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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  January 19, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EST

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now, good morning maryland. this morning an officer is recovering after being shot. the search is on for a suspect. governor again. o'malley is sworn in for a second term. what topped his list of priorities as he is set to take office. is the tradition nevermore? the poe fans from around the world gathered to see if the mistiersous poe toaster shows up. we are there live and will find out in a bit. good morning, maryland, and thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning. i am megan pringle. charlie crowson has the day off today. a couple schools delays to tell you about. and they are scrolling along the bottom of the screen.
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you can check out and see if your child's school is that i had. but so you know, howard county, carroll county on a two-hour delay. baltimore county on a one hour delay. we will see if that has anything to do with the weather. here's justin berk. >> well, the freezing rain advisory just expired. i wanted to leave this up here to let you know that was the issue this morning. although, it was not really widespread. north and west of baltimore, we had the advicery. temperatures were marginal between 32 and 35 degrees. a little pocket of ice and that's all that it takes on a wet morning to go into a little turn where maybe a little slick and then you lose control. so, that's the issue this morning. you know, take an extra hour or two to let things thaw out is no harm done. a snow outlook heading through tomorrow night and in through friday morning. this morning, we are looking at carroll county. you've two-hour school delay and rightly so. you near freezing and manchester valley high school
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and westminster at 32. so southern portions of the county, maybe a little milder than the rest. we have pockets near freezing. bel air and kingsville pushing 33. you have fog pushing into the area as well as most of the rain is moving out. we will see some sun a high of 42 this afternoon. how about that traffic now at 6:02. here's kim brown. >> reporter: well, the school days are a good thing for morning rush because it eases all the volume at one time. that's going to be positive. but the wet roads and the fog are not having a negative impact on traffic. we are not dealing with any accidents. looking live at the key bridge, no problems in either direction. fog warnings are in place at the bay bridge. as we check the maps, we have a closure to let you know about in baltimore city starting at 7:00 this morning. charles street will be closed between homeland avenue and northern parkway for the funeral of officer torbit. they will have detours in place and the procession follows to arbutus memorial gardens. now back to you. >> thanks. two minutes after six right
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now. a 13-year veteran of baltimore city police force is recovering in the hospital after being shot. this happened a little after nine last night. the officer was walking to his car in a parking garage at frederick and water streets and he encountered a man with a gun. he pulled out his service weapon to protect himself and he was grazed by a bullet on his leg. during the gunfire e. also lost balance and hurt his shoulder falling down some stairs. the suspect got away. >> there's no indication that this was anything more than a random chance encounter, and the detective's keen and quick observations probably prevented more serious injuries to him. >> the officer is expected to make a full recovery. the police are looking atsurveillance video from the parking garage to try to identify the suspect. this comes a day before the city police officer that we have been talking about so much officer torbit, will be laid to
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rest. 33-year-old william torbit, jr, was killed last week in a shooting outside select lounge on paca street. police say he was killed by friendly fire. funeral services will take place at 11 this morning at the cathedral of mary our queen. afterwards, officer torbit will be laid to rest at arbutus memorial park. governor he o'malley begins his second term as the top official of the state. the inauguration is scheduled do begin around 12:30 and abc2 news will have live coverage on the air and online when he takes the podium. we will be at various post inaugural activities throughout the day and have complete coverage on abc2 news at five, six and 11. the inauguration ceremony party tonight for governor o'malley. his second term will be more low-key than past events. there won't be the the traditional parade and black tie optional ball is business could be tal attire. guests attending were asked to bring a canned or nonperishable
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food item for the maryland foot bank. the sick will cost $50 if you a senior or student. and it's $75 for everybody else. five minutes after six. one of the first items on the governor's to-do list filling a nearly $2 billion gap for the state's budget. the governor has already hinted that he will reduce spunding -- funding for education and cash for counties in baltimore city as well. it could take a 5% hit. baltimore county says they have been making moves to offset state cuts. several departments will be merged and other savings are being sought right now instead of waiting for things to get through annapolis. >> i already asked our budget folks in each of our departments to look for cost savings that can be identified immediately. and i am grateful for dr. harrison who in the school system, identified potential cuts in his budget that can absorb the pain. >> the governor is expected to
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outline priorities during the inaugural speech this afternoon. we will cover that live here on abc2. on january, it's happened every single year since 1949. a mysterious caped visitor leaves roses and cognac at the grab of our most famous poet, but last year, the poe toaster was a no show. many people wonder what happened. the question this morning is did he show up? we sent sherrie johnson to find out. >> reporter: we are live here at the poe house and museum in downtown baltimore where a number of people have been waiting anxiously to see the arrival of the poe toaster. he's visited the grave of edgar allen poe on his birthday since 1949 and leaves flower and cognac at the grave site. he didn't appear last year or this year. there were four imposters overnight but no sign of the real poe toaster.
