left -- we are left over with fog and temperatures this afternoon will go up to 42. look out for a refreeze tonight going back down to 25. here we go. gets interesting. this pattern is going to do business for us as we go through tomorrow increasing clouds. after a sunny start. and we will hit 34. but after dark, we start to see snow. snow cranks up after midnight and goes through friday morning. and we are looking at temperatures friday at 32. and at least a few inches of snow early to call how much but a few inches friday morning. going into the weekend, an arctic blast. high temperatures 28 to 30 with
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lows in the teens to near 20 over the weekend. looks like we are try to climb into the low to mid-30s. and yeah, another shot of snow as we head into through monday night and tuesday next week. finally getting some work out of this cold air. but it means more work and problems for the rest of you. so stay tuned as the active weather pattern could be changeable with timing and what it might bring usch it's 5:29 and time to go up to new york to check out the tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites, facebook backtracks on a new feature sharing personal information. the social network is temporarily suspending the program that provides members addresss and phone numbers to external websites and applications. the company plans to reinstate the feature after it changes how it ask for permission to use that information. and if you are tired of the short messages on facebook and twitter a. hot new website called quorum may be what you are looking for a question and answer site that encourages long thoughtful discussions. the wall street journal


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