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about 25 people gathered here, some from all over the country, all here just to honor this tradition. >> he we flew in from chicago. this is our second too many attending the vigil. we came last year and it was the first year he didn't show. we were hoping that he would show up again this year. we were just hoping that last year he didn't show because he had a car trouble or he was sick. maybe he had a really good reason, and you know, we are just like the rest of the folks here. we all live a good mystery. we don't want any explanations. we just want the mystery to continue and that's why we are here. >> reporter: back out here live. now, the curator says they will give it another year to see if the poe toaster shows up or if it will actually be an end of an era. recording live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. baltimore city leaders are facing a multimillion dollar lawsuit. the family of a marine shot to death by the baltimore city
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nightclub last summer filed the wrongful death suit. the officer was charged with first degree murderer in the death of tyrone brown and the lawsuit names him and the mayor and other city officials. the suit claims that brown had his hands in the air and was backed into an alley when he was shot dos of times at close range. it also says brown's sister tried to intervene immediately before he was shot. after a battle with alzheimer's disease, former peace corps director and vice presidential nominee r. sargent shriver passed awaych the 95- year-old was admitted tosuburban hospital in bethesda on sunday. he was also a democrat to george mcgovern's running mate in 1972. in a statement, president obama says shriver embodied the idea of public service during a long and distinguished career. his wife and special olympics founder eunice kennedy shriver died in 2009 at the age of 88
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years old. it's eight minutes after six. initial forensic test linked the three firey packages sent to federal and maryland government offices. earlier they believed it was linked before but now they determined the letters that smoked and popped when they were opened, were manufactured in the same manner because the message-side the first two letters -- message inside the first two letters got out, they were concerned the third letter might be a copycat. investigators are searching for a suspect. in less than two weeks, the state and stories has been so familiar. the victim and gunman from the tucson, arizona shootings. investigators are getting tremendous help from very clear surveillance video at the scene. abc's emily schmidt has latest. >> reporter: the 911 calls placed seconds after the tucson shooting show the chaos of the
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moment. >> he has semiautomatic pistol. and he went in and started firing. and he ran. >> reporter: now investigators are reviewing video not yet released to the public that show what led up to that moment. it's clear surveillance store video from the safeway where just outside, congresswoman giffords, was meeting with constituents. >> it happened at a congress on your corner. my wife giving the people she serves the opportunity to speak to her. >> had you been worried for her safety? >> absolutely. yes. and she was. she was really, really concerned. but she thought this was the right thing to do. >> reporter: giffords' husband told diane sawyer in an exclusive interview that he's seen the picture of accused gunman jared loughner and seen inform. but the fbi is using the surveillance video to find out more about the actions and demeanor of loughner. officials say he talked to a store clerk moments before
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firing more than 30 rounds of ammunition. it's unlikely the tapes will be released before loughner's trial. two shooting victims remain in the hospital including congresswoman giffords who doctors say continues to improve. >> the progress she has made with this injury has been nothing short of a miracle. >> reporter: so congresswoman'sgiffords colleagues have introduced several gun controlpackages. >> 11 minutes after six right now. thousands of parents do it every semester. they drop kids off at college and tell them study hard. coming up, what new study reveals about what is really hamming on college campuses once your child settles in. plus, women who get hot flashes will try anything for relief and studies show a drug used for something else may help. after more than 25 years, the host of one morning talk
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show is stepping down. we have details on that. but first, we will head up to new york to get a look at the business news. >> reporter: good morning. we begin your money scope report with a holiday quarter for apple. the company profits surged nearly 80% rising to 6 billion dollars while sales hit a railroaded of 27 billion. apple sold more ipads than mac computers. about 7 million versus four. more evidence americans are getting the financial in order. fewer credit card accounts slipped no default more than any other month in 2010 and people will get better at paying bills. chrysler is rethinking the meny van. the ceo wants to make them more verse tile. that could mean vehicles that carry a lot of people but don't look like traditional minivans. and there's a new way to pay at starbucks. thr announcing it will accept payments by cell phone in all company owned stores as well as target locations. and that's your money scope report. i am vinita
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it's 6:15. thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning. something new that may confirm the suspicion of any parent who dropped the kid off at college wondering as you wave bye in the rear view mirror what's going on on the college campuses. andrea canning has the results. >> reporter: on today ocollege campus, more and more students appear to be focused on everything but hitting the books. after two years of college, nearly half of all students are showing no significant gains in learning. and after four years, more than a third are showing little change. according to new study. >> two too little is asked of the students, and they are able
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to graduate too easily with little effort applied. >> reporter: experts say college are not making academics a priority. professors are focused more on the their research and students are more concerned about making friends than good grades. in fact, in a typical day, the study shows students spending only 4 hours on school work compared to 14 on socializing or working jobs. >> being socially active has a huge benefit. you learn so much more about yourself, about people and about interacting in the real world. >> reporter: and not much is being demanded of the students. in the past semester, half had not taken a single course requiring 20 pages of writing and a -- pages of writing and a third requiring 40 pages of reading a week. >> i feel like didn't learn as much as i should have. >> reporter: with the average private college tuition now running 27,000 and rising, that's sticker shock just got tougher for parents to swallow. >> it used to be the student who went to college were pretty
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m assured when they got out there was good job waiting for them. that's no longer the case. nowadays going to college is a gamble. >> the study also suggested student and fraternities and sororities had decreased rates of learning. justin you learned a lot in col kneeing now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> 6:17. thanks. i am trying to learn stuff. >> well, you are always striving for that. >> you get bored if you stop learning stuff. look what i learned yesterday? i learned it took an hour toclear the parking lot at veterans lem elementary school -- elementary school. they cleared the lot and we have clearing and drying and then overnight, we had some wet stuff move back in. they've two hour delay in howard connie. but veterans elementary school, look, you have 33 degrees this morning. so you are above freezing but we have icy pockets in carroll, howard county. i don't want to leave you in cecil county.
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i know you are watching. you are at the borderline freezing. a little mist left over and you may have easy pockets in adoition fog that's spreading widespread across the area. it's reports from queen anns couldn't every thick fog near and around the bay. fog advisory going through 8 a.m. around district of columbia through southern maryland. some of the fog is slipping back in as that rain and drizzle tries to depart. we are looking at freezing in york. and they have a winter weather advisory with icing. more widespread icing pockets up there. north of baltimore, it's coarld than 34. but just marginal with freezing. so you see the range here. 32 to 34 and that's about it this morning. if you are in one of the 32 pockets, you don't want to run no that on the road. most precip is out of here. we will see an improvement as the system gets out of here. it gets mild and we break sun out this afternoon and it will push 42 as the two degree guaranteed. some icy spots and fog is the issue this morning. tonight, a refreeze as clear
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skies are back down to 25. and look at this cold air. this is this morning and 21 detroit. that's for your megan. and 13 green bay. and 9 below international falls and there is a little push of that cold air coming out of the northern plains behind the next system. there will be a developing wave of low pressure once this complex gets off the coast. and that will actually help that arctic blast build in here behind the developing storm and that will bring in snow. time frame on the future radar snow spreads from the midwest tomorrow afternoon but for us it's after dark at nine or ten. and we could have acoup lace as we head through friday morning. then it's scoots out but a friday morning snow event right now will say a few inches to shovel. and then we will breakdown more details later today, tonight and tomorrow. but we will look at 34 tomorrow, a colder day. 32 with morning snow on friday and highs in the 20s and lows in the teens this weekend. kim. >> reporter: justin, traffic is building on the southbound lanes of the bw parkway. as you approach arundel mills
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and towards route 32. but no problems on the 95 corridor. 95 at 195 traffic moves very well as you head down towards the capital beltway. but as we look at the maps, we have reports of an accident out in linthicum. west nursery road police are on the scene. and southbound fort mchenry tunnel the right tube is blocked because of a disabled vehicle. let's look at health new. hot plashes can become the bane of women's lives. hormone replacement is a therapy that comes with significant risks. new word that a drug made for a different ailment could actually be of help. here's dr. timothy johnson to explain. >> reporter: hormone replacement therapy for menopausal women is hugely controversial. it may increase a woman's chances of breast cancer, hart attack and stroke. now a study in the journal of
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the american medical association examines an alternative treatment. some studies have shown that some antidepressants can alleviate hot flashes. this focused on one of them known by the brand name. 205 women with hot flashes were given either escitalopram or a play saabo. those take the drugs reported a average reduction of 4.6 and those on the play ano had 3.2. that's a little over one less hot flash. the study found the drug reduced hot plashes by 47% -- flashes by 47%. and women taking the antidepressant reported the hot flashes were less severe. the authors say the antidepressant is a nonhormonal alternative that might help women control the symptoms of menopause.
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with this medical minute, i am dr. timothy johnson. it's 6:21 right now. if today sur birthday, january 19th, just like edgar allen poe, happy birthday today. we have a special happy birthday for two people. first off, happy 24th birthday to that handsome guy paul smith. his parents anthony and tuesday his brother aj and grandmother nanny along with the rest of the family want us to send a happy birthday, paul. and a happy 49th birthday to sharon elliot who sent this picture of the gorgeous smile. i hope you have a wonderful birthday. if you've birthday, we want to say happy birthday to you. send an e-mail with an attached photo and the all the details about who is celebrating and send it to morning show at it's one of the happiest places on earth. and it's about to get a lot bigger. we will show you sections of disney that will have a lot
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more to offer. guess who planned to visit the attraction? and a deadly gas explosion claims the life. we have pictures to show you just ahead.
